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Doomworld - Len’s Progression

I’ve literally rewatched all of Doomworld to make sense of Len’s characterization and honestly, I don’t think it’s as far off as I originally thought it was, or that it’s irreconcilable with the Len we know. After I calmed down, I could make sense of so much of his behavior by reading between the lines.

So I’m sharing that with you, a sort of quick look into his scenes in the episode. 

Long post, no gifs, but here we go.

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It’s pretty much canon that pidge doesn’t need glasses, because in their years before the garrison they were not shown to need them- both in the picture of matt and katie and in the many flashbacks of Katie’s past before the garrison.

Matt, on the other hand, did have glasses.

I like to think that Pidge keeps them in memory of their brother, so they never forget who they’re fighting for. Or maybe?? they keep them so that one day, when they finally, f i n a l l y find matt, they can return them and know that their endless searching for their family hasn’t been in vain.

Or, I could also be looking way too into it and it’s just for that Disguise Aesthetic™.


p.s: this is just a convo about frisk’s understanding of their own powers, not about whether or not there actually are multiple universes and stuff. like, that’s a much greater topic to tackle! i’m not sure what frisk would have to say about it. when they say “there’s only one timeline” they’re just talking about the timeline frisk has any control over, if that makes sense.

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This might come out weird. I dunno how you identified before coming out - as being particularly / exclusively sexually attracted to a particular gender or not. But do you feel your own transition has changed your attractions or orientation?

No, I don’t think it has.  I was attracted mostly but not exclusively to men beforehand, and I still am now.

The only thing that has changed, which is sort of weird, is that I’m gay now.  Nothing’s actually changed in the sort of people I’m attracted to or the sort of things I want to do with them, but it puts me in a different social category now.  Which I’m not really used to.  It’s like… I was expecting to be trans, but I kind of wasn’t expecting to be gay?  It keeps being a weird surprise to me that when I go out holding hands with my boyfriend, we’re two men holding hands.

If that makes any sense at all?  I recognize this isn’t totally logical, and some of it is wrapped up in narrow-minded internalized beliefs around “I don’t fit all the stereotypes, so I can’t be gay gay!”, but it’s a thing I’m dealing with right now.

Sometimes I look over my dashboard and genuinely feel like I have read DN in a parallel universe where none of the content happened the same way it did for other people and it’s vaguely unsettling actually

reaction compilation #77

Some very passionate reactions to page 38! Chara finally catches up with Frisk.

Never bring a snowball to a knife fight.

Was there ever any doubt?

I’m an adult!

No matter how dire the circumstances, true comedians never miss a pun.

* Can’t move your body.

Ah, that comment about the cover makes a lot more sense now!

I knew you were trouble when you walked in!

From personal experience, I can attest that adrenaline plus running at a full sprint will prevent you from feeling the cold.

(This is brilliant.)

Even though a bunch of Chara’s misdeeds are listed here, it’s interesting that the one thing not mentioned is the time they stabbed Frisk (twice).

The trouble I am finding now that I’m trying to get back into reading regularly (at least in sci-fi/fantasy, which is where I’ve been hanging out lately) is that it seems like a lot of novelists are kind of taking the approach of: “Likeable characters, evocative/creative use of language, sense of humor? Pick two.” I have come across so many books with great characters and a little bit of ironic self-awareness with the most bland and barely workable prose. Or books with deep characters and distinct writing styles that take themselves so seriously that I can’t help reading them aloud with goofy voices just to try and lighten the mood. Or books that are genuinely witty and make creative use of the English language that simultaneously seem completely unaware that women are in fact human beings.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something that fits the bill, here?

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21 + 29 + 35 for the ask for (bob lohengrin) MORIEL


21. Who has an obsession (over anything)?

I think Mor is obsessed with clothes. Not so much the fashion of it all, though she does love that too, but more so the way clothes can shape and define a person. I think she loves dressing up, finding colors that make her feel bold and alive and using them as a tool to get her where she wants to go and influence people in the Hewn City. But I also think she obsesses (quietly and gently) where Az is concerned because - ugh, poor shadow bat, he never takes time for himself!!! EVER!! But the clothes - the clothes! Mor just wants to see him out of his leathers. Anything that isn’t leather is like sweet, sweet nectar on her tongue because it means her love is relaxed somewhat. Az wears what are basically soft track pants to bed and nothing else and it drives her crazy because when is he ever so chill? So carefree? So exposed? And when he goes out to Rita’s with her and she sees he’s wearing a tunic or a shirt she had bought him the week prior, it makes her light up. She gives him fresh socks to wear when he goes on missions and empties his bland shampoo bottles to refill them with something scented that is simple because he deserves it even if he doesn’t think he does. And helping him dress or undress is like a ritual for her, a ceremony she never wants to give up. And he likes her helping him. It makes him feel less alone, like he is still capable and has someone to come home to. I don’t know why, but I’ve always just felt like clothes are kind of a silent language between them, a way to communicate and say, hey I see you or hey this is how I feel today without having to say it at all.

29. Who is the better cook?

AZRIEL WITHOUT A DOUBT (Though really it’s Cassian, but you know…). Azriel can bake pretty well, but he’s not so bad at cooking and is much more inclined to at least stay home and try to make something on nights off than Mor. Mor is much more on the same page as Rhys - “Can’t we just go out and buy food?? That little cafe by Rita’s spices my curry just right!” Az usually teases her about this because he knows Mor only likes going out because she can never spice her food right, like, at all. And he knows she cares because she tries. Mor tries really, really hard to cook. Mostly when Az isn’t there, but he knows. He can smell the burned food when he comes home and Mor is really lazy about taking out the trash, so he usually finds the evidence of it too. But she tries anyway. She’ll fail and give up a for a time, but then she’ll get the idea into her head to surprise Az with something, it goes terribly wrong, and then she has to pretend she never tried in the first place and wanted to go out all along. Azriel thinks its funny…. until she tries to help him cook and just gets in the way. It’s one of the few times he gets irritated with her. But eventually, she wears him down. Something liquidy or soft will end up getting thrown or smashed on someone’s face (Az’s face - it’s Az’s face) and someone will giggle furiously about it (Morrigan - Morrigan will giggle) until said food is thrown back at them and dinner becomes forgotten, but hey, they’re having sex in the middle of the kitchen and well damn if chocolate sauce doesn’t suddenly taste a million times better licked off Az’s chest and wow Mor’s lips go really well with honey and sugar. It is… a mess and it’s wonderful. :D

35. Who goes overboard on the holidays?

MORRIGAN. I mean, come on, she is the total party planner of the group. Whether they go out or stay in, they are going to do something and she is in charge of it all. (Except the food, because, well, see above for details.) When it comes to Azriel, she has to kind of rein it in a bit and feel him out. He’s quiet. He’s not hugely into celebrations. That wasn’t something he got when he was younger, but unlike someone like Cassian, he never went the opposite direction now that the opportunity is there. He likes keeping things low key, quiet, but he’s still okay with celebrating. Private dinner parties with general conversation…. Going to Rita’s, but staying in the booth… Going dancing with Mor, but only Mor and not at Rita’s when they could go to that little courtyard down the avenue where there’s salsas and tangos to be had with his love and no one else to bother them… But Mor will do it all. Cass’s birthday? Let’s all go to the cabin!! Starfall’s coming up?? SHOPPING TRIP FOR DRESSES! And oh my gosh, don’t even get her started on the weddings because she totally takes over, but unlike Ianthe, she knows when to stop and listen and dial it in. Azriel chuckles the entire time she works because it’s the most adorable thing in the world watching her light up and make the people around her happy. :)

Real talk you shouldn’t come out to your parents if they’re assholes there’s some shit they don’t deserve to know about you? Or like they don’t have certain ‘rights’ to you if that makes any sense?

I still haven’t come out to my parents about some shit and don’t plan on ever doing cus my life is mine and it’s really none of their concern imo and at the end of the day they’re related to you but they’re still fucking people and if they don’t respect you, you don’t need to put up with that shit honestly. You’re your own person the umbilical cord was cut a long ass fucking time ago.

I can only imagine what was going through Noct’s head when Cindy called him “Lady Lunafreya’s groom-to-be”


All his life his identity has been basically his own, and his tie to the throne. The Prince. The Chosen King. The King of Light. Prince Noctis. Noctis Lucis Caelum.

But that’s inside Insomnia. And in the house of the Oracle, where his destiny is even more important than his royal lineage was at home.

Outside the city, though, out in the real world, it’s Luna who is important. And that’s also shown in all of the interviews. We never once hear an interview from Noctis, either, which saddens me and doesn’t make any sense. He should’ve had at least one appearance…

But anyways.

There’s only one radio clip about Noct, really. Only one that’s just about him. He’s mentioned in others. As an aside. They’re all about Luna.

But this isn’t a bad thing, and it makes sense! This is a very good taste of what the world is. The world doesn’t care about the King of Light, not until he’s done something for them. And he’s been sequestered safe within the Wall, so the world doesn’t care.

But Luna has been suffering and fulfilling her duty anyways, and that has touched the world. Even those in places she can’t reach, they know how hard she’s working, how hard she’s trying, and they believe in her and pray to her.

This isn’t Noct’s fault, and he doesn’t take it as such.

Actually the whole thing I wanted to say before I went into rambling meta mode…

Was that his expression after that makes me think his thoughts are basically “Wait, I’m someone’s +1…? Well, it’s Luna, and she’s fucking amazing, so hell yeah, that’s way better than being fawned over cause of the throne.”

A strong and noble woman was loved by the world.” ;;-;;

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Tell it to the Marines Question: What happened with all stories that Riskua recorded? Since Raoul stayed on that Island they lived on, and Mihawk visited sporadically, it would make most sense for it to be Mihawk that kickstarted the whole publishing buisness. And if he was the culprit on that, how did he go about it? Just walz into the Marine Headquarters and demand that they give him the info about the best publishing house? And when pressed for answers, stoically reply: To publish, of course.

Yes, Mihawk did waltz into the Marine HQ and ask for a publishing agency. For one hopeful moment, they thought he was publishing a book on sword-fighting, which would undoubtedly become mandatory reading of any sowrdsman worth their salt. 

They’re confused when he publishes a sole book under the name ‘Riskua’, but shrug their shoulders and accept it. 

They’re absolutely bamboozled when, upon flicking through it, the contents prove to be fairy-tales.

They don’t dare question Mihawk’s need to have such a book published, but just quietly accept maybe the man has a like for children’s tales, of the hero saving the day. 

It makes absolutely no sense until a certain bounty poster with a certain name upon it finally crosses a Marine’s desk years later. 

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Do you ship Az & Elain?

No friend I do not, not at all I am sorry!! I’m just…too invested in Moriel and Elucien and…Mor and Lucien as characters and I just..don’t really see it in a romantic sense? I can’t make it work for me?? 

HOWEVER!!!! I totally love them being a sweet little brotp together? Like I love it, it’s precious. They just have chill time alone away from everything every now and then that consists of them sitting together in Elain’s garden, relaxing and knitting. (Elain teaches Azriel how to knit and he loves it. It’s very soothing and he practices so hard all the time. When people start having smols he very dutifully makes them tiny little baby clothes. (personalised, of course) He’s very proud of them.) 


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I feel like that's especially the case considering just how little we actually do know. How would we know if harry didn't wanna do this until louis was free but louis told him to do it? How do we would we know if harry didn't purposely wait this long because it's almost over? we don't. We don't know anything, and when people are choosing not to celebrate harry because of louis, louis is probably right there being Harry's number one fan and vide versa. Until we know, I try to just be happy

Just the fact that we don’t know so much alone is enough for me right now to give a generous benefit of the doubt. Time and time again stuff comes out after the fact and we “oh well now that makes sense”. There’s just too much we aren’t privy to for us to have a truly accurate read on what’s going on. And i think it’s unfair and kind of unreasonable to form any solid opinions of whats going on BTS based off what we do know.

I honestly think madzie would be so protective of alec and magnus because they showed her nothing but kindness and she actually likes and trusts them which fills her with this need to make sure nothing bad happens to them, to make sure that no one can take them away from her. I can just imagine her staying at the loft with magnus and alec, sitting on the couch playing and automatically using her magic to make sure the front door is impossible to open and the wards are up because she senses someone approaching on the stairs even though it’s probably just jace or clary. I can imagine her placing her hands on magnus and alec’s cheeks and searching their faces for any sign of pain or injury whenever she sees them after they’ve been out on a mission or helping a client. I can just imagine that in the first few months it takes ages for them to convince her that they’ll be okay whenever one of them has to leave the loft for work. and magnus and alec of course find it adorable and so endearing and they always find a smile making it’s way on to their face after they’ve had a rough day but madzie comes over, climbs on their lap and hugs them saying she’ll protect them from the world.

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must be nice living in denial lol. keep on dreaming! NH is canon. At least we don't have to write fan fictions about it lol

Sure, it’s even better knowing NH doesn’t make any sense, and is one massive plot hole filler. It’s even better knowing that I can point that out and a lot of people follow me for it.

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Something I noticed in batb remake was that the wardrobe lady is a very stereotypical depiction of a black woman. Basically the stereotype that black women are large, sing very high pitch and can be very aggressive has been around since minstrel shows so. Yeah pretty racist

This is such a reach…

Absolutely none of that is true… When she’s a human, Madame de Garderrobe isn’t especially bigger than anyone. Also, Adura McDonald can sing opera; how is that a sterotype?? Sure, it’s sterotype that black people are more musically inlcined, but high-pitched singing isn’t part of any anti-black sterotype I’ve ever heard of.

Also, how was she aggressive?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Like, what scene is she ever aggressive apart from when she’s fighting with the mob????????

This makes no freaking sense anon. The only thing to be ofended over with this character is how they wasted Audra McDonald’s time and talent.