as if she's not completely sure it's her

Listen, though, like… as a bigger girl, Hairspray speaks to me. Everything tells us that nobody will ever like us until we lose weight, that we’re completely unlovable and undesirable the way we are. But then there’s Hairspray, and Tracy, and Link, and man… seeing the cute guy fall for the big girl without her having to completely change herself for him (she gets a makeover, sure, but that’s not for Link, it’s not to make him like her) is just… it gives me hope. Even if it’s just one small thing in a sea of “make yourself skinny or no one else will love you”, it’s something.


he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda


The entire time that I was gone, I could never completely trust someone. And when that goes on for so long, you stop seeing people for people. You see threats or targets. And when I decided to come home, I just didn’t know how to turn that part of me off.


In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.
ZukeZine -
A Lauren Zuke appreciation zine, organized and created by her fans.

Hey y’all! The ZukeZine is finally completed!!!

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It’s been 24 days, and with the help of 45 amazing contributors, it’s finally done.

The zine contains 53 amazing pieces of art, along with many messages for her, all by Lauren’s amazing fans.

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This Zine was created in appreciation of Lauren Zuke, and everything she’s done. We are all so grateful for her.

I’m so happy its finally done, and we can finally share it with everyone. Thank you all so much for all the help!

honestly, people claiming that michiru isn’t gay and that she only likes haruka bc she’s ‘basically a man’ are hilarious bc like

have you watched?? the show?? at all

the way michiru treats men is essentially the same way she would a dog repeatedly butting its head into a parked car: with no small amount of sympathy to be sure, because it’s trying so earnestly, and it’s certainly cute in that sense, but just, you know, with a palpable amount of pity and more than a little amusement. there is not one singular instance where michiru appeared even mildly impressed by a man at any point in the show. the way she views haruka is on a completely separate plane from from the way she views men.

then there’s the fact that during her confession, she explains how her love and adoration towards haruka are rooted in her being true to herself, and refusing to rely on anyone. now, the story never lays down anything explicit about michiru’s backstory, but it doesn’t take an awfully large logical leap to assume the reason michiru admires those traits in haruka is because she herself lacks them. undoubtedly hailing from a well-to-do, proper home, michiru is the very image of the perfect 'proper’ girl: radiating femininity from head to toe, delicate and graceful, impeccably polite, a master of the arts – not to mention the difficulty she repeatedly displays in voicing her desires and feelings, presumably out of some ingrained compulsive need to not appear 'selfish’, ‘irrational’ or 'spoiled’. while those behaviors are certainly inherent aspects of michiru’s personality, there’s no doubt they’re a result of her upbringing, as well. growing up, she probably never imagined she could be another way. that anyone could be.

enter haruka, who blatantly has zero regard for what anyone thinks a girl should be – with her short hair and men’s clothes, the youngest-ever champion of a male-dominated sport, she is as far away from 'proper femininity’ as humanly possible. and she’s gorgeous and elegant and confident, and doesn’t care what anyone has to say. that makes her powerful. that makes her worthy of awe.

now, do you think michiru would have been remotely struck by a straight cis man wearing straight cis man clothes and driving a straight cis man race car. do you think that would signify absolutely anything in her eyes. do you. do you really.

but alright – this much is viewer’s interpretation. you want plain, clear-cut evidence that michiru in no way views haruka as a man? take a single look at the painting she made of her. it’s graceful, refined, delicate – as transcendent as a goddess ascending back to heaven. if you look at this image for so long as three seconds and still tell me michiru views haruka as a man, then lmao, idk what to tell your homophobic ass, buddy. good bye

Luke- His mom sees a Hickey

Request- Can you do the hickey one, but with Luke and the hickey is on y/n and lukes mom notice :)

word count- 1300+

rating- PG-13

A/N- i wasn't sure how similar you wanted the story line so i changed it completely haha hope you like it…like all my stories its not edited very thoroughly so ignore any mistakes. 


Luke had been on tour for two months when his mom Liz called you. since you and Luke had been in a relationship for a while you had become close with his family so it wasn’t weird for her to be calling you. she told you that she was missing her son and wanted to go visit Luke soon. having her youngest son leave home so early was hard for her so she liked to visit as much as she could. but she called to see if you wanted to come with her. 

of course you said yes. the past two months had been hard with out him and you missed him. she told you when she was wanting to go and you both bought tickets. you were so excited and it made it hard to have to wait a week to go.

she told you that you could be the one to tell him so that night while you were talking to him on the phone you decided to tell him.

“so what are your plans next Tuesday at about 6 pm?” you asked

“well that is weirdly specific…but i don’t think i have anything Tuesday. why?” he asked confused by your weird question 

“well i was wondering if you could come pick your mom and me up from the airport” you said trying to not laugh just because you were excited

“seriously? you are coming?” he said quickly because he was excited also


when the plane landed you wanted to just run out of the gate until you reached him but sadly you couldn’t.  you walked next to Liz till you could see Luke standing in the distance. once you saw him not to far away you couldn't help but run to him. when you reached him he hugged you and picked you up off the ground a little bit because of his towering height. 

after he greeted his mom you all got in a car and drove to a restaurant for dinner. you set next to Luke at the table with your hand resting on his leg. you all talked for a while but you were getting bored as his mom told him some story about something funny his dog did last week. you decided to start moving your hand up and down his thigh. each time you went up you would get dangerously close to where he wanted you to touch most…just not right now at the table while he talked to his mom. 

he reached his hand under the table to grab yours so you would stay still. he was getting turned on and didn't want to have to walk out with a boner. 

after you ate dessert you all drove back to the hotel that he was staying in and met up with the 3 other boys.  you went into Ashtons room and just talked to them all as they told stories about the tour so far.  Liz had brought little gifts that the other moms had sent with her to give to their sons, so she handed those out. 

you were sitting on the couch alone when Calum walked over and set next to you. 

“Luke is probably so happy to see you” he said

“i like to think so” you joked back

“well i know he has been missing you a lot lately…in few different ways” he said with a wink you smacked his arm and told him to shut up as you both started laughing. 

after a while Luke's mom noticed the time and said she was ready for bed so Luke and i said good bye to the boys and walked her to her room that was just a few floors down. when we said goodbye she asked what our plans were for the rest of the night. 

“well I'm sure y/n is also feeling sleepy because of the time change and flying all day, so I'm going to walk her to her room…and then go talk to the boys about what our schedule is tomorrow..and then i will go to sleep” he told her. it was believable but you had a feeling the rest of the night was going to go a little differently. 

you said your good nights and walked away. 

“So were are we really going right now?” you asked Luke as he held your hand and walked back to the elevator.

“to my room of course” he said with a smirk. 

when you walked in it was everything you were expecting it to be…a complete mess. there was clothing everywhere. once he saw you looking at his disaster he turned around. 

“new plan…lets go to you room” he told you but you walked past him and set down on the bed.

“nope…i like this one better” you said and he walked over to you. his height made him have to bed over quit a bit so his lips could reach yours. 

he picked you up and moved you so you were laying further up on the bed and you laughed as you landed on the soft mattress.  

“some one is eager” you said to him

“you have no idea” he said while pulling his shirt over his head and taking his pants off before coming down to kiss you. you laughed at his quick actions. 

he quickly removed your shirt and pulled down your pants. you kept laughing and it was starting to bother him 

“stop laughing at me…it been a long two moths and I'm horny” he said which didn't stop your giggles.

he connected his lips with yours in hopes to shut you worked. 

he kissed your lips till they started to feel swollen and then he moved down to your neck. he knew what spot made you moan so he kissed and sucked till you made the sound he had missed hearing.


You both woke up from hearing Luke's phone ringing. he reluctantly climbed out of bed and walked over to the table that he had set it on. you smiled at him standing there because he was still completely naked. 

he looked down and realized why you were looking him and i quickly picked up a shirt off the floor and held it over his man hood as he called the number back.

“hey mom sorry i missed your call" 

"yeah that would be fun”


"wait no!” he said maybe a little to quickly 

“i want to wake her up… you can just keep getting ready” he said 

“okay bye” he said hanging up. 

a few minuets later you went back to your room quickly so you could get changed and fix your hair before meeting liz for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. 

10 minuets later there was a knock at the door and Luke and his mom where there to get you. you walked down to the restaurant and got a table. when Luke told the other boys what you guys were doing they decided to join you for breakfast. 

you were all just sitting talking and eating when your hair kept trying to get in your plate so you pushed it behind your shoulder. 

“so what is happening with-” Liz started saying as she looked towards you and Luke before stopping mid sentence. 

“what?” Luke asked her

“something tells me last night was a little more… eventful then you had said it would be” when she said this everyone was confused till Micheal looked where Liz was looking. 

he started laughing

“caught” was all he said in between his laughs. 

“nice one Luke" calum said as Luke turned you around so he could try to figure out what everyone was talking about. when he saw the large hickey on your neck his cheeks turned red as he quickly moved your hair back over your shoulder so it was hidden. you had caught on and you couldn't help but also blush. 

"well this is awkward” Luke finally said after a minuet of silence..besides Michael who was still laughing. 

FIC: SHE [7/8]
: Clarke Griffin/Lexa, minor Clarke Griffin/Finn Collins, Octavia Blake/Lincoln, Abby Griffin/Marcus Kane
: Clarke Griffin, Lexa, Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes, Abby Griffin, Anya, Finn Collins, Marcus Kane.
: Mature
Summary: Her roommate looks at her sometimes and Clarke is never sure if they’re going to kill or kiss each other.
When Clarke Griffin forgets to complete her sophomore year residency application, she returns to college to find that they’ve paired her with the last roommate she ever expected to get.
: Thanks to my usual crew of betas, and to @proudlyunicorn for cheerleading/teaching me about the 100. 


I made an “L” for Leelah at her vigil in London today.

It was said at the vigil that gay and trans conversion “therapists” are “fradulent, negligent and incompetent”. I completely agree. Such “therapies” are dangerous and should labelled as so and banned!!!

We must make sure Leelah’s death doesn’t go in vain. We must work together to end conversion “therapies” (please sign the petition linked below), and ensure that gender (and its full spectrum) is taught properly in schools.

What affects me most about Leelah’s death is that she felt unloved. Her parents failed her. They neglected her. That hurts to even think about. I want to tell you all that you deserve love no matter what. We are all perfect as we are. I love you all. We are a family. A Tumblr family. Family isn’t just blood. Family is also friends. We are all friends and I am here for you.

In Leelah’s memory, we fight on for what we deserve. Equality. Acceptance. Love.

Rest In Power Leelah! - Ivan x

* Please sign this petition to end conversion “therapies”:

Signs as Literary Characters

ARIES: Huckleberry Finn (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) - rebellious, highly individualistic, offensive yet naive to the fact, naturally distrustful of people and ideas that don’t align with what he’s experienced, great natural instincts and an able to read people

TAURUS: Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) - extremely loyal, family oriented, doesn’t like physical conflict and resorts to being physical only when there is no other choice, calculates and strategically weighs her options in order to take the best course of action rather than to act impulsively

GEMINI: Alice (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) - her ability to interpret and analyze the world and its beings is unmatchable, at one point she is very sure of her identity and what she believes and thinks is right but then finds herself completely confused on all matters, tries to adapt to all environments no matter how crazy, gets lost in her thoughts easily 

CANCER: Dorothy (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) - very strong willed, empathetic, cares deeply, always does what she thinks is right and doesn’t give up easily, willing to do whatever for those she cares about, tries to be a friend to all and encourage people to be their best selves and embrace their differences

LEO: Harry Potter (The Harry Potter Series)- the typical Leo! Extremely loyal to his friends, and enormous heart and a magnetism that attracts everyone to him, a natural leader and has no problem being the center of attention and can even become full of himself sometimes

VIRGO: Hazel Grace (The Fault In Our Stars) - tackles issues (like her illness) by being practical and explaining them in a no-fluff manner. With a nonchalant attitude and a dry sense of humor, it seems like she has it under control or is, at the very least, okay with the chaos. However, this is untrue. Like most Virgos, Hazel seems stable at the surface level, but when delving deeper it is easily apparent that not everything is in order, there are powerful emotions buried underneath it all, and that they are not okay with the circumstances but feel that they can’t change it, so they internalize it all

LIBRA: Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird) - he is the true embodiment of a diplomat, level-headed. able to see all sides of an argument and is dedicated to justice. argues intelligently, carefully, and thoughtfully. never argues heatedly or get blinded by rage or other emotions. Knows exactly which arguments will influence people best. able to beat you in any argument while remaining the natural charmer they are. 

SCORPIO: Holden Caulfield (The Catcher In The Rye) - extremely perceptive. able to quickly evaluate anyone and tear them down in a just a few short sentences but refuses to acknowledge his own weaknesses and fake behaviors. Harsh, cynical, and sometimes downright negative, Holden could only ever be a Scorpio. 

SAGITTARIUS: R. P. McMurphy (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) - a symbol of freedom. Like a Sag, McMurphy gives off the appearance of someone who likes to disobey the rules just for fun but in actuality, they always have a purpose and can justify themselves when questions about their actions. McMurphy was always putting on a show at the ward in order to disrupt the system, get the patients to show emotions, and to make friends like any true Sagittarius would.

CAPRICORN: Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) - with confidence, he thinks very highly of himself but does so without much self-reflection. However, he is very quick to judge those around them. Easily holds grudges, is stubborn, and can be too proud to admit he’s wrong even when he knows he is, which is why Mr. Darcy can only be a Capricorn. 

AQUARIUS: Victor Frankenstein (Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus) - a visionary not scared of the unknown but rather in constant pursuit of it, highly intelligent and innovative, needs to always push their boundaries, which can lead themselves and other to madness 

PISCES: Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby) - extremely idealistic and refuses to give up on the fantasy of the life he could/should have, will almost do anything to try and capture nearly impossible ideas of grandeur and/or love. they motivate themselves more when what they are trying to capture is nearly unobtainable or just outright impossible, in love with the possibilities and opportunities, love to daydream and think “what if…”

Send me your name and astrology sign for a personalized aesthetic.


A/N: Writing in the dead of night. I loved the panels of Gray and Juvia lying beside each other in this chapter (even if they’re unconscious xD)…so here’s my take on Gray’s feelings if he wakes up first, before her.

Words: 479

Gruvia drabble, based on ch. 510

The last thing he’d caught sight of before slipping into unconsciousness was Juvia.

The first thing his eyes searched for when he woke up was the very same person.

Gray sat up abruptly, his heart quickening its pace in his chest as he recalled the last few moments before he’d drifted away into darkness. He had heard her voice; he was certain of it, and sure enough, when he turned around, she was stood in front of him—battered, bruised, but very much alive.

Just the sight had left his mind blank of all things except her. Completely weak at the knees, he’d fallen to the ground.

Now, he looked down at her sleeping figure uncertainly. She was beside him, her face turned towards his—peaceful, wisps of blue covering her cheek, falling over her closed eyes.

But that image from just hours ago had burned itself into his mind—of her lying motionless on the icy ground, her blood pluming into the snow around them, like ruptured roses from the garden they’d once grown together with such care.

Blood had continued to surge through his veins. He didn’t understand how he was alive, why he was alive. His heart lurched in his chest—not from one of her smiles, but instead from the cold dread seeping into his bones tied with the fear of losing yet another loved one.

The sobs that had followed were enough to make his whole form tremble, though this time, she hadn’t been the one to hold him close like she once did. Instead, he pulled her into his arms for what he thought would be the last time and screamed her name into the skies.

Yet somehow, after all that, she was right here. Just as always, by his side.

With each breath he took, the dead weight that had settled itself on his shoulders began to slowly lift away. The terrible ache that had been gnawing at his ribs and tearing at his heart finally subsided, a wave of relief crashing over him instead, which he couldn’t help but welcome.

Gently, Gray leaned forward, stretching out his fingers to brush the stray strands away from her face, eyes following the curves and angles of her features as if recalling every little detail. He thumbed a lock of her hair, twisting it around his finger before letting it fall back into place over her chest which continued to rise and fall evenly, as though nothing had ever happened—as though all this time, she’d been peacefully sleeping, as real and wonderfully alive as can be.

He didn’t say anything—the words escaped him. 

For the third time that day, he cried, raking a hand through his hair and tilting his head up to look through the cracks in the ceiling.

He couldn’t see much through the grime and vines, but he knew that outside, the sky was clear now; a perfect uninterrupted blue.

When the only doll.thats choctaw (or.SE woodland.inspire).is full.of sterotypes and if it flops its because she native coded not that she racist and hella misrespection of nativeS (choctaw specific) cultures 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 Oh or how the fact she obs southeastern woodland but completely full of Siouxs*, Objewies, Apcha*, and Navajos* designs 😊😊😊😊😊😊 ***At the non natives who see this, Apache, and Siouxs are many nations.unuited and Navajo.has a couple nations under it i think? So yea @people/mutauls if i fucked up on this part pls tell me so i can.fix it! Also anthor point, im pretty sure isi means tree….her name is tree dawndacer…. like…

Sirius and Lily in seventh year decide to screw with everyone for Halloween. 

So Sirius takes a potion to grow his hair out longer and Lily actually trims hers so its nearer Sirius’ length and then Lily charms his red and he charms hers black. They get a bit giddy then because this might actually work really well. 

Sirius makes sure he shaves really close and Lily is practically milk-white so she bronzes so she’s a bit closer to Sirius’ skin tone. She then puts on his school trousers and though she’s always preferred trousers to skirts it feels really weird to tuck a school shirt into them. Sirius helps her put her tie on completely incorrectly, like the way he wears his. Lily puts blush on Sirius’ cheeks and a touch of mascara on his lashes and just a hint of lipstick; she doesn’t usually wear any but his lips are too pale. 

Lily shrugs on Sirius’ robes and almost falls over laughing when he throws the bathroom door open and struts out in her skirt. Still giggling she does his tie up properly and then gets a stitch in her side watching him trying to put her cotton winter tights on. 

They look very much like the other at this point. It’s kind of like looking in a mirror and knowing something is off but it’s hard to put a finger on it, until you notice the eyes. They’ve missed breakfast and they’re already late for History of Magic so they run to class and apologise in magically modified voices to an oblivious Professor Binns. 

Sirius sits smartly next to Marlene McKinnon and pulls ink and parchment out, makes sure to smile across the room at James.

Lily flops heavily into the seat beside Remus, drops her bag on the floor, doesn’t bother to take anything out, and flashes a wide grin at him. 

Marlene notices first. After frowning at Sirius while note taking for five minutes she snorts ‘oh merlins beard’ and has to stifle her laughter with the sleeve of her robes. 

Remus realises next when he passes a note and gets a very Sirius-like response in Lily’s handwriting. He tries to confirm whats happening through notes but Lily just grins and insists that she’s Sirius, so Remus chuckles and decides to play along.

James and Peter, sat in front of Remus and Lily exit the room at the end of class none the wiser. James is chatting loudly to Peter about Quidditch when Sirius and Marlene join them. 

He flashes Sirius a quick smile as he approaches and Marlene hangs back with Remus and actual Lily, snickering, to watch. 

Lily and James have started exchanging quick pecks on the lips in greeting since they’ve been dating, so Sirius walks over and, never one to do things by half, leans casually in. 

Peter is still talking animatedly to James so he just turns his head, greets Sirius with a quick ‘Morning,’ accepts the kiss and slides his hand into Sirius’ while still focusing on Peter. 

It’s only when Lily, Marlene and Remus burst into near hysterical laughter that he twigs something might be wrong. 

His yell of ‘PADFOOT WHAT THE FUCK’ can be heard two corridors across. 

McGonagall is the only teacher to actually notice the switch, and after addressing Lily as ‘Mr.Black’ in class she pauses, narrows her eyes and corrects herself to ‘Miss. Evans’. 

Lily just smirks and says brashly ‘If you want Evans she’s over there Professor.’ McGonagall sighs like the last thing she wants to do is turn around and find Sirius in a skirt. To everyone’s surprise, she doesn’t exactly play along, but she does ignore them for the rest of the lesson. 

They get a bit more carried away as the day goes on, and act out greatly exaggerated versions of each others characteristics. 

McGonagall eventually draws the line at Sirius wielding the authority of head girl. 

Caught (Bucky x reader)

i kno its kinda short but i have nothing 

Word count: 700              

Your friend Nat, despite the fact that you had not been in a date in years, had set you up with one of her new friends, James Barnes. She had described him as old-school, charming, and very handsome. Sure, he was handsome, but the fact was it was the most awkward date you had been on. After holding the door open for you, and pulling out your chair, you both had sat in complete and utter silence. The waitress hadn’t stopped by to get your orders, and so far the only thing you two had gotten were glasses of water.

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i’m super interested in what roots education was like. how much of her knowledge is self taught? did she go to college? did she even feel the need to finish high school?  i could honestly see her figuring out that she didn’t need to and dropping out and using her hacking skills to make money to take care of her mom and whatnot.  i mean, if my math is right she was only 14, maybe 15, when she put a hit on hannah’s killer which is pretty fucking impressive (and also slightly terrifying).  so it makes sense that she’d be advanced enough at that age to completely forgo a traditional education because im sure shed begun to develop a (relatively justified) better-than-thou attitude around that time. plus, its not as if she couldnt procure a fake diploma if she needed to.  and college?  i could maybe see her, as a teenager, spending time at a few top-notch universities and sitting in on a few classes that she found interesting, completely one-upping all of her classmates and impressing the prof, without being enrolled in the class let alone the school, then getting bored and moving on when she’d felt she’d learned all she needed.

X-Files Fic: Jailhouse Rock

Rating: Explicit
Timeline: Season Six, post-Triangle
Summary: Another trip to Texas, another opportunity for Mulder to end up accidentally drugged and make a complete idiot of himself.  Written in response to an anonymous prompt: “M/S having sex in a jail cell.  Any era or time period.”  Enjoy!

Scully hates Texas.

She doesn’t care how big and bright the stars at night are, she doesn’t care how wide and high the prairie sky is, and she sure as hell doesn’t care if the sage in bloom is like perfume.  Scully hates Texas.  Nothing good has ever happened to her and Mulder in the Lone Star State, and this case is doing its best to make sure that streak of horrible experiences continues unabated.

Why she let Mulder talk her into following him out here, to the next-to-nonexistent town of Lazbuddie (population: 248), she doesn’t know, not any more than she knows why she’s trailed after him on wild goose chases to any of the other hundreds of minuscule hamlets they’ve visited over the past six years.  This particular jaunt into the unknown required a flight from D.C. to Houston, then a connecting flight to Lubbock (where the first two rental cars they were given stalled out before they’d even left the lot), and ended with what should have been a two-hour drive, but ended up taking four, because their third car was no more reliable than the first two and broke down halfway to their destination, necessitating a long, hot hour by the side of the highway, waiting for roadside assistance.

Lazbuddie doesn’t have a motel, not even one of the seedy variety Mulder always gravitates towards… but this has turned out not to be nearly as much of a problem as Scully thought it would be, because she and Mulder are spending the night in prison.

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Bit disappointing we didn’t get to see her fully recovered, but at least we got to see her happy!

We get a pretty good idea of what Centipeetle might look like completely healed in Monster Reunion, based on her corrupted form and her crayon drawings; however, one question still remains: Does she have toes?

Possibly her face could be the same green color that it is in Monster Reunion, and that what appears to be bare arms and legs are actually gloves and boots. I’m also not sure what kind of outfit her torn shirt could be once its whole. I designed this with the assumption it didn’t properly form because of the shape of her lower body. I also gave her a yellow diamond symbol since it looked good color wise, but we actually aren’t sure which diamond she served, since its more likely the commander we saw wasn’t a diamond, but a gem more like a Jasper.


Marlene sent this snapchat (fairly recently i think?), yet no one knew what it means. I had no clue either until I was re watching parts of different episodes for my complete Aria is A theory for season 5.

Here ITS SO FUNNY BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE HOW WHEN SHE ENTERS THE ROOM THE CAMERA SUBTLY SHIFTS TO PUT HER IN THE FRAME. if she’s just an extra, then why make sure she’s in the frame like that?

At this part, the camera ACTUALLY FOCUSES ON HER for a total of one second while they shift the camera to focus on Hanna and Mona’s conversation. THIS IS SO OBVIOUS NOW I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T REALIZE BEFORE I AM SO ANNOYED. 

THEN!!! WHAT THE FRICK!!! She goes past them, which is pretty normal for an extra, BUT SHE MAKES SURE THAT HER MASK IS COVERING HER FACE COMPLETELY AS SHE TURNS. CLEARLY THEY’RE HIDING SOMETHING/SOMEONE. If this was just a random, they wouldn’t care about covering the side of the person’s face.

And even again, a bit later when Mona and Spencer were talking, she’s shown in the background AGAIN just lurking around! Mask completely protecting her face YET AGAIN.
I also find it interesting that every time she passed by, the camera made sure she was in the shot. Even here there’s a space between Mona and Spencer with a clear shot of this girl.
The dress looks so similar to the barbie (the red AND the gold), and even the hair! I mean, who else could it be? What do you guys think? It is Bethany? Could it be? This is insane. I am done with this show. I need help. I need sleep.

Its important you see the clip for yourself since pictures really don’t do it justice. To watch the entire clip, click here (youtube link).

Closed rp with its-butters-stotch

Kynny McCormick ate her small lunch by herself, sitting against the wall of the cafeteria. She wanted to eat lunch with her brother Kenny, but he was surely busy with his other friends. She was okay with eating alone, In fact, she preferred it…Okay that’s a lie. She longed to talk to someone..anyone…but she was afraid of making a complete fool of herself by blushing and stuttering out nonsense. So she continued to eat in solitude.