as i pull a couple of levers

The Walls Have Eyes Pt. 2

This takes place directly after part 1. The DM has basically told us that all we need to do is pull the lever, which we hadn’t done yet at this point. The party consists of a paladin and a sorceress that literally couldn’t kill a fly. Not for moral reasons. She was just inept.

Paladin: Alright, I pull the lever.

She pulls the lever, we hear another enemy, they wall opens and we see an enemy standing in the corpse of another.

Me: *screaming* PULL THE LEVER AGAIN.

Paladin pulls the lever, and the wall closes.

DM: You know you have to go in there eventually.

Me: Ok, I ready launch bolt to be cast upon my seeing the enemy. Ready? Pull the lever.

Paladin pulls the lever, DM makes a couple roles.

DM: Ummmmm, ok. The wall opens, and now there are two more corpses. They were teleporting in, and killed each other.

Shy Surprise

Request:  Can you do an imagine with 11 where he lands in your room accidentally cause you live in an old hotel (not sure if you know but like the one in supernatural in season two) and your parents fight a lot and he invites you to travel with him

Requester: Anon

Pairing: Eleventh Doctor x Shy!Teenage!Reader

Warnings: Parents Arguing

Words: 974


“NO NO NO!“ 

The Doctor loved the TARDIS, there was no doubt about that. But sometimes she was the most infuriating ship ever built. She could hold a thousand rooms, zoom through millions of light years, withstand the journey through the time vortex, yet she still hadn’t mastered going where The Doctor drove her. 

Sticking his head out the door, his frown deepening as he clicks his tongue beratingly, nd looked around the desert scene; not a hint of civilisation in sight. He stomped back into wack the console gently. 

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LIP March Madness: Introduction of Human Emotions in a Virtual System

Summary: There are some thing you should not mess with. Katniss should have known that before stepping inside the Dreamatorium. Now she has to run through its simulations to find her friend Beetee before he’s lost forever. Sort of. Based on Community season 3 episode 16 “Virtual Systems Analysis”.

Rated: T

A huge thank to @titaniasfics for betaing, and to the ladies at @loveinpanem for hosting this round.

I don’t own THG nor Community

The battle rages all around her. She sees the Men in White fall by the dozen, but the gray uniforms of the rebels lay on the ground, too, marred with blood and dirt.

The epic music swells in a crescendo of brass and percussion.

She uses her bow to block the shotgun-axe of a soldier, then punches him in the guts and stabs him in a soft spot of his neck with her combat knife.

The Crafter is at her side, wielding his powerful plasma spear with purpose. They need to open a path through the battlefield to get to the Reasoner and the Hunter, who have almost reached the President’s camp, leading the assault.

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Partners- College AU Logan- Part 10

The show was finally over, everyone had said their congratulations, given their hugs, and left so it was just you alone in the showroom. You were finally able to really process what all had happened this evening. So you had slept with Evan before- why was Logan so mad? And even so, why did he think it was ok to just leave you on a night he knew was important to you? The longer you sat and thought, the angrier you got with him. You said ‘fuck it’ to not wanting to look out of your mind and jumped in your car, the Delta Chi house your destination.

You parked on the street, relieved to see Logan’s car parked in the driveway. You let yourself in- the house was crowded with more people than normal, but not enough to really call it a party. Logan was nowhere to be found on the first floor mingling with the other coeds. You bounded up the stairs, flinging his bedroom door open without knocking. He was sitting in bed, his laptop open and resting on his bare chest.

“Thanks for knocking,” he said in a monotone, not so moving his eyes up from the screen.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” you yelled, slamming his door shut behind you, letting your purse fall at your feet. The minute the words left your lips, Logan calmly shut his computer, setting it on the night stand. He walked over to his closet, still not looking at you. He quickly pulled a sweatshirt over his head and slipped on a pair of boat shoes.

“Not here. Let’s go,” he stated simply and walked past you to open the door. Your brows knit together, unsure what he meant. But he kept walking downstairs, not checking to see if you were following. So you grabbed your bag and trotted to catch up with him. The Range Rover clicked unlocked and Logan walked over to open your door before he climbed into the drivers, letting the engine purr softly for a moment before backing down the driveway.

There was no sound in the car as Logan took off down some backroads you knew led out to the lake. Both of you sat in dead silence as miles and miles of trees whipped past the windows. Everything in you wanted to break the ice and ask him why he was being so cold, but you took your que from his tightly clenched jaw. Instead, you stole glances at him from the corner of your eye, hoping to catch any sign that he was relaxing. No such luck.

Logan finally pulled down a dirt drive with a dead end that butted up to the launch dock for the lake. He did a three point turn to make it so the trunk of the car faced the dark water before he switched the engine off. Logan quietly popped the trunk and let himself out, taking a new seat in the trunk, letting his feet dangle above the ground. You reluctantly unfastened your seatbelt to join him. He looked a lot calmer as he stared forward at the gently ebbing water. The moonlight was bouncing off his high cheekbones, making him look even more sculpted than he normally did.

“What’s wrong with me?” he started, his voice quiet. “What’s wrong with ME?” he repeated, louder still. You had underestimated how upset he really was. “What’s wrong with me is that you fucking lied to me!”

“About what? When did I lie to you Logan?” you pleaded, trying to understand where he was coming from.

“When you told me you didn’t know Evan!” he shouted. “You told me out in the courtyard when he walked up that you ‘didn’t really know him’.” He was throwing up his fingers in air quotes, clearly annoyed with the entire situation. “But come to find out! You’d been fucking him for quite some time!”

“It’s not like that. It was–“

“I really, really don’t give a shit what it was. You embarrassed me in front of a guy I see almost every day.” He let out a deep breath and ran his hands through his dark hair. “Just tell me, were you sleeping with him while you were fucking me?” he asked, his voice lower once again.

“Logan, no. God no.” Your voice caught in your throat, threatening to break at any moment. “No. I told him we had to…we had to stop our arrangement.”

“Why’d you tell him that?” he whispered, crossing his arms over his chest. You toyed with your fingers, picking at your nailbeds, anxious about being raw and open with him. “Why’d you stop!” he near shouted, clearly growing tired of waiting for you to open up.

“Because I like you, Logan!” you yelled back. “A lot. Jesus, because I didn’t want him anymore, and I really never did.” Those damn tears were threatening again. Logan had lifted his chin to look at you. “He called me between girlfriends of his own. He never liked me and I never liked him. I mean-“ you huffed a little, half laughing, “I didn’t even know he was friends with your brothers, that’s how little we talked. I don’t think he knows my last name. I was convenient for him.” You fiddled with the bracelet he’d sent you yesterday. “And then I met a guy who wanted to spend time with me, who actually wanted to know me as a person.”

“You have to start giving me more, Y/N. I’ve tried my best to be open with you. But if you keep lying to me and rolling your eyes at me every other minute, it’s going to be hard,” he stated simply. You felt embarrassed that you had kept him at arms-length when he really was trying to let you let him in.

“I just thought you knew how I felt…” you trailed off.

“I do. It’s just nice to hear it sometimes.” A smile was finally pulling at the corner of his lips. “You do let me see you naked after all,” he grinned. You smacked his arm lightly before inching a little closer to him, closing the distance between the two of you. You reached over to run your fingers through his hair; Logan let himself melt into your touch.

“I like you…more than I’ve ever liked another guy. I think you’re funny and over the top and handsome,” you finally admitted, watching as his smile kept growing.

“Handsome, you say?” he smirked, raising his eyebrow. You laughed and let your hand rest on his chest. Logan reached out to touch you, his fingers tracing circles on the top of your thigh.

“What made you bring me out here?” you finally asked. He smiled a little letting his gaze return to the lake.

“This is where I went in middle and high school when I would fight with my dad.” His face was serene, memories quietly filling his head. “It’s not far from my parent’s house, so I’d come down here when I knew if I stayed, I’d put my fist through a wall. Sometimes Jules would come with me and we’d skip rocks. Sometimes I’d come by myself.”

“I’m sorry I made you feel like you needed to come out here,” you said, hanging your head.

“Hey, it’s…it’s ok. Yeah, I was upset, but I also thought you might like it out here as much as I do,” he smiled. You lifted your head a little, letting your eyes meet his dark ones. He playfully knocked his shoulder into yours, making you smile once again. The two of you sat in comfortable silence for a while, just watching the moon as it moved over the lake.

“Thanks again for my bracelet. I love it,” you said after a moment before pressing a delicate kiss to his cheek. You took in a deep breath, completely petrified to actually say what you wanted to say. It danced on the tip of your tongue before you had the nerve to come out with it. “But it seems like a present for a…a girlfriend,” you admitted, hoping you could maybe have that conversation about what the hell the two of you were really doing.

“You think so?” Logan asked, arching an eyebrow. He leaned back on his elbows, pretending to ponder the statement for a moment. “Well, if that’s the case, maybe you should be my girlfriend.” You grinned and kissed him once again, this time on his soft lips. You let your fingers knot in the hair at the base of his neck. He let his tongue swipe over your bottom lip before trapping it between his teeth. A low moan came from your throat as he released you. “So, is that a yes? No? Should I just throw myself in the lake now or…?”

“Of course it’s a yes, you dork,” you laughed, his arm now draped over your shoulders. Logan pulled you in closer to him, letting his arm travel down to your waist.

“Do you want to go back to one of our places or do you want to stay out here tonight?” he asked, his fingers casually playing with the fabric of your dress. You had almost forgotten you were still in your nice clothes from the show.

“You have stuff to stay out here?” you asked, turning to look at him straight on.

“Never leave without it!” He turned around and pulled a few blankets and pillows from behind him. “I just kinda…” he started, reaching to pull on a lever that made the back seat flatten out, “put the seat down, and sprawl out.”

“So you do this a lot?”

“Ehhh…maybe once every couple weeks?” he responded with a question mark. You finally nodded your head, agreeing to his impromptu version of camping. “Awesome. I was hoping you’d want to stay out here. Just let me make the bed.” He motioned for you to stand out by the end of the car while he placed the pillows and unfolded the blankets carefully. Once his masterpiece was put together, he laid down and pat the spot next to him. You quickly climbed on top of the makeshift bed and Logan reached up to shut the trunk door once you were tucked in next to him.

“I don’t think I can sleep in this stupid thing,” you muttered, pulling at the hem of your dress.

“Then don’t,” Logan said as he pulled his sweatshirt off. You unzipped the side of your dress and slid it down your body, letting it pool along the door. Logan handed you his hoodie, which you let drown you in his sweet and spicy scent. “Come here,” he purred, opening up his arms to take you in. You wiggled your way over against his body, resting your head softly on his bare chest. Soon, his fingers were gently combing through your hair, his mouth peppering small kisses along your hairline. Only now did you realize how dead tired you were. The sound of the slow crashing waves and your boyfriend’s steady breathing lulled you fast to a sleep you were so desperately craving.



“Oh no…” the fox mumbled as his eyes scanned the letter in his hands. He groaned, hanging his head low in defeat.

“What troubles you?” a sweet yet robotic voice asked behind him. CC walked towards the two-tailed fox, tugging on his lab coat to encourage him to answer her. Tails smiled as he turned to her.

“Oh, it’s just this charity event on behalf of Yellow Sky Industries. I completely forgot I agreed to it.”

“Do you mean the annual Young Heroes barbeque? I have heard a lot about that.” CC responded.

“I wish. That would be a blast. No, this is some banquet thing I have to host for the ‘upper class’ folk in town. You can’t get these guys to donate money to anything unless they’ve had their fill of crumpets and what not,” Tails growled, crumpling the letter into a ball before tossing it in a nearby bin, but CC let out a buzz of excitement.

“A social?! With guests to entertain and partake in ‘the mingling’?! I know the exact garment to wear!” She ran towards one of her most recent prototypes, quickly typing a code into the machine and yanking on a lever. Before Tails could interject, a shower-curtain-like divider sprung up between the pair. A few quick “zips” and “whirrs” could be heard from behind the curtain before the shield dropped and CC stood proudly in a formal gown, her synthetic hair extended and pulled tight into an updo. She straightened her posture and clasped her hands behind her back, waiting patiently for a compliment.

Tails blinked a couple of times, still trying to process what had just happened. He coughed when he realized he had been staring too long and shook his head. “This… This isn’t good news. Our friends… they don’t handle formal events well.” He ran his fingers through his fur, already stressing from the party he was meant to plan. “I used to laugh when Sticks would runamuck at the Awardy Awards, but they’re all terrible. You should have seen the weddings, they were absolute fiascos!”

CC walked up to Tails and smiled, her eyes half-lidded. “That is because you did not have my assistance,” she stated matter-of-factly. She placed her hands on his shoulders before firmly knocking him down into a seated position. She paced across the room, her perfect posture making her appear as if she was gliding instead of walking. “It is an important marker in every person’s life to plan some sort of gathering, correct? I have not completed that task. I would be most delighted to do it.” Her eyelids flickered as she paused in thought, flipping through her internal rolodex. “There are a multitude of venues that would be impressive. Yes, the observatory, that is the location. Caterers…searching… Aha, one of our frequent customers owns a local restaurant. I am sure it would put us in even better standing if we had them cater-”

Tails lost track of what she was saying, partially because she began speaking too quickly for Mobian ears and partially because he was more than a little impressed. He sat back in his chair, smiling as he watched her brainstorm. It calmed and excited him at the same time and he was thankful for the distraction she provided. He shot up when he noticed her piercing electric blue eyes meeting his, a gentle smile on her face.

“Besides, ‘how bad can it be?’”

Oh great. She just had to say that.


Told you I’d come up with some silly random comic series alongside HHNF. I have too many ideas in my head, I’m being torn apart! FPS isn’t really linear, it’s just a bunch of tiny moments from one night. Also, there will be alcohol. More specifically, some very drunk hedgehogs. You have been warned!

The Shipping Corner ~ Dipcifica

I swear to god, this ship will be the death of me.

Whether it’s Canon, Reverse, Vampire & Hunter, Anti-gravity, etc (Yes, there are more than enough AUs to g around in Gravity Falls)

^(Not sure if the other one was Mabel or Pacifica, so here’s a replacement picture)

I. Ship. It.

SO HARD!!!!!!!!

They’re so fricking cute together, they compliment each other, their interactions are hilarious. I’m in too deep.

Now I will say this, I never shipped this until the ‘Northwest Mansion Noir’, but you can’t really blame me. The first time we see Pacifica, she’s an utter bully. She bribes McGucket to win, she insulted Mabel every chance she got, and she was horrible. She was the complete opposite of Mabel and I loved 

In ‘Northwest Mansion Noir’, we finally learn about Pacifica’s home life, and it’s horrible. Her parents force her to obey them by using a bell. This is a form of emotional abuse. Dipper comes back in to play to help the Northwest’s with a ghost problem. Through him, we get to see how much Pacifica is afraid of her parents. She was so freaked out to step on the white carpet with mud on her shoes because her parents would be mad, that she’d rather almost get turned into wood. 

And then Dipper was the one to build her back up and to give her confidence to defy her parents and pull the lever. He helped her to be strong and to choose a different path than just another “link in the world’s worst chain”

And that’s why I support this. Not just because they look cute together, but because they can actually help each other. Dipper builds Pacifica up and Pacifica lets Dipper be himself around her (and it’s about time to stop chasing Wendy). 

I give this couple 10/10 Hearts. 

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I will do down with this ship.

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They’re sitting in the living room doing homework when Holster gets the email. He looks up from his phone and yelps–literally yelps.

Nursey flips himself upright. “You ok?”

Dex pulls one half of his headphones off his ears to listen.

“I got the piano!” Holster says.

Ransom closes his textbook. “S’awesome, bro!” He leans over and high-fives Holster.

“Piano?” Nursey asks.

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Not Quite A Crash Landing | Closed


“I know, I know!” John pulled the next couple levers and hit some buttons. “Oli, pull us up! This is gonna be an emergency landing, see that clearing?” There was a whistle through the controls, and John nodded. “We got this!”

There was a really unsettling rattle and the landing gear descended. “I really need to fix that panel,” he muttered. “All right, all right almost there.” There was a rumble and a jolt as the spacecraft gallumphed to the ground, and John yanked the brand to pull it to a stop. It skidded a bit on the wet plants, but stopped with a lurch. He sat silently for a few moments.

“Oli?” Beep beep, whistle. “Cool. Let’s get out and see what the hell happened.” John pressed the button to lower the droid, climbing out of the cockpit. He went to the back, seeing the little purple and blue droid in one piece, and sighed as he looked up at the smoking back.

“This is gonna take a while.”


headcanon time

i figured it out i figured out why ronaldo is so strong even though he looks like a big marshmallow

okay so my mom works in a bar and they have a manual fry cutter (and it looks like a medieval torture machine)

basically you pull that lever back, put a potato on the tray, then slam the lever forward. it sends to potato through and you get fries on the other side. neat! except these take a LOT of muscle to work. the first couple potatoes i put through, i almost needed a running start. it’s ridiculous.

ALSO the bar uses these GIANT bags of potatoes. like, 50+ pounds. i don’t remember the exact number but they’re HEAVY.

okay so like. imagine doing that every day. working that godawful potato torture machine and hefting around big ass bags of potatoes. that’s the WHOLE restaurant, too, so they probably go through a TON of potatoes. and i cant imagine they have an automated fry cutter bc that seems like it’d be out of budget. so like even if he blows off work a bunch he cant get out of it all the time.

tl;dr he is beefy because cutting large batches of fries is really hard

anonymous asked:

Lol lexa is what finally gave the 100 the attention is deserves. And there dozens of other shows where you can watch the white male lead get with the female white lead. Bellarke is never going to happen.

can you not read? i explicitly asked for you cowards to respect me and not come into my ask, but you just wont listen, will you? i was tempted to ignore this message but i wont… 

let me begin by telling you that you’re wrong. bellamy blake is NOT a while male lead. He is more than likely mixed or even POC. he has olive skin, not  white. it is theorized that he is some part Filipino.

now, the whole clexa dynamic is toxic. the only reason you even ship it is because it’s a queer ship. if lexa were a man, you’d be shitting on her so hard. she left clarke, even when they had a plan. she manipulated clarke with that bullshit “love is weakness.” and then proceeded to make a move on clarke, when they were supposed to be preparing for a war!!!!! that is just unprofessional. if lexa was a male you’d all be talking about how toxic the character is, because it is toxic. she has been fundamental in clarke’s breakdown. she is the cause of finn’s death, of the mountain people’s. she is the cause of clarke being so broken. THAT IS NOT HEALTHY.

whereas bellarke is all about partnership and leadership. they lead their people together, they support each other. bellamy has not let clarke down. he was there for her when she had to pull the lever, he even helped her and said “together” so that she wouldnt have to take the blame on her own. this is in direct contrast to lexa just leaving clarke to fend for herself.

also, clarke and lexa only knew each other for a couple of days, there’s nothing substantial there. clarke and bellamy have been on this since the very beginning, they are a power pair. it would be out of character for clarke to forgive lexa if they ever see each other again. i mean, she loved finn and she still wouldnt go back to him after she found out about raven. she does not love lexa, she is not into lexa. lexa is into clarke, im not going to deny that. but clarke isnt really into her. they were not in a relationship. do you really think that clarke is going to forgive lexa for that she did? its out of character if she does. and maybe she will, but that will only be for the queer baiting that this show seem to “thrive” on… but again, youre wrong.

you claim that lexa gave the 100 the attention it deserved, then why were the season 2 ratings so much lower than season one’s?

season one averaged a total of 1.85 million viewers and a demo of .60

meanwhile season two averaged a total of 1.54 million viewers and a demo of 0.52 ……………………………………

ALSO, the bellarke hug and reunion (episode 2x05) averaged .60 demo and 1.64 million viewers. a total change in +11% in demo from the previous episode

meanwhile the episode where lexa kisses clarke (2x14) averaged a demo of .48 and a total of  1.5 million viewers. a total change of -4.00%


NOOO. because the casual viewer enjoys bellarke, everyone enjoys bellarke. even if its not romantic. the clexa dynamic is no where as interesting as bellarke. okay?!?!

thanks. now leave me alone. 



“People always say that it hurts at night

and apparently screaming into your pillow at 3am

is the romantic equivalent of being heartbroken.

But sometimes

it’s 9am on a tuesday morning

and you’re standing at the kitchen bench waiting for the toast to pop up And the smell of dusty sunlight and earl gray tea makes you miss him so much

              you don’t know what to do with your hands.”

“I’m sorry, ____,” Chen says. We’re standing in the park, face to face, space between us. The cherry blossoms are falling around us with the breeze and I don’t know what to say. The setting is too beautiful for the situation.

My heart is hurting and I can feel it breaking as he says the words I never wanted to hear coming from his mouth. “I’m… breaking up with you.”

All I could manage was an airy why.

He shakes his head. “It’s just not working.”


It looks as if he’s going to reach for my hand, but instead he stops himself and runs his fingers through his hair. “Let’s just not make this harder than it has to be.”

And I turn around and walk away.


Lying on my bed at three in the morning, I stare at the ceiling. I stopped trying to go to sleep, because tossing and turning wasn’t doing anything other than making me aware of the fact that I wasn’t sleeping.

“What am I going to do?” I mutter to myself. I throw one arm over my face, eyes closed. I listen to myself breathing, slowing it down.

And then that feeling takes over my body. Overwhelming sadness, like my heart’s breaking all over again. The sadness has nowhere to go. There’s so much of it that I can feel it surging through me, up from my stomach, out my throat, and then next thing I know I’m flipped over so my face is in my pillow. I scream as loud as I can for as long as my lungs will let me. I scream until my throat feels raw and my heart has numbed itself. I scream until the sound drowns out the replaying of the scene in my mind. Chen’s voice is so loud it’s as if he’s here, whispering it into my ear.

Then I return to my back and go back to staring at the ceiling. My chest is going up and down steadily, my breath is heavy from screaming for so long, and my heart is racing.

It’s been a week now. My friends say a week should be all it takes to at least get out of bed. I should be able to function properly tomorrow. I went into work the day after it happened and they sent me home after I spilled coffee onto the floor three times. My manager said not to come back until I was 100%.

Slowly, I push myself up to sitting. With hands on either side of me, I turn towards the window and stare out at the city that still seems to be awake. There aren’t as many people out as it’s a Monday night, but there are still people out and about. I can hear some of them.

The moon is streaming in through the window, casting shadows throughout the room. Its light draws me towards the window and I take a seat on the floor, peering outside. Floor to ceiling windows. Very convenient for nights when you can’t sleep. I’m surprised there isn’t an imprint of my bum starting to form here. I’ve been sitting here staring out a lot.

Chen isn’t perfect. I’m not going to lie to you and say he is. But his imperfectness makes him that much more attractive. I know his millions of fans think so too.

Millions of fans. Who would think that I’d date someone with that many people in love with him too? Ah, being with Chen was always an adventure. We’d go out and he’d keep one hand clasped in mine. The other would be out beside him, creating a barrier between me and his fans.

When we managed to get out without people around, he’d loosen up and one arm would drape around my shoulders comfortably as we chatted. About what? Everything.

I could tell him what was bugging me that day and he’d tell me that it wasn’t a big deal.

I could tell him that my parents were fighting again and he’d insist that they’d make up, which they always did.

He would tell me about his members and what someone did to bug him and I would calm him down.

He would complain about long hours at work and I would remind him why he was doing it in the first place.

Whenever we disagreed on something, we’d duke it out until we came to a conclusion. And if there wasn’t one, we’d stop talking or we’d be mad. Then we’d get over it because it wasn’t our thing to hold grudges or be angry. I didn’t like the feeling and Chen… well I don’t know why he can’t stay mad for long.

It almost seemed too good to be true, and for a while it was absolute bliss. But then his management butt in. They called him in one time, Xiumin told me, and they said that he couldn’t be public with me. It made the fans antsy.

So we didn’t go out as often and if we did, it was always spontaneous, usually after his practice was over.

I don’t know what happened, but according to Xiumin—Chen was too scared to tell me about the meetings—management was bringing him in more and more. I’m guessing they finally told him it was best for his career to call it off. But I don’t know for sure.

The moon seems too big, I realize now. It looks as if it’s taking up one whole side of a building. Is it supposed to do that? I don’t think so. Ever since Chen broke it off with me, I’ve been feeling so much that everything seems amplified. Including the size of the moon.

Sighing, I rest my chin on top of my knees. He hasn’t called at all. I haven’t heard from any of his members. I’m not surprised they took his side, but in the year and a half that I was with Chen, I thought I’d connected with at least one of them. I guess they didn’t think the same way.

“You’re gonna be okay,” I mumble. “The worst is over.”


And for a while, it seemed that way. I could go a whole day without thinking about Chen. I went to school, I went to work, I did homework, I hung out with my friends, and I did it fine. Screaming into your pillow is supposed to be the romantic equivalent of heartbreak, but one day, I realized that maybe it isn’t.

I make hot chocolate a lot, a marble hot chocolate with dark, white and milk chocolate all in one drink. It’s one of our most famous drinks now. But before, I used to only make it for one person.

Suddenly, familiar voice causes the hairs on my arms to stand on end. I figure it’s a regular that comes in a lot. “Marble hot chocolate and a smile from the lady.”

I crack a smile but when I look up, it disappears. Because the hairs on my arms placed the voice before I could. I quickly turn away to make the drink. Unfortunately, the place is dead. No one else is there.

“May we talk?”

I’m hallucinating. I’ve had this hallucination too many times at work. Someone will order the drink and while I’m waiting for the milk to heat up, I’ll feel imaginary arms around my waist. It’s what Chen usually did while I made him his drink. And then I’ll stop what I’m doing. I’ll see the light turn green on the machine, because the milk is ready, but my hands won’t move. It’s happened every time, but I had coworkers to take over if I froze. This time, I have to be unfazed.

So I force my hands to do what they should. I press a button and toss dark chocolate into the top of the machine. My eyes stay averted and my movements become very robotic.

The apparition keeps talking. “____-ah. Please.” The apparition is pleading. God.

I shake my head a bit, trying to get my brain to stop playing games. I finally pull down the lever that stops the machine. A hand reaches out to cover mine and I shudder. I take a couple steps back, knocking the drink on the floor. Nothing is connecting in my brain that I barely hear him say, “Oh crap” from the other side of the counter.

It doesn’t register that he’s run around to help me. It isn’t until he’s down on the floor mopping it up that I finally pitch in. Swatting at my hands, he tells me to go sit.

“No,” I manage to say.

“____-ah, I can do this.”

“No, I don’t want you here. I think you need to leave.”


Maybe I should be harsh. Ignoring the hallucination didn’t work, maybe I need another tactic. “No,” I say firmly. I look him in the eyes. His stare is so intense that I think he’s real. “I don’t want you here. You can’t just call it off with me without a real explanation and then expect me to welcome you with open arms. So please, I can handle this.”

I feel two hands cupping my face. Two real hands cupping my face. I blink. Nope. It can’t be. Chen hasn’t called in weeks.

“You deserve an explanation. You, out of everyone else, deserve the explanation the most. Yet you never got one.”

“Chen…” I mumble.

“I’m right here.” Chen leans towards my forehead to kiss it, but I recoil and he stops. He lets go of my cheeks, allowing me to fall on my bum so we’re face to face, him squatting and me sitting. “If I gave you an explanation, we’d really be over.” Chen’s not looking at me now. “So I just never did it.”

I stay quiet, not sure how to respond. What is he saying?

“I held off telling you the real reasons, because I needed to fix things. I need to be with you, ____-ah.”

My head snaps up. Did he just—?

“Management told me that I couldn’t be with you. They said that we had to call things off, cool off with the romance for a while.” My eyes start to drop and Chen reaches forward, tilting my chin up with his finger. “I’m not using it as an excuse. I shouldn’t have broken up with you. I shouldn’t have considered it as an option.”

I swallow, trying to find my voice. “Are you…”

“Take me back, ____-ah. I told management that if I can’t be with you, I won’t be in Exo.”

A small gasp escapes me. “But… you love your job.”

“I love you more,” he says.


“No buts. I told them that and they—”

“Go ask for your job back!” I interrupt. I can’t imagine Chen not singing. He was born to sing. His voice makes people fall in love with him and his members.

A knowing smile grows on beautiful face. “I didn’t have to choose. They relented.”

I hop onto my knees, leaning towards him. “What?”

“The members vouched for us. No you, no music.”

I throw my arms around his neck, not really hearing anything he’d just said except for: I didn’t have to choose. “Oh my god,” I breathe. “I missed you so much.”

Chen kisses the side of my head as he wraps his arms tight around my back, pulling me closer. “I love you and I’m not letting you go again.”

Closed w/ ask-theasshole | Star Wars AU


“I know, I know!” John pulled the next couple levers and hit some buttons. “Oli, pull us up! This is gonna be an emergency landing, see that clearing?” There was a whistle through the controls, and John nodded. “We got this!”

There was a really unsettling rattle and the landing gear descended. “I really need to fix that panel,” he muttered. “All right, all right almost there.” There was a rumble and a jolt as the spacecraft gallumphed to the ground, and John yanked the brand to pull it to a stop. It skidded a bit on the wet plants, but stopped with a lurch. He sat silently for a few moments.

“Oli?” Beep beep, whistle. “Cool. Let’s get out and see what the hell happened.” John pressed the button to lower the droid, climbing out of the cockpit. He went to the back, seeing the little purple and blue droid in one piece, and sighed as he looked up at the smoking back.

“This is gonna take a while.”