as i once yelled to cat

The Signs as Cats I met at the Animal Shelter
  • Aries: Really quiet in the cage, but when I let her out she was very nice
  • Taurus: Really good with the other cats, even the cats who don't like other animals liked him
  • Gemini: I swear he's always in two places at once
  • Leo: If I could describe her in one word it would just be cat. She was such a cat
  • Virgo: She's so graceful... I trust her
  • Libra: licked everything! my arm? licked! the cage? licked! the other cats? licked!
  • Scorpio: Rude! Chaotic neutral
  • Sagittarius: Oh my god he's so strong... a wonderful strong little boy
  • Capricorn: Really weird meow, I don't really trust him
  • Aquarius: The other cats don't like him
  • Pieces: Very sweet! But she sat in the waterbowl

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 1,635

A/N: Leave me requests in my DM’s 

Summery: Jughead and y/n get caught up in a heated moment by the lake


The heat radiated off my skin as I stepped out of the water onto the riverbank. There was a warm subtle breeze hitting my face as I join the others sat on a large rock, beer cans and food around us. The gang had decided to start off the new term at school on a high note so we all met up by the river for the day and had a couple of drinks. The group consisted of Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica, Jughead and myself.

We all sat round on the rock sharing laughs and making plans for our future summer together. Although some moments weren’t as perfect as others due to there still being tension between some members of the group. There was an ominous feeling about the day as we’d all pushed aside the Jason Blossom case to free our minds of the stress for one weekend.

I sigh and take in a deep breath of fresh air, feeling cold, refreshing water droplets spin down my back from my wet hair. I run my fingers through it to untangle the knots that had appeared. I look to my left to see Jughead awkwardly looking around unsure of what to do with himself. A look of slight discomfort contorted onto his features.

“You okay Juggie?” I ask him quietly not wanting to draw the attention of others. He just looks at me and shrugs, a solemn look about him.

“You gonna strip those clothes off for us Juggie” Veronica cheekily flirted towards the only one still fully dressed at the time. Jughead just scoffed and looked away biting back  “Are you gonna learn to keep your clothes on Veronica?” gaining awkward hisses and coughs from the others.

“That’s a little harsh isn’t Jug, considering it’s still basically summer, are you not planning on getting in the water with the rest of us later on then?” I ask him discreetly smirking his way.

“If it gets too hot then sure i’ll come in, but it’s not necessary for me to sit here half naked and be even more uncomfortable” he passive aggressively comments throwing his arms into the air.

We all just let out breathy laughs and go back to coordinating normal conversation. Not that any of us could really have a normal conversation as our minds had been constantly filled with the conspiracies towards Jason’s death.

“So Archie, how’s your music coming along?” Betty questions the red headed boy sat opposite us. “Yeah it’s good, I’m just really trying to throw myself into writing really, right enough of this sitting around, who wants to get in the water with me?” Archie suggests standing up, Betty, V and Kevin all stand up and follow Archie into the water, all smiles and laughs. I really did love my friends.

“You don’t have to sit here with me because you feel sorry for me you know?” Jughead suddenly snaps looking towards me. “I’m not staying with you because I feel sorry for you, I’m staying here because I enjoy your company dumb ass” I laugh and playfully shove the raven haired boy. He chuckles and grabs my hands to stop me from pushing him. Goose bumps travel up my arms as his hands come into contact with mine. I lean in towards him and let myself collapse in his lap, my head looking up at him, while our hands were still intertwined he fiddled with my fingers.

“I love the way you act around me, you’re just more free” I say looking up at his beautiful face. His green eyes catch mine and he smiles, Not something many people got to see very often, but I had always had the ability to bring it onto his face.

“Well that’s because I’m comfortable with you, I don’t have to pretend to like you it just comes naturally” there was a few minutes silence after his confession, where we just sat enjoying each others company listening to the sounds of our surroundings. You could hear the water splashing and our friends laughs were heard over the buzzing of the nature. It was a truly breathtaking moment in time.

“Do you think we should tell them?” I ask him quietly not wanting to spoil the atmosphere.

“Tell them what?” He replies dumbly knowing exactly what i was talking about, just then he let go of one of my hands and brushed it through my hair, making loops around his fingers with the locks.

“About us” I retort flatly, not taking his sarcasm to heart.

“meh, why do they need to know right now, I don’t care just as long as you’re happy, but not everyone has to know our business, let them just sit and ship us for a while longer” he breaths out.

“yeah it is kinda fun watching them freak out over the little things isn’t it” I giggle and look down at our still intertwined hands. Jug just smiles and nods down at me.

“Right” I sigh standing up and pulling him with me, “take your clothes off we’re going for a swim” He groans in distaste pulling a face but still he shrugs his shirt over his head, kicking off his shoes. I couldn’t help but stare at his body as he removed the layers of clothes. His slightly indented stomach sort of gleamed as the sun hit his skin. He was perfect to me, not completely ripped like Archie, he had a slightly toned lanky figure which suited him well. Once he was ready I lightly pushed him back yelling over my shoulder.

“Race you to the water” I giggle running ahead. It didn’t take long for him to catch up and we joined the others in the water.

“well look who decided to show up” V commented splashing water up at me. I let out a small screech as the cold water splashed up at my body, I just laughed and splashed her back. Bad move. We had started a splashing war between the group, everyone screaming and laughing kicked and thrashing in the water to get everyone wet.

Even Jughead joined in and genuinely looked happy, something that goes a long way in my eyes, I loved to see him happy and smiling, a nice difference from his usual grumpy disposition.

We all carried on messing around in the water for a matter of time, when Betty suggested taking a swim around the lake, Her and Archie swam off and Veronica and Kevin were heavily enthused in competing on ‘who can do the better handstand’

“You wanna take a walk?” Jughead nudges me, his arm comes up to my waist and he tugs me towards the river bank again. I ring out the water from my hair as we walk towards the rock where his clothes were. He just shimmies on his jeans and hands me his flannel shirt, I look up at him and smile, putting the flannel on over my body.

We walk through the forest into a more secluded area, talking about nothing in general. I stop to look at the scenery before us. You could still see the lake peaking through the trees, and sunlight streaking through the gaps of branches. Jughead pulls me towards him by my waist and presses his lips against mine briefly. he pushes his forehead onto mine and breathes out “Beautiful” raising a hand to my face he strokes my cheek, his rough thumb stroking over my bottom lip, I look up into his eyes and notice the contentment in them.

He leans down pressing his lips to mine again, harder than before, his grip around my waist subconsciously tightens. My arms sling around his neck, one hand coming into contact with his face the other falling to the back of his head grasping the wavy raven locks in between my dainty fingers.

He slowly starts to walk me backwards not breaking the kiss until my back hits a tree. Both of his hands now resided on my waist tugging at the shirt he had so graciously handed to me. Our lips moved roughly against each others, both of us pouring our passion into the other person. My hands slipped down from his neck and rested on his smooth chest. Jughead pressed himself closer against me our chests now flush together. I could feel the rough bark from the tree behind me digging into my back. Giving me a slight sensation while our lips were meshed together.

I captured his bottom lip in between my teeth and lightly sucked on it before returning my lips to his. His hands slid round my waist to my lower back where he pulls me closer into his, if that’s even possible. The closeness between us right now was why we enjoyed being with one another, the raw connection we both felt never hesitated to send shivers down my spine.

“Woah! what’s going on here then guys” We hear the smug comment from Veronica, causing us to pull away from each other in shock. she just laughs and shakes her head. “I knew something was going on between you two” and walks away yelling to the others that she had some “big news”

“Well i guess the cats out of the bag then” Jug smiled and looked down at me, still holding onto my waist.

“Do you want me to go and tell her not to say anything?” I enquire looking up to him shyly, not really caring we were caught.

“Nah, let them all see I’m a fool for you” he replies pressing his forehead to mine smiling down at me. I just smile and lean up to press my lips to his once more. This really couldn’t have been a more perfect day.

I promise I have a point...

Episode 1x06-
Cat: “1 second of my time is 90 times more valuable than your pointless, sad, pathetic…”
Kara: “Don’t talk to me like that! Please! I work so hard for you. I don’t ask questions. I don’t complain. And all you do is yell at me and tell me I’m not good enough, and it’s mean. Why are you so mean?!”

Episode 2x12
Eve: “You look like me the day I forgot to get Ms. Grant’s coffee and she made me call the Dean of Yale to admonish him for having given me a diploma, sad and disheartened.”

-Throughout season one, feel free to correct me if I missed an instance, Cat has only called Kara her correct name twice, once in 1x11 and another time in 1x20.

-Cat tried to fire Kara in 1x01, 1x09, and 1x11.

-She called Winn “Toyman Junior”.

-She constantly insulted Kara’s hair and clothes.

Kara and Eve both have been canonly portrayed as offended and hurt by what Cat has said. BUT SOMEHOW AS A FANDOM WE UNDERSTOOD THAT IT WAS A TOUGH LOVE RELATIONSHIP AND CAT ISN’T A HORRIBLE/ABUSIVE PERSON.

My point when I say this, is to show how ridiculous it looks when some people say that Mon El and Kara’s banter or their relationship is abusive. They come nowhere close to verbal abuse. They both tease each other. It isn’t one sided, and more than half the time they’re smiling. So if you thought Kara and Cat didn’t have an abusive relationship while Mon El and Kara do, then take a seat unless you’re willing to fall on your self righteous sword.

The Louvre (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

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You were the only daughter of one of the wealthiest pureblood families, everyone thought you would’ve been sorted into Slytherin but you were instead sorted into Gryffindor. The first couple of years you mostly kept to yourself, but then you met the infamous golden trio during your third year and now you were the fourth member of the former trio; after sharing a cabin together on the train, you instantly clicked. You were as studious as Hermione, as daring as Harry, and as carefree as Ron. 

Soon enough no one found you without one of them, from studying late at night in the common room with Hermione to raiding the kitchen with Ron. Well that was until the last week before the summer term. During Potions, Snape had decided that he would switch partners for the final exam and to your luck, you were paired up with Draco instead of Harry.

“If you cost us this exam I swea-” Draco began off coolly, but you cut him off with an air of confidence.

“Your father will hear about it? Don’t worry Malfoy, I’ll make sure you get to tell daddy dearest that you got an Outstanding.” you replied, arching an eyebrow at him while he instantly shut up, clearly not used to someone speaking that way to him. It unnerved him, but in a good way.

And you weren’t wrong, you and Draco got an Outstanding, something that surprised him considering how he didn’t even manage that on a weekly basis.

“Told ya so.” You said as you gathered your things and headed out the door, leaving the Malfoy heir speechless for the first time in his life.

The rest of the week flew by and next thing you know, you were hugging your friends’ goodbye at King’s Cross, promising Mrs. Weasley that you will stay at the burrow for the second half of your summer vacation.

As you and your family made your way across the station with your trunk you spotted Draco, you thought he would throw a dirty look your way but much to your surprise, he simply smiled at you, not a big toothy grin, it was a rather shy smile but a smile nonetheless. You returned it and carried on towards the family car.

A few days had gone past and so far your summer vacation was proving to be quite boring, until that fateful Tuesday. You were strolling down Diagon Alley, waiting for your father to finish doing whatever he had to do at Gringotts, you were so engrossed with all of the colorful summer flowers that adorned the window sills of some of the shops that you weren’t paying attention to where you were walking. Next thing you know you literally bumped into none other than Draco Malfoy.

“Woah, are you alright there, Y/N?” he said, his hands holding your waist to keep you from falling. You didn’t know what shocked you the most, that you were clumsy enough to fall in public, that you fell into Draco or that he knew your name.

“Um, yeah, I’m sorry, I should’ve been watching where I was going.” You said, blushing slightly at just how close you were.

“That’s quite alright. Rather bump into just you than the rest of your quartet.” He replied in a light, teasing tone.

“Are my ears deceiving me or is Draco Malfoy joking around?” you laughed, as he shrugged.

“I don’t know, let me take you out for a sundae at Florean’s and we can discuss it.” he said smoothly. You eyed him wearily, unsure whether or not to take his offer, but you weren’t one to get scared from the unknown so you smiled brightly and said,

“I would love to.”

And that was just the beginning.

Well, summer slipped us underneath her tongue
Our days and nights are perfumed with obsession
Half of my wardrobe is on your bedroom floor
Use our eyes, throw our hands overboard


After that Tuesday afternoon at Florean’s you spent every other day at either his manor or yours. Your parents absolutely adored him and his parents loved that he was seeing such a promising young lady, even though you were a Gryffindor. The fact that you were a pureblood made up for it.

Nights turned into days and days turned into nights, summer was passing by way too quickly for your liking and you were wondering just what this was, were you two just having a summer fling? Were you dating?

You were pulled from your thoughts by Draco calling your name over and over.

“You alight there love?”

“What are we?” you bluntly asked.

“Come again?” Draco said, clearly confused by your question.

“Us, what is this? We go back to Hogwarts in a month and I don’t know, we never stated just what this is. I mean you met my parents for Merlin’s sake!” you ranted, standing up from his bed, throwing the book you were previously reading to the side as he chuckled.

“Considering that I have at least one jumper of yours for every day of the week in one of my drawers because you always forget them here, I would safely say that we are dating, Y/N. Not to mention that I know for a fact that you steal my jumpers. I saw one on your bedroom floor last week.”

“You could’ve asked…you know, formally.”

“Are you seriously mad I never properly asked you to be my girlfriend?” he asked, laughing as you pouted, looking away knowing that your cheeks must resemble Ron’s hair.

“Y/N L/N, will you be my girlfriend?” he asked, bowing deeply as he were some sort of knight.

“Oh sod off.” You said laughing as he captured your lips with his.


A rush at the beginning
I get caught up, just for a minute
But lover, you’re the one to blame, all that you’re doing
Can you hear the violence?
Megaphone to my chest


You were hastily packing your trunk as Draco lazily played with your tabby cat, Harold, a scowl on his handsome face.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, as you shut your trunk with a flick of your wand, coming down to sit next to him on your bed.

“Nothing.” He said curtly.


“Do you really have to go spend a week with the Weasleys?”

“Like I told you a thousand times, I do, I promised my friends I would. Besides it’s just a week, then I’ll go stay at the manor until the term starts, I promise.” You said kissing him softly.

“Very well, but I’ll pick you up tomorrow bright and early so we can go have breakfast together one last time.” Who knew Draco Malfoy would be a lovesick puppy.

Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make ‘em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it


While you were at the burrow you kept looking for the right time to tell your best friends about you and Draco but it never seemed like the right time. The week flew by and soon enough you were using the Floo network to get to the Malfoy Manor where Draco was waiting for you.

What little remained of your summer break was filled with end of the summer parties from pureblood families, which meant that everyone that was anyone knew about the wealthy power couple that you and Draco were. Which meant that your friends would bound to hear about it.

You were sitting in the garden, taking a breather from the stuffy party crowd inside. Lost in your thoughts you didn’t even notice Draco coming up behind you.

“I told mum not to make a big announcement like that about us but you know how she is…I’m sorry.” He murmured as he wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing your shoulder softly.

“It’s not that Draco, it’s just that…” you trailed off.

“Go on, love.” He encouraged you.

“It’s a well-known fact that Harry, Hermione, Ron and you don’t get along. And I’ve grown rather fond of you… I just don’t want you to hurl insults at them and vice versa. Merlin knows just how much they hate me for not telling them about us.” You admitted, adverting your gaze from his piercing grey eyes.

“Well you’re not wrong. I’m rather fond of you but not of them, but for you, I’ll try to be civil. I won’t be best of mates with them, but I’ll keep the comments to myself.” He said, with that you let out a sigh of relief at which he chuckled.

“Now come on, they’ll think we’re up to no good if we don’t go back in there.” He said taking your hand in his as he led back inside.


Our thing progresses, I call and you come through
Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you
But we’re the greatest, they’ll hang us in the Louvre
Down the back, but who cares, still the Louvre


Okay I know that you are not my type (still I fall)
I’m just the sucker who let you fill her mind (but what about love?)
Nothing wrong with it, supernatural
Just move in close to me, closer, you’ll feel it coasting


Just as you predicted it, Ron and Harry were beyond livid once they spotted you at King’s Cross. Your mother suppressed her laughter seeing them flail their arms, asking you a million of questions.

“YOU DO KNOW HE’S DRACO MALFOY RIGHT?” Ron yelled, scaring your cat as you looked between him and Harry.

“Y/N, IS HE BLACKMAILING YOU? We can call Snuffles or Remus!” Harry added.

“Is it a love potion?! Maybe we can contact Dumbledore before we get there so he can have the antidote ready!”

“Guys, GUYS! Shut up! Yes, I know that he’s a Malfoy, no, he’s not blackmailing me and we do not need to contact them, and lastly, it is not a love potion, you git.” You listed off as you tried to calm down your squirming cat.

“But Y/N, why didn’t you tell us? Mr. Weasley came home three days ago saying how everyone at the ministry kept buzzing about the latest Malfoy soirée and how his parents made a big announcement about their son. It was about how he was dating another powerful pureblood heir, you.” Hermione said, finally speaking out, a tone of hurt and resentment in her voice.

“I just didn’t know how to tell you; I know how ever since first year you all have not been in the best of terms with him. I was scared that you wouldn’t be my friends anymore.” You confessed.

“Now that’s bloody ridiculous. We’re just worried for you and yes, this will take some time to get used to but we’re here for you and we will try to be civil.” Harry said, hugging you softly, soon enough the rest of trio were hugging you, amidst the commotion your cat broke free from your arms and ran off straight into a tall, blonde figure.

“Missing someone, love?” Draco asked, holding your cat tightly since he was squirming so much.

“You know Harold; he doesn’t like it when he’s not the center of attention.” He chuckled and then noticed the golden trio, who were watching him apprehensively. He nodded politely at them and they returned the gesture, although it looked like it took Ron all of his will power not to shout at him.

“I’ll go get us a cabin, I’ll take this fat fluff ball with me.” He said, kissing your cheek and taking Harold along with him. You turned back to your friends but before you could get a word out, Ron cut you off.

“I take it you’re not sitting with us on the way to Hogwarts, eh?”

“I’m sorry Ron, but I’ll obviously sit with you guys during the feast.” You promised, hugging them one last time before you followed after Draco.

Once classes started, everyone kept talking about you and Draco, and how could they not? It wasn’t every day that a Slytherin prefect dated a Gryffindor. They constantly saw you bantering over the silliest of things, and it was a daily occurrence that Draco would be spotted running after your cat. No one could’ve imagine that the once cold Slytherin prince was now nothing but mirth and joy, well around you, around others he was still that cold prince. Just like at all of those summer parties, people looked and talked about the two of you with an air of awe, you parted hallways as you both walked hand in hand. Even the paintings themselves would coo over you both.

A rush at the beginning
I get caught up, just for a minute
But lover, you’re the one to blame, all that you’re doing
Can you hear the violence?
Megaphone to my chest

“They’re cute, don’t you think?” Hermione asked Ron and Harry as she spotted you two down by the lake, relaxing under an old oak tree.

“A little too cute. It’s like they’re living in a photoshoot, they’re so perfect!” Ron exclaimed.

“Oh hush up.” Hermione laughed as Harry snickered.

Even though you were deemed as the it couple at Hogwarts, that didn’t mean that everyone thought so. At the beginning of the term, the twins and many other Gryffindors would keep a close eye on you whenever you were with Draco. Draco’s friends were still weary of you, especially Pansy. But you both learned to ignored the whispers and snide comments because it didn’t matter to you both.

Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it

It was almost midnight and you were up at the astronomy tower, watching the clear night sky. Harold was purring next to you, and you were twirling your wand in in between your fingers, waiting for Draco to finish up with his prefect duties.

After a few minutes the door opened and he came in carrying two mugs of hot chocolate, Dobby trailing behind him with a plate of cookies.

“Dobby has come to help Draco! Dobby likes Draco very much because Draco treats miss Y/N kindly.” Dobby said cheerily, setting down the plate next to you.

“It’s so nice to see you, Dobby.” You said, smiling at the cheerful house elf. After a few minutes he bid you both farewell and went back to the kitchen.

You were both quiet for a few minutes, enjoying each other’s company.

“Who would’ve thought that we would be here…you being nice to house elves, and civil towards my friends.” you mused.

“Well, people do crazy things when they’re in love.” He answered, smiling as you moved closer to him, resting your head on his shoulder.

Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it

Ohhh my gOD the tag is empty, I’m just gonna start yelling random ass headcanons into the void, feel free to add your own.

- Jack has all the hudsons bay Winter Olympics team Canada mittens
- Once Ransom, Holster, and Bitty are gone, Nursey and Chowder team up to make the kegster playlists
- Parse has all the choreography to toxic from the just dance video game memorized
- Jack and Ransom both really like the Arrogant worms and will occasionally loudly yell the cow song (maybe the war of 1812, I haven’t quite decided)
- Shitty will belt “the good ol hockey game” by stompin tom at weird times. Once he did it when he and lardo were making out and she didn’t talk to him for the rest of the day.
- Jack is like Carey Price in that he’s probably unironically worn a cowboy hat
- Chowder really likes Neapolitan ice cream
- Snowy is allergic to cats
- Ford doesn’t have her drivers license, mostly because she’s never needed it but also because she doesn’t want to get a car and deal with even more car brand name jokes
- Jack is a big fan of adidas slides
- Bitty’s favourite ages to work with at summer camp are 6 and 7 year olds or 14+ year old teenagers

Orange, Furry, and Fat As Hell

pairing: Lin x reader

prompt: You rescued my cat from a tree, but you also feel out the tree afterwards. I’m so sorry this is all my fault are you okay. You’re still cute though?

excuse the horrible title, but that line is my favourite line i’ve ever written. this is dedicated to @l-nmanuel because it’s our monthiversary!!!

words: 700-something (the shortest thing i’ve ever written)


“That’s my cat!”

You ran through the lobby of your apartment, dodging indignant old ladies, chasing after your cat. Your cat was orange, furry, and fat as hell. You didn’t even know it could run.

Your cat jumped onto a sofa, its claws raking across the guy sitting on the sofa. He yelped, yanking off his headphones and dropping his book. “What the hell?”

“That’s my cat, Koi,” you told him, slightly freaked out. “It ran away, and like, I don’t know what to do.”

He put down his headphones, and with unexpected speed, ran after the cat. You followed him just in time to watch your cat leap onto a branch.

The guy furrowed his brows for a moment, obviously scared of the prospect of climbing a tree. But then he licked his lips, set his jaw and jumped on the tree, hitting his head hard on the bark. He nearly fell backwards.

Your cat reached the very top branch, peacefully resting and gazing at you from up there. You could’ve sworn there was a taunt in your cat’s eyes.

“Dude, I don’t think you can make it. You have to be a sports god or something to make it,” you said to him.

He was beginning to lose his balance. He nearly slipped off the lowest branch, but his tight grip on the branch on top of it saved him. You tried to ignore how his muscles strained under his shirt.

You attempted to say words of encouragement, but because you were slightly distracted by his arms, what came out of your mouth was: “Please don’t die.”

He glanced at you with an exhilarated laugh and pulled himself up, swinging himself onto the top branch, landing right next to your cat. He shot you a victorious look. Gently, he cradled the cat with one arm. His eyes softened as he held at the cat fondly.

“By the way, my name’s Lin, but you can just call me sport god from now on,” he said to you.

You rolled your eyes. He tried to lower himself down the tree with one arm, but his arm shook with exhaustion and he nearly collapsed on the tree.

He looked down at you, biting his lip. “Hold your arms out,” he said. You outstretched your arms. He coaxed Koi into a ball and gently threw her at you. Maybe it was how tired he was, or he was just an idiot, because he messed up the trajectory. Koi hit you right in the face. You felt like you were inhaling a ball of fur.

He attempted to lower himself down the tree again. “Man, you’re really good at handling balls,” you called out. You heard a loud bark of laughter from him as he laughed, shoulders shaking so hard that he lost his grip. Then you heard a loud thud.

He had plummeted into the ground, curled into fetal position, rocking himself back and forth. You ran up to him and rolled him onto his back.

“You okay?”

He was silent, and you got worried that he was crying, then you saw a flash of a grin beneath his curtain of hair and you smacked his shoulder.

“Ow, woman!” he yelled, wincing and rubbing his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, this is all my fault,” you said, trying to feel guilty. “No one asked you to climb the stupid tree anyway.”

He grinned. “Anything for the crazy woman who runs up to me yelling about a cat.”

You watched the lines of his face, his messy long hair and his stubble. Not bad, you decided.

He sat up slowly, feeling his chest to make sure there was no damage. He brushed off the dirt from his pants and tried to look dignified. “Well, since you’ve seen my at my absolute most embarrassing, we should go out for lunch so I can show you just how cool I am when I haven’t just fallen off a tree.”

“You save my cat once and you think that’s worth a date?” you helped him up, grinning.

He ran his hand through his hair and shrugged. “What can I say? I’m already feline the connection.”

You smacked his shoulder again, ignoring his yelp of pain. “Shut up, Lin.”

There’s this one guy in my school who started selling hot cheetos and takis and stuff earlier this year. Over the course of this year, his empire expanded, eventually crowds surrounded the young chip kingpin during breaktimes and near everyone knew his name. He got caught once, but since this kid’s got a 4.0 and presumably isn’t planning to be a drug dealer, the staff let him off with a warning/threat  of suspension. Like any straightlaced honor student, he continued and started to make some serious money. One lunchtime the principal and security called him over and the entire school started yelling in protest. Next period comes by that i have with him, he walks in late, saying that they took both his money and the remaining chips in his bag, and threatened to expel his cat sneaker clad self.

He’s still selling chips to this day and I’m glad I’m here to watch it play out


The game wants us to hate Ryuji so much and I don’t???? get it?????? The whole beginning of the game when Morgana’s the only effin one “guiding” he’s BERATING the poor kid during every battle like “oh ya surprise surprise skull missed a hit cuz he is the literal worst person alive” and I’m so :( cause my boy tries so hard i genuinely don’t know how anyone could not feel bad for Ryuji

And if that’s not heartbreaking enough during *SPOILERS* the whole splitting up thing it’s like…I feel bad for Morgana but we ask him a thousand times what’s wrong and he won’t say and then he gets into that fight with Ryuji and SOMEHOW Ryuji is portrayed as the bad guy?? That fuckin video montage of the like, TWO times Ryuji said Morgana wasn’t as useful as he used to be baffled me because where was the montage of Morgana saying the same AND WORSE to Ryuji??? I can’t remember a single time Morgana said something even semi-nice to Ryuji. I like literally don’t understand how anyone can be like “wow how could Ryuji say that” when it’s VERY OBVIOUS HOW

Even suspending my Ryuji-love for a minute, no one lets Ryuji off the hook like “oh man that wasn’t nice but it’s ok you’re not The Worst.” They act like all he does is be shitty when he’s constantly looking out for everyone EXCEPT himself???? The whole team is like wow fuck u ryuji how could you when it’s clear he feels bad that he lost his cool??? And EVEN WHEN HE APOLOGIES like ok sure not the greatest apology but my boy is TRYING (literally starting yelling HES TRYING at my screen ok) everyone is STILL like “wow fuck u ryuji how could you be so shitty to the cat that hasn’t been nice to you once in the entire game”


While the tech people she worked with were open-minded nerds, senior management was “more traditional,” and Allison felt HR would immediately send her packing if she approached them. That’s why she emailed her co-workers first, “… the people who absolutely depended on me for the survival of this project. I let them know what was happening, that I would be transitioning … and reminded them I was indispensable. And within hours … this was out to 4,000 [people].”

She only met with HR once the cat was fully out of the bag and pissing on their rugs. “They were absolutely incensed … but by the time I got frog-marched into HR it was too late.”

They yelled at her for having the gall to exist, but thanks to a “tug-of-war” between management and the nerds who made their project run, Allison’s job was secure.

It’s worth noting that, at this point, Allison’s support group knew of only one other transgender woman, in the country, who had managed to openly transition.

“She did a sort of similar thing, so we sort of modeled my plan off of her.”

I Was Transgender Before That Word Existed: 7 Dark Realities

Enneagram Stereotypes



3- No, I’m not at the top yet, baby. But does it matter? I will be there soon. -wink and blindingly white smile- 


5- -leaves room after 500 years and squints- I’VE DONE IT. I’VE GAINED ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE, I AM THE SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD.  Although I did run away from Nancy when she tried to kiss me and I’m still terrified of human contact. -spoken to their 10 cats- 




9- I mean…like…I just want peace is all. Oh um my opinion on stuff hahaah funny usually no one asks um and I don’t voice it to keep the harmony- Wait, what? N-no, I don’t view myself as a doormat. -nervous laughing- I’m perfectly content the way things are. -strained smile- I’m fine -gnashes teeth- I don’t have any issues with the way things are. -explodes-

He went out with the intention to get rid of the Hatter once and for all… but that Cheshire cat is always watching, ready to pounce… and as per usual, Tyler has to take care of the aftermath of Ethan’s thoughtless behavior..

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"is that my shirt?" FUCK ME UP PLS

idk who u are but the “FUCK ME UP PLS” has me feeling like we’d be good friends. anyway, i hope u like it pal!!!

It’s raining in New York today and I have a killer headache that I’m desperately trying to drown out with caffeine before I head to class.

“Hi, can I have a grande white mocha? Thanks.” No sooner had I given the barista my order when I hear the voice that’s haunted my dreams for months now behind me.


At first, I think I might be hallucinating and I almost reach for my phone to call my therapist, but then his fingers tap my shoulder and when I turn around those green eyes pierce me the way they did the day he told me he was leaving me. “How are you? It’s good to see you.” He says and before I can respond he’s pulled me into a hug. “You look great.” He says, unbothered by the fact that I haven’t spoken yet. As he looks me over he begins to frown, “Is that my shirt?”

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Cats and Dogs

Originally posted by hellosarang

Note: Originally was just a college au but I incorporated the animal hybrid element because why not.  Also, I’m sorry if this is disjointed but I was literally working on this from 5 different angles.  I’ll be better next time hunnies.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Rating: NC17
Warnings: hybrid!au, frottage, masturbation, voyeurism, slight name-calling/insulting (not in a sexual way though)
Genre: Smut
Word count: 4723


Summary:  When you skip your yearly heat, it causes a different kind of friction between you and that perpetual, thorn-in-your-side mutt named Kim Taehyung. (cat!girl/dog!boy au)




You should have never engaged Kim Taehyung while you are going through physical difficulties, but he is an expert at egging you on.  The dog hybrid might be a slacker in class, but he’s absolutely conscientious when it comes to pissing you off.  It also doesn’t help that this is the first time in years where you’re late for your heat by a whole month.  Usually you are on-the-dot regular, but with graduation looming and the overwhelming fact that you’ll have to go out into the Real World soon, you’re on edge, and not a little bit stressed out.  

Even Jimin and Jungkook, your two best friends who have been with you from the cradle to adulthood, have taken pains not to be around you too much because you’ve taken to being a little…extreme with your words and actions as of late.  (Read: You were being a Bitch.)  

But Taehyung just doesn’t know when to stop irking you.  

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Request: Could you do a oneshot where T'Challa and a best friend of Sams have been training/ sparring together and they’ve been flirting for a while but T'Challa won’t make a move because he thinks her and Sam have something going on even though they don’t. And maybe he tries to show off at sparring and teach her a few things only to find out from Sam that she’s been pretending to not know anything and she’s actually a professional MMA fighter. And maybe they finally go on a date or something!     

“You are so damn annoying why don’t you gon’ somewhere,” Sam yelled at you.

“It’s like that? Well fight me then,” you laughed, stepping closer to him and puffing your chest out like you’d seen countless men do. He laughed at you and rolled his eyes, “That’s what I thought, punk,” you laughed backing up clumsily. You were about to start unwrapping your hands when the training room doors opened.  The two of you were in Wakanda, Sam was in hiding after getting into some trouble with the Avengers courtesy of Steve Rogers, and you were just along for the ride. Sam was your best friend, you weren’t going to let him go in hiding in a beautiful place like Wakanda all alone.

You turned around, expecting to see Steve. He had been around lately, but to your surprise and satisfaction it was King T'Challa.

“You keep steppin’ up to me like you gon’ do something, I’d like to see you try,” Sam pushed you while you weren’t paying attention, and you jumped at him, causing him to stumble back a few steps.

“That’s two for flinchin’” you teased punching him in the arm, before turning back to T'Challa, “hello, your highness, what can we do for you today?” you were no stranger to the king of Wakanda, not at all. When ever you were training with Sam or Steve he wasn’t too far away. He was in clothes made for working out, which intrigued you. From what you heard from Sam, T'Challa could hold his own in a fight.

“I was wondering if you’d like a challenge,” T'Challa offered.

“That’s cold,” Sam complained.

You paid him no mind, “I’d like that,” you tucked in the small piece of the hand wrap that you had undone in preparation to leave.  Sam moved out of the way, stepping out of the ring to watch you kick T'Challa’s ass. You did no such thing however, T'Challa had you pinned in seconds, and Sam was very confused as to why you let it happen, because you had obviously allowed him to press you down against the padded floor of the ring.

“Wow, looks like I am in for a challenge, tell me how you did that,” you asked, feigning real interest. Sam rolled his eyes, he’d seen you do this before. He sat on the sidelines watching with pure amusement as you let T'Challa walk you through moves and techniques you were extremely well versed in. After a few hours of that the two of you called it quits.

“Why don’t you come by tomorrow, and teach me a little bit more,” you offered, batting your eyelashes innocently.

“Of course.” T'Challa nodded.

You hopped out of the ring and rejoined Sam who was giving you a weird look, “What?” you demanded once you were out of the room.

“I don’t know if that’s a tree you wanna bark up. I mean that dude is really into cats.”

“Well I’ve got a p-”

“Don’t!” he yelled at you, “god I walked right into that joke,” he sighed.

“Steve’s rubbing off on you, since when are you bothered by dirty jokes.”

“I don’t want to think about you in that context it’s weird. So, how long you plan on keeping this up?”

“As long as it takes the King of Wakanda to ask me on a date. I mean he is just… he’s gorgeous. How is he single?”

“I was trying to tell you he’s a cat lady, he literally dresses up as a giant cat.”

“And you dress up as a bird, you’re point?” you threw back.

“Oh so that’s the card you wanna play huh?”

“Don’t get your feather’s in a bunch, big bird.”

Sam caught you in a headlock and proceeded to mess up your hair, you jabbed him in the ribs to get out of it, “Ow! Dammit. Why don’t you do that to T'Challa?”

“Because sometimes I like being pinned,” you shrugged.

“You know what, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye,” you walked your separate ways. The next morning you went to the training room alone, meeting T'Challa there. Again you pretended not to know a thing, and let him walk you through the motions. Sometimes you would purposefully get your stance wrong so that he would step behind you and place his hands on you waist to correct it. His hands sometimes  skimmed over the skin over your arms, putting them in the right position testing their strength. In moments where you’d put all that you’d learn together you’d still let him take you down, for the feeling of his heavy body pinning you down. At the end of your second “training session” you hit the padded floor of the ring and T'Challa held your hands behind your back.

“Oh fudge,” you spoke, your voice marred by your heavy breathing.

“You’re getting better,” he congratulated as he got off of you. You rolled over on your back and smiled at him.

“You never go easy on me,” you playfully complained.

“I could-”

“No, I appreciate being manhandled,” you flirted and held up your hand for him to pull you up. He did so, but did little more than laugh at your flirtation.

“Well that will be all for today. I will see you same time tomorrow.”

This song and dance went on longer than you thought it would, and you began to think maybe he just wasn’t into you. Naturally, you brought this possible problem to Sam. You fell back on the sofa beside him with a loud huff. He didn’t respond keeping his eyes on whatever game was being played on the T.V. Therefore, you groaned again louder this time, hoping that would grab his attention. He glanced at you from the corner of his eye then looked back at the T.V. You groaned louder and he let his head fall back on the back of the couch.

“What is the matter, Y/N?” he asked in a robotic voice.

“T'Challa is just teaching me how to fight! He’s not making a move! And I’m flirting really hard.”

“Maybe you should ask him out?” Sam suggested.

“What if he’s not into that?”

“Then he’s not worth the effort.”

“Saaaaam” you whined, “I really like him.”

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

“ I don’t know, nothing I guess,” you sighed.

Sam rolled his eyes and went back to watching the gam while you sat and did the same, sometimes breaking your silence to make fun of the players and the referees. The next day when you were supposed to meet up with T'Challa in the training  room Sam stopped him.

“Are you into Y/N?” Sam asked in a bored voice. T'Challa was absolutely affronted by the question.

“I’m only teaching her how to fight. ” he responded.

“Well she knows how to fight… she’s an MMA fighter well she was, she’s been letting you win so you would ‘teach’ her” he air quoted.

“Why would she-”

“Because she has a crush on you or what ever. I don’t pretend to understand her logic, but if you’re not into her you should probably tell her.”

“I… thought you two were together,” T'Challa stated awkwardly.

“What? Nah, man, she’s my best friend, met her a while ago in a tour through Iraq, there’s nothing but friendship and occasional annoyance between us.”

“Oh, I assumed because I always saw the two of you together that…”

“Man do you think I would let my girl get daily fighting lessons from some other guy? No, I wouldn’t, so if you like her then go ask her to lunch or something. I’m tired of hearing her complain about how you haven’t made a move,” Sam huffed, already exhausted with the conversation.

“I will, thank you Sam.”

“Yeah, don’t mention it… at all. Ever.”  Sam gave T'Challa to make sure he knew he was serious and then he left, going the direct opposite direction of the training room. T'Challa continued into the room and found you there stretching. Of course he was into you, with your beautiful rich skin, dazzling smile, and wit, how could he not be.  You grinned as you watched him enter.

“I think I might actually beat you this time,” you announced. T'Challa rose an eyebrow at you and you tilted your head curiously.

“Are you going to actually give me a challenge,” he asked with cocky smile.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I heard that you might be more skilled than you’ve be letting on.”

You started to feign innocence but the look he gave you told you he already knew the truth, “You talked to Sam didn’t you?” you pouted.

“He told me not to mention it.”

“I just wanted to-”

“How about we both change and have lunch instead,” he offered. Your face was blank with shock.


“You’re an interesting woman, Y/N. I’d like to get to know you outside of the ring. Is that alright with you?”

“Absolutely, yes.”

~Mod Lillian

Things We Shouldn’t Do (Part 5 of ?)

Chapter word count: 9.5k (50.5k total)

Summary: “The history between the two of you is well known,” Marcus went on, talking over Clarke’s continued splutters.  “And it hasn’t escaped the notice of certain news organizations–”
“What, you mean fucking TMZ?” Clarke interjected.
Marcus sighed.  “It would be in the best interest of the show and I think both your careers if you were to be seen as a couple.”
“A dating couple,” Marcus added as if that hadn’t been clear.
Bellamy and Clarke exploded simultaneously.“If we what?” Clarke demanded at the same time that Bellamy just started laughing.  He slipped sideways, dangerously close to falling out of his chair.

Clarke is at the bottom of a downward spiral and Bellamy is riding an all-time career high when they’re cast as the leads of Marcus Kane’s newest drama.  The entertainment world expects a blowup of immense proportions between the two feuding actors but get a hard to explain romance instead.  Or: a fake dating celebrities AU.

“Hey, Clarke, could I have one of these yogurts?” Raven yelled from the kitchen.

“Yeah, go for it.”

Raven reappeared in the living room and threw herself onto the couch.  “I didn’t think you liked yogurt.”

“It’s Bellamy’s.”

“You shop for him now?”

Clarke snorted.  “Of course not.  I just buy him yogurt.”  A pause.  “Stop looking at me like that.”

Raven shrugged.  “Fine, fine.  This is good, though.”

“He gave me a list of acceptable brands.”

Raven laughed. “Sounds like him.”

Clarke pet Paisley aimlessly.  For once, the cat purred into it.

“You and Gina have a nice Christmas?”

Raven’s smile was wide and bright.  “Yeah, it was great.  Quiet, but great.  What did you and Bellamy do?”

Clarke’s throat went dry.

Bellamy’s hand on the back of her neck, fingers threaded through her hair.  Her own fingers tracing along the his collarbone through his shirt, wishing she was brave enough to duck under the fabric.  And most importantly, Bellamy’s lips on hers, soft yet demanding, coaxing out feelings that Clarke had been pretending she didn’t have since Marcus had first asked them to start the whole charade in the first place.

Raven was staring at her. She cleared her throat. “Nothing special. Exchanged gifts, watched some Netflix.”

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||The Cat|| Theo Raeken Imagine

{Requested:Heey! Can you write an imagine with liam or theo? Reader and him adopt an cat and reader gives too much attention to the cat more than him. You know like sleeping and cuddling with cat. And he gets really jealous?}

“Oh look a turtle.“I said as I looked through the clear glass.
"That’s boring (Y/N)-”
“Don’t be mean to the turtle."I hissed as I shoved him playfully.
We were currently at the local pet shop, Theo and I decided to get a pet we can both take care of.
"How about a puppy?"I asked, staring adoringly at it.
"No!"Theo yelled, making everyone turn their heads in our direction.
"Jesus Liam-”
“No more Liam’s."Theo muttered, grumpy.
"How’d you know I call Liam a puppy?"I asked.
"When Stiles, Liam, and you were stalking me when I barely came back to Beacon Hills, Liam was shielding you from me while you held onto him. You called him an adorable puppy and he calmed down a bit. You have him saved as ‘Cute Puppy’ in your phone and you literally call him your puppy and squeeze him whenever you see him."Theo explained.
Liam and I used to have a thing for each other but we always remained best friends, and to this day we’re still best friends.
"Alright so no puppy…"I mumbled, looking around.
"How about a cat!"I squealed.
"I don’t think a cat would be good for us, I’m part coyote-”
“You scientific dog."I muttered, pouting.
"Look at it, it’s so cute."I cooed as I smiled at the white, brown, and black cat.
"It is cute…"Theo admitted.
"Fine, we’ll get it. Only because I don’t want to fight another Liam over you."Theo said, joking about Liam and the puppy.
I jumped onto him with joy, peppering him with kisses. Theo had his hands on my butt as he leaned in for a long heated make out session.
"You’re lucky I like you (Y/N)."He whispered, pressing a soft kiss on my nose.
"Mmm yes I am."I whispered, giggling.
Theo set me down and soon we adopted the cat. We hopped into Theo’s car and sped off to his house. Once we pulled up into the driveway, I unbuckled my seatbelt and jumped out with our cat.
"Welcome hime Athena."Theo said as he opened the door to his house.
"Mi casa, tu casa."I spoke up, making Theo laugh.
"This is my house (Y/N)-”
“Yeah but the amount of time I spend here is unbelievable, I practically live here."I reminded him.
"Hey I was thinking we should-”
“Oh god you’re so cute."I muttered as I sat in the floor with Athena.
"Cmon girl, you want to see the rest of the house?"I asked as soon as Theo began to say something.
"Of course you want to, let’s go!”
(Theo’s P.O.V)
For the past three days (Y/N) has been spending every second of the day with our cat. I now regretted agreeing to get that lousy stupid cat that was stealing my girlfriend from me. I walked upstairs to find (Y/N) and Athena in our bed all cuddled up. I groaned before wiggling into her, trying to wrap my arms around her.
“Theo, you’re going to wake Athena up.”(Y/N) muttered.
“But I want to spend some time with you-”
“Later Theo."She snapped, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"Seriously, you’re going to choose the cat over me again?"I asked, standing up.
"What’re you talking about?"She asked, confused.
"I mean you’ve been ignoring me and spending all your time with Athena! I want to spend time with you, I want to kiss you, I want to hold you (Y/N)!"I yelled.
"Theo are you seriously jealous of a cat?"She asked, laughing lightly.
"Yes, and I don’t care if I sound like a complete idiot. If I wanted my girlfriend to be taken away from me we should’ve gotten the puppy or even worse, we should’ve adopted Liam himself!"I spat.
(Y/N) suddenly sneezed and rubbed her nose.
"I’m sorry Theo."She apologized as she set the cat down on our bed.
"I didn’t mean to make you feel like that."She muttered, wrapping her shirt arms around me.
"Just start spending time with me again (Y/N)."I muttered as I rested my chin on her head.
"Who knew Theo Raeken would get jealous of a cat?"She whispered, giggling.
"Tell anyone and I’ll make sure you regret it."I warned her.
"Mmm that’s the Theo I know. I’m glad you finally told me how you felt. I know it’s hard for you to be honest to someone and to talk about your emotions."She mumbled.
"It’s hard but I’d do anything for you because I love you-"I began saying before I stopped.
She let go of me and stared up at me in shock.
"I’m sorry I-"I was saying before she slammed her lips against mine.
Once we pulled away from our passionate kiss, she smiled up at me.
"I love you too Theo."She whispered.
I stared adoringly down at her when out of nowhere she sneezed again.
"I think I’m allergic to the cat."She muttered, rubbing stuffy nose.
"Yes, we can’t get rid of it!"I yelled in joy.
"Theo, we’re not getting rid of the cat."She objected.
“Theo, the cat isn’t going."She said.
"Please (Y/N)-”
“Theo Karl Raeken, the cat is staying and that’s final!"She yelled.
"It was worth a try!”- Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, I hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day/night!

Hurt (Pt.2 of Embarrassed?)

Summary: Philip comes to talk to you



Part One

You walk down the empty halls of the high school, listening to your heels click against the tiles. You don’t bother turning any of the light on. There are still two hours before students come. You unlock your door and sit at your desk, thinking about the last few days. You had parent-teacher conferences almost a month ago. Since then, Philip seemed much more distant in class. He rarely answered questions or took notes, causing his grades to fall. Most people wouldn’t think you would notice; you taught over a hundred students after all, but you spent an hour with them every day. In that time, you learned so much about them; you treated them as if they were your own children. You tried everything you could to help him. He just seemed to be somewhere else.

You’re pulled out of your trance when someone knocks on your door. “Ms. (L/N)?”

You snap your head up and go to open the door. “Philip? What on earth are you doing here?”

He sits at one of the empty desks. “I needed a place to think. I didn’t think anyone was here, sorry.”

You sigh and shake your head. “Don’t apologize; I’m here for the same reason.”

He looks at you. “What do you have to think about? You don’t have a family at home that you need to take care of.”

You laugh, realizing how much you share about yourself in class. “My cat can be very demanding.”

He smiles slightly. “Please, I want to listen to someone else’s problems for once.”

“Philip, what’s been bothering you?”

He sinks in his seat. “Nothing.”

“You went from having the best grade in my class to barely passing.”

“I don’t want to talk about it!”

You take a deep breath. “Philip, please, let me help you. I want you to succeed.”

“What if I don’t want to succeed?!” he yells. “What if I want to be normal for once?!”

“So, that’s what this is about,” you mutter to yourself.

“It wasn’t enough that I was adopted when I was thirteen or that I had to be smart! No! I had to be adopted by four men! I couldn’t go into a normal family!” He’s crying by this point.

“May I interject?”

He nods and sits down, grabbing the tissues off your desk.

“No one has a normal family. I know that yours may seem pretty abnormal, but you got great parents. They seem to love you as if you were their own son. There is nothing better than having a family that loves you.”

He smiles. “Thank, Ms. (L/N).”

You smile and pull out your laptop. “As much as I love talking to you, I still have papers to grade.”

He looks down. “Could I have an extension?”

“Of course.”

Cheshire~ Part 4 (Final-Remus Lupin)

A/N: LAST PART HERE WE GO. This is the first series that I’ve finished so I hope you liked it!

Summary: You’re feelings for Remus start to get to you and you take it out on some unsuspecting idiots

Word Count: 918

Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x reader

Warnings: Yelling, fluff, swearing

Previous Parts: Part 1-Part 2-Part 3



Originally posted by nellaey

The rest of the train ride was uneventful other than Remus putting an arm around my waist and me glaring at James who winked at me.

We had just taken the carriages up to the castle and were walking in the great hall when we saw some younger students being teased and pushed around by a few older kids. I hated seeing this. I was a good person, but not a very brave person. I couldn’t just step in and expect them to leave everyone alone. In fact, walking in between them and their victims was like asking to get hit. Then I had an idea. I wasn’t a very brave person but now I was also not only a person.

I quickly turned into an empty corridor and away from the other marauders. I shifted and walked back to where the commotion had been. Once I got there, I let my anger take over. I let out all this frustration from my fucking emotions about Remus. All the times I had been so angry at myself that I cried, all the times I hadn’t been able to focus on my work because Remus was sitting next to me, all the fucking times that I wanted to kiss him but I couldn’t. I let out all my frustration on these idiots and when I stopped, there were three scratched up 17 year olds in front of me. Next thing I knew, I was in Professor McGonagall’s office and the marauder’s were entering the room.

“Hello Minnie! Did you have a nice summer?” Sirius asked as he came in behind James.

“Lovely Mr. Black. Now would you care to explain why you are already in my office within an hour of the new school year?” she asked as I walked around on top of her desk. Before Sirius had a chance to say something stupid, Remus spoke up.

“I’m afraid that’s my fault, professor. I bought a cat over the summer and she’s been a bit troublesome.”

“Then this is your cat Mr. Lupin?”

“Yes, professor.”

While they were talking, I focused on Professor McGonagall. By the way she looked at me, I could have sworn she knew. She was an animungus after all. She probably knew the second she saw me that I was no ordinary cat. After she told them about how they would need to keep an eye on me and how if I attacked another student there would be consequences, Remus picked me up and we went straight to the dorms, not bothering to go to the start of term feast. We would probably end up in the kitchens later anyways. Once we got to the dorm, Remus put me on his bed and I shifted back.

“What the bloody hell were you thinking Cheshire?!” he said. He wasn’t exactly yelling but his voice was loud.

“I wasn’t thinking. I was mad because I saw some kids being pushed around by some idiots who think they’re better than everyone else!”

“You attacked them! Did you even see them afterwards? They were a mess! They had scratches all over and their clothes were torn up!”

“I couldn’t help it, I’ve been stressed and I needed to take it out on something!”

“How can you be stressed? We just got off from summer break. We haven’t had to do any work for the last two months!”

“I just was! It just got to be too much.”

“What’s wrong? Why were you so stressed?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does. If it’s making you go around attacking people, then it matters.”

“I can deal with it myself.”

“No you can’t! Not if it means you’ll be leaving more people with scratches on their faces! Tell me what’s wrong!”

I was done with this. With all of it. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I just wanted this thing to go away that had been in the back of my mind for far too long, taunting me.

“I’m in love with you Remus! That’s what’s fucking wrong!” I yelled. The whole room was silent. Sirius looked at James and Peter and they left the dorm leaving me with my face in my hands, sitting on the edge of Remus’ bed, while he was just standing there staring at me in disbelief. I heard the creak of floorboards as he walked over to me. He knelt down and put a hand under my chin, bringing my head up and away from my hands.

“You love me?” he asked as though he was making sure he had heard correctly.

“Yes.” I mumbled, looking down at the floor. He didn’t say anything, and when I finally looked up, he still didn’t say anything. He just leaned in and did something that I had been waiting to happen for a long time. Kissing Remus was pure bliss. It was relief from the last year of pain and frustration. It was all so fast. Just 24 hours ago, I was suffering in silence, trying not to let everything get to me. Thank godric it had become too much. I guess if I hadn’t really been in love with him, I never would have lost it and screamed it at him. That may not have been the best way to tell someone that I loved them, but I didn’t care because I was sitting here in Remus’ arms, experiencing the result of my yelling and it was better than I ever could have imagined.

merwaine modern AU: Gwaine, being distracted by a sneeze or a phone call or whatever you want, hits the car in front of him by accident. Nothing huge, but it’s definitely gonna leave a dent. The car pulls over, and Gwaine pulls over behind him, bracing himself for the inevitable yelling and swearing and honestly feeling really bad about the whole thing. The guy gets out of the car (tall and fucking beautiful, goddamnit, why does he have to be so pretty) but instead of stalking up to Gwaine, he darts to the back seat, opens it up, and pulls out a cat, cuddling it and checking it all over and making sure that little bump didn’t hurt or scare the cat in any way.

Gwaine immediately falls in love.