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Here is a little something for all those nice supporters of art && artists out there :D You are the ones that keep us inspired and motivated! Anyway let’s go do a thing because you’re all so wonderful (well, most of you hehe) ♥

Reply to this post/reblog with an idea for a fanmade Mystic Messenger CG (funny, romantic, angsty, etc but nothing extremely explicit) in Cheritz style like the ones linked below:

It can include up to 3 characters (Anyone from the RFA including default MC and Saeran – && characters from Taemin Han AU are ok too if some are interested) ^__^ ++ I’m only going to start playing 707 Route this week so there are lots of details I still don’t know about his route so please avoid spoilers in the mean time :D

I’m going to pick and draw a few from the suggestions ♥ If lots of people suggest the same ideas, there’s more chances of it being drawn!

I’ll close this post on Friday (March 31)! Thanks again, and I hope everyone has a nice day/night!

Now that we’ve actually seen the trailer for 2x18. And actually all remembered that Lena has an ex-boyfriend. And apparently they are actually going to make out to some degree (under mind control or no), let’s all remember that Rahul Kohli is an actual sweetheart, probably got on extremely well with Katie (because they’re both nerdy as fuck) and not send him hate via Twitter or Insta during the hiatus (or at any time at all really)? Because that’s rude. He’s nice. Leave him alone. Also remember he has gifted us pictures of actual cryptid Katie McGrath too.


She jet sets around the world collecting men, and she can get any of them, but she’s so clingy that they leave and she cries, and then she gets another one in her web and she traps them and locks them in her mansion and then she’s crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.

Dragon Maid Headcanon 1/?

The weather changes when Fafnir’s emotions reach extremes. When he’s angry it’s stormy, and when he’s sad it rains for hours on end. Happiness brings sunshine, jealousy brings snow and hail.

Tohru and the other dragons know about this, but Fafnir doesn’t like discussing it. It shows he can’t control himself.

When Takiya first confesses, the sun doesn’t disappear for months.

When they fight for the first time, the storm becomes so intense, lightning begins to strike the ground.

When Fafnir sees a bunch of young girls flirting with Takiya at Comiket, snow appears without warning, creating layers of sleet outside outside the comic hall.

The day Takiya dies, Fafnir travels back to his cave for the first time in years. It always rains over Takiya’s old apartment from that day forward.

@cr3v replied to your post: look i will give Spider Man Homecoming so much…

:y Won’t be an MCU movie without making Tony the ultimate MCU villain. When will they just let him rest?!

when he stops bringing it actual truck loads of cash, i suppose


kindergarten AU from my first stream ever today! thanks anyone who watched (it was 3 people, i supposed)

something i fished out from the trashcan to color *sweats*

this is the comic for this AU part 1

im thinking that yurio’s grandpa is the kindergarten owner, yuri has to see their grossness every day, and yuuko is the caretaker