as i once yelled to cat

The Signs as Cats I met at the Animal Shelter
  • Aries: Really quiet in the cage, but when I let her out she was very nice
  • Taurus: Really good with the other cats, even the cats who don't like other animals liked him
  • Gemini: I swear he's always in two places at once
  • Leo: If I could describe her in one word it would just be cat. She was such a cat
  • Virgo: She's so graceful... I trust her
  • Libra: licked everything! my arm? licked! the cage? licked! the other cats? licked!
  • Scorpio: Rude! Chaotic neutral
  • Sagittarius: Oh my god he's so strong... a wonderful strong little boy
  • Capricorn: Really weird meow, I don't really trust him
  • Aquarius: The other cats don't like him
  • Pieces: Very sweet! But she sat in the waterbowl

While the tech people she worked with were open-minded nerds, senior management was “more traditional,” and Allison felt HR would immediately send her packing if she approached them. That’s why she emailed her co-workers first, “… the people who absolutely depended on me for the survival of this project. I let them know what was happening, that I would be transitioning … and reminded them I was indispensable. And within hours … this was out to 4,000 [people].”

She only met with HR once the cat was fully out of the bag and pissing on their rugs. “They were absolutely incensed … but by the time I got frog-marched into HR it was too late.”

They yelled at her for having the gall to exist, but thanks to a “tug-of-war” between management and the nerds who made their project run, Allison’s job was secure.

It’s worth noting that, at this point, Allison’s support group knew of only one other transgender woman, in the country, who had managed to openly transition.

“She did a sort of similar thing, so we sort of modeled my plan off of her.”

I Was Transgender Before That Word Existed: 7 Dark Realities

He went out with the intention to get rid of the Hatter once and for all… but that Cheshire cat is always watching, ready to pounce… and as per usual, Tyler has to take care of the aftermath of Ethan’s thoughtless behavior..

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Neighbor AUs by me feat. my actual neighbor

Go follow said neighbor

1) “ive only seen you come out of your house once when you ran shrieking after your indoor cat who bolted outside" au

2)  “i definitely just accidentally opened a package that was not meant to be delivered to me and oh god i did not order these im too ace for this” au

3)  “your lawn is in shambles and youre making the whole neighborhood look bad so im going to yell passive aggressive comments at you until you get off your butt aND MOW YOUR LAWN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THREE YEARS” au

4) “So your tv is facing the window and you’ve been watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ for three days straight I just want to make sure you’re okay” au

5) “I’m learning to drive and I crashed into your fence and part of your garden I’m so sorry I’ll put the fence back and help you replant.” 

6) “We have bedroom windows that face each other and because of this you know my room is still princess themed and I know that you wear cookie monster pajamas”

7) “My parents make me drive you to school because you literally live next door but you’re aLWAYS late.” 

8) “Sometimes when I can’t sleep I’ll sneak out, walk to your house and throw pebbles at your window. You let me in and we cuddle while you read aloud to me.” 

9) “I’ve known you since birth, basically, and we grew up to be complete opposites so now we never talk even though we still live next to each other.” 

10) “You’re always outside playing basketball and I’m always out working on my car. We’ve never talked but wow you’re so pretty.” 

P.S. #7 is how my parents fell in love <3 

Two-Bit Head Canons

-He’s the kind of person who actually finds the aesthetic in clutter
-His mom once yelled “THERES SO MUCH TRASH IN HIS ROOM” and he responded “I CAN HEAR YOU” because he actually thought she was referring to him
-He’s the opposite of claustrophobic and when the house is clean it slightly puts him on edge

-He’s allergic to chocolate
-Doesn’t stop him though, he’ll still smash a whole chocolate cake
-He’s also allergic to cats and it’s the only reason he doesn’t have 50 of them

-He loves Mickey Mouse so much because he snuck into Disney land when he was 7 and the guy in the Mickey suit fended for him

-He used to live in Florida, some family issues popped up in Tulsa and that’s why he moved there
-He’s kind of afraid his mom will want to suddenly move back home even though they’ve been in Tulsa for years
-She knows how much the gang means to him and that he’s not moving out anytime soon so she’s not going to move

Subway Meet/Cute - Clexa

The morning commute was always the same. Lexa pulled herself out of bed and threw her long dark hair up into a ponytail. She dressed in the outfit she had picked out the night before, basically an excuse for ten more minutes of sleep. She gave her cat Leonidas a quick pat on the head as she grabbed her keys and phone. “Be good Leo. I don’t want to come home and have to clean up more toilet paper.” She smiled as the black cat just tilted its head at her in confusion.

Lexa checked the time on her phone and realized that once again, as with most mornings, she was running late. She quickly ran out of her apartment and locked the door behind her.

Lexa stepped out onto the sidewalk into the morning hustle. She had to adapt to the flow of traffic quickly. A man in a nice suit yelling into the bluetooth hanging from his ear almost ran into her as she tried to merge.

“Watch it.” The man grumbled under his breath and pushed passed her. Lexa sighed and pulled out her headphones. Every morning Lexa questioned why she moved to the city. Why did she pack up everything and move across the country by herself? But as her day went on and she went to her favorite coffee shop and let the warm liquid drive away the negative thoughts.

She was here for a reason. She was here to prove herself and to find what she felt like she had been missing her entire life. The second she got a job offer she didn’t even think about it. She told her parents that she was leaving the family business and moving. Her father had been okay, thought worried about his only daughter. Her mother on the other hand didn’t take it as well. She cried for three days straight and did everything but chain herself to the front door to stop Lexa from leaving.

Nothing was going to stop her and now here she was with a job, a place, and a life that was so much more than she would have had on the farm.

Lexa clutched her coffee tightly as she made her way down into the subway with a large crowd of commuters. The music blared in Lexa’s headphones and now she was feeling much more awake. She’d have to sit on the subway for 40 minutes before she got to work. Her music was the only thing that made the crowded ride bearable.

Lexa got into one of the middle cars and was surprised to find an open seat near the sliding doors. She slid into the seat and pulled her phone from her pocket. She took the first few minutes of her trip catching up on e-mails and assuring her mother for what felt like the hundredth time that she wasn’t hanging around with “the bad crowd”, whatever that meant.

Lexa looked up and her eyes were drawn to a beautiful blonde sitting across from her. She was wearing a pair of perfectly ripped light wash jeans. Her plain black t-shirt had a small whole near the neckline and another near the hem. Lexa eyes went down the woman’s body and landed on her perfectly clean white Adidas.

Her eyes were glued to the nearly glowing white shoes. Lexa had never seen this girl on her subway adventures before, she was sure she would remember someone so breathtaking. The girl moved and Lexa shook her head to break her gaze. She moved her eyes back to her phone and prayed that the girl hadn’t noticed her staring.

“Hey, so I was worried these shoes were too much with this outfit. What do you think?” Lexa’s eyes froze on her screen. She hadn’t even seen the girl get up from her seat, but here she was sitting quite close to her.

Lexa plucked up all of her courage and looked up into the girl’s gorgeous blue eyes. “I-I think they look great. I don’t understand how people can keep white shoes so clean in this city.”

The girl seemed to find Lexa’s comments funny because she let out a light laugh. “You just have to walk really, really carefully.” The girl responded. “Oh, I’m Clarke by the way.” She held out her hand for Lexa to shake.

“I’m Lexa.”

Lexa took Clarke’s hand and shook it. But when they were done Clarke didn’t let go of Lexa’s hand right away.

“Nice to meet you, Lexa.” Clarke gave Lexa a lopsided grin and brushed her blonde hair to one side of her head. “I’m just coming in for the night. Judging by your coffee and outfit you are going to work?”

Lexa nodded and sipped her coffee without thinking. “You’re just getting in?” Lexa lifted her eyebrows slightly surprised.

“Yeah, well I’m a bartender uptown. I can’t wear these beauties in there though.” Clarke pointed at the crisp shoes on her feet. “I have some gross black shoes I keep at the bar.” Clarke chewed on her lower lip for a second, like she was thinking very carefully about what she was going to say next. “You should stop by the bar sometime.”

Lexa eyebrows nearly went into her hairline at the suggestion.

“I’d even buy you a drink.” Clarke smiled and Lexa was surprised that she was actually very intrigued by the offer of basically a perfect stranger.

“Sur-Sure.” Lexa tried to sound as confident as she wanted to feel.

Clarke opened her mouth to speak again but the train started to slow and the conductor’s voice crackled over the broken speakers.

“This is my stop.” Clarke stood up and reached into her back pocket. “This is where I work. I’m in every night but Wednesday. Come see me.” Clarke handed Lexa a matchbook.

“I hope I see you soon.” Clarke winked at Lexa as the doors slide open and before Lexa could do more than lift her hand to wave a quick goodbye she was swallowed by the departing crowd.

Lexa ran her fingers over the matchbook Clarke had given her. ‘Polaris’ Lexa’s heart beat loudly against her chest as she put the matchbook carefully in her front pocket. She knew she was going to go to the bar, she had to know more about Clarke.


You did it! You finally figured a way into Neverland!

“Who are you and why are you here?” a stern voice said from behind you.Smiling manically, gripping your axe you swung at whoever spoke.

“What on earth is your problem?” the voice spoke again this time on the other side of you.

“Oh what a shame I was expecting your head rolling on the floor” You say with your famous smile still plastered on your face.

“Why would you do that!” the boy in front of you yelled,a boy with eyes the color of the forest.

“That didn`t sound like a question cupcake” You smile stepping closer to him,he seems enticing and you wanted more.

“Fine, who are you and why are you here. also never call me cupcake again” The boy said this time sounding like a question.His angry tone was soon canceled out by a grin on his face.

“I`m Y/N but most people call me Cheshire cat and im here to paint your flowers red with the blood from your heads, What`s your name or should I just call you angel face?” You swing the axe on the ground looking at your surroundings for the first time.

“Im Peter.Peter Pan and you`re crazy” He said with a matter of fact tone to his voice.

“I may be crazy but all the best people are” You say as you start skipping past Peter, as soon as your next to him you whisper in his ear “I`m crazy but you love it, don’t you?” you proced skipping leaving a confused Peter standing by himself.

“Oh you`re trouble Kitty cat” He says turning around to follow you. You`re trouble and Peter Pan loves trouble.

Aw Hell No

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Steve Rogers x Howlett! Reader



A/n: this is such an awesome request because Logan gets to be the lil asshole he is :3 by the way, I hope you do not mind me making the reader a mutant like her brother Logan and Victor C:


Genre: Humor, Romance, Family

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Crude humor, swearing, mutant reader.


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines


You were sitting on the couch in your brothers’ home. Currently, Logan Howlett was arguing with Victor about something stupid.


You thought.

'Why can’t they just get along for once?’

I yelled to the mutants in the kitchen.

Hey! Shut the hell up!”

I stood up and crossed my arms, glaring at them from the kitchen’s archway. They looked at me and I growled out.

“If you two don’t stop arguing like a bunch of cats and dogs, I swear to fucking god both of you are going to have your tongues cut off. I cannot believe you two cannot get along for once. Logan, don’t you fucking dare open your howling screamer.”

I growled at him. Victor sighed and looked over at me. I stated, taking a step forward.

“Got something to say? Say it. I dare you. You know I’m right.”

Victor looked at me and Logan sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.


“Whatever. I am taking a walk. Don’t wreck the house or I’m going to kick both of your guys’ asses and skinning your hides.”

I walked off, slamming the front door and took out my phone. Scrolling through, I picked the contact labeled as 'Stars N’ Stripes’


“Hey Steve.”

“Hey doll. What’s up?”

“The Log Man and the Meow-Festation are arguing again.”

“Let me guess, someone scratched the others back?”

“Yeah, basically. Can we go for a walk or something?”

“Sure. I can actually see you right now.”

You waved furiously and he chuckled. You spotted him and gave him a smile. He smiled and waved.

“I’ll be right there. Don’t wander off, Cat-dog.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. Don’t make me bring the claws out.”

“Ooo I’m scared.”

“You should be. Mroof.”

You heard laughter and Steve held open his arms, closing the phone. You walked over and hugged him. He whispered.

“Can you show me?”

“Let’s go to the lake, and then I will.”

Steve smiled and held your hand. You smiled and walked to the lake, your senses picking up many things. Birds, people, the water washing on the shore. Scents assaulted your nose and you sneezed.

'Bless you.“

"Thanks. There are so many smells here.”

Steve chuckled and you two sat on the shore. Steve watched you as your nails grew into claws and long, jagged claws ripped from in between your knuckles. Steve gently caressed the bones and you smiled softly. Steve stated.

'I’m still so amazed how you have saber-tooth and wolf DNA in you.“

"X Chromosome.”

“I thought Victor was your half brother and Logan was your full blooded brother?”

“They’re both my full blooded brothers. Meow-festation just doesn’t like Logan so he calls him his half brother.”

“What about you? Is Victor nice to you?”

“Victor loves me. When we were younger, Vicci would call me so many names like 'Cub’, 'Kitten’, and even 'Fluffy’.”

Steve chuckled and asked.

“And Logan?”

“Logan likes to keep to himself. However, he will open his howling screamer when need to. He hated it when Vicci called me only feline names. Therefore, Logan is only allowed to call me canine associated names. His favorite is 'Bitch’,”

Steve snorted and you giggled. Steve gently kissed you and you let your claws retract, running your hand through his hair. You froze when you heard.

“Oh hell no.”

You pulled back and there stood Logan and Victor. Logan was scowling while Victor quirked an eyebrow up, a smirk on his face.

“(Y/N), don’t tell me you’re dating Mr. Rogers.”

Victor said. You blushed and smiled, a fang popping out.


Logan snarled and stated, pushing you away from Steve and standing in between you two.

“No you are not.”


He looked back and growled.

“I’m your alpha, you listen to me.”

“I listen to nobody.”

I stated, getting in his face. He snarled and growled out.

“Don’t you try to fight for dominance, (Y/N)! I’m your alpha-”

“-I will. You are not going to take the only thing that makes me feel human away.”

Logan was taken back and I stated.

“I didn’t act like this when you were with Jean.”

Victor whistled and said beneath his breath, dragging Steve his way.

“Low blow, Kitten. Mr. Rogers, you might want to stand back.”


“It’s going to get ugly.”

Logan glared at you and you let your claws out, growling. Logan stated.

“You know I’m a lot stronger than you.”

“Too bad your stupidity overrides it!”

You tackled him and went to scratch his face. Suddenly, arms gripped you by your hips and a voice whispered.

“Kitten, it’s not worth it.”

“Victor! Let me go!”

“I can’t do that. You will kill him. Go with Steve, I’ll take care of this idiot.”

You glared at Logan and Victor set you down. He turned you around and you looked into his eyes. Victor smiled softly.

“You tell me if he hurts you, I’ll let him have a taste of cat.”

You cracked a small smile and stated.

“I can take care of myself, Meow-festation.”

Victor grinned at the name and patted your back, pushing you toward Steve.


You nodded and gave one last look to Logan. You took Steve by the hand and quickly led him off. You heard yelling behind you and Steve whispered.

“Ok. I have to admit this. That really made me nervous.”

You looked at Steve, stated. “Bite me,” and rolled your eyes.


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Can you write an imagine about Algee getting sick and acts like a big baby ? 😂

Big Ol’ Baby:

“Baby! I need you!” Algee yelled from his bedroom while you were on your way to him with his chicken noodle soup once you walked into the room you say Algee laying down looking like a dying cat “You’re so dramatic babe.” You said laughing laying the soup on the bedside table “Baby, lay next to me, I’m cold.” He whined patting the spot on the bed next to him. You obliged and laid next to him feeling him move in rapid pace to lay on your chest, you sighed in content as you began to play with his hair in little movements until you heard his soft silent snores.

“You’re such a needy baby Algee Smith, who would’ve known.” You said quietly kissing his forehead. Just as you tried to move off the bed you felt his arms wrap around you tightly “You can’t leave me, I need you to away my sickness…” he said in a hushed tone with a hint of annoyance “Yes, I am fending away your sickness but I need to cool your fever done first, now let me go get you a cooling pad Algee.” You said trying to swat away his hands until he finally gave in having no true strength to fight you, he laid back down rolling over to face away from you causing you to roll your eyes.

“Big Ol’ baby you are.” You muttered under your breath as you got up and walked back to the kitchen to get the cooling pad from the refrigerator after wrapping it securely in a cloth you made your way to Algee’s room where he still laid on his side you shook your head at his childish side but also smiled because these were the simple things he did that made you love him deeper “Babe I have your cooling pad.” You said crawling on the bed slowly waiting for him to turn to let you apply it on his head, which he did with a pouty face “Oh is the baby upset?” You teased pinching his cheeks “Yes, he is , you left him.” He said crossing his arms over.

You sat up straight and without invitation Algee had placed his head on your thighs resting his head there making it easier for you to apply the cooling pad “Well I’m here now, so don’t worry.” You said cooing him “Did you take your medicine?” You asked looking at the bottle on the bedside table “Yes Doc I took them.” He said with closed eyes as he relaxed into the cool sensation of the cooling pad.

“Do you know how much I love you (Y/N), you always put up with my shit. Damn I couldn’t ask for a better woman honestly. So I was wondering..” he drifted off and as you looked down you realized that he was beginning to sleep and even though you truly wanted to know what he was going to say you didn’t disturb his sleep.

You just played with his hair until you fell asleep with the big baby in your lap fast asleep now. “My big baby that I love more than anything.” You said before falling asleep.

the signs as: group chat quotes
  • Aries: I need to practice just yelling "LESBIAN" from my window that would be fun
  • Taurus: my type
  • Gemini: FIGHT ME BITCH SQUARE UP. Oh, nvm square down we round, homie.
  • Cancer: dont talk to me or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend or my girlfriend ever again
  • Leo: I came out for the sake of this joke once: *points to fingers* pussy destroyer one and pussy destroyer two
  • Virgo: Me when my knee/elbow pads are finished being painted and i'm walkin around as ginny: nobody knows these are pink barbie kneepads
  • Libra: I'm gay and adopted 2 orphan girls and this dragon has killed my cow 3 times
  • Scorpio: if someone gave me money to date them i would take the money and then run
  • Sagittarius: also awk gay story I saw a really pretty girl and then ran into a tree today
  • Capricorn: i'm gay for tea
  • Aquarius: thanks ink corncob
Where Did The Cat Come From?

Prompt: “Where did the cat come from?”
Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words: 602
Warnings: All the fluffiness

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The bunker door slamming forced me to react quicker than I would have liked.

“Y/N, we’re back,” Sam calls out and thank Chuck he didn’t see me grab the little meowing ball of fluff and book it to my room.

“Hi guys!” I say once I am safely inside my room.

“Y/N, we’re going out, you wanna come?” Dean yells, making sure I can hear him through my closed door.

“No, I’m… uhhhhhh… really tired. I’m just gonna go to bed.” I respond. I am trying to keep the kitten quiet so Sam and Dean don’t hear, but the kitten seems to have other ideas.

“Ok. Call if you need anything.” Dean says as the bunker door slams shut once more. I pick up the little kitten and walk towards the kitchen. After getting the kitten a small bowl of warm milk, I make my way towards the library to grab a book. The second I step into the large room, I stop dead in my tracks.

There, sitting in one of the library chairs, reading, is the one and only Sam Winchester. Not only am I trying to hide a small fuzzy animal from him, I also have the biggest crush on him. It started about two months ago when we went undercover as a married couple. Ever since then, my crush on the younger Winchester has gotten bigger and bigger. Sam looks up upon hearing me enter.

“I thought you were tired.” He says, a smirk dancing on his lips.

“I thought you were going out,” I say.

“Decided not to. Why do you seem so-” He suddenly gets cut off by a small meow coming from the kitchen.

“What was that?” Sam says, standing up in an almost protective manner.

“What was what?” I say. “I didn’t hear anything.” I continue. The meow sounds again, louder this time. “And if you’re wondering, I didn’t hear that either.” The minute the words leave my mouth, I turn and run towards the kitchen. I faintly hear Sam say my name and know he’s following me.

I see the little orange fluff ball on the ground and scoop it up as fast as I can. As I turn towards the door, I slip the both of my hands behind my back, the kitten going with them. Sam enters the kitchen and crosses his arms over his broad chest.

Y/N…” He says, an accusing look covering his face.

Sam…” I mock. I wince then, the kitten digging its small but still sharp claws into my back.

“Y/N, show me what you’re hiding.”

“I’m not hiding anything.”

He moves towards me so fast, I don’t even have time to react. His lips meet mine, and for a moment, I’m shocked. Then, I lean in, memorizing the feel of his lips on mine. How soft they are and how they taste like mint gum with a slight pinch of whiskey. I’m so lost in him that I don’t realize his hands are sliding around my back… And grabbing the kitten. He pulls back, looking at the kitten. His hazel eyes flick up to mine for a moment.

Where did the cat come from?” He asks, but he knows he’s not going to get an actual answer.

“Can we keep her? Please? Pretty Please?” I beg. I’ve never had a pet before but have always wanted one.

“Y/N, I doubt Dean will let us kee-” I cut him off by planting my lips on his again, and this time when we pull back, his eyes lock with mine.

“I’ll convince him. What should we call her?”

we used to have this cat who, one christmas, decided that he really loved the christmas tree we put up. he’d spend all his time hanging out next to or under the tree. i think he even peed on it once to try and assert his ownership

on christmas day the cat got really mad that we were all sitting around his tree opening presents and he went outside and refused to come back in. it was raining and my dad went outside to try and coax the cat inside and the cat just yelled at him and refused to move

this cat was really good-natured and kinda dopey in general so him being this upset over a simple thing like people celebrating a holiday was extra funny

apiologist  asked:

i hav one cat named oliverbear (we call him oliver but his legal name is oliverbear n his nickname is olliebear) n hes a very big (26 pound) baby who once yelled at my arm and tried to bite me. he likes to sit on my chest and purr. he cant jump. please rate him

100/10!!!! He is a good and honorable man! I love him very much. He is larger than most cats but it’s just part of who he is and it’s wonderful.

Cat Fight (Requested)

Request: Some groupie keeps trying to talk to Klay and he refuses to check her. I go off on him in front of the teammates and he gets upset and teaches me a lesson, explicit please.


Malika walked into the Oracle Arena and saw Klay shooting from the three point line, she smiled looking at her boyfriend of 7 years “Sweets!” she yelled hearing her echo throughout the stadium causing Klay to turn around looking for Malika and once he saw her he began to crack a smile “My baby girl!” he said running up towards her grabbing her waist and spinning her around placing a soft kiss on her lips “I missed you.” he said softly placing her down on the ground holding her lightly “I missed you too sweets.” she said hugging him tightly not minding the sweat he had all over his face “Sweets bring that sweet ass here.” Draymond yelled from the side doors of the Arena “Okay I’m coming.” Klay yelled looking at Malika smalls frame in his arms, he bent down to kiss her holding her hands as they began to walk to the side doors for his interviews.

Malika watched him walk towards the reporters but not before she say a very familiar female “Klay! KLAY! I LOVE YOU! FUCK ME! GIVE ME YOUR BABIES! WHY DON’T YOU BE WITH A REAL WOMAN AND LEAVE THAT CHILDISH BITCH ALONE!” she heard a familiar voice yell and just as she went to snap her neck she saw the female attempt to grab Klay’s dick. “Oh HELL no.” Malika said running to the female groupie snatching the girls hair landing a couple of punches to the girl’s face before she felt strong arms wrap around her and pick her up. Malika pulled the girl’s hair roughly dragging her across the rope, she began kicking the girl trying to show her what happens to girls who step out of their place “BABE! Let her go what’s wrong with you!” Klay yelled spinning Malika away from the girl who she was clutching onto.

Flash after flash catching the event unfolding in front of the public eye “MALIKA! GO IN THE LOCKER ROOM AND DON’T COME OUT, I’LL COME GET YOU WHEN I SETTLE THIS SHIT.” Klay said yelling at her as he began to shove her to the door “Klay Alexander Thompson. Don’t fucking touch me.” she said pushing the doors to the locker room still full of such anger, waiting for Klay to come inside so she can tell him off. Once Malika saw Klay step into the locker room she exploded “EVERY FUCKING TIME KLAY! SHE’S ALWAYS THERE YET YOU DO NOTHING TO DEFEND ME! YOU DON’T COMMENT ABOUT THE BITCH! YOU DON’T PUT HER IN HER FUCKING PLACE SO I HAD TO, I HONESTLY CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE YOU!” Malika yelled punching Klay’s chest.

Klay cracked at that moment, he grabbed Malika’s shoulder and pushed her roughly against the lockers “You want me to defend you for what? Malika you’re my forever girl and if you don’t know that then I don’t know what to tell you. You fighting in front of my teammates, coach and my fans is over the fucking line.” Klay said dangerously low looking deep into Malika’s eyes “It seems you forgot how to behave in public around other bitches, you knew from the start that bitches like her would be on me. I told you not to worry about them but of course you don’t listen to anything I say. So now you’re going to fucking learn the hard way Malika.” he said holding her arms above her head as he bent down meeting her face with his. He brushed his lips against hers before begin to softly nibble at the bottom of her lip causing her to moan softly, he then used one hand to swiftly wrap around her waist pulling her body closer to his “You want to be a bad girl and embarrass Daddy huh?” Klay said softly in her ear before nibbling down on her neck then moving his way down to the little cleavage that her shirt was displaying.

“Take it off, now.” Klay said as he took a sit on the bench watching her undress her shirt “Bra too.” he said taking her body in fully he then reached out to grab her body, he cupped her breast as he began to kiss down her body he then made his way back up her body to her breast and he took her nipple in his mouth teasing her by gently biting down on both of them leaving her breathless. With her nipple still in his mouth he moved his hand to pull her sweats and panties in one fair tug, while his mouth rested on her nipples his hands had traveled down her body gently flicking her clitoris before entering his 2 fingers inside her feeling her wet juices waiting for him “Hmm, you were ready for me huh baby.” he said looking up at her with her head leaning back “Always Daddy.” she said breathlessly.

He then moved her further lowering his body onto the floor near her core he looked at the glisten it had from all her juices he removed his hands from inside her and replaced it with his tonuge lapping up all her juices causing her to moan loudly carelessly and shortly after he thrusted his fingers into her again while working his tongue pushing her over the edge “Baby.. I’m .. so” she began to say but was interrupted by Klay’s fingers leaving her body and his tongue gone leaving her feel cold and alone. Klay had other ideas as he pushed her against the lockers again but this time he raised her leg with one hand and began to pump himself into her and once he was inside of her he completely lost his patience. He began to roughly thrust into her at a face pace “Daddy was not happy about the little show you put on today.” he said pulling her hair back causing her to arch her back thrusting inside her faster “Daddy wants you to behave yourself. So are you going to be a good girl and behave yourself.” he said feeling his release coming soon as well as Malika.

She nodded her head feeling him increase his speed, this was a whole new side of him that she didn’t know about. He pushed down on her back causing her to bend over in front of him which only made his speed increase until Malika felt his liquid slide down her leg as well as her own juice all around his length. He grabbed her hair once more pulling her out as he began to play with her clitoris. “Are you going to be a good girl now?” he asked quietly in her ear tempting her to do so many more bad things to him “Yes Daddy.” she said breathlessly nodding her head “Good. Now let’s take a shower before we go home.” he said slapping her ass as she walked to the showers. “Don’t press your luck next time babe. Cause next time I’m fucking you until you cry out in pain.” he said softly in her ear as he walked ahead of her to the showers, she simply rolled her eyes “Mhm” she said muttering under her breath and followed him.

Nekoma Members React To: Cats.
  • Kuroo: Oh.. Is that a cat?
  • Lev: Ah! A cat! *Leaps towards the cat*
  • Kenma: Cats don't like me..
  • Yamamoto: CATSCATSCATS
  • Yaku: Oh.. I have twenty at home.
  • Lev: REALLY???!?!?! CAN I PET YOUR CA-
  • Yaku: Absolutely not.
  • Inuoka: Well, I prefer dogs..
  • Lev: WHY NOT?
  • Kenma: *Lays buried under cats* Cats don't even like me.
  • Kuroo: *Holds twenty at once* Man.. I love cats.
  • Inuoka: *Has a cat sitting on his head* I don't even like cats, why am I here?
  • Kenma: *Still buried in cats* Cats don't love me. I feel dejected.
  • Kuroo: I fucking love cats man.

anonymous asked:

Once my cat tried to jump onto my dresser but kinda grabbed a paper and fell off and it was 6 am and I yelled -🕶

glasses u sure do live a hectic life

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Name: Signe

Nicknames: Macaron (weird I know)

Gender: Cis girl

Starsign: Virgo

Height: Around 164 cm

Sexual orientation: Lesbian

Hogwarts house: According to some quizzes, ravenclaw, and some, hufflepuff.

Favourite colour: Pastel pink (a surprise, I know), and the whole pastel colour palette ^^

Favourite colour to paint the walls (weird question lol): White, because I can draw on it (and get yelled on by my parents afterwards)

Favourite colour lipstick: Gradient cherry

Favourite animal: All the fluffy ones! I’m really scared of dogs though…

Time right now: 1:46 AM (on a monday rip)

Cat or dog person: Cat person, I got bitten by a dog once and now I can’t even walk on the same side of the street TT_TT Also I have two super-cute cats so that probably takes part in me being a cat person

Favourite fictional characters: Gha, so many to choose from… Mari Ohara from Love Live Sunshine(waifu), the protagonist in the manga “I’m the main character of a harem manga but I’m gay so my life sucks”, Sonia Nevermind (SDR2), Chiaki Nanami (SDR2), Shinobu(monogatari series), Luna Lovegood and Takeo in oremonogatari!

Number of blankets I sleep with: It’s early spring in Sweden, so 4-5? Don’t judge me, I’m a cold little human

Favourite singer/band: For singers, it’s Kate Bush, Mars Argo and little jinder. For bands, Rammstein, Slayer and Led Zeppelin (woah there edgelord).

Dream trip: Moscow, my father has told me about how wonderful the ballet he saw in Russia was. Sadly, it’s not looking good politics-wise there right now, but  I have hopes for the future.

Dream job: Probably something medicine-related, like a pharmacologist or a doctor. I think that kind of stuff is really interesting!

When was this blog created: 3 weeks ago. I don’t know if 26 followers is good for a blog that’s only existed for so long but ah well ^^;;

What made you decide to get a tumblr: The mental health community. I have been struggling with depression, anxiety and trauma for years, and it felt amazing to know I wasn’t alone.

Why did you pick your URL: Because ice ice baby

but space :o

Last film you watched: But I’m a cheerleader. It’s gay n good 💯

Last song you listened to: I was feeling down, then I met a kind witch and now we’re best friends by In love with a ghost (not a singer, so I didn’t count her into the singer/bands question)

What time would you travel to: My childhood and smack my bully right in the face.

What fictional character would you hang out with for a day: Saitama, I want to see him punch the bad guys Live

I tag: @softestjpg, @pixelpretty, @princess-of-positivity, @princessique, @riindokii and @hunny-boney!