as i said it's practice


“i look horrible.” you laughed. the outfit they had made for you wasnt really island attire as much as it was a flow-y dress like an island princess would wear. “its very impractical.”

“you look beautiful.” Peter said, “although i agree its not practical. however i dont need you doing chores unless you want to.”

In times of stress, I think of breasts.
—  Actual thing I said to my parents

Its amazing what u can accomplish if u give in to your destructive tendancies and just dont fucking sleep at night woah

just had a fifty minute skype call with a friend from japan and basically i had to use japanese the whole time and i realized just how terrible i am at speaking

put my energetic armour on for the first time in about one month and instantaneously, i get people noticing me, waving politely when they pass me at the barriers, because i command respect.

i forgot how useful this armour is sometimes.