as i promiced~~


Friday, September 23. The Rose and The Crown Inn. 8:35 p.m. 

Julia: This here’s, the place I’m staying. 

Kaito: You sure you don’t need anything? 

Juila: No, I’m gonna be ok, I promice. I feel much better now that we talked. It was much needed.    

Kaito: You know that I’m always here for you, sis.   

Julia: And that’s why I love you. Cause you’re the only man in my life that never let me down.


Everyone participate in Inktober, but I am dealing with ink-pencil-tober though) 

These are my very first sketches of two favourite space guys. Sorry for Garrus crest - it, uhm… somehow stands on it’s end. Maybe he found something suprising, I don’t know) Promice I will draw him later again -  maybe even not once, and correct everything ;)

Sooo… reds for krogans, blue for turians!


He looked into the mirror,it shattered,and he stormed off towards HIM.(He did this to me-US.And now he has to pay the price.I won’t forgive him for this,I will kill him,even if it’s the last thing I do.Celine…….I can promice you that.I know you cant hear me,but I promise.I promise for YOU Celine.I will KILL him.)Celine whimpered in the corner of Dark’s mind.She was curled up in a ball,rocking back and forth,muttering something to herself.


I swear i will stop with the black and white fanart soon, i promice. But untill then here is Mister J in some more noire tones. i wasnt entierly happy with the last piece I did so I decided to model Jokers face on a photograph of David Bowie of all people. imaguine him in the role of the clown prince of crime why dont you.