as i cry into the empty bottle of milk that is my life

Andre Burakovsky #2

Anonymous said: would you write a friends w benefits imagine with andre? idk exactly what plot or whatever, but im a sucker for friends w benefits stuff and your andre writing is adorable!!

A/N: so this is probably one of my favourites, i hope you all like it as much as i do :)))

Word Count: 1,879

Originally posted by thornescratch

This wasn’t exactly how you imagined life to be. Casually screwing a player of the Washington Capitals wasn’t your game play, that was for sure. Yet after meeting him through Gina, the wife of another Washington Capital, you found yourself engulfed by the fun of it all. Friends by day, sharing beds by night.

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Mr. Dad (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: None. Cutesy, fluffy baby fic.
A/N:  I couldn’t help myself, tried to be as true to what I think Kenny would be like taking care of a babe. And special thanks to @rubyriots for fueling my headcanons      Tagged; @straightfireglow @baroncorn @tatyanawaka @lclb13 @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @princess3733 @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur @alexahood21 @unepetitecrise @grey-acefinn @gts-widow @fightblissfight @caramara3 @rainfoxx13 @hiitsmecharlie @widow-png @racheo91 @moxtiel @blondekel77  @fallavvay @wrestlinghasruinedmylife @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @totorototo-ro @grappling-giraffe@sunshinesamizayn @devittslegos
~1300 words

A day with baby.

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Every Life has a Moment~Olicity fic 4/5

Disclosure: Smutty times ahead…so it might be termed as explicit…you’ve been warned. 

Read it here or on AO3

Chapter 4


She awoke to the strange sound of perfect silence; her shoulders grew tense as she began to lean upward slowly. The man beside her groaned tiredly, “Please don’t tell me you heard her cry?” 

Felicity patted the back of his hand affectionately, “No baby she’s asleep,” she too groaned when her eyes swept toward the clock placed innocently on her bedside table. The bright, fire engine red light displayed a steady 3:08 with the am lit just beside it. She pushed her knees towards her chest as she continued her steady, uphill climb. 

She felt Oliver rumble beside her as he shifted from his back to his right side, “Please tell me you’re not going to disrupt her?” 

Felicity shook her head before her chin dipped to her chest. She grimaced a bit when her eyes flickered over her worn night clothes. Before their daughter was born Felicity slept in nightgowns made of flimsy silk that more often than not left her skin mere moments after her head landed on the pillow. When she was pregnant her taste’s changed. She wanted something that would allow her to grow as the baby did so she opted for fabrics made of cotton…or as Oliver often pointed out shirts that smelled like him. She’d chosen about four of his old college tee-shirts to wear as her stomach grew. Her defense for the change had been geared toward the baby but in reality as she grew something in their relationship changed. He wasn’t distant but, no longer did she fall asleep smelling of lavender and their mixed sweat; now all she could smell was sweat, baby powder and oddly enough dried milk. 

Her nose wrinkled when she brushed her fingers over a crusted spot of spit up courtesy of a very blonde, blue eyed little girl. Oliver grumbled again when his previous words went unanswered, “Seriously honey please tell you’re going to let her be?” 

Felicity swept her fingers over her bent knees, “Relax sweetheart I have no desire to wake the finally sleeping demon,” she laughed quietly as she shifted her gaze and smiled a bit brighter. 

Oliver’s nose was nestled deeply between the rumbled edges of his pillow case, his soft kissable lips were parted and, his usually maintained scruff was now three days too long. She was about to rub her fingers over the soft overgrowth near the line of his defined jaw when he mumbled into his pillow, “Good because I haven’t slept in three months…” 

Felicity sighed in agreement, “Yeah but at least your breasts aren’t sore.” 

She saw his chest rumble with amusement, “Too bad I’m not the reason for the discomfort.” 

“Yeah,” she mumbled a bit too lowly, “Too bad indeed.” 

She waited for his next verbal volley but all she received was a sharp snore brushing over her bare upper hip. Felicity swallowed another low sigh and, let her eyes wonder over her sorta husband’s beautiful body. She rested her forearms over her knees and rubbed her elbows with brisk fingers. His strong arms were placed along the two sides of his half exposed face. His fingers were lying limply over the edge of the mattress in the space between it and the headboard. She followed the line of his angled bicep until she could mentally trace along the line of his covered scapula. She bit at her lip as usual while her greedy eyes slid shut. She moved her fingers over her upper arms rapidly and pretended for just a moment that her skin was the taut skin of his upper back. 

Her head fell back briefly when her imagination allowed her to envision the curve of his lower back. Her stomach clenched when she was near the rounded edge of his delectable ass… he coughed inwardly, “Honey I’m tired…” causing her eyes to snap open. 

Her hands were now frozen along her chilled skin, her body was still coiled tightly to her chest and, he was still sleeping soundly beside her. Felicity groaned in frustration, “Great I can’t even get laid in my imagination now…” before she uncurled her legs and, began gingerly moving her weary muscles towards the cool floors. 

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Christmas » Jack Maynard

Requests: Hii, I know Christmas has passed but could you right an imagine of spending Christmas Day at Jack’s family home? Thank youu x

Hi! Could you do more family imagines, when y/n is pregnant or they have children? Thanks x

You were driving to Brighton from London with your boyfriend, Jack and your 18-month-old daughter, Caitlyn to spend Christmas with Jack’s family. You had agreed to spend it in Brighton rather than with your family as you had spent it with them last year.

You arrived at Jack’s parents’ house in the mid-afternoon and Caitlyn was lost in slumber. Helen and Anna rushed out to meet the three of you, Gary and Conor trailing behind them. You giggled as you were embraced by each Maynard and greeting them all with ‘hello’s.

You grabbed one of the bags out of the car as Jack lifted your daughter out of her carseat in the back. The remaining Maynard’s helped you carry some of the other bags inside where you were greeted by warmth and the smell of food.

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Phan: Bones

Summary: Dan is asexual and Phil is not, and sometimes simple words hurt a lot. 
Wordcount: 1.7k
Warnings: none
A/N: I wrote this in an hour. It’s personal. I’m drunk on red wine and I haven’t read this through. I think I really just needed to get my thoughts into words tonight. I’m also not going to talk about this. Please don’t ask questions. At least you’re getting a story out of it. Hope you enjoy.

The alcohol is thrumming through Dan’s veins. He can feel it mix with his blood as with every heartbeat it travels further through his body. He’s eating some popcorn while he stares at his laptop screen, the browser open on an empty tab. He doesn’t really notice though. He doesn’t see. The popcorn tastes stale in his mouth although it’s not expired yet and he just took it out of the microwave. He doesn’t want to eat popcorn right now, but he knows that he has to. He hasn’t eaten anything but a small lunch today and it’s almost 11 p.m., because on some days taking care of himself seems harder than on others. He hasn’t even had more than a liter to drink today, excluding the alcohol. Dan knows self-care is important though. He sees the posts pop up on his tumblr dash every now and again. That’s why he eats popcorn, because he needs something to eat and his cupboards are half empty. One of his neighbours is laughing too loudly, but he doesn’t notice as he continues to eat. There are clothes still in the washing machine that has finished washing an hour ago. If he doesn’t take them out soon, they’ll start smelling musty again. Dan doesn’t care though. Instead of getting up, he reaches for the glass and empties the last remains. The red wine bottle is half empty now. He’s had some Malibu mixed with milk beforehand because he doesn’t have anything else to mix Malibu with, and that coupled with the fact that he’s barely eaten anything today makes his head spin from the alcohol.

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Boss!Harry AU - Part 2.5

Read parts one and two first! This is an add on to part two; a little scene giving us the context behind what’s going to happen in part three. It’s short (really short) but needed! And questions about the last part will hopefully be answered here! Before he even became Boss!Harry. Enjoy x

He’s never felt more tired than he does right now; watching her go through one of the most painful experiences known to mankind, and hearing the screams from her throat as she pushed and pushed without any pain relief, had worn him out and all he’s had to do is stand there, but the small bundle lying in the blanket in his arms has made every single thing worth it; the most delicate and precious being he could ever have or need cooing and breathing contently in his arms in the small nursery of the hospital, empty save for them.

“She still doesn’t want to see him, darlin’,” Harry hears the creek of the door and watches his mother walk in, uttering words he doesn’t want to hear, before returning his attention to his newborn son. It’s not like he wants his son to be without a mother but if she doesn’t want to hold him or even look at him, what can he do?

“Yeh know how people always tell the father how much they look like their baby?” He says in hushed tones. “I thought tha’ was all bullshit, ’til now. He’s go’ my pink ’n pouty mouth ’n a perfect little nose like me, shame about the blue eyes righ’ now but tha’ might change in a couple ‘a days,” he giggles, insisting to himself that he’s never seen a more perfect baby.

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Double Trouble - The Precuel - Request

Requested by anon:  Hi! Just read the dean x reader with the twins and it was so adorable! I was wondering if you could do another one during the reader’s pregnancy, and when they find it’s twins, and then both of them kicking, dean being overworried n stuff? Thank u!

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 1,098

Warnings: Possible spoilers from season 5 and 6.

A/N: I have no idea how a pregnancy like this goes, so I improvised a little.


Based on this post.

Another sleepless night, another baby crying, another empty milk bottle. That was their life now, and although Dean missed getting his four hours of sleep, he was absolutely happy with his family.

“I wish you would learn how to sleep for the whole night without waking up.” Dean mumbled to the tiny baby in his arms. “Now keep it down or you’ll wake your brother up.” The second baby, on his crib, started crying a second after Dean pronounced those words. “Too late.”

He was huge in comparison to them, so he had learned how to carry both at the same time. “Look at you, aren’t you cute?” (Y/N) joked as she entered the room with two recently made milk bottles.

Dean blushed at her compliment and inclined so (Y/N) could carry one of them at the same time she handed him one of the bottles. Both babies cried louder.

“Change, change.” Dean chanted and so they exchanged babies. They stopped crying instantly. “I swear to God, this two are a pain in the ass.” And spite of his words, Dean smiled lovingly at them.

It had been fast. No planning, no second guessing, no chance of changing their minds. She had gotten pregnant during the Apocalypse, and although he had bigger problems, Dean made sure his priority was to a) keep his girl and baby safe and b) to stop the Apocalypse so that they could live in peace.

Then they found out it wasn’t just one baby but two. Dean couldn’t help but to exclaim an “I knew it!” because he was pretty positive no three-month pregnant woman would have such a big belly. Then his overprotectiveness shocked him.

“Remember when we found out they were two little buggers and not just one?” Dean chuckled as the baby fell asleep on his arms.

“Oh yeah, you almost faint.” She remembered tenderly, “I remember you saying you knew it and doing that ridiculous dance…”

“You mean this one?” Dean wiggled his hips and shrugged his shoulders at the same time with the baby still in hands. (Y/N) laughed for a second, before shutting up so they babies could sleep. “It still cracks you up.”

(Y/N) replied with a big grin rather than words. “You went full Marlin on them.”

Dean shrugged at her reference until he recognized it from Finding Nemo. It was impressive how his whole life had been based on teenagers/grown-up movies and now he watched Disney and Pixar films during his free time.

“I wasn’t overprotective.” Dean shrugged his nose.

“No, you still are.” (Y/N) giggled softly.

Not only did he have to take care of (Y/N) and one baby, but two of them. And even though they were both at the same place inside (Y/N), Dean felt like the safety measures he took were enough for three and not two.

“I remember your face the first time they kicked.” (Y/N) continued.

“I remember your face.” He replied, “Your mouth when like ‘ooooow’ and you went back to bed.” He laughed.

“I dare you to get these two to kick your insides at the same time, see who makes the funniest face?” (Y/N) dared jokingly.

“Oh no, they kicked me this afternoon when I was trying to change their diapers while you were at the hospital.” Dean confessed happily, “If they kick-ass like that when they grow up… I don’t think we’ll have to worry about our life to come after them.”

(Y/N) chuckled. Of course she didn’t want them to become hunters, but they had agreed to let them choose. “Why didn’t you ask Sam for help?”

When Sam jumped to the cage with Lucifer and Michael, Dean found relief in his new little family. (Y/N) gave birth a bit after, so Dean didn’t have much time to grieve for he was too busy changing diapers and feeding the kids.

(Y/N) had to leave the hunting life, obviously, so she finished her uncompleted medical career – interrupted by a ghoul hiding at the college’s campus – and started working at a tiny hospital in Kansas that eventually grew bigger.

They started living at a small house. Dean worked as a mechanic and (Y/N) as the doctor, and they felt like their life was becoming more and more normal until Sam came back and the hunting life chased them.

“He was doing research about this odd case in Alabama…” Dean explained, “Besides; my babies, their dirty diapers, my responsibility.”

“It wouldn’t kill you to ask for help.” (Y/N) commented.

“I can deal with them.” Dean insisted, “Look, they are so tiny… And I’m sure they will be obedient when they grow up.”

“Like you and Sam?” (Y/N) lifted an eyebrow.

“Like me and a double me.” Dean corrected, “I was an obedient kid.”

“More like a mini-soldier, I would say.” Dean chuckled slightly.

“Whatever, it will be easier when they grow up.” Dean said, but it sounded like he wanted to convince himself more than convincing (Y/N).

But they stuck together and overcame every obstacle that the life sent them.

“I think they’re already asleep.” (Y/N) whispered. Dean checked his baby and nodded. “Let’s put them back on their crib.”

“Goodnight, fellas.” Dean whispered as each placed the babies in their respective cribs.

“They are so cute.” (Y/N) sighed.

“Cute as buttons.” Dean agreed and bopped her nose. “Just like their mom.”

“They look a lot like you, though.” (Y/N) commented, looking up at Dean.

“Those lucky bastards…” Dean joked and (Y/N) giggled. “Shhh….”

“Sorry, sorry.” Dean pecked her forehead as they both admired their little beauties. They were cheeky, with big green eyes and ashy blond hairs growing slowly in their heads. They were easy to make laugh, and they were constantly moving and kicking and doing strange faces… They were a full show to watch.

“Are you tired?” He asked her in a whisper. (Y/N) nodded, Dean wrapped his arms around her, kissing her face multiple times as he lifted her from the floor. “One more baby to get in bed.” He joked.

“Shhh…” She shushed him as she tried to hide her own laughter. She was the luckiest woman on Earth, in spite of it all; in spite of the many difficult years to come.

Dean got her in bed and joined her soon after. She nuzzled on his chest and he wrapped his strong arms securely around her waist. And just when they were drifting off to sleep, one of the two chipmunks cried again.

“For the love of…!” Dean pressed a finger over her lips.

“Sleep, I’ll take charge of them.”

*Requests are ALWAYS open.*


Tags:  @dreamingintheimpalawithdean @coffeebreakandwinchesters @oaisara

“Need any help?” Drunk College AU GOT7~Jinyoung

A.N. First actual long imagine that I wrote I hope you enjoy it! Also request prompts I don’t mind!! And just an fyi I’m a second year college student and college isn’t what it’s like on how the media has portrayed it to be.

Word Count: 1,626 words

T.W. Some swearing, Alcohol Abuse/ Drunkenness.

Y/N- Your Name

Y/F/N- Your Friends Name

Anything in italics are your own personal thoughts

So me put in/Work, work, work, work, work, work/When you ah guh/

Learn, learn, learn, learn, learn

I just want to go to bed.” You thought to yourself. Rihanna’s new song was on full blast at this fraternity party your best friend/roommate asked you to go to. The party scene wasn’t really that great to begin with, though you are a person who keeps to yourself and rather be doing homework/being on Netflix than going out to a party such as this, you do need to get out of that small stuffy dorm once in a while. When your friend asked you to go to this fraternity party you were quite hesitant to go but you thought it could be fun but you were wrong about this. The frat boys at your campus seem to appear only at social gatherings that happen at nights, they constantly travel in groups and are hardly ever seen alone. Some frat guys seem tolerable but still are annoying. The party was the exact same way. Some would go talk to you and well try to get you in bed or the ones that seemed nice were complete assholes. You were mainly sitting on the couch slowly sipping your drink, not wanting to get completely drunk. The music kept playing but slowly your thoughts were starting to drift you away but reality came crashing back when people started to shout and scream because some guy was chugging his beer.

You left the couch that you were sitting on because this couple kept making out next to you and made you felt super uncomfortable. You started to walk away from the living room to look for your friend, wanting to make sure she was just doing okay. By walking past a clock you notice how late it was and decided it was time to go back to the dorms. It would take at least 10 minutes to get to the dorms and having it is past 1 am, it would feel rather unsafe. Going room to room, you kept looking for y/f/n but there was no luck on finding her. Suddenly some girl shouted in a high-pitched scream

“WOOHH IM DRUNK!!!!”  And would you look at that there was your best friend, completely drunk, dancing on the dance floor, and everyone can definitely tell she had way too much to drink. Making your way towards her, she noticed you and got insanely happy.


“You didn’t do anything y/f/n” You stated while laughing.

“Wait so I didn’t do a cartwheel? Why is the room spinning then?” She kept all around and she was completely drunk, it was going to be a difficult challenge taking her back to your room.

“Let’s go home you’re drunk and I rather take have you in bed soon before you do something you regret.” You weren’t saying this just to have her leave the party but seeing the people all around you hooking up, you sincerely meant what you tell her. After a few minutes of fighting with her she decided to go, it wasn’t easy but at least she’s going home.

Why is she so heavy!?” Every step was becoming a struggle with almost practically carrying y/f/n she wouldn’t stop laughing and she was an emotional drunk, meaning she’s about to cry over anything and everything. “Good thing I only had one drink and we’re halfway to the dorm.” Time was going by slower and slower and soon y/f/n was just become dead weight.

“I’ll never find a boyfriend.. I’ll never get to achieve my dreams in life.. I’ll never understand why we have to even come to school..” Y/F/N was starting to become an emotional wreck while you’re struggle, she fell to the ground and kept going on this rant about her never doing things.

“Y/F/N get up seriously I have no strength to carry you anymore! It’s getting unsafe the longer we stay outside and we’re almost to the room. Come on just get up.”

“NO I DON’T WANT TO WALK ANYMORE!” y/f/n curled up in a ball and started to sob uncontrollably. Though you know it was wrong to laugh at her, you just couldn’t help it. You’ve seen her like this so many times that you just got accustom to her drunken antics.

“Do you need any help?”

An unfamiliar voice snapped you back from your state of laughter, as you turned your head to see who it was. There was a boy who seemed vaguely familiar but you couldn’t quite put your finger on where you’ve seen him before. “Wait I haven’t said anything yet. Shit, he’s just staring at me, I have to say something. 

“Huh? Well sort of we were almost about to make it to our room but she decided to go on a rant about her life and just lay on the sidewalk.” Giving the boy a smile and then looking at your friend who is now clearly hard-core knocked out on the sidewalk.

“I can carry her to your dorm if you need me to, plus it’s not safe for the two of you to be staying out here at night alone.” He made way towards y/f/n but didn’t want to touch her until he got your permission to carry her.

“Yeah I greatly appreciate it, we’re located at Smith Hall. Hope it’s not out of your way. My name’s Y/N by the way”

“Actually my room is in the same hall and mines Jinyoung but you can call me Junior if you want.” He flashed you a smiled as he picked up y/f/n and started to make his way up the sidewalk to the buildings, you were walking right behind him.

During the walk the two of you were talking about each other and simply were getting to know each other. He was at the same party that you went to but only went because his best friend was apart of the fraternity so he wanted to hang out with him for a while. You were so intrigued by him and the way he spoke about his views on certain topics, it was no wonder this boy was an English Major. He changed the subjected and kept asking you on why you were studying government, so you told him how you have this far fetch dream on becoming this well-liked politician wanting to work in the United Nations, and help other countries better one each other. Soon the both of you, well the three of you, arrived to your dorm, room 106, where Jinyoung came inside and put y/f/n in her bed and put her in a position where she won’t choke incase she throws up. You still were wondering where you’ve seen him before. Jinyoung was walking to the door ready to leave but before you could ask him you said..

“Thank you for doing this and saving me the trouble of calling countless of people who most likely wont answer me. It’s rather sweet that you stopped and helped.” He genuinely smiled at you due to the kind words you told him causing a blush appeared on your face along with a dorky smile.

“No problem, y/n. Get some rest and make sure your friend and you drink plenty of water, have a nice meal in the morning and eat some crackers.”

“Oh well we ran out of food earlier today so we were planning to go to the supermarket to buy some stuff, but I’ll go in a couple of hours I probably wont get that much sleep anyways.”

“Either way get some rest, and I’ll see you sometime soon.” He walked towards you and gave you a gentle kiss on your cheek, gave you smile and walked down the hall and took a turn and he was gone. You closed the door and shook your head and smiled to yourself. “He’s something else.” You changed into a baggy tshirt, you fell asleep on your bed and just knocked out.

A few hours pass and you were awoken by a small knock on your door. You checked your alarm clock and it said 8 am, it wasn’t too early but still your bed was too comfortable to leave. Making your way towards the door you wondered who would be up this early on a Sunday morning. As the door swung open there was no one there, you propped your outside to see if someone was walking by but there was no one. The hall was empty so probably it was just your imagination. Before you went back inside you looked down at the floor and you see a box. You opened the box to see a couple of water bottles, a box of crackers, a few different types of granola bars, a bottle of pain killers, two red apples, two cups of cereal and milk. Soon your eyes saw a note and while you read it a smile seemed to stay on your face.

“Good morning, y/n hope I didn’t wake you up too early. I put some things in this box for you from my own dorm and hopefully this would be enough for you and your friend to feel better. Even though we only spoke to each other for a while, I want to get to know you better. I’ll be saving a seat for you in our Microeconomics lecture first thing Tuesday morning; I hope I get to see you soon. Here’s my number if you want to see each other anytime sooner. ~ Jinyoung

 You picked the box off the floor, went back into your room and almost jumped with joy. Maybe you’ll take up his offer on seeing him soon.

leebaram98  asked:

Can i request a scenario where Jungkook's 3 years old son comes to his parents bedroom cuz he is scared of the storm. What does jungkook have to do then?

Trust Me

On a stormy night, you and your husband were sleeping peacefully when the door suddenly cracked open.

“Mommy, mommy!” Your 3-year-old son, Joon, cried as he ran into the bedroom.

“Ugh what time is it?” You asked your husband while rubbing your eyes.

Jungkook glanced at the clock with his eyes half-opened.


You sat up and carried Joon onto the bed. “Are you okay, baby?” You asked as you wiped away your son’s tears.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Jungkook said with a mischievous smile on his face. 

You rolled your eyes and threw a pillow at him.

“Not you.”

Joon sniffled and rubbed his nose. “Mommy…”

You stroked your son’s cheek and looked into his eyes.

“Tell Mommy what’s wrong. Did you have a nightmare? Did you see monsters under your bed again?”

Joon shook his head furiously. “No, it’s the…”


Suddenly a roar of thunder was heard within the room. Frightened, your son screamed and jumped into your arms.You hugged him tightly and patted his back gently.

 “Shh…It’s okay. It’s okay, Mommy is here. Mommy is here.”

Jungkook smiled at the heartwarming scene and tapped your shoulder.

“I think I know what could help.”

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we’ve got nothing to lose

Olympics AU where Harry is a pro tennis player, and Louis is a pro footballer. They meet at the opening ceremony and fall in love, obviously.

reeling through the midnight streets

au; louis can’t sleep. neither can the boy on the bridge. the water’s a nice place to meet.

no one does it better

Harry’s an alcoholic and Louis is a bartender. The first time they meet isn’t the first time they’ve met.

hold onto your stars

au; harry’s in the army, louis’ back home, and ninety days is a lifetime.

lyz and kimberly’s massive fic rec, 100+ completed fics under the cut.

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When Harry thought back to his 16 year old life, never did he think that by the age of 25, he would have two beautiful children and an adoring yet equally beautiful wife blessing his life. He felt like the happiest man in the world, and he was highly grateful for the life he had been given. Sure, you both had your ups and downs, like every relationship. But, like every othe relationship, you powered through the problems and and overcame them, with the bond between the both of you being stronger than ever.

Falling pregnant with Spencer was tough, and it had surprised you because you had only just gotten married a few months before. The honeymoon happened, and the wedding night was when you concieved your first childc Spencer Anne Styles. You were both 22, early-twenties and all your friends hadn’t had babies at that stage. You had no help, apart from talks with your parents and Harry’s parents, and the both of you were freaked.

Dylan was much more of a surprise, with no talks of having another so soon after Spencer. Spencer was a tough baby to look after as she grew older and it had taken a toll upon the both of you. With her being only 2 and with a new baby, and with Harry needing to be out for work and you staying home, feuds and sessions of screaming would take place most evenings. Sometimes even twice an evening.

But once the hardest parts had been overcome, everything was a doddle. With Spencer being your first born, you’d tested out parenthood with help from Anne and your own mother. But as soon as Dylan came along, you and Harry had the whole parent thing nailed down and set in stone.

Harry would always be sure that he’d washed the baby bottles and placed them in the sterilizer by the microwave; you’d usually catch him, late at night, hunched over the sink as he hummed quietly to himself. The muscles protruding and moving and they were highly visible behind the skin of his bare back as he cleaned out the milk bottles before shuffling across the kitchen floor in his slipper, and reaching to put the clear plastic into the sterilizer.

You would always make sure that they were clean and fresh before they went to bed, changing both nappies before you yourself went to lay down. There were times when Harry would wake up to an empty side of the bed, only to hear your voice through the baby monitor as you changed the nappies, even though they were probably dry as a rock on a summers day.

When Harry’s mind travels back, he was thankful for the life he’d lived. He met 4 of his best friends; you being one and the 3 bandmates being his others. He knew this wasn’t in the mix until later on in life, but boy was he glad it happened sooner rather than later.

• • • •

His feet shuffled across the plush carpet, the material soft against his bare toes, as he sifted around the room with his two babies in his arms. His lips were pursed shut as soft breaths came out as hums against Spencer’s soft tufts of hair. His hair was pulled back into a bun, something he’d thrown it up in the night before, during your ‘night together’, as he liked to call it. Dylan’s legs were kicking out against his hip as he looked over his fathers shoulder to see his mother laid in bed, propped up on her elbows.

“Why’re you up so early, babe?” You muttered, giggling softly as he whipped around to look at you. His flannel and checked pyjama trousers hanging low on his hips. The cuffs nearly covering his feet. “Come back to bed and cuddle your missus” You whined, rubbing the sleep from your eyes with the heels of your hands. A smile emerged on his lips as he set the two young ones down on the bed, and sat down himself.

“D'you sleep alright? Figured I’d take the night duty and let you rest. You’ve been bad at sleeping at the moment” Harry smiled, as he laid down on his side of the bed, propped up against the headboard. A grunt left his lips as Spencer fell against his stomach, her small yet soft hands pushing at the pudge of his belly. “Little miss, what are you doing to Daddy, hmm? Don’ beat me up, darlin’” He chuckled, as he lifted her up from her place and sat her upright on his chest.

“Thank you for last night, H. Taking the night duties and stuff… I know it’s hard with work n'all” You sighed, as Dyan rolled over on the bed, his fingers curled into the duvet. “C'mere, my handsome man. Mummy’s missed you” You babbled, as you lifted Dylan into your lap. His fingers curling around yours.

“I couldn’t ask for a better life, ya'know?” Harry whispered, his head turning to look at you with a sleepy, drunken-looking smile on his lips. “I never expected at 25, nearly 26, to have such an incredible life. You made it so much better, and I love you… So much, Mrs Styles. Thank you for sticking around and being there, and giving me these beautiful yet very cheeky little babies” He smiled, as Spencer cupped his cheeksnin her small palms.

“Jesus, H… You’re going to make me cry..” You whispered, dragging your thumb underneath your eyelid. “But, if it’s any consolation, I love you too. I couldn’t have has these two without your help” You winked, both yours and Harry’s cheeks flushing. “Thank you, Mister Styles. I love you lots… Thank you for the best 3 years of married life. May we have many, many, many more together” You grinned, watching as his foot knocked at your shin.

“We’ll grow old together… That’s how long we’re sticking together” He muttered, as Spencer peppered kisses to his face. “Forever, like I vowed to you. Forever…”

“… and always” You added, leaning over and pressing a kiss to the shell of his rar. “Forever and always, Harry…”

Credit for the edit: @yourssincerleylarry
letters from the dead

title: letters from the dead
summary: he is everywhere, and nowhere to be found.
pairing: nejiten
note: i don’t remember how to write this pair without angst.


“Long day” does not even begin to cover the last few hours of Tenten’s life.

War is hard and funerals are hard. Neji’s death and Neji’s funeral are the hardest fucking things she’s ever been through, and here she is after the latter, still breathing and full of emptiness.

She turns the key in the door and breathes a sigh of almost-relief as a blast of air conditioning hits her. She’s only been home for a few days, and every thing in her living space is coated in a uniform layer of dust. She should care more, Tenten supposes, walking into the bedroom and yanking her black dress over her head before throwing in into the oblivion of her closet. It really is a mess in here.

As she turns to make for the bathroom, something catches her eye. Hanging on the back of her closet door is a large, white shirt. One of Neji’s large, white shirts. Tenten furrows her brow.

She doesn’t remember that being there, though she has been exceedingly tired since she came home a few days ago. She lingers for a few more moments, staring at the shirt, before sighing and retreating to the shower. She has to meet Gai and Lee for a “memorial dinner” for Neji.

Later that night, she will encase herself in his shirt before crawling into bed.


The next morning, Tenten crawls out of bed early. She’s still wearing the shirt, and miraculously months later it still smells of him. As she walks into the kitchen to make coffee, she holds a handful of shirt up to her nose and breathes in deep. Before she can exhale, she freezes.

Sitting on her kitchen counter is a mug that Tenten knows that she didn’t leave out. Not only that, but it’s a certain mug with the words “you are my sunshine” printed on the side that happened to be Neji’s favorite.

Just as she’s about to begin hyperventilating, the doorbell rings. Quickly composing herself, Tenten manages to calmly answer the door. Standing in front of her is one Yamanaka Ino, beaming at her and carrying a large bundle of sunflowers.

Tenten can only stare.

“Good morning, Tenten! Ooh, you look so pretty with your hair down! Here, these are for you.” Ino double checks the address before shoving the bundle of flowers into the other girl’s arms.

Tenten frowns. “But I didn’t order any flowers.”

Ino shrugs. “We had a written order for this address. You live here, so they must be for you. Lucky girl.” She winks and flounces off as the weapons mistress is distracted.

Slowly shutting the door, Tenten inspects the bouquet for any sign of a card, but there is none. Not having any vases, she finds an old glass milk bottle that she fills with water and puts the sunflowers in that. Carefully, she sets them down in a pool of sunlight leaking through from a window.

Turning her attention back to the suspicuous mug, Tenten cradles it lovingly in her hands. Why would this be out on the counter? It’s always kept in the same place in the cabinet, per Neji’s insistence, and she hasn’t had company.

Perhaps she grabbed it by mistake in her exhaustion yesterday.


The next few days pass by in a blur. There is so much rebuilding and reorganizing and reacclimatizing to be done in Konoha, and every shinobi and kunoichi is expected to help out.

Each night Tenten passes out into bed more exhausted than the night before, her dreams vivid with visions of birds in flight.

Despite the freezing temperature of her apartment thanks to the air conditioner, her blankets are always warm. And no matter how much she tosses and turns in the night, she always wakes warm and fully covered by blankets.

On a Monday morning, she wakes up late for training with Gai and Lee and can’t find her favorite kunai. It seems silly to train after experiencing a war from the battlefield, but sometimes routine is all they have that glues them together.

So Tenten tears her apartment apart, trying to find her prized weapon, when the doorbell rings. Roaring in exasperation, she stomps to the door. The person on the other side is the next-to-last person she expects to see.

Hyuuga Hiashi is stern and immovable, even in mourning. His eyes are grim as he greets her, and he refuses her offer to come inside for tea. Given the mess from her earlier rampage, Tenten is relieved. Thankfully, the clan leader gets straight to the point.

“I have been informed that my nephew had a last will and testament drawn up before the war. I have also been notified that you are a beneficiary alongside my daughters.”

Tenten stares at him in disbelief. To confirm his words, Hiashi hands her a heavy envelope.

“In his will, Neji left a provision that, in the event of his death preceeding yours, you should be granted the protection of our clan regardless of the status of your relationship with him, and that you should never want for anything. I have agreed to this provision on the condition that you do not abuse it.”

His severe expression softens at the sight of her stricken face.

“And there is one more thing, contained in that envelope. You will find his mother’s wedding ring.”

He bows and takes his leave, and for the life of her Tenten can’t remember if she managed a thank you. The door slams shut behind her and she slides down against it, hot crocodile tears rolling down her face.

“This isn’t funny, Neji,” she moans, head in her hands.

Then louder, “THIS ISN’T FUNNY.”

It’s a raw scream torn from her throat, proceeded by uncontrollable sobbing. When finally she comes back to herself, she tears at the envelope with shaky hands.

As promised, a silver band falls into her palm. Also contained within the ruined envelope is a set of papers. Wiping away the remnants of her years, she inspects the papers, only to immediately begin crying again.

In her hand is a marriage license and all necessary paperwork to declare her legally married to Neji. His elegant signature graces every page, the only thing missing is her own name beside his.

Her breathing has officially crossed into hyperventilation territory when she looks down to see a pen lying next to her on the floor.

And beside it, her missing kunai.

merry christmas, darling

A/N: Because we all need some happy Steggy for the holidays :)

Major thanks to @callingmrsbarnes for proofreading this! I dedicate this fic to @festivemattboyd, thank you English for collaborating with me on this farmer’s market au! :D 

word count: 1810

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Out In The Cold - Daryl Dixon Imagine Request

collidewithptv-me asked:
Can you do one where your pregnant with Daryls baby. And it’s pre apocalypse. Your both pretty young, he’s not happy about it. But as time goes on he accepts it. And by the end he can’t wait to meet the baby. He is there for you during labor
. -
I hope you enjoy this @collidewithptv-me I didn’t follow all the way to labour as I got so caught up with the rest of it.

It’s strange what you notice in these moments. You notice how your nail polished has chipped from the thumb on your right hand, a stray cat hair on your black skirt and a tiny hole forming in the knee of your tights. The package said to give it at least three minutes, you had no idea how long that could be until this moment. You stand up and look at yourself in the mirror, feeling suddenly panic stricken about how this one thing is going to change your life immeasurably. The timer goes off on your phone and you press the stop button. You pick up the little white stick and as you see the little pink cross in the result window you close your eyes and begin to cry.

You wrap your denim jacket around you and take a deep breath. You know Daryl’s home, you saw him pull up on his bike half an hour ago, but you’ve been sat in your car trying to find the courage and pull together the right words to tell him that his life is over. You knock on the door and a few moments later Merle appears. He smiles at you with a slight leer which makes your scalp prickle with unease. ‘Well hey there…I ain’t seen you for a few weeks..Did you finally realise you’d been datin’ the wrong brother?’ He crosses his arms over his chest and you close your eyes and take a deep breath. ‘Is Daryl home?’ Merle nods his head and stands back to let you in. ‘Hey lil brother you have a visitor.’ Daryl walks into the living room, and for a second you have to resist the urge to smile at him. You’d been sweet on him for a long time, and when you two finally started dating it was intense. But it all ended a month ago when you heard he’d slept with some girl called Tracy who worked as a waitress by day but was a stripper by night. You clench your hands into balled fists and swallow a golf ball that seems to be lodged in your throat. ‘Hey!’ He looks you over and for a second you see that glint in his eye, the one that was there when he told you he loved you, the one that was there the first time he took your clothes from your body and made you feel things you had never felt before. He nods his head and drawls ‘Hey, wassup?’ You gesture to his bedroom ‘Can we talk somewhere erm…Privately?’ Merle laughs and grabs his jacket and keys ‘I can take a hint…Hey brother, don’t go wakin’ the neighbours now!’ Merles laughter fades away as the two of you stand looking at each other across a coffee table strewn with empty beer bottles, cigarette buts and bike magazines. Daryl goes to the fridge and pulls out a beer ‘Want one?’ Despite feeling that it might calm your nerves, you shake your head and sit down on the tattered sofa, which despite all appearances is really comfy. You feel your cheeks flush with colour as you remember an afternoon Daryl spent being very attentive of you, his head between your legs.

Daryl looks over at the colour in cheeks and smiles at you, like he can read your mind and remembers the way he made you scream his name for hours. ‘Ya look good…How you been?’ You start fidgeting with your hands in your lap. ‘Actually that’s why I’m here…I erm…’ You take a deep breath and watch as Daryl becomes still waiting for you to talk ‘I’m…I’m pregnant!’ Daryl takes a huge gulp of his beer ‘And what you think it’s mine?’ You stand up, your fists balled once more ‘Well it ain’t anyone elses!’ Daryl stands and gets in your face ‘Oh yeah, how am I supposed to know…You ain’t exactly been lil miss chatty with me have ya…As I recall you dumped my ass!’ You push at his torso and feel your eyes beginning to cloud ‘Only because ya slept with that fuckin’ girl from the bar…You’re such a fuckin’ asshole…I can’t believe I wasted my time comin’ here to tell you!’ You start walking towards the door when Daryl shouts ‘I ain’t fuckin’ interested, you hear me? Don’t come back!’ You turn and look at him, the pain of his words overcomes you and you let out a sob as tears stream from your eyes ‘Don’t worry…My mistake..I shoulda known you’d be exactly like your daddy!’ Daryl’s face clouds over and as you make your way to your car, you hear a bottle smash against the living room wall and hear Daryl’s rage destroy the room you’ve just been stood in.

It’s been three months since you told Daryl the news and you haven’t heard anything from him since. The Dr keeps telling you that you’re slightly underweight considering you’re now into the first trimester of pregnancy. You don’t have the energy to tell the Dr that it’s because you spent the first few weeks crying with no appetite for food. Daryl’s words really cut you up. You’d never been one of those girls with loose and easy morals, he once told you that’s what he loved about you. The fact that you was tough and pure, just his. And you had been, you hadn’t slept with another soul before Daryl Dixon. You push open the door to the tiny apartment you’re now renting from Mrs Greenbach, a wonderful old lady who took you under her wing and is massively undercharging you to live there. Your folks didn’t take the news well and after your daddy slapped you across the face, your mother pulled all your clothes into a bag and told you not to come back. It’s been hard but you’re pleased with what you’ve achieved. You managed to get more hours at the grocery store and although you get judgmental looks from colleagues and customers, being pregnant at the age of 20, you feel a swell of pride at the fact you’ve bought most of the things the baby needs yourself. Whilst Daryl might not want to have much to do with you or the baby, you can’t help but feel love for the tiny thing growing inside of you.

You unpack your meagre groceries and put the kettle on to boil, although you don’t drink much of it you could really do with a coffee, you’ve been given an extra shift at the store and the prospect of extra money is important to you right now. You’re just about to pour the milk in when you hear a knock on the door. You walk over to the door and don’t bother checking the peephole, no one knows you’re hear and you just think it’s going to be Mrs Greenbach checking to make sure you’re ok. So when you see him stood there, you feel all the breath leave your body and you have to grip the door to stop yourself from falling. Daryl looks at you his jaw slightly clenched but when he talks he sounds amicable ‘Can I come in?’ You stand and stare for a moment, and subconsciously bring your hand to your stomach, you nod your head and stand to the side as you let him in. He looks around the room, and despite knowing where he lives you feel ashamed of the humble surroundings. Daryl sits down on the sofa as you shut the door and turn to face him with your arms crossed. ‘I’m just making a coffee, can I fix you a drink?’ Daryl  nods his head and stands following you into the kitchen area, you go through the motions of taking a cup down from the shelf, opening the tea. ‘Are you allowed to drink coffee?’ The kettle whistles and you take it from the heat and slam it on the side ‘Are you fuckin’ kidding me Daryl? You’re asking me if I can drink coffee after you accused me of cheating and threw me out of your house? What fucking right do you have?’ He stands silent, his face etched with tension. You turn your back to him, suddenly exhausted and aware of every area of tension in your body. ‘Please leave…I don’t need another lecture from you.’ You hear him exhale loudly and turn round to see him leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed ‘I ain’t leavin, I came to talk.’

You finish making him his tea and your coffee and walk in to the sitting area in silence. You put his tea on the coffee table and fold your hands around your cup. ‘Well…Just say what you need to say and leave. I have work at 5pm.’ Daryl sits down and brushes a hand through his hair, he reaches into a pocket and pulls out a cigarette. ‘Can’t smoke in here.’ You sip your coffee and appreciate the hit of caffeine on your tongue. Daryl sits back in his chair and puts it away. ‘Why are you here? How are you here?’ Daryl looks at you and you realise how his eyes used to make you feel. ‘Merle saw Janine, she told him you were..ya know and that you were here…Came home and kicked my ass.’ You can’t help it but a smile plays across your mouth. Despite all his faults Merle was always vocal about dropout dads ‘Good!’ Daryl nods his head ‘How come you didn’t tell me your folks had kicked ya out?’ You put the coffee down and lean back in the chair, once again subconsciously placing your hands on your stomach. ‘Well as a I remember you told me the baby wasn’t yours and kicked me out…Remember?..Anyway I’ve been fine.’ Dary tilts his head ‘Ya look a bit skinny and tired.’ A bitter laugh fills the room and you lean forward ‘Well shit Daryl what do you expect? I found out I was pregnant to someone I fuckin’ loved, they throw me out and then my parents do the same! I barely slept and ate for weeks until I found this place, Janine was the only person I had there for me!’ You feel your cheeks flush and your eyes begin to tear up. Daryl looks like a puppy that’s been kicked. It almost makes you want to wrap your arms around him, but you can’t, he’s hurt you too much. ‘Well ya should have told me. I could have helped, you could have moved in with me and Merle.’ You say nothing and the silence is overpowering. ‘How’s…How is the baby?’ Your eyes flick up to Daryl’s and you see a genuine look of concern on his face ‘The baby is fine..The dr told me I need to eat more but the baby is fine.’ Daryl nods and smiles ‘Good..that’s good! Do you know what it is yet?’ You shake your head ‘No, I have a scan in a few weeks though.’ Daryl comes over to where you are and kneels in front of you ‘I’m sorry ok…I’m gonna try. I want to be there.’ All you can do is nod your head. After all the hurt he’s caused you, these words are empty to you.

You stand up and look about the waiting room once more before resigning to the fact that he’s not coming. You feel your cheeks flush with shame as the nurse looks at you with pity.  ‘Hold up!’ you turn and see Daryl running towards you.

You take in his appearance his jeans are covered in grease and the sleeveless shirt he’s wearing shows off his dirty arms and hands. The nurse wrinkles her nose in disgust ‘Sorry Sir but this is for the parents only.’ He nods his head and tries to get his breath ‘I’m the father.’ The sound of those words sends a warmth rushing through your body and you feel your eyes sparkle. The nurse says ‘Oh..Well ok Sir, but can I ask you to wash your hands first please.’ After a few moments you’re both in the darkened room, the nurse lifts up your top and for some reason you feel embarrassed about Daryl seeing this much of you. A ridiculous thought but it’s been so long, you breathe in as the cold jelly is rubbed on your stomach ‘Right then let’s see shall we.’ The room is filled with a sound you’re familiar with but Daryl’s face lights up ‘Is that?…’ The nurse laughs and nods her head ‘Yes sir. That’s your baby’s heartbeat.’ Daryl reache’s forward and grabs your hand in his and pulls it to his mouth ‘Well shit..What a beautiful sound!’ The nurse points to the screen ‘Well here’s the head, there’s the little things torso and arms..Look the baby’s making a fist.’ Daryl squeezes your hand ‘Shit..This is amazing..That’s my baby.’ You feel your eyes cloud over, the look on his face washing away all the doubts you had about him genuinely wanting to be there for you and the baby. The nurse continues to look at the screen ‘Right ok…Are you two ready to find out what you’re having?’ You can’t speak and can only nod your head. ‘Well…You two are going to be having a beautiful, and healthy baby girl.’ Daryl brushes his hands through his hair ‘We’re havin’ a girl…’ He reaches forward and before you can register what’s happening he’s kissing you on the mouth.

Once you’ve cleaned up and left the room to collect the scan photo. Daryl comes over to you immediately and places his hands on your cheeks ‘That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen after you.’ You furrow your brow and push away, he looks confused ‘What?’ You roll your shoulders and walk towards the receptionist’s desk ‘What are you doing? You haven’t spoken to me three months and then as soon as you see the baby you’re kissin’ me and touchin’ me like everything’s normal.’ Daryl takes in your words ‘Well, I want them to go back to normal..If you do?’ You try to keep your voice low as you wait for the smiling woman behind the desk to get your photo of the scan ‘Are you forgetting that you fucked another girl behind my back? Or the things you accused me of? It’s too much.’ You smile at the woman and take the photo and walk to the lifts and press the button. Dary looks hurt by your words ‘I didn’t fuck anybody, she came onto me and I pushed her away. It was you that believed what people said, you didn’t even ask. And I’ve already apologised for what I said when you first told me…I know I was in the wrong. What else do ya want from me?’ You get into the lift, thankful that it’s just the two of you and you’re not sharing with anyone else. ‘All I want Daryl is to be happy. I want to be happy and healthy and I want our baby to be the same. I loved you, and what you did hurt me..It’s just gonna take some time for me to forgive that.’ Daryl reaches over and presses the emergency stop button. ‘What are you doing?’ Daryl comes towards you and looks into your eyes he kisses you gently on your mouth and runs his hands down your back, gently cupping your butt. He pulls away ‘I love ya and if time is what it’s gonna take to make you love me again, then that’s fine. But I ain’t going anywhere, not now, not ever. I want to look after you and our lil girl.’ You smile at him and for the first time in months you feel your chest lighten ‘C’mere Dixon.’ You pull him towards you and kiss him once more.

The Family

The nursery had been an afterthought, something they still had months to plan once they got the darkness out of Emma, figured out what happened in Camelot, and came to terms with the fact that they were adding a new addition to a family they were still trying to figure out.  Zelena’s accelerated delivery had thrown a wrench in their plans, and to be honest, had Regina rattled.  

She’d left Robin at the hospital and returned home with bags of diapers, formula, and other essentials she grabbed off the market shelves, ready to drag Henry’s crib down from the attic and throw together something that may not be fit for a princess, but would do for now.  She would use the room closest to hers (theirs, she corrected herself).  It was small, but it was close for 4 am feedings and far enough from the boys as not to disturb or be disturbed.  Roland had taken up residence in the room across from Henry’s at the other end of the hall. The boys would toss thing back and forth and ‘whisper’ well into the night.  The numerous empty rooms in the mayoral mansion were quickly filling up.

Regina didn’t stop once since getting out of the car; she used her magic to open and close the front door and headed straight for the would be nursery.  She was vibrating with nervous energy, pent up insecurities. She couldn’t stop moving because she didn’t trust herself to feel everything that was threatening to come to the surface.  So she pushed it back and pushed on.  That is until she rounded the corner and stopped so fast she stumbled the rest of the way into the not so empty nursery.

Snow was at the center, hanging a unicorn mobile over Henry’s old crib with baby Neal chattering and pulling toys out of the box at her feet.  There was a cushioned rocking chair in the corner, a small dresser cluttered with bags of clothes, blankets, and bottles yet to be put away.  Regina let her bags drop and just stared open mouthed at the site before her. “Regina!” Snow turned at the sounds of the bags hitting the floor.  “I have so much stuff that Neal will never use or has already outgrown and I really needed something to take my mind off of Emma,” the princess explained as she plucked a white teddy bear out of her son’s hand and placed it in the crib.  “I hope you don’t mind.  You might want to add some more pink down the road, but…Regina?”

The queen hadn’t moved, hadn’t closed her mouth and Snow wasn’t sure if she had even blinked. Despite all the two woman had been through in the last few years, the secrets revealed, wounds healed, and sins forgiven, she still walked a tightrope with Regina at times and was beginning to think her good intentions had crossed their ever moving line.   “I’m sorry,” Snow stammered.  “I can take it out.  I’m sure you and Robin wanted to do something different.  I shouldn’t have…”

The sound Regina made was somewhere between a laugh and a sob, cutting off anything else Snow was about to say.  “It’s perfect,” she whispered, taking unsteady steps toward her former nemesis. “It’s absolutely perfect.”  Snow wrapped her arms around Regina, pulling her close and holding tight.

“It’s okay if you’re not ready for this, Regina.  You will be,” Snow assured her.

That was all it took for the composure Regina had been fighting so hard to hold on to slip through her fingers.  She looked around the room again; it really was perfect.  Everything was ready.  Everything, but her.  She sagged into Snow, allowing herself this one moment to bury her face and cry herself dry.  Snow just held on until the older woman’s sobs turned to the occasional sniff and her violent shaking subsided.  She knew more than anything that Regina hated showing weakness to the world so she did her best not to see.

It was Neal that eventually snapped Regina out of it with tiny hands pulling himself up by the hem of her skirt.  He rocked back and forth, swatting at her knees until Regina bent and scooped him into her arms.  “You’re going to be running around this town any day now, aren’t you little Charming?”

“He’s grown so fast,” Snow untangled her son’s tiny fist from Regina’s hair then began unpacking the bags Regina abandoned at the door.

“Thank you, Snow.  For all of this,” Regina swept the arm not holding the squirming child.

“We’re family, Regina. Besides, it’ll be nice for Neal to grow up with his…” she paused, going over their complicated family tree in her head. “Step sister?  But I suppose she’d be my step-sister so Neal’s Aunt?”  Both women laughed outright at the absurdity of it all.  “Family,” Snow said confidently.

“Family,” Regina agreed, handing Neal back over to his mother and turning once again to take in all of Snow’s hard work.

“We’ll leave you to get acquainted with your new surroundings.  Robin should be back soon?”

“Yes,” Regina looked at the flower shaped clock on the wall, realizing just how much time had passed since she left the hospital.  “Any minute actually.”

“You’re a natural mother, Regina, always have been.  This little girl is lucky to have you.”  Snow was out the door before Regina could thank her, again.  She sank into the rocking chair and let her eyes fall closed.  Snow was right: she was a mother, and she was ready to do this again.  Any uncertainty had to be shoved aside; there was no time for it.  What’s done was done.  The baby was here and nothing would stop Regina from giving her her best chance.  

Regina laughed out loud. When had she started internally quoting the Charmings?  Probably the moment she started calling them family and meaning it.  She was still smiling when Robin walked wide-eyed into the nursery with a tiny pink bundle in his arms.


A week ago she never thought she’d be here, hell a few hours ago.  She was still processing the fact that Zelena was pregnant, that this little girl eagerly sucking down her bottle was going to be in her life and now she’s up at 4 in the morning, had also been up at 3 and 2, and she didn’t mind one bit.

She has her father’s eyes, thank the Gods for it.  She could definitely stare into those baby blues without any reservation.  Her hair is barley there, a soft swirl on top of her head.  It’s not Regina’s raven locks, but it’s not her sister’s fiery auburn either. Somewhere in between: a dark chestnut that hints scarlet at the ends when she rocks just the right way toward the night light in the corner.  “You are so loved, little one,” she whispers as her daughter squeaks at the absence of milk at her tiny lips.  “And I know you didn’t ask for any of this mess that you were brought into.  And I am so sorry.  But, I promise I will keep you safe, and I will make you happy, and no one will ever take you away.  We’re family.”  She stared down until those tiny blue eyes closed, until warm arms and a full belly lulled her back to sleep.

“I love you,” Robin’s voice caught her attention and she opened her eyes to find him leaning in the door way.  “Want me to take over?” he walked toward her, softly as possible and dropped a kiss to the top of her head.

“We’re good,” Regina smiled as Robin settled on his knees before her, fingers coasting over his daughters head.

“We never really got the chance to talk about this.”  Robin’s eyes were still fixed on the baby.  He could feel Regina watching him watch her and realized that he probably should have thought of something say before saying that out loud.  

Regina ran her fingers through his hair.  “I love you,” she said sleepily.  “I love her. There’s really nothing else we need to talk about.”  When Robin met her eyes, his were filled with tears she casually wiped away with her thumb. “We’re good.”

it’s not easy to remember the past and laugh

or to remember that those brave enough to do so, are hurting too

(in which you’re too focused on what once was, or what could have been, to understand the present)

‘Did i ever tell you that i broke the doctor’s scales when i got weighed for my 3 month appointment? they use some special scales and i was too heavy for them so-’

You’ve long since worked out that he’s saying anything to fill the awful silence - it feels like that is all he can control in this moment.

‘-my dad thought it was hilarious, fed me an extra bottle of milk every day just to see how big i could get. and then when my mum went to pick me up i would have;’ he threw his hands up imitating a vomiting gesture before lightly albeit nervously clutching them back to his chest ‘all over her. dad found it brilliant.’

Michael waits amidst the broken and empty silence for a reaction which he doesn’t receive.

He carries on.

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Keeping Busy While He's Away

Harry: He had introduced you to all of them a year ago. You had always tagged along when the boys did charity work, wanting the experience as well. Now that he was gone though, you still found yourself coming back, needing something to keep your mind busy. Rays of Sunshine was the best way to keep preoccupied. Every day you came in, sat down at your desk, in the office they had provided for you, and volunteered your time as you worked on organizing wishes for the children the charity supported. It was an amazing experience. Today was a special day though. You had worked for months trying to figure out how you were going to get Seth to meet his hero Iron Man for his birthday. Seth was such an amazing kid, you had sat down with him on numerous occasions at events; he definitely held a special place in your heart. This party had to be amazing. You had called Harry and got him to pull some strings, some big strings. He had called you a few days ago to tell you the news about your request. “It’s a go,” he had said happily over the phone. You had squealed in excitement. You weren’t exactly sure how, but Harry had gotten actual Robert Downey Jr. to fly over to London to meet Seth. You had cried the second Robert walked through the door of the office, knowing how excited Seth would be to see him. “Your boyfriend is very convincing,” he says with a smile once you introduce yourself. “You have no idea how grateful we are that you are doing this,” you tell him with a bright smile as your wipe the tears from your eyes. “It’s my pleasure.” What an incredible moment. You had never orchestrated anything this big before. “Is there somewhere I can change?” You point him in the direction of the bathrooms and immediately rush to your office to get Seth’s mom on the phone to make sure they were close. The office was holding a party for Seth seeing as his birthday was only a few days away. He wasn’t suspecting a thing. The theme was of course Iron Man, with streamers, cake, and tons of party bags for all of the other kids. The conference room was full of laughter as you passed by, heading back to the front of the office to greet Seth and his family. “It’s my party today!” He says when he comes through the door. “I know! Are you excited?” He nods happily as you escort them back through the hall. “WOW!” He shouts once he sees the set up that is all for him. You smile brightly, tears forming in the corners of your eyes. You sneak away back to your office once Seth is consumed in the party. “Is it my go?” Robert asks, donned in his signature Iron Man suit. You nod with a smile, and he gets up from your desk chair. “There’s one for him in that box if you want to carry that out for me,” he says and you turn to see a kid-sized replica of his suit sticking out of a cardboard box. “Oh my gosh, he’s going to love this.” Robert closes his mask and you escort him to the conference room. “Seth,” you say, getting his attention as everyone else falls silent before they sing to him. “There’s someone here who has a gift for you.” Robert walks in behind you, the suit you had left in the hallway in his arms. Seth’s eyes light up in shock as his hero approaches him, flipping up his mask to reveal that he was indeed the man from the movies. Seth’s mom’s reaction is almost just as priceless as his. You had only told her you had someone to dress up as the action hero, leaving Robert completely out of it. Tears fall down your face as you video the interaction between Seth and Robert. Once the singing had ended and everyone had cake and pizza you step out into the hall to make a very important phone call. “Thank you,” you say between tears. “You’re crying, why are you crying?” Harry asks from three thousand miles away. “I’m at Seth’s party, and Robert gave him his own suit. Harry, you should have seen his face.” You hear a sigh of relief over the line. “Great. I’m glad everything worked out.” “Thank you,” you repeat, tears still falling. “Anything for you.”

Liam: You had to get out of the flat. The emptiness it held with just you living there was unbearable. You had been by yourself for a week before you decided to travel to the RSPCA to see if they were in need of any volunteers. They had welcomed you with open arms, recognizing you as Liam’s girlfriend immediately. You had been here for three months now, enjoying the company the animals gave you; it was much better than sitting around in an empty flat. You sign in on the volunteer time sheet before heading back to the kennel part of the building to say ‘hi’ to the cats and dogs. So many of them stayed for so long that you couldn’t help but get attached. “Hi, Winston!” You greet the chocolate lab in the last pin. He was old, but so sweet. He had come in three weeks ago, emaciated and with no energy to eat. His recovery was slow, but his energy had returned. He jumps up on the door as you unlock it, pushing him back so you can come in to sit with him. “Guess what?” You say to him playfully, scratching behind his ears. “You get to go to your new home today.” He licks your face in response and you can’t help but laugh. “Hey (Y/N), they need you in three,” one of the other volunteers calls out from the kennel door. You get up out of the floor and tell Winston you will be back before he leaves. “Yeah?” You say as you walk into the holding room. One of the vets nods over to you and you walk over to her, peering down into the box Animal Control had just brought in. “Oh my gosh,” you say softly. “Is that a hedgehog?” You question. She nods and reaches down to bring it onto the table. It was in bad condition. “She’s just a baby. Her mother’s owner just left them in the cage to die,” she reveals. It wasn’t moving. Her eyes were closed and you could barely see it breathing. Your heart sinks as you take in the condition of the small animal. These were the moment you wondered why you chose this place to keep you occupied. “We need to get her hooked up to some fluids,” the vet calls out and the tech steps in to push a needle into the small animal’s shoulder. You take a few steps back, allowing them to do what they needed to in order for the hedgehog to recover. “She’ll have to go home with someone once the fluids are in her. We don’t have a place to keep her, not with all of the cats and dogs that could easily get ahold of her,” the tech explains. “I’ll take her,” you speak up. What? How could you take her? “You will?” The vet asks, turning to look at you. “Yeah, she can come back with me, until she’s fully recovered.” She nods, accepting your suggestion. “How about you go to the storage closet and get the things you will need for her,” she says, nodding to the tech to go with you for help. The tech grabs milk and a few small bottles while you get blankets and a cat bed from the extra supplies. “You’re really going to take her home?” The tech asks with a smile. “I don’t know what came over me. I just spoke up, but yeah, I’m going to take her home.” You sit with the small hedgehog while the fluids fill her body. Once she has had all she can the vet wraps her up in a warm blanket and hands her to you. “She’s going to need round the clock attention. She will need a bottle every two hours for at least a few weeks. Call us if you have any questions.” You nod and promise to call, knowing you had no idea of how to care for a woodland animal. “You sure you’re going to be alright in that flat?” She says recognizing the reason you had got out in the first place. “Yeah, I’ve got Minnie to keep me company now,” you answer with a smile. “Minnie? You’ve named her already, I see.” You smile proudly as you walk out of the holding room only to stop and see Winston being escorted out to the front. “Winston!” You say excitedly, bending down, Minnie still in your arms. “Careful,” the vet urges. “Winston wouldn’t hurt a fly, would you?” You coo. His tail wags as he sniffs the blanket in your arms, sitting, showing you he wanted to see more. You smile, he had come so far. You pull back the blanket a little to reveal Minnie’s tiny face. Winston stays still and you bring her closer. He sniffs her gently and her eyes open to see his nose just a little too close. She quickly pulls herself back into the comfort of the blanket and Winston whines. “Oh it’s okay!” You assure him, kissing the top of his head before standing up. “You’re going home today!” You follow him out and shake hands with the woman that was taking him home. Once Winston was gone, you sign out on the volunteer time sheet before telling everyone goodbye. Minnie would be keeping you at home for a while. You weren’t sure how you were going to tell Liam you were bringing a hedgehog home, but he wouldn’t be back for a few more weeks so you had plenty of time to come up with a reason to keep her.

Niall: You loved this job. Of course you did, it’s what you went to school to do. However, life standing by Niall’s side had set your interior design dreams back a ways. You had spent the first half of your relationship traveling with him wherever he went. You hadn’t had a permanent place to stay once out of college so life on the road with him worked out great. This time around though you resided with him, in the house he let you design, and you didn’t want to leave. You had spent his entire four month break redecorating every inch of the space. He was gone now, had been for a month at least, and you had decided to give your degree a chance. It wasn’t difficult at all finding a design firm that would give you a try. Niall’s status made sure of that. It also wasn’t difficult to attract clients either. Once word got around that you actually knew what you were doing, requests came in daily for your assistance in projects. It was the best way to keep your mind busy and off of your traveling boyfriend. “Watcha got for me today?” Your boss asks as she takes a seat in the arm chair across from your desk. “Finishing up the McClain project today. They wanted some artwork put into their foyer last minute so that’s where I was this morning, I hope you got my text.” You loved when clients made last minute demands, however, you handled them all with a smile. “I did and it’s fine, that’s why I’m here. We need to discuss the meeting.” You put your pen down and slide away from your Mac to give her your full attention. “I received a call yesterday about a project in St. James, the Haymarket,” she begins, leaning back into the seat. “The hotel?” You question and she nods. “Yes, they are wanting a full renovation, top to bottom, everything, and I want you to take the lead on this.” “Pardon?” You inquire in shock, surely you hadn’t heard her correctly. “I want you to take the Haymarket project on as the lead designer,” she repeats with a smile, noticing the confusion on your face. “Wow. Um, are you sure?” “Is that a no?” She counters. “No, um, yes, no! No, it’s a yes, absolutely yes!” “Good, I was hoping you would say yes. They’re officially closing down tomorrow so you can travel down there to get a feel for what needs to be done.” She gets up from her place in front of you, her smile still present. “Keep me updated.” “Yes, for sure,” you say to her, sitting back in your chair as she leaves the office. A hotel? This was easily the biggest project you had ever been assigned. Until now you had designed houses and restaurants, unsure of when your time would come to move on to something bigger. That time was apparently now and you still sit at your desk in shock. What time is it? You have to call Niall. You look at the clock in your phone before counting back in your head the time difference. He should at least be awake. Your leg begins to bounce as you wait for him to pick up. “Ello,” he says sleepily, okay maybe he was just waking up. “Did I wake you up? I’m sorry,” you lament, allowing him more time wake up enough to have this conversation. “No,” he lies. “Well I won’t be long, I promise. Guess what?” “What?” He was interested now. “The Haymarket is being renovated and guess who is the lead designer?” Your excitement gave the answer away completely, but he played along. “Maria?” You scoff, rolling your eyes, knowing he had a smug smile on his face. “No.” “Well then it’s got to be Corrine, she’s a fantastic…” “Niall!!” You whine into the phone and he chuckles lightly still fighting the urge to fall back asleep. “Congratulations babe, that’s huge!” “I know!” You cheer. “You’re going to be busier than me for a change.” It was true, this project would consume every single moment of your time for the coming months. “I know, but it’s going to do wonders for my career. Everyone will be able to see what I can do.” “I’m so proud of you.” You smile at his words, knowing they are genuine. You end the call and let him go back to sleep before turning back to your computer to begin researching your new project.

Louis: Getting out of the house was your number one priority when Louis left for tour. He wouldn’t be back for months, and sitting in that house by yourself was not an option for you. You had mulled over your options of places to stay that could provide you with the company you desired. Only one place came to mind: Doncaster. You had traveled from London to Donny a few weeks ago, packing two weeks worth of clothing every time you showed up at Louis’s family’s door. Staying with his family while he was away was the most obvious choice. There were so many kids running around the house that Jay and Dan could always use an extra pair of hands. Jay was ecstatic the day you called and asked if it were alright for you to stay with them for a few months. The answer was an obvious ‘yes’, and you had traveled up there the very next day. You assimilated into their life quicker than you thought you would. Fizzy, Lottie, and the twins (both sets) were thrilled to have you around every day. You will admit though, you loved spending time with the babies; how could you not? They were always full of energy, a smile always on their faces when you were watching them. Louis’s family had quickly become yours over the last few weeks, but he wasn’t entirely sure what to think about you spending so much time with them. “How’s week three?” He asks over the phone as you sit down in the floor next to Doris causing a giggle to escape. “Is that my little girl?” He inquires, changing his question. “It is, and I think she wants to talk to you.” She’s grabbing for your phone and you put the call on speaker before handing it over. “Hey Doris,” he coos over the line and her eyes light up at the sound of her older brother’s voice. “Are you and (Y/N) having fun today?” She giggles back into the phone and he takes that as a ‘yes’. “Great, what all have you done today?” She begins to shake the phone as if he were going to fall out if she tried hard enough. She grunts baby talks into the line a little more, having her own conversation with the brother she’s only seen a few times. She recognizes him though, they both do. “Okay,” you say as she continues to shake the phone. “Let me take that before you break it and then we can’t talk to big brother anymore,” you offer, and she sits the phone back in your hand, crawling into your lap as you continue the conversation. “Week three is going great. Lottie and I went shopping for a bit yesterday and then I took Pheb and Daisy to dinner so the kitchen wasn’t so crowded. I think I’ll do the same tonight with Fizz and Lottie.” Your time in the Tomlinson house was always filled with something, but what else should you expect with six kids running around? “Sounds like you’re having a nice time. I know mum is loving that you’re there. She texts me every day telling me how thankful she is that I found you because you’re such a sweet person.” Your face flushes pink at the compliment. “I tell her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about though and that it’s all a front.” “Oh, thanks for that,” you counter sarcastically knowing a response like this would definitely come from him. “Well it’s the truth, just you wait. You’re only three weeks in, you’ve got another three months to go,” he jokes. “Yeah, thanks for reminding me. That’s three more months of not sleeping in my own bed, which is something I desperately miss.” “You don’t like sleeping in Lottie’s room?” Louis teases. Jay had moved Lottie into Fizzy’s room while you were staying with them. You had protested, but she wasn’t having it, saying you should have the privacy of your own room. “It’s fine.” He laughs at your dry tone. “Well you can always go back home, or even better come with me.” He had tried his best to get you to come in the road with him this tour. “I’m not doing either of those. I’m staying right here,” you say as Doris nudges into your chest. You bring your arm to cuddle her as her eyes slowly begin to fall. “Suit yourself. I’ve got to get back though, walking into an interview. I’ll call you later, tell the kids I said hi.” “I will, Doris is falling asleep on me, so I have to go too.” You end the call after your ‘I love you’ and slowly get up from your place on the floor as to not disturb the sleeping infant in your arm. You crawl onto the couch and rest her on your chest before allowing your own eyes to fall. You had the best napping buddies in this house.

Zayn: “Where are you today?” He asks via Skype, his pixelated face still clearing up from the connection. “New Zealand for the week,” you answer, bringing the laptop over to the hotel bed. “Love that place. What all have you done so far?” “Well I went the Willowbank Reserve after I checked in; got some great shots from there. The animals were so sweet. Tomorrow I’m going to the botanic gardens. I’ve heard it’s incredible this time of year.” “Sounds like you’re going to have an amazing time,” he says pleased that you had finally found something to pass the time. The moment he had told you how long he was going to be gone you began planning these trips around the world. You were not going to be cooped up in the house while he was off traveling. You would travel on your own, at your own pace and with your own schedule. You had flown into Christchurch International less than twenty–four hours ago, saying goodbye Indonesia with the memories on your camera. Photography was your passion so why not get out and actually put your skills to the test. You traveled with more camera equipment than you did clothing. It was all well and good though because this was an experience of a life time. You had never considered that traveling the world on your own would have ever been an option for you, but with some assistance from Zayn’s bank account your dreams were coming true. He had been up for this from the day you mentioned it. He would fit the bill no questions asked. He just wanted to see you doing what you loved, which was not staying in an empty house, or following behind him and his band. “Yeah, I cannot wait. This place is incredible, and I haven’t even seen any of it yet,” you say in excitement and he chuckles knowing how genuinely happy you are. “So where are you today?” You inquire, asking the same question he did of you. “Stockholm, two nights,” he answers sleepily. You weren’t sure of the time difference between you at the moment. The two of you had been traveling so much that calling at a descent time rarely happened. “Are the shows going well?” You ask of the European leg. “Yeah, they’re great, we’re shooting a movie in Milan in a few days,” he informs you. “Wow, now how many people get to say that Zayn? Who just gets to shoot movies in Milan?” You were so proud of him. “Well how many people get to stay they’ve traveled the globe by themselves?” Touché. “Good point,” you answer with a chuckle. “Where are you going after this?” He asks as he walks away from the screen and out of the back lounge, through the dark bus, to get something from the refrigerator. Now that he had moved you could see the light on Louis’s laptop on the top bunk. “Hey Lou,” you say loudly in hopes he could hear you. A small face turns from the bunk and a smile forms. “Hey (Y/N), haven’t seen you in a while. Where are you?” He asks, setting his Macbook aside as he hops down and walks into the longue while Zayn was still starring into the fridge. “New Zealand.” “Sick, I love it there,” he responds, picking up Zayn’s laptop and taking a seat on the couch. “Everyone does, it’s beautiful here.” “You get any good pics from Indonesia? You were just there, right?” “Yeah, good job keeping up with me,” you answer happily. “Well you’re more all over the place than we are so it takes a lot.” You see Louis look up from the camera which tells you Zayn is back. Louis says his goodbyes and returns back to his bunk after closing the door to bring you and Zayn back to where you were. “Anyways, what were we talking about?” He asks, settling in once more, this time with a sandwich in hand. “You asked me where I’m going next and the answer is Japan. I have no idea what I’m going to do there so no need to ask just yet.” You knew how these conversations went. He wanted to know everything about your newly founded travel lifestyle.

The Perfect Life

Well this is my uh thing I wrote for subminhonet winter challenge thing um. It’s mostly pg/g so yea it’s like 9k words so there’s that

Jinki’s mom notices that her son and his husband haven’t had much alone time since the twins were born, so she gifts them a little trip to a ski resort lodge to get just that. In the process they learn what it means to have the perfect life.

Gwiboon scrunched her nose up at the two babies screaming from their bouncer seats. “Daddy can you make them stop?” 

 Jinki looked over his shoulder for a moment, “They’rejust hungry Baby.”

“I’m hungry too, but you don’t see me crying.” Her tiny hand came up to touch her chest, and Jinki rolled his eyes.

“You used to Sweetie.”

The 4 year old scuffed before running a tiny hand over her doll just as the microwave dinged. Jinki grabbed both bottles, testing each one on his wrist, before turning to his babies. He pulled up his stool, turned off the vibration he had put on earlier to keep them asleep a little bit longer, and gently pressed a bottle nipple to their tiny lips. The tears quickly subsided as they drank their milk, and Jinki smiled watching their little noses twitching as they sucked. Their bright eyes stared at him, every so often blinking away the tears still on their tiny eyelashes. He chuckled when he noticed one bottle was emptier than the other. “You sure are hungry Lilypad.”

“Dadddddy I’m hungry.”

With a raised eyebrow he acknowledged his daughter. “What happened to not crying about it?”

Her little brow furrowed, “I’m not crying!”

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