as i cry into the empty bottle of milk that is my life

“This one is coffee-flavoured milk,” the waiter said, presenting the little bottle in one hand. The white label read in a light brown font: COFFEE.

“Isn’t that just coffee with milk?” I asked.

“No, no, it’s coffee-flavoured milk,” the waiter shook his head and smiled. “There’s many more flavours, if you would like to have a look. We haven’t prepared a menu yet, so you’ll have to have a look yourself.”

It was a new place. I’d spotted it while on one of my midnight walks. There used to be a hardware shop here, but then it got shut down for a few months, and this restaurant popped up in its place. “A Dairy Situation”, the sign outside said, along with a cheap graphic of a Holstein Friesian cow.

I stepped towards the refrigerator and squatted to get a good look. The waiter was right, there was quite the variety. You had the usual varieties: cocoa, strawberry, mango, orange, vanilla, pistachio, cardamom, saffron and even some strange ones like chilli, chicken, beef, wasabi, and so on.

“You make these here?” I asked.

“Right there in the back, ma'am,” the waiter nodded, and pulled out a passionfruit flavour bottle. “This is the newest one,” he said.

“I’ll have it,” I took the bottle from his hands and put it to my lips. Before I could down it, the waiter said—almost yelled—at me to stop. I asked him what’s wrong.

“There is something very important you need to know,” he nodded, “As soon as you drink it, you will return to when you were a baby. Your life, as you have lived it until now, will disappear, never to return. You will be a baby again, but the circumstances of your life will change in minute ways, culminating in a butterfly effect.”

I looked at the bottle in my hands and at the waiter.

“I’ve been here before,” I said.

“Several times,” he said, and then waved at the refrigerator. “These many times, to be exact.”

“And I’ve tried a new flavour each time?” I asked.

“Without fail.”

I contemplated the flavoured milk. “And every single time, I’ve ended up here,” I said.

“Oh, we have branches in many cities,” the waiter smiled again, but it wasn’t the same humble smile as before. Now it was a knowing smile.

I nodded. Then I flung the bottle against the glass door. The glass of the bottle shattered, and the pale yellow milk splattered across the door. I opened the refrigerator and started chucking each of the bottles at the door. The waiter watched without expression as the door was covered in different flavours of milk.

At the end, there was one flavour left. It was plain milk, without a label. Just white.

“That one’s not ready, ma'am,” the waiter said.

I opened the bottle and chugged it down. Once the bottle was empty, I slammed it on the table and wiped my mouth with the back of my wrist.

“What was this going to be?” I asked.

The waiter’s mouth opened and closed as he answered my question with a smile. Even as he spoke his words, I felt them slipping away from my mind. My vision faded, and soon, all I could hear was the sound of my own crying, and the warmth of my mother’s breast.


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So you guys might have noticed it’s been a hot minute since my last masterpost. Well, worry no more… I’m back and finally here with yet another dose of some Evak fanfiction recs that y’all have been waiting and asking for! I’m keeping the rant short today, so without further ado - all the recs can be found under the cut & I hope you enjoy!

As always, the list is divided into oneshots and chaptered fics.
My personal favorites are tagged with a “ ★ ”.
Completed chaptered fics are tagged with a “ ✓ ”.

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Andre Burakovsky #2

Anonymous said: would you write a friends w benefits imagine with andre? idk exactly what plot or whatever, but im a sucker for friends w benefits stuff and your andre writing is adorable!!

A/N: so this is probably one of my favourites, i hope you all like it as much as i do :)))

Word Count: 1,879

Originally posted by thornescratch

This wasn’t exactly how you imagined life to be. Casually screwing a player of the Washington Capitals wasn’t your game play, that was for sure. Yet after meeting him through Gina, the wife of another Washington Capital, you found yourself engulfed by the fun of it all. Friends by day, sharing beds by night.

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anonymous asked:

would you write some single dad robert fic?? maybe with some aaron? :)

i watched it begin again 

robert and aaron find their way back together at seven am on a cold february morning. 

1856 words.

Routine was key, Robert had discovered. He’d never been much of a one for it, always enjoyed a bit of spontaneity, but with a baby on his hip, Callum a full time job before he even thought about Home James, routine was key.

If only Callum knew that.

It was five to seven in the morning, and Robert was standing outside David’s, desperately waiting for the shop to open. He was still getting used to living alone, after months spent with Diane, and he’d ran out of milk.

What kind of dad did that make him, eh? He’d ran out of formula for Callum, his son up at six thirty on the dot, gurgling and fussy, clearly hungry. Robert had bundled him into a a fluffy coat, ridiculous hat (complete with knitted dog ears, a present from Diane) stuck on his head, blond curls hidden from view.

Callum made an unhappy sound, Robert hushing his son, lips pressed to the top of Callum’s head. He’d discovered early on that Callum quite liked the ridiculous baby carrier Victoria had bought him, the one that he had to wear strapped across his chest, Callum cradled to his heart.

It was hardly comfortable, but when Callum scratched at his shirt collar with his tiny fingers, it kind of made Robert’s heart skip a beat. He’d never thought he’d take to being a dad, if he was honest, but it made Robert feel needed, important, when he had Callum in his arms.

“I’m sorry,” Robert stroked a thumb across Callum’s cheek, hoping to settle him down. “Five more minutes, and I’ll get you home for your breakfast, promise.”

As if on cue, David unlocked the door, Robert breathing a sigh of relief. “Thank god,” he said by way of greeting, bustling into the shop after a tired looking David. “I’ve run out of his milk.”

“The first few months are the hardest mate,” David said, sympathetic as anything.

He’d been getting a lot of that, lately.

(No one was more surprised than Robert.)

The way Callum had come into the world, the way it had all gone down in the end - well, it had hardly been the stuff of parenting books, and Robert dreaded the day he’d have to explain where the rest of his family was gone, Callum too young to notice he was down a parent.

The sympathy could be for the fact he had Robert Sugden as a dad too, Robert considered, staring at the meagre selection of baby food David stocked. He’d feel sorry for anyone who only had him to depend on, if he was on the outside looking in.

Grabbing the most familiar looking formula, Robert paused to get a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk, the empty fridge back at his cottage the worst way to wake up on a Tuesday morning.

“Anything else?” David inquired, ringing up his purchases.

Robert shook his head. “I just need to get this one home and fed,” he said, stifling a yawn. He’d gotten Callum off to sleep on the right side of midnight, and then he’d stayed up until two am working, trying to get on top of all the paperwork for Home James he had let slip.

Nicola and Jimmy could only be so forgiving for so long.

Handing his card over to David, Robert hoisted his shopping back onto one shoulder, heading for the door. Callum was restless again, grumpy and hungry, and Robert had been his dad long enough to know he was about ten seconds from -

Callum’s hysterical scream ripped through the quiet village, Robert’s heart sinking.

“Come on, come on,” Robert said, thumb stroking his cheek again. “We’re nearly home, eh? I just need you to hold on a few more minutes, and I’ll get you fed. I promised, didn’t I? I don’t break my promises to you.”

Robert’s ramblings were wasted, Callum properly crying now, face screwed up and his tiny hands in fists, determined to put his lungs to the test, despite the early hour. The only thing that would calm him down is if Robert got him out of the sling, but he had a bag of shopping and one set of hands.

Disaster. It was seven am, and the day was already a disaster.

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Blameless part 1

((Hey here I come with a new fanfic YAY!😁but this is a litter different this fanfic is a….collaboration? Idk how to call it with @watsonthebox I will highly suggest to go and check her blog is so amazing it has a ton of good fanfics and if you like langst klangst and suddenly fluff watsonthebox is your place now let’s go))
The castle of lions was flying around this solar system so find any specie to save or any new allies “Guys there’s a lot of smoke in coming out of that planet” Hunk said “Team to your lions” Shiro said and so everyone did “should we form Voltron?” Pidge ask “wait a tick that place is totally destroy” Lance said before shiro could answer “Lance is right the whole place is down” Keith reply “alright team we’ll investigate land your lions” shiro said, after everyone land and get out of their lions they saw the place was just beat there where some dead soldiers from the blade of marmora “looks like they where here” Keith say “…Ok split up collect everything you think it would be useful” shiro said and everyone split up, Lance was walking around but he didn’t say anything more than rubbish and blood “oh god this place is really creepy” Lance almost got a heart attack when he hearted a baby crying on the distance “HOLY QUIZNAK!!” Lance heard the crying it wasn’t really far so he run to it, when he got at the place where the crying was coming from he look around but he didn’t saw anything until he look down he saw a women cover in rubbish dead but in the dog position, Lance look under her and he saw a baby galra, his brother instinct kick in and he pick up the baby and just a tick after he did the women collapse the baby kept crying with one hand Lance took his helmet off so the baby will see him “h-hey there” Lance was still shook he just save a baby galra the baby look at Lance staring at him with those big yellow eyes “I’m Lance” Lance said and all his stress and fear got away when the baby stared to laugh “heh there you go” Even tho Lance saw the baby’s mother dead he look around to see if anyone else was coming maybe the baby’s dad? Lance wait there with an empty hope for an hour just rocking the baby and sometimes making silly faces “Lance? Lance are you there is time to go there’s nothing useful here” pidge voice sound from the helmet “y-yeah I’m here pidge I’ll be there in just a tick” Lance said “….just a tick” Lance analice the situation at this point he had two options take the baby with him or leave the baby there and hope someone find it.
“We’ve been waiting for an hour where is he?!” Keith say really impatient “Lance do you hear me?” Shiro said talking on his helmet “wait there he is!” Hunk said pointing at Lance, Allura and Coran came out of the castle they all wait until Lance was close enough “LANCE WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!” Allura yelled when she saw the baby “wow low the volume Allura it took me an hour to get her to sleep” The team walk close to Lance “Lance is that?” Pidge said “Yep…is a baby” Lance answer “A galra baby Lance” Allura said “so? Is still being a baby and it looks like it’s only months old” Lance said a little mad “Lance…are you planing to keep it?” Shiro ask “ummm I….c'mom guys would you leave it?” Everyone remains silence “would you really leave a baby? a creature who hasn’t done anything bad?” Lance ask “Lance is a galra” pidge say “so what? Keith is a galra and he’s not bad the blade of marmora are galras and they’re not bad” Lance said to pidge “like my father use to say a baby is like a clean canvas you can decide if what you paint and create it at your will, this baby hasn’t done anything bad and is not gonna do it” Lance say staring at his team “I’m with Lance” hunk say “it’s just a baby” hunk say “alright” Allura say “you can keep it…but! You take care of it” Allura say “thanks princess” Lance knew everything he need to knew about taking care of babies the only problem was this was a galra baby.
They got into the castle and launch out of the planet Lance was sitting far away from everyone rocking again the galra baby that wake up “so…” pidge say walking close to Lance “is it a boy or a girl” pidge was really curious about the baby they’ve never seen a galra baby before “Its a girl I…already check” Lance said “and are you planing to name it or it’s gonna be call the baby for the rest of her life” hunk say sitting next to Lance “I don’t know I’ve never named a baby before” Lance kept thinking and suddenly “Liara” Keith say “huh?” Lance look at Keith “how about Liara?” Keith say looking away “hey! For the first time you say something I like mullet” Lance say and turn at the baby “so do you like it Liara” Liara answered with a giggle “I’ll take that as a yes” some hours later the team was in the dinning room except Lance “Is Lance not eating?” Coran ask “he’s taking care of the baby” Shiro said “Liara” Keith reply “the baby’s name is Liara” he looked up “oh so Lance already name it” Allura said she really dislike the idea of having a full blood galra on her castle but in some point Lance was right it was only a baby, the team look at the door and they saw Lance walking to the ships, they all stand up and went to the hangar where Lance was “Lance where are you going?” Shiro ask “oh to the space mall” Lance answered “why?” Coran ask “well I need to buy some stuffs” Lance answer again “with what money” pidge say “I have my own money pidge” Lance said to pidge “what stuffs you need” hunk ask Lance “well I need a crib, some baby powder, diapers, baby clothes, some formula milk, also a baby bottle, some toys, I need a lot of stuffs and I’m pretty sure I can get those in the space mall” Lance answers the team quick notice everything Lance was buying was for Liara “well I’ll be back in while” Lance said “wow wow Lance hold on wait just a second” Hunk leave the room they wait for 15 minutes and then hunk came back with a baby sit “here for Liara and don’t buy the crib I’ll make one” Hunk said breathless “oh man thanks hunk” Lance knew he could count on hunk “ok I’ll be back in while” and so Lance leave to buy all the stuffs he need after three hours he was back.
Lance was trying to get all the stuffs he bought and Liara out but they where just too many “here let me help” Keith said coming out of nowhere “wow! Damn it Keith ok 1 thanks for your help and 2 don’t scare me like that ever again” Lance grab the bag that have the formula and head to the kitchen leaving Keith with the other bags “ok ok ok” Lance was making the milk because he knew Liara was hungry she’s been crying the hold trip “Lance you got a phone number here” Keith said as he walk with the stuffs to the kitchen with the rest of the team “oh is probably from that really nice lady who hold Liara when I was buying the diapers” Lance said making the formula, once the formula was done he feed Liara who ate like a little monster, the days past and the team start to notice Lance big energy corny jokes and stupid flirt was no longer there he was still being a good paladin but Liara was draining Lance energy slowly she had a lot of energy she was awake the whole night and slept little naps on the day.
“Guys” Lance said with a voice like he just wake up “Good morning La-AHHHH! What happen to you?!” Hunk said and everyone turn at Lance, he had huge eye bags keith was sure Lance had use the same shirt for 5 days on a row and no one remember when was the last time they saw Lance with his face mask “has anyone seen Liara bunny is a tow like this big and she loves it” Lance said showing how big the toy was with his hands “i think I saw it in the kitchen” pidge said “great thanks” Lance say walking to the kitchen while yawning, the team stop everything they were doing and walk to Lance “Lance have you done your face mask recently” Shiro ask “Shiro I haven’t shower in like four days do you think I have time for a face mask” Lance say “there you are” Lance pick up the bunny “have you been getting enough sleep?” Keith ask “well taking in count Liara don’t know what’s the concept of sleep no I haven’t” Lance answers as he walk to his room his door open and the team was surprise Lance was someone really neat he always kept everything clean including himself but now Lance room was a total disaster there where toys everywhere the bed had spilt milk on top and Liara was in the crib hunk and pidge made crying extending her arms to be pick up by Lance, “hey there Liara look what I found” Lance hand Liara the bunny and pick her up to lay down with her in the bed, he lay down not caring if there was milk on his sheets he also lay Liara beside him and let her play with her toy next him as he slowly close his eyes to take a deserve small nap

To be continue

(I’m gonna draw Liara and single dad Lance looking like a mess this is gonna be so fun))

Mr. Dad (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: None. Cutesy, fluffy baby fic.
A/N:  I couldn’t help myself, tried to be as true to what I think Kenny would be like taking care of a babe. And special thanks to @rubyriots for fueling my headcanons      Tagged; @straightfireglow @baroncorn @tatyanawaka @lclb13 @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @princess3733 @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur @alexahood21 @unepetitecrise @grey-acefinn @gts-widow @fightblissfight @caramara3 @rainfoxx13 @hiitsmecharlie @widow-png @racheo91 @moxtiel @blondekel77  @fallavvay @wrestlinghasruinedmylife @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @totorototo-ro @grappling-giraffe@sunshinesamizayn @devittslegos
~1300 words

A day with baby.

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After you left. |Part 3|.

| Title: After you left. [Kang Daniel x OC]

 Genre: Angst, fluff.

 Summary: he left to be a part of wanna one, and broke her heart. 

Part: 3/3. 

Previous parts: 1, 2  

 Word Count: 1412

 Requested: kinda, yes :) 

Note: Part two was supposed to be the last part, but here’s a bit more because someone tol me they’d like to know where it’d go. I hope it’s not too crappy. 

아직도 내맘속엔 슬픈 비가 내려와
It’s still raining sadly inside my heart
//Never - Wanna One//

The lights dimmed and standing in the middle of stage, was a golden haired guy. He took a deep breath before letting the music guide his every move. I was absorved -he was like a completely different person from the guy I knew. This Kang Daniel was confident, sexy, bold.  
When did he become so good?

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Space [VI] FINAL

Summary: Everything is quite uncertain in this life, who is here to stay who is going to be temporary. He was, by far, the most uncertain.

Word count: 3.5k

Instagram: hallowpcy (changed for halloween)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5

Originally posted by jonginssoo

You didn’t really have plans of waking up that morning. In fact, you didn’t have plans on doing anything that whole day besides lay in your bed and catch up on the most recent episode of America’s Next Top Model. The bottle of wine you had opened last night laid empty on your bedside table next to the almost empty glass of wine you placed before you had gone to bed that night. Needless to say you had a pretty bad hangover. Your drinking had picked up over the past two weeks since you decided to take a small break from the world, visiting back home for a week and just taking the last few days of your vacation to yourself. During this time, you kept your phone away from you as much as you good, ignoring calls and just being alone. Taking the space that you needed.

You rolled over, the pounding headache beating against your forehead. You lifted your phone to see the normal missed calls from Mark, Jinyoung, Chanyeol, and Jongin. You hadn’t spoken to anyone over the last little while, really just wanting to clear your mind but nothing was really going how you wanted it to. Every time you thought of something that made you nervous or anxious, you turned to drinking and you could tell it was becoming a problem but you weren’t about to confront your drinking problem just quite yet.

You lifted yourself from your bed, running your hand through your messy hair. Your TV was still playing from when you fell asleep last night, talking about some big media headline that you didn’t care for. You crawled out of bed, reaching for your nearest sweater and pulling it on over your head.

You walked out into your living room, slowly making your way to your kitchen and starting a cup of coffee in hopes that it would cure your hangover. You were soon brought back to reality when there was a knock at the door. You walked over, absentmindedly opening it without checking who it was first. There stood Chanyeol, Mark, BamBam and Junmyeon, all bundled up in their winter clothes. “Oh god,” you rolled your eyes, going to close the door only to have Chanyeol wedge his foot, stopping you from slamming it in their face.

“Can’t avoid us forever,” Chanyeol smirked, pushing past you, letting the rest of the boys in. You rolled your eyes, closing the door behind them and making your way back over to your coffee pot. “Good god Y/n. How many bottles of wine have you finished?”

“Enough,” you snapped back, defending yourself. You poured your coffee into your coffee mug, stirring in milk and sugar, making it perfect. You walked into the living room, taking a seat on your couch, covering your bare legs with a blanket as the other boys followed, taking a seat on the sofa as well. “What do you guys want anyways? I still have two days left of my vacation.”

“Some vacation,” BamBam scoffed.

“Why aren’t you answering anyone’s calls?” Mark finally asked.

“There’s no need to,” you took a sip from your mug. “I took these two weeks off because I needed some time alone.”

“And when that happens Y/n, you get down on yourself,” Junmyeon stated. “I’ve known you your whole life.”

“You don’t know shit,” you cursed. “Don’t pull that on me. You and the rest of the boys did not once call in the last four years, leaving me in the dark and you suddenly ‘know how I get’?”

“Don’t get mad at him Y/n. He’s just worried,” Chanyeol cooed, trying to ease the tension.

“Help with what? What is there to help?” You were growing irritated with the four boys standing there in your living room, interrogating you as if you were some sort of convict.

“Knock it off, damn it,” Mark boomed, getting to his feet. “We came here to make sure you were okay because believe it or not, you dumb ass, we care about you and you not answering our calls is one thing but snapping at us for no reason is another. We didn’t have to come see you but we did, now cut the fucking attitude and listen to what we have to say.” You were taken back by the amount of anger was in Mark’s voice. He was one to get mad easily but he had never raised his voice at you so it was a new frightening feeling.

“We’re worried that this whole fake dating thing is affecting you more than it should be,” Chanyeol spoke, quietly, trying to ease the tension from Mark’s loud voice. “We know how you feel about Jongin and by the sounds of it, you’re not doing so well.”

“And not to mention you fighting with Jinyoung,” BamBam added. “You two are really close and Jinyoung isn’t doing so well either.” You sat there, listening to your friends talk about the last two weeks, putting out on the table how you had been feeling without you having to tell them. You missed both Jongin and Jinyoung but you were so tired of how they were always fighting or how one would be mad if the other was around you.

“Your mom called Jongin’s mom,” Junmyeon got up from his spot, taking a seat next to you. “Jongin isn’t doing too well either. He’s worried sick about you and being the guy and Jongin is, he wants to respect your feelings and kept his distance but it’s killing him.”

“All this pressure,” you choked on your words, clinging your coffee cup tighter in your hands. “I don’t know how I can do this anymore.” You let out a small sob, Junmyeon reacting almost immediately as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you into his chest. He rubbed your back, comforting with his quiet hums.

“Baby steps,” Junmyeon whispered to you. “I think this just requires you stepping up and addressing the issue. I know Jongin would love to know that you’re okay and Jinyoung has been dying to see you.”

“Had to lock him in his room so he didn’t bother you,” BamBam laughed, joking about his friend.

You couldn’t help but cry into Junmyeon’s chest as he held you close to him, embracing his hug fully as you clung to his sweater. You felt the rest of the boy’s body rest against the two of yours, gathering in a group hug as you sat there, sobbing.

“Thank you guys,” you whispered, face smashed into Junmyeon’s chest due to the weight of the rest of the boys on you. They all laughed, pulling away, letting you lift your body so you could see them all.

You didn’t know you needed it but you were thankful that the boys came when they did. All this time you thought you needed space but in reality, you needed a shoulder to cry on. You were so thankful for your friends that day, knowing that they had come to comfort rather than to fight. You had been stubborn and misunderstanding of the situation that you didn’t want to confront it like you should have.


You sat inside the small coffee shop you hadn’t been to in a while. You used to come here almost every day before you got your job so it was nice to come back to a familiar place after being away for so long. You took a sip from your cup, leaving the stain of lip gloss smeared across the top lid. You dabbed a napkin across your lips, removing the leftover lipgloss you had on, reapplying more so it had a glossy finish.

“Hey,” you turned around to see Jinyoung standing behind you. You got up from your spot, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, pulling him in for a hug. You didn’t think it was possible to miss someone so much but you did. You missed Jinyoung. He unwrapped himself from you, taking a seat across from you. “Y/n I’m so sorry about all of this. I didn’t mean to step out of line and I did and-”

“Jinyoung,” you stopped him. “I get it. I do. I appreciate your apology and I’m sorry I didn’t take notice sooner. I don’t like fighting with you and it’s been hell.” Jinyoung reached across and grabbed your hands, rubbing his thumbs over your knuckles.

“I shouldn’t have acted the way I did. I should have come to you.” You had come to know that Jinyoung was a pretty stubborn person when it came to being right. He never stood up and apologized unless he knew for a fact he was wrong. He would hold a grudge for days on end, not really caring that the person he was fighting with was mad at him. Seeing him like this, in front of you, completely vulnerable and apologetic, you knew he was serious about it.

You reached across the small table, taking Jinyoung’s hand into yours and giving it a small squeeze. “I’m just glad that we’re not fighting anymore.” Jinyoung smiled and squeezed your hand back, rubbing his thumb across your knuckles once more. You pulled your hand back, taking your coffee in your hand and lifting it to your lips.

“Speaking of fighting,” he raised an eyebrow as he watched the cup this the table again. “Have you talked to Jongin? The media is going crazy with not getting anything new from you guys.”

“I know,” you sighed, lifting your hand up and running it over your head, smoothing the few stray hairs. “I need to talk to him but I just don’t know how.”

“Yeah you do,” he stated. You looked at him with a confused look on your face, wanting him to further his statement. “Don’t give me that look. You know exactly what you want to tell him and basically, everyone knows it but him.” You felt your face burn at Jinyoung’s comment. Was it really that obvious that you had these feelings for Jongin? You weren’t very good at keeping things from people, were you? “You just need to be straightforward with him. Jongin likes when people are forward with him. He’s not a beat around the bush type of guy although lately, I wouldn’t be too sure.”

Sometimes you forgot the Jinyoung and Jongin used to be good friends. It made you curious as to what had happened between the two that made them hate each other. You didn’t want to ask because you knew that Jinyoung would tell you when he was ready but that didn’t stop you from letting the curiosity build up and grow.

“Call him, Y/n. He deserves some sort of explanation as to why you disappeared for a week.” You nodded, knowing that Jinyoung was right and that you needed to explain your irrational actions. “I’ll see you tomorrow at work. Call me later and let me know how things go.”

“Hey Jinyoung,” you stopped him, grabbing his attention before he had walked out the door. He raised an eyebrow, his eyes wide with curiosity. “I love you. Thank you for being my friend.”

“I love you too, butthead.” He shot you a wink before leaving the cafe, leaving you alone once again. You had no idea how to go about the situation with Jongin. You were almost too nervous to even think about him.

The way he made you feel was something that was out of this world. Whenever you were around him, your body would just melt away and completely mold into nothing. He had a way of making you lose control of your body and mind. He was a safe base but also something that was abnormally intoxicating. You were scared to tell him how you felt because you didn’t know if he felt the same way. He has always been a guy about his work, never wanting to get sidetracked from his main goal in life and you didn’t want to be that person. You couldn’t be rejected like you were the first time.

You knocked on the big black door, keeping your hands in your pockets, hiding them from the sharp cold winter air. You felt as if your nose was about to fall off, being nipped at. The door swung open, Chanyeol quick to pull you inside to protect you from the falling snow. “You’re freezing! Where is your winter coat?”

“Back at home?” You shrugged. Chanyeol quickly grabbed a blanket from the couch, wrapping it around your arms, trying to warm up your cold body. He led you into the kitchen where Kyungsoo and Baekhyun sat, drinking out of mugs and laughing about something that was said earlier. “We have a guest.”

“Y/n!” Baekhyun called, walking from around the counter so he could embrace you in his hug. “Where have you been? We missed you.”

“I was visiting my parents this last week,” you replied, not technically lying, leaving out the part of you actually going back home to hide away from your problems.

“Have you talked to Jongin yet?” Kyungsoo asked, letting you take a seat in between him and Chanyeol while Baekhyun returned to his spot on the other side of the counter. You shook your head, hiding the bottom half of your face with the blanket you were given, trying to warm up your nose.

“That’s why I’m here,” you replied.

“And you’re actually going to tell him how you feel?” Baekhyun asked, raising an eyebrow. You mimicked his actions, a look of shock taking over your facial features.

“Does everyone know?” You asked, looking around at the three boys you were sitting by. They all nodded, trying their best to hold back their stifled laughs. “Good god.”

“Talk to him,” Chanyeol nudged you with his elbow. “I know he misses you.”

“I do miss her,” you heard someone say from behind you. You were quick to snap your head around to see who it was, being Jongin walking in front the upstairs, grey hoodie draped over his torso, tight black jeans hugging his skin. His hair dripped from what you assumed was his shower not too long ago, making his facial features soft and natural. You felt your heart tighten in your chest as he approached you, pulling you up from your seat and hugging you. Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Kyungsoo all slipped away without making a scene, leaving you there to be held in Jongin’s arms. “Why didn’t you call?”

“I don’t know,” you lied.

“Yes, you do.” You hated that be could basically see through you, even after all these years of being apart, he still had a way of being able to call you out on your lies. He sat down on the chair in front of you, pulling it close so that your knees here resting in between his, his hands gently reaching out and holding them in yours. “Y/n, what’s going on?”

“Jongin… I..” You felt that all too familiar feeling of your heart in your throat, feeling the rapid beats in your ears, ready to burst at any moment. Jongin’s features were soft and sympathetic. His eyes scanned your face, trying to read the expression but it was hard when you couldn’t make eye contact with him. You lowered your head, hiding your struggle from his point of view only to have him lift your head in his hands, his thumb tracing over your bottom lip. “Jongin..”

Jongin pulled you close to him, pressing his lips gently against yours. You felt your whole body ignite on fire with every touch. You felt your heart flutter up above the clouds, leaving you there on cloud nine as his hands reached around, pulling your body closer to his, closing the gap between the two of you. You suddenly didn’t need the blanket anymore to stay warm. His wet hair tickled your nose as his face moved in rhythm to yours. He pulled away, causing your bottom lip to quiver as it hit the cold air. He rested his forehead against yours, trying to catch his breath as you also struggled to find some sort of normal breathing pattern.

“I don’t want to fake date anymore,” he finally broke the silence. You felt your heart stop, the pounding in your ears growing as he pulled away, creating a small gap between the two of you. “I want to be real. I’m tired of lying to the world and to you. I can’t pretend like this thing we have is fake. I know you feel the same way… You have to.” It was almost as if he was pleading, begging you to love him back. This all felt familiar except for the fact you weren’t the one begging for the affection, it was him.

You smiled and shook your head in disbelief. “I came here to tell you that. I’m done with the fake media bullshit and I’m also done avoiding this. I needed you to know that I want to be with you, be here for you.” Jongin couldn’t help but let his smile grow at every word that left your lips. You felt the fluttery feeling take over once more as his heartfelt smile was caused by something you had done. You were the reason he was smiling and in that moment, that’s all that really mattered. All you’ve wanted is to be his reason why.

“That’s all I want,” he whispered before finally getting to his feet and pulling your body towards his, pressing his lips to yours again in a heated flash. You snaked your arms around his neck, pulling his body down closer to your height as you struggled to keep your balance on your tiptoes.

“Good heavens, get a room you two. This is a family environment,” you quickly snapped your head to see Junmyeon walking into with Jongdae following close behind with Sehun.

“Did it happen then? Did he ask her?” Sehun asked, clinging onto Jongdae’s arm. Jongdae tried to pull away from Sehun’s strong grip but ended up losing the already lost battle.

“I got us dinner. Should I put out an extra plate?” Junmyeon asked, winking over in your direction.

“Can’t believe that could have been me if only she said yes to the stupid dance,” Jongdae joked, shaking his head in defeat. Jongin shot him a jokingly strong glare causing Jongdae to laugh at his reaction. “Calm down.”

Jongin pulled you away from the small group, leading you out of the room and into the garage where his car was parked. He opened the passenger door, letting your slide in and quickly ran around to get into the driver’s seat. “I’m sorry I pulled you away like that but I want to do this properly.” You raised an eyebrow but didn’t question his motives.

He pulled his car in the parking lot of what looked like a park, covered in white snow which hid the world beneath it. He turned it off, getting out and running to the other side to help you out as well. “Jongin, it’s snowing and it’s cold.”

“This will only take a few minutes,” he brushed off your concerning comment, dragging you through the deep snow, coming to the small picnic area, hiding you both from the falling snow. “This is so cheesy, I already know this so don’t make fun of it.”

“I would never.”

“Y/n,” he glared.

“Okay I won’t,” you chattered your teeth together. “But can we speed this up, it’s freezing.”

“Fine, your ass can freeze out here then,” he joked, turning around to start walking towards his car.

“Jongin,” you whined, pulling at his sleeve. He laughed, turned around and pulling your cold hands into his, rubbing his thumb over your bright red, frozen knuckles.

“I just wanted to ask you properly, to be my girlfriend, and maybe more when the time is right. I want to give you everything I have to offer and I want to be there to be able to take care of you when you’re feeling down or when you need a shoulder to cry on. I want to be the reason you smile and be the reason you get excited about a new day. I want to be more than just another person for you.” You felt your whole body go numb, maybe it was because it was freezing that cold winter night or maybe it’s because you had fallen so in love with Jongin, you didn’t know how to react.

He wrapped his arm around your waist, lifting your face so you could look at him properly. “My little space cadet, always traveling without me, I see.” He was referring to how you always got sidetracked in your own thoughts, noticing that you tend to lose the subject at hands.

He pressed his chapped lips to yours, leaving a warm kiss before pulling away and smiling. “I love you, Y/n.”

Every Life has a Moment~Olicity fic 4/5

Disclosure: Smutty times ahead…so it might be termed as explicit…you’ve been warned. 

Read it here or on AO3

Chapter 4


She awoke to the strange sound of perfect silence; her shoulders grew tense as she began to lean upward slowly. The man beside her groaned tiredly, “Please don’t tell me you heard her cry?” 

Felicity patted the back of his hand affectionately, “No baby she’s asleep,” she too groaned when her eyes swept toward the clock placed innocently on her bedside table. The bright, fire engine red light displayed a steady 3:08 with the am lit just beside it. She pushed her knees towards her chest as she continued her steady, uphill climb. 

She felt Oliver rumble beside her as he shifted from his back to his right side, “Please tell me you’re not going to disrupt her?” 

Felicity shook her head before her chin dipped to her chest. She grimaced a bit when her eyes flickered over her worn night clothes. Before their daughter was born Felicity slept in nightgowns made of flimsy silk that more often than not left her skin mere moments after her head landed on the pillow. When she was pregnant her taste’s changed. She wanted something that would allow her to grow as the baby did so she opted for fabrics made of cotton…or as Oliver often pointed out shirts that smelled like him. She’d chosen about four of his old college tee-shirts to wear as her stomach grew. Her defense for the change had been geared toward the baby but in reality as she grew something in their relationship changed. He wasn’t distant but, no longer did she fall asleep smelling of lavender and their mixed sweat; now all she could smell was sweat, baby powder and oddly enough dried milk. 

Her nose wrinkled when she brushed her fingers over a crusted spot of spit up courtesy of a very blonde, blue eyed little girl. Oliver grumbled again when his previous words went unanswered, “Seriously honey please tell you’re going to let her be?” 

Felicity swept her fingers over her bent knees, “Relax sweetheart I have no desire to wake the finally sleeping demon,” she laughed quietly as she shifted her gaze and smiled a bit brighter. 

Oliver’s nose was nestled deeply between the rumbled edges of his pillow case, his soft kissable lips were parted and, his usually maintained scruff was now three days too long. She was about to rub her fingers over the soft overgrowth near the line of his defined jaw when he mumbled into his pillow, “Good because I haven’t slept in three months…” 

Felicity sighed in agreement, “Yeah but at least your breasts aren’t sore.” 

She saw his chest rumble with amusement, “Too bad I’m not the reason for the discomfort.” 

“Yeah,” she mumbled a bit too lowly, “Too bad indeed.” 

She waited for his next verbal volley but all she received was a sharp snore brushing over her bare upper hip. Felicity swallowed another low sigh and, let her eyes wonder over her sorta husband’s beautiful body. She rested her forearms over her knees and rubbed her elbows with brisk fingers. His strong arms were placed along the two sides of his half exposed face. His fingers were lying limply over the edge of the mattress in the space between it and the headboard. She followed the line of his angled bicep until she could mentally trace along the line of his covered scapula. She bit at her lip as usual while her greedy eyes slid shut. She moved her fingers over her upper arms rapidly and pretended for just a moment that her skin was the taut skin of his upper back. 

Her head fell back briefly when her imagination allowed her to envision the curve of his lower back. Her stomach clenched when she was near the rounded edge of his delectable ass… he coughed inwardly, “Honey I’m tired…” causing her eyes to snap open. 

Her hands were now frozen along her chilled skin, her body was still coiled tightly to her chest and, he was still sleeping soundly beside her. Felicity groaned in frustration, “Great I can’t even get laid in my imagination now…” before she uncurled her legs and, began gingerly moving her weary muscles towards the cool floors. 

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The subject of having children had come up several times before but each time both Erwin and Levi had agreed the timing was wrong due to career ambitions or just their personal feelings. It had been some time since the topic was last brought up but Levi felt the time was right. He repeated the things that would bring them both joy by starting a family, points he had mentioned on the subject before, but to add to those he asked, “Don’t you want to hear the quick patter of feet with the excited screaming of ‘daddy is here’ every time you come home?” Levi asked making himself comfortable on Erwin’s lap wrapping his arms around his neck. He eyed Erwin slyly giving him an expectant grin. Erwin knew he could never go against or deny the man in his lap. He stood lifting up Levi bridal style and carried him to their bedroom.

“What are you doing?” Levi asked surprised.

“If we’re going to have a baby we need to get practicing.”

“You idiot,” Levi said grabbing Erwin’s face in both hands turning his head towards him for a kiss.

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Losing Sleep Anthology

Part VII  

Yang’s eyes shot open as a cry split the night, attempting to roll away from the warm embrace of her wife before strong arms pulled her back in, much to her protest. “Snowdrift-”

“It’s my turn,” Winter replied firmly, rubbing at the sleep in her eyes as she sat up, the wailing from down the hall pushing her to fully alert. “Stay in bed. I’ll attend to her.”

She watched as the woman got out of bed, grabbing a robe they kept at the ready just for situations like these. Winter had returned the day before from an arduous mission in the remote Atlesian north, bereft of the most basic comforts, so Yang had reacted to their child’s cry without a second thought.

“Are you sure?” She fidgeted with the sheet, pulling it up to cover her chest. Her breasts ached a bit, already almost full again despite her using the pump just before bed, and she felt a maternal twinge as the cries continued. “You need your sleep-”

“What I need is to spend some quality time with our daughter.” Winter smiled softly, pride evident in her eyes. The past two months away had worn on her, as evidenced by the enthusiasm with which they’d celebrated her return- though gently, considering Yang still hadn’t fully recovered. Her wife had taken up every duty pertaining to their daughter since she returned, so she really shouldn’t be surprised. “Stay in bed and rest. I’ll warm up a bottle from the fridge.”

Reluctantly, Yang settled back into the sheets- relieved, to some extent, because caring for a four month old alone seemed so much easier in theory- but sleep eluded her as Winter slipped out of the room and down the hall. Zephyr’s cries calmed some and receded as she was carried downstairs to await a warm bottle, which should’ve eased the new mother, but relief turned to restlessness. With her wife and baby not in the room, she found it difficult to remain there herself, tossing and turning as she tried to get comfortable.

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Christmas » Jack Maynard

Requests: Hii, I know Christmas has passed but could you right an imagine of spending Christmas Day at Jack’s family home? Thank youu x

Hi! Could you do more family imagines, when y/n is pregnant or they have children? Thanks x

You were driving to Brighton from London with your boyfriend, Jack and your 18-month-old daughter, Caitlyn to spend Christmas with Jack’s family. You had agreed to spend it in Brighton rather than with your family as you had spent it with them last year.

You arrived at Jack’s parents’ house in the mid-afternoon and Caitlyn was lost in slumber. Helen and Anna rushed out to meet the three of you, Gary and Conor trailing behind them. You giggled as you were embraced by each Maynard and greeting them all with ‘hello’s.

You grabbed one of the bags out of the car as Jack lifted your daughter out of her carseat in the back. The remaining Maynard’s helped you carry some of the other bags inside where you were greeted by warmth and the smell of food.

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There's No Such Thing As A Free Ride (2.2)

For OQFixItWeek, Day 4. A follow-up to my piece for Day 2.

It’s funny how things work out.

It’s been a year since they returned to this land, a year since her sister poisoned the curse meant to bring them all back here. A year since she met Robin at that farmhouse and caught the arrow he sent sailing at her head.

Just under a year since her sister tried to roll back the clock on everyone, turn back time so that she could be Leopold’s daughter instead of Regina being Leopold’s wife.

She’d promised that she’d take everything meant to be hers, that she would get everything Regina had ever stolen from her, everything she’d ever wanted.

It’s funny how things work out.

That’s what Regina thinks as she sits in a glider, in a corner of a little girl’s nursery, in the home she now shares with Robin and Roland more often than not. It’s not official, them living here – because Roland is still very much attached to his many uncles, and Robin still very much attached to sleeping on a lumpy bed pallette under the stars for some reason – but it’s been days, weeks it seems, maybe even months now, since they’ve spent more than a few nights away.

And Henry is back, too. Still. Has kept his room here at her place most nights, the over-cramped loft of the Charmings’ abode unable to hold a candle to a door he can close and home-cooked meals from Mom.

Although, admittedly, the home-cooked meals are fewer and further between, thanks to the warm little body resting against her chest as she rocks and rocks.

She’d forgotten how exhausting it was, raising a newborn – even one who isn’t colicky, one who doesn’t cry for hours on end.

Ophelia is a sweet-tempered baby – a pleasant surprise considering she’s the child of the Wicked Witch and a wayward Wizard of Oz. Neither of her parents are particularly mild-mannered or good-hearted, although Zelena has been making strides.

Slowly but surely, with the help of Dr. Hopper’s relentless patience.

She doesn’t have much of a choice, after all.

After they’d managed to get the details of Marian’s death out of her, she’d been given a quick judgment by the admittedly not-very-existent courts of Storybrooke. She’d murdered Marian, she’d murdered Neal. She was to be locked away beneath Storybrooke General in lieu of a proper jail to hold her, that leather cuff still wrapped around her wrist, charmed so that only Regina herself can remove it before her sentence is up.

There will be no secret alliances to free her from the price of her crimes.

Regina visits her weekly, always has, and they’ve slowly formed… an understanding, a sort of bond. She’d certainly inherited the Mills stubborn streak, Zelena, and Regina wishes that she could manage to convince her that she was better off growing up the way she had. Better off away from Cora’s clutches.

But there’s no amount of words that can heal the wounds of a mother’s abandonment, it seems. At least not for Zelena.

It probably doesn’t help that while Zelena lost, again, ended up locked away in a dungeon cell, no freedom, no magic – Regina got this.


With her wispy ginger curls and her blue eyes. She’s Zelena’s mini-me, her child, her baby, and she doesn’t even get to have that. Regina got everything she was ever owed, and then her own child on top of it.

But solitary confinement is no place to raise a child, and Regina is the baby’s only family. It had been a no-brainer, and at least this way, Zelena gets to see her daughter once a week.

It could be worse.

It could be worse, but it’s funny, isn’t it, the way things all work out?

Zelena had wanted everything, and gotten nothing. Regina had wanted to die, to sleep forever, and instead she’s gotten all this.

A full home, and a man who even at this very moment is walking into the nursery, smiling fondly at her and crouching next to where she rocks a milk-sated, burp-soothed baby girl. He smoothes a hand over Ophelia’s so-soft hair, his voice easy and warm as he whispers, “How’s our girl doing, then? Has she recovered from the horrible injustice of having to wear a clean nappie?”

Regina smirks, and nods at him, says, “She has. She’s all clean and dry, and fed, and has decided that the terrible fate of having her diaper removed is maybe not so bad after all.”

“Good,” he grins, his thumb finding a tiny hand and drawing it to his lips for a kiss. “Then I thought perhaps her mother—”

“Aunt,” Regina corrects, because she’s not this girl’s mother, not really. Zelena is, and she won’t take that from her, even if Regina will be the one soothing every nightmare, treating every fever, enduring every tantrum.

No matter how many times Robin, or Snow and David, or even Emma does the same.

(It’s funny, she thinks, how everyone is so eager to call her a mommy now, so eager to make this child hers, when they were so eager to act like she’d been a glorified babysitter and a poor one at that when it came to the years she’d spent raising Henry.)

Robin nods a concession, and amends, “I thought perhaps my beautiful lover might join the men of the house downstairs for a bit of supper.”

“You cooked?” she asked, eyes lighting up at his thoughtfulness, although a little tendril of concern curls in her belly over him attempting to operate any of her kitchen appliances.

“I did,” he confirms. “Henry finally told me about the grill you keep in the garage, and I’ve managed to make a whole meal over proper coals.”

She laughs softly at that, shaking her head. Leave it to Henry to find the solution for the domestic not-quite-bliss.

“Dinner sounds wonderful,” she tells him, sitting up a little straighter in her glider and letting her feet move carefully to the floor.

Robin reaches for the baby and Regina lets him take her, a gentle, practiced transfer of such a precious burden from petite and capable hands into strong and tender ones. Ophelia stirs, her face scrunching, her little legs drawing up as she lets out a tiny fuss, and Regina watches as Robin lifts the baby to his shoulder and shushes her rhythmically, adding a little sway and bounce to each step between the glider and the crib.

He’s so wonderfully tender with children, she thinks. Such a good father.

For the briefest of moments she feels a pang in her middle, an emptiness in her womb that she’d decided would never be filled – but then she remembers. It doesn’t need to be.

They have this.

Two boys of their own to love and share, and a little girl who will never know a life without the both of them. Could never know a day without the both of them, if only…

“Move in with me.”

Robin stills, about to settle Ophelia in her crib, and turns instead to smile at Regina.

He looks a little bewildered as he says, “I thought I already had, milady. I’ve been here every night since you brought her home – save those two spent at camp for Little John’s birthday.”

He’s right, she realizes. She tries to think back, but all those other nights apart had been before her life became a flurry of bottles and diapers and burp cloths and late-night feedings.

She laughs a little, tells him, “I suppose you have,” and then, “But let’s make it official. You live here now, you and Roland. With me, with all of us.”

“As Her Majesty wishes,” Robin says with a grin, pressing a soft kiss to Ophelia’s little head and then laying her gingerly in her crib.

In the home that they share. With the children they’ll raise.


It’s funny how things work themselves out, in the end.

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Phan: Bones

Summary: Dan is asexual and Phil is not, and sometimes simple words hurt a lot. 
Wordcount: 1.7k
Warnings: none
A/N: I wrote this in an hour. It’s personal. I’m drunk on red wine and I haven’t read this through. I think I really just needed to get my thoughts into words tonight. I’m also not going to talk about this. Please don’t ask questions. At least you’re getting a story out of it. Hope you enjoy.

The alcohol is thrumming through Dan’s veins. He can feel it mix with his blood as with every heartbeat it travels further through his body. He’s eating some popcorn while he stares at his laptop screen, the browser open on an empty tab. He doesn’t really notice though. He doesn’t see. The popcorn tastes stale in his mouth although it’s not expired yet and he just took it out of the microwave. He doesn’t want to eat popcorn right now, but he knows that he has to. He hasn’t eaten anything but a small lunch today and it’s almost 11 p.m., because on some days taking care of himself seems harder than on others. He hasn’t even had more than a liter to drink today, excluding the alcohol. Dan knows self-care is important though. He sees the posts pop up on his tumblr dash every now and again. That’s why he eats popcorn, because he needs something to eat and his cupboards are half empty. One of his neighbours is laughing too loudly, but he doesn’t notice as he continues to eat. There are clothes still in the washing machine that has finished washing an hour ago. If he doesn’t take them out soon, they’ll start smelling musty again. Dan doesn’t care though. Instead of getting up, he reaches for the glass and empties the last remains. The red wine bottle is half empty now. He’s had some Malibu mixed with milk beforehand because he doesn’t have anything else to mix Malibu with, and that coupled with the fact that he’s barely eaten anything today makes his head spin from the alcohol.

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Boss!Harry AU - Part 2.5

Read parts one and two first! This is an add on to part two; a little scene giving us the context behind what’s going to happen in part three. It’s short (really short) but needed! And questions about the last part will hopefully be answered here! Before he even became Boss!Harry. Enjoy x

He’s never felt more tired than he does right now; watching her go through one of the most painful experiences known to mankind, and hearing the screams from her throat as she pushed and pushed without any pain relief, had worn him out and all he’s had to do is stand there, but the small bundle lying in the blanket in his arms has made every single thing worth it; the most delicate and precious being he could ever have or need cooing and breathing contently in his arms in the small nursery of the hospital, empty save for them.

“She still doesn’t want to see him, darlin’,” Harry hears the creek of the door and watches his mother walk in, uttering words he doesn’t want to hear, before returning his attention to his newborn son. It’s not like he wants his son to be without a mother but if she doesn’t want to hold him or even look at him, what can he do?

“Yeh know how people always tell the father how much they look like their baby?” He says in hushed tones. “I thought tha’ was all bullshit, ’til now. He’s go’ my pink ’n pouty mouth ’n a perfect little nose like me, shame about the blue eyes righ’ now but tha’ might change in a couple ‘a days,” he giggles, insisting to himself that he’s never seen a more perfect baby.

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Double Trouble - The Precuel - Request

Requested by anon:  Hi! Just read the dean x reader with the twins and it was so adorable! I was wondering if you could do another one during the reader’s pregnancy, and when they find it’s twins, and then both of them kicking, dean being overworried n stuff? Thank u!

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 1,098

Warnings: Possible spoilers from season 5 and 6.

A/N: I have no idea how a pregnancy like this goes, so I improvised a little.


Based on this post.

Another sleepless night, another baby crying, another empty milk bottle. That was their life now, and although Dean missed getting his four hours of sleep, he was absolutely happy with his family.

“I wish you would learn how to sleep for the whole night without waking up.” Dean mumbled to the tiny baby in his arms. “Now keep it down or you’ll wake your brother up.” The second baby, on his crib, started crying a second after Dean pronounced those words. “Too late.”

He was huge in comparison to them, so he had learned how to carry both at the same time. “Look at you, aren’t you cute?” (Y/N) joked as she entered the room with two recently made milk bottles.

Dean blushed at her compliment and inclined so (Y/N) could carry one of them at the same time she handed him one of the bottles. Both babies cried louder.

“Change, change.” Dean chanted and so they exchanged babies. They stopped crying instantly. “I swear to God, this two are a pain in the ass.” And spite of his words, Dean smiled lovingly at them.

It had been fast. No planning, no second guessing, no chance of changing their minds. She had gotten pregnant during the Apocalypse, and although he had bigger problems, Dean made sure his priority was to a) keep his girl and baby safe and b) to stop the Apocalypse so that they could live in peace.

Then they found out it wasn’t just one baby but two. Dean couldn’t help but to exclaim an “I knew it!” because he was pretty positive no three-month pregnant woman would have such a big belly. Then his overprotectiveness shocked him.

“Remember when we found out they were two little buggers and not just one?” Dean chuckled as the baby fell asleep on his arms.

“Oh yeah, you almost faint.” She remembered tenderly, “I remember you saying you knew it and doing that ridiculous dance…”

“You mean this one?” Dean wiggled his hips and shrugged his shoulders at the same time with the baby still in hands. (Y/N) laughed for a second, before shutting up so they babies could sleep. “It still cracks you up.”

(Y/N) replied with a big grin rather than words. “You went full Marlin on them.”

Dean shrugged at her reference until he recognized it from Finding Nemo. It was impressive how his whole life had been based on teenagers/grown-up movies and now he watched Disney and Pixar films during his free time.

“I wasn’t overprotective.” Dean shrugged his nose.

“No, you still are.” (Y/N) giggled softly.

Not only did he have to take care of (Y/N) and one baby, but two of them. And even though they were both at the same place inside (Y/N), Dean felt like the safety measures he took were enough for three and not two.

“I remember your face the first time they kicked.” (Y/N) continued.

“I remember your face.” He replied, “Your mouth when like ‘ooooow’ and you went back to bed.” He laughed.

“I dare you to get these two to kick your insides at the same time, see who makes the funniest face?” (Y/N) dared jokingly.

“Oh no, they kicked me this afternoon when I was trying to change their diapers while you were at the hospital.” Dean confessed happily, “If they kick-ass like that when they grow up… I don’t think we’ll have to worry about our life to come after them.”

(Y/N) chuckled. Of course she didn’t want them to become hunters, but they had agreed to let them choose. “Why didn’t you ask Sam for help?”

When Sam jumped to the cage with Lucifer and Michael, Dean found relief in his new little family. (Y/N) gave birth a bit after, so Dean didn’t have much time to grieve for he was too busy changing diapers and feeding the kids.

(Y/N) had to leave the hunting life, obviously, so she finished her uncompleted medical career – interrupted by a ghoul hiding at the college’s campus – and started working at a tiny hospital in Kansas that eventually grew bigger.

They started living at a small house. Dean worked as a mechanic and (Y/N) as the doctor, and they felt like their life was becoming more and more normal until Sam came back and the hunting life chased them.

“He was doing research about this odd case in Alabama…” Dean explained, “Besides; my babies, their dirty diapers, my responsibility.”

“It wouldn’t kill you to ask for help.” (Y/N) commented.

“I can deal with them.” Dean insisted, “Look, they are so tiny… And I’m sure they will be obedient when they grow up.”

“Like you and Sam?” (Y/N) lifted an eyebrow.

“Like me and a double me.” Dean corrected, “I was an obedient kid.”

“More like a mini-soldier, I would say.” Dean chuckled slightly.

“Whatever, it will be easier when they grow up.” Dean said, but it sounded like he wanted to convince himself more than convincing (Y/N).

But they stuck together and overcame every obstacle that the life sent them.

“I think they’re already asleep.” (Y/N) whispered. Dean checked his baby and nodded. “Let’s put them back on their crib.”

“Goodnight, fellas.” Dean whispered as each placed the babies in their respective cribs.

“They are so cute.” (Y/N) sighed.

“Cute as buttons.” Dean agreed and bopped her nose. “Just like their mom.”

“They look a lot like you, though.” (Y/N) commented, looking up at Dean.

“Those lucky bastards…” Dean joked and (Y/N) giggled. “Shhh….”

“Sorry, sorry.” Dean pecked her forehead as they both admired their little beauties. They were cheeky, with big green eyes and ashy blond hairs growing slowly in their heads. They were easy to make laugh, and they were constantly moving and kicking and doing strange faces… They were a full show to watch.

“Are you tired?” He asked her in a whisper. (Y/N) nodded, Dean wrapped his arms around her, kissing her face multiple times as he lifted her from the floor. “One more baby to get in bed.” He joked.

“Shhh…” She shushed him as she tried to hide her own laughter. She was the luckiest woman on Earth, in spite of it all; in spite of the many difficult years to come.

Dean got her in bed and joined her soon after. She nuzzled on his chest and he wrapped his strong arms securely around her waist. And just when they were drifting off to sleep, one of the two chipmunks cried again.

“For the love of…!” Dean pressed a finger over her lips.

“Sleep, I’ll take charge of them.”

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God’s Creation

A/N: Another drabble request. Not betaed and not edited.  

Ask: Don’t really have any specifics, just a Daddy!CasxReader with fluff, maybe the kid(s) have angelic powers? No rush, hun! Have a good night! :)

I hope you like it  @grace-for-sale 

Pairing: daddy!Cas x Reader.

Warnings: Fluff..

Wordcount: 767 (I know, I know.. Not technically a drabble, but who cares right?)

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You couldn’t deny that having a six month old, half human, half angel baby brought on some interesting challenges. When you and Cas got pregnant he had warned you that, even if he had lost his grace, there was still a slight chance that the child would inherit some of his angel powers. Your daughter, Joy had started showing some signs of it when she turned six months old, that was one week ago.

The first thing that happened was that all things glass in your room had shattered when she started crying. The day after it was an exploding bottle of milk that she didn’t want. The third, and most hilarious thing that happened, happened right after the exploding bottle. You handed Joy to her uncle Sam so that you could start cleaning up the mess. Sam sat her on his lap and she locked on to his eyes as he made funny faces at her, trying to get her to laugh. Just a few seconds later, Sam rushed to his feet, handed your daughter back to you and ran straight for the bathroom. Just as you heard the door close down the hall, there was an unmistakable smell coming from Joy’s bottom. And that was how Sam got stuck with a six month old baby’s bathroom schedule for two days. Cas was unable to help him without his grace, but you had a feeling he wasn’t so sorry about it as he claimed to be.

But all of that put aside, having a child with Cas was like a dream come true. He was a great father. He would rock her in his arms until she fell asleep, he would hum soothing melodies for her when she was fussy and he would place her on your shared bed when she had a bellyache, rubbing soothing circles on her stomach to try and ease her pain. The knowledge that just a few years ago he could have eased her pain with a touch of his finger weighed heavy on him, but he also knew that if he hadn’t lost his grace, you wouldn’t get pregnant.


You woke up, the small clock on your bedside table showing 2.15 am like it did every night. It was weird how your internal alarm had set itself to Joys feeding times. You blinked the sleep from your eyes, turning on the lamp by your bed before you sat up. Blinking a few more times so that your eyes would adjust to the light. There wasn’t anyone in the room with you though. Cas’ side of the bed was empty and so was your daughter’s crib. You threw your robe around you and padded barefooted down the hall in search of your small family.

Cas was standing in the library of the bunker, your daughter cradled in his arms as he slowly rocked back and forth. You leaned against the frame of the door and watched them for a moment, listening to the content coos Joy was making in her father’s arms.

Cas gave a lopsided smile when he spotted you. “Hey.” His voice was no more than a whisper. “You should go back to bed, we’ll be in soon.” He looked tired. His black hair sticking out to all ends and his crystal blue eyes were heavy with sleep, but he looked so at peace, like he was just where he was supposed to be. You walked over and placed a small kiss on his cheek before looking down at your child. Her eyes were slowly closing in time with her breath evening out.

“How about we all go to bed?” You suggested.


Cas placed Joy back in her crib as carefully as he possibly could, not once taking his eyes of off her as he stood back up. You wrapped an arm around his waist and he threw a lazy arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his side.

“Out of all of God’s creations, this is by far the best one.” He smiled. Pride radiating from his handsome features.

“Joy isn’t God’s creation.” You mirrored his smile when he turned to look at you. “This is all you, Cas. That beautiful, blue eyed miracle is your creation.” Cas’ face lit up at your words and he leaned in to capture your lips in a searing kiss.

Yes. Having a child that was half human, half angel, brought some interesting challenges. But standing here, in the arms of the man you loved, looking down on the life you had created together, you wouldn’t want it any other way.  

“Need any help?” Drunk College AU GOT7~Jinyoung

A.N. First actual long imagine that I wrote I hope you enjoy it! Also request prompts I don’t mind!! And just an fyi I’m a second year college student and college isn’t what it’s like on how the media has portrayed it to be.

Word Count: 1,626 words

T.W. Some swearing, Alcohol Abuse/ Drunkenness.

Y/N- Your Name

Y/F/N- Your Friends Name

Anything in italics are your own personal thoughts

So me put in/Work, work, work, work, work, work/When you ah guh/

Learn, learn, learn, learn, learn

I just want to go to bed.” You thought to yourself. Rihanna’s new song was on full blast at this fraternity party your best friend/roommate asked you to go to. The party scene wasn’t really that great to begin with, though you are a person who keeps to yourself and rather be doing homework/being on Netflix than going out to a party such as this, you do need to get out of that small stuffy dorm once in a while. When your friend asked you to go to this fraternity party you were quite hesitant to go but you thought it could be fun but you were wrong about this. The frat boys at your campus seem to appear only at social gatherings that happen at nights, they constantly travel in groups and are hardly ever seen alone. Some frat guys seem tolerable but still are annoying. The party was the exact same way. Some would go talk to you and well try to get you in bed or the ones that seemed nice were complete assholes. You were mainly sitting on the couch slowly sipping your drink, not wanting to get completely drunk. The music kept playing but slowly your thoughts were starting to drift you away but reality came crashing back when people started to shout and scream because some guy was chugging his beer.

You left the couch that you were sitting on because this couple kept making out next to you and made you felt super uncomfortable. You started to walk away from the living room to look for your friend, wanting to make sure she was just doing okay. By walking past a clock you notice how late it was and decided it was time to go back to the dorms. It would take at least 10 minutes to get to the dorms and having it is past 1 am, it would feel rather unsafe. Going room to room, you kept looking for y/f/n but there was no luck on finding her. Suddenly some girl shouted in a high-pitched scream

“WOOHH IM DRUNK!!!!”  And would you look at that there was your best friend, completely drunk, dancing on the dance floor, and everyone can definitely tell she had way too much to drink. Making your way towards her, she noticed you and got insanely happy.


“You didn’t do anything y/f/n” You stated while laughing.

“Wait so I didn’t do a cartwheel? Why is the room spinning then?” She kept all around and she was completely drunk, it was going to be a difficult challenge taking her back to your room.

“Let’s go home you’re drunk and I rather take have you in bed soon before you do something you regret.” You weren’t saying this just to have her leave the party but seeing the people all around you hooking up, you sincerely meant what you tell her. After a few minutes of fighting with her she decided to go, it wasn’t easy but at least she’s going home.

Why is she so heavy!?” Every step was becoming a struggle with almost practically carrying y/f/n she wouldn’t stop laughing and she was an emotional drunk, meaning she’s about to cry over anything and everything. “Good thing I only had one drink and we’re halfway to the dorm.” Time was going by slower and slower and soon y/f/n was just become dead weight.

“I’ll never find a boyfriend.. I’ll never get to achieve my dreams in life.. I’ll never understand why we have to even come to school..” Y/F/N was starting to become an emotional wreck while you’re struggle, she fell to the ground and kept going on this rant about her never doing things.

“Y/F/N get up seriously I have no strength to carry you anymore! It’s getting unsafe the longer we stay outside and we’re almost to the room. Come on just get up.”

“NO I DON’T WANT TO WALK ANYMORE!” y/f/n curled up in a ball and started to sob uncontrollably. Though you know it was wrong to laugh at her, you just couldn’t help it. You’ve seen her like this so many times that you just got accustom to her drunken antics.

“Do you need any help?”

An unfamiliar voice snapped you back from your state of laughter, as you turned your head to see who it was. There was a boy who seemed vaguely familiar but you couldn’t quite put your finger on where you’ve seen him before. “Wait I haven’t said anything yet. Shit, he’s just staring at me, I have to say something. 

“Huh? Well sort of we were almost about to make it to our room but she decided to go on a rant about her life and just lay on the sidewalk.” Giving the boy a smile and then looking at your friend who is now clearly hard-core knocked out on the sidewalk.

“I can carry her to your dorm if you need me to, plus it’s not safe for the two of you to be staying out here at night alone.” He made way towards y/f/n but didn’t want to touch her until he got your permission to carry her.

“Yeah I greatly appreciate it, we’re located at Smith Hall. Hope it’s not out of your way. My name’s Y/N by the way”

“Actually my room is in the same hall and mines Jinyoung but you can call me Junior if you want.” He flashed you a smiled as he picked up y/f/n and started to make his way up the sidewalk to the buildings, you were walking right behind him.

During the walk the two of you were talking about each other and simply were getting to know each other. He was at the same party that you went to but only went because his best friend was apart of the fraternity so he wanted to hang out with him for a while. You were so intrigued by him and the way he spoke about his views on certain topics, it was no wonder this boy was an English Major. He changed the subjected and kept asking you on why you were studying government, so you told him how you have this far fetch dream on becoming this well-liked politician wanting to work in the United Nations, and help other countries better one each other. Soon the both of you, well the three of you, arrived to your dorm, room 106, where Jinyoung came inside and put y/f/n in her bed and put her in a position where she won’t choke incase she throws up. You still were wondering where you’ve seen him before. Jinyoung was walking to the door ready to leave but before you could ask him you said..

“Thank you for doing this and saving me the trouble of calling countless of people who most likely wont answer me. It’s rather sweet that you stopped and helped.” He genuinely smiled at you due to the kind words you told him causing a blush appeared on your face along with a dorky smile.

“No problem, y/n. Get some rest and make sure your friend and you drink plenty of water, have a nice meal in the morning and eat some crackers.”

“Oh well we ran out of food earlier today so we were planning to go to the supermarket to buy some stuff, but I’ll go in a couple of hours I probably wont get that much sleep anyways.”

“Either way get some rest, and I’ll see you sometime soon.” He walked towards you and gave you a gentle kiss on your cheek, gave you smile and walked down the hall and took a turn and he was gone. You closed the door and shook your head and smiled to yourself. “He’s something else.” You changed into a baggy tshirt, you fell asleep on your bed and just knocked out.

A few hours pass and you were awoken by a small knock on your door. You checked your alarm clock and it said 8 am, it wasn’t too early but still your bed was too comfortable to leave. Making your way towards the door you wondered who would be up this early on a Sunday morning. As the door swung open there was no one there, you propped your outside to see if someone was walking by but there was no one. The hall was empty so probably it was just your imagination. Before you went back inside you looked down at the floor and you see a box. You opened the box to see a couple of water bottles, a box of crackers, a few different types of granola bars, a bottle of pain killers, two red apples, two cups of cereal and milk. Soon your eyes saw a note and while you read it a smile seemed to stay on your face.

“Good morning, y/n hope I didn’t wake you up too early. I put some things in this box for you from my own dorm and hopefully this would be enough for you and your friend to feel better. Even though we only spoke to each other for a while, I want to get to know you better. I’ll be saving a seat for you in our Microeconomics lecture first thing Tuesday morning; I hope I get to see you soon. Here’s my number if you want to see each other anytime sooner. ~ Jinyoung

 You picked the box off the floor, went back into your room and almost jumped with joy. Maybe you’ll take up his offer on seeing him soon.

leebaram98  asked:

Can i request a scenario where Jungkook's 3 years old son comes to his parents bedroom cuz he is scared of the storm. What does jungkook have to do then?

Trust Me

On a stormy night, you and your husband were sleeping peacefully when the door suddenly cracked open.

“Mommy, mommy!” Your 3-year-old son, Joon, cried as he ran into the bedroom.

“Ugh what time is it?” You asked your husband while rubbing your eyes.

Jungkook glanced at the clock with his eyes half-opened.


You sat up and carried Joon onto the bed. “Are you okay, baby?” You asked as you wiped away your son’s tears.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Jungkook said with a mischievous smile on his face. 

You rolled your eyes and threw a pillow at him.

“Not you.”

Joon sniffled and rubbed his nose. “Mommy…”

You stroked your son’s cheek and looked into his eyes.

“Tell Mommy what’s wrong. Did you have a nightmare? Did you see monsters under your bed again?”

Joon shook his head furiously. “No, it’s the…”


Suddenly a roar of thunder was heard within the room. Frightened, your son screamed and jumped into your arms.You hugged him tightly and patted his back gently.

 “Shh…It’s okay. It’s okay, Mommy is here. Mommy is here.”

Jungkook smiled at the heartwarming scene and tapped your shoulder.

“I think I know what could help.”

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