as i am in the middle of winter

monsta x and sleeping


• just likes having u with him
• adores the feeling of ur skin against his and the weight of u being next to him or even on top of him
• even on hot summer nights he’ll drape an arm over u and kiss u on the forehead
• he’d tap his chest and u would know instantly to jump on him and cuddle it up
• hes like a human heater
• great for the winter, get one for $39.99
• “hyunwoo its hot get off”
• “but its gonna get cold later in the night”
• “im sweating hyunwoo”
• “so am i wow we’re such a good couple”
• he enjoys the peacefulness of the evening when its just u two and the moon
• if u fall asleep first, he’ll smile and stroke ur hair so gently bc he doesnt wanna wake u up
• if the blanket slips off he’ll always make sure to tuck u back in
• esp if he wakes up in the middle of the night and sees the blanket astray
• if he falls asleep first well u might as well be sleeping next to a corpse
• a very
• cute
• corpse


• LOVES and i mean LOVES to wrap his arms around u
• will actually pout and whine if u push him off or finds u outside his grasp in the middle of the night
• if ur laying next to him he turns his head and kisses u anywhere on the face at the randomest times
• u jus burped? smooch on the temple
• telling him abt the man who flicked a booger off the bus? smooches the top of ur head and a look of disgust
• taps his fingers on ur waist
• likes to sleep with u facing him and he cups ur face and with ur cheeks in his hands he smiles and wholeheartedly tells u he loves u
always without fail says good night to u before he falls asleep regardless whether u hear him or not
• when u fall asleep first he stares at u lovingly w tht cute cat smile of his
• hes so infactuated
• “how did i get so lucky to be able to sleep next to this angel”
• brushes ur hair out of ur face when it falls over eyes
• probably takes pictures to treasure this time
• ur forever gonna be his homescreen
• he laughs to himself when u drool or let out a snore
• “cute”


• okay listen to me
• he wont leave u the fuck alone
• even if u want him to he just. wont
• will literally cling to u like wrap his arms and legs around u
• likes to nuzzle his head in the crook of ur neck
• indulges himself in little smirks when ur shirt collar slips a bit or ur shirt rides up exposing ur midriff
• also a fan of kissing ur face often just because
• likes to be big spoon bc he likes the thought of being the protector and guardian of ur sleeping frame
• will rant to u abt everything while laying in bed and he expects u to do the same bc he wants u and him to be as open as possible to each other
• “its jus so frustrating!!! why are there so many snubbulls in this neighborhood!!!”
• “so u wanna get anything off ur chest (y/n)?”
• a really good listener hes receptive and will always give u good advice
• not a light sleeper but if u leave the bed he’ll definitely wake up and wait til u come back
• talks a lot about the past while running his hands along ur arms and u can feel his breath tickle ur neck and eventually u both fall asleep


• he lays on his side, propping himself up on one arm and talks to u. about everything
• u two have a lot of fun bc the conversation diverges a lot and the night is filled with high pitched giggles and playful tickles
• really likes ur hands. is 100% for sleeping while holding hands
• blows into ur ear just to mess with u and make u flustered
• it works
• hes so fuckin amused by ur reactions
• u two sleep facing each other, with one of his hands holding urs and the other arm over ur torso, stroking ur back
• he watches u while u sleep
• okay that sounds creepy but he really does
• hes mesmerized by the rise and fall of ur chest and how soft ur breaths come out and how ur mouth is left slightly agape and how ur eyelashes contrast against ur skin
• he’s lulled to sleep, watching u relaxes him
• sings u to sleep regardless whether u ask him or not
• always takes requests tho
• “kihyun can u sing me smth?”
• “of course baby what would u like me to sing?”
• “darude sandstorm”
• “i fucking hate u”
• “please”
• kihyun: takes a deep breath “doodoodoodoo doo doodoo doo-”


• not super into skinship esp when sleeping
• but not against a little snuggling every now and then
• esp on cold nights he likes it when u cling to him like a koala
• but most nights he’s content with simply sleeping next to u but not connected to the hip u know
• endless giggling if u start sleeptalking
• he finds it hilarious and so incredibly endearing u dont even know
• sometimes gets so tired he doesnt even change out of the clothes he wore during the day
• u come home late and u see hyungwon curled up on the bed in a hoodie and jeans and ur like ???
• sleeps with socks on
• u think its weird but he gets cold easily so he’ll endure any teasing he gets from u
• his voice gets really deep and husky when hes half asleep
• and its cute when ur having late night talks and he’s just mumbling his responses and u run ur fingers through his hair and kiss his forehead
• “hey hyungwon”
• “mm?”
• “do u remember how we met?”
• “well it was sunny and mnndjsgkf….,.,,.,…i saw mmmnnjnc…,…and u were there,,..,,,,,,”
• go to sleep babe"


• will snuggle u to death
• u could be layin on the bed chilling and he would walk into the room, give u that beautiful dimply smile, and jump on u
• he hugs u so tightly bc he just loves holding u
• its comforting to him
• after a rough day he just wants to curl up in bed and hold u in his arms
• like minhyuk u guys talk about ur day and ur problems a lot late at night
• “ive been composing all day and scrapped so many beats and in the end i dont even like the the beats i kept”
• “its okay honey ur such a talented person u’ll create something ur satisfied with i’ll listen to it if u want opinions!!”
• “thanks baby ur the best”
• alternates between big spoon and little spoon
• secretly likes being little spoon more bc he can hold ur hands as they wrap around his waist and he likes the feeling of ur head against his body
• likes kissing u on the cheek and u kiss him back right on his dimple
• will quietly sing u to sleep if u ask
• keeps his hand on ur butt bc he just feels like its a nice place to settle
• gives u a little squeeze once in a while to mess with u or wake u up if ur falling asleep
• he thinks its the cutest thing when u babble in ur sleep and records u to watch another day


• likes to sleep facing u
• strokes ur hair and kisses the top of ur head
• if u have any moles on ur face he will definitely kiss each and every one of them
• tries to do asmr for u
• really just whispering “noot noot” in ur ear
• gives a lot of little chuckles bc he’s so enamored with u
• ur just this beautiful bundle of joy in his arms and ur all his he loves that
• u guys talk about the future, all ur fears and excitement and hopes
• whenever u talk he looks into ur eyes and nods intently, taking in every single breath u take and word u speak
• he’ll probably gently bite u in the neck for fun when its quiet
• “changkyun pls”
• “its not my fault ur tasty”
• “good night changkyun
• if u fall asleep first he’ll use it as an opportunity to gaze upon u and memorize ur facial features
• as if u were going to go missing in the morning, he stores the image of ur face in his memory
• he sighs, giving ur hair a light stroke
• touching noses and sharing smiles
• and slowly he falls asleep


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: you have so many heroes
and the world has so many more.
let him be soft,
and let him be mine
.” (x)
Words: 1,176
Warnings: language
Notes: honestly idk either and this could damn well be about stucky but hey pls read the thing this is based on it’s like my fave thing ever??

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mirrorfalls  asked:

Sum up each movie in the MCU with a Spongebob quote.

Iron Man: “I’ve got a bad feeling in the pit of me wallet.”

The Incredible Hulk: “No people. Let’s be smart and bring it off.”

Iron Man 2: “This guy’s not half-bad-looking for a maniac–wait a minute, Patrick. I’m the maniac!”

Thor: “It’s not the boots, it’s the bootee! Err, um, the person in the boots!”

Captain America: The First Avenger:  “It is becoming increasingly obvious–I can deny it no longer–I am small.”

The Avengers: “There’s evil afoot!”

Iron Man 3:  “Well, you backed up. And you know what? I think we’re out of gas. And you know what else? WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!”

Thor: The Dark World: “This isn’t your average everyday darkness, this is–advanced darkness!”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: “You know, if I were to die right now in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend, well, that would just be okay.”

Guardians of the Galaxy:  “Why must every eleven minutes of my life be filled with misery?”

Avengers: Age of Ultron: “Everything is chrome in the future!”


Y'all may know me from posting all of the doggos from Annie’s Ruff House (doggy daycare and boarding studio). We also are a non-profit rescue (Annie’s Rescue Foundation). On Tuesday evening, my fiancé and I went to the store that is close by (we live in the country, so there is mainly one gas station within reasonable range) to get something to drink.
While at the store, I spotted a stray lab x and tried to get her attention. My fiancé informed me that was the “store dog” and she would not come to anyone, and to not even try. Me being me, though, I hop out of my car in my cow slippers and kneel down to try to get this girl to come to me. She is VERY scared of people. I got her close enough to sniff me, until an asshole decided to scare her away from me and she bolted away from the store. I was upset, but then something took me by surprise…. This little Chihuahua mix came up from behind me, sat in front of me, looked up at me, and suddenly started giving me a bath of licks and love. I put her in my car to make sure no one near by owned her (there is one house directly behind the convenient store. I knock on this man’s door, and after motioning to me to “hold on” as he told his other (LARGE, and loud lol) dogs to lay down, he opened to door. I asked him if she was his dog or had any idea who’s dog it was, and that’s when he informed me of a horrific ending for this sweet girl.
With this man’s voice SHAKING (and mind you, he was about 6'2 and a large, bulky, “intimidating” man) with anger and frustration, he told me: “She was dumped out here. A man drove down my street, threw her out of the car, bent down and acted like he was going to pick her up, and proceeded to scream at her until she was far enough away to speed off and leave her behind.
This man had been the only one feeding her and she was not sticking around just that area. I also initially thought that he meant this occurrence had happened somewhat recently; I was wrong. This horrible person dumped this dog in the MIDDLE OF WINTER. THIS HELPLESS ANIMAL. I am so surprised she survived the weather, coyotes, busy roads, etc. I tried contacting my boss (who is the owner of Annie’s) but she was in a meeting. My coworker offered to take her for the night since Annie’s was already closed at this time.
My fiancé and I had been putting in adoption applications for a few doggos, but our dog found us. We decided to name her Lizzi Maguire, because we found her off of Maguire Road.
We love her with every ounce of our souls and she is so forgiving for what she has been through. I just wanted to share a personal story with a happy ending. :) - Taylor

Strictly Professional (Part 7)

Summary: Misha takes you to the movies. Smutty goodness ensues. (I should just give up on summaries at this point)

Pairing: Misha x Publicist/PA!Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: I guess kind of public-ish sex, oral (male receiving), Misha is a touchy little tease, language, fluff

*nsfw gif further below the cut*

Strictly Professional Masterlist

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You were surprised when Misha called a few days after your first and asked if you wanted to go to the movies. You expected some place a little more private, given the fact that you and he could barely keep your hands off each other. But you didn’t mind; any time spent with Misha made you happy.

He picked you up at your apartment and drove the two of you to the nearest theatre, his hand on your thigh the whole car ride there.

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Safe Winters

Fandom: Marvel/X-Men

Character/Ship: Wolverine/Logan Howlett x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: Cassie

Words: 601

Requested by: @consultingalchemist on @thefandomimagine

Summary: Logan helping Y/N out after he finds her cold and homeless in the middle of winter in Canada

[Based off of:]

Author’s Note: It’s basically still winter where I am so why not write this?

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strawberry-tallcake  asked:

Staple closet pieces? Including shoes and jewelry 😊

Alright this is going to be a long post…

My personal style can be described as classy and elegant with a twist of edgyness. Think elegant Kendall Jenner x Bella Hadid x Ulyana Sergeenko candid & formal photos.

Although it happens that I put less effort into dressing for university and other unimportant stuff like just running errands or do some small shopping in town because frankly, I don’t care and do not have to impress anyone with my 900€ shoes and 3,500€ coat. I live in a small town, so this just adds to me feeling indifferent. It doesn’t happen often, but still.. it does happen. However, when I am in a big, fancy town, I of course dress to impress and like I’m about to see my worst enemy. I think that this should go without saying haha!

Aside from that my style is as I have described above.

I used to buy stuff from H&M and Zara a lot and mix it with high-end designers, but now it all shifted to just high-end designers. It’s just personal preference. I am fed up with the poor quality and designer knock-offs. I very much cherish the improved quality that I have with designer pieces. Although the quality from oh so many pieces is pretty ridiculous too, to be honest! Do not think that designers necessarily offer the very best quality for their price. Most of the time the prices they charge can’t possibly ever be justified with the quality of their merchandise. It’s just the name you are paying for, really. This is why my #1 mission is always to look for the best quality in anything. I can see a Valentino dress that is so god damn gorgeous and not like the fabric. Or the beads and embellishments seem to be very cheap. I will not buy it, although I regret it because it’s stunning but whatev.

Understand that I am on a monthly budget just as everyone else is. Yes, I might have a whole wardrobe bursting with luxury and designer names, but I have amassed this all over years, with roughly 80% of my own money and 20% of SD money. I am a very practical person and buy clothing, shoes and jewellry that I am able to wear every day and for any occasion. There are some occasional SPECIAL purchases too, of course. But only when I see something seriously special. I had a phase in which I bought at least 20 pairs or so of Louboutins.. and how many have I actually worn out? Maybe…6? This, too, taught me to be practical.

As for jewellry, I generally don’t wear jewellry except for my gorgeous silver ring that looks like a flower made of tiny diamonds, with a beautiful big black pearl in the center of it. It is very special to me. As for earrings, I alternate between beautiful pearl studs when I want to look all preppy, classy and elegant (I think that they also make me look younger, funnily enough) and diamond studs and chandeliers sometimes for daytime and evening as well. I don’t care. I wear stuff that is supposed to be worn in the evenings in the day, too. It adds to the ‘uniqueness’ of my style which sets me apart from others. 

Please mind that I am not going to drop designer names (xcept for four) because well, I don’t want to seem like an arrogant, overly spoiled brat who just wants to show off. No! I am happy to provide you with pictures or whatever in private, if a certain piece has piqued your interest or if you want to know which pieces I exactly have, so just gimme a shout.

So, my general staple pieces for the day would be:

* A few pairs of skinny jeans - lighter denim colour without wash, one distressed black one (I like the slits at the knee), a normal black one, a mid-dark denim with a subtle wash. I only wear skinny jeans at this point in my life, with a seldom exception. Full length and I very much like ankle length or a little over the ankle in summer. Skinny jeans accentuate my lean and long legs - and I like to shift focus on my legs. 

* Skinny black leather pants. Normal ones, not like the Givenchy & Saint Laurent zipper thing.

* This seldom exception would be one pair of black high-waisted, perfectly tailored trousers that are overall just a little bit wider. 

* Two pairs of black cigarette trousers like Audrey Hepburn used to wear.

* As for t-shirts and tank tops, I like basic black and white ones. Round-neck, V-neck, doesn’t matter. I do not like any kind of prints unless it’s an okay print. Well I guess I am guilty of owning the black & white Balmain tank tops with the three golden buttons on the left shoulder haha but these are the only printed shirts in my wardrobe because they do add a little bit of sophisticated edge to my day looks.

* Elegant silk blouses are also a must in my wardrobe. Here, I like playful pussy bow blouses and a bit more ‘daring’, statement blouses. Although I do not like statement or ‘IT’ pieces in general and usually stay far away from them. I like to wear these blouses with my black high-waisted trousers.

* I am a sucker for coats. I own a lot of coats. Fur and normal ones. I adore a good camel coat and am also a sucker for military-inspired coats. The colours of my choice, for normal coats, would be camel, black and navy at this time. Other colours for fur coats.

* I fucking love capes and have quite a few. Black ones, mid-length to the middle of the thigh I’d say.

* Jumpers / Longsleeves / etc. Here, I am always looking for good quality cashmere, and wool. Mainly wearing them in autumn and winter. I like turtleneck pieces a lot.

* Warm Scarves - all my scarves are of a cashmere/silk mix. I also wear them when it’s cold or just throw them over my shoulders on a chilly summer night when I’m out at a dinner party or so. 

* Fancy Scarves - silk. I sometimes wear them under/over a blazer, with a normal button down shirt and a high-waisted skirt. 

* Skirts - one high-waisted black leather mini skirt, a black high-waisted heavy wool skirt / knee length

* Shorts - different pairs of mini denim shorts, beautiful lace mini shorts, black leather mini shorts

* Blazers - oh boy. I love blazers. I have so many. Again, black and navy coloured blazers. I have this beautiful slim, perfectly tailored black blazer that is a bit longer than a usual blazer - just beautiful. one of my fav pieces.

* Jackets - love. black leather jackets for the edge, but elegant leather jackets. I also dig black leather jackets with a beautiful embroidery on the back side. and uhm *coughs* of course the classic - the Chanel jacket. normal black and beige. is an absolute must have. and so versatile! I have the cropped versions as they fit my body far better than the regular length ones.

* Dresses - oh uh. I collect dresses. For any occasion. However I prefer short dresses, above knee length and mini dresses. Do have a couple of mid-calf length dresses, though. Here I say that the fancier the dress, the better. But it still has to look absolutely beautiful and not dramatic. Although I would have loved to have that black/red and red Proenza Schouler ostrich feather dresses just because they look so badass.. but where the hell would I have worn it to.. that’s the other question haha! I love brocade, I love silk, I love lace, I love velvet dresses. My dress colours are usually black and red but I also do have some white, silver, blue dresses. As for the regular shopping day in town, I just wear a long black dress with gladiator flats and that’s it. Dun care. Bye, Felicias. 

* Shoes - sexy black high pumps, the famous espadrilles (I like wearing them in summer with my ankle-length skinnys), the famous Balenciaga boots with the cutouts at the sides and the two buckles with silver hardware, not gold (literally every Russian jetset baby has these boots omg haha), velveteen ballet flats, silken/satin ballet flats, gladiator sandals (which are bound up to the knee), sexy suede overknee boots - I like my overknee boots to be of mid-thigh length, sneakers (have so many omg..leather and suede (apart from the one pair of Nike sneakers I like to wear on long haul flights. various models, various colours), various black combat boots that look more delicate than ugly and harsh, lace-up high heels, platform pumps, I LOVE high heels! gosh… it’s hard to describe without naming the designers and the particular models because it all sounds so vague and ugly haha! I like classy shoes as much as I like very special models like embellished shoes or just some fancy colours, etc.

* Silk Pajamas - I have a pair of baby pink ones and a pair of baby blue ones.

* Lingerie - am a lingerie addict, but which girl isn’t?

* Silk Robes - long dressing robes, short morning robes, everything. Black, white, red, and the pastel colours from above (babypink, babyblue)

* Invest in good stockings! Quite a few pairs of normal black ones. And black ones with the sexy seam at the backside for more..well, special evenings and occasions ;)

* Hats - Maison Michel; different colours, made of felt 

These are pretty much my staples. I am so sure that I have forgotten many many other things, but this should suffice. I have written a post on my personal fragrance choices which you might want to check out if you are interested in this as well!

Any more questions, just ask!

Spring Day pt 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4

Jimin x Reader

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff

Series Summary: You knew that married life with an idol would be challenging. You just didn’t know that it would be this challenging.

Word Count: 1779

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

For the entire night, you sat in your bedroom sulking not even getting a wink of sleep. 

Mentally you argued with yourself. One part of you said that this was Jimin’s dream, he wanted to sing, he wanted to do music and you wanted nothing more but for him to fulfill his every goal…but the other side of you…that side was selfish. That side didn’t like the idea of sharing your husband with the world let alone music because you knew that ultimately he’d have to choose between the two loves of his life. 

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How Far I’ll Go

A/N: I AM SO HYPE FOR THIS FIC. I have been walking back and forth from classes listening to this song thinking about how this can translate into an amazing sister winchester fic.. It is a much better visualization in my head, I’m not that great at expressing what I imagine into words… Feedback is appreciated! I hope you enjoy! Also it is highly highly recommended if you haven’t heard “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana to listen to it before reading this fic because it shares the same theme as the song. I added the lyrics in (even though I told myself I wouldn’t) because I think that it helps you to understand my train of thought better and what part of the song I am making the connection to. This is AU ish in that obviously Sam and Dean have a younger sister, but also that Sam never went to Stanford/never wanted to go to Stanford, he always wanted to be a hunter. Also John didn’t/hasn’t yet disappeared.

Characters: Sister!Reader, Dean, Sam, John

Warnings: angst, running away from home 

Tagging: @percussiongirl2017 @leenasleena-blog @winchesters-favorite-girl 

Originally posted by adeles

You were in Oregon in the middle of the winter, hunting what your dad and brothers believed to be a giant werewolf pack and all hands were needed on deck. You had stopped at a motel to get some sleep and recuperate before you started interviewing people tomorrow, or at least until your brothers and dad starting interviewing people. They left you behind, no one would believe that a high school senior was an FBI agent. You never minded though, it gave you some alone time to do what you wanted to do. To do what you did every time you were alone.

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Birthday gift for @amiedelabaisse Hope you have a great day dear

”Piss off.”


”I am covered in sweat and smell like puke”

”I’ve seen you worse”

”You have, but this time it’s contagious and I’m not dealing with your ass if you get sick”

It was the middle of the winter and even Andrew wasn’t immune to the cold, he had a high fever and threw up most of what he ate because of it. As you can imagine, Andrew wasn’t too pleased. He had spent the past three days in bed, refusing all assistance with anything and tried to follow Neil and Kevin to night practice all three nights.

After some arguing they had decided to stay home from practice. Kevin was pissed, Neil was worried about Andrew which made Andrew pissed so no one was really happy about the arrangement. However, Neil wouldn’t go unless Andrew stayed at the dorms and Andrew wouldn’t stay there unless they all did. Of course, Andrew got his way, mainly because Neil was worried he would sneak out behind them, “borrow” a car and then promptly fall asleep behind the wheel on the way to the court.

So, there they were, Neil standing beside their bed holding a bowl of soup that Andrew refused to take.

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Every you Every Me. (1/?)

Pairing : Tony!Father x Reader!Daughter x Steve x Avengers 

Warnings: nightmares(?

Summary: You are Tony’s daughter, everything was normal until you recall your past in your nightmares. 

A/N : Sorry about the grammar and also because I didn’t submit anything in like months 💀, but anyway I wanted to try something new and write a serie… so well here I go. Also, if someone out there can help me with the grammar it will be awesome. Oh and italics are dreams/ nightmares. 

Chapter 2.1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4

Word Count: 2231

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“Okay but listen to me this time” said Sam standing up with the cool beer in his hand and a card with the name “Bucky Barnes” in his forehead.

Everyone was laughing, we were in the main room with a lot of junk food, beers and music. All of us was trying to guess the persons, place or job in our foreheads, the hilarious thing was that, Tony changed the traditional game to things that everyone has lived before, like places or names of missions, the quotes of some of us, our names, the places we came from, everything about us.

This game started in a Sunday in the middle of Winter, when no one wanted to leave the Tower, but also everyone wanted to do something, so Stark came with the game. From that moment the Tower was full of joy, Stark can be a dick, but sometimes he is really funny and can bring all the Avengers to have a family day.

Everyone laughed with the random descriptions for different avengers, the first one to guess her card was actually Wanda with the beautiful question ‘Do I Hulk in the bedroom?’ winning in less than 10 seconds. Then Natasha trying to guess Loki asking, ‘am I adopted?’ making Thor laugh even harder. That was the mechanic of the game so everyone has enjoying it. 

All the team had already guess from 5 to 8 cards except for Sam, he was the only one that hadn’t guess his card for an hour now, so again it was his time to guess, and everyone was losing their faith in him.

“Okay, ‘am not a Prince, pirate, doctor, cowboy, actor, singer, president, writer, artist, playboy, scientific, God, russian, kid, robot, millionaire, dad… so okay, I may be an asshole? ” Sam asked with all the seriousness in his voice.

All started to laugh at this once again, even Bucky, in the background everyone heard Sam screamed “I remind you all… it’s my time the one’s running out!”. Truth be told, everyone at this point was a little tipsy so every single thing was funny and seeing how Sam was losing his shit, turned everything better.

“Depends on the perspective” said T’Challa who was by your left side, trying not to keep laughing.

At this Bucky glared at T’Challa and said “Hey!” with his ‘pain’ voice, and once again, everyone laughed.

“That’s everything I need it! I’m fucking Barnes!” screamed Sam throwing his hands into the air, spilling beer on the floor.

“I’m not going to tell you again Sam! Don’t ruin my floor!” Tony said glaring at Sam, this was like the tenth time that Sam throws something on the floor. 

“'kay man, just relax. I’m finally free!” said Sam sitting next to you.

“Free? It’s the first card you guess… let me put another one,” said Wanda with a chuckle.

“Another? What?, no, there’s no way I’m doing this again” said Sam crossing his arms in front of his chest and glaring at everyone. It wasn’t a minute after that Wanda put the card on his forehead with the quote “Bird Brain” (Bucky’s quote). And once again, everyone chuckled, earning a confused ‘What?’ from Sam.

The next one was you, so you stand up and cleared your throat.

“Now Y/N , ready?… NOW” Bruce said starting the time for you.

“Okay so  ‘am not an assassin, nor an avenger… it’s my job something common on the city?” you asked, everyone answered with a “yes” so you keep going. “Okay, am I a police?” and they told you “no”, you keep going with jobs and jobs until they said yes, time was running out and finally you said “Am I Lee? Our postman?” you finally said.

“YES!” Wanda screamed at you with a full smile and joy in her eyes.

At this Sam looked at you, while you took a seat and Wanda put another card on your forehead, with the word ‘Fondue’, again, everyone laugh and Steve turned red as a tomato. 

“How the hell all of you do that, when you received this kind of training?” asked Sam more confused.

“It’s hard for you, because you have a bird brain” said Bucky taking a sip of his beer with a shitty grin.

“That’s it you fucking cyborg!” screamed Sam trying to attack Bucky, but he
accidentally threw his beer to the floor.

“Sam! The fuck I just told you!” Tony said one more in his ‘dad voice’

The game kept going until it was late, pretty late. So everyone started to call the night and go to sleep. You were going to leave with Steve too until Tony called you. 

“Y/N, wait don’t go. Please” he said with his ‘you don’t have other option’ voice. 

Steve looked at you a little confused, you gave him a soft smile and he gave your temple a quick kiss before leaving you alone with him. When you two were alone you turned to see Tony. 

“I thought I’ll never see the day when Tony Stark will say ‘please’ ” you said with a chuckle, but he didn’t reply, so now, you were a little scared.

“Okay, what’s wrong?” you told him with seriousness.

“What have you out of your mind lately?, and give me a hand here” he told you while he was picking the empty beer bottles.

“What do you mean?” you asked him while you started collecting the dirty plates.

“Y/N I know you, don’t lie to me. I saw you, you weren’t you hours ago, so tell me, what’s bothering you?” he said now looking at you.

And for some reason you felt tiny, like he was a giant and you an ant, like a kid that did something wrong, but also, you really wanted to tell Tony everything that was not okay, you two had this big bound about trust, of course because he was your father, you couldn’t hide anything even if you wanted, so here you are, taking a big breath and thinking about how to tell Tony.

“Nightmares, again.” You told him with pain in your voice, even if you didn’t want the words to leave that way, it was true that those dreams were a really a pain in the ass. You didn’t look at Tony, instead you were looking at the empty dishes in your hands.

“Y/N, this has gotten too far and you know it, you stopped going to the sessions-” Tony started talking serious but you cut him.

“Because he wanted to know what I saw in those nightmares!” you said a little annoyed, this because you don’t trust easily on people, so you didn’t want anyone to know about this.

“Why? What do you see in those nightmares?” Tony asked you a little worried now.

Your mind started to fight between telling Tony or not. You just wanted to go to bed after all, you didn’t want to talk about it, and as painful as it sounds, you didn’t tell Tony, because you were afraid.

“I-I’m not ready to talk about it” you said with a sad and a low voice.

You walked to the kitchen to leave the dirty dishes, leaving Tony calling your name in the background. You hated it to leave Tony that way, but you hoped he’ll understand that you weren’t ready to talk to him. You went to your now shared room with Steve and you found him waiting for you in the bed. When he heard the door he walked to you. 

“Everything alright?” he asked you, a little concerned. 

“Yes, just dad-daughter issues, you know?” you told him with a little smile. 

“I hate to tell you this, but I can read you dear, what’s wrong?, are this about the nightmares?” he asked you. 

In that moment you felt so sad not even knowing why, but you felt like if you were going to break in any moment. You closed your eyes and nodded. 

“Hey, I got you. Everything’s gonna be okay” he held you tight against his chest. 

Your stabilized by hearing his heart. When you were ready you looked up to him to said ‘thanks’ and both of you went to bed.

You couldn’t move, nor even breathe well, you were just a crying and pleading mess like your whole body. Escape, that was the only thing in your mind, you started to scream until you felt your lungs burning. But no one came.

You looked down, you where tied up to a metal stretcher, you shake your hands until blood was running from the wounds, this make you cry even harder. You couldn’t even remove the tears from your eyes.

You stopped moving when you heard heavy footsteps, and you prayed for you hero to come, but instead a group of man dressed all in black came with syringes and two suitcases. Immediately you started to scream and shake your body again, but none of the man cared about. You plead for your life, but no one listened, you were scared, so scared.

Your eyes drifted to the suitcase when you heard the sound, your eyes looked at the blue fluid, and you screamed once more, that didn’t looked well, instead it looked like Death and pain. This time, two men grabbed your head roughly to put something inside your mouth, that thing didn’t let you scream anymore, still you heard and saw everything.

“Look, I-I don’t know if she’s going to endure the process, she’s too young, sir” the man with grey hair said.

“Dr. Shneider, I understand it’s the first time you do this kind of things, but listen carefully. This, is the fifth time we do this with kids, unfortunately just a few survive, and we care?, no. This will only gave us the strong ones, so start the process, and try no to waste this material, it’s invaluable, understand?” the tall man with blonde hair said.

“Sir. I don’t even know how to start this” the other man said.

The blonde man grabbed the old scientist by his throat in a second making him scream, he pinned into the wall and he spoke once more.

“Make the process, don’t waste all the formula, if she dies we burn the body, understand? ” the blonde man said with a firm voice.

The old scientist nodded and he fell to the floor in no time.

“Oh, and for you knowledge, the formula will make her a mutant, so don’t be surprised if you see something weird on her” said the blonde man before leaving the room with his guards behind him.

The scientist stood up, he put everything of the right place, the formula on the big syringes, and walked in front of you. You started to shake once again to escape, but the man placed a hand on your chest.

“Stop moving girl, it’ll be worst” he said with a guilty voice.

You begged with tears running down your face. The scientist, looked at you and then to the big mirror of the wall, he muttered a 'sorry’ before putting multiples cables and artifacts on you vital signs. He walked away to a big computer, you heard a rough voice through the speakers making a countdown, when the voice reached the one, your eyes looked at blue fluid, you heard the sounds of multiple machines and how everything was coming to life, in matter of seconds the liquid started to go down.

And then you whole body seemed to be burning inside, your back arched roughly, your hands, feets and head were shaking, you felt the fluid running through your veins, blood came out of your eyes and nose. Your body was convulsing and your eyes turned white, you were sweating, crying, screaming, you kept listening to the machines but you couldn’t see anything you could only feel the pain, you though your body was going to explode in any minute and then -

“Y/N!, Wake up!” you heard a familiar voice and your eyes opened instantly.

“Y/N you’re okay, I got you, you’re safe, i’m here” you heard the voice again but your mind couldn’t place a name on the face.

You were crying, sweating, shaking and it was hard for you to breathe. Again, you wanted to escape and this man place both of this hands on your shoulders, he repeated the words, but you didn’t even recognize the name which he was calling you . It took you minutes to figure out where you where. Your eyes scanned the place like three times, the man in front of you, until you realised it was Steve.

“Steve?” you asked afraid that he wasn’t real.

“Yeah, it’s me” he answered you, more relaxed.

“Oh my god Steve, it- they-” you couldn’t even explain yourself you were a crying mess.

“Hey, Y/N, come on” Steve make you sit up and he held you against his chest. “Breathe with me, one… two…one…two” he repeated until your sobbing stopped.

“Better?” he asked you when he felt that you were now relaxed.

You nodded and held him tight in fear he was going to dissapear in any minute.

“Now… I’ll bring you some water, okay?” he said letting you go, but you grabbed his wrist.

“Don’t leave please” you begged him and he stayed with you.

“Fine, well, let’s try to sleep again, okay?, I’m not going anywhere, but, tomorrow, you’ll tell Tony, okay?” Steve asked you, of course he was concerned, this kind of nightmares felt too real to be just part of your imagination, he knew they had a deeper meaning.

You nodded and he tooked you again in his arms. Both of you hoped to avoid the nightmares for the rest of the night.

maybe it’s ironic that spring and autumn are my favourite seasons. they are soft and calm and pastel and they simply give a quiet scent of their essence. a dab of perfume. the whisper of a wind. they’re light and warm and cool. the colours are those in-between ones. the peaceful pinks and soft tumbles of orange and brown. it’s light caresses from the sun and kisses from the breeze.

and yet here i am. in all my terrible glory. i am fire and ice. never something in the middle. never a grey area. too much and not enough. too big and too small. too much of one thing and not enough of the other. i’m something of a paradox. two ends of a spectrum in a violent concoction that should never have existed. i cancel myself out. the positive and the negative. until i am neutral. until i am nothing. i am summer and winter. harsh heat and burning cold. i don’t make sense. i melt what i freeze. i burn ice. i’m just a puddle on the floor. no more significant than the charcoal at the end of a fire. i’m burning myself out. i am black and i am white. i poison each side of myself with the other. i cancel myself out. until i am nothing.

—  i am summer and i am winter
Creepypasta #1026: The Saskatoon Freezing Deaths

Length: Super long

Have you ever had the displeasure of experiencing -40° weather? That’s Celsius and Fahrenheit, because -40° is the point where the two converge. It’s a temperature so cold that it’s impossible for snow to fall. If you’ve never felt it, allow me to explain what it’s like. 

Your eyelashes turn white with frost. They’ll start collecting humidity from your breath, forming icicles that make each lash stick to the other. Every time you blink, it’s a struggle to re-open your eyes. Even if you try not to blink, the air is so dry that you have to, otherwise your eyeballs start to hurt. With each inhale, your nose hairs freeze and shoot needles of pain up your nasal canals. Your coat – no matter how thick or expensive – stiffens like a pair of jeans forgotten to dry at the bottom of the washer. You’ll hear your clothes crackle like a down comforter with every move you make. Any exposed skin starts to burn. Your extremities freeze, and no matter how much you rub your hands, your fingers go numb. 

You feel compelled to move around to try and warm up, but moving lets more cold air through the openings in your clothes. If you’re lucky, moving will warm you up a bit. If you’re not, you’ll start feeling very hot. Too hot. A burning sensation will run up your spine, and you’ll start to sweat. This means you’ve reached the danger zone: the point where cold no longer feels cold, and where you start shedding your clothes to avoid “overheating”. That’s how you wind up dead. No matter how thin your gloves, how little your coat seems to help, in -40° weather, they’re essential. They’re a barrier between you and the biting chill. They’re the only things that can help keep you alive.

So, why am I saying this? Well, I want to tell you about something that’s been going on for decades in Saskatoon: gruesome cases of human rights violations come to be known as “The Saskatoon Freezing Deaths”. Before I started my story, I wanted you to understand how truly horrible it must be for its victims.

You see, officers in Saskatoon have a very “original” way of dealing with drunken Native Americans. In the middle of winter, they’ve been known to arrest drunkards, drive them outside of town, strip them to their underwear, and tell them to “walk it off”. The police call this the “Midnight Blue Tour”. As you might expect, the victims die of hypothermia long before they can make it back home. It’s not known how many have died in this way – a quick search of “missing sisters”, an unrelated issue where aboriginal women have gone missing, assumed dead –, will show you just how little the police and authorities care about the plight of Native Americans. 

“Participants” of the Midnight Blue Tour have allegedly been found frozen on the side of the road, and their deaths swept under the rug. However, from time to time, victims’ bodies won’t be found at all. Their footprints turn to drag marks leading to the forest, but no blood or animal tracks are ever left to explain what was doing the dragging. The officers never investigate these cases further.

You might be wondering where I fit in to all of this. See, my friend’s uncle went “missing” this winter. A few people came forward saying they’d seen a cop throwing him in his squad car and driving off, but there are no records of him getting booked. Here in Saskatoon, we’d all heard the rumors of the “Midnight Blue Tour”, but it was one of those things we never talked about. No one wanted to blab about the abuse of power, because we didn’t want to be the next victims of it, you know? In any case, let me take you back to when Paul first knocked on my door with the news.

That morning, I was getting ready to go to work when my friend Paul knocked on my door. As soon as I opened it, a wave of cold air came rushing over my bare feet. I was quick to let Paul in and close the door. My friend shuffled from foot to foot, rubbing his arms furiously to try and warm himself up.

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you know what kind of aus we need more of? 

fashion aus

I’m not talking like, “famous model falls for normal person au”

I’m talking like, 

  • “God I’m such a fan of this one designer I will jump at any offer to model for them I keep all the samples I can”


  • “You’re head sewer and you’re telling me that my pattern doesn’t make sense well excuse you bitch I worked as a sewer before, let me show you exactly how to execute this part of the design so you can do it.”
  • “I’m a designer and I know you’re a photographer but I made this line with your tastes in mind so I could hire you to come to the studio and possibly get your thoughts on it also someday could you please wear them”
  • “I’m the manager for this one model that likes your clothes except they’re very particular I’m so sorry about them they can be embarrassing at times.”
  • “We’re two rival designers working for the same fashion house but because of corporate downsizing we have to work together what the FUCK WHAT’S WITH YOUR OBSESSION WITH EMBROIDERY ON EVERYTHING.”
  • “We’re two models working together on a photoshoot and wow sorry how was I supposed to know that was your coffee I thought it was the lighting guy’s”
  •  "I’m a photographer and will you stop dramatically looking into the distance this is not a movie advert. If you don’t stop I will break your neck"
  • “I’m a model and you’re a designer’s assistant and wow why aren’t you doing your own stuff, these sketches look neat.”
  • “We share a work station because the company building is under renovation and gOD HELP ME IF YOU TOUCH MY RHINESTONES AGAIN”
  • “I’m a sewer and I am here to tell you that you have no idea how fabric physics work the drape that you want is not going to work with this goddamn fabric.”
  •  "I’m a patternmaker and what the fuck is with this design.“
  • "I’m a designer and the patternmaker fucked up, can you do something so I can shove it in their face and possibly file a report after I get these samples produced.”
  • “I thought we were trying to make a dress, not a fucking teacup wtf is this design”
  • “I’m a sewer and I will sew the patternmaker and the designer together holding hands if they don’t shut up dear god. Hey design assistant do you want to help me shut them up”
  • “I’m the production manager and my employees seriously need to lay each other”
  • “I’m a sewer and my favorite pasttime is to sow the seed of discord among the warring design factions in our company because they keep me here against my will with a shitty contract and shittier designers, you’re new and you caught on quick”
  • “I’m a designer, and I don’t care how much you want to save on fabric costs, I will give these women’s jeans proper pockets or you’ll have to fire me.”
  • “The designer is so bad that I’ve been able to quote devil wears prada at them for everything they’ve made”
  • “I’m a model and I love the clothes you design. I love wearing them. I wouldn’t mind taking them off for you, though.”
  •  "Sleeping with you was supposed to be a one off thing, no strings attached, but the way you take off my clothes makes me feel that you’re sleeping with my clothes instead and i dont know how to feel about that"
  • “I’m a photographer and the way you look in red lighting makes me feel things. ‘I want to see you in the back lighting of my bedroom’ kind of things”
  • "I know you’re a world famous photographer, but if you ask me to get into the lake in the middle of winter again i am going to sue you. AND NO, I DONT CARE THAT IT CREATES THE PERFECT COLOR PALETTE”
  • “I’m a designer and if I have to deal with another lineup of mayonnaise palette models I will KILL and sure you for racism.”

Just. Please. Fashion aus, people.

Comics to Read, Post Pi Day, Ides of March edition

Greetings from the land of Snowpocalypse (not really). Sadly I did not have any pie yesterday for Pi day but will send a postcard to the White House for the Ides of Trump. 

But on to comics! And today I have three for you (I might have had four but Dark Horse dropped me from their reviewers list). I am most excited for the arrival of yet another first issue for one of my favorite characters.

The 0 issue was a good, necessary introduction or reintroduction of the character. This issue puts Kate smack in the middle of a case and it is expert piece of writing and art. I want to start with the art by Steve Epting which is smart, sharp and expedient in its story telling while also offering beautiful backgrounds and character work. Epting is known for his work on Marvel’s Winter Soldier but he did equal if not superior work on Image’s Velvet and he is the perfect pick for this book. The writing by James Tynion and Marguerite Bennett is also very strong. If you read Detective you know Tynion “gets” Kate but I can see Bennett’s hand too and look forward to her flying solo. Batwoman has been through so much in the last decade and its good to see the book is back in strong hands with a team who respects her past and is building an exciting engrossing future. Jump on board this.

I’ve enjoyed each issue of this book but while I was reading this crazy train issue I thought how much it will be good to reread this all the way through once it reaches its climax. This issue runs into the Mad Hatter and he Mad Hats the fuck out of Batman with his mind altering. The art by Giuseppi Camuncoli reflects that mind-hatting experience with a surreal, pop feel. I don’t often note lettering work but Steve Wands is a standout here in creating the mind altering feel of the book. The Batfamily shows up here and it leads to one of my favorite Snyder/Bat lines. I’ll let you discover it.

LIz Prince’s Tomboy was one of my favorite graphic novels from a few years back and she has been busy doing sequential work for the Boom folks. Today her all ages Coady and the Creepies debuts and its is engaging first issue crossing multiple genres - All girl band ala Jem and Josie? Check. Mystery solving team ala Scooby Gang? Check. Energetic romping feel with younger chacters ala Gotham Academy and the Lumberjanes? Check. I think that says what you need to know if you’re going to pick this up, which I recommend you do.

That’s it for me this week. I am still engrossed by Riverdale and my daughter and I have been obsessed with rereading Archie comics since the holidays. This past weekend we discussed the show, Jughead being Ace and the need for the show to include more characters (My daughter demands Nancy) on a long trip from a college visit. That’s why I am going to give a shout out to this comic from a few weeks back that leads into the new series launching next month. It’s the backstory to the show and is a must for anyone who is into this show (although I can understand the issues of those who aren’t). 

That’s it for me this week. What’s on your list?

Chamber of Secrets - Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: Some tags are kind of freaking out on me, so if you if it doesn’t work I’m really sorry, I don’t know what to do. 


Previous Part


“Hello, everyone, welcome to Wakanda, my name is Y/N Y/L/N and I will be in charge of this project.” You greeted the four people standing before you, all dressed in formal attire and had their white lab coats on. Everything was finally coming together and you couldn’t be more excited about it.

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Rain and Sickness (Bucky Barnes x Female Reader)

//Author’s note: Hey y’all! Back at it again with another fanfic! This time, a Bucky Barnes one… There’s a lot of fluff and it’s also kinda cheesy, but that’s just who I am soooo. Anyway, enjoy!

Fandom: The Avengers
Word count: 656
Warnings: Fluff. Lots of fluff…

Once again. Once again was she standing in the middle of the rain. She knew it was a bad idea, and the she was freezing. But she loved it. The rain. It was calming.

“(Y/N)!”, Bucky yelled. She looked at him, smiling widely. “What are you doing? You could get sick”, he sounded so worried, and she giggled at him.

“Why do you worry so much, Buck? It’s nice. And I won’t get sick”. She looked him in the eyes. His concerned features disappeared and he began smiling too.

“You’re crazy, you know that right?”, he laughed. He loved her. And she, him. They were in love, and that is why he just stood there in the middle of the street with her, laughing and giggling like two crazy people.

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