as if destruction of his children's lives is his life goal

Orisha Rulers of the Zodiac

An Orisha is a spirit that reflects one of the manifestations of God. Being four hundred and one of them in total, each playing a role within the Yoruba pantheon, twelve of them can be equated to the twelve signs of the Zodiac along with their respective houses. The following is a brief summary of each Zodiac House along with the Orisha that is associated with it.

The first house of the Zodiac is the home of the Ascendant, and symbolises the acting self and how your personality appears to others. The ruling planet of this house is Mars, which is also the Roman God of war, making Ogun the warrior god the Orisha equivalent. Like Aries, Ogun possesses assertive and aggressive characteristics, and is the patron deity of soldiers, police officers, surgeons, railroad workers, welders, body builders, or anyone employed to work with iron and steel. Like the blacksmith who molds his creations to perfection, the first house deals with molding the inner and outward Self and realizing your highest potential.

Taurus is the ruling sign of the second house, which is said to be the house of possessions. This should not only be understood as material possessions but also as traits and characteristics that we value about ourselves. The ruling planet Venus is also the Roman goddess of love, whose Orisha equivalent is Oshun. Oshun is the goddess of fresh water (as opposed to the salty, ocean waters of the goddess Yemoja), sensuality, prosperity, love, and fertility. Oshun is presented as a beautiful young woman who is widely loved for providing protection and needs for the poor and healing the sick.

The third house is ruled by the cosmic twins Ibeji, the Orisha equivalent of Gemini. This house deals with communication and the way you think and operate mentally. An emphasis is put on siblings within this house which is properly represented by the twins, along with short journeys and writings. Ibeji also represents duality and balance; the yin and the yang found within all life. Though presented as twins, Ibeji is actually one Orisha. To the Yoruba people, twins are considered sacred and are said to be one soul inhabiting two bodies, linked together by destiny for life.

The fourth house of the Zodiac is ruled by Cancer and deals with issues surrounding the home life. Cancer is known for being maternal, protective, nurturing, and instinctive, qualities shared by the Orisha Yemoja, the goddess of the ocean and mother of all the Orisha. She is the patron spirit of women, especially pregnant women, whose name is a contraction of the Yoruba words “Yeye omo eja” which means “Mother whose children are like fish”, representing the vastness of her motherhood. Her ebb and flow of the tides of the ocean are a result of the moon which is the ruling “planet” of the fourth house.

The fifth house of the Zodiac is the house of creativity and pleasure, ruled by the sign Leo. This house deals with gaining pleasure through acts of creation, artistically and even procreation i.e. the creation of offspring. The Sun, the ruling “planet” of the fifth house, is a symbol of creative energy, illumination, and knowledge, all of which the Orisha of wisdom, knowledge, and divination Orunmila reflects. It is Orunmila’s duty to record the destiny of individuals at the moment the breath of life is given to them by Yoruba creator Olodumare, who creates because it brings Them pleasure to do so.

The Orisha Eshu is the ruler of the sixth house, the equivalent to the sign Virgo. Health, work, and service are central to the sixth house, which is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods within the Roman pantheon. Eshu is the Orisha that stands at the crossroads between the physical world and the spirit world, whose duty is to be the intermediary between man and the Orisha. Therefore, when one wishes to call upon the Orisha, he or she first gets permission from Eshu. This is symbolic of clearing and preparing the mind to receive whatever message the Orisha have for you.

Oba is the Orisha of marriage and personal transformation, making her fit to be the ruler of the seventh house, the house of partnership. Oba was the first wife of Shango who tended to his castle and everything that he requested, making her the ideal wife before being tricked by her sister Oya into trying to ensnare Shango with witchcraft. After this betrayal she fled to the cemetery in which she went through a transformational journey into her true power. This house is about expediating our life’s purpose through partnerships, whether that partnership be marriage, business relations, contracts, and/or treaties. Through these partnerships we learn a great deal about ourselves, transforming and enhancing our lives, making them fuller and bringing us balance on the scales of Libra.

Oya, the goddess of winds and storms, is the equivalent to Scorpio and is the ruler of the eighth house which is the house of transformation, regeneration, death, sex, and rebirth. She is the powerful force in nature that can change the face of the Earth, embodying the tornadoes and twisters that uproot trees and houses with her destructive winds. This powerful Orisha is also responsible for carrying the spirits of the newly departed to the spirit world.

The ninth house is the house of philosophy and is ruled by the philosopher Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter, the king of the gods within the Roman pantheon. Obatala, the father of all the Orisha, would therefore be the Orisha ruler of this house. Obatala is said to be the Orisha of purity and was sent by the Supreme Being Olodumare at the beginning of time to form the Earth along with construct the bodies of humans. Obatala completed his construction of the bodies he created by adding heads to them, therefore becoming known as the owner of heads. The head is symbolic of intelligence, higher education, and deeper understanding, all which the ninth house represents.

The tenth house is the house of public life and social status, being ruled by Capricorn and the planet Saturn. The aspects within this house deal with how you manifest your individual role within society and your work place, along with the energies and challenges you’ll face meeting your career goals. The Yoruba associate the planet Saturn with Babalú-Ayé, the Orisha of disease and healing. Also known as the “Wrath of the supreme god”, Babalú-Ayé’s job is to punish individuals for their transgressions, but also to heal epidemics like small pox.

The house of friends and membership, the eleventh house of the Zodiac is ruled by the planet Uranus and the sign Aquarius. Aquarius is associated with rapid social change, upheaval, and rebellion, traits that all reflect Shango, the warrior Orisha of thunder, lightning, and fire. Once a living king on Earth, Shango is known for working miracles after his death, elevating him to the status of Orisha. Shango is also the brother of Babalú-Ayé, the Orisha ruler of the tenth house. The work in society represented within the tenth house is expressed through the individual in the activities associated with the eleventh house, the planets and energies indicating how group associations and friendships will operate in your life.

The twelfth house of the Zodiac is ruled by Pisces whose Orisha equivalent is Olokun, the god of the ocean floor. This house is associated with self undoing and confinement, which is reflected in Olokun being chained to the ocean floor by seven chains. As this house deals with the unconscious and things beyond the physical plane, Olokun’s aspects are expressed within the astral, the subconscious, and altered states of consciousness that is experienced during meditation, initiation, and spirit possession. Deep and mysterious is this house of the Zodiac, just like the bottom of the ocean; an old Yoruba proverb says that nobody knows what lies on the ocean floor. Olokun is said to be the owner of the Mysteries, and sparks within our being the genius that activates our super subconscious.

Peace, Love, & Balance

Ten Basic Rules For Better Living
by Manly P. Hall

1. Stop worrying

The popular idea that a worrier is a thoughtful and conscientious citizen is false. The Egyptians realized this when they included worry among the cardinal sins. Do not confuse thoughtfulness and worry. The thoughtful person plans solutions, but the worrier merely dissolves in his own doubt. If you think straight, you will have less cause for worrying. The worrier not only suffers the same disaster many times, but undermines his health and annoys all others with whom he comes into contact. There are many things in this world that require thoughtful consideration, but there is really nothing to fear but fear.

2. Stop trying to dominate and posses your friends and relatives

Each of us likes to feel that he is running his own life. The moment we recognize the rights of others to seek life, liberty, and happiness according to their own dreams, hopes, and aspirations, we begin to conserve our own resources. It is very debilitating to give advice which is ignored or rejected, and equally disappointing to attempt to posses and dominate persons who immediately resent and combat our dictatorial tendencies. We are hurt when they do not see things our way. If we save advice for ourselves and those who seek it from us, and who are therefore grateful, all concerned will be the better.

3. Moderate ambition

There is a tendency to overlook natural and simple blessings while we plunge on toward distant goals. Each individual has certain capacities. If he can recognize his own abilities and work with them, he can attain personal security. If, however, he is constantly seeking that which is not reasonably attainable, he can never know happiness or contentment. The wise man observes the disastrous results of uncontrollable ambitions, and chooses moderation. It is not necessary to be famous in order to be happy, nor must one be the leading citizen in the community in order to gratify ones social instinct. The ambitious usually pay too much for what they get, and are the more miserable after they get it.

4. Do not accumulate more than you need

There is no real distinction in being the richest man in the graveyard. Many earnest citizens act as though there were pockets in shrouds. We are supposed to have outgrown the primitive belief that we should bury a mans goods with him so that his spirit might enjoy them in the afterworld. Here, again, the middle course is the wisest. Let us reserve some of our energy for enjoyment, and not give all of ourselves to the task of accumulation. Many a man who has made a million has not lived to spend it. A rich life can be more practical than a monumental bank account.

5. Learn to relax

Great tension is an abomination. The more tense we become, the more stupidly we are likely to act, and, according to the old Buddhists, stupidity is a cardinal sin. Today, many so-called efficient people are perpetually on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This is not so likely to be due to overwork as to unreasonable driving impulses from within themselves. Some say that they are overtaxing their resources to keep their jobs or to maintain extravagant families. Whether you believe it or not, you are a better producer and a better provider if you do not collapse from psychic exhaustion at some critical moment when you are most in need of good health. If your associates do not realize this, they may be in need of practical counsel.

6. Cultivate a sense of humor

As never before, we must brighten and lighten the corners where we are. The more seriously we take ourselves and our responsibilities, the duller we become. It is a saving grace to realize that, although living is a serious matter, we can take it too seriously. Also bear in mind that genuine humor is not bitter, cynical, or critical. It is the ability to laugh with the world and not at the world. If we must laugh at someone, let it be ourselves. Humor is a spice to living. It adds flavor to work, zest to play, charm to self-improvement, and proves to others that we have a security within ourselves. A sincere, happy laugh, like the joyous rippling of childrens laughter, relieves tension and restores good nature. Incidentally, it makes friends and inspires confidence.

7. Find a reason for your own existence

Unless you believe in something bigger than yourself, have some purpose more vital than accumulation or advancement in business or society, you are only existing, not living. A simple pattern is to realize that the laws of Nature that put you here seem to be primarily concerned with growth. You are a success to the degree that you grow, and you grow to the degree that you become a wiser, more useful, and more secure person. In other words, we live to learn, and by this very process, we learn to live. Broaden your horizon, develop an interest in all that is fine, beautiful, and purposeful. Great internal good comes from the love for music, art, great literature, broad philosophy, and simple faith. Strengthen the inside of your nature, and the outside will be better.

8. Never intentionally harm another person

Never by word or deed return evil for good, or evil for evil. Weed negative and destructive thoughts and emotions out of your personality, or they will ultimately contribute to your misery. As we look around us, we see the tragic results of individuals and nations that harbor grudges or nurse the instincts for revenge. The harmless life saves those who live it from many of the mortal shocks that flesh is heir to. Our critical attitudes and our long memories of evils that others have caused only reduce our present efficiency and endanger health and vitality. Even the selfish man realizes that he cannot afford to keep a grudge, and the unselfish simply will not permit grudges to accumulate because they know better and they believe better.

9. Beware of anger

When ill-temper controls us, we are no longer able to control ourselves. In a moment of anger, we may create a situation which will require years to remedy. Why should we spend our time trying to recover from our own mistakes? If we disapprove, let us state our case simply and quietly, and remember that we should never try to correct another when we have already committed a fault as great as his. A quick temper is a serious handicap in business or in the home. It is useless to say that we cannot control anger. This is as much as to admit that we have lost the power to control ourselves. If we resent the unkindness of others and the collective irritability of this generation, let us make sure that we are not one of the irritating factors.

10. Never blame others for our own mistakes

It is hardly necessary. Each of us seems to have an incredible capacity to do things badly and select unwisely. Actually, we are in trouble because we have not made constructive use of the power and abilities which we received as a birthright. Others can hurt us only while our inner life is too weak to sustain in the presence of trial or test. Instead of resenting misfortunes, and seeking to excuse our own limitations, we must face the facts. Either we are stronger than the problem and can solve it intelligently, or the problem is stronger than we are, and the only solution is to increase our own strength. Others are not to blame for our unhappiness. Each man must seek his own peace of mind, and, as the Arabian Nights so well expressed it, happiness must be earned.

sasuke & c-ptsd: a meta

okay so i talk a lot about this headcanon and i decided to finally do a detailed meta about it.

first and foremost, let’s talk about what c-ptsd is. c-ptsd stands for complex post traumatic stress disorder, a differing disorder from the more common ptsd. it’s worth noting that c-ptsd isn’t an officially recognized disorder in the DSM - it’s been deemed too similar to ptsd and bpd for its own diagnosis, but it’s still used informally and i believe has its merit. i have ptsd, and would describe it more specifically as c-ptsd.

anyway, onto the specifics, and what this means for sasuke himself:

1. the trauma

putting under a cut because this baby is looong and image-heavy. sorry if you’re mobile and it shows the whole thing.

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Beforan Ancestors

Aradia: The Ancestor

She is believed to be the original troll, and is known to have created the seeds of a mighty civilisation in East Beforus. She’s credited as the prophetess, and wrote about beforus and alternia. She left writings predicting the rise and fall of beforus, as well as the creation of Alternia,and even predicted the influence of her bloodline throughout all of Troll History.

Tavros: The Schmooze

A great Actor and in many beloved Troll Movies (generally the flirtatious male in romcoms, his acting in Troll Footloose is who both Cronus and Rufioh based themselves off of), he was known as the most eligible bachelor on Beforus for his entire career. He had one ability that allowed his acting to surpass all others, imagining all his self consciousness as an outside force that couldn’t affect him. This allowed him to be free and act as anyone. This ability to portray anyone perfect earned him countless fans, all wishing to meet his various personas. Although he was able to wine and dine with the greatest of troll culture, he was still incredibly self conscious when with those he was closest to.

Sollux: The Prodiigy

Both a famous game creator and stuntman (no one knows they’re the same person) he lives a dual life, not wanting his interests to get in the way of each other. He was coddled by Terezi’s beforan self for his mutation (which eventually becomes a secret Matespritship). He’s a prodigy both when it comes to his athletic career, pulling off stunts only possible with psychic abilities, and with his game creating, making incredibly deep MMO’s and RPG’s with incredibly simple code. His greatest achievements are creating the original Fiduspawn, and Troll X Games.

Karkat: The Critical

Once coddled by Kanaya’s pre-scratch self, his beliefs about coddling being a good thing were shatteredafter realizing that he hadn’t developed any social skills and hadn’t been treated as an equal,even being treated as an inferior in an unrequited black romance. He ran away, and eventually became an outspoken political opponent to Coddling and believes that those who would coddle are harming the development of lower caste trolls. Often inspires rioting with his anger filled speeches. As a first punishment, his sign was erased from history, being deemed too dangerous an ideal for future mutants. His own version of the Vast Expletive came when being escorted away by the Empress, and proclaimed a far more advanced world, where without coddling and unnecessary caution, an technological empire spanned the galaxy, his hate of coddling remains in Kankri to this day.

Nepeta: The Cupidess

In a world with four different ways to experience romance, the citizens are bound to face confusion on who to flirt with and in what quadrant they should flirt in. This was a problem solved by the innovations of the Cupidess. She was the one who solidified the definitions of the quadrant system, and gave thousands of snippets of relationship advice. Not only that, but she even traveled the world, helping as many trolls as she could to find a quadrant that they could fill. She even once wandered into the camps of the cult of the Mirthful Messiahs, believing that they would be more accepted if they just embraced the quadrant system more. She even entered into a quadrant with The Mirthful… Although not much information is known beyond that. After that encounter, she retreated to her long abandoned hive, and carved all her knowledge about shipping and quadrants into the walls. Supposedly, this is where Meulin Leijon learned the art of shipping.

Kanaya: The Pamperer

Possibly the biggest sponsor of coddling and the caste system, The Pamperer took in more mutants and lowblood than any other troll in history. This of course led her to develop plenty of new ways to coddle and pamper each troll she took in, leading to the way coddling is done today. However, having so many trolls to attend to is not necessarily easy, and often led to many of them not getting the highest standard of care. The Pamperer was known for her habit of neglecting the needs of many of the newer trolls who weren’t used to her coddling techniques. As more and more of her coddled trolls began to leave her and run away, she put more of her emotions into the few trolls that she could manage to keep, including some of the darker emotions. She engaged in several (possibly unrequited) black relationships, with the final being her relationship with The Critical, which ended when he ran away. This broke her, and made her unable to care for any of the other trolls she was supposed to coddle. Her life ended with her still having unresolved issues in both Black Romance and coddling, which still remain in her descendant, Porrim Maryam.

Terezi: The Balancer

Living quite possibly the only other dual life as difficult as The Prodiigy’s, The Balancer keeps both her stunt life with Sollux and her career as a Legislacerator in perfect balance, even being able to go public with both lives without being thrown off her course. The most goal oriented troll on Beforus, she’s somehow able to keep both the scales of justice uncorrupted, fair, and balanced, while also being able to balance a skateboard on a tightrope hundreds of feet above the ground. She showed hundreds that with the right state of mind, even the most incompatible lifestyles can be brought together in harmony, and that no matter your limits (I.e. Wanting to be both a famous daredevil AND a seeker of justice) you can overcome the hurdles and find balance in life. Her descendant, Latula, uses this mindset whenever she’s having trouble with her own disabilities or whenever she’s having a hard time in her relationship with Mituna.

Vriska: The We8keeper

When your world spans hundreds of thousands of generations, history can become hard to keep track of all in books. So, one entrepreneurial highblood came up with a way to help out future generations as well as make her look good. She created the tradition of web keeping, or weaving a spider lusus’s webs into an incredibly durable record of Beforus’s History. However, this was no concise history, as the first troll to do it ALSO had a tendency to ramble on, as well as to… em8ellish her own personal history to say the least. Most early web records of history contain her scathing remarks on how she would’ve done better, as well as containing a bit of bias (a lot of bias) towards her own thoughts on said history. Nevertheless, without a record of history we are doomed to repeat it, and she started the proud tradition that carries on in her bloodline today, leaving a Young Serket immensely interested in recounting historical events to anyone who will listen.

Equius: The E%ploited

While Alternia was far more technologically advanced (due to constant war forcing technological innovation) , Beforus had its own slew of masterful crafts. Most if not all of current day Beforus’ tech was pioneered and invented by the E%ploited, however, you’d never guess that based on the patents placed on each invention he made. This entrepreneur’s story is a tragic one, as all those he employed to help him make Beforus a better place ended up betraying him, and stealing his inventions. Indeed, the E%ploited was too trusting of his associates, and was doomed to die mostly unknown, with one innovation left to his name that no one had stolen from him, this being his writings on robotics. His curse of anonymity was passed to his descendant, as well as said writings, leaving the young Zahhak to finally bring proper recognition to their bloodline.

Gamzee: The Mirthful

Not much is known about this mysterious religious figure, except his nefarious reputation and the cult he left behind. Whether he named himself after it or vice versa, the fact still remains that he founded the once violent cult of the Mirthful Messiahs. He was said to steal children from their lusii, subjecting them to thinkpan rotting materials (such as sopor slime and Faygo) until they saw what he saw; a future full of only miracles. He even once managed to convince the Cupidess to join his cult for a sweep, but she left after a horrifying sopor vision that she’d refuse to ever speak of. He was said to have had prophetic dreams of both madness and clarity, predicting the Vast Honk, and naming himself as both of the Mirthful Messiahs at one point. After his gruesome (cut in half from head to toe) death, the cult calmed down, but they’ve never shaken their sinister reputation, and are said to still be planning the destruction of all universes even now.

Eridan: The Wwashout

Once a beloved Troll actor, even starring in films with The Schmooze in his heyday, he began to fall out of popularity after Troll Harry Potter. He never had a serious roll after that, with critics (especially The Critical) calling his acting uninspired. His fall from grace is comparable to the human actor CHARLIE SHEEN, they even had the same Ultimate Failure, Foodfight. Or in The Wwashout’s case, Troll Foodfight. He was once revered by a young Cronus Ampora (his fall from grace even contributing to his later disbelief in magic) , but after the failure that was Troll Foodfight, not even the young sea dweller could justify his movies, and moved on to revering The Schmooze. The Wwashout’s failure in acting was passed on to Cronus, in the form of failure at romance in any quadrant.

Feferi: The Gracious

Centuries of previous empresses came and left on Beforus without leaving a blip on the metaphorical radar. Sure, they kept troll society from falling apart, but they did nothing revolutionary. Her Grand Graciousness changed all of that. She took the lessons learned from saving endangered sealife as a child, and applied that to saving lowblood trolls as an adult. With her revolutionary coddling system in place, Troll society on Beforus began to be what it is today. Peaceful, kind, giving. While she was opposed by many of the highbloods (who felt as though they were being saddled with unfair responsibilities), she argued that their preferences did not matter, so long as the majority were safe and protected. She always argued that security and safety were more important than any of her citizen’s other needs. While the society still works today, it’s oppossed by many, including her own descendant.

Thesis on Morgoth and Sauron and their roles as Dark Lords (Part 1/4)

For my Tolkien project, I decided I was going to explore the dynamics of Morgoth and Sauron and see if I could make an estimate as to whether or not one was more effective as dark lord than the other. I did this in regard as I would not be able to debate whether or not one was more powerful (seeing as the Valar are higher beings then the Maiar, and seeing that Melkor was the eldest, he of course is indisputably stronger than Sauron).

However, just because you’re more powerful doesn’t always mean you’re more effective. We see this all throughout history in examples where generals themselves might not be very capable in battle but are able to gain mastery by being clever strategist. Therefore that inspired me to research if one could argue whether or not Morgoth or Sauron came closer to accomplishing their goal—dominion over Middle Earth (or Beleriand).

I did this by looking at a few key characteristics—longevity of rule (but more importantly, what was achieved), servants (those who served under them and attributed to their victories), their primary enemies (or the state of those they fought against), as well as their defeat (and what caused the finale fall). Then I concluded with their legacy and the impact they have throughout the legendarium.


General Disclaimer

  • I am not at all an expert, just a very passionate individual in Tolkien’s lore. Therefore some of what is stated throughout this essay may be based upon faulted research and weighed heavily by personal interpretation and opinion. So please do keep such in mind. Most of the information here was found within The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Unfinished Tales, as well as Tolkien Gateway and Wikipedia.


Longevity of rule

  • Important note to make here. Just because you are in power for a long majority of time doesn’t necessarily mean you used that time wisely. I’m sure most of us are very familiar with procrastination. Therefore I did not look simply at length of ‘reign’, but more so the accomplishments (and losses) experienced throughout the span of their rule.



Approximately 590 years (Years of the Sun)

  • Melkor is incredibly hard to estimate the exact length of time he was in power. This is because the majority of the Valian Years are left without date. The first primary experience of time is with the Years of the Trees, but even then how time is recorded will be drastically different when the Valar raise the sun and the moon
  • Therefore it is often argued as to whether or not the First Age is the longest or shortest of ages. If you try to make an assumption over the span of the Valian Years and couple it with the First Age, you are left with it being nearly 50,000 years in length. However, if you are to attribute the First Age with the rising of the sun to the defeat of Morgoth, it is around 590 years.
  • I took liberties here and for the sake of sanity, decided to account the beginning of Morgoth’s dominion in Beleriand being with the awakening of man and therefore the rising of the sun, equaling more so to the 590 years it would take until he is defeated. However, anyone can argue that his reign could be anywhere between 50,000 to 590 years, give or take a few.


Approximately 6,462 years (Second to Third Age)

  • Sauron is easier to calculate in terms of authority than Melkor, seeing as recorded dates were more of a thing when he was around. However, it is still slightly difficult, as Sauron’s reign tended to act like that of a heartbeat; having its occasional rises and falls. Therefore to give one total of years in power is a little vaguer, seeing as he came and went throughout the second and third ages.
  • However, he was still present in Middle Earth for around 6,462 years (from the start of the second age to his eventual fall in the third age). Therefore that is the timeline I am going to associate with his rule. You could deduct 500 years, seeing as it wasn’t until S.A. 500 he began to rise in might in Middle Earth following the end of the First Age. You could also deduct years from the duration of his defeat in the Battle of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men as well as the time spent as being the Necromancer in The Hobbit.
  • But as I did so with Morgoth, I decided to take some liberties and simply to go with the start of the Second Age to his fall in the Third, seeing as he was still a threat for 6,462 years. However, this to can be reasonably debated and argued.


Accomplishments and Losses

  • Like stated, longevity doesn’t accredit to a successful reign. Therefore it is important to understand what each individual did in the time that they were given. However, it is also important to note: Just because you accomplished a lot, didn’t mean these accomplishments had long lasting effects or were of any significance in the long run. Losses themselves may even outweigh what was accomplished in terms of being effective or attributing to the finale victory.



Major Accomplishments

  • Destruction of Arda (V.Y. Unknown): Known also as the First War. Melkor assaults his brethren and disrupts the ordered symmetry they seek to build within Arda, causing cataclysmic events and shaping much of the geography
  • Destruction of the Two Lamps (Y.L. 3450): Melkor destroys the two lamps, ending the Spring of Arda
  • Destruction of the Two Trees (Y.T. 4995): Known also as the ‘Darkening of Valinor’ Manwe hosts a festival in Valimar to heal the feud of the Noldor. Melkor and Ungoliant destroy the Two Trees.
  • Capturing of the Silmarils (Y.T. 4995): Morgoth assaults and kills High King Finwe and steals the Silmarils. Feanor becomes High King and his sons swear an oath against Melkor and he is renamed Morgoth. The Noldor depart from Valinor, and the First Kinslaying occurs with the slaughtering of the Teleri and the sieging of their ships
  • Doom of Mandos (Y.T. 4996): Noldor are banished from Valinor and face great doom
  • Fall of Man (F.A. 60-c. 200): Morgoth is absent from Angband, after discovering Men. Persuaded by Melkor, Men stop worshiping Eru and turn to evil but some revolt. According to legend, Men now lose the gift to die at will as the result of divine punishment, and are doomed to lead short-life spans at the end of which death takes them by force.
  • Curse of the House of Hador  (F.A. 472-500): Morgoth chained Húrin to a chair on the slopes of Thangorodrim for not revealing the location of Gondolin, and from there– through Morgoth’s sorcery– he could watch the tragedies that would befall his family and the curse destroy his children, Nienor and Túrin.
  • Fall of Gondolin (F.A. 510): Gondolin, the Great Hidden City of Turgon and the Noldor, was betrayed by Maeglin and sacked by Morgoth’s forces. Resulted in the deaths of Turgon and the Lords Glorfindel and Echelion, but the defeat of Gothmog as well. Tuor and Idril escape.


  • Many of Morgoth’s accomplishments were ineffective in the longevity of Middle Earth. While Morgoth became close to victory after the Fall of Gondolin, much of what he achieved was often worked around.
  • When Melkor raised Arda, the Valar rebuilt it, when the lamps were destroyed, the Valar built the Trees, when the trees were destroyed, the Valar raised the sun and the moon. When the silmarils were stolen, only Feanor and his sons rallied an oath against him and such resulted in their own doom.
  • Morgoth’s curse and the fall of Hador had little impact in Morgoth’s overall goal of conquest. It was very much an issue of personal spite and achieved only the demise of one household.
  • However, the Fall of Man and Gondolin could very well be considered long lasting achievements. Men wouldn’t be restored until Numenor, and even then only a selected were given the longevity of lives. Gondolin allowed for Morgoth to draw close to a finale victory and was, in all terms; a success.
  • Therefore, only two of his eight achievements supported his overall goal.


Major Losses

  • Intimidation of Tulkas (Y.L. 1500): Tulkas arrives, the last of the Valar to descend into Arda. Melkor flees from him and hides in the halls of Ea
  • Siege of Utumno (Y.T. 4590): The Valar march to war against Melkor on behalf of the Elves and lay siege to Utumno in 4592. Known as the War of the Powers
  • Chaining of Angainor (Y.T. 4599-900): Melkor is captured, and bound in the great chain Angainor, Utumno is destroyed. Melkor is taken to Valinor in chains and sentenced to serve a term in the Halls of Mandos for three ages and then later freed from his sentence by Manwe.
  • Betrayal of Ungoliant (Y.T. 4995?): Melkor withheld the Silmarils in his right hand, having desired them too greatly to allow the Great Spider to devour them. In response, an enraged Ungoliant wrapped Melkor in her webs, and poised to devour him as punishment for his perceived betrayal. Having grown far larger and stronger than before by absorbing the light of the Two Trees, the Gloomweaver would have killed Melkor had not his cry of desperation been heard by his Balrogs, who took flight and saved their master
  • Siege of Angband (F.A. 60-455): Battle of Dagor Aglareb, the Noldor defeat Morgoth’s forces and start the Siege of Angband. Known also as the “Long Peace” it lasted hundreds of years in the early expanse of the First Age when the Noldor sieged the fortress of Morgoth. It was a time of plentitude, peace and happiness for Elves and Men and was when the Noldor reached the peak of their power. However the siege was not complete and Morgoth was able to send out forces through secret passages from the towers of Thangorodrim.
  • Battle of Fingolfin (F.A. 456): Fingolfin challenges Morgoth to single combat and is slain but cripples Morgoth in response for the remainder of the First Age.
  • Quest of the Silmarils (F.A. 466): Beren and Luthien come to Angband and achieve the Quest of the Silmaril by gaining a silmaril from Morgoth’s iron crown. They return to Doriath but Carcharoth ravages the land.
  • Slaying of Glaurung (F.A. 499): The first worm of Morgoth is slain by Túrin though later results in the death of he and his sister Nienor.
  • War of Wrath (545-587): will be discussed in The Finale Defeat (stay tuned for section 4)



Major Accomplishments

  • Lieutenant of Angband (Y.T. 4599): Destruction of Utumno. Sauron escapes capture and remains in Angband, breeding orcs and trolls for Melkor
  • Corruption of Tol-in-Gaurhoth (F.A. 455-465): Finrod’s fortress of Minas Tirith is taken by the forces of Sauron; Tol Sirion is renamed Tol-in-Gaurhoth, “Isle of Werewolves”. Beren sets out for the Quest of the Silmaril. Receives the aid of Finrod Felagund. Here they are imprisoned in Tol-In-Gaurhoth following the duel or duelet of Finrod and Sauron. Finrod is slain by a werewolf but Beren is rescued by Luthien.
  • Creating the Rings of Power (S.A. 1200-1600): Sauron seduces and deceives the Noldor in Eregion in the guise of Annatar but Gil-Galad and Galadriel mistrust him. The Noldor under Celebrimbor are instructed by Sauron, and begin forging the Rings of Power. Sauron forges the One-Ring in secret and completes the building of his fortress Barad-dur. Celebrimbor begins fighting Sauron
  • Fall of Eregion (S.A. 1697): Eregion destroyed ending one of the last great elven strongholds in Middle Earth and Celebrimbor is slain, thus ending the line of Feanor. The doors of Moria are shut and Elrond establishes Rivendell in secret.
  • Fall of Númenor (S.A. 3255-3319): Ar-Pharazorn the Golden weds his first cousin Miriel, and seizes the throne of Numenor. Ar-Pharazorn sails to Middle Earth and takes Sauron captive. Sauron is taken prisoner to Numenor but begins corrupting the Numenoreans and becomes court advisor to Ar-Pharazorn. Sauron establishes himself as High Priest of Melkor, the Faithful are openly persecuted and sacrificed to Morgoth. Ar-Pharazorn sets foot on Aman.
  • Atheism in Númenor (S.A. 3300): Sauron convinces the Numenoreans that Eru was a lie created by the Valar to keep the children of Arda complicit. Melkor was then the giver of freedom, for he wished to empower man and not chain them as the Valar desire. Atheism = a disbelief in Eru as the Valar were not true ‘gods’
  • Recovery of the One-Ring (S.A. 3320): Gondor founded, Sauron returns to Mordor.


  • Sauron’s accomplishments were dramatically more long lasting within the longevity of Middle Earth then that of Morgoth.
  • The creating of the Rings of Power would continue to cause numerous incidents of greed, war and temptation, lasting well into the Third Age until his finale defeat. Those that wore the rings were bound to them and twisted into creatures called Ringwraiths, whose fates would forever be depended upon them. Those that possessed the One-Ring would find themselves becoming mad on its power and some even had to take leave to Valinor in a hopes to recover from its taint
  • Eregion was considered one of the last great elven kingdoms in Middle Earth, alike to the glory of those in the First Age. Upon its fall, nothing of similar power would be created by the elves in Middle Earth beyond those of pocket realms held by lords and ladies.
  • Much of the same, Numenor was considered to be the greatest kingdom of man and nothing in its likeness would be found in Middle Earth again. Upon its fall, Valinor was removed from the earth and Arda itself became round and foreign.
  • Lastly the recovery of the One-Ring allowed for Sauron to grow in malice and might once more, and he would return twice again to lay siege to Middle Earth.
  • Therefore five of his seven accomplishments attributed to his succession towards domination and the former two allowed for Sauron to gain much needed experience before allowing his aggression to stretch outward.


Major Losses

  • Humiliation of Huan (F.A. 465): Sauron takes the guise of a great wolf and attempts to overpower the hound Huan. However, he is gravely wounded and his forms stripped of him and he flees in the disguise of a bat and is not seen for the remainder of the First Age. This allows for Beren and Luthien to succeed in the Quest of the Silmarils (see Melkor’s Losses)
  • Rejection of Eönwë (F.A. 590?): After the War of Wrath, Sauron adopted a fair form and repented of his evil deeds in fear of the Valar. Eonwe then ordered Sauron to return to Valinor to receive judgement by Manwe. Sauron was not willing to suffer such humiliation and fled and hid himself in Middle Earth.
  • Forging of the Three Rings (S.A. 1590- T.A. 3021): Celebrimbor forges the Three Rings in secret. Would later be possessed by Elrond, Cirdan/Gandalf, and Galadriel. Known also as Narya (Ring of Fire), Nenya (Ring ofWater) and Vilya (Ring of Air)– preserved the beauty of Elven lands and would ward off Sauron’s power and influence throughout his return in the Third Age.
  • Minastir’s Navy (S.A.1700): Tar-Minastir (11th King of Numenor) sends a great navy to Lindon. Sauron is defeated and his forces retreat from the coasts of Middle Earth.
  • Fruit of Nimloth (S.A. 3280): The White Tree of Gondor is said to be tied into the fates of men and should it be burned or destroyed, their empires shall fall. Isildur steals a fruit from Nimloth, the white tree is burn in Sauron’s temple thereafter. Later given to Aragorn and replanted in the Third Age following Sauron’s defeat.
  • Drowning of Númenor (S.A. 3319): Ar-Pharazorn sets foot on Aman; the World is Changed. Aman and Tol Eressea are removed from Arda. Numenor is drowned and the world is made round. Elendil and his sons arrive on the shores of middle earth. Sauron is removed of his fair form.
  • the Last Alliance of Elves and Men (S.A. 3441): Elendil and Gil-Galad face Sauron in hand to hand combat. But they perish, though Isildur takes the shards of his father’s sword Narsil and cuts the One-Ring from Sauron’s finger. Sauron’s physical form is destroyed and Barad-dur is razed to the ground. Many elves depart to Valinor thereafter.
  • The Fellowship of the Ring (T.A. 3018-19): will be discussed in The Finale Defeat (stay tuned for section 4)


Overall Conclusion

  • This is not at all a professional essay and therefore it may be founded upon faulted information and heavily weighed by personal opinion. However, in concerns of longevity of rule but more importantly, of accomplishments; Sauron succeeded more towards his goal of dominating Middle Earth and the free people found within. His achievements possessed greater impacts in the longevity of Middle Earth. For more on Sauron in the Third Age, please wait for section 4 which will discuss The Finale Defeat.

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You don't seem to like Jonerys. Why?

A bunch of reasons. Show!wise, it’s officially come down to “These characters seriously piss me off, period.”

Book!wise?There’s two prongs to this. 

The first prong is quite the opposite of why I don’t like Show!Jonerys. I LOVE the book versions of these characters.  I really, really root for both Jon and Dany, want them to succeed, and love their goals and ambitions. I want them to get what they want, and feel that is what they deserve. And I don’t think a romance between the two of them satisfies their characters, their inner hopes, dreams, goals, and ambitions. It simply will not allow them to get the endings they deserve.

Now, let me make this clear: I am not saying their motivations are utterly alien to each other. Both of them have severe identity and displacement issues. Both of them, on some level, yearn for home. But what those things mean to them as people, and the paths that may bring them… the things they want simply don’t mesh in a way that makes room for romance.

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Mob and Tsubomi analysis

Hey y’all my name is Emily and today I’m gonna try my hand at MP100 Meta™, specifically about Mob, Tsubomi, and their complex relationship. This is kind of all over the place and is pretty long, so if you want to skip to the part where I actually talk about their hypothetical romantic relationship (which was the original point of this post before I got carried away), it has stars next to it.

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My heart hurts. I am praying that none of you were among the injured or the dead. I am praying that none of you know someone who was. This hurts me so badly. I don’t personally know anyone affected. I feel as though I’m mourning over 22 people I will never know.

Georgina Callander was one of the 22 who were killed in the attack. I didn’t know Gina, but she was all over my twitter feed this morning. Her account made me smile. She was a huge fangirl who had the chance to meet so many of her favorite celebrities. She was a big member of the family I call Team Internet. To me, anyone who loves and supports the members of this crazy online platform is a member of this crazy family. Joe shared a picture he took with Gina and multiple members of Team Internet responded with heartbreak. It is clear to me that Gina was a big part of this family. I feel like I have lost a distant relative. What are the chances that one of the 22 was one of us? I think about this account and how many followers I have who I don’t know and never will know. I wonder if one of them was Gina. I wonder if I have lost other family members I will never know.

I tend to get overly emotional about things like this. I am just some girl in Michigan. I guess I just can’t believe that we live in a world of such evil. And I hate that that evil has taken a member of Team Internet. Like I said, I feel like I have lost a distant relative.

I don’t know what else to say. I have BBC news on and I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Good news? An announcement that it’s all a prank? Another catastrophe designed by Sam Pepper for an elaborate video? I know the reality but I’m in denial. I hate this. I hate that we have to be afraid of going to concerts. I hate that I have a play for my friend tonight an I’m scared to go. I hate that my mom is at work and I want her home. Such trivial things to be worried about. I hate the fear that terrorism spreads across the world. I hate that this terrorist targeted teenagers. Children. What was his goal? What did the 8-year-old girl who was so excited to see Ariana do to him? What did Gina do to him? I know he wanted mass destruction (that’s what terrorists want, right?) but I can’t fathom this. This is unfair. This is cowardly.

I’m sorry my words haven’t come out as well as I wanted them to. I guess I just don’t know what to say. I am heartbroken. I wanted to wake up this morning unaffected by it all, but it’s hitting me hard and I don’t know why, and I don’t like it.

They just showed a picture of Gina on BBC and I had to look away. She was so happy and now she is gone.

I don’t know if the UK had the childhood show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. It was a lovely children’s show about a man named Mr. Rogers who would teach us about life and good things and treated us all like neighbors. He once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” That’s what I’m trying to do. Trying to focus on the emergency response team. Trying to focus on the line that was waiting to donate blood for those injured. Trying to focus on the hotels offering room for those who need help. Trying to focus on the people online who are helping people find their loved ones. Trying to find any glimmer of hope in this dark world.

They’re talking about Donald Trump on BBC right now and I don’t want to hear about this orange man and his plans in the middle east. He called those behind the attack evil losers. I’m sorry but what? Where’s Obama and his smooth and caring words of assurance and love?

I am praying for everyone who has been affected by this. I’m praying for Gina. Please stay safe. If you’re in Manchester, STAY HOME. I know that your government is saying that the threat is still high, that there is a high chance of another attack. Please, I am begging you, stay home. Keep your family close. Call your friends, make sure they’re okay. Please, please stay safe. Don’t let the bad guys win.

When I was going through Gina’s twitter, I saw that she was a big fan of the show Once Upon a Time. Snow White and Charming used to say Good can’t just lose. Good will always win. That’s what we have to say. We can’t let evil win. Good. Can’t. Lose. If we stand together and hold each other close, good will win.

I’m sorry I can’t do more. I’m sorry my words are falling a bit flat. Just know that my prayers are for all of you who have been affected by this. Please stay safe. The world is a scary place.

Here is an emergency contact number. I don’t know what this means but they keep showing it on TV so I feel like it’s important to share:

0800 096 0095

One of the most popular quotes from season 2 is Rutabaga Rabitowitz’s movie star speech, where he tells Princess Carolyn that she is the protagonist in her own story, and that the challenges she is facing only serve as perspective for when she eventually gets everything that she wants. Most of its circulation has been positive and uncritical, but upon close inspection, it’s not only terrible advice, but a valid description of how many of the characters in the series are seeing themselves and operating.

The first time we see Rutabaga, he’s taking notes on his phone call with Princess Carolyn, where she tells him about how she has nearly secured a role for one of her clients. The next time they speak, he reveals that he had gotten his own client a screen test for the same movie, and effectively took the project from her. He doesn’t come off as overtly scheming or manipulative, but from day one, it’s established that he is an opportunist who doesn’t really think about what he’s doing, if it means he’s accomplishing his goals and pushing his own narrative further. It’s difficult to say whether or not he is intentionally malicious, but viewing himself as the only person in his life whose happiness matters corrupts his ability to be self aware. He doesn’t see himself as leading Princess Carolyn on, because he does like her. He wants to be able to keep Katie as his wife and have PC as his mistress, since the only thing that he’s taking into consideration is his own fulfillment and not how hurtful this is to either of them. Why would he? After all, he thinks the movie is about him.

When we see him again in “Old Acquaintance” in season 3, Rutabaga and Katie have repaired their marriage, are expecting children, and he’s running his own agency alongside Vanessa Gekko. We see that nothing has changed about his perspective when he’s competing with PC to secure Flight of the Pegasus. Both he and Vanessa resort to unethical tactics to sabotage PC––using Kelsey as a pawn, and digging through her old emails to find ammunition against her––and get the commission for themselves, while she simply had connections to the casting director. Him taking yet another project from PC not only seals VIM’s doom, but ruins Kelsey and BoJack’s chance at reconciliation. Holding his newborn children in the hospital, Rutabaga proclaims “you’ve got to love a happy ending,” despite leaving so much destruction in his wake.

Though Rutabaga is an extreme example, and most likely exists within this narrative as a testament to how cruel, intentionally or otherwise, this sort of self-centered thinking can be, we see the leads behave in similar ways at times. It’s the most apparent with BoJack, when he’s doing things like sabotaging Todd’s rock opera so he won’t move out, trying to get Charlotte to leave her family for him so he can live out an escapist fantasy, or endangering Sarah Lynn because he needs a distraction, but it isn’t just him. Diane pretends to be halfway across the world for months because she wants to maintain the image that she’s doing important work, even though her absence is hurtful to Mr. Peanutbutter. Even PB, to a much lesser extent than the former, shows similar characteristics when he doesn’t stop to consider that he and Diane could be thrown into serious financial trouble because he doesn’t want to pursue other acting jobs, even though he’s spent all their money.

The movie star speech and its eventual deconstruction goes to show that toxic ways of thinking and behaving aren’t always overt, and can even seem empowering on a superficial level. Perhaps Rutabaga is the hero of his own story, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a villain in someone else’s. The same goes for everybody else, in BoJack Horseman and beyond.

“Honesty is a bad habit of mine”: Jean’s Honesty in Attack on Titan, Part 1

So a partial draft of this has been sitting in my documents for a few weeks now, but today feels like a relatively timely moment to post it because of two things that have happened recently: Jean’s character song “Rusty Honesty” has been released and—as @imperfecteclipse informed me!— last Sunday was apparently national honesty day! So let’s talk about Jean’s most defining trait!

Jean’s attempt to persuade Armin and Reiner to assist him in stalling the Female Titan, Chapter 23.

In an interview published with the first volume of Attack on Titan in English, Isayama states that Jean is his favorite character in the series because, “Jean comes right out and says what he’s thinking, even if it’s something you normally couldn’t say. That’s what I like about him.” However, many characters within the manga don’t find Jean’s forthrightness quite as endearing. Shadis, for instance, compares Jean’s personality to “a drawn sword, which tends to create conflict” (chapter 18) and Jean himself calls honesty his “bad habit” (chapter 15). It’s a personality trait—or perhaps we should say personality commitment—with consequences, often putting him at odds with others because his observations make them uncomfortable.

What I find fascinating about Attack on Titan is that Jean is never, at any point of the narrative, asked to totally give up this “bad habit”: instead, his honesty—which often takes the form of dissent—is presented as a potential asset, particularly to his development as a future leader within the Corps. In the early chapters, his honesty gives way to cynical defeatism and apathy, but over time he develops it into a tool of productive critique. He never quite assimilates comfortably into the Survey Corps, working instead to keep them on their toes. He reminds both the Survey Corps and the reader of the stakes involved in fighting the titans, wondering what it means to achieve “the greater good” at such high costs.  

It’s a trait that, when used to actively question the world order rather than just passively observe it, makes Jean dangerous. And I’ve decided to talk about it in two parts, because pulling it apart and looking at in depth has proven to be quite an undertaking, haha. This part will focus on Jean’s honesty in the early narrative (and what he means when he terms himself an honest man) and part two will explore how it assists his development as a leader up through the Return to Shiganshina arc.

As is the case with pretty much all of my Jean metas, this reading of his role in the series is entirely dependent on the manga. As I have argued here, the anime’s characterization of Jean is quite different, which significantly alters his role in the narrative.

More under the cut!

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Could you do the one with the ndrv3 girls and their childhood friend ask but with the ndrv3 boys, please?

V3 Boys With A Childhood Friend S/O In The Killing Game With Them!

Saihara Shuichi

  • From the beginning, back when you two were just children, you had things he loved about you. He was drawn to you.
  • On top of that, you were inseparably drawn to him as well.
  • It felt like a blessing to be able to attend Hope’s Peak together; it only meant you’d enter your adult lives and each watch your best friend become successful.
  • It felt like a blessing until things took a dark turn.
  • Saihara grabbed your hand and rubbed his thumb into your palm when the Killing Game was announced. You two communicated through glances and stares.
  • He would not let anything happen to you, and he’d be a dead man if he did. He became protective of you and asked if you’d like to stay in his room with him.
  • Before this, you practically lived together, always at one another’s houses. This was nothing different, only much, much more terrifying.

Ouma Kokichi

  • You loved Ouma, despite his constant joking and mannerisms. In return, he loved to tease you, and it was like your thing.
  • He’d always teased you, lovingly, ever since you were little.
  • As soon as the Killing Game started, he thought it was a joke. He didn’t seem to take it seriously.
  • However, just looking at the grim expression on your face, he slowly realized that this was your new reality, and things were just getting started.
  • Even in the academy, he tried his best to make you laugh. It didn’t seem to be helping very much.
  • He also got extremely aggressive and protective over you.
  • He didn’t care if he bugged you or annoyed you, he was going to follow you around like a lost puppy and you became his number one priority.

Rantaro Amami

  • Unlike several others, he was understanding and calm about the Killing Game.
  • However, unlike several others, he had someone in here with him that he cared deeply about: You. 
  • You’d known one another since you were practically babies and grew up together, and he was damn sure not going to let you die in this academy. 
  • What happened to growing old together and finishing school? If anything, he was so confused as to why all of your plans had fallen from underneath you. 
  • No matter what, he was going to make sure you two got out of here alive because he wasn’t going to let your goals be for nothing.
  • Often, he showed you affection and joined you at the hip, and even when you were off on your own, he watched you like a hawk.
  • Not in a creepy way, but he was terrified of something happening to you.


  • You’d known Kiibo since he was first built and brought into this world, and that’s when you were very young. Ever since, you’d taught him the ways of the human world.
  • On the surface and deep inside, you knew he was an all around softie. Although, when the Killing Game began, he became much colder and tried to intimidate the others.
  • He’d threaten them with a ‘self destruct’ feature if they got too close to you, and played it off as if he had weapons stored inside of him.
  • It worked and the others left you two be, and you kept telling yourself it was for the best.
  • He couldn’t help it; you two were childhood friends. You were the first face he saw when he came into the world, and he didn’t want it to be his last.
  • At night time, he’d crawl in beside you and soften up, letting his ‘threatening’ nature slip away and protected you.
  • He didn’t need sleep, after all. So, he stayed up all his nights protecting you instead. Worth it.

Kaito Momota

  • Most of Kaito’s earliest memories involved you, and you were such huge parts of each other’s lives.
  • As soon as Monokuma appeared and the Killing Game was put into action, he made his way for you and grabbed your shoulders. Visibly unnerved and shaking, he held you tight and repeated that you two couldn’t die in here.
  • Doing your best to calm him down, he vowed that he wouldn’t let anything happen to you, not on his watch.
  • He almost seemed like a dad bossing you around. Truthfully, he just didn’t know what he’d do without you. His temper shortened and he became more violent as the game went on, only trying to look out for you.
  • He was going to make sure that you at least got out of here alive; he slowly stopped caring about himself.
  • His sun and moon revolved around you; In fact, you were his sun and moon. If that meant giving his life to protect you, he’d do it in a heartbeat.

Korekiyo Shunguuji

  • He wasn’t as terrified as the others were among the start of this Game. He could tell that you were petrified for your life, though.
  • He did everything in his power to control you and watch out for you, but he knew he couldn’t do it all.
  • In a way, he was accepting. During trials, he’d console you and hold you all night after each execution. Even since you were kids, he was always there for you when you needed him and nothing changed that, not even Monokuma’s rules.
  • His coolness throughout seemed to relax you a bit, but don’t be fooled.
  • If it came down to it, he would most definitely kill for you. He was only afraid of leaving you by yourself and alone in this place, which would make you an easy target.
  • He was your life support, essentially, and this continued even into the academy. 

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He didn’t fully understand the weight of the situation, or what was happening. You had to painfully explain it to him, and this only caused him to freak out.
  • After a few days passed, though, and he relaxed, and went into a protective mode.
  • Of course, this was due to his primal background. You practically raised him after he got back from that and you’d been best friends ever since. 
  • Though, he started to act somewhat like a guard dog in your current situation. It got to the point where it sounded like deep growling came from his throat when some unwanted person approached you.
  • You couldn’t go anywhere without your childhood friend right on your heels. No one ever saw one of you without the other, and he made sure that you were safe.
  • All he ever wanted to do was keep you safe and sound.
  • At night, when things were calm, he would try to make you smile. He felt tiny victories every time he made you giggle.

Ryoma Hoshi

  • The Killing Game didn’t scare him. What scared him was that you were in here with him.
  • His best friend of all time, and one of the only people he ever let in and get close, was trapped in this awful reality as well.
  • You deserved better than that.
  • He knew he couldn’t protect you like he wanted to, but he never left your side. He may have had a bad past, but that was off the table in here.
  • He couldn’t do the things for you that he wanted to.
  • From day one, he told himself that nothing would happen to you as long as he was around, and if someone wanted to hurt you, they’d have to go through him first. 
  • It was one or both of you, but nevertheless, you had nothing to fear with this one at your arm. Hoshi took good care of you, and seemed to make all of your days a little easier.

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i don't know much about naruto (like other then some clips my friend made me watch in middle school i haven't watched or read it) but like from what i gather it was like pretty much shounen-ai but in the last chapter suddenly the guy "couple" is now with two girl characters, one of which the guy abused the guy for years and actually tried to kill her?? and like the ending destroyed years of character development? 0_0 am i getting the situation right? cause if that's the case the authors a d*ck.

Sigh. I don’t know where to begin. First off, I wouldn’t call the author a dick. Naruto is a mainstream shounen manga so it’s targeted at a particular type of male audience. I never really expected Naruto to make a gay or queer couple canon (though it sorta did in the first arc). But, if there was a shounen manga that could have done it without it being a joke, it would have been Naruto. The relationship between the two main male characters is just so central to the series that everything else feels pretty irrelevant. That said, I had high hopes but I never expected the author to do anything out of the norm since I understand the system and pressures he’s working with. I was expecting a pretty stereotypical ending (though hoping for a more open/ambiguous one), I just didn’t realize that I would be blasted with so much gender/hetereonormativity. Like was there really a need to (1) pair off every single person (2) have the other person be someone of the opposite sex (3) have them all make babies? Ships and pairings aside, the supposed ending (the official chapter isn’t out yet) is so out of line with the themes and development of the rest of the manga that I would consider it a bad ending from an objective standpoint. There’s a particular character that I feel just would not have been able to get married, have a family and live a stereotypically happy life considering all the things he and everyone else had been through. There would just be a shit ton of trust issues.

Let me just say that as someone who is critical of the way romantic relationships are privileged over platonic ones, and the way this message is embedded in critiques of people who only see same-sex relationships as platonic (though the critiques are usually warranted because subtle homophobia is usually underlying many—though not all—of these people’s views), I’m not quick to say “OMG THESE TWO DUDES ARE SO CANON.” I like to ship and enjoy playing with subtext, but I’m not quick to turn things romantic because I have a preference for platonic relationships between people. That said, I really believe that Naruto and Sasuke’s bond transcends all other bonds. It’s more than romance. It’s more than platonic. 

  • We learn by the end of the manga that N & S have been paying attention to each other since they were children. N admired and wanted to be friends with S but decided to become rivals and make him his goal instead. N has admitted that S was the first person he felt a bond to. S admits at the end of the manga that he had also always been watching and thinking about N.

  • S was willing to sacrifice his life to save N, and while dying, thought about all of their moments together.

  • 80% of the series is about N chasing after S to save him from his own darkness.

  • When N was told that his power element was wind and that wind was weak against S’s fire element, rather than being upset, N was happy because wind was needed to make fire bigger and stronger. 

  • N, who is always a prideful and happy-go-lucky guy passed out from a panic attack after hearing his comrades talk about killing S.

  • N knelt, begged, and willingly took a thorough beating to plead with others to not go after and kill S.

  • After everyone else had already long given up on S, N asked S if he understood the depths of N’s heart, and told him that he was willing to shoulder S’s hatred with him, and that he could not let S continue his path of destruction, but he could not give up on him and kill him so he would rather die together with him.

  • S decided he needed to kill N because N was his remaining bond in the world and the only thing left that he felt attached to and that was important to him.

  • N refused to be killed by S because he could not stand the idea of S being alone.

  • N, despite already becoming an acknowledged ninja with lots of friends, still felt lonely because S, the one person who really understood him, was not there.
  • N and S both acknowledged multiple times that they are each other’s closest friend/comrade/bond

  • After S interrogated N by what he meant by “friends,” N said that he doesn’t really know either and couldn’t really explain it, but whenever he saw S trying to bear everything alone, he felt unbearable pain.

  • At the end of the manga, we learn that S had always reciprocated these feelings, and S acknowledged that he felt the same whenever he saw N’s pain and loneliness. And pretty much the only living person who could make S feel anything (for a loooong time now), is N.

Calling this a bromance is insulting.

And although I can’t 100% refute people who say that you could also interpret this relationship as platonic and completely devoid of any romantic inclinations, and that it wouldn’t be homophobic to do so, the fact that people are so much more open to perceiving romantic legitimacy in the male/female pairings of these two characters with other female characters (whom they have largely ignored/abused up until now) and the fact that people have quickly started shipping their supposed male and female children (even though there’s absolutely no story to them yet), makes it difficult for me to not infer underlying homophobia in everyone’s subconsciousness. Like, I think people can ship whatever they want, but I think there’s something to be said about how quickly people dismiss particular romantic possibilities and endorse others.

On the subject of Jellal’s arc

I’ve seen some Jellal commentary lately that’s kinda raised my eyebrows. There’s several points I want to make here and to avoid a tangental rant I’m going to address the biggest three issues I have.

  • Redemption. What does this mean in Fairy Tail as a manga and what does it mean for Jellal specifically?
  • Jellal vs. Siegrain. Is this a versus or are they both pieces of the same whole?
  • Moving forward. Where can Jellal go from here?

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hi omg I love your blog! could you guys maybe do some daichi headcanons? i need soft daichi in my life!!

Soft Daichi is my jam, Anon… He’s a perfect husband and I love him. I did some Childhood and Fatherhood headcanons; hope that’s ok!! Sora is Admn Ellie’s brainchild, though, and she helped me with the childhood ones a lot.
~Admin Emma


  • I’ve mentioned before that Daichi was the wee-est of wee babies, but just because he was small didn’t mean he wasn’t healthy… and he was definitely a bit of a trouble maker. He was an inquisitive little bean, exploring everything–the instant he was mobile, he was into everything. No one really minded because he wasn’t overly destructive, but his older brother certainly minded when Daichi got into his Weekly Jump collection.
  • Daichi has two brothers–one a few years older, one a few years younger. Kaiyo is his older brother–taller, stoic, muscular and went into police work; Sora is his younger brother–also taller, obscenely popular in school, kind of a pretty boy, good at sports… Daichi has always low key felt inferior to both of them, even as a kid.
  • When Daichi was about five, he fell out of bed. It sounded like a sack of bricks hitting the floor, and his parents nearly had a panic attack. Child was still sound asleep, curled up with his blankets and pillows and his stuffed Pikachu, and didn’t even stir when his mom tucked him back in. He was fine (kid’s built like a brick house even then) but his mom installed safety barriers on the bed the next day. They didn’t come off until Daichi was almost in high school (and only then because he begged her)
  • Daichi was never a kid to cry a lot. He tried really hard not to when he hurt himself or he felt disappointed with something. It got to the point that, even when he fell out of a tree when he was eight and broke his arm in three places, he only whimpered. His mom only figured it out before he went inside because Sora started screaming.
  • Daichi has always had problems with really vivid night terrors. He experienced sleep paralysis for a brief period when he was young, and to this day he still needs a small light in the bedroom with absolutely zero mirrors. Before Sora was born, he would climb in bed with his parents, but once he was a big brother, he tried to deal with it on his own.
  • He was an artistic child. He was that kid who always had piles of crayons and colored pencils; the fridge was always covered in his drawings and paintings, and he was really serious about it. He even had a little sketchbook most of his life. He continued this habit well into his adulthood–he’s always needed that creative outlet. It’s how he’s so steady, even at a young age.
  • Daichi wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. He was always really interested in helping people, and he always really admired them. Even after he started to play volleyball really seriously, he was looking at it for like, a real job and everything. As he got older, he started reconsidering because his parents really wanted him to go to college, but it’s still a low key dream that he has.
  • Daichi had a stuffed Pikachu growing up; he was always a big gamer as a kid, and Pokemon was his favorite. It was his fifth birthday present, and he literally carried it everywhere for about two years. It was always the one toy he took on school trips, it stayed in bed with him always, and when it had to be washed, he either had to be at school or he parked in front of the dryer until it came out.


  • When Daichi finds out you’re pregnant, he’s elated. He sweeps you into this gentle hug and there are tears in the corners of his eyes. He can’t believe how happy he is, and how lucky he is. He is super protective, though, almost to a fault. He will literally do everything for you without being asked. It’s great in the early months when you’re sick and tired, but by the end, you’re probably ready for some of your independence back.
  • Everyone sort of expects him to step into his role as a husband, caregiver, and father no problem, but he has a lot of anxieties and doubts. Researching gives him panic attacks, but not researching keeps him awake at night. He’s caught somewhere between wanting to be supportive and wanting to be supported. He feels guilty about it, though, because he’s always been your stern and stable Daichi, and you’re the one growing a baby, not him. Reassure him, though. Once you remind him that you’re nervous too, and that you’re a team, he’ll feel better.
  • The day his children are born are literally the happiest days of his lives. He worries the whole time you’re in labor, but the first time he holds his baby in his arms, he’s gone. He’s in love, and he’s so fucking proud. No victory, no goal reached, no obstacle overcome compares to the feeling of his healthy, tiny baby in his arms. He cries–like, real honest-to-God gut-wrenching sobs–when his first grabs a hold of his finger with those tiny, tiny hands. He thanks you profusely, and refuses to leave your side for a while.
  • He is literally your rock in the early months. He pulls more than his weight around the house because he knows you’re up every hour on the hour for feedings. He tries to get up too, especially for the things he can do like changing the baby or rocking it back to sleep when it just needs to be soothed. As a result, you and him both bond pretty thoroughly with your children, and neither of you is too exhausted because the other is always picking up slack and taking turns.
  • He loves blowing raspberries on their cheeks and tummies because he lives for their laughter. He does it to them until they’re about four or five, and when that doesn’t work, he tickles. He just wants his kids to be happy and feel loved at whatever cost, and if a few tickles from Dad is what it takes, he’s more than willing to deliver.
  • Daichi encourages wide varieties and arrays of interests. He wants his kids to try intellectual, artistic and creative, and athletic pursuits to their abilities and desires. He encourages trying new things, even if they aren’t very good at it at first, because he wasn’t born an amazing volleyball player. He’s also that Dad who will absolutely look into stuff his kids are into, but he’s not into or doesn’t know anything about. If his kids obsess over a game, he’ll try and understand what’s happening and ask them questions if they’re ok with it. If they get into playing a musical instrument, he’ll always ask them to put on little concerts for him, even if they’re awful at it. He always encourages and praises them, though.
  • He is literally the most supportive dad. If his kids ever came out to him, he would be so loving and supportive, no matter what. He also goes out of his way to make his house a safe space for all of his kid’s friends, unless they are legitimately bad people. Daichi has always been a good judge of character, though, and his kids trust his good word.
  • He literally takes to fatherhood like a fish to water. Everyone jokes about how it’s because of all the practice he had in high school, but he also knows that he would literally do anything for his kids. He’s just the best dad–stern, but fair; supportive, but always pushing for them to do better. He cries at every milestone, and makes them smile when they’re down. He’s just literally the best father any kid could ask for.

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Thoughts on Zoro x Robin age gap argument?

Ahh yes
I could write a short essay on this, and I will! Because it is an interesting discussion.

8 years is a sizable gap, I didn’t know about it until I saw people here up in arms about it. It shocked me when I realized Robin is that much older than Zoro (and the rest of the crew). A real testament to how ageless Oda’s female character designs are.

That being said, I don’t think there’s any destructive power dynamic in place societally or interpersonally between the two and I am generally lax about age difference when two consenting, mutually respectful and honest adults are involved.

People often feel that it’s disturbing to have age difference in pairings/relationships because there’s commonly a difference in life experience and status, but those two things aren’t inextricably bound to a number of years spent on the planet. I know of wise teenagers, extremely unwise and stupid elderly folks, young people of status, old people of status, really once you’re over 18 I feel like that type of thing can fluctuate vastly between people.

The second main argument that “Age gaps r bad” is this idea of the older character holding social power over the other from a social standpoint, but when it comes to straight pairs that argument only really holds if the framework of the fictional universe is a gendered heirarchy. You can argue that One Piece is set in a patriarchal world, I would largely agree on that… Despite Oda having a pretty female friendly lens on the world he’s built, it is a man’s world he has built. Let’s face it, it’s a shounen, and Japan is a traditional society where people are still raised to have a pretty rigid understanding of gender roles. Furthermore this kinda demolishes the notion that Robin can hold any social power over Zoro. /He/ is a member of the power holding gender in this world of One Piece, not her. In fact most of the people who have done wrong /by/ her are men.

On a personal note, I’m gonna elaborate on this whole topic because my best friend in real life is engaged to a man seven years older than her and I wanna do them a spot of justice. They met in college (Not high school!! They started their relationship when she was above twenty) And they’re one of the most mutually supportive, good hearted pairs I have seen in my life. Great at communicating and listening to each other, never ever putting themselves above their partner. They brighten each other’s lives unimaginably on a daily basis and are both incredibly upstanding individuals. Can’t wait to see those two married. :V



Going back to frickin anime characters and building upon the idea of an abusive or otherwise harmful dynamic…

Robin is initially dubious in terms of morality because we don’t know her true nature for the first few chapters of canon in the manga… To my joy she is revealed as one of the most loving and gentle pirates in the lore. In contrast to Zoro, she didn’t choose to disable or kill people for a living. (Making the assumption he /chose/ to be a bounty hunter for a living, Athough it wouldn’t surprise me if Oda reveals this to be an act of desperation or resignation as well.)

So basically, Nico Robin had to become a murderer in order to survive in a vicious world. Which is pretty fucked up.
As a result of her trauma and her being forced to kill to save herself it makes sense that she has plenty of morbid tendencies, a disturbing sense of humor, even some primal bloodlust. As does Zoro.
Despite most going Merry members being freaks, thugs, thieves, and gruesome murderers– Namely Zoro and Robin do the murdering. Surprise!!!! No other crewmate is as downright scary and unnerving as the two of these babes. One is a knife child, the other snaps people’s necks like twigs. It’s fucked up. My children r into some nasty things.

HOW-EVER. All the crew members are GOOD PEOPLE, who would never take advantage of each other in a seriously harmful way in the long term. The entire running theme of the show is that you can’t judge a person’s character or morality on whether they’ve done things that are considered immoral by society. It’s an interesting series because of that level of social nuance.

You could even argue Zoro is more reckless than Robin, that he is more of a menace than her because he loves combat, his life revolves around it! His life goal is to become the world champion of a masterful and refined form of violence lmao. Arguably this makes him the more immoral one, despite being the younger party.

He’s not ever going to be some naive lovesick puppy either, he shows the absolute contrary very clearly when Robin-chan first joins the crew and he is one of the few Nakama who has suspicions toward her despite her being able to charm the shit out of everyone instantly at face value.
He may have been rather attracted to her from the start, but he kept his head on straight and he was on the lookout for the smallest sign of betrayal, which means he was looking out not just for himself… He was looking out for everyone else he trusted and cared about on the ship.
He isn’t afraid to call people out when they cross him or act shitty, which I think is a great attribute to have in any relationship. Sexual or otherwise.
Speaking of Robin’s first appearances, the arc that really made me feel like Zoro has the hots for her is Skypiea arc. There are several more examples of him having a special reverence for her, but when he catches her after Enel lightning strikes her pretty much cemented the idea to me; Zoro sees Robin as a sexual interest. He’s very intense about keeping her safe in a very delicate and gendered fashion that he has never exhibited before toward any other character. The closest scenario before Robin is one time at the start of Alabasta arc,when Vivi comes at him with a perfume attack. He becomes visibly flustered and confused! But that is one of the few instances of him becoming flustered around women other than Robin.)

With Robin he leaps to catch her and yells “Are you insane??? SHE’S A WOMAN!” He loses his fucking SHIT! He attacks Enel knowing that he has no chance against him. He’s never ever reacted that way about any other character taking damage. Some of it might be chalked up to distress over finding Chopper badly hurt right before she’s attacked by Enel, too. 


If he didn’t feel any attachment to her he would not be so worked up, and if he didn’t find her particularly interesting sexually I don’t think he would have made a point of her gender. So basically Oda is implicitly showing the reader that he is crushing on her, or at least holds her rather dear rather quickly platonically tbh. Possibly he’s just very impressed by her poise, manners, and elegance. If nothing else he reveres her as a positively matriarchal figure.

Tldr; the most poignant thing about their relationship to me is the fact that they respect one another deeply as people, and if that’s not grounds for a quality romantic/sexual relationship then idk what is.

P.S. She isn’t old enough to be his mom. She would have had to have given birth as an elementary school student and I find that concept infinitely more fucked up than them dating canonically.

Have a nice day y’all

Why Your Parent’s Advice Was Wrong

There’s a couple who live a few doors down with their young son.  On Monday he was off out with his mother and, as she strode purposefully to the car, he was haring up and down the road, skipping and jumping without a care in the world. “Come on, you’re wasting time” she called without looking back. Dutifully he calmed down and wandered behind her to the car.

Sometimes children need to be given clear guidelines. It’s important for them to know where the boundaries are, even if they don’t much like them, because it helps them to feel safe. A childhood without boundary is as destructive as one with too many. But the claim that he was “wasting time” jarred.

At dinner last night my son was telling me about the killjoy attitude of his head teacher who has, apparently, cut short the final day of school for those leaving this year, in order to limit the high jinks of the boys, excitable at their imminent release into an unsuspecting world. This will also prevent them from taping any more year 8 boys upside down to the rugby posts, or moving the entire contents of the library out into the court and turfing the library. Apparently he also delights in telling the boys how much he doesn’t like Christmas. “He’s so cynical” says Tom, my 18 year old son with everything in front of him, of his head teacher, the man we entrust to reconfirm our own teachings about how to keep an open mind and avoid cynicism.

In a session this week a young client struggling at school is talking about how he finds it almost impossible to control his anger when he is pushed and taunted, as he repeatedly is. Feeling he has a binary choice between the painful white of disconnection or the dangerous black of full on aggression I wonder what happened to the grey in between, the place where assertiveness and self esteem replaces his fists and his tears. He tells me that he isn’t allowed to be vulnerable because he learned from his father that this is weakness, and weakness is not tolerated.

Somewhere we learned to “just get on with it”, but it’s bullshit. There is a wisdom we hold in childhood which we surrender when presented with alternative opinion from the adults in our lives. This wisdom is the freedom to show how we feel, to run if we feel like running, to be excited without  needing justification, and to be OK with feeling sad and cry about it.

Many of us will have been encouraged to find a bit more strength as we grow up, to hide difficult emotions, to avoid talking about our feelings. Some of us will not have been given the truth about a death or allowed to go to the funeral. Others of us will have lived in the middle of a toxic relationship, constantly wondering when it’s all going to blow up in our faces but never being given anything to provide the clarity we crave, until our worst fears are realised and it blows up in our faces.

It is us, the adults, who have covered up and lost our strength, not our children. We have surrendered our resilience by claiming the opposite. We render ourselves far less able to cope by our desparate claims that we are coping. A willingness to be vulnerable is as strong as it gets, because it shows that we don’t need to be bullet proof in order to survive the bullets.

So, it isn’t strong to hide emotion, it isn’t powerful to pretend that we are not hurt, and it is not necessary to “get over” the death of someone we love within a specific timeframe, or indeed, ever. It is not manly to sort everything out with fists, and it is not impressive to be cynical and suggest to others that low expectation is the way to avoid disappointment. These are the tales we have been told as children by foolish adults and, if we absorb them, we repeat them to the detriment of our own children. So it goes.

The mother down the road was right to hurry her little boy along, because he needed to understand that when you have to be somewhere, you need to get there. But it wasn’t true to tell him that he was wasting time. In fact, he was living, being a child, standing in the moment. In this respect listening to his mother was the last thing he needed, because time spent doing what makes us happy, what makes us skip and jump and laugh, what reflects our true feelings, can never be a waste, and don’t let any misguided adult tell you otherwise.

The Actor and The Pacifist Part II

Inspired by user FlamingFoxNinja’s prompt of, what if Humans are the only ones capable of acting, or hiding emotions or lying. Enjoy. 

If you have a prompt you want me to work on, or want to add to this your own twists and spins, fire away :D 


A siren began to blare throughout the ship, calls for battle stations were sent as well as a distress beacon. “Oh what is it now?” Derrick grumbled as he woke up, a trail of drool coming down his lip. 

“Emergency,” Emma stated as she had already re-equipped her armor and weapon. She moved to open the door, pointing towards the crew that dashed about in a panic. “We should help them escape.” 

“Yes!” Derrick leaped from the bed and rubbed his hands together, “And discuss proper payment for our assistance.” 

“Did they not teach you selflessness in the Navy?” Emma raised her brow and spoke with a condescendingly appropriate tone.

“Special Forces taught selflessness, The Black Suns taught survival and profitability.” He smirked. Derrick held his military standards to high regard, but his time with the infamous mercenaries by the name of Black Suns was something he held to an even higher degree. “Didn’t teach you that kind of thinking in the Terran Navy Officers now did they?” 

Emma shook her head, “You are truly an idiot.” 

“True… But you saved this idiot, now come, come, let us go and make a rescue!” Derrick proclaimed proudly.

The two companions made their way through the panicked hallways of crew, feeling the occasional rumble and spotting the pirate vessels outside. “Light Frigates,” Emma commented with a stoic gaze. “Never seen the colors.”

“Probably independent. In my youth I ran with tougher gangs before the Black Suns. These guys are probably nothing.” Derrick chuckled softly. 

“Bat’Ga’s! Bat’Ga’s are trying to board!” One of the crew shouted as they ran throughout the ship. Bat’Ga’s, one of the most aggressive mammalian species found in the galaxy, next to humans. Word spread that while their populations were peaceful and well respected merchants, their warriors who could find no peace in the merchant caste became outlaws, and highly sought after crew members of pirate fleets. Their speed, strength, and endurance were rivaled only by the Humans. 

“Probably nothing?” Emma turned to Derrick whose mouth hung slightly open. 

“I, well,” he chuckled and shrugged his arms, “Nothing and something so often sound the same, I do not blame you for hearing different, my friend,” he chuckled. Derrick knew full well the horrors the Bat’Ga’s of the warrior caste could inflict. Though they were honorable, these pirates were usually without any. Weapons of Mass Destruction, chemical weapons, targeting innocents and children, they were truly the ‘Bastards of Space’ as humans called them. “Lets have a word with the captain… I actually have a plan, so to speak.” 

“Does it involve explosive squid again?” Emma practically scoffed. 

“That was an honest mistake!” He stomped his foot down and looked up at her with a frown, more embarrassed than anything else. “How was I suppose to know those chemicals were explosive in the digestive system of a Zorkonian?” He realized his words and cleared his throat, “Anyway, let’s find the captain yeah?” He waved his hand as he began to make his way towards the bridge. 

Once they arrived, they were both greeted with a sight that made the years they spent in the military weep with sorrow at the sheer atrocity that was it’s organization. Crew members were panicking, systems were failing, these merchants clearly had never seen a firefight in their lives. “Sloopy, even by MY standards,” Derrick shook his head as he clicked his tongue in a disappointed manner. 

“They are not soldiers.” Emma nudged him softly. 

“Unfortunately for them, that kind of innocence isn’t forever. Everyone is a soldier this far out.” Derrick took a step forward and whistled to gain the attention of the Captain. 

“Human? Thank goodness you are here! We require your assistance!” The Captain looked to him with pleading eyes, her feathers puffed up in a sign of desperation. 

“Ah of course, of course, but your people cannot fight?” He raised his brow curiously. “Captain Ta’talia was it? Surely your people know how to fight? You have armed guards aboard? Automated weapons? Anything?” 

“We’ve,” she hesitated and looked around at her crew, “We’ve never had need of them, our automated weapons systems have always protected us. We barely have enough blasters for everyone. But these pirates deployed some kind of EMP. It didn’t hit everything though, specifically just the weapons and shields. They’re using a jamming signal of some kind as well.” Captain Ta’talia looked like she was on the verge of a mental breakdown. “To top it off there are three light frigates!” 

“Bat’Ga’s?” Derrick took a few steps forward and began to slowly walk around the Captain, examining the ship and the crew that looked at them with desperation. “Not purely, but most of the crew is from the designs on the ship I would say … That is dangerous game, very dangerous.” He smiled softly and stopped as he was in front of her, facing the outside of the bridge into the void of space. 

“Please we need your help! You and your companion said you were apart of the Terran Republic’s military! Please assist!” She pleaded to them. 

“7 million credits… And if you have any cigars on board I will gladly take a crate of them, no matter the species they are tailored to!” He stated proudly before turning to look at the Captain’s terrified face. 

“W-What?” Captain Ta’talia gasped at his words, “You … You would make us pay in our time of need?!” 

“Quite right.” Derrick seemed without a care at their pleas. 

“But you are Terran Republic Military! You’re people help in these times of need!” She protested. 

“Yes, but I said we were on a bounty, of sorts, so that means money can take us away from our current goals.” Derrick fired back without hesitation.

Emma wanted to stop him, but couldn’t bring herself too. She knew what he was doing. Get the money, pay for her brother’s arm. Not just any prosthetic, but a full fledged bionic arm. They were pricey, but with a little money, threats, and smooth talking they could get him the care they needed, at a price they could afford. Though her heart was torn as she saw him do this. Even if it was an act and he didn’t want to, he was doing what was needed. The captain finally stomped her foot forward and glared at Derrick, letting out a hiss even. “If the ship goes down you’ll go down to!” 

“Not really,” Derrick shrugged. “The pirates could easily destroy this ship and take everything from the vacuum, salvage the ship too. They want it. Maybe they’ll execute the crew,  maybe they’ll take us as slaves. I’m confident in my companion and I’s skills to escape capture, and if captured then escape slavery with ease. We’ve done it before in our military campaigns.” 

Captain Ta’talia swallowed and gave a chirp like whimper. After a long drawn out silence, she nodded, “Ok … Get rid of these pirates… And it’s yours.” She glared. 

“Not all of us are greedy, Captain … Just me,” Derrick chuckled as he left to exit the bridge. “Come, my friend. We have pirates to slaughter!” He laughed loudly and obnoxiously, wanting the crew to hear them and believe they were the monsters he wanted them to be seen as. 

Once they were far enough away, Emma growled at him. “I refuse to take another life, you know this. How are we suppose to fight off pirates? You can’t take them all, and I refuse to do anything more then subdue them. That is too many though!” She stomped her foot and looked as though she was about to strangle him. 

“Patience, my friend… Remember, you LOOK like you want to kill… Bat’Ga’s will fear your size, and they will fear my words. We will not need to kill them. For you see, the Captain said get rid of them, not kill them.” He chuckled as they moved to the airlock and waited, alone. 

“This better work,” Emma sighed, nervous as her heart began to beat faster. She didn’t want to kill anymore. Not again. No more innocent blood could be on her hands, not another accident. She shuddered before bringing herself up to stand tall and proud.

Outside, three boarding parties made their way towards the same airlock, armed to the teeth and ready for battle. Their commander and boarding party leader stood at the front. His tusks were sharpened and fur a healthy color of brown. This bipedal species were proudly bearing their armor, and some even licked their lips. “Blood for the Gods, Blood for honor, and the spoils of battle to each their own!” The Pirate shouted. His crew joined in, and began to chant the saying over and over, fueling their rising blood lust.

TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW. What? Cliff hangers are fun :3 (Updates nightly, usually)


                            eremika soulmates through time modern au                                   

                                                (  ao3/ )


FILIPINO, a physical response – like trembling or blushing – to the situation that overwhelms your self-control

i used to wish upon the stars, the toys I once adored

forgotten now, are rolling ‘round the corners of the floor

finally, my dreams have counted up to one hundred today

someday, I’ll trade them all for just this very one

it’s really not bad trying something new every once in a while

especially if I can do it with you by my side

  • RADWIMPS - nanadenomaya

Destined. Promised. Twin flames. Joined souls.


So many names for the one phenomenon that goes beyond human understanding and rational thought; wild force, exhilarating and powerful like a tornado. A seed of magic planted in the solid ground of reality.

The scientists, of course, try to rationalize it. It’s a simple thing, basically, they say. If the pair of souls was born and reborn time and time again near each other if two people have met and fallen in love and shared lives together multiple times, if, against all laws of probability, they found themselves through time and space, it just has to create a bond. A bond that becomes stronger and stronger each time they have to part ways – a bond that, after centuries,  transforms from something alike to spiritual connection into a physical pull. As simple and as complex as that.

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