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I almost lost you...

Expect a number of mini ficlets based on kiss prompts from me over the next few days. This first one was requested by a lovely nonnie -  Captain Duckling and “I almost lost you” kiss. (rated T, 1600 words)

The tip of her silver spoon dips in and out of her lamb stew as she tries to conjure an appetite, her mind too full of other things to focus on the meal before her. It’s been much the same each time she’s sat at this table these past few weeks, eating enough to sustain, but too nervous to indulge - even when presented with her favorite meal of warm brie on toast. He left before dawn almost two fortnights ago, taking with him her heart. The truth of this had hit her like a kick to the gut she received once while learning to fight with one of the Royal Guard, feelings she’s been avoiding stealing her breath as his ship grew smaller and smaller on the horizon. A shakily forged alliance between Pirate Captain and Queen Snow had set him on this journey, his task to pretend to be an ally and ascertain The Evil Queen’s plan.

The man she apparently loves is attempting to trick the most dangerous villain in all the realms and she’s just supposed to sit here and eat food and breathe and - oh god - something’s wrong. Her stomach heaves and her spoon chips the china bowl as it falls from her fingers. Sweat immediately begins to tickle at her temples and along the back of her neck as her own light magic pulses to life beneath her fingertips.

“Emma, what is it?” 

Snow is on her feet and kneeling before her in seconds and Emma lets her hand be taken in her mother’s strong ones, knowing her magic will never hurt the ones she loves. 

“I…I…I’m not sure, I just feel, something has happened…” 

A loud crash and muffled voices cut off her ramblings and soon Grumpy is barreling into the dining room, his face a mask of annoyance as he shakes off one of the palace guards. 

It’s here! The Jolly Roger, it’s back!” 

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Princess of Themyscira: Part 5

AN: I’m just going to put this right here… .try not to hate me too much …

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

    Often, your days on Themyscira were filled with training; both mental and physical. You could often be found running with your sisters, or practicing with your bow. When you were resting, reading, you could be found up in a tree; letting the breeze dance across your skin.

           In the three years since you’d come to Themyscira, you’d grown out of your awkwardness and into an Amazon Princess. You were strong, and you could fight. More often than not you were praised for your grace. Which is why, when you fall out of a tree while reading, and pop your arm out of its’ socket you’re more than a little embarrassed.

           Artemis teases you about it for days. Even worse, you’re forbidden from any physical combat. Instead you spend time playing strategy games with Io. Still, the sound of swords clashing calls your name. Io reads you like a book. With a smile, she begins packing up the game, before you walk to the stadium together.

           The rest of your friends are already there, you sit in the center of the group and listen to the conversation as you watch the fight. They only gain your full attention when they start talking about you, “She’s only been down for a few days and she’s already itching to get back in the ring.”

           You smirk at Artemis, “Enjoy your break while you can, I’ll be kicking your butt again soon enough.”

           Your sister smirks back, “The little princess has gotten cocky.”

           “I learned from the best.”

           There’s laughter, before a voice cuts through, “I would agree.”

           Your sister’s bow their heads as your grandmother approaches. Io makes room for her to sit next to you, and she takes your hand in hers, “You are your mother’s daughter, my little moon and stars.”

           You smile, “And my grandmother’s granddaughter.”

           She laughs, “Also very true.” She pauses, “I see the longing in your eyes, your desire to be on that field, so I am proud of you for listening to the physician’s orders of rest.”

           You smile, “I doubt I could take anyone with a bum shoulder any way.”

           Calyce smiles, “She’s too modest our queen. She has very quickly become one of the best.”

           Your group sits in silence for several minutes before the sound of a horn hits your ears. As a group, your heads turn towards the beach. You see anger in your grandmother’s eyes as she orders you, “Return to the palace.”

           Before you can ask what’s going on, they’re running. You watch as they grab their weapons and race towards the shores of the island, your grandmother leading the charge. You watch them go without a word, knowing better than to question her when she uses that tone.

           You slowly make your way back to the palace, hoping for some news or some idea of what’s going on. Instead, the palace guards find you and escort you to your room. You scowl as you close the door, and race to the window.

           You do your best to see something over the trees, when you feel someone’s breath hit the back of your neck. Spinning you throw a punch with your bad arm and immediately regret it. You wince as you meet sparkling eyes.

           Your own go wide, and your mouth opens and closes several times, before his name comes out of your mouth, “Bart?”

           He smiles and says, “Hey there Pretty Bird.”

           You smile as you throw your arms around him in a hug. His arms wrap around you, before he picks you up off the ground and swings you around. You can’t help but smile.

           Pulling back, you ask, “What are you doing here? My family, are they here too? What happened with the war?”

           He pulls you in for another hug, “Let me enjoy the moment for a second Pretty Bird. It’s been three years.”

           You smile and hug him again, before pulling him over to the bed. You watch as Bart’s eyes dart around the room, “It’s a lot different from your room at Wayne Manor. Remember that time your mom caught us making out on your bed?”

         You grin at the memory. Bart had been your first boyfriend, but before that he had been your best friend. For some reason the two of you had always clicked.

         “This is a different place, and I doubt my sisters will be any happier to see you than my mother was.”

         He grins, “You sound like your mom.”

         You shrug and sit on the bed, “It’s a way of life around here.”

The two of you sit in silence for several minutes before you ask again, “What happened to my family, Bart?”

           He’s silent, but he continues to hold your hand, “It’s funny, I keep thinking that if I let go of you, you’re going to disappear. Like you’re not really here. I missed you Pretty Bird.”

           You squeeze his hand, “I missed you too Bart, but I need to know.”

           He sighs, “Let me start by saying that the war is over, and we won … at a price. We’ve lost most of the league, and half of the team … including your mother.” You don’t realize that tears are streaming from your eyes until Bart reaches up and wipes them away. “The first major attack took out most of the League. Your mom led the charge, and it was a long and dirty fight. Lots of blood, and just horrible. I still have nightmares about it. We lost your mom, my grandpa, several lanterns, Green Arrow, and a lot more. But it provided the turning point we needed.”

           Bart’s grip on your hand tightens and he says, “The next major strike bought our victory, but it cost us even more. We lost Artemis, Conner, and L’agann.”

           You swallow before asking, “What about my brothers.”

           He smiles, “They’re alive, but at a cost.” You nod and he continues, “Dick is alive, but he’s not himself. He’s serious all the time and he rarely leaves the cave. Tim is paralyzed from the waist down thanks to a shrapnel attack. Jason is okay, blind in one eye, but he’s still Jason. No one’s seen Damian since the whole thing ended though.”

           Your voice is husky, “When was that?”

           “A year and a half ago. We’ve been swamped with cleanup and rebuilding. No one knew how to find you, until your parent’s lawyer contacted Alfred. You mom left behind instructions, and a will among other things.”

           You nod several times, trying to absorb the information, Bart places a hand on your shoulder, gaining your attention, “She left some stuff to you. Important stuff.”

           Slowly you ask, “What important stuff?”

           He shrugs, “Not sure, Alfred has it.”

           “And where is Alfred?”


           “Bart.” You warn.

           “On the beach with what remains of the team and league.”

            You groan, before pulling him to his feet, “Let’s go.” He knows better than to argue, as he picks you up and carries you to the beach. It feels like old times as you watch your surrounding zoom by. It really reminds you of old times when Bart trips on the sand and sends you flying.

           You land with a crash, hitting your bad arm as you go. You grind your teeth to keep from screaming, as you push yourself to your feet. You’re very aware of just how quiet things are, as you stand and turn to face the two major factions of your life.

           Your eyes scan both crowds, before they land on someone you never thought you’d see again. He’s standing near the shoreline, his dress shoes scuffed with sand, and looking far too out of place in his suit.

           Still you can’t help but smile as you race for him. You can feel your sisters’ eyes on you as you throw your arms around the man you think of as a grandfather. His arms return the hug immediately. “Oh Ms Y/N it is so good to see you.”

           You take in his scent of mint and cigars and smile, “I missed you so much Alfred.”

           “And I you.”

           The clearing of a throat has you turning to stare at Jason. He’s dressed in his red hood gear, minus the helmet. He looks older, and the white of his blind eye is a clear indicator to what the war had done. Then he smiles and years seem to melt away as you throw yourself into his arms.

           He squeezes you tight before lifting you up and swinging you around, “I missed you something fierce squirt.”

           “I missed you too Jaybird.”

           He smiles, and let’s go before turning you to face someone new, and says, “He missed you too.”

           You stand in shock for several minutes. You’d never seen anyone other than your father in the suit, and Dick …well Dick looks so much like him in that moment that it hurts. He doesn’t open his arms to you, and that’s your first sign that something is wrong.

           Slowly, you make your way to him, before stopping right in front of him. You raise your hands to either side of the cowl, and he grips your wrists to stop you. Softly you say, “You were never meant to be him Dick. You don’t belong in the dark, you belong in a spotlight. You don’t have to be him.”

           Slowly, his fingers loosen, and you peel back the cowl. His face is the same, but his hair is a bit shaggy. You brush it out of his face and stare into his eyes. You see it there. He’s so tired of losing people, and in so much pain that it nearly overwhelms you. You pull him in for a hug, and slowly he reciprocates. His forehead leans against your shoulder and you feel the tears drip onto your skin.

           When he starts crying, you do too, because both your lives are different. You’ve both lost some of the people dearest to you. Your world has changed, and as much as you may wish, there’s no way to change things back.

The Moral High Ground: Arrow 5x12 Review (Bratva)

RUSSIA!!!! Just so we’re clear, whenever I write this I’m singing it in my very best  Tevye “TRADITION!” voice. If you don’t understand that reference go rent Fiddler on the Roof right now.

The return to Russia means a refocus on Original Team Arrow. The first trip to Russia, in 2x06, was really the solidification of Original Team Arrow, so it was vitally important that Arrow not miss the opportunity to revisit the bonds the show is built on. They didn’t miss the opportunity. In fact, they delivered a fantastic  episode with “Bratva” that examines the dynamics of Original Team Arrow.

And yes… there will be a snark filled gif response to that final scene. 

Patience my loves. Let’s dig in…

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“There and Back” Tarot Spread

For travel; vacation, trips, etc.

1.) Self/the situation surrounding the person(s) traveling. 

2.) What needs done before leaving/things that need wrapped up before you embark on your journey.

3.) Something you need to remember/pack before leaving.

4.) The trip there. 

5.) What to look forward to/the highlight of your trip.

6.) What to avoid.

7.) What to learn/things to experience while you’re there.

8.) The trip home.

I made this spread to use for my mom before she leaves on a week long trip so I thought I’d share. I wanted it to resemble two arrows but it looks iffy, lol. Hope you like it and tag me/let me know if you try it!  )o( Keta

The only one (Daryl x Reader)

Relationship : Daryl Dixon X Reader

Trigger warnings : Parental abuse , depression , 5 years age gap, consensual sex , death, violence, graphic scenes.

Rating : Mature + (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

 Summary :

 The narrative follows the reader and Daryl. The story starts pre-apocalypse and links the events of different stages of their lives as : kids, young adults and adults, focusing on their friendship and eventual love relationship . But when the world turns to dust, will they be able to make it? 

Read and find out.

 A/N I don’t want to make a big summary cause I don’t want to spoil the story. I’m really excited about this one , hope y’all enjoy!

P.S : The story begins in the past , and time skips until it reaches to the present day – Negan time. It also includes some flashbacks. I hope I write everything clearly enough, not to confuse you guys.

CopyRight: I do not own Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Part 1. Best friends, nothing more, nothing less!

 A road bump wakes you up. You’re in a car, driving. The tears dried as they found their own way down your cheeks. Your eyes are puffy . This wasn’t just a dream.

Same old story, happening again. As soon as you start to call a place home,  and make a few friends, your mother finds yet another boyfriend who convinces her to start fresh somewhere else , ‘A new beginning, the opportunities of a new life…’ Yadda yadda…..or better yet ‘I have a criminal record here, we can’t stay’. You’re only ten and you can see through their lies. Sometimes you wonder, is your mother just stupid, too desperate to have a man by her side or is she just a pathetic drunk?

 ‘We’re here’ Nick announces as he parks.

Your mom gets out of the car, excited. She knocks on your window three times. ‘Come on honey, let’s check out our new home’

You roll your eyes and follow her. Oh, did I mention you just arrived in the middle of nowhere, mountains of Georgia?

‘Hey kid, grab some bags will ‘ya?’ Nick scolds you, mumbling something about how you’re so useless.

You ignore him and decide to explore instead. You sneak between the tree lines and run, giggling.

This may not be that bad after all. The area is pretty beautiful, you’ve seen worse. A lot worse.

You look around and sigh. So far no neighbors , except for  the huge forest surrounding everything. Do trees count as neighbors? But at least you have nature, and a lot of open field to play.

‘Y/N , baby where did ya go?’  Your mother calls for you. Probably to make you clean while they have beers and cigarettes. You run deeper into the forest, expecting to find a hiding place.

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Timshel: Arrow 5x18 Review (Disbanded)

I love Mumford and Sons. They are one of my favorite bands. If you ever get the chance to see them live, please do. They are one of the rare talents who actually sound better in person. One of my favorite songs is “Timshel.” (Their live performance is stunning.) I always think of Oliver Queen and John Diggle whenever I hear this song.

Timshel by Mumford and Sons

Cold is the water
It freezes your already cold mind
Already cold, cold mind
And death is at your doorstep
And it will steal your innocence
But it will not steal your substance

But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand
Hold your hand

And you are the mother
The mother of your baby child
The one to whom you gave life
And you have your choices
And these are what make man great
His ladder to the stars

But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand
Hold your hand

But I will tell the night
And whisper, “Lose your sight”
But I can’t move the mountains for you

The word “timshel” was in the back of my mind as I watched “Disbanded.” John Steinbeck built his entire novel “East of Eden” around it. “Timshel” is referenced in the story of Cain and Abel.  It’s a Hebrew word that means “Thou mayest.” It has a variety of definitions, even in Hebrew, but Steinbeck settled on “Thou mayest” because of the meaning behind it. The character Lee, a Chinese servant, explains in “East of Eden”:

“But the Hebrew word, the word timshel—'Thou mayest'—that gives a choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open. That throws it right back on a man. For if "Thou mayest'—it is also true that ‘Thou mayest not.’” (24.2.73)

Ultimately, it is free will Steinbeck is exploring. “Thou mayest” means mankind is neither compelled to be good nor doomed to evil. We have a choice. Mumford and Sons is exploring the same theme in their song- all we have are our choices. And that is how John Diggle reaches Oliver Queen tonight.

Let’s dig in…

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Arrow didn't deserve Laurel

Whether you loved her character off the bat, or took a few seasons to get to know her, you can’t deny that Dinah Laurel Lance drove the story of Arrow in a way no other character, including Oliver, could.

In S1E1, we see the first person he wants to see, the first thing he wants to do when given the choice to do whatever, is to go to Laurel and beg for her forgiveness. He isn’t even ready to talk about the traumatizing experiences,all he wants to do is apologize to the person who he stole everything from. Her love, her sister, and with it 5 years, as we later discover that Laurel spent a ridiculous amount of time either studying or pulling her father out of a bar.

”For all we know, Oliver could be dead and Sara certainly is, but there are people that are still alive. People who need us.” - Dinah Laurel Lance

A major plot point in S1 revolved around one question. “What happened to you on that island”. He wasn’t comfortable talking about it with diggle, his new partner. Not with his best friend, nor his sister, or with his mother. There have only been a few times where he spoke about it willingly. One being under oath at the courtroom, one while under a polygraph while under arrest, and the final time, being completely of his own free will, when he showed up on Laurel’s door, saying “I need to talk about what happened, can it be you?”

Laurel was literally what drove him on the island. Let’s not forget how both Yao Fei and Slade told him he stares at the picture too much, and if he continues he will die.

“I know that it probably sounds insane. It probably is, but Sara, she gave me this and when I wear it, it makes me want to help people like she did. Like she’s alive again.” - Dinah Laurel Lance

In S2 she had a tragic storyline. First she had to prosecute Oliver’s mom, then had to deal with severe depression and substance abuse. I don’t even think I need to remind people that she got an award for her performance at this part. Her struggles is what allowed them to bring Sara in as The Canary, and begin to introduce the tragedy that was shado’s death on the island and how traumatic it was for Oliver.All of this built up Slade Wilson, who may very well be the best villain arrow has ever had.

S3 wasn’t her best season, and that’s purely the writer’s fault. They didn’t transition her into the Black Canary well enough, and then gave her a terrible arc where for about 9 episodes she lied to her father about the fact that her sister was dead, and even disguised her voice to talk to their father as if she was Sara. Katie is an amazing actress, but this version of her was unlikable even considering how well she plays the character.

Regardless, she was suffering with her own trauma but still acted as the glue and the moral compass for everyone else. She befriended Nyssa Al-Ghul when she was practically treated as going rogue from the league, took in Thea when she discovered that Thea couldn’t handle living alone (whereas her brother just left to go play house with Felicity.) She and Roy formed an amazing duo while Oliver was presumed dead, and she took up the voice of reason for the team during the time as well, regardless of how she was suffering.

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“I’m sorry about what happened to Thea. I really am. I love your family, I always have. I just wish that sometimes you would give a damn about mine.” - Dinah Laurel Lance

Season 4 Laurel, or at least right before she died might have been the best version of her. After the arc with Constantine and Sara was resolved, she became the only one on the team who mattered to the viewer, and perhaps, the reason the show didn’t go under.

Roy was gone, Diggle was dealing with his rage and letting it out on his brother like a punching bag, Felicity was crying about something and blaming Oliver, and Oliver turned into a bitch who couldn’t do anything unless queen fefe approved. Laurel may have gone through the most traumatic experience of this time, having to go to her sister’s funeral twice only to see her resurrected twice, not to mention staying sober, yet she was the only level headed, calm and rational decision maker at this time.

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“I know that the world isn’t fair. I know it’s a terrible place where people deserve to get punished and they don’t. I just, for just one night, I needed the world to be different.” - Dinah Laurel Lance

That is, up until Guggenheim decided to kill her off and have her last words be about queen fefe.

Arrow didn’t treat her as a character right, and didn’t show Katie Cassidy, an exceptional actress who was said to be constantly training for her role as the Black Canary, any respect because of it.

Guggenheim failed this series, and they’ve failed her legacy.

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I’ve seen some people talking about Robert Queen recently. Wondering how Oliver didn’t put two and two together. Talking about how he watched his father kill while on the life raft.  So I decided to write a short thing that turned into a really long thing, because of course I did.

Early on in the episode, Oliver flat out refused to watch the video, and when Thea forced him to, he insisted on it being a cover-up. He was about to do a press-conference saying that it was until his sister put a stop to it. 

Oliver Queen sees the best in people, especially in those closest to him. Even after five years in hell where that was shocked and beaten out of him, he still has that little glimmer of hope in his heart when looking at a person. It’s why he tried to convince Evelyn that they could work together in 5x17. There’s a hundred examples, and though that heart for people has diminished at times, he still tries to see good. It’s part of why Felicity loves him, and why the team stands by him. But that can cloud his judgment, and it’s been shown in the past that it especially becomes problematic when he’s around family. He refused to believe Thea killed Sara, refused to believe anything bad about Laurel. Diggle had to step in to deal with Moira in season 1 because Oliver wouldn’t. 

It’s the same with his father. 

And it’s the same with all of us. 

Growing up, a lot of us view our parents as saints. We come to them for help when we need a problem dealt with, we cry on their shoulders. We think they have all the answers. But they don’t. As we get older, we realize that they have their faults, and they don’t know everything.

Oliver skipped that moment that all of us have to deal with when we realize that our parents aren’t exactly who we thought they were. 

We don’t really know when he started partying and sleeping around, but we know he got shipwrecked around his 22nd birthday. That was probably a few years into his alcohol-haze, and we’ve seen that he feels guilty for the things he did during that time, especially the cheating. After he was shipwrecked, he proceeded to spend five years in the worst kind of hell, where he had to kill and torture to survive. That took a toll on him; enough that he passed up two or three opportunities to go home because he thought he was a monster. 

He came home thinking he was a man irredeemable. In the pilot, he walks out of the bathroom and loos at himself in the mirror. The Hood flashes, giving us a glimpse into how he views himself. He looks in the mirror and sees his scars. The nightmares. The PTSD. Everything that he has done, in his opinion, has sunk him into a pit that he can’t climb out of. 

And then he sees his family. 


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He meets Diggle. 

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And then Felicity. 

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All of them, in his eyes, are better than he is. 

Deep down, Oliver doesn’t believe he is as worthy as others. He spent five years trying to convince himself that his family was perfect because he thought he was terrible. He needed something to believe in, so he told himself over and over again that Thea was his baby sister who liked playing with dolls and Moira was still his mom who gave him her smile every morning, even if he was hungover. 

And he convinced himself that though Robert Queen had started the undertaking with Malcolm, though he had shot a man in the life-raft, though he confessed to not being a good man…that he was still better than him. He created the Arrow crusade to honor his father, because the only reason he was alive was because his dad shot himself in the head. He feels responsible for Robert dying, so he created this…only to realize that his father had done the same thing he’s spent so many years beating himself up about, and spent so many years fighting in his name. 

In 5x21, Felicity tells him that he needs to start living for himself. 

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And Oliver will truly be able to do that when he realizes that he’s good enough. 

That he deserves to have a wife. 

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To have a sister, and to be a brother. 

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And to have a son. 

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He’s finally realized that all of the people who he cares about have their faults. Thea isn’t innocent anymore. She’s killed, and she’s angry. Diggle took his own brother’s life. Felicity got into bed with Helix. His mom was involved in the Undertaking, and forced Samantha to lie about William. And now, the last piece of that puzzle has been placed: Robert killed. 

Oliver can no longer put himself down because other people have done bad things too. It’s not that they’re all terrible people now; it’s that they’re not perfect in his eyes anymore. And that knowledge will release him from the burden that he’s carried. 

if i have to hear one more ‘be positive !! actual comic book dinah’ 

shut up. please just. stop. talking.

i love dinah. to pieces. obviously. she’s my damn icon.

but you don’t spend four fucking years propping up dinah laurel lance to just be like… know what? no. we’re killing her and then you bring dinah drake. when that. doesn’t. even. fucking. make. any. motherfucking. sense. remember laurel’s mom……named dinah drake. hmm??? 

writing laurel like they did and her into some metaphorical corner is their own damn fault. they did that. it’s not up to me to give them another chance. they had it and they blew it. the end. 

& i will fight you until the ends of the earth if you think fridging one dinah for another is acceptable. it’s not. they didn’t need to replace her. they needed to learn how to write for someone not named felicity. 

Baby Girl

Imagine: Your Clints oldest daughter and Furry has sent you to Midtown High since he agreed to hide you and your family from the outside world.This happened after civil war 

“ So are you coming over to my house or am I finally gonna meet your family in person.”

“ Pete I told you already my house isn’t quite stable right now. My mom has been a mess since my dad passed……. Hey you think we can just video chat today my mom is gonna have all the kids today and well she just needs me right now.”

     “ Yea hey if you need someone I’m always here for you, you know that right.”

“Yea thanks Peter” Before you left you kissed Peters check and started heading home. You hated lying to Peter that you’re dad was dead but you couldn’t let anyone know who you’re dad  was or that would just ruin everything that Furry fixed up for you and your family.

3 Hour Later

  “So you have to subtract the opposite from the adjacent to find hypogynous?”

“Exactly see you’re not bad at math Y/N “

        “Whatever Parker”

“Are you talking to Peter?Can I talk to him?” You’re little brother Cooper asked popping his head out from the door frame

      “Sure as long as it’s ok with Peter”

“Yea it’s ok. Hey Cooper how’s the robot doing?”

       “ Bad he was on the fritz yesterday and Y/N had to put him out with the fire extinguisher”

“Yea you’re lucky mom wasn’t home she would have killed you”


“Oooo You’re in trouble mom only calls you by your full name when you did something wrong”

           “In my room mom”

“There you are sweety can you watch the kids for me while I go out?”

           “ Yea sure mom”

“Thank you sweetie, oh hi Peter how’s your aunt May?”

            “She’s good m’ama, how are you? If you don’t mind me asking”

“I-I’m doing better thank you for asking. Oh and sweetie thanks again for watching the kids again I’ll  be back tonight. Peter you are welcome to come over if you’d like.”

                “Well if you don’t mind m’ama I would love to come over.”

“Y/N and the kid will be here waiting.”

                  “Alright I’ll be there soon”

                ——————Call Ended——————


        “What Y/N. I think it’s about time Peter comes over don’t you think.”

“Yea but the whole dad thing”

                         You said while looking down closing your computer

“Honey it will be fine. Now I have to go alright.”

         “There aren’t any of dad’s stuff in the house is there?”

“No I moved everything to the room down the hall and it’s locked. Now I have to be going now I’m late.”

           “Ok ok mom I think I’m good now”

“Ok oh and one more thing no funny business when Peter is over.”



*Knock on the front door*

        “PETER’S HERE”

All you’re younger siblings yell as you feel your baby brother his milk.

         “Or the pizza guy”

“Nope it’s Peter”

                Cooper brother said while closing the door

“Who told you could open the door”

           “Hey Y/N it’s cool it was only me “

“No Peter what if it wasn’t you”

        You’re eyes started to water while holding your baby brother closer to you

“You ok sis”

         Cooper asked while walking towards you.

“Yea I’m fine Coop, umm did you finish your homework?”

         “No “

“Cooper please go do your homework, you too Lila”

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        “Fine, but once I hear the words pizza i’m done doing homework”

Cooper and you’re baby sister(Lila) went upstairs to do there homework.

       *sigh*” umm sorry about that. Hi Pete.”

“Hey you alright princess?”

     “Yea it just I’ve got to protect these three you know and with my dad gone it’s *sigh* it’s just harder now “

“Hey Hey it’s ok , they’re ok you’re ok”

      “Sorry about that , so um I think I saw the headlights of the *whispers* pizza guys car wanna come with us.”

“Yea and I’ll take this little guy from you”  

                       ———Door Bell Rings——-

        “Hey Johnny $12.50 right”

“Hey Y/N and here’s you’re pepperoni and pineapple. Hey little dude(Nathaniel) you gonna eat all this pizza you’re self?”

          “Thanks John later”

“Hey Peter why don’t we switch I’ll take Nathaniel upstairs to change him and you take the pizza and set up the table”

        “Nah I think he would like it better if I changed him. Right little guy”

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*Nathaniel Giggles as a sign of yes*

         “Fine be careful with him alright Peter, his room is upstairs second door to the right.”

“I got this babe I have changed his diaper at my place before remember”

                ——————-After Dinner ——————–

            “Y/N can peter help me with my robot please.”

“I don’t know it’s pretty late now but if Peter says it’s ok I’ll let you guys go out to the porch too work on it.”

            “What do you say Peter”

“Maybe tomorrow Cooper it is pretty late too stay up”

             “Ok can you and Lila go up stairs and get ready for bed”

“Hey Cooper I’ll come up too say goodnight alright?”

          “Yea ok”


“Well thanks for the help Pete. I had fun even if we were babysitting.”

        “Yea I did to it was good too see Cooper and Lila in person and not behind a computer screen. Um you need help with putting Nat to bed.”

“Actual could you check on Cooper and Lila to make sure they are asleep”

          “ Yea sure”

*Thunder and rain*

          *Nathaniel crying in a distance*

“I know buddy I know. The rain is scary you wanna stay with me until mom gets home”

              *Nathaniel nodes his head*

“Hey Y/N I get if this is too forward….. But … um”

        “ Peter it’s not safe for you too go home right now, you can stay here tonight”

“Thanks babe. Do you have any blankets so i can stay on the couch?”

       “You’re are not staying on the couch Parker. You can stay in my room with me and Nathaniel.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel that I trying to push you to do anything, because you know I wouldn’t “

      *giggles* “ I know Peter plus Nat would love to have you by his side while he sleeps”

             ———————-The Next Morning———————–

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“I don’t like this Luara”

      “Come on Clint they look like a little family. And Y/N really likes Peter he is so sweet too her.”

  You heard people talking as you we’re trying to sleep you cuddled a bit closer to Peter as Nathaniel was asleep on Peter’s chest.

“ mmhm Mom……. Dad?”

     “Here honey go talk to you dad down stairs while I take Nathaniel form Peter “

“How are you old man”

     *sigh/laugh*” I could be better but don’t worry about me sweetie how are you, I see you brought you *clears throat* boyfriend home”

“He’s a really nice boy dad. H-he’s treating me right. And for your information mom invited him over and there was a storm last night. I couldn’t make him go home in the storm, so he stayed and he was a great help with Nat.”

      “I could see that but if he hurts my baby girl an arrow is going throw him”

*laughs*” I love you dad. And I miss you so much mom and I had to tell Peter you were dead.”

       “That’s fine sweetie just know I love you so much and I’m just a call away”

              You’re dad hands you a phone with only one contact in it

“ What’s this?”

      “Steve felt bad for everything and he thought it would be a good idea to give you some sort of contact with me. So I’ll just be a call away if you ever need this old man”

“Nathaniel…….Y/n……. Nathaniel where are you guys”

        “Now go up there and calm that boyfriend of yours down”

      Before you could say anything you’re dad brought you into a hug and kissed the top of your head goodbye and then he was gone

“Y/n……. Umm hey don’t panic but I can’t find Nathaniel”

        “He’s with my mom Pete she can into my room last night and took him”

“Oh okay thank gosh”

          “Hey Peter have I ever told you I Love You “

“Yea a couple of times why?”

      “Because last night I realized how much I Love You”

“ It can’t be as much as I Love You”

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Hope you guys like it and sorry if it dosnt make sence but i tried. Oh if oyu have any request dont be afrid t message / ask me . Love you lots .

kitty-chan33  asked:

Fluffy headcannon of hanzo, Reaper, 76', and Reinhardt finding out that their going to be dad's


  • At first he’s so concerned because who the hell let him be a dad?
  • He can’t even be a good brother
  • Or a good goddamn boyfriend
  • But he slowly accepts it throughout the pregnancy
  • He’ll talk to the child in Japanese, telling it how excited he is to see them
  • He talks to you about the colors and theme of the nursery
  • Talks to you about names so often
  • You both decide on the unisex name Kou, meaning happiness, light, and peace
  • He buys the kid a play bow and arrow, the ones with the suction cup things, for when it gets older
  • He buys a baby shirt that says “moms cute, im cute, dad’s lucky”
  • And you can’t help but laugh at that


  • When you tell him, he thinks it’s a joke
  • But when he sees your serious he just
  • Sits on the nearest chair, he needs to take a seat
  • He won’t stop worrying about how this is going to go
  • The kid’s going to cry at the sight of him, he just knows it
  • The first month or two, he tries to ignore the fact that he’s going to be a father
  • But the third month and so on, he’s just…
  • Nervously planning things with you, trying to be prepared
  • And the last two or three months, he has actually come to accept it completely and he feels as prepared as he can be
  • He decides on the name Cary, meaning “dark one”
  • He buys a shirt that says “kickin ass n takin naps”
  • You want to be angry at him, but you can’t be
  • You’re just glad that he’s finally ready for this child


  • His entire body seems to freeze
  • But his thoughts are racing
  • Him? A father? This can’t be. He can’t be a father, he’s supposed to be dead. This is a dream. He has to wake up.
  • He avoids you completely for a good week, just trying to come to terms with this
  • He tries to be happy with this and tries to plan some stuff, but he can’t sit down and talk about things for too long, he just starts worrying
  • He’s so awkward until the last month, then he starts trying to warm up, mostly practicing for when the child is actually there
  • You both decide on the name Lux, meaning “light”
  • He buys the child a shirt that says “proof that my daddy doesnt shoot blanks”, trying to show a humorous side
  • You glare at him and hide it. No, NO, bad 76


  • He’s the actually excited one. He instantly swoops you into his arms
  • Being careful tho!!!!
  • He tells EVERYONE about it
  • He makes sure you are taken care of during the entire time
  • Pampering you like crazy
  • He can’t decide on a name, he loves them all!!
  • You decide on Alex, meaning defender of mankind
  • He buys every funny shirt for the child that he finds
  • You giggle at that, he’s going to make an amazing father

“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sleep tonight” she says, half joking, but they spend far too long tossing and turning before giving up, lighting candles and climbing out of bed. and he sketches in his books, the scritch of the quill against parchment loud in the room, and she fletches arrows, not because she needs them but because it’s familiar, comforting. and it’s just like the old days, except they’re not out in the wilds they’re in her house, in their house, and together, and––

well. there are some things much better now than the old days

Let's talk about the CW

The Secret Circle - cancelled even though it had high ratings because of a fear that a f/f ship might have developed

Reign- had Kenna wake up handcuffed to the dead body of a girl she just had sex with the night before(to please the king)

Arrow- Sara, how many times has that girl died? (Seriously I stopped watching after season 1 so I wouldn’t know)

Jane The Virgin- Rose murdered by her step mom after visiting her female lover in the hospital to make sure she was ok and ask to run away with her

100- Lexa(do I even need to talk about this one)

The vampire diaries- two IMMORTAL sapphic women killed in the same episode (again haven’t watched the show in like forever so I wouldn’t truly know how they died)

All that time at the island plotting my return, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to reconnect with Mom, Thea, Laurel. Ok, I didn’t…I didn’t know how painful would it be to keep my secrets. You asked me to save this city. To right your wrongs. I will. I swear. I can’t be the Oliver that everyone wants me to be which means that sometimes to honor your wishes I need to dishonor your memory. I am sorry

Oliver talking to his father at his memorial stone [Arrow Summer Rewatch Ep 1x02 “Honor Thy Father”]


Smiling, you open your window to see Oliver in his green suit. “Hi.”

“Hi,” he says softly, kissing you as he climbs down into the bedroom. “Sorry about this, I just wanted to come right home.”

“It’s fine,” you reassure him, smirking as you say, “it’s sexy. ”

He chuckles and kisses you softly, and just as you deepen the kiss, a knock sounds at your apartment door. You smile at Oliver. “Get dressed. I’ll get the door.” And, kissing him one more time, you walk to the front door and open it to see your mom.

“Mom!” You squeal, hugging her. “What are you doing here?”

“The team’s here on a case,” she replies, smiling. “I thought I’d pop in to visit you.” She looks past you, and you notice her smile fall a little bit, but she keeps it up. “Hi, Oliver!”

“Mrs. Prentiss,” he smiles, hugging her. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” she says, “and please, call me Emily.”

He nods, and you say, “so, where is the rest of the team? And what case are you working on?”

She laughs as she sits down, and Oliver sits next to you on the couch across from where your mom sat. “The team’s getting some muc needed rest, but Garcia’s excited to see you. As for the case, we’re trying to find the Arrow’s identity.”

Your smile falls a little bit. “They called in the BAU for that?”

“Yup, we’re the best profilers in the country,” she says. She leans forward. “I’m just wondering why you didn’t tell me sooner, (y/n).”

Oliver’s hand tightens around yours as you ask, “What do you mean?”

“(Y/n), I’m not an idiot. I know Oliver’s the Arrow.”

There is genuinely nothing more tiresome than someone who deeply hates something benign for a frivolous reason and NEEDS YOU TO KNOW.

I have been stuck at con tables while a man in his 50s Went Orf because I dared to mention that I was excited to go see the new GotG with my mom. Why? Because the movies weren’t REAL GotG. Because they should have used Vance Astro and Charlie 27 instead of Star Lord. Because Yondu should have had his bow and arrow like in the ‘real version.’ Because Groot was stupid.

Basically he raged at me (a department head) and the two women I’d been chatting with for a good five minutes because he had Feelings about the movie.

I just let him talk and occasionally threw the other ladies a Look. Just kept smiling. Finally when his spring wound down I just said 'Wow, you have a lot of feelings on that,’ then turned back to the others and continued my conversation.

Look, I can understand talking out MUTUAL FRUSTRATION with a show or whatever, but when someone is excited, that is not your cue to soliloquy. Like ever. And this is speaking as someone who has carried on pleasant chats with people who like things I genuinely can’t stand. When someone is excited, FUCKING LET THEM BE HAPPY. There are some things that really should just be shouted into the void.


I have finished my plot line for the first 10 chapters which will equal the first book and lemme tell you it’s so much better than the first version. And the second version. IDK what I was thinking with the slow “not much happens in these chapters bc I’m writing it like an actual paper book” but we got some FUN. STUFF. HAPPENING.

Kallias is a gift to this world and I hope that you love my pure trans girl as much as I do.
Frankie is precious and so giving and an overall good boy
Hestia’s cooking gives life tbh.

Look Angoul and baby Angoul are owl children and I love them. Especially the baby birbs.

Tea party with satyrs/fauns, except they’re dumb as shit and rely on werewolf people to herd them and keep them from falling off ledges and breaking their legs. They are good dogs tbh and deserve better.

The grouchiest trans clint eastwood sheriff you didn’t know you needed in your life and her gay son.

Renegade lesbian couple

Xenon honestly just needs to talk to Shy for like two minutes- it would drastically improve the quality of their life.

Shay the archer guardian Kallias needs (Lara’s autistic son; likes to be outside the city and makes his own bows and arrows and walks on rooftops to be away from busy streets and people)

Our first in-comic look at Shy is in chapter 8 and he’s in crisis because his favorite houseplant is dying. I love this man so much. He’s so pure.
Shy and Stella waiting for their husbands (Ari and Sam) with flowers and Shy braiding flowers into his hair and hers.

Lara is beefcake mom and she is always ready to fight don’t test my girl.

Don’t talk to my gay sons or their adopted children ever again.

and holy shit Methodias can die in a god damned fire
and maybe he will
I happen to be in control

Impact (chapter 5)

“Oliver, I’m so sorry,” Felicity spoke. After Barry raced out of the hospital to set his plan in motion, Felicity felt her tears start to fall as she and Oliver stood by William. The heart monitor’s sustained whine filled the room.

Oliver had become an expert at living with pain and darkness. But standing there and watching his son disconnect from life was as dark as it gets. If Barry’s plan did not work, this loss would crush Oliver, and the impact would be more than he could endure.

“Oliver…” Felicity spoke again. “This…this is my fault. You were right. I should have been more…” She began to cry harder as she stared at their son.

“Felicity…no. I was wrong. You don’t…”

At that  moment, a nurse rapidly entered the room. She brushed past Oliver and Felicity and started to look at William’s life monitors. She checked for a pulse. William had stopped breathing. It had only been four minutes since Barry left. After checking William’s vitals, the nurse turned off the heart monitor, and except for Felicity’s sobs, the room became silent. It was the sound of death reaching out to devastate them.

The nurse picked up a phone, and suddenly her voice was amplified over the hospital PA system. “Code blue,” she said. “Code blue, room 18 in intensive care.”

Oliver took Felicity into his arms. “Honey,” he whispered. But he couldn’t go on. A sudden memory of the night Laurel died fell into his mind. He felt the same helplessness and his tears began to fall.

Felicity held on tight to Oliver and an unspoken assurance and comfort passed between them.

The nurse finished checking William for signs of life. She was solemn as she reached out to turn off the brain activity monitor, which had just gone flatline as well. She turned to Oliver and Felicity. “Mr. and Mrs. Queen…your son is gone. I’m so sorry.”

Oliver heard her words and he suddenly needed to sit down. The weight that just fell on him was too heavy to keep him standing. But he could not move.

Felicity wrapped her arms tighter around Oliver. They needed each other’s strength right now. They needed to cling to one another. They had stood and faced many tragedies together, but this one was in a league of its own.

“Felicity,” Oliver spoke. “Barry…he is our only hope now. And Kara too.”

“I…” Felicity’s voice was muffled against Oliver’s chest.

“What,” Oliver asked?

Felicity broke out of their embrace and looked up at him. “I love you,” she said. “If Barry can’t…if this is permanent…I need you to know that I love you.”

“Felicity…I know. I love you too.” He nodded over at William. “He does too. But Felicity, I believe in Barry. He is going to bring our son back to us.”

The hospital’s crash team came into the room, but it was too late. William had been dead now for twelve minutes.

Oliver and Felicity continued to stand next to William’s bed, holding each other as if it was the only thing left in their lives to believe in.

The world went dark.


Kara was a phosphorescent streak in Earth’s orbit. She had reached sub-light speed and changed the gradient of the planet’s gravity. Barry told her that the accident happened three days ago. She had just watched the planet complete its third backwards rotation. Kara flew out of the orbit and came to a stop, hovering just off of L Grange point.

When Clark told her his story about saving Lois, he also mentioned that he was warned by his father not to interfere in human history. Clark found a valid reason for ignoring that warning—true love. Now Kara had found her reason—saving a child.

The two balanced each other and offered no argument if it was right or wrong. It was  a heart decision and Kara made it,


Felicity and William walked down the sidewalk, a few blocks away from the house she and Oliver bought when William came to live with them. William’s dog, Arrow was straining at his leash, pulling William as if to hurry him along. The Corgi only weighed ten pounds, but being out in the sunshine with William and Felicity; it empowered the dog’s eagerness and made him seem stronger than he was.

“Arrow,” William called to his dog. “Calm down, boy.”

Felicity held on to William’s hand as they went down the street. In her other hand, she held her tablet. She had found a possible ID on the two suspects who robbed the bank last night, and she was eager to follow up on the information. She had talked to Oliver earlier this morning. They had still been in bed, waking up to the sunlight splashing off their bedroom wall. Oliver told her he would meet her at the Bunker after his staff meeting downtown. Then, Oliver rolled towards Felicity and kissed her. It was not a ‘okay- honey- let’s–get- up -and -start -the day’ kiss. Felicity felt like the kiss could have gone on longer. It was always the same with them. Every time they touched each other, it still felt like a drug to them.  Oliver started to put his hands on her naked hips and pull her closer…Then William came into the room with Arrow’s leash in his hand.

“Mom,” William called out, breaking Felicity away from her happy memory.

She looked at William and he appeared to be struggling with keeping his dog under control. “William, Arrow is just excited being on his walk. Just hold on to the leash tighter and he’ll be okay.”

“Okay,” William said. A big grin appeared on his face. “Arrow is pretty strong, isn’t he?”

“Yeah honey, he’s one strong pooch.” Felicity let go of William’s hand and began to type codes into her tablet.

“Arrow!” William suddenly yelled out. “No…”

Felicity looked up and saw the dog heading out into the street, his leash trailing behind him. At the same moment, William took a step forward, stepping off the curb of the sidewalk and out into traffic.

Felicity dropped her tablet; it shattered on the sidewalk. She reached out and took hold of William, pulling him back onto the sidewalk next to her. The sound of squealing breaks pierced through the morning, followed by the cry of William’s dog. They watched as a truck hit Arrow. Felicity knew instantly that the dog was not going to survive. She could feel William trying to pull free from Felicity’s grasp, but she had a good hold on him.

“Mom,” William cried, tears starting to fall down his horrified face. “Is…is Arrow dead?”

“Honey, I’m going to go check. But I need you to promise me you’ll stay right her on the sidewalk, okay?” Felicity looked out on the street and could see that Arrow was dead. He wasn’t breathing and blood covered his face. She felt William yearning to go to his dog. “William,” she reminded him. “You need to stay here, okay?”

“Okay, I will mom. But please don’t let Arrow be dead.”

Felicity’s heart broke for him as she stepped out into the street.


Oliver and Felicity were sitting on William’s bed with him. It was a couple hours after Arrow was killed and William was having a rough time dealing with it.

“Son,” Oliver said to him. “I know how much this hurts. I’ve lost someone too. It’s not fair, right?”

William wiped at his tears. “Dad, why did Arrow have to be killed? I had a really good hold on his leash, like mom told me to.”

Felicity was rubbing William’s back, trying to calm him down. “William, you were holding on tight.”

“William,” Oliver continued. “Arrow loved you. He was a very good boy. He would probably be just as sad if it was you who got hit by that truck. Don’t you think?”

William became pensive as he thought about what Oliver just said. “Yeah…” he replied. “He would be really sad. We were best friends, dad. Do you have a best friend? Do you, mom?”

Oliver and Felicity looked at each other. They both nodded.

“Honey,” Felicity answered him. “You’re out best friend.”

William shook his head. “No, I’m your son.”

“Don’t you want to be our best friend?” Oliver asked him. A tiny smile threatened to break out.

William grew silent for a few moments, thinking about Oliver’s question. Then he looked at his parents. “Okay, I’ll be your best friend,” he told them.

Oliver’s cell suddenly vibrated in his back pocket. He pulled it out, saw who was calling and then kissed William on top of his head. “Son, I have to answer this. Maybe you and your mother can talk about getting a new puppy.”

“Yeah? Okay, cool.” A big smile broke out on William’s face.

Oliver got off the bed and answered his phone. “Barry, what’s up? Man, it feels like forever since we’ve talked.”

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