as i said tho

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*INSERT LOTS OF VAGUE MOSTLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE YELLING HERE* kjhgfdfghjkljhgfhjk aaa thats the nicest thankyou aaaa esp coming from you i mean oh man *pelts a whole bunch of love your way* thankyou aaaa <333

There are more clever posts out there analyzing Victor and Yuri’s relationship but I wanted to make mine because I kept thinking about it and seriously couldn’t sleep. So this is just a personal interpretation based on what I learned at college lol. Don’t take it to heart tho, like I said, this is from my point of view.

(I feel like people will laugh at me for all the nonsense I’m saying ;—; but I wanted to share anyway)

PD. this a really long ass post. around 2k.words lol

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also this boy on jackd rly like…went off on me ? cuz i didn’t have the time or agency to hang out wit him right when he wanted so he was like “you know what you playin games and you messing up something that coulda been rly good” and i apologized (even tho i rly didn’t need to) and said i’m sorry if i made him feel like i didn’t want his company and he was like k. you good it’s jus the time is officially passed and i’m not gonna try to hang out wit you again and i’m like you know what….even internet boys that don’t know you still think they’re entitled to your time

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Little brother just jumped out the window. I'm mad Ye said there's gonna be no WTT2 (even tho there probably was never gonna be one lol) but he's also super emotional so he'll probs recant this on the next show. However the Tidal vs Apple streaming war is BS.

There is no streaming war/shouldn’t be. Tidal succeeding doesn’t mean Apple Music is a failure, and vice versa. Tidal is here for the long haul and they’ve got my support.


How to ruin a romantic moment - by MC


Tbh, I kinda agree with her reaction tho …


I cried when he finally said ily to MC … It took them so long to get there that I cried when it happen …


But I laugh when MC left him because she was upset how he got jealous of her and Oda’s boys. I was like “Yes! Toramatsu is right next to you gurl, GO GET HIM!” But at the same time I was like … “I’M SHIPPING YOU WITH IEYASU AS WELL!!!” Cause it was cute gow he was jealous of her … idk, I’m weird …

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one thing that really gets me is that dan and phil have never really denied it (minus a few stressful times but u kno)?? I really feel like if they weren't dating they would respectfully deny it in the same way Ian and Anthony did. like u said tho I'm not trying to force anything it's just a thought I had

i know i mean a nice Calm tumblr post outlining exactly what their relationship dynamic is and not just dans rant blog which phil never seemed to comment on (like tbH i think it would be important for them to come clean together). it would be nice to have a rational and more concise declaration by the two of them but

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haha my long time crush is my best friend n hes the sweetest kid we both like radiohead and i got him to listen to my other favorite band and hes super talented at guitar and i wore an 11 from stranger things costume for hoco week and he said it was a good costume even tho i know it was pretty half assed but i looked cute so maybe it was that :-)

ahhhh it really seems like he might like you back that’s so cute good luck!! 💜

DaiSuga Week 2015 - Cliche

Give me an original TV movie where all the kids are thrown in a super tropey, maximum cheesy US High School setting and Daichi is the captain of the football team and he falls for the cute but kinda weird student council vice president, and maybe they’ll sing about their feelings or something.

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