as if his wish was for a new beginning

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p18-19)

Interview with Wataru Hatano, who sang the ending song “You Only Live Once” and is also Georgi Popovich’s voice actor. 2/3 of the interview is about the song and 1/3 is about his role as Georgi. After hearing other seiyuu/staff’s impressions on Georgi, at last we get to know what the person who actually voices him thinks, lol.
I was planning on posting it right after his birthday but then I gave priority to other stuff like the BD contents etc… Here it is finally. It was published on the Animage that came out at the beginning of December, so it only covers up to after ep 10.

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Wataru Hatano
ED artist / voice of Georgi Popovich
A song that allowed him to look into his individuality

The recording of the ED song that allowed him to take a new look at himself.

—The ED theme “You Only Live Once”, that you’re singing as “YURI!!! on ICE feat.w.hatano”, was created by the “Yuri on Ice” music producer Keisuke Tominaga. What did you discuss about with Tominaga-san during the creation process?

I had previously received a demo tape with the provisional song, but the first time I met Tominaga-san was on the day of the recording. The first thing he told me is that this song was made for “Yuri on Ice”, therefore we would need to get as close as possible to the show. PIANO already had a clear idea of the image of the song and what it was meant to represent, and I was told “we are going to modify your voice and use it as an element, in a good way”.

—Weren’t you reluctant to have your voice modified?

Actually I thought that it was interesting. As voice actors, our voice can also be considered an “element” of a show, and I personally think that it should be that way, so I thought it was worth giving it a try. Since it was a very different approach than what I had previously experienced, I thought that the methods I had used that far wouldn’t work this time, therefore I made sure to closely listen to Tominaga-san’s advice during recording.

—What kind of advice did you receive from Tominaga-san?

If I put too much of my individuality in the song, there were parts that wouldn’t match the melody properly after my voice was modified. However, if I didn’t convey any feelings at all, then it would become like a Vocaloid (LOL). The main problem to solve was how to “control my individuality”.

—You basically had to adjust how much individuality to show in the song.

If I sang like I normally do I would use vibrato and “shakuri” (pitch shifting up) to add feelings to the song, but this time I couldn’t do it because it would stand out in a weird way when my voice is modified. Tominaga-san gave me many little advices like “sing this part long and steady” or “here only put some personality at the end of the line”. It was quite a meticulous recording, as I would basically sing and record the lines one by one.

—So you recorded the song in more takes, with care.

The English pronunciation was especially difficult…… We had to re-record some parts like “You Only Live Once” at the beginning over a dozen times. But it’s definitely something we couldn’t have been able to do if Tominaga-san hadn’t been there.

—It was a recording with limits, basically the opposite of singing freely, is that correct?

For character songs you are often requested to fully pull out your individuality and the character’s qualities. But this way of singing was also quite new to me and it was a really good lesson. For the first time I was able to realize what “habits” I have when I sing, and it was a good occasion to take a new, more objective look at myself.

—So you mean to say that through the song you were able to look into your own individuality?

Yes, in fact when I heard the completed song I was surprised at how it turned out, also because it almost didn’t sound like myself, as if I wasn’t the one singing it. I think it was a very valuable experience.

—What did you come to notice about your “individuality” when you recorded the song?

I have the habit of conveying the message contained in the lyrics by singing in a strong subjective way. But this time I realized that, by singing objectively, you can deliver the message in a more profound way. This is what this experience taught me. Sometimes, instead of “pushing forward”, you can deliver the feelings in a song’s lyrics by “pulling back”.

A song for all figure skating lovers.

—What impression did you have of the lyrics?

When I received the lyrics, at first I thought that they were singing the feelings of the protagonist Yuuri. But when I went to the recording the staff told me that “the lyrics are not meant to be associated to a certain character, but to apply to all people who practice figure skating”… and I was like, “ok now I see”. To interpret the lyrics I started from the translation of the English parts, but indeed I thought that it perfectly suits the transient image of figure skating.

—What are your favorite lines?

All the lines are beautiful, but the one that left the strongest impression on my mind is “I don’t mind getting hurt if it’s to shine” (“kagayaku tame no kizu wa itowanai”). I genuinely think that it’s a nice phrase. I also like “resound, thunderous applause, so loud that I’ll feel rewarded for all time spent so far” (“ima made no hi ga mukuwareru hodo hibike thunderous applause”). I think the English expression “thunderous applause” really represents the world of figure skating and I like it.

—What do you think about the melody?

The first time I listened to the demo tape I thought it was an instrumental song. Like, “wait, there’s nothing to sing here” (LOL). But of course, it did contain a sung part. The voice was extensively modified and almost sounded like one of the instruments, so I didn’t notice. That’s why in the beginning I had no idea of how I should sing it, and until the recording day I received no suggestions at all.

—Indeed, listening to the finished song it sounds like your voice has become one with the other instruments.

The part at the start of the song too, in the lyrics it’s supposed to say “Oh… You Only Live Once”, but we actually overlapped other sounds taken after that, like “wooh wooh” and “yeah yeah”, so that who listens cannot catch what is actually said. It’s interesting how many ideas they came up with to better represent the atmosphere of the show.

—Yuuri’s voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga-san also said that if he were a figure skater he “would like to dance to the ED song sung by Hatano-san”.

Really? I’m happy to hear that! All of the “Yuri on Ice” songs are wonderful, and I’m honored to hear that among all those he picked “You Only Live Once”.

—The ED footage by Yuuichirou Hayashi is also splendid.

Everyone has such nice expressions. When “You Only Live Once” overlaps with Yuuri, Victor and Yurio’s wide smiles, among the popness and freshness of the song there’s a lingering transient feeling too…… You can feel the love of all the staff for this show.

—What concept did you choose for the song’s MV?

What I told the director is that, since the song is made to be close to “Yuri on Ice”, I would have liked the MV to be the same too. It starts with me walking in a monochrome, colorless city, looking in the distance with a distressed expression, and as the song gets picks up the pace it becomes more carefree. I start spinning around and spreading out my arms. This time we created one MV by overlapping lots of shots. We did it on purpose not to insert an exact story in it, so I’ll be happy if you watch it imagining the story as you prefer.

—What about the coupling song “Sing and Dance!”?

I chose it among a few available candidates. Since “You Only Live Once” recalls the icy coldness of the rink and people shining toward their dreams, I wanted the coupling song to be more straightforward, more like “Let’s all dance and dance together!”. The music was composed by fu_mou, who is also a DJ. When I asked him what genre would this song be considered, he told me “tropical house”. The word “tropical” became a hint for me when I was deciding how to sing it.

—Like in the image of tropical islands?

Positive and frank, with an excitement that pushes you forward. That’s what I pictured when singing it. It’s house, so it has a fast beat and your body automatically starts moving. It gives you a different impression than “You Only Live Once”, but when you listen to them one after the other I believe that their images are connected.

—It sounds like you gained many things from this recording.

It was an occasion to look into my individuality and I could get to know some interesting people. Starting from the composer Genki Hikota, all the members of the music production team PIANO are very young. I heard that Hikota-san is a DJ that works overseas too, and I was wondering, what if when I meet him he’s like “hey, man!”, like a totally loose guy (LOL). But he was actually a very polite person. He is very talented and also has a good personality. It’s amazing that people like that really exist. When he did the track down and the song was born, he shook my hand and told me “we should work together again”. At that time I thought, “I see, it’s because this song is created by people like him that it manages to be so open and clear”.

Something in common with Popovich, who manages to turn damage into strength.

—In the anime you are playing the role of Georgi Popovich. I understand that your singing voice in the ED was modified, but still, it sounded so different from Popovich’s voice that I was surprised.

I was surprised too (LOL). The instructions I received from the sound director are to “use a more threatening, low voice. His creepiness must sound amusing”, and that’s why I played him like that.

—The character himself means to be totally serious, but that ends up being funny instead.

I’m just doing my best and being faithful to the script, but for some reason…… the moment I step in front of the mike, I see the other members of the cast looking as if they’re trying not to laugh (LOL). I’m happy to see that but it’s also embarrassing.

—How is Popovich seen from your point of view?

He’s able to express with his skating the feelings that he experiences in his private life. Since he pushes out his feelings very forcefully when he skates, I didn’t have to hold back when I was playing him. Most of his lines while he is skating are monologues, but I’m being careful to say them energetically, as if he’s almost about to speak them out loud.

—At first sight he looks reserved, but when he performs he expresses his attachment toward his ex-lover with tears in his eyes.

The short program was still ok, but in the free he was seriously creepy (LOL). However, normally if something bad happens in your personal life you tend to lose your energy even toward work, but Popovich on the contrary is able to turn it into strength when he skates. I can understand that feeling because I have experienced it too. Actors are curious persons. When they are deeply wounded by something that happened in their personal life, when they are in distress, they can pull off better performances than usual.

—It’s like using adversity as a spring to push forward?

I think that maybe, when you reach an extreme condition your mind becomes keener than usual. In that sense, Popovich is a person able to turn a crisis into a chance. That’s why after he has finished his program I’d like to tell him “you gave a nice performance”.

—Are there other characters that caught your interest?

They all have very particular personalities, so I find them all interesting. It’s like if you don’t have a strong personality you can’t survive, but if I have to choose I’d say Yuuri and Yurio. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched the series from episode 1, but they touch me emotionally. I especially love Yuuri’s skating song “Yuri on ICE”. When I heard it in the broadcast I thought “beautiful!” and I almost stopped breathing. Many fans were saying that they are happy because the title of the show was actually connected to the story, and I do think that it’s really a song made for this anime.

—What image do you have of figure skating?

I was born in the Nagano prefecture. The Winter Olympics were held there when I was a student, and in general I’m familiar with winter sports. In the area I lived speed skating was popular, and I myself took classes for a few years. That’s why I’m also familiar with the temperature and coldness on the rink, and since they are both skating, I can easily imagine the environment surrounding Yuuri and the others.

—Did you start watching figure skating after being involved with “Yuri on Ice”?

The Grand Prix series is taking place just now, at the same time as the airing of the anime. I’m watching it on TV, and sometimes when I watch it I think “maybe in the real world too there are skaters with strong personalities like in “Yuri on Ice””… (LOL)

—Lastly, could you tell us about the future highlights of the story?

The Grand Prix Final will gather characters with very bold personalities and amazing skills. I think what everyone is wondering since episode 1 is “how will Yuuri fight?”, and “what will Victor do?”. In a world where scores decide the ranking, all skaters shine in their own fleeting moment…… This beautiful world is going to be portrayed in the anime. Please make sure to watch over their performances to the end.

There is no Imperius curse to make a wand submit to a new master. So while Percival Graves is docile, cursed, obedient, his wand is very much not. An ebony wand is single-minded, unwavering to begin with, and this one has been in the hands of a dedicated, single-minded Auror for close to three decades. 

Graves’ wand does NOT like Grindelwald. It fights every spell he casts, bucks and bends and fails. It is as defiant as its bound master wishes he could be. Grindelwald takes to using wandless magic as much as possible, and MACUSA writes it off as Graves showing off. 

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Wins or losses - episode 11 predictions

Okay so I have seen some speculations about Yuuri losing in the GPF this season, and I decided to put my two cents in and discuss the two possibilities. Again, these are my own thoughts, so nobody has to agree with them!

1. Yuuri not winning the GPF:

What it would mean? That physically winning (a gold medal in this case) is not the ultimate goal. In a sense, Yuuri’s victory is (and has been from the beginning) Viktor and vice-versa. Not winning gold would make both of them realise the fact that, through skating, they have not been striving for the medal, but for love.

Why it is likely:
- It would show Viktor comforting Yuuri properly in case of a loss

- It would show Yuuri’s new method of dealing with said loss (perception and view on it)

- In case Yuuri voices out his desire to retire, Viktor might step in and announce he wishes to partake in the following GPF, thus serving as a motivation for Yuuri to continue skating.

Season 2: If Yuuri loses, it could mean that the second season will focus on the rivalry between him and Viktor as competitors in the Grand Prix.

Why it is unlikely:

- it would mean that the message of “love wins” diminishes its meaning since there was no visible, “outside” win to prove it to the world

- it would prove Yurio’s words in episode 10 right - that Yuuri had not been the right choice for Viktor to coach because he failed to meet expectations.

And that contradicts the entire plot so far. Yuuri has been trying time and time again to prove to himself, to Viktor and to the whole world that he is good enough - strong enough to be worthy of being a skating legend’s apprentice.

He progressed in both his skating career but also emotionally since the beginning, but has yet to reach the climax of his evolution. Wouldn’t it be only natural that he reached his full potential at the GPF, therefore redeeming himself and showing everybody that he has improved drastically from last season?

- Yurio would not go further as a character if he won. We have seen in episode 10 that he resents Viktor for having chosen Yuuri and has promised to skate in order to prove Viktor how wrong he had been. But the lesson Yurio needs to fully understand is that he cannot skate well if he does so out of bitterness. Skating must be proof of love to somebody - yes, Yurio is aware of that since his Agape is his grandfather, but he cannot focus on him and that pure, uncalculated love because of his anger. Should Yurio win, how would he reach his full development as a person, rather than as a skater?

2. Yuuri winning the Grand Prix

What it would mean: That Yuuri’s goal from the beginning has finally materialised into a physical form - a gold medal, and that regardless of how little people believe in him, he was able to succeed because he progressively learn to be confident.

Why it is likely:

- Yuri on Ice has been, so far, a very inspiring and uplifting show. We watched Yuuri slowly unlock parts within himself that he thought he did not have, and (partially) get over his anxieties and fears regarding his skating and his relationship with Viktor. A win would be the jewel on this crown of positivity - you can do anything so long as you believe you can.

- “Something round and golden”- in episode 10 we saw it was a ring. But Yuuri did not give it to Viktor as a present for his birthday as speculated in the preview at the end of episode 9 - rather, it was a ‘thank you’, a declaration of love and loyalty. The other round and golden thing would be, in my view, the medal. That appears to be the perfect gift - evidence that Viktor had been right when he chose Yuuri as his (student).

- “love wins” would have a material basis as well as a theoretical one

- Yurio would finally understand the fact that only love, and not will to prove someone wrong, is the way to success. He would be finally complete as a character and as a personality. He made a friend in episode 10, Otabek, so this would be the final, logical step in my view.

- it would prove the fact that people should not be judged by the mistakes they did at one singular moment in their lives (I am especially referring to that time in the Rostelecom cup when JJ thought about how Yuuri was not exactly competition he should be fearful of due to the mishaps in his program).

- it would break the stereotype that the protagonist has to lose a major competition in order to grow - I believe that the creators of the show would not like their history-making work to have a cliche ending. Yuuri winning would be something new to the world of sports anime, especially since there cannot be the impression that Yuuri was advantaged or reached this point in the Grand Prix just because of his status as a main character. After all, he barely qualified for the Finals.

- we would get the chance to see the “Yuri on ice” program executed to perfection. In one of the past episodes, Mila noted how much more beautiful Yuuri’s free program would be when Viktor shows up. If Yuuri performs this very personal and unique program safe in the knowledge that Viktor is there, a win could be the only way for us to see Yuuri really telling the story of his life on ice.

- it would give the season a beautiful and meaningful ending, away from the usual angst and cliffhangers.

Season 2: some might argue that, if Yuuri wins, season 2 would not have much of a plot to develop. On the contrary, I think there would be 2 possibilities: either Viktor comes back to the skating world as Yuuri’s rival, well-aware that he has a worthy opponent to fight against, or Yurio will be the center of the new season. Even better, the three of them could end up skating against one another in a future Grand Prix. Or, if Viktor does not return to skating, he may continue training Yuuri and, who knows, maybe even Yurio!

Why it is not likely:

I have a hard time imagining why this possibility would not work, but I think the major argument would be the fact that Yurio would not get his happy ending, in a competition slightly unfair from the beginning. Now we know Viktor took a liking in Yuuri since the year before the current events take place, and I incline to believe that, maybe, a small part of Viktor was a little bit subjective when he chose the winner of the Hasetsu competition. Still, we know his decision was based more on the two skaters’ abilities to reflect the messages of their respective songs rather than on technicalities,so, Viktor might not have needed to be subjective at all (since Yurio’s Agape was rather absent at the time).

If Yuuri lost and Yurio won, maybe there would be some sort of justice - Yuuri got Viktor and Yurio fulfilled his dream of winning the GPF. But then again, wouldn’t this invalidate all these characters’ development up to now?

Both of these two choices seem rather realistic in the end, even though I favour the second one more. Either way, I am sure that we will not be left with a bitter taste after such a wholesome show, no matter the way it may end.

and the world is born anew.

A/N: So basically I was writing a whole thing about this headcanon (started it shortly before i even posted the headcanon) but then @sasusake also had to grow inspired and write her own little thing about it and it was so PERFECT that I couldn’t write that part over. I wanted to just write my own little thing to relate to her own. AND HERE WE ARE. So the first scene is entirely me, but that second one is entirely @sasusake. :’) HAPPY HOLIDAYs GUYS.

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It wasn’t something he ever thought he would care about.

New Years. The time of cheer and celebration, of well-wishes and new starts, where families long grown apart came together to love and cherish one another in the spirit of a new beginning.

A time that did not belong to a teenage, orphaned boy brimming with rage, consumed by the darkness of his past and set out on the path of revenge.

Sasuke had never cared about the holidays. Even when Team Seven had made themselves a second family, for the brief moment he’d allowed them to be, the time of New Years had never quite brought him any meaning. They’d only reminded him of a past he could never have again, one that always had his throat tightening up: his mother’s gentle smile flashing through Sakura’s soft, sun-bright grin as she handed him his end-of-year present, Itachi’s kind chuckle resonating within Naruto’s bright laughter as he stuck their homemade shimekazari to the entrance of their sensei’s household, the touch of his father’s hand fused with Kakashi’s as he ruffled his hair while they watched the first sunrise of a new period.

This was the first year since the massacre of his clan where the season had ever brought him a sense of peace.

Oof,” Sakura exclaimed, as she moved to sit at his side. Her hand cupped the positively gorgeous swell of her belly, and she smiled, rubbing softly. “She sure is getting heavier to carry these days,” she said, throwing him a teasing glance.

The sight of those crinkling eyes almost had him smiling, too. The pregnancy really made her glow, today, he couldn’t help but to think. His wife was so beautiful like this.

“You all right?” he asked, shifting his lone hand over her own to cradle the weight of their child. He felt his eyes soften as his wife giggled and leaned against his bad shoulder, the prettiest grin to her lips.

“Oh, I’m perfect. Everything’s absolutely perfect.”

His mouth tugged at the corner a little, thumb caressing the skin of her hand. Chest warm, he leaned over and pressed a kiss to her hair. “Hm. Good,” he murmured, contented with himself.

(this was the life he never imagined he could have, filled with so much bliss and hope and love—something that seemed so unattainable, once.)

Thin fingers reached to intertwine with his own, still pressing lovingly to her rounded stomach, and he sighed, long and quiet. His eyes slipped closed with the serenity of the moment.

“It’s almost midnight,” Sakura murmured, then, her smile transparent in her voice. He let his eyes flutter open once more just to see it. “The fireworks will start soon, won’t they? Maybe we should start heading out there.”

Humming, Sasuke merely nodded, before letting his gaze fall to her ankles, observing how puffy they were. “Can you walk there by yourself?” he asked, honest in his query. After all, they had walked quite the distance today.

His wife, however, seemed quite surprised instead, brows shooting up high. Then, as she noticed where his eyes were set, she burst into laughter. “I’m fine, I swear! Anata, if you worry about me now, I wonder how intolerable you’ll be when we’ll be trying to last for the first sunrise.”

Sasuke made a small huff in response, lips quirking lightly again, before moving his hand swiftly to tap two fingers to her forehead. “Just trying to make sure my wife is comfortable, that’s all,” he said, his tone bordering on playful.

Sakura only smiled wider at that, green eyes gleaming so devotedly at him. It made his heart skip a beat, sometimes, when he saw how deeply this woman really loved him.

(—and how happy he made her.)

“Come on,” he mumbled, letting his fingers fall away softly. Pushing himself to his feet, he turned to face her once more, and extended a hand. “Let’s get going.”

Shaking her head at him, his wife simply grinned and accepted his offered help, allowing him pull her safely to her feet as she cupped the swell of her stomach and patted it gently, breathing out another soft exclamation at the weight. Sasuke found himself smiling faintly at the sight, reaching for the thick blanket he’d kept near the makeshift bench for precisely this moment, throwing it over his bad shoulder as he touched his hand to Sakura’s back and started their trek towards the sloped hill overlooking the small village.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun,” his wife called as they finally settled on the grass, wrapped in a wholesome warmth and watching the town scintillating with life.


“When the fireworks are done,” she started, smiling softly—but never looking away from the gleaming lights, “we’ll be heading out to that temple we saw coming in, right? To offer our prayers and wishes for the new year?”

His features softened. He moved to press his lips to her hair lingeringly. “If you’re not too tired…” he murmured.

She turned at him then, and smiled near blindingly, her green, green eyes a thousand times more lovely than the twinkling view below them.

(gods, he hoped their child would end up with eyes as beautiful as hers.)

“Of course I’m not too tired. We took a nap this afternoon just to keep up with the tradition like everyone else, remember?”

“Right,” he said, smiling faintly once more. “We’ll head there after the fireworks, then.”

As if on cue, the sound of one taking off tore through the air, capturing their attentions; with wonderment, their gazes shifted towards the dark sky, catching the path of a shimmering trail, before it disappeared for a split moment and exploded in glittery embers, making Sakura gasp. She leaned against him in her delight, one hand drifting lovingly over her pregnant belly, while the other sought out his own. Sasuke couldn’t help but to sigh at this, lacing their fingers together as the show of colorful sparkling bursts continued, commemorating the start of something new.



The sunrise slowly greets them, in beautiful shades of orange and pink that spill across the sky, awakening the world to a new year. What residual warmth it lends to the chilly air reminds Sasuke that, in just a few months, he’ll get to feel the breath of his child for the first time. This year, his clan will begin anew. He wonders, fondly, if the child’s hair will be as pink as its mother’s; as pink as the light that breaks through the scattered white clouds; as pink as the lips smiling sweetly at him.

“What are you thinking about, Sasuke-kun?”

He looks down at her belly, visible just beneath her cloak, and imagines their child to be warm and safe – and happy? He hopes so. Sakura makes him feel happy, and warm, and safe.

(She keeps him safe from his demons. Safe from himself.)

“I’m grateful,” he says. He rests his hand on her belly and watches her eyes wrinkle with joy and her cheeks blossom. She glows – more than the rising sun, more than the bursting sky, she glows with life – and he counts his blessings one by one; the image forever branded into his memory.

“Hmm… You’re taking a picture.” Sakura holds one hand up to his face, runs it across his chin. Her thumb traces the edge of his lips just as he leans in for a kiss, two smiles becoming one. Their child flutters against his palm; flutters inside his chest, inside his very soul, this product of their love and ode to his salvation.

He promises, before the sun and the mountains and the temples, before the sky and the trees and the clouds; he promises he’ll always protect them, and cherish the feelings connected in their hearts.


robert managed to tear himself away from the noisy pub and take a minute to call diane and wish her a happy new year. he found himself in his room, his and aaron’s and his eyes fell on a letter addressed to him, laid out on his side of the bed and written in aaron’s scrawny handwriting. he picked it up and smiled before beginning to read:

dear robert,

i know midnight will come and i’ll not be able to get the words out because you’ll probably snog me and i’ll get carried away and forget we’re in my mum’s pub, so i thought i’d write this instead.

i suppose this is a thank you, actually yeah it is a thank you. it’s a massive one actually because no matter what you say about me being strong and able to get through anything, it might all be true but i know i’m stronger when you’re by my side. i know that i would have ended up dead if it wasn’t for you, all alone in that scrap yard just trying to escape and run away from everything and everyone. trying to run away from you too.

i didn’t want you to save me that day or all the days after that when you didn’t even know you did. when you’d show up at the pub and buy me a pint and stop me from thinking about him or the trial or anything else that made me want to run away again. but you did, and you stayed and it took a while for me to get my head around that. you staying. you wanting me again after everything i’d told you, after every time i’d pushed you away and lied to you when i said i didn’t want you near me. i’m glad i let you back in though because robert, i never stopped loving you. i know that might be hard to believe, i know that i was pretty good at hating you for months but honestly i never stopped loving you and i just want to say thank you for still loving me too. even after everything you know, everything you put up with when it comes to me.

this year has been the worst year of my life because of him. but also my happiest, because of liv. and you of course you i’m only messing (not) somehow you made me smile and have a reason to look forward to the future even when it wasn’t looking anywhere near bright enough. you dealt with me pushing you further away when i wanted you even closer to me and for that i’m sorry. really sorry because you probably thought that i didn’t care or that i didn’t think of you in all of it, but i did. i did and i just wasn’t able to tell you (i’m shit with feelings robert - we both know that)

anyways, you sorta proposed to me this year too and i crashed the car in response. says a lot doesn’t it? so then i had to propose to you to make up for it and now … engaged. me and you. i think that’s the happiest i’ve ever been, in that hospital room, just me and you, no one else around us. you don’t know how long i’ve wanted just that, just you and me. you’ve given me the happiest day of my life and then you gave me the happiest christmas too (don’t tell me you didn’t like the snowballs because i heard you ask lis for the recipe)

i have a new year’s resolution, it’s to tell you i love you more and make sure you really know. this one i promise i’ll keep, i promise to make sure you know it even though i’m awful at letting you know sometimes.

you’ve made mistakes, and then i’ve made some and then you’ve made more but that’s us i think and i’m sure we’ll stay like this when 2017 rolls around. but then again we’ll be husbands soon won’t we? husbands. and we’ll have the mill to decorate and colours to choose for bedroom walls and i’ll plan many ways to kill you whilst you tell me black can’t be the colour of our bedroom and the furniture has to be oak. but i’ll still love you, like i always will because somehow i can’t help myself. maybe next year i won’t have to write this down, maybe i could be as soft as you and just tell you to your face but then again i know you’re soppy and you’ll probably treasure this like some sap so maybe not.

all my love, your husband to be (i like the way that sounds)

robert had tears in his eyes as he finished it, wiping them with his sleeve before turning and seeing aaron sheepishly standing there.

“you read it?” aaron ducked his head and then blushed before feeling robert crash into his arms and kiss him hard on the lips.
“happy new year aaron,” robert whispered before seeing aaron smile.
“happy new year rob,” aaron whispered back, kissing robert and still smiling.


Prince TaoTao being teased by HLs during his emotional speech at the concert.

One day when you grow up, you will have your own family and children. 
No matter if you are working or just a student, I wish you do what you like and be happy for everyday. Sometimes, you will be exhausted from all the hard work, but later you will find that it was all worth it.
No pain.No gain.What goes around comes back around.Time will prove everything. Time will take away all the bad things, time will help you forget. Don’t care about the haters, I wish everyday is a new beginning for everyone. I hope my songs motivate you, excite you and brighten up your mood.This is what I want to bring to you,
Even if I get older and you don’t love me anymore, I hope that you can always listen to my music. I will keep writing songs for you until I die. 
Thank you for everything.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - New Info
  • The game begins with Link opening his eyes.
  • While in the past they have used magic and other means to explore the environment, Breath of the Wild introduces technology.
  • Link can jump freely.
  • You are free to play with minimal clothes on, if you wish.
  • Link can climb/scale mountains, trees and walls, as long as stamina allows.
  • There are Korok placed randomly throughout the world of Breath of the Wild.
  • You can gather crops such as mushrooms and apples that are placed throughout the world and eat them to regain health. There are no more “hearts in the grass, just eating”.
  • When you collect the axe, you will be able to chop down trees to grab fruit which may be too tall to simply climb.
  • The weapons and shields Link collects early-game are not as durable as the Master Sword or Shield and will break as he uses them.
  • The Hyrule you are spawned in is in ruins and hints as to what happened are placed throughout the game so that you may build a story at your own pace.
  • “We wanted to use the art style and match it to the functions of this game.”
  • “There are 100 ways to play this game if there are 100 players playing it, so we wanted to make each experience different for each person.”
  • You can use a scope on the Slate (basically the game’s binoculars) to mark a destination you would like to go and it will then mark it on your mini map.
  • This game introduces hunting, but you can play and survive the entire game WITHOUT killing animals.
  • You can blow up rocks for minerals and gems, such as Topaz.
  • The enemy AI react to the world. If it is night, they will most likely be asleep, allowing you to sneak into their camp, steal their weapons and treasures, and leave without being noticed.
  • If you are not wearing proper clothing or warming yourself when you walk into colder zones, Link will start shivering. He will also lose health over time.
  • You can snowboard on your shield. Let me repeat that: you can snowboard on your shield.
  • When you attack a Bokoblin skeleton, you can pick up their own skeletal arm and beat them up with it.

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Hi do you have any book recommendations for new witches?

I wish I did, but most of my beginning parts of my journey u spent reading things inline rather than books. I read whatever I could find and sifted through the bullshit.

Anyone have good book recs??

🌿lunar phases🌿

hi everyone!! these are the lunar phases and what they mean to us. if anyone has any further questions about this particular post, or anything regarding the wicca faith, you can message me or dm me on my instagram @mikeyrosebud !!<3

new moon

🌙new beginnings

🌙new endeavors

🌙new relationships


🌙hope & faith

waxing moon



🌙expanding creativity


🌙positive transformation

full moon

🌙wish fulfillment


🌙spell work



waning moon

🌙letting go


🌙break habit


🌙opening up

Hi everyone~ I am sorry for not being active since Christmas. I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate new year…Depressed over lots of things but now is a bit better :)
I clean my room and discovered the New Year’s Resolation I write in beginning of 2016, and many was undone… Hahahaha

🎉🎉🎉K-2SO “Wish you a happy new year. Actually it’s just another usual day, but the Captain made me say so.”

Yesterday I did some volunteering at a hospital with sick children and I was SO inspired. I was in the oncology unit which is cancer patients and I saw a whole different side of childhood. I saw children having to leave their video games and crafts, to go and have another round of chemo. I saw a smiley, cheery, new to life baby, on his way to begin chemo. And I saw a strong, loving and courageous mother, who shaved her head to support and stand by her son who had lost his hair because of his treatment. I observed, I talked, and I interacted with them as if their sickness was non-existent, but in my mind I was replaying a thousand scenarios. I couldn’t help but wish I had a magic wand to cure them all, but I know that isn’t possible. Despite the fact that they are fighting for their lives, they were some of the sweetest and kindest people I’ve met. The families are so appreciative and so genuine to talk to, and some just need and open ear to vent too. Volunteering has really changed my perspective on life, and more importantly, to never take good health for granted. I’m so thankful I get to donate my time to help make their lives a little better each week.

Murder Lives Forever & So Does War

Here is a story I’m doing here based off this post by @gunnslaughter @puckish-saint @just-overwatch-shit

It can also be found on my a03 here

Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Gabriel Reyes/Reaper x Reader
Warning: nsfw (eventually) and violence

Summary: You’re the new head of Blackwatch’s Eastern Europe division. You work directly under Commander Reyes and are responsible for creating and approving all his mission in the region. Things couldn’t get any more complicated more quickly when you begin to harbour feelings for your boss. Especially when you have a secret worth killing for. 

Chapter 1 (Never Want More Than What You Wished For) 

The Overwatch headquarters in Switzerland was so much bigger than you imagined. Sure, you’ve seen pictures and videos but nothing could capture the pure liveliness of it all. People were constantly milling around and there was a general buzz of noise. From the spot you were currently standing at, you could see people in lab coats huddling around some papers, soldiers training, and even a few eating underneath a tree.

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Welp. So I’ve been rewatching Sherlock from a new perspective than I did from the last time I watched the show (so like when S3 came out??) and I absolutely love John (duh) but as someone as close to Sherlock as he is I REALLY wish he’d try to understand Sherlock’s orientation more clearly!! I mean, I might totally be wrong and misinterpreting things but it seems that Sherlock has been (so amazingly) aromantic (and demisexual?) from the very beginning. Now, I’m a Johnlock shipper, but I think considering the fact that Sherlock barely has functioning relationships, in his mind, a platonic relationship with John is as good as it gets! And I dunno how to explain it but he just seems so content in the companionable domesticity that he has that he GENUINELY doesn’t seem to want a romantic relationship and that doesnt make him any less human. And I just really wish the show explores the idea of someone as heteronormative (NOT in an “anti-lgbtq+” way; just as someone who’s seeking a white-picket fence life sorta thing) as John understanding Sherlock’s lack of need for a romantic relationship!!!

Like damn Watson, you’re more than enough for him!!!!

Do I even make sense?!!!

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Hey! Congratulations on the new blog ^^ Could I please request some first date/date hcs for my sdc boys Kakyoin, Polnareff and Avdol? Thanks in advance!

Thank you so much for the ask, and of course I can do that, your wish is my command! I hope that you like what I’ve come up with ^-^ 


-At the beginning of his first date he would most likely be a bit tense and formal due to his not exactly knowing what to do, seeing as he’d never really been close enough to anyone before to get to this point. His initial stiffness, however, would wear off soon as he got more into the swing of things and saw that his s/o was enjoying their time together.

-He would definitely (if applicable) be sure to meet his s/o’s guardian(s) and assure them that he would be respectful and responsible and that he would have their ward home at a safe time.

-If it was cherry blossom season his s/o could count on being taken on a hanami for two with a nice little picnic of assorted traditional sweets like hanami dango and sakuramochi.

-At first he would silently stare at the blossoms, but after a few awkward attempts at getting him to open up by his s/o, he would let down his guard and start conversing with them. It might start with some small talk about the weather, blossoms, or current events, but soon enough he and his s/o would be talking just like old friends about anything and everything. The dialogue could swing from video games to the meaning of life in .5 seconds and it would be glorious.

-Needless to say there would be a lot of laughter and many smiles along with some meaningful eye contact.

-Time would fly by with the beautiful view and scintillating conversation, and before anyone knew it, it would be dark, and sadly, time for Kakyoin’s new s/o to be getting home. He would insist upon walking them back and handing them over to their guardian(s)/making sure that they are safely inside before leaving.

-Shortly after starting the walk back to his s/o’s home, he would notice that their hands were cold and offer to warm them up or hold them. He might also contemplate breaking with usual hanami etiquette and covertly breaking off a sprig of blossoms for his s/o to take home with them.

-Upon dropping them off at their home, Kakyoin would tell them how grateful he was and if he could muster the courage, he would give them a quick, grateful peck on the cheek before escorting them inside.

-His s/o could expect a sweet goodnight text.

-As an alternate date he may have taken his s/o to a foreign restaurant and then to museum/gallery and tortured them with his encyclopedic knowledge via a flurry of seemingly useless facts.


-First off, dis boi would dress to impress and show up at his s/o’s door with a bouquet of their favourite flowers and a dazzling smile. Pol would want to convey how special this time with his newly gained s/o was for him through thoughtful little gestures like these.

-He would also try to assure any guardians (if present) that he would take good care of their ward and thank them for allowing him to have this opportunity. He would also try to bring some gifts for them to show his good will.

-Let’s get real, he would probably take his s/o to a luxurious French restaurant or at least a nice, fairly upscale French café or deli. His heritage is a big part of who he is, and he would want to share as much of himself as he could with his s/o. (He also would know all of the best items on the menu, and the French atmosphere would put him more at ease).

-He would pull out his s/o’s chair for them, pour their drinks for them, and tell the server to give him the bill. Pol would also offer the choicest morsels on his plate to his s/o and share his dessert with them too.

-Would slip into French sometimes when he felt very comfortable and would call his s/o pet names in French. [Bonus: Sometimes he would randomly complement his s/o in French (which he thought that his s/o couldn’t understand) when he couldn’t hold himself back and then pretend that he said nothing, et si sa petite amie pouvait parler français, elle ne le laisserait pas savoir, pauvre Polnareff].

-After chatting and dining he would whisk his s/o away for a moonlit walk in the rose gardens that would end up leading to a bench inside a beautiful gazeebo where they would sit and talk more freely than in the restaurant. He would try to bring up his past, as well, if his s/o was ok with it.

-He would use the night chill as an excuse to sit closer to his s/o and to give them his jacket.

-After a talking for a while they would lean on each other and look at the moon, stars, and flowers together dreamily for a bit in comfortable silence before they left.

-After walking his s/o to their doorstep, before they went inside, he would ask them for a goodnight kiss. (Consent is everything to him, especially after what happened to Sherry.) If they said yes he would give them a nice soft kiss and send them on their way, and if they declined he would give them a firm hug or squeeze on the hand.

-After seeing his s/o off, he would withdraw cooly (for a while) and after getting a safe distance away he would melt and become giddy with joy after what just happened and happy tears would probably start to flow freely. He would talk to his sister about his s/o and their first date too, saying how much she would have liked to meet his s/o and how happy he is after the amazing day he just had and how he hopes that she can see him and is happy too.


-Avdol would have a more mature and relaxed approach at a first date with his s/o, and would probably have them meet him at a local bazaar or flea market (as it would remind him of home) where they would have a small shopping spree.

-He would enjoy helping his s/o pick out jewelry, clothes, and trinkets, and when the time came for purchases, skillfully barter the prices down. He would be sure to strike up good conversations while touring around with his new s/o and while they occasionally stopped for a rest on nearby benches, ensuring that no quality time was left unspent.

-His aura automatically would put his s/o at ease and they would act like childhood friends around each other right off the bat.

-Avdol would buy his s/o the finest of street foods from stalls and vendors he had hand-selected through extensive taste-testing in the days preceding the date. These prices he would also successfully whittle down when possible.

-You can bet that he would take his s/o to his place and burn incense and serve tea while reading their cards and showing them various other tools he uses to tell fortunes. (The tea leaves would be one of them, to his s/o’s pleasant surprise) ((Also, side note, as a tarot reader/fortune teller myself, I really hope that he would teach his s/o about the cards, etc. and how to read them/use them, but I don’t know if that is appealing to anyone else, so I guess that this is a bonus point?))

-After a while of showing his s/o around and telling them about the various artifacts in his home, he would sit down with them for a nice chat about anything, really, and a few hours would pass and it would start getting late.

-He would then most likely walk them out of his place and wave until they disappeared down the lane. He would also send them a message asking them if they had gotten home safely and thanking them for the day.

9th January >> Pope Francis’ prepared Address to the Corps of Diplomats Accredited to the Holy See.

Below, please find a Vatican-provided English translation of Pope Francis’ prepared address to the Corps of Diplomats Accredited to the Holy See this morning in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, during the course of his traditional exchange of New Year’s greetings with the diplomats:

Your Excellencies, dear Ambassadors,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I offer you a cordial welcome. I thank you for your presence in such numbers at this traditional gathering, which permits us to exchange greetings and good wishes that the year just beginning will be for everyone a time of joy, prosperity and peace. I express particular gratitude to the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, His Excellency Armindo Fernandes do Espírito Santo Vieira, the Ambassador of Angola, for his courteous greetings on behalf of the entire Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See, which has recently been enlarged following the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Mauritania a month ago. I likewise express my gratitude to the many Ambassadors resident in Rome, whose number has grown this past year, and to the non-resident Ambassadors, whose presence today is a clear sign of the bonds of friendship uniting their peoples to the Holy See. At the same time, I would like to express heartfelt condolences to the Ambassador of Malaysia for the death of his predecessor, Dato’ Mohd Zulkephli Bin Mohd Noor, who passed away last February.

In the course of the past year, relations between your countries and the Holy See were further consolidated, thanks to the welcome visit of many Heads of State and Government, also in conjunction with the numerous events of the recently concluded Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. So too, a variety of bilateral Agreements were signed or ratified, both those of a general nature aimed at recognizing the Church’s juridical status, with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Benin and Timor East, and those of a more specific character, the Avenant signed with France, the Convention on fiscal matters with the Republic of Italy, recently entered into force, and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretariat of State and the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, in the context of the Holy See’s commitment to the obligations assumed by the aforementioned Agreements, the Comprehensive Agreement with the State of Palestine, which took effect a year ago, was fully implemented.

Dear Ambassadors,

A century ago, we were in the midst of the First World War. A “useless slaughter”[1], in which new methods of warfare sowed death and caused immense suffering to the defenceless civil population. In 1917, the conflict changed profoundly, taking on increasingly global proportions, while those totalitarian regimes, which were long to be a cause of bitter divisions, began to appear on the horizon. A hundred years later, it can be said that many parts of the world have benefited from lengthy periods of peace, which have favoured opportunities for economic development and unprecedented prosperity. For many people today, peace appears as a blessing to be taken for granted, for all intents an acquired right to which not much thought is given. Yet, for all too many others, peace remains merely a distant dream. Millions of people still live in the midst of senseless conflicts. Even in places once considered secure, a general sense of fear is felt. We are frequently overwhelmed by images of death, by the pain of innocent men, women and children who plead for help and consolation, by the grief of those mourning the loss of a dear one due to hatred and violence, and by the drama of refugees fleeing war and migrants meeting tragic deaths.

For this reason, I would like to devote today’s meeting to the theme of security and peace. In today’s climate of general apprehension for the present, and uncertainty and anxious concern for the future, I feel it is important to speak a word of hope, which can also indicate a path on which to embark.

Just a few days ago, we celebrated the Fiftieth World Day of Peace, instituted by my blessed predecessor Paul VI “as a hope and as a promise, at the beginning of the calendar which measures and describes the path of human life in time, that peace with its just and beneficent equilibrium may dominate the development of events to come”.[2] For Christians, peace is a gift of the Lord, proclaimed in song by the Angels at the moment of Christ’s birth: “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favours” (Lk 2:14). Peace is a positive good, “the fruit of the right ordering of things” with which God has invested human society;[3] it is “more than the absence of war”.[4] Nor can it be “reduced to the maintenance of a balance of power between opposing forces”.[5] Rather, it demands the commitment of those persons of good will who “thirst for an ever more perfect reign of justice”.[6]

In this regard, I voice my firm conviction that every expression of religion is called to promote peace. I saw this clearly in the World Day of Prayer for Peace held in Assisi last September, during which the representatives of the different religions gathered to “give voice together to all those who suffer, to all those who have no voice and are not heard”,[7] as well as in my visits to the Synagogue of Rome and the Mosque in Baku.

We know that there has been no shortage of acts of religiously motivated violence, beginning with Europe itself, where the historical divisions between Christians have endured all too long. In my recent visit to Sweden, I mentioned the urgent need for healing past wounds and journeying together towards common goals. The basis of that journey can only be authentic dialogue between different religious confessions. Such dialogue is possible and necessary, as I wished to show by my meeting in Cuba with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, as well as by my Apostolic Journeys to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, where I sensed the rightful aspiration of those peoples to resolve conflicts which for years have threatened social harmony and peace.

At the same time, it is fitting that we not overlook the great number of religiously inspired works that contribute, at times with the sacrifice of martyrs, to the pursuit of the common good through education and social assistance, especially in areas of great poverty and in theatres of conflict. These efforts advance peace and testify that individuals of different nationalities, cultures and traditions can indeed live and work together, provided that the dignity of the human person is placed at the centre of their activities.

Sadly, we are conscious that even today, religious experience, rather than fostering openness to others, can be used at times as a pretext for rejection, marginalization and violence. I think particularly of the fundamentalist-inspired terrorism that in the past year has also reaped numerous victims throughout the world: in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, the United States of America, Tunisia and Turkey. These are vile acts that use children to kill, as in Nigeria, or target people at prayer, as in the Coptic Cathedral of Cairo, or travellers or workers, as in Brussels, or passers-by in the streets of cities like Nice and Berlin, or simply people celebrating the arrival of the new year, as in Istanbul.

We are dealing with a homicidal madness which misuses God’s name in order to disseminate death, in a play for domination and power. Hence I appeal to all religious authorities to join in reaffirming unequivocally that one can never kill in God’s name. Fundamentalist terrorism is the fruit of a profound spiritual poverty, and often is linked to significant social poverty. It can only be fully defeated with the joint contribution of religious and political leaders. The former are charged with transmitting those religious values which do not separate fear of God from love of neighbour. The latter are charged with guaranteeing in the public forum the right to religious freedom, while acknowledging religion’s positive and constructive contribution to the building of a civil society that sees no opposition between social belonging, sanctioned by the principle of citizenship, and the spiritual dimension of life. Government leaders are also responsible for ensuring that conditions do not exist that can serve as fertile terrain for the spread of forms of fundamentalism. This calls for suitable social policies aimed at combating poverty; such policies cannot prescind from a clear appreciation of the importance of the family as the privileged place for growth in human maturity, and from a major investment in the areas of education and culture.

In this regard, I was interested to learn of the Council of Europe’s initiative on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue, which in the past year discussed the role of education in preventing radicalization leading to terrorism and estremist violence. This represents an occasion for a better understanding of the role of religion and education in bringing about the authentic social harmony needed for coexistence in a multicultural society.

Here I would express my conviction that political authorities must not limit themselves to ensuring the security of their own citizens – a concept which could easily be reduced to a mere “quiet life” – but are called also to work actively for the growth of peace. Peace is an “active virtue”, once that calls for the engagement and cooperation of each individual and society as a whole. As the Second Vatican Council observed, “peace will never be achieved once and for all, but must be built up continually”,[8] by safeguarding the good of persons and respecting their dignity. Peacemaking requires above all else renouncing violence in vindicating one’s rights.[9] To this very principle I devoted my Message for the 2017 World Day of Peace, with the title, “Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace”. I wished primarily to reaffirm that nonviolence is a political style based on the rule of law and the dignity of each person.

Peacemaking also demands that “those causes of discord which lead to wars be rooted out”,[10] beginning with acts of injustice. Indeed, justice and peace are intimately linked[11]. Yet, as Saint John Paul II observed, “because human justice is always fragile and imperfect, subject as it is to the limitations and egoism of individuals and groups, it must include and, as it were, be completed by the forgiveness that heals and rebuilds human relations from their foundations… Forgiveness is in no way opposed to justice. It is rather the fullness of justice, leading to that tranquillity of order” which involves “the deepest healing of the wounds which fester in human hearts. Justice and forgiveness are both essential to such healing”.[12] Those words remain most timely, and met with openness on the part of some Heads of State or Government to my request to make a gesture of clemency towards the incarcerated. To them, and to all those who promote dignified living conditions for prisoners and their reintegration into society, I would like to express my particular appreciation and gratitude.

I am convinced that for many people the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy was an especially fruitful moment for rediscovering “mercy’s immense positive influence as a social value”.[13] In this way, everyone can help bring about “a culture of mercy, based on the rediscovery of encounter with others, a culture in which no one looks at another with indifference or turns away from the suffering of our brothers and sisters”.[14] Only thus will it be possible to build societies that are open and welcoming towards foreigners and at the same time internally secure and at peace. This is all the more needed at the present time, when massive waves of migration continue in various parts of the world. I think in a special way of the great numbers of displaced persons and refugees in some areas of Africa and Southeast Asia, and all those who are fleeing areas of conflict in the Middle East.

Last year the international community gathered at two important events convened by the United Nations: the first World Humanitarian Summit and the Summit for Refugees and Migrants. With regard to migrants, displaced persons and refugees, a common commitment is needed, one focused on offering them a dignified welcome. This would involve respecting the right of “every human being… to emigrate to other countries and take up residence there”,[15] while at the same time ensuring that migrants can be integrated into the societies in which they are received without the latter sensing that their security, cultural identity and political-social stability are threatened. On the other hand, immigrants themselves must not forget that they have a duty to respect the laws, culture and traditions of the countries in which they are received.

Prudence on the part of public authorities does not mean enacting policies of exclusion vis-à-vis migrants, but it does entail evaluating, with wisdom and foresight, the extent to which their country is in a position, without prejudice to the common good of citizens, to offer a decent life to migrants, especially those truly in need of protection. Above all, the current crisis should not be reduced to a simple matter of numbers. Migrants are persons, with their own names, stories and families. There can never be true peace as long as a single human being is violated in his or her personal identity and reduced to a mere statistic or an object of economic calculation.

The issue of migration is not one that can leave some countries indifferent, while others are left with the burden of humanitarian assistance, often at the cost of notable strain and great hardship, in the face of an apparently unending emergency. All should feel responsible for jointly pursuing the international common good, also through concrete gestures of human solidarity; these are essential building-blocks of that peace and development which entire nations and millions of people still await. So I am grateful to the many countries which offer a generous welcome to those in need, beginning with various European nations, particularly Italy, Germany, Greece and Sweden.

I vividly remember my visit to the island of Lesvos in the company of my brothers Patriarch Bartholomew and Archbishop Ieronymos. There I saw at first hand the dramatic situation of the refugee camps, but also the goodness and spirit of service shown by the many persons committed to assisting those living there. Nor should we overlook the welcome offered by other countries of Europe and the Middle East, such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, as well as the commitment of various African and Asian countries. In the course of my visit to Mexico, where I experienced the joy of the Mexican people, I likewise felt close to the thousands of migrants from Central America who, in their attempt to find a better future, endure terrible injustices and dangers, victims of extortion and objects of that deplorable trade – that horrible form of modern slavery – which is human trafficking.

One enemy of peace is a “reductive vision” of the human person, which opens the way to the spread of injustice, social inequality and corruption. With regard to this last phenomenon, the Holy See has taken on new commitments with its formal adherence, on 19 September last, to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 31 October 2003.

In his encyclical Populorum Progressio, issued fifty years ago, Blessed Paul VI noted how such situations of inequality provoke conflict. As he stated, “civil progress and economic development are the only road to peace”,[16] which public authorities have the duty to encourage and foster by creating conditions for a more equitable distribution of resources and by generating employment opportunities, especially for young people. In today’s world, all too many people, especially children, still suffer from endemic poverty and live in conditions of food insecurity – indeed, hunger – even as natural resources are the object of greedy exploitation by a few, and enormous amounts of food are wasted daily.

Children and young people are the future; it is for them that we work and build. They cannot be selfishly overlooked or forgotten. As I stated recently in a letter addressed to all bishops, I consider it a priority to protect children, whose innocence is often violated by exploitation, clandestine and slave labour, prostitution or the abuse of adults, criminals and dealers in death.[17]

During my visit to Poland for World Youth Day, I encountered thousands of young people full of life and enthusiasm. Yet in many of them I also saw pain and suffering. I think of the young people affected by the brutal conflict in Syria, deprived of the joys of childhood and youth, such as the ability to play games and to attend school. My constant thoughts are with them and the beloved Syrian people. I appeal to the international community to make every effort to encourage serious negotiations for an end to the conflict, which is causing a genuine human catastrophe. Each of the parties must give priority to international humanitarian law, and guarantee the protection of civilians and needed humanitarian aid for the populace. Our common aspiration is that the recently signed truce will be a sign of hope for the whole Syrian people, so greatly in need of it.

This also means working for the elimination of the deplorable arms trade and the never-ending race to create and spread ever more sophisticated weaponry. Particularly disturbing are the experiments being conducted on the Korean Peninsula, which destabilize the entire region and raise troubling questions for the entire international community about the risk of a new nuclear arms race. The words of Saint John XXIII in Pacem in Terris continue to ring true: “Justice, right reason and the recognition of human dignity cry out insistently for a cessation to the arms race. The stockpiles of armaments which have been built up in various countries must be reduced all round by the parties concerned. Nuclear weapons must be banned”.[18] In the light of this, and in view of the forthcoming Conference on Disarmament, the Holy See seeks to promote an ethics of peace and security that goes beyond that fear and “closure” which condition the debate on nuclear weapons.

Also with regard to conventional weapons, we need to acknowledge that easy access to the sale of arms, including those of small calibre, not only aggravates various conflicts, but also generates a widespread sense of insecurity and fear. This is all the more dangerous in times, like our own, of social uncertainty and epochal changes.

Another enemy of peace is the ideology that exploits social unrest in order to foment contempt and hate, and views others as enemies to be eliminated. Sadly, new ideologies constantly appear on the horizon of humanity. Under the guise of promising great benefits, they instead leave a trail of poverty, division, social tensions, suffering and, not infrequently, death. Peace, on the other hand, triumphs through solidarity. It generates the desire for dialogue and cooperation which finds an essential instrument in diplomacy. Mercy and solidarity inspire the convinced efforts of the Holy See and the Catholic Church to avert conflicts and to accompany processes of peace, reconciliation and the search for negotiated solutions. It is heartening that some of these attempts have met with the good will of many people who, from a number of quarters, have actively and fruitfully worked for peace. I think of the efforts made in the last two years for rapprochement between Cuba and the United States. I think also of the persevering efforts made, albeit not without difficulty, to end years of conflict in Colombia.

That approach aims at encouraging reciprocal trust, supporting processes of dialogue and emphasizing the need for courageous gestures. These are quite urgent in neighbouring Venezuela, where the effects of the political, social and economic crisis have long burdened the civil population. So too in other parts of the world, beginning with the Middle East, a similar approach is needed, not only to bring an end to the Syrian conflict, but also to foster fully reconciled societies in Iraq and in Yemen. The Holy See renews its urgent appeal for the resumption of dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians towards a stable and enduring solution that guarantees the peaceful coexistence of two states within internationally recognized borders. No conflict can become a habit impossible to break. Israelis and Palestinians need peace. The whole Middle East urgently needs peace!

I also express my hope that there will be a full implementation of the agreements aimed at restoring peace in Libya, where it is imperative to reconcile the divisions of recent years. I likewise encourage every effort on the local and international level to renew peaceful civil coexistence in Sudan and South Sudan, and in the Central African Republic, all plagued by ongoing armed conflicts, massacres and destruction, as well as in other African nations marked by tensions and political and social instability. In particular, I express my hope that the recently-signed agreement in the Democratic Republic of Congo may help enable political leaders to work diligently to pursue reconciliation and dialogue between all elements of civil society. My thoughts also turn to Myanmar, that efforts will be made to foster peaceful co-existence and, with the support of the international community, to provide assistance to those in grave and pressing need.

In Europe too, where tensions also exist, openness to dialogue is the only way to ensure the security and development of the continent. Consequently, I welcome those initiatives favouring the process of reunification in Cyprus, where negotiations resume today, and I express my hope that in Ukraine viable solutions will continue to be pursued with determination in order to fulfil the commitments undertaken by the parties involved and, above all, that a prompt response will be given to the humanitarian situation, which remains grave.

Europe as a whole is experiencing a decisive moment in its history, one in which it is called to rediscover its proper identity. This requires recovering its roots in order to shape its future. In response to currents of divisiveness, it is all the more urgent to update “the idea of Europe”, so as to give birth to a new humanism based on the capacity to integrate, dialogue and generate[19] that made the “Old Continent” great. The process of European unification, begun after the Second World War, continues to be a unique opportunity for stability, peace and solidarity between peoples. On this occasion, I can only reaffirm the interest and concern of the Holy See for Europe and its future, conscious that the values that were the inspiration and basis of that project, which this year celebrates its sixtieth anniversary, are values common to the entire continent and transcend the borders of the European Union itself.

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

To build peace also means to work actively for the care of creation. The Paris Agreement on the climate, which recently took effect, is an important sign of the shared commitment to bequeath a more beautiful and livable world to those who will come after us. It is my hope that the efforts made in recent times to respond to climate change will meet with increased cooperation on the part of all, for the earth is our common home and we need to realize that the choices of each have consequences for all.

Clearly, however, certain phenomena go beyond the possibilities of human intervention. I refer to the numerous earthquakes which have struck some areas of the world. I think especially of those in Ecuador, Italy and Indonesia, which has claimed numerous victims and left many others in conditions of great insecurity. I was able to visit personally some of the areas affected by the earthquake in central Italy. In addition to seeing the damage done to a land rich in art and culture, I shared the pain of many people, but I also witnessed their courage and their determination to rebuild what was destroyed. I pray that the solidarity which united the beloved Italian people in the days after the earthquake will continue to inspire the entire nation, particularly at this delicate time in its history. The Holy See and Italy are particularly close for obvious historical, cultural and geographical reasons. This relationship was evident in the Jubilee Year, and I thank all the Italian authorities for their help in organizing this event and ensuring the security of pilgrims from all over the world.

Dear Ambassadors,

Peace is a gift, a challenge and a commitment. It is a gift because it flows from the very heart of God. It is a challenge because it is a good that can never be taken for granted and must constantly be achieved. It is a commitment because it demands passionate effort on the part of all people of goodwill to seek and build it. For true peace can only come about on the basis of a vision of human beings capable of promoting an integral development respectful of their transcendent dignity. As Blessed Paul VI observed, “development is the new name for peace”.[20]

This, then, is my prayerful hope for the year just begun: that our countries and their peoples may find increased opportunities to work together in building true peace. For its part, the Holy See, and the Secretariat of State in particular, will always be ready to cooperate with those committed to ending current conflicts and to offer support and hope to all who suffer.

In the Church’s liturgy, we greet one another with the words: “Peace be with you”. With this same greeting, as a pledge of abundant divine blessings, I renew to each of you, distinguished members of the Diplomatic Corps, to your families and to the countries you represent, my heartfelt good wishes for the New Year.

Thank you.

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loveaominedaiki  asked:

Scenario where s/o and Momoi have been best friends since childhood, and when Aomine came, Momoi left s/o for him. The s/o then casts hatred towards Aomine when they meet in high school because he stole her friend, but they get together in the end?

Hi sweetie! Thank you for requesting from me! I really hope you like what I came up with :3

Aomine Daiki…

Since you were little, that name has always sent a flare of anger through your veins. And you really wished he’d never come around to begin with.

It’d started out innocent. Momoi had come to you, talking about the little boy who could play basketball, and was really good at it. You didn’t think she’d grow attached to him or want to spend all her time with him. You two were still children, so it wouldn’t hurt to make a new friend.

But when the three of you hung out from time to time, she’d always be hung up over him. It was always about ‘Dai-chan’. There was never any talk about you, or about her family.. 

No.. It was always Dai-chan..

Pretty soon, you grew tired of it.. Because it was like looking through a mirror and not seeing you.. but seeing another version of you.. So, you ended up transferring to a different elementary school..

But she was so hooked on Aomine.. she didn’t know you left… 

And so began your hatred for the man who not only stole your best friend, but a piece of your heart.


You chose to go to Touou, not realizing both Momoi and Aomine had gone to the same place. On opening day, you were greeted with her smile, and you noticed the growth, and despite not wanting to, the smile crept up anyway.

However, your blood boiled when she called out for ‘Aomine-kun’, and the first thing you noticed, her tone wasn’t as… peppy as it had been from back then.. You didn’t know what went down at Teiko, not until Momoi explained, and your hatred grew. 

Though.. There was a small part of you that felt bad for the guy.

You didn’t show it though, choosing to snuff him off and ignore him whenever he sometimes tagged along.. You had to put up with him if you wanted Momoi as a friend again.. Honestly, it was you who put the distance between you.. because you didn’t have to leave.. You chose to of your own free will..

Still, every time you tried to fight your growing feelings for the man, he seemed to notice and only get closer. Finally, he approached you, one afternoon, on the roof of the building, when he’d been preparing to take a nap.

He’d caught you by the wrist, holding you against the wall as he looked you up and down, smirking.

“What’s this, ____? Shouldn’t you be with Satsuki?”

You growled, yanking your arm back and pushed him, though it wasn’t as strong as you’d like, given he still had you against the wall.

“W…Why do you care?! I’m not attached to her asshole. I don’t own her.”

He blinked at your choice of words, an eyebrow raised,

“Hah? I didn’t imply that at all.. Why would you jump to that conclusion.. ? But more importantly..” he leaned in closer, inspecting your face, “Why do you care what I think?”

He was close.. too close.. and that made you bite your lip, face red in anger as you tried to duck away. He noticed your movement, and blocked your path, seeing the fear and fury mixing in your hues.. 

“I…” you swallowed, trying to find your train of thought, “I.. I don’t care..!”

“You do. Otherwise you would’ve looked me in the eyes and said that.” He cupped your cheek, directing your gaze to him. 

“Why are you fighting so hard? You should just accept it ___.”

You blinked, looking at him in confusion and anger, “Accept what?!”

He scoffed, pressing a hard kiss to your mouth before pulling back, licking his lips at your speechless expression.

“You’re in love with me… And that’s why you left in elementary..”

His words made you freeze, heart stopping as your head snapped to him, noticing the difference in his expression. He wasn’t.. anger.. but there was a bit of.. disappointment and.. sadness? in his eyes.. and you weren’t sure what to think.

“You had it all wrong ____. Satsuki was heartbroken when you left.. I wasn’t the one who took her away…” his eyes narrowed, “It was you.”

Your jaw clenched, and you had the strength to punch him in the face, teeth digging into your lip as you finally met his gaze, so filled of regret and shame.. It made you sick.. if you looked again in the mirror.. it wouldn’t be the same person you knew.. It would’ve been an empty shell of who you used to be.. 

“Fucker! I didn’t take her away! She always wanted to hang with you! Always laughing and saying ‘Dai-chan’ this and ‘Dai-chan’ that! It was ALL about YOU!.”

He stood up from his spot, shaking his head as he grabbed your wrists, to prevent you from hitting him again, and glared, hard.

“It was the complete opposite when she was with me. She’d always talk about YOU. ‘____-chan’ this.. ‘____-chan’ that. I had to yell at her several times because she wouldn’t shut up!” he speaks, voice rough with emotion. And then, it drops, and it’s not as loud as you’re used to.. 

“So take responsibility for your actions and come back to us, ____. I know you want to.”

“S…Shut up! You don’t know what I want!”

He laughed then, holding you right against his chest as he pressed a kiss to your cheek, hearing your breath hitch.

“We both know what you want ____. You want us… No.. You need us..” he kissed the corner of your mouth, feeling your face burn, “You need me.”

“I…. I…” you stuttered, avoiding his gaze, “I don’t need you! Stupid!”

He only laughed harder, bringing you closer to his face as he leaned in, navy blue boring into yours, 

“Stop fighting me ____. You’ll only lose.”

And before you could retort again, he silenced you with his lips.

I will go missing for about 2weeks

Hi guys! erm I just wanted to let you know that i will be gone missing for about 2 weeks and won’t be able to post anything here on Tumblr :/

Sadly it means there will be no new drawings for about 2 weeks TT_TT
Sorry for the pending requests, they are just piled up and i don’t know where to begin with XD I really wish I had 2 bodies.. no actually 3..
I just want to stay home and draw all day..but the reality doesn’t let me.

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So I happen to be traveling around Cairo > Frankfurt > Stuttgart > Paris

err….if you are also happen to be there, let me know? XD

mymutability  asked:

Could I have a reading ! :)

Absolutely, darling! ❄️

Whatever path you are headed down the Magician greets you. He is the beginning of something of new for you, above his head is the symbol of eternity, for he is associated with consciousness, action and creation. This card often appears when you need to channel the power of the universe toward your goals. He brings the lantern and the light of a positive omen when you have a specific wish. 🔮🌱


Ash by Malinda Lo

In the wake of her father’s death, Ash is left at the mercy of her cruel stepmother. Consumed with grief, her only joy comes by the light of the dying hearth fire, rereading the fairy tales her mother once told her. In her dreams, someday the fairies will steal her away, as they are said to do. When she meets the dark and dangerous fairy Sidhean, she believes that her wish may be granted.

The day that Ash meets Kaisa, the King’s Huntress, her heart begins to change. Instead of chasing fairies, Ash learns to hunt with Kaisa. Though their friendship is as delicate as a new bloom, it reawakens Ash’s capacity for love—and her desire to live. But Sidhean has already claimed Ash for his own, and she must make a choice between fairy tale dreams and true love.

Entrancing, empowering, and romantic, Ash is about the connection between life and love, and solitude and death, where transformation can come from even the deepest grief.

Genres: fantasy, fairy tale retelling, romance

follow author on tumblr @malindalo

endless list of wlw books 1/

@julietsemophase a little birdy told me it was your birthday! I wish I could’ve written you something longer but since I couldn’t I tried to cram in some 8th year year, pining and flirting for you! You’re just such a doll and I feel so lucky to have met you and to be able to all you my friend!

This Drabble was inspired by Blake Steven’s adorable face!

Draco’s 8th year was supposed to be about new beginnings and fresh starts, but Draco knew the moment he laid his eyes on Potter again he was utterly and completely doomed.

He tried to pay attention in all his classes, to focus on his work and ignore all the distractions in the 8th year common room. The problem was, as far as he was concerned, Potter simply being alive was a distraction.

Sometimes Draco caught him looking far away, lost in thought, but most of the time he was laughing and simply enjoying life. Unfortunately Draco found it nearly impossible to concentrate when he was near. He didn’t know how he was supposed to remember the right number of crushed slugs his potion needed for example when Potter was bent over his desk directly next to Draco, close enough he could smell his shampoo and see the damp bit of hair trying to curl at the base of his neck. It was like that in every class they shared, in the great hall at meal times and especially in their new common room.

The worst thing though as far as Draco was concerned was this strange habit Potter had developed of sticking his tongue out and sort of squinting when he was really happy. Draco assumed it was a new habit because he couldn’t recall Potter ever doing it before, though it did occur to him that perhaps Potter simply wasn’t as happy before.

In either case the longer it went on the worse things got. In fact Draco didn’t think it could possibly get worse any until one day when they both somehow ended up sneaking into the kitchens at the same time on a Friday night, both more than a little bit drunk on Seamus’ Firewhiskey. They had simply stared at each other awkwardly until Potter had fallen into Draco in a fit of laughter. The details were all a little fuzzy, all he knows it involved a lot of sweets from the house elves and a lot of things said he most definitely wouldn’t have said sober.

And the next day, without discussing it again, they were somehow friends. Which should’ve been fantastic really, except all it meant was that Draco was now convinced he was doomed to have a miserable life forever.

Because honestly, now that they were basically friends how on earth was he supposed to get anything done when Potter was always so close, smelling like fresh air and grass and broom polish and something sort of musky. And how earth was he supposed to breath when Potter would make a joke, nudging his arms playfully before laughing and sticking out his tongue.

Sometimes Draco wanted to run away, because it did funny things to his chest and made it hard to breathe. And sometimes he couldn’t help but smile, because Potter’s presence made things always seem a little brighter. Mostly though, when Potter stood there licking his lips and squinting up his face with that tongue out, Draco wanted to drop his belongings and shove Potter back against the stone wall and kiss him until neither one of them could remember their names.

All things considered, Draco figured he was doing a pretty good job of maintaining his self respect and self control considering the things he wanted to do to the other boy.

Or at least he was until the first Hogsmeade weekend of the year came up, and Potter casually mentioned them maybe going together. Draco had most certainly not given it more than a passing thought because they were friends and they did loads of stuff together now.

So the last thing Draco expected when he walked outside of the castle was to see Potter learning back against the stone wall nervously fiddling with his hands. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask Potter what the bloody hell he was nervous about when Draco noticed Potter’s clothes looked a lot less shabby than usual. In fact Draco was quite positive someone had tried to style Potter’s hair, and his jeans fit far better than the ratty hole filled ones he wore around the common room on the weekends. But what he noticed most was the leather jacket Potter wore over a snugly fitting, soft looking grey shirt. All in all it made Draco a bit weak in the knees and it took him all of five seconds before he realized this was supposed to be a date.

He almost wanted to kick himself because he’d spent so long telling himself that Potter was off limits and to not want things that he hadn’t even noticed Potter apparently wanting him back.

“Potter!” He yells, nearly running down the last few steps. The other boy jumps up, rubbing his hands on his jeans and making that ridiculously happy face again.

Without a word he walks up to Potter, delighting in the way Potter’s eyes follow his own mouth as he licks his lips. Merlin he’d been such an idiot to have not noticed this before.

“Listen, Potter, I’ve changed my mind I can’t go to Hogsmeade with you today,” he says.

“Why?” Potter asks, trying to hide the dejected look spreading across his face.

“Because the castle will be nearly empty and I’ve just realized I have about five months of snogging you within an inch of your life to make up for.”

And there it is again. That familiar crinkle of his eyes and the rapid rise and fall of his chest as Potter sticks out his tongue, and Draco finally does what he has been dying to do for months and presses Potter back against the stone wall, sliding his hands underneath the hem of Potter’s shirt, his fingers gliding across warm skin as he kisses him; it is desperate and needy and Draco feels like he is drowning.

But then Potter’s hands are in his hair and sliding down to cradle his face as Potter kisses him back, and it changes into something that feels less like begging and more like giving and Draco doesn’t know what Potter is offering but he takes it all, pressing their bodies together and whimpering into the kiss.

When he pulls back it takes a few seconds before Potter opens his eyes, blinking at Draco and looking happier than he has seen him in a long time.

“So Potter, wanna break a few rules,” he asks with a wink, holding out his hand and willing away the whooshing sound in his eyes as he remembers the last time he’d offered Potter his hand.

Potter doesn’t hesitate, reaching it to lock his fingers with Draco, pulling him forward until Draco falls against his chest.

“I’ve got a whole list of rules I wanna break with you, Malfoy,” he whispers before kissing him again and it isn’t desperate this time just a bit demanding. It is Potter who pulls away this time, looking somehow both like he’s about to be up to something and entirely playful.

“Scared, Malfoy?” He asks, but Draco just shakes head, squeezing Potter’s fingers and pulling him back towards the castle.

“You wish, Potter.”