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“I like that rug. That’s a nice rug. How old is it?” Harry to a vampire Tom :)

“I like that rug. That’s a nice rug. How old is it?” Harry’s voice shook. In his hands, he twirled the rose Tom had given him when he arrived. As red as the blood he knew he was about to see.

“You’re stalling,” Tom accused. His hand came up to take the rose out of Harry’s hand, and placed it on the end table next to them. “It only hurts at first. Most even come to enjoy it after a while. Just relax.” He gently placed one hand on the back of Harry’s head to guide him down to the bed and used the other to push him down onto it. 

“I…” Harry’s still shaking voice gave away just how terrified he was. Tom climbed on top of him, his legs around his waist. “I just-”

Tom shushed him and guided his head to the side so that  his neck was exposed. “It only hurts for a moment.” It was the last thing he said, before he bit down onto his neck. 

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Truth or truth: Shiranui, how would you comfort a crying Chizuru?

“Take the ‘how’ out of that question and you have something I can actually answer,” says Shiranui dismissively. “And that depends on how I’m feeling at the time. Might just put the girl demon out of her misery, to be honest,” he continues, twirling his pistol, although something in his voice is too tense to be absolute truth. “She’s cute and all, and I do feel kinda sorry for her, but… if Kazama stopped chasing after her and dragging us all into trouble, it’d make things run a lot more smoothly in the demon world. She’s chosen her side, and we’ve chosen ours—so if she wants to forget about her demon blood and stay with the humans, she can die like one of them for all I care.” He shrugs, but still looks vaguely troubled. “Honestly, it’d be a kindness if I chose to ignore her, because the only comfort I could or would give her would be a bullet in the heart. Better leave the real reassurance to someone actually interested in chivalry, like Harada.”


They hunted in sync, Chirrut always prowling near the rebels and Baze always prowling near Chirrut. Baze did not limit his targets to those who might spot the blind man, but he kept Chirrut under observation nonetheless; where the Force would fail Chirrut, Baze would not.


“Any sign of him yet?”
“Not since you asked 30 seconds ago.”
“Okay, he’s a giant gorilla! Who’s probably leading an army of giant gorillas! How can you NOT find him?” [x]

The way he twirls the knife as he fights, it’s so obvious he’s had years of training. Years of killing. It’s natural to him while something as easy as human emotion is foreign to him. It shows how Hydra treated him like a war machine rather than a human and every time he gained some form of important memory, thought or feeling, they erased it and took it away from him.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Harry and Louis are the Stevie and Lindsey of the mermaid-tattoo-era stadium-rock eye-contact game. Louis’ eyes are dark, intense, controlling, with a surly “damn your love, damn your life” edge. Harry’s eyes say “I hear the darkness you’re expressing and it’s important to me but my heart tells me to twirl right now,” so he twirls and touches his hair. The brooding look vs. the beatific twirl. When one of them gets happy, the other gets wistful. When one of them gets bitchy, the other gets sugary. I could watch them sing together for hours. I could probably watch them do laundry for hours. (I doubt they do laundry.)”

what it would be like to date Lim Changkyun/ I.m:

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  • Sass, lot of sass
  • The type to absent mindlessly run his thumb over the skin of the back of your hand when you’re sat together.
  • He plays with your hair, whether its short- he just fiddles with it or styles it crazily, give you a Mohawk.
  • If its long, he’ll plait awkwardly if he doesn’t know how to or stick it in pigtails because he claims that you “look cute” with a shrug, or maybe he will sit and twirl it around his finger.
  • If your hair is medium length (your ears or shoulders) then he’ll probably do the same with long hair.
  • His kisses are soft, playful
  • He boops your nose when you’re mad or annoyed.
  • When you’re sulking, he says to you “don’t smile or anything” or “don’t smile y/n” in a playful voice and you can’t help but smile.
  • He walks around doing weird ‘aeygo’
  • Sometimes it’s even in his boxers, prancing round like a raptor.
  • He’s serious, he has a resting bitch face when he spaces out.
  • He does the finger guns when he flirts
  • On your first date together, he took to you to a street food vendor because he said that they do the better food, he was right.
  • The amount of times you’ve caught him dancing of girl group songs is unreal.
  • You can hear him practice his raps while he showers, cooks or basically anything and he slays
  • One time, he bought hair gel from the supermarket and gelled his hair up right and kept it like that for the entire day.
  • Back hugs, he loves back hugs because when he does, he can lean into your and steal your warmth or vice versa.
  • He screams like a girl when you put your cold hands on his back when you’re hugging.
  • He’s serious af at first, but as soon as something he likes, meme is activated.
  • Sometimes he sticks his butt in your face when you’re not paying attention
  • He screams randomly, you could be sat there together just talking, reading or doing nothing at all and he’ll scream loudly and off key.
  • He’s always so extra
  • He stares at you; he doesn’t know that you know but he does
  • He doesn’t seem like the type to be sentimental about things but he kept the shirt you wore for bed that belongs to him, he kept the little notes you’ve written and he saves all the selfie he sends.
  • He complains that he doesn’t have any memory on his phone because of the pictures he has of you.
  • He loves waking up before you, so he can watch you sleep. You could have drool hanging out of your mouth and he would still find you beautiful.
  • He usually has the guys around and he doesn’t mind because you love it.
  • Shownu spends most of the time saying thank you and helping you, no matter how much you tell him its ok to be informal and treat you like a brother/sister
  • When he’s sick, or ill- he’s super clingy.
  • Even if he’s snotty with the cold, he still lays on you. Head on your chest, laid between your legs and a blanket wrapped around him.
  • He’s not always the happy and meme changkyun, he does have the days where he’s quieter, more reserved and when he’s in that frame of mind, he just wants to be around you.
  • You both have the comfortable silence. You both could be sat there doing your own thing and not feel the need to talk
  • When he texts, it’s usually something like this

“Do you wanna go??”

“Bring it”


“I’m dating you, you egg”

  • He feeds you food when you’re being lazy and vice versa.
  • He boasts about breaking the camera at ISAC
  • His snapchats to you are mainly double chins or ugly faces
  • Whenever one of the other members joking flirts with you, he turns into an angry smurf
  • You could listen to him talk all day, you usually ask him complicated things so he has to explain it.
  • Late at nights when he can’t sleep, he’ll ‘accidentally’ wake you up and then when you can’t sleep again
  • He’ll do anything for a cuddle
  • He loves it when you wear his clothes
  • Randomly kiss his nose when he isn’t paying attention
  • Waggles his eyebrows at you when he suggests something sexy
  • He’s a soft lover
  • Passionate and pays most of his attention on you
  • He has throaty moans, melodic and deep
  • Sometimes he’s playful
  • Sometime he’s hot and intense
  • Muttering in your ears sweet things and kissing you everywhere.
  • Kissing along your jawline
  • He piggybacks you to the shower usually
  • Joins said showers

“Better for the environment to preserve water”

  • He catches food in his mouth, one time you were across the room throwing gummy bears at him and one was nowhere near him but he lunged to the right and caught it in his mouth.
  • Couple names, baby, babe, sweet, my love, what your preference is
  • He wears your socks
  • Whenever he has to go to work or go out etc, he kisses your forehead with his hand on the small of your shoulders and mutter a slightly sad goodbye
  • But hells text you whenever he can or ring you
  • Says “I love you” in the weirdest ways but he means it.

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I have been dying for something with Bucky and "Suga Mama" by Beyoncé like holy hell. Also congrats on 1k!!! So glad I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago ☺️ you deserve all of the follows 💓

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PAIRING: Bucky x Reader

SONG: Suga Mama – Beyoncé

A/N: ahhh you are the cutest, thanks babes. also ily for requesting my queen bee.

WARNINGS: fingering, oral sex (female receiving), sugar mama status

Bucky sat in the chair in front of your desk, playing with the watch on his wrist. You watched him from your chair, still in a dress and high heels even though you were working at home today. He pouted at you from across the desk. You raised an eyebrow at him, on the phone with a very important client. You nodded at the shiny thing on his wrist he was twirling around, silently reminding him how he got it.

Bucky slowly got up from his chair. You could see it in his eyes, he was formulating a plan. He pressed a finger to his lips, indicating not only that he was going to be quiet but that you better be too. Grabbing your chair, he spun it to the side to allow him access. You almost moaned right then and there, seeing him get down on his knees in front of you. You bit your lip, trying to pay attention to what your client was saying on the other end.

Bucky brought a finger up to his smirking lips again, this time to wet it with his mouth. He pulled your panties down in one smooth movement and they pooled at your heels. He lips kissed the insides of your thigh while his finger rubbed your clit. Once he knew you were ready, he brought his mouth to you, lapping up your already soaked folds. You had to put your hand over your mouth to keep from moaning into the phone as Bucky used both his mouth and his finger to pleasure you.

“S… Sorry Tony, I… I’m gonna have to call you back.”

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shinee as high school boys


  • one of those kids who always has gum. kinda the unofficial gum dealer in school?? don’t know how that happened but if anyone asks for one he pulls out like five different brands and flavors to choose from 
  • started a club that cooks and brings food over to soup kitchens and such
  • he’s really good at cooking but anyone who’s ever seen him just walking around gets nervous when he wields a knife 
  • captain of the swimming team (onew: it’s the only sport that doesn’t require me to have my feet on the ground) 
  • he beat out minho for the position who did not take it well (*faint minho sobbing*) he’ll get over it one day
  • once he accidentally ate a pot brownie someone gave him and was nOT OKAY for the rest of the day 


  • drum major of the marching band which means he’s the one in the front of the band with the baton conducting everyone (yes he does twirl the thing and he’s quite good at it thank you very much) 
  • does the announcements in the mornings and plays music on the loudspeaker after school
  • he really likes rick rolling everyone (key: we’re sick of your shit jonghyun) once he played the song over and over again until a teacher came into his booth and kicked him out. the whole school is on edge bc you never know when he’ll strike again. rick astley haunts their dreams
  • also you think it’d be pretty hard to find him in the hallways (when did freshmen get so TALL) but he dyes his hair in super bright colors so he’s always noticeable af. he would get in trouble but he’s been doing it for so long that even the principal gets weirded out by the thought of jong with normal hair


  • pride and joy of the art teacher and always in the art room!! 
  • he did a super cool mural in the cafeteria (his signature is huge) which wasn’t technically authorized but it looked so good they just let him do it 
  • he made ot4 help him but it still took forever bc he just painted over what they did anyways 
  • sometimes steals spray paint from the supplies closet and tags things around town 
  • also helps design sets for the drama club and since he’s always really well dressed someone asks him to help with the costumes because they’re having a crisis and he gets to WORK 
  • he also is in choir bc he has the voice of an ANGEL AND SHOULD SING MORE 


  • captain of the debate club, captain of the soccer team, captain of the chess club, captain of everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • okay he’s not the best at chess but he tries really hard and is really enthusiastic and that’s all anyone can really ask for  
  • also he made a really passionate speech during the club election so the other guy just quietly bowed out. (tae: it was because he was totally going to cry if he didn’t win / minho: stfu it was bc of my contacts) 
  • sports are a given but he’s also really good at debate. seriously, a girl almost had a nervous breakdown because she heard that she was going to be debating the rap god choi minho 
  • when he gets fired up hooooooo buddy he gets so into it waving his arms and he doesn’t even realize he’s talking VERY LOUDLY but honestly he makes really compelling arguments and usually wins


  • beb is too young to be in high school ¯\_(6v6″)_/¯
Kylo Ren & his Lightsaber....


Exhibit A: 

I don’t know about you guys….but the technique makes me fucking hop with joy man. I want to run a marathon with the adrenaline rush I get by watching him twirl this contraption. 

Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:

I want that lightsaber to be lodged so far up my ass that it comes out of my nostrils. Goodnight.

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Performance/hip hop team reacting to you not being able to walk after a rather.. Rough night? (If not all then just Coups, Minghao, Jun and Wonwoo please~)

Seungcheol wouldn’t have realized it the night before, but when he sees you barely able to walk… He’d feel guilty, but he’d mostly laugh it off, shake his head and tell you to come back to bed. When you have, either out of your own will or due to the ache between your legs (or because of his puppy eyes), returned to his arms, he’d hold you close and apologize while laughing; you wouldn’t be able not to smile, either. “I’ll be more careful next time.” However, after a moment of silence, he’d just twirl your hair around his finger and jokingly ask if a round two would help - when you hit his chest, he chuckles and kisses you sweetly. “It was a joke.” 

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Minghao would honestly look like a hurt puppy and not even your “I’m fine”s would be able to change that during the first few hours. Eventually he lets it go, though, especially when you’ve told him that you wouldn’t have had the previous night any other way even if you had known you’d be sore the next morning. He’d be pretty giggly after that, although he’d gladly keep you in bed, even if the soreness wasn’t anything to keep you from going on with your normal life. But considering you do feel very uncomfortable walking, you don’t complain as you spend most of the day in bed, cuddled up to Minghao.

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Jun would be incredibly amused, and even his apology would be accompanied by a bright grin. You’d be grumbling about how sore you are, but his most frequent comeback would be along the lines of “Sometimes you gotta suffer for some good loving.” It’s not that he wouldn’t feel a bit bad about it, because he really does, but for him it’s more amusing than worrying, especially when he knows it’s nothing dangerous. He does, however, make up for it with a bunch of sweet kisses and pampering as soon as he’s done laughing. “But you gotta admit it was a good night.”

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Wonwoo would, before anything, grin. “If I recall correctly, it was you who begged me to go harder.” You’d roll your eyes playfully, but whine as soon as you take another step. At that, Wonwoo would get closer and grab your hand to pull you back into bed. “How about you just take it easy today, babe?” You whine about how you couldn’t spend the whole day in bed, and Wonwoo gives you a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Then just until you have… less physical memories of last night?” You hit his chest while he laughs, his nose crinkling in a way that makes your heart flutter.

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Hi! I wanna know if you could do something with Bucky and "Hurt Me Harder" by Zolita? Congrats on ur 1000!!! 🙆 💕

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PAIRING: Bucky x Reader

SONG: Hurt Me Harder – Zolita

A/N: this is a lil dirty and I hope you enjoy

WARNINGS: dom!bucky, spankings

“Don’t make me put you over my knee,” Bucky threatened.

Your smile widened. “Is that a threat… or a promise?”

“Y/N,” Bucky groaned, drawing out your name.

You bolted from your seat. “You’re gonna have to catch me first!”

You ran as fast as your bare feet would take you. Bucky was hot on your heels though, grabbing you before you even made it to the front door. You yelped as he twirled you around, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder. He turned himself around and walked towards your shared bedroom. You pulled on his pants as he walked. “You’re gonna make it worse for yourself, sweetheart,” he reminded you gently.

You didn’t listen to him, instead continuing to try and pull his pants down. “Last warning, doll.”

Bucky made it to the top of the stairs and into your bedroom, shutting the door behind him. You heard the click of the lock on the door before he put you down. He sat down at the edge of the bed, rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt. You stood and watched him, waiting for your signal. He rolled his last sleeve and nodded in your direction. You pulled your skirt off, letting it pool at your feet.

You walked over to Bucky, draping your body across him. “What’s the safe word princess?” he asked you every time.

“Plums,” you replied nonchalantly.

“How many spankings for being a smart mouth?”

“15,” you answered.

The tips of his fingers gently ran over your ass. You felt the air of his hand before it connected to your ass. “One,” you counted. He did it again. “Two.” It was getting harder to count.

All the way to 15.

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I just want to be with Daddy already.

I wanna sit in his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms squeezing him into the tightest hug he’s ever had. I want him to hug me back tightly, but then softly lay his palms on my shoulders and grip lightly to peel me away from him, but just for a moment– just long enough for him to look me in the eyes and tell me how much he loves me. Then he’d pull me back into his embrace, and as he did he’d give me a kiss on my forehead. His lips would linger for a moment, then he’d continue pulling me into his chest. He’d gently twirl his fingers through my hair and tell me stories. And I’d feel safer than ever before.

Whatever you do don’t imagine Naruto waking up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and playing with Sasuke’s hair until he calms down. Don’t imagine how he twirls the longer bits around his fingers or pokes at the spiky, shorter tufts in the back. Don’t imagine him occasionally getting cheeky and tickling Sasuke’s nose with strands of his own hair. Don’t imagine him breathing in the scent of it as he cuddles closer and falls back asleep. Just, don’t okay?

BTS ideal type vs What they need


She’s the type to always have a smile on her face, and be the perfect girl with everything in her bag. With frilly napkins, and her short hair barely brushing against her shoulders. Her pink lip balm blushing bright against her lips. She’d be a small person who always needs to be protected. She’s soft spoken, with bright eyes shying away from his when she comes face to face. The type to always check up on her “oppa.” Getting him lunch to work whenever she can. Did I mention? Her cooking skills are something to always look forward to.

  1. Looks
  • Smol Smol Smol. Like 160 ish.. you need that adorable height difference ok?
  • Long hair, that he can just twirl between his smol hands
  • Brightest smile possible!!!!

     2.   Personality

  • Shy shy shy
  • Secret aegyo master
  • Amazing cook, so he can just rest his head on your shoulders, as you go around the kitchen cooking, and he just stands there with you.
  • Someone who can take care of him
  • But depend on him as well
  • the type to sweetly call him “oppa” everytime.
  • The purest, sweetest, angel alive.

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He thought he needs a perfect “girl”, but that’s where he went wrong. He needs the perfect girl for himself. Which does include all of these aspects, but to some extent. He needs you to be his friend, not his puppy. He needs you to be a sweet, yet mischievous girlfriend. Be the type to prank him, but hug him nd shower him with kisses afterwards. Be that girl who cooks really well, but messes up the kitchen along the way. The ones to cry at every sappy romantic movie, but also enjoy the gruesome fights with all the blood. Dance with him. Shamelessly. Just dance. Twirl around with him, and you’re the perfect girl for him.

  1. Looks
  • Smol smol smol smol smolllll!!!!!!!!
  • be the chubby bunnyyy that he can keep pokinggggg!!
  • Long flowy hair, perfect for all the hair flips that’d be involved.
  • a bright smile that just lights up his world

     2.  Personality

  • AEgyo Queeen
  • a little sarcastic, just a tad bit.
  • Very very very sweet and caring
  • but also the type to prank him with Tae
  • Affectionate AFFAAFFAAFAAF
  • a little bit pervy
  • very very sweet
  • definitely very kind

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Heartbreaker Part 2

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Part 1

Love me like you did, love me like you did/I’ll give you anything, I’ll give you anything

(Outer Space-5sos)

     The fans were currently split. They either hated or loved the boys at the moment. A video of Ashton announcing that your relationship was all based on a bet had gone viral. Not only had Ashton’s worse nightmare had come true, but he could only imagine what you were going through. The two of you had been apart for a month now. It was one month too long for Ashton’s liking. Sure he had toured and been away from you long enough before, but this time was different. The two of you weren’t even together and Ashton wasn’t sure if you two were still friends. His reputation of being a gentleman was tarnished. 

Ashton let out a huff and kept his eyes locked on the phone he was twirling around. He wanted to respect your wishes and not contact you, but he couldn’t keep to his word. There was so much Ashton still wanted to say, but he knew you weren’t going to listen. You had made it clear to him that the relationship you two had was still hanging in the air. You had told Ashton you wanted to think about everything and it scared him to death. The anticipation was too much and it took him three seconds to get your contact up and hit the call button. It was like his senses went on high as the phone rang. On the first ring he could hear his heart pounding loud in his chest. On the second ring his breath hitched in his throat as he thought of you not picking up. This was taking too long and Ashton was ready to hang up, but then the call picked up. “Hello?” a voice said. It was a deep voice, one that clearly didn’t belong to you. The voice made his blood run cold and he momentarily forgot what he wanted to say. “Hello?” the guy asked again.

“I-Is Y/N there?” Ashton hesitantly asked, “Maybe I dialed the wrong number.”

“No this is her phone. Can you hang on a second?” the guy said. Ashton didn’t have a chance to reply. He only heard the stranger call for you and soon heard your voice in the background. It was only seconds later that your voice filled the line and Ashton’s heart swelled with love. “Y/N here!” you cheerfully said into the phone, not really being told who was on the other line.

“I miss you,” Ashton blurted, he physically winced as the words left his lips. That wasn’t how he wanted to start the conversation. Hearing another man’s voice wasn’t what he was expecting either. The smile on your face faded at the sound of his voice. You had been doing alright without him being in your life for the month. Trying hard to get over the event that took place. “Who was the guy that picked up the phone?” Ashton found himself asking. You swallowed hard at his words, glancing to your guest and giving him a smile.

“Don’t do that” you mumbled, ignoring his question.

“Do what?” Ashton innocently replied, running a hand through his hair. He knew you were avoiding his question and couldn’t help but to be jealous. It was hard for him not to be jealous. You two broke up and just a month away from each other it already seemed like you had moved on. How could he blame you though? Ashton had screwed you over in more ways than one. 

“Don’t say that you miss me,” you sighed into the phone. “Don’t act like you care about how I’m doing or who I’m with bec-”

“So you are with him?” Ashton cut you off. Ashton’s mouth felt dry and the thought of this stranger touching you the way he used to do flashed through his mind.

“That’s none of your business,” you replied. Ashton was making this harder than it needed to be. Whether you were dating someone or not had nothing to do with him. It was his fault the two of you weren’t together. The line went quiet for about a good two minutes and you could hear Ashton sniffle. Your eyes closed in frustration and you took a sharp inhale of breath. You mentally fought with yourself on the next words that were about to leave your mouth. “Do you want to meet up and talk?”

     It was like the weather was reflecting both your moods. The rain pouring down hard and whipping about as the wind began to blow even more. The minute you pulled up to the park you saw Ashton sitting on one of the benches. He was soaked in water. Not even wearing a jacket nor having an umbrella with him. You drove up close to where he was sitting, rolling the window down so you could talk to him. “Are you crazy! Get in the car!” you shouted out to him. Ashton’s head shot up at your words and he hesitated for a moment before running towards the passenger side door. The atmosphere in the car got thick. Ashton shutting the door behind him and trying to warm up as you turned on the heater. 

“Raining cats and dogs out there,” he chuckled, trying to break the tension. You stared out ahead, lips pursed as you tried to collect your thoughts. They were racing all over the place and the fact that Ashton was close to you once more made it even worse. “Could you imagine it actually raining cats and dogs? That’d be really weird…and dangerous,” Ashton continued saying. You knew what he was doing.

“Why did you do it?” you asked, eyes still locked on the rain rolling down the window. Ashton became quiet, trying to wipe the water from off his face as he thought of what to say. “Like why did you really take this bet, Ashton? Was it just to get in my pants? Were you just bored?” It was word vomit and you somehow couldn’t stop yourself from throwing so many questions at him. “Why me? Why did the guys choose me for this bet?” You sucked in a deep breath, mouth clamping shut as you realized Ashton hadn’t been able to answer your questions. 

“You know I’ve asked myself why I did what I did a lot,” Ashton began, “I love you both as a best friend and boyfriend. I always had felt something for you, Y/N.” Ashton paused, trying to figure out a way to word everything right. “You know how long I’ve buried my feelings for you? I was scared that loving you the way that I did, as more than friends, would change our dynamic,” he said. Taking on the bet had changed your dynamic with each other. You jumped in your spot as his hand touched yours. Ashton smiled at the fact that you didn’t pull away. You knew what he meant. “I don’t know I guess when the bet was brought up it was more so a push for me to ask you out,” he finished. 

“Either way our whole relationship was based off a bet,” you whispered. Hand finally pulling away from his. “You say that you love me yet you still break my heart.”

“I wish I could go back and do everything differently believe me, but what happened has passed…you hate, the fans hate me, I hate me,” Ashton said. You both became quiet after that. The only sound present in the car was the rain hitting against the roof. You finally looked over to him. Studying the face you had been looking at for so long. Even though he was drenched in water you could still tell Ashton was crying. You weren’t going to console him because Ashton deserved everything that was being thrown at him. 

“I don’t hate you,” you told him, putting emphasis on the word. Ashton smiled at your words. “More so disappointed…I forgave you a while ago, but I’m still hurt.” You still loved Ashton. How could you not love him? Ashton had been your everything and now you weren’t even sure what the two of you were. You chewed on your bottom lip, head falling back against the headrest in frustration. All you wanted was for all of this to disappear. You wanted Ashton to not have taken that bet and have asked you out in confidence. All of this could have been avoided. Your phone began to ring making your attention turn away from Ashton. “It’s Leo,” you sighed, catching Ashton’s attention in the process. The thought of your guest had slipped your mind. You were suppose to only be gone for fifteen minutes, but that had turned to an hour. Before you could react Ashton had picked up your phone and answered it.