as if everything were held in place

An incomplete list of Deep Jojo Things™ I think about sometimes

  • Avdol said he had friends who were killed by their own stands.
  • The events of Dio’s World took place on January 16th, 1988. Jotaro is an aquarius, meaning his 18th birthday happened only a few days or weeks after everything went down in Cairo.
  • Caesar seems to have held high regard for his grandfather, while hating his own father, who abandoned his family in order to continue the fight against the Stone Mask’s legacy. However, Will Zeppeli did the exact same thing.
  • Lisa Lisa is implied to have been alive several years prior to part 3.
  • During the fight with Tarkus, Jonathan’s shirt literally exploded off his body, and he remained shirtless for the duration of the fight and the immediate aftermath. A short time later, he is seen wearing a different shirt. Does this mean what was actually inside the Tiny Backpack of Mysteries was spare clothes?
  • Jolyne was in a motorcycle gang when she was 14 and this is never really talked about, just kind of accepted.
  • It’s highly implied that Joseph saw fake boobs in a catalogue, actually bought them, and then brought an entire drag getup with him on a trip to Mexico to fight nazis.
  • Josuke turned a guy into a book and apparently left him at the Morioh library forever. This is never mentioned again. That’s really fucked up.
  • When Jotaro was in a coma in part 6, despite having no sense of self or memory of even the most basic things like his native language, apparently whenever anyone tried to touch his hat, Star Platinum would attack them. Why the hell does Jotaro have such a deeply rooted thing about his hat? Or is it Star Platinum himself that’s weirdly overprotective of Jotaro’s hat, regardless of the user?

Tribute to my best friend. You were always there for me, through sunshine and rain. When my dysfunctional family was crumbling down, when I was bullied in school, when the entire world seemed so bleak, you wagged your tail and smiled at me. And suddenly everything was going to be okay.

We dug giant holes in the backyard, filled it with water, jumped in and covered ourselves in mud. The best days were when we got to go to your favorite lake. You really loved to roll in duck poop and dead fish. I held you in my lap even when you smelled like rotten fish. I had to shampoo you twice and it was all so much fun.

With each divorce and remarriage, we had to move and give you away when the new place didn’t allow dogs. But somehow you always made it back to me. When emotional trauma gave me amnesia for one year, I couldn’t remember the people in my life but I remember you. If my mom had gone through with the suicide, I would have been okay because I had you.

I grew up and you grew old. Now I’m old enough to be okay on my own, and it was thanks to you. I’ll always miss you. Thank you for the 17 years of unconditional love.

Joker Imagine - Not strong enough

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Your P.O.V.

This heist was easily one of the most dangerous we’ve ever done. Joker, my boyfriend, and I had planned to go to Arkham Asylum and help out a few psychos just because we had deals with them. Arkham Asylum wasn’t to mess with so instead of feeling cocky and excited, I was worried.

The military helicopter slowed down and the doors opened. We were supposed to sneak down a rope so we could enter the building from the roof. His henchmen got down first and then we followed them. My heart was stammering in my chest like a beast as I held onto my gun. It was night and dark. The city was far away from this isolated place. Everything seemed so dead.

A group of henchmen picked the locks and then we were ready to go inside. I followed J as we ran inside the dark halls. In the highest level they only had a few offices and stuff like that so no one even noticed that we had broken in. ‘’First team go from West, two floors South’’ J gave out demands and pointed everywhere with his hands. His henchmen, dressed in insane outfits just nodded and headed to their places.

‘’Y/N and I will go through the East corridor with team 2. Frosty will lead team 2′’ J told everyone. I took a deep breath and then followed J. We hurried to the stairs and the big group of henchmen were right behind us. From the stairs I saw the other level and guards in front of cages. I was actually scared. ‘’Y/N, take half of the team and go the other way around’’ J whispered to me and made sure his henchmen heard me. I nodded and then took a deep breath. ‘’C’mon’’ I told the henchmen that were following me before leaving J. I gave him one last glance and saw that he offered me a pretty red smile. Damn I loved this man.

We sneaked to a corridor without prisoners or guards. No one could see us now, not even J. ‘’This is a perfect chance’’ A henchman broke the silence, causing me to stop. ‘’Hush’’ I put my finger in front of my lips. The henchman dressed in an eyeball mask pointed at me with a gun. ‘’You’re changing the Joker. You don’t deserve him’’ The henchman told me lowly, making a shiver run down my spine. If I fired, the other henchmen would shoot me. I was trapped.

Tears stung my eyes and I was completely helpless. Then he pulled the trigger and I felt a bullet piercing my abdomen. First it didn’t really hurt, but when I felt blood gushing out of the found, a stinging pain took over me. The guards heard us and they ran here from behind. ‘’Hands up!’’ An Arkham guard yelled, but I was frozen by shock. A stinging pain took over my body and I fell down on the ground , landing on my back. J’s henchmen defended themselves by shooting the guards, but the guards shot them. 

They were going to frame the guards for my death. 

I couldn’t die!

I could hear more gunshots coming from our side and that’s when I saw J’s team with of course my boyfriend ahead. He was shooting the guards and looking around with worry. I tried to speak, but the pain took over me. I was pressing my hands on the wound, feeling hot blood on my fingers. Tears ran down my face and I was struggling to breathe. ‘’Y/N!’’ J yelled as the gunshots stopped. He was looking for me, but he couldn’t see me from the floor. His henchmen stepped aside and the rest made sure that more guards wouldn’t come. Then J saw me.

‘’No..’’ He whispered and got down on the cold floor right next to me. His red lips parted and I saw how scared he looked. ‘’ baby..’’ He tried to speak, but he was too shocked to think straight. Suddenly he ripped off the sleeve of his shirt and pressed it against the wound. It hurt like hell, but I knew it would help. ‘’Don’t give up now..okay? Do you hear me?’’ He gulped and looked into my eyes. My vision got a little blurry and I knew I wasn’t strong enough to survive.

‘’I-I’m sorry..’’ I whimpered and then gasped as the pain got worse. ‘’You’re not going to die!’’ He yelled and sounded like he would start crying. His henchmen changed looks and I knew that not everyone could be bad. ‘’I’m going to kill every fucking guard of Arkham-’’ J started, but one of his henchmen cut him off. ‘’Boss, it wasn’t an Arkham Guard’’ Someone said, but I was too dizzy to recognize the voice. I watched as J froze and seemed to loose his mind.

‘’ of you little fuckers shot her?’’ He growled darkly and made a shiver run down my spine even tho he wasn’t angry at me. At least he would know who pulled the trigger to kill me, because I felt like I wouldn’t live to tell him. My eyes felt heavy and my breathing got slower and slower. ‘’Someone fucking shoot him! Now! Kill him’’ J yelled and started to lose his temper. No one moved.

‘’Who is it? Speak up or you’re all dead!’’ J warned them and seemed to be dead serious. Something happened and the next thing I knew was that J had shot the eyeball guy. He fell on the floor, left in misery by being shot in the crotch. J wouldn’t let him die easily. ‘’Listen doll..Stay strong, okay? I’m going to get you help’’ J got back to me and cupped my face while pressing the cloth against the wound with his other hand.

‘’G-Go..’’ I tried to tell him with my last energy. Suddenly I felt something wet on my chest. I looked up to J only to see him crying. I had never seen him crying, never ever in years. Suddenly he picked me up and started walking back. ‘’Retreat!’’ He yelled loudly and seemed to panic. I put my hand on his chest and then nearly shut my eyes. ‘’Let me go..Puddin. I’m p-pretty much..dead’’ I managed to say, feeling like I was already dozing off to an eternal sleep. 

‘’I can’t leave you to die’’ He growled. I gave him one last look before closing my heavy eyes. My heart started beating slower in my chest and everything became one big blur. Before I knew it, my entire life flashed before my eyes, from being a baby, a kid ,when I graduated, my first love, the day I met J, our crazy shit and this moment.

‘’I love you’’I whispered and suddenly my entire body lost sense. I was like a piece of jelly in his arms now as darkness seemed to accept me.

The Bet

“Oi, good morning Shebly’s.” You sang as you opened the door of the betting house early in the morning, ready for work.

“Morning Y/N.” They all said unanimously as you hung up your coat and walked into the hustle and bustle of everything. You’ve been friends with the Shelby’s as long as you can remember, they were basically a second family to you ever since your father died. Aunt Poll was like your mother, and you trusted her advice very much, and all the Shelby brothers were just that to you, or so it felt. And then there was John…who held a special place in your heart whether he knew it or not.

As you ready your cash box for the money sure to be brought in by the betters, you notice for the first time John sat over the books, scratching his head. You furrow your brows as you realize he didn’t say hi to you this morning and he wasn’t his usual charming self.

You walked over to him, planting yourself on the table, forcing him to look up from the books. He was taken aback to see you, and his face slowly grew red as he smiled.

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About your hands

Enjolras couldn’t understand Grantaire. He had no idea how R’s mind worked. He was the most honest liar in his life. But there was this one thing that Enjolras could use as a tranlator of Grantaire’s thought and emotions.

His hands.

  • Grantaire always was so careless, his drunk smile could tell you a story of his last night.
  • His voice always brings him to the ground when his idea was to high. 
  • But sometimes, in the middle of an argue his fingers held a bottle a little harder.
  • Enjolras remembered protest where everything went wrong. He didn’t saw R in a crowd, he didn’t know if he even been there. Then someone said one word too much. Someone throw a first punch. 
  • Few hours later they were in Feuilly’s place. Grantaire was the last one who arrived and he wasn’t happy. His backbag was full of bandages and hydrogen peroxide and painkillers. 
  • When he looked at Enjolras his face was like “I told you so. I was right”. 
  • But when he removed his jacket Enjolras saw that his knuckles were wounded and bruised. 
  • His words were full of mockery but when he bandaged Enjolras’ back his hands were gentle and warm.
  • After that Enjolras began watch more closely.
  • He discovered that when R was happy his fingers knocked on the table - or chair or his leg or someone else leg - a steady rhythm. He gestured a lot when he was spoke to someone. 
  • When he was sad or when he needed a support but he didn’t know how to ask for one he kept his hands in pockets. He avoided contact as if he was afraid that if he touches someone he may not want to let go
  • When he was arguing with Enjolras his fingers were pressed to his thigh.
  • In stress he would clench a fist and loosen it.
  • It took him a month to understand how Grantaire works. The more he knew, the more he understood, and he wanted to understand more. This knowledge was his addiction.
  •  People said “If you want to defeat the enemy you need to understand them but if you understand them you may not want to fight anymore. For the first time in his life Enjolras know this feeling. 
  • More often he thought about taking R’s hand, he wanted to feel the heat, his rough skin damaged by paint and work. He wanted to kiss his knuckles. 
  • He wanted to see his face when he does it.
  • One of the things that he discovered was what Grantaire’s hands were doing when they were in the middle of a peaceful conversation about anything that could help them to keep that peace for a little longer. 
  • They sat at a table in Musain. R was early this time because he brought a posters that he made for Enjolras. 
  • His hands rested on the table. His finger drew on the counter otherworldly patterns. Grantaire wasn’t aware of what he was doing.
  • His eyes where on Enjolras’ face and he listened him but Enjolras wasn;t looking at him when he spoke to him. He was looking at Grantaire’s hands that looked as if they wanted to reach for him, but gave up the idea.
  • Enjolras wanted Grantaire to do it, oh he wanted it so bad, but he knew that R wouldn’t do it. He would just press his fingers to his thigh.
  • So Enjolras reached for his hands, slowly.  

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Daddy Issues (JasonxReader)

a/n:i lost this request for a long time, sorry for the wait! this is probably jumpy,i couldn’t really focus on one thing for some reason

Jason had his arm thrown around you as you slept. He was ranting about some villian’s stupidity and you started to nod off. Your peaceful, sleepy face with your obnoxious snores made him smile and looking at your pregnant belly he smiled wider.

You were with him through everything and now you two would experience parenthood together. Lightly placing a hand on your tummy, he felt happy. Pure honest happiness. The woman he loves is having their baby.

Your hand clenched his,”It’s time.”

“For what?” Your gaze burned at him hotter than the sun. “OH! Right,yeah! I got you,babe.” 

He picked you up and drove sped to the hospital.

Jason bit the inside of his cheek at your screams as he held your hand. It hurt like a bitch, but it didn’t matter. Hell, you could rip his hand off and he would offer his other one for you. It was agony seeing you in pain, so he could take you crushing his hand.

When the cries of your child were heard in the hospital room, Jason was stricken with unsolicited fear. What if he was a bad father? What they hated him? What if…they ended up like him

His heart clenched at the thought. Looking at you with the baby, he thought no swore himself that would never happen. He would love them and cherish them.

“Jason?” You looked at him, he looked pensive,”You still there?”

He snapped out of his thoughts, “Yeah,um,I know this is probably gonna sound random,but babe,I promise you that I will be here. For you and our baby.”

He hugged you both and a tear fell from his eye.

”I’m here.”

Pressed Flowers

I don’t know if I like the way it turned out but…. Here it is @worthfull1 @protectnevillelongbottom

Remus Lupin pressed flowers in books.

He started when he found some in his mother’s favorite book. She told him all about how some she saved because they were special.

“This was from the day I met your father.”

“This one from when I found out I was pregnant with you,” she flipped a few pages over, “And this from a field next to the hospital where you were born.”

With each page turned and each story told, his mother’s smile grew and her eyes lit up until she shone from her own inner sun.

Remus Lupin became convinced that pressed flowers held magic.


The day Dumbledore told Remus he could come to school, Remus wandered out to the nearest field. It was dark, but thanks to his curse, Remus could see everything clearly. Moonflowers grew close to the ground all around him. Remus picked one and carefully placed the delicate white flower between the pages of his brand new spell book. For once his curse wouldn’t hold him back.


He had friends. Sure they were a little wild and could be a little careless but they liked him. When they found out about Remus’ ‘furry little problem’ they hadn’t run. Sure, they had looked at him funny and gave him a hard time for not telling them sooner, but they didn’t run.

Remus found some wild flowers at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, he didn’t know what they were, but they grew close together and almost refused to be separated. Remus was able to grab 4 of the light yellow flowers. They were safely tucked away in his favorite fairy tale book from home.


Each year Remus found a new flower to press, or a new reason to press the same type of flower. Every flower brought a new memory.

The year his mother passed, his tears mixed with soft flower petals as he pressed one of the pink carnations his father had bought. It wasn’t much, but it was all they could afford to lay on her grave.


The first time Sirius gave him a bright red rose, Remus had blushed. The kiss they shared after had him heating up for a different reason.

The rose was too big to press, but Remus spent more time than he cared to tell anyone carefully pulling each petal.

“He loves me”

“He loves me not.”

He saved every “He loves me” petal.


Lily of the Valley for Lily and a fern for James. They weren’t fancy, but he was the only one left and it was all he could do. Albus had paid for the funeral, but Remus wanted to give them something.

He had spent all day gathering the small bouquet of flowers. He kept two for himself.

The words of his book smeared as he tried to close the wet pages. But every time he began to close the covers, he could only see James and Lily being lowered into the ground, poor Harry given to someone who wasn’t him.

He stared at the innocent plants until his eyes blurred and they faded from his sight.



It was such a little plant. Its purple flowers seemed so innocent.

It meant everything to Remus. A chance at normality. A chance at a peace he hadn’t had in years.

Severus had sneered when Remus asked for one of the flowers, but gave it to him anyways.


He was back and he was innocent.

Remus wasn’t sure how he ever could have thought Sirius had betrayed Lily and James.

There were no red roses at their reunion, but Remus found some wild pink roses growing around his childhood cottage. They hid there safely for a few days of bliss and reconnection.

When Sirius fell asleep their last night together, Remus plucked the petals.

“He loves me.”

This time he kept all the petals.


Sirius sent him exotic flowers and Remus pressed every one along with his letters. They were infrequent, but he cherished them all.

When they kissed under the mistletoe at Grimmauld Place after everyone had gone to bed, Remus pulled it down later and saved it as well.

They didn’t have a funeral, but Remus bought red roses anyways. The petals filled a whole book. Each carefully pressed and saved. The scent preserved along with the last of his tears.


Years later, Teddy went to look through his father’s books. They were a connection to the parents he had never met.

He pulled down a book of fairy tales. It was old and worn and seemed thicker than it should have been. When Teddy opened the page, a dried and pressed flower fell out, along with a letter.  

Teddy Lupin pressed flowers in books.


In 2015, I became very close to a friend of mine. He’d tell me what I thought were his deepest secrets and I told him mine. I’d keep his stories of abuse, shame regarding his sexuality, depression, suicide, and self-loathing with tenderness and love. I thought I knew him, and I loved him despite everything. I saw the light that his demons tried to hide. We were at the brink of what I thought was the beginning of a wonderous relationship as all the prices started falling into place. He had told many of my friends how in love with he had been for a very long time and I’d fallen for him a year before. The conversations that needed to happen happened and everything felt like coming home…until things took a turn for the worst. He chose someone else. I was devasted but still held onto that hope that love would conquer all, because I truly had love for him. He’d go on to say awful things about me. Though I kept his secrets, he didn’t keep mine and tried to ruin my reputation. It was a painful time in my life, but I knew he wasn’t well and I had hope we’d get through it in the end to at least resume the friendship we once had. I could love and forgive him again, truly. Every once in a while, I’d pick fights and approached him to ask about the things that he’d said, never getting an answer. His relationship with his girlfriend progressed and it made me despise how much love they had for one another when he once professed his feelings for me at the time they started dating. It made me feel low and embarrassed about myself. The things he’d tell others about me were true, although they didn’t make me a bad person. It did make me feel broken, even more so that someone whom I’d shared real love with, platonic and what I thought was romantic, could hate me. In June, myself and some of our mutual teacher friends met up for wings and beer to celebrate the Last week of the academic year. We sat and I came clean to them about what had happened because even after all this time I hadn’t told these people everything. In a moment of anger and frustration, I had a friend call him so I could have what I thought was the ultimate/petty revenge. When he answered, I unleashed a litany of curses and told all of his secrets with an audience. I told him, “So many things you are ashamed of, but aren’t shameful. There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual or mentally ill…but you’re and asshole, and you should be ashamed of being an asshole.”

All he could say was, “…okay.” He was head coach of the girls’ swim team at the high school he taught at and they were having an event that evening. I felt a mixture of satisfaction and guilt, but glad he had a piece of my mind. Now he knew how it felt to feel betrayed.

The next morning, he was arrested in a highly publicized sex scandal with a student. His face would flash across FB news feeds and all of a sudden everybody hated him, just like I did. I felt shame of course for ever letting him into my life and ever feeling anything. Things he said and the guilt he expressed suddenly made sense. I looked back at the last year with a sick feeling in my gut over the affection I’d shared with such a sick human being.

My last words to him may have been one of the last phone calls he received before his life would be changed forever. I called him vile and disgusting things, feeling vindicative and regret for a few fleeting moments. All he could do was agree.

Not Bad of A Choice (Baekhyun) ~ Final

This is the finale of this series! And I have to say, this last chapter is very bad. omg I am much disappoint.


“Watch where you’re going!” the driver shouter from his window as the car passed. My eyes slowly opened to see Baekhyun had pushed me onto the sidewalk. His entire body encased mine. His arms were wrapped tightly and securely around me as I opened my eyes.

My head slightly hurts from hitting the pavement but Baekhyun’s hand held the back to prevent any injuries. Once he knew everything was alright, he pulled back and placed a hand on my cheek.

“Are you okay?” he questioned. Only when he realized that he had his hand on my cheek that he quickly removed it and stood up, offering out a hand to help me up as well. I took it and stood up, rubbing my arm.

“I’m fine…T-thanks for…you know..saving my life.” I awkwardly replied. He let out a gentle smile before taking my hand. Only then did I realize that the hand that held my head from hitting the ground was scraped.

“Baekhyun, your hand.” I looked at it but he shook his head, to tell me to let the subject pass.

“It’s not a big deal.” I shook my head before gripping the hand tighter before turning and dragging him towards the hotel. We went up the elevator and to our suite.

“Sit, I’ll be right back.”


Sh left the room in a hurry, to get a first-aid kit probably. I sat there on the couch of our suite and looked around. My eyes landed on the vase near the window. It was filled with water and the custom made bouquet that I gave her two days ago. I smiled at the sight of it. They still seemed healthy and I assumed she took care of them well.

I missed his place. I miss having her around. God, I hope she takes me back.

Her footsteps came tapping back and she sat on the couch, opening up the kit. With warm, soft hands, she picked up my injured one and inspected it.

“This might sting a bit.” and I winced the moment she put some alcohol on it. Her eyes looked at mine when she saw me flinch and gave a small smile of apology.

“You know…you didn’t have to do that for me…” she mumbled as she started to clean up the injury.

“Was I suppose to let you die? No, I will never hear the end of it from our parents-” I stopped my own sentence when she gave me a look.

“No no, I don’t mean it like I didn’t want to get yelled at. I can’t bare to see someone that I…love..get hurt.” I looked down as I said my sentence, slowly trailing off. I heard soft giggled as she bandaged my hand up.

“Thank you, Baekhyun.” she whispered in my ear before giving my hand a kiss. I felt my cheeks ignite into flames at her actions. At that moment, I decided to risk another chance at asking her.


“Baekhyun.” the both of us said at the same time. She let out another small giggle before motioning for me to go.

“You first.” I insisted. Her grin turned into a shy smile.

“If…if you want…I’m willing to be a thing..” she muttered under her breath. Even though it was low, I could hear it just fine. My mouth curved into a bright smile as I tackled her with a tight hug, knocking us both onto the couch.

“I was just about to ask you the same thing.” I told her as we pulled apart. She laughed before the both of us sat up again.

“No, come on. I want to hear you ask it…” she left her arms wrapped around my neck as she sent me a cute smile. The one where her eyes turned into crescents and there are cute dimples at the corner of her lips.

“If you still have feelings for me, (Y/n)…Will you be my girlfriend?” I asked with confidence and she nodded, burying her face in my neck while doing so.

My heart thumped against my rib cage as the happiness soared through me.

Day 7

I quickly paid for the item, thanked the lady who kindly smiled at me before I ran out the door. On the run, my phone rang.

“Hello? Mom?” I asked as I took a breath.

“Baekhyun! It’s been a week! We need you to come back to the house to make your decision.” she stated grimly. I knew my answer already. That was why I’m running right now. Just yesterday to today, (Y/n) and I went out for a movie, we ate so much food that I was sure one of us would fall into a food coma. Then we went back to the suite to cuddle before we went to sleep.

Right now, I was on my way back to the suite to get her and go to my parent’s house.

When I went through our bedroom door, she was hugging a pillow as she breathed calmly. I smiled before going up and shaking her shoulder.

“(Y/n)…baby…you need to get up..” she let out a small whine before turning the other way. I set the bag down on the floor where she won’t see and smirked. I then jumped onto the bed (making sure not to hurt her of course) and straddled her.

“Get up, sweetheart.” I whispered in her ear, making her jerk awake. In the process making out head hit each other. I fell back onto the bed as she fell back onto her pillow.

“Why am I up so early??” she asked, yawning as she attempted to fix her hair. I looked at her in adoration before laughing.

“My folks summoned me back at their house and I wanted you to come along.” I answered before pulling her off of the bed to go get ready.

Within fifteen minutes, she was all set. Teeth brushed, hair fixed and perfected, outfit looking as good as ever. Just as she pulled on her jacket, I pulled her out of the suite and down to my car (on the way, not forgetting what I bought just earlier). We got into my car and I drove to my parent’s house. We made our way in to see them standing there in the living room, striding back and forth until they noticed us. With them is (Y/n)’s parents. Even better…

“Ah! Baekhyun! There you are. Good, you brought (Y/n)…” my mother stated before pulling the both of us to sit on the couch.

“What’s this about..?” (Y/n) asked, the confusion clearly written on her face.

“Well…Baekhyun told us that he wanted to divorce you just a week ago…we gave him until today to make his decision…” my father answered her slowly. A frown set itself onto her gorgeous face as she looked at me. I hated that frown. I didn’t like that I knew she was thinking of the fight we had just a week ago.

“Well, today is the day…Baekhyun? Do you still want the arranged engagement to continue?” her father asked me. I stood up with a sigh before looking at (Y/n) who had concern floating in her eyes.

“No. I don’t want the engagement to continue…” I replied and just as I expected, the whole room let out a gasp as (Y/n) abruptly stood up in anger. Just as she was about to speak, I held up my index finger to shush her.

“BECAUSE, I wanted to do this…” I reached into my pocket and knelt down onto one knee. (Y/n) let out a surprised gasp as she covered her mouth, watching my every movement.

“I wanted our engagement to be all on our own decisions, not some family arranged get together. So…(Y/n)…I love you so much and I’m sincerely sorry for all the things that I put you through…but, if you would do the honor, will you marry me?” I asked as I opened the box in my hand. She let out a small scream and nodded, not finding the confidence in her words.

Our parents went ballistic. Both mothers were hugging each other, trying to stop their tears from falling as our fathers high fived and watch us.

“Yes! I will marry you, Byun Baekhyun.” (Y/n) answered when she found her voice again. I smiled so wide I thought my face was going to tear apart. I stood up and placed the ring onto her finger before lifting her up with our hug.

“Never worry me like that again.” she said in my ear as she sobbed with joy. I can’t help but tear up myself. My life is going to be so positively different now.



I hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed making it up. I know this isn’t the best chapter but I tried..


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The One

A/n: Hey everyonee this is my second fic post today and I’m so glad to say I’m back. I also just added onto one of my drabbles which became this. Hope ya’ll like it!

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Summary: This was just the start of a romance between a photographer and an ex-model.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1443

Magazines are scattered everywhere, ripped pages placed on the floor displaying your act of rage. Some of the pieces of paper were even crumpled up in a trashcan. Your hair in disarray, your forehead covered in sweat as tear stains were shown on your cheeks. Lying on the floor as you try to catch your breath from the rampage you went on.

The images from those articles stuck in the back of your head. That fresh faced look, that smile that seems genuine, that passion held in their eyes. Everything they possessed was something you used to have.

As you would place your fingertips against the glossy, colorful page you’d give out a sigh while staring at the models. Their poses, facial expressions, everything was perfect and you’d wonder how long it took them to get it right. You’d wonder how much they struggled to get where they are now, you’d wonder how many exhausting hours they sacrificed practicing their posture and walk without any breaks. You were curious about how long it took for them to break as time would pass by.

You thought that if you could hide yourself away from the modeling world then you didn’t have to deny anything. You were tired of competition and didn’t want to do anything with the modeling industry. You honestly loved living your new quiet life and didn’t want anything more.

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The Mechanic and the Sith Part 10

Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Warnings: A bit of fluff. 


Author’s Note: I just wanted to thank those who sent their condolences and for being patient with me. Writing has helped me get through this tough time, even though it may not be the best. But hey! At least I am almost done with the next part! 

Part 10

“Ouch!” the cold liquid stung as it touched the cut on your face.

“Stop moving away every time it touches you.” Kylo growled.

“I can’t help it—ouch!”

He touched the cotton to your skin again, this time you sat still on the couch as he cleaned the cuts you have gotten from the bounty hunters.

Everything that had happened was a blur after Kylo had come to get you. Right after you shot the hand off of Lu, Kylo held the two in place until backup came. The two were arrested, and probably going to be executed for theft of the ship, murder of the pilots of the ship, and now the kidnapping of you. After they were taken away, you felt heavy fabric going around your shoulders. You looked around and saw that Kylo had put his cloak around you before he shoved you forward to leave the empty ship.

Before you knew it you were in Kylo’s personal quarters once again on the couch in front of the window. It was night and the stars shown bright, even a few shooting stars fell across the sky. How can he be so unnerved all the time? It was quite peaceful.


Kylo interrupted your thoughts as he pressed a bandage on your cut. He sighed at you.

“Your pain tolerance is low.” He then pressed a cold back on your face, making you wince again.

“Well, you just pressed against a sore area.”

You looked at him. His eyes were cast down at the bruising that developed, his eyes darkening. But you kept on staring. You knew he wasn’t a bad looking guy before, but up close he was kind of handsome. He had nice facial bones and his long dark eyelashes framed his dark eyes beautifully. When sensed you were staring, he looked up causing you to look the other way and blush. He smirked and shook his head.


His voice was soft. It was so unusual.

You looked back at him, peering at you with a concerned look which made you almost jump.

“I-yes. I think so.”

For the next few minutes the two of you sat there in silence as he mended each cut on your face. When he was finished you sat back against the cushions, holding the cloak against you tightly. As he got up he gently put a hand on your shoulder to tell you to stay put. When you looked up at him you saw that his eyes darkened once again.

“I am business to attend to. You will sleep here tonight.” Then he left.

You relaxed as you continued to look over at the stars. For the first time you can remember, Kylo Ren actually left you speechless. The commander scared a lot of people, but never you. You always found him childish and once in a while you would talk back to him. Kylo could easily ring your neck with ease, but he never did. Why did it take you so long to question that?

You lifted your legs up on the cushions to curl up into a ball. The bright stars out the window remained your company until you fell asleep.


The two men were in different rooms both in restraints on uncomfortable chairs. Kylo Ren left Lu unconscious in the other room while he went to visit the man with blond hair. Bu was in bad shape; bloodied and bruised from mouthing off at the soldiers—which Kylo told them to punish him anyway they see fit and he was not disappointed.

He stood there watching the man behind his mask as Bu laughed low and husky.

“Whattcha gonna do, lover boy?”

Anger was already seeping through Kylo’s veins before he entered the room, but hearing the man’s voice made him snap. He was not gentle with him. Using all of the force, Kylo reached into the bounty hunter’s mind, twisting and turning through every memory making the man scream in agony. Then he got to you; the thoughts the man had of you were unclean and it made Kylo tear away in rage.

Bu was now gasping for breath and sweating, his eyes closed from the pounding headache that was induced.

“You. You were going to touch her.” Kylo’s voice was low. It was true that the other hunter, Lu, flirted with you at the cantina but his lust was for money. This man in front of him wanted you for more than what they intended.

He slowly stalked up to the man who had barely opened his eyes when he felt a sharp pain shoot through his torso.

“I will make sure you will never have another thought of her again.” Kylo retracted his lightsaber while he watched in satisfaction the life drain out of the man’s eyes.


You were sleeping when he returned. The last time he saw you in that state he was confused and angry. Now he knew; through his weakness there lies strength. You were both. Maybe one day you will be his downfall, but for now you will be his strength to carry out his purpose.

Bad pun rp starters
  • "Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now."
  • "A friend of mine tried to annoy me with bird puns, but I soon realized that toucan play at that game."
  • "Yesterday I accidentally swallowed some food coloring. The doctor says I'm OK, but I feel like I've dyed a little inside."
  • "Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It's very time consuming."
  • "The experienced carpenter really nailed it, but the new guy screwed everything up."
  • "A prisoner's favorite punctuation mark is the period. It marks the end of his sentence."
  • "If there was someone selling drugs in this place, weed know."
  • "Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest."
  • "The other day I held the door open for a clown. I thought it was a nice jester."
  • "The girl quit her job at the doughnut factory because she was fed up with the hole business."
  • "I was going to look for my missing watch, but I could never find the time."
  • "I knew a woman who owned a taser, man was she stunning!"
  • "Broken puppets for sale. No strings attached."
  • "Why don't programmers like nature? It has too many bugs."

Plot 160: Sorted (submitted by Emmeline)

Muse A always knew they would end up in Slytherin. They came from a proud family, a long line that had been sorted into the same house for centuries, save for a cousin that no one talked about. When the day came to get on the train, Muse A found a compartment that held only Muse B. The two talked, shared their excitement, and bonded over what houses they wanted to be sorted to. By the time they reached the school, Muse A had Muse B convinced that they should be in Slytherin too, but the hat decided otherwise. While Muse A ended up in Slytherin, Muse B was most excited to learn everything they could, and was placed in Ravenclaw. Muse A, too proud to admit they were saddened by the sorting hat’s decision, simply turned to their housemates and began to chatter about all the food. They never saw the disappointed look on Muse B’s face.

Fast forward a few years, and Muse A hasn’t talked to Muse B since. Muse B is top of the class, a fact which Muse A and their friends often joke about. The two get partnered together for a project, and Muse A is surprised to find that Muse B is the same clever person they met on the first train ride; they haven’t changed, and Muse A is intrigued. Their friends are quick to poke fun that the long-lost friends have been reunited, but Muse A just waves them off, only to realize that they’re right. From then on, Muse A sees Muse B everywhere. Muse B was there all along, but Muse A never noticed, and now that they have, they can’t stop thinking about Muse B. The only thing stopping them from acting on their feelings is what their friends might say.

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GOD magnus just had a lovely moment w/ alec and they are in a good place now. they held hands and were happy! hes gonna come back and find alec in a fucking coma 😭

Oh my god, right??? I mean, obviously everything’s in kind of a shitty place in general right now, so I don’t think Magnus would necessarily be surprised to come back and find that things still aren’t great for Alec. But coming back from a five-minute trip to India and suddenly Alec is literally dying in some sort of parabatai coma???? 

And the worst part is that you can just tell that this isn’t the last time this is gonna happen. Because Alec is gonna put himself in shitty, reckless situations to protect the people he cares about. He’s gonna do that frequently. And Magnus is gonna be all over the place, whether it’s for work or just taking a baby vampire to his ex’s house for a few minutes. These men are in such bizarre, dangerous positions and it’s basically the entirety of their lives. Magnus isn’t going to start watching Alec like a hawk just because he likes him. And Alec isn’t going to be any less willing to sacrifice his safety for someone else’s just because he’s in a relationship. 

It’s horrible to admit it, but I really don’t think this is going to be the last time that Magnus comes home from a quick trip around the world to find Alec in some sort of mortal peril.

Pink- Ashton (Color Series 2)

Pink- Ashton


Ashton could not deny his love for y/n. The only problem; she was high class, and he was an outcast alongside his three friends. She was shocked nearly everyday to see someone had gained access to her locker and neatly placed a light pink orchid inside.

It was something Ashton had taken note of. She loved pink things, especially pink orchids. The short pink skirts she wore, the pink suckers held between her pretty pink lips, everything was pink. Ashton’s chances of even breathing next to her were slim to none. 

“Excuse me?” a girl’s voice interrupted his little daydream. He shook his head, blinking slowly and y/n stood in front of him. “H-hi.” he stammered. “You’re Ashton, correct?” she smiled, her cheeks tinted a dark pink. “Yeah.” he coughed, sticking out his hand for her to shake. “No need to be formal,” she giggled, “The teacher assigned us as partners for the biology project. I wanted to know what you think we should do for it.” 

Holy crap. Ashton thought. He of all people were blessed with the chance to work with practically a goddess. “Uh, not sure. What topic did we get?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck. “The human heart.” 

“Okay, how about we head over to my place after school and we can brainstorm a bit?” he suggested. Y/n smiled, pulling out a sparkly pink pen and gently grabbing his arm. “Here’s my number. Call me if you need to change our plans. I’ll meet you at the entrance.” She collected her things as the bell rang, her bum swaying as she exited the classroom. 


“Hey Ash, you wanna play Fifa at Luke’s?” Calum grinned as he approached his blonde haired friend. “Okay, one: You guys know I don’t like Fifa. Two; I have plans, sorry.” Calum cocked a brow, “With who?” 

Mikey and Luke walked over, grinning like cheshire cats. “Probably with y/n.” Mikey snickered. “Yes he does have plans with me, why? Are you jealous Michael?” y/n appeared from behind them. “No.” Mikey scoffed, blushing a dark red. “You ready Ashton?” y/n grinned, zipping up her pink coat and throwing her pink beanie on her -ironically- pink hair. “Uh yeah.” he grinned, hoping that she couldn’t see the pink tint on his tanned skin. 


“Okay so this is how the model should look.” y/n mumbled, hunched over her sketch pad. She slid it over to Ash, watching as his eyes grew wide. “This is amazing. I didn’t know you could draw.” he gushed.

“It’s nothing really. I just never show my secret talent because my friends think it’s unfit for women to draw.” she frowned, biting her lip. “Well I think you should embrace it.” he smiled, handing it back to her. “Thanks.” she grinned, standing up from the office chair. “I have clay we could use. Or if that’s not your forte, we could carve styrofoam.” she said, rummaging through the storage closet. 

“Clay should be fine.” he said, walking over to where she stood. “Want some help?” he asked as she climbed the ladder with wobbly legs. “No I’m-” she was cut off as the ladder tilted and she crashed into Ashton’s arms. “Oh god, are you okay?” he asked, setting her down gently and inspecting her for wounds. “I’m fine, just a bit shaken.” she sighed as he sat next to her on the ground. “Thank you for catching me Ash.” she smiled, intertwining their hands. 


Later that week, Ashton scored two things: An A+ on their project, and y/n, the girl of his dreams. Y/n finally let herself go and began to do more art. They were happy where they ended up. “I still can’t believe all of this happened.” y/n smiled as they lay together on her pink duvet. “I still can’t believe it took me so long to ask you on a date.” Ashton chuckled. “I can’t believe you thought I didn’t know it was you putting the pink orchids in my locker.” she admitted. Ashton sat up abruptly, the pink bed curtains resting on his curls. “You knew?” he asked, his cheeks turning a deep rosy pink. 

“Of course, my friends told me the first day you did it. Don’t worry, I thought it was the cutest thing ever.” she giggled, taking his hand a kissing his fingertips. “What did you end up doing with them?” he asked, looking around for them. “Come with me.” y/n instructed, taking his hand and tugging him out of the pink infested room. She pulled him to the hallway window that overlooked the garden. “Right there, over by the swing.” she smiled, pointing to the hundreds of pink orchids. “And you know what I called that patch? I named it Ashton. My mother believes in calling each flower patch by a meaningful name. You meant so much to me.” she blushed, burying her pink face in his neck. “I did?” he stuttered, hugging her tightly. “Yeah, and you still do.” she smiled, kissing his lips, staining them a vibrant pink shade from her lipstick. 

From then on, everything between them felt right. And as the years went by, y/n garden was filled with an array of various pink flowers. Everyday when Ashton came home from work, he had a new bouquet of pink flowers in his hands. And after a couple more years, they had two rooms full of pink, one room for each aby girl they brought into the world. And when their time came to an end, Y/n lived her dream; Lay in the pink flowers with her husband for eternity.


Not as long as the first part of the Color Series, but it has to be my favorite of the two. I’m obviously and Ashton girl, and this “blurb” makes my heart swell. Hope you enjoyed. :)

(Also thanks for the feedback from White- Luke) :)

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Come Here

Paring: Steve x reader

Characters: Steve

TW: mentions of depression and anxiety. 

a/n: If any of you, mutuals or not, or not even following. If any of you feel down or sad, or need to vent or anything, please please! come and talk to me. I know you may seem alone, but there is always someone who there for you. Love you babes :D i need a nickname for you all. 

You sat looking out the giant widows of Stark tower. You held your mug of hot chocolate in one hand and held the blanket that was draped around your shoulders in place with the other. 

You hummed along to the music that was playing over the loud speaker throughout the living room. You took a calming deep sigh, and watched the rising steam float away from the mug. 

There were a lot of things on your shoulders, everything was stressing you out, your depression just made the things you had to do harder. Then your anxiety kicked in and made you question yourself and your job. 

You were kicked from thought as you heard Steve say your name, for the 7th or 8th time. You refocused and Steve was kneeling in front of you, his hands on your shoulders, cooing your name softly. 

You sighed and looked at him. 

“Sorry, just thinking” You said and looked over his shoulder into the New York skyline. 

“No, y/n i know you were about to have an anxiety attack. You don’t have to apologize or hide anything from me. I understand, you just have to let me help you” he said. Then he took your hot chocolate and put it on the coffee table. You whined at the warmth that left your hand, but didn’t complain. The next thing you know was that your head was in his lap and he was playing with your hair. 

You rolled in and hid your face in his stomach. Your hands found their way to the hem of his workout shirt. You played with the material of his shirt for a while. 

You heard the other Avengers come and go into the kitchen, everyone asking if you were okay. Steve would have the same answer, 

“Yeah, their just a little drained from last weeks mission” Then gave them a smile. Your heart warmed slightly as they all asked about you, you weren’t a complete waste of space. 

His fingers ran down your hair and down your back, then stopped at your sides. You could practically feel his wide smile playing on his lips. 

“Don’t you dare” You mumbled into his stomach. 

“What are you going to do about it?” He asked as his hands brushed over your ticklish spot. You squirmed away. 

“Seriously, i’m not in the mood” 

“ i’m not in the mood my ass, you always love tickles and cuddles” He said in a cute voice. You bit your lip to hide your laugh. 

“Language cap” You said a smile hinting in your voice. You let out a laugh as he squeezed your sides, causing you to squirm in his grip. 

“There’s my girl!” He chuckled and pulled you up so you startled his lap. He gave you a sweet kiss and pulled you close to his chest. 

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December 20th - Gingerbread Man

“Gingerbread, please.”

Grif dutifully handed over a small slab of gingerbread and Simmons placed it to make the last two corners of the base of the house, gluing it all together with an icing that was as thick as concrete, and probably about as tasty.  He was double checking that everything was holding together well when Grif asked, unprompted, “This goes on top?”  Grif held up another piece, and at Simmon’s surprised nod, gently placed it himself.

“I’m fucking amazed, Grif.”  Simmon’s leaned down over the house, using the piping bag to apply another careful round of icing.  “You haven’t eaten a single piece of gingerbread.  I never expected we’d get this far.”  

Grif made a face.  “I was in the kitchen when you were making it.  That shit reeked - no way I was eating that.”  

“Yeah, molasses smells like ass, but it tastes great when it’s baked and done.”  Simmons was too absorbed in what he was doing to consider that perhaps he shouldn’t be encouraging Grif to eat their supply.  It didn’t matter, though.

Grif picked up another piece, sniffed it, and hurriedly dropped it again.  “Whatever you say, dude.”

“Well, we’re almost done.  I have to cut up these last pieces to make the parts for the roof, then we can start decorating.”


“Yeah, I’ve got marshmallows for snow, jelly beans, chocolate pieces for shingles for the roof…”  Simmons’ voice trailed off as the inevitability of the situation hit him.  “You ate them all, didn’t you.”

“I thought you brought snacks!  I’ve never done this before!”

Anger flared up, but died again almost as quickly.  He tilted his head, eyeing the half built house.  Simmons pressed his hand into one corner, and was frustrated and gratified to find that it refused to fall apart.  Instead he punched two fingers through the top piece, managed to rip a chunk off.  He handed it to Grif and simply said, “Try it.”

“Fuck no.”

“Just…trust me.”  Grif took the piece of gingerbread warily and while keeping an uneasy eye on Simmons, he bit into it.  Simmons saw him chew twice, watched the change sweep over Grif’s face, eyes widening in surprise, then lighting up in pleasure.  Grif took a second, bigger bite, and Simmons broke off a piece for himself, smiling as he watched his friend.  

They made their way through the ceiling and half a wall before Simmons was forced to tap out.  Covering a burp with the back of his robot hand, he stood, taking stock of what would need to be gathered and cleared off for cleaning.  He picked up spoons, a spatula and the piping bag, put them inside the dirty mixing bowl to carry back to the kitchen, but when he tried to turn to leave, a hand grabbed the edge of the bowl.  

“Leave it.  I’ll take care of it.”

“What?  Are you sure?”

“Yep.  I got it.”  Grif shoved the last piece of gingerbread in his hands into his mouth and then stood himself, hefting the bowl.  “Merry Christmas, Simmons.”

“Merry Christmas, Grif.”

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Fred II and Alice II friendship headcanons?

Friendship Headcanons-Fred+Alice

1. Fred and Alice have known each other since birth but became really acquainted when they started Hogwarts. Fred played a prank on Alice that caught the attention of strict Professor Castalia but instead of ratting him out Alice spun an elaborate lie so that he wouldn’t get in trouble. From this moment on, they were partners in crime.

2. Fred and Alice regularly have tea sessions where they gossip like hell and talk about everything that’s been going on in their lives. It’s always on the second Thursday and the third Friday of every month and it’s held in the Hufflepuff common rooms. Fred enjoys making snacks and treats for the hangouts. No one else is allowed to come and they routinely place an effective Muffliato curse in their little hovel.

3. Alice tells Fred everything and vice versa. The two literally cannot keep a secret from one another and the longest they’ve gone without doing so is 45 minutes (Fred proudly holds that title, Alice plans on beating him). This is a tad bit annoying for their respective partners (James Potter and Aria Jordan) but they learn to love it in the future. 

4. Their favorite thing to do together is laugh. These two engage in the most intense laughing fits you will ever see. Fred’s laugh is always booming and loud and Alice’s is high-pitched and twinkling. It’s impossible to not laugh along with them because it’s so contagious! 

5. While on the surface they’re as different as night and day, they’re actually quite similar. Both have huge hearts and will do anything for their loved ones, both are incredibly cheery and hardworking, both try not to take things too seriously, and both are two of the best people you would ever meet. 

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Requested by @xinlovewithraphaelx –– Imagine being Sam & Dean’s sister, as well as Michael’s soulmate.

As a hunter, you shouldn’t be having these feelings for an archangel, an unfamiliar threat sent from a place you weren’t even sure existed. Hell, you shouldn’t have these kinds of feelings for anyone.

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