as if anyone's actually going to see this at 1am


Requested: OMG I’m just COMPLETELY in love with your writing!! ❤ Can you do please an imagine something like ‘Short’ but instead of this y/n is rather tall (kinda 5'8), his fans & paps are joking, but Shawn is definitely in love with it 😍

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“So you brought your beautiful girlfriend y/n with you tonight.” The woman tells Shawn, as you’re watching the interview unfold from your spot safely hidden behind the camera. He nods enthusiastically, glancing over to you and meeting your eyes for a moment before turning his attention back to the interviewer as she continues to speak. “She looks absolutely stunning in that blue dress,” She compliments.

“She does.” Shawn agrees enthusiastically, grinning even wider.

The interviewer continues, “This is one of the first times you’ve brought her along with you to an event, and I can’t help but notice all the talk tonight about how tall she is.”

“Yeah, the timing worked out for her to come tonight, and I love having her by my side.” He says, to the interviewer before making eye-contact with you. Even after dating him for almost three months, he still makes your heart beat fast and butterflies appear in your stomach. 

“I was actually surprised at how much people have been talking about her height . And she is wearing some killer heels, so she is even closer to my height tonight, but yeah I guess it’s just one of the many things I love about her, so I’m definitely not complaining about anything.”