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could you do msr cuddling for comfort pls? (7 from prompt list)

Set immediately after “Paper Clip”. 

“You don’t have to stay here with me, Mulder. I’m fine.” The words feel heavy on her tongue; just as heavy as his arms around her shoulder. She wants to push him away from her and she wants to cling to him here in the sterile hospital room that’s void of her sister’s presence.

“You need to go home, Scully. Where is your mother? I thought maybe you could stay with her for a while.” Disappointment bubbles up inside of her. She can’t recall the last time Melissa smiled at her, made fun of her. The only picture in her head right now is not of her sister. It’s her mother blinking away angry tears. ‘I need some time alone, Dana’, and all she could do was watch her mother shoulder her purse and leave her other daughter, the one who was still alive, here in the dead room. She had not been there when her sister, her mother, all her family had needed her most. Her punishment now is her solitude; the one she used to fight for all through her childhood.

“She went home,” she tells Mulder evenly, not allowing her emotions outside, “She wanted to be alone.” Right now, Scully imagines, she’s calling her brothers and giving them the news. There’ll be unspoken allegations and questions; Dana’s fault, she can almost hear Bill’s voice in her head. Is this about Dana? Charlie might ask, never jumping to conclusions head first, always ready to give his big sister the benefit of a doubt. This time, though… she doesn’t deserve it. The bullet had been aimed at her and she feels it almost, pain spreading in her abdomen, but someone else had taken it for her. Her sister.

“Let me take you home then,” Mulder’s voice is gentle, yet persistent, “You shouldn’t be here.” He’s wrong, of course. She should be here. It should have been her. Were Melissa here, she would laugh at her. Things happen for a reason, Danes. This crime, though, there is no reason for it. No sense in it. It should have been her, not Melissa. Scully turns to Mulder, her vision slightly blurry.

“I’m fine, Mulder. You go home. These last few days haven’t been easy for you either.” He shakes his head and she feels it more than she sees it.

“I’m not leaving here without you. Come on.” he says but Scully remains frozen, her eyes fixated on the empty hospital bed; she can’t believe Melissa has been here and is gone now. A world without her seems implausible.

“I can’t go home, Mulder.” Her voice is barely above whisper and when Mulder doesn’t react, she fears he didn’t hear her. Then his hand is on her shoulder, strong and certain.

“You can stay with me. Just let’s get out of here, all right?” She can’t. She just can’t. “Please.” He adds, his voice almost breaking and finally she nods.

The drive to his apartment is quiet. She doesn’t have any clothes with her, no overnight bag, nothing. He asks if she wants to take a shower and she shakes her head no, but changes her mind and gives him a nod instead. Mulder rummages through his drawers and finally comes up with a faded T-Shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

“They should almost fit.” His smile is warm, gentle, and she mouths a thank you as she takes the clothes from him. They smell clean and faintly of him. She locks herself in his bathroom, takes off all her clothes and crumples them up. She throws them into a corner knowing she’ll never wear them again.

When she emerges twenty minutes later, Mulder is making up his couch. He gives her an apologetic look and continues trying to make the couch as comfortable as possible.

“Where will you sleep?” Scully asks him. She’s seen his bedroom or rather the room where his bed should be.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m sorry I don’t have a real bed for you.”

“Mulder, you need to sleep, too.”

“Nah, I’ll be fine. Really, Scully. Don’t worry about me.” How can she not worry about him? His face shows exhaustion and something she interprets as sorrow. A look he reserves for his sister usually. This time she knows it’s for her sister, for Melissa. She doesn’t know what passed between these two when she was in the hospital, grasping for her own life. Melissa had merely smiled when she’d asked about it and Mulder? He hadn’t said anything except that he couldn’t believe she and Melissa were sisters.

“Scully?” His voice jolts her back to reality; a reality where she can’t ask her sister for advice, ask her to comfort her, be there for her in return. Tears constrict her throat and Scully refuses to let them fall. It might be easy for Mulder to show her this side of him; this vulnerable man, who is not invincible, who doesn’t know how to handle things and dives in first. A man who sleeps on the couch, lulled to sleep by the sound of fish swimming in a darkness illuminated by their tank, hoping his demons won’t find them in the faint light.

“Mulder, I want you to – could you stay here with me?” His surprised expression soon gives way to an uncertain smile.

“Of course,” he clears his throat, “If that’s what you want.” Scully nods and sits down on the couch. It feels soft and surprisingly right. She stares up at Mulder, who switches off the lights before he carefully lies down behind her. Scully, still in her upright position, feels him there; his warmth a comfort she is not ready to allow herself just yet.

“Just try to sleep, Scully.” But she is afraid to close her eyes. She is afraid that her demons might find her here in this strange apartment. Mulder’s hand comes up to touch her back. When she doesn’t stop him, he begins to gently draw circles there.

“It’ll be all right, Scully. I promise. I’ll be here.” Just as a test, she closes her eyes. Soothing darkness, nothing else. Opening her eyes again, she draws up her legs and lies down. Their bodies barely touch and it’s not enough. Scully scoots back until her back is to his chest. She feels him startle and recover quickly. His arm tentatively comes up and lands on her hip. Scully feels the question in the air; is this all right? She takes his arm, warm and strong, and puts it fully around her. She clasps his hand, whispers a kiss against it, and blinking a few times, she finally closes her eyes for real. Mulder breathes against her neck, the steady rhythm a gentle lullaby.

“You sleep, Scully,” he whispers against her, “I’ll keep you safe.” And she trusts him, lets herself fall. When she wakes up hours later, a nightmare or maybe just a memory, he tightens his arm around her, leaves a kiss on her neck that they’ll never speak about again and promises her to make it all better.

And she believes him.

It’s sink or swim in a world above water
So I’d rather sleep with the fishes
Where at least I can dream”

     -Submersion by Pinstripe Hotel

So I’m obviously not doing every day of May, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in MerMay. So here’s is Quin, my mer-kid. He likes to sleep in the pool some nights. (The pool float is filled up with water so it sinks)

and breathe (just breathe)

Summary: His head swims dangerously, thoughts flitting in and out quicker than he can interpret them, it feels like he’s being crushed under the vast amount of stimuli his brain is receiving. Of course, his body’s response is to completely shut down. Which is good when he has the option to go home and sleep until his brain decides to function as normal again.

Not so good when he’s training to defend the universe.

Lance is completely screwed.

Word count: 2098

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I’ve been meaning to draw Percy Jackson lately, so here he is in all of his battered, salt watery, sandy glory. GDI Take a shower Percy. And no, your midnight swim in the ocean does not count.

Art is mine
Do not edit or redistribute without proper credit


first time

◦ pairing: reader x hoseok

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 2.6k

◦ request: hello!! could i request a first time smut with taehyung or hoseok when you have to stay in the same room with him by accident and you two have a crush on each other?

◦ a/n: I changed it up so they’re already dating (sorry I always change up your requests a little, it just helps me actually write them hahahaha im the worst rip), but this was really cute to write! :D

m a s t e r l i s t

“Jagiya, I’m really sorry about this,” he frowned as he straightened out the makeshift bed he made for himself on the ground. This was not exactly what you had expected. You were visiting Hobi in the city, but their dorm was undergoing construction and the boys were on break. Then Hobi came over to your hotel room to spend the day with you, but then you got rained in and then lightning cracked trees down into the streets and it was too dangerous for him to leave. Basically, it was all just one big mess.

“It’s okay,” you mumbled. The warmth of the covers seemed awfully hot tonight, but still, you remained unmoving beneath them, fiddling with the hem of the sheet nervously. You hadn’t expected to stay a night with company, so you brought your silkiest, thinnest, most luxurious pajamas– suitable for relaxing in after a nice hot bath and a book. The heat prickled over your body.

Hobi had been insistent on sleeping on the ground. Of course, you didn’t protest. You had only been together officially for a month or so, and he had been busy for a lot of it. The thought had been in your head since you started dating him, but you were too afraid to initiate anything. “Hey, honey?” You started.

He hummed from somewhere near the foot of the bed. It was too dark to see just where he was. Part of you wanted him to take you rough and just pound into you until you couldn’t see straight, but the other part of you wanted your first time with Hobi to be perfect. “Can you sleep up here?”

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SO RANDOM SIDLINK HEADCANON I WANTED TO SHARE: Link got Sidon some custom-made Opal Earrings for his birthday! Sidon wears them at almost all times (he only takes them off when he sleeps), but he doesn't have the heart to tell Link that the opal's natural swim-speed-boosting effects don't affect Zora. So now whenever Link is near (which is almost always), Sidon swims twice as hard & fast as normal, just to reassure him I always thought it'd be cute for Link to get Sidon the Opal Earrings :D

Thats adorable. I love this! 

Link’ll figure it out eventually though, lets be real here. Sidon still insists on showing off to Link anyway, even after he says he doesn’t have to fake it. 

Its good practice if nothing else. Plus, I mean, with all the little flips and tricks he does in front of Link anyway, I’m pretty sure he just likes showing off. Zora flirting 101 or something. Sidon’ll still wear them though, he loves those things.


*** I only used some parts of the song so that I could try an make it as close to Juice as possible and keep it as realistic as possible. I can’t really see Juice being unfaithful and cheating on someone that he finally had to love him and call his own, unless he was in a reeeeally bad spot, so I’m setting this in season 7 where he’s just a mess. Completely distraught and out of his element, essentially out of his character. Worried about losing everything and without realizing it, ruining whatever little he still had. Hope you guys like it. ***

 (Warning for cheating, mention of attempted suicide and just sadness in general because BITCH 😫💔 ) 

Juice ran his hand over his head as another sob broke from your chest. He’d been sitting with his back to the bathroom door for 30 minutes now, listening to you weep. You’d been through a lot in life, just as everyone had. You had experienced pain and betrayal, but you had never expected it from Juice. You had always been given his love and adoration, and given the same in return. You loved him and took care of him. Gave him a home and a good woman to come home to. You supported him and his club, was always there when you needed him. You had expected his tenderness, not his infidelity. Life had a funny way of doing things though and apparently, some other woman had given him something more than you had and got him to stray.

I wish we could just pretend to be 
Like we always were before, as happy as the Kennedy’s
No one told Jackie about Marilyn’s tendencies

 You had found out that she wasn’t a Croweater, she was just a girl that lived in town and had shopped at his dispensary. She wasn’t a sweet butt that was just being there for a Son, no intentions of hurting you. She was a girl that had gotten with your man because she wanted him and apparently he had wanted her too. You weren’t sure what hurt more. You had your suspicions, his calls coming less frequently, his time at home getting smaller. The thought had been at the back of your mind for weeks, eating at you and ripping apart your heart a little more each day. But you tried to ignore it. To push back the thought of not being enough for the man you loved. You had been with Juice for years, since Queens. Married at 18, not counting the days of how long you’d been together. It felt like you had spent your whole life with him and you found it hard to remember a life before him, without him. You didn’t want to believe that all this time of your life had been in vain. That you would lose the one that meant everything to you. You couldn’t.

 Ignorance is bliss when you’re married half a century
Life is too short, trying to hold it all together 

 You pulled your head up and looked at your reflection in the mirror. Your eyes were red and puffy, the tip of your nose pink from all your rubbing at it. You sucked in a breath and blew it out shakily. You weren’t sure what you were going to do. You didn’t want to stand for the betrayal and humiliation, you deserved better than that. However, you weren’t sure if you wanted to let this relationship go to waste. You knew you had to make a big decision and you weren’t sure if you trusted yourself to make the right one in this state of mind. Your heart was in shambles and you knew nothing good ever came from making choices like that. You needed a nights sleep before you determined what you were going to do. 

 I want to love you
But if it’s not right what can I do?
Everything will be alright
So baby get some sleep tonight 

 You wiped at your swollen eyes once more before you turned towards the door, unlocking it and pulling it open. Juice immediately turned to look at you but you simply stepped over him, walking into the bedroom and going towards the bed. He stood slowly and watched you as you climbed into bed, slipping under the covers and sitting up. He slowly walked towards you, roughly swiping at the tear in his own lashes as he sat at the foot of the bed, wanting to give you some space. He still knew he had to speak to you though. He had to try to make things right. 


 You didn’t say anything, just sniffled.

 "Baby, please, say something. Anything.”

 "What do you want me to say Juice? What is there to say?“ "I don’t know just…just say something. Yell at me or something." 

 You rolled your eyes, your anger finally starting to seep in.

 "I don’t need to yell at you. You know you fucked up." 

 He nodded and looked down at his lap. 

 "I know. I never meant to hurt you though. I was just stressed with the club. I know I should’ve gone to you but she just, she was a breath of fresh air kinda.”

 You scoffed in disgust at his words, his eyes going wide as he realized how that sounded. 

 "I didn’t mean it like that! I meant a breath of fresh air from the club, not you. I didn’t mean I needed a break from you, I just…“ 

 His words trailed off and he took a deep breath to steady himself, knowing he was just going to dig himself deeper if he kept on that route. He’d kept you entirely in the dark with everything going in with Roosevelt and the club. You had no idea about him giving up info or trying to kill himself or being weak and a rat in the clubs eyes. He hadn’t wanted to bring that home to you. He never wanted to involve you in his mess and put any more weight on your shoulders. He wanted to let you continue to be happy without the added stress of what was going on with him but he was the only one hurting you now. 

 She said, you’re always gone.
I said, The fuck do you expect from me? 

 "I didn’t mean to hurt you or betray you. I wasn’t thinking. I just, I needed to just get away from everything and we kept getting in fights over how distant I became with you. You kept getting mad at me, telling me I was always gone and I got pissed because it was true. I knew I wasn’t giving you the attention you deserved. I was neglecting you and I felt like shit. I was tired of fights at the club and I was tired of fights with you. I got drunk and I fucked up. She caught me at a weak moment. She knew I was in a bad place and she gave me that opportunity to completely take my mind off of everything and I’m a fucking idiot so I took it. She kept trying and I caved." 

 I swear my intentions aren’t as evil as you think
But temptation’s always pushing people to the brink
Fuck, I always lose my judgment when I drink
My only wish is you would settle down and hear me out
I know I haven’t been completely honest and devout
It’s difficult for me, these girls try to seek me out 

 You sniffled again as you felt your eyes welling up once more. You didn’t know what you were going to do and it scared you. It scared you to think of having to think of a life that didn’t have him in it. But could you live with the nagging at the back of your mind from the betrayal? Could you live with that little voice constantly telling you that you weren’t enough and that’s why he’d actually strayed? That even with you giving him everything, giving him all of you, giving him your best, that it just wasn’t enough? That you at your best wasn’t enough? 

 With a shake of your head, you willed your tears back and blew out a breath, running your fingers through your hair and pushing it out of your face.

 "I just need to sleep Juice. I’m really hurting right now. I don’t wanna think about this anymore." 

 Your voice cracked as you finished and Juice closed his eyes, hating the sheer pain in your tone.

 "Can I stay here tonight? Please? Just give me tonight with you. Then tomorrow you can do whatever is best for you. We can talk tomorrow. I just don’t want you to be alone tonight. Let me try to comfort you. I never meant to hurt you." 

 His voice quivered as he thought about all the pain that was swimming in your eyes and he felt like he could hear that warm heart of gold you had, crumbling from what he’d done to you. You nodded softly and he crawled his way to his side of the bed, climbing beneath the covers with you, pulling you to him closely. He held your head to his chest, his other arms wrapped around you tightly, almost as if he was scared that you’d leave him in the middle of the night and if he was being honest, he was. He didn’t want to ever have to let you go. In that moment, he spilled out everything to you. Told you every single little detail, in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you would see where he had been. Maybe see what a wreck he was and even though he knew he didn’t deserve it, you would grant him another chance. Another chance to be the man that you deserved. The man that his mother had raised him to be. 

 You laid there quietly as he bared his soul. Listened as he told you what he had been through. He didn’t mention what he did that night in the forest, he would never hurt you even more by telling you that. He would take that to the grave, but everything else he let come to the surface and when he was done, he pulled your face up by the chin, laying the most gentle kiss you’d felt upon your lips. It was slow, drawn out as if he didn’t want to stop, because he didn’t. It felt as if time had stopped and the universe had given you a chance to feel his love. He pulled his lips from yours, the tears in your lashes glittering in the moonlight that cascaded through the curtains and onto your face, almost as if the moon herself was reaching out to soothe you. As he looked down at you, he tried to memorize every single detail of your face, just in case it was the last time he ever saw it. 

 So if tonight turns out to be
The last night before you peaced then walked out on me
Let’s let it all hang out like a balcony
One last time, the best is what you about to see
So make it worth it tonight, only so you know I never hurt you in spite
Love me like you never will again, it’s our last time
Tonight forget about the pastime 

 You cuddled into his chest, the both of you lost. 

 "I don’t know if I can stay Juice. I love you, but i don’t know." 

 He nodded in understanding, leaning to kiss the top of your head. 

 "I know baby. Just sleep. Tomorrow we’ll see." 

 You let your eyes slip closed and let Juice hold you for all that he was worth. His happiness was something long forgotten, lost in the sweep of fate from his wrong doings, but yours was still there. Weak and tattered, but there. He’d do everything he could to make sure that light in your eyes never died out.

 Everything will be alright
So baby get some sleep tonight

A Promise

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“Adam?” You called as your hand gently knocked on his bedroom door, your head close to the crack as you tried to listen for him. “Are you alright?”

“I…I’m not going!” His panicked voice could be heard from inside, and judging by the volume you could tell he was close by.

“What do you mean? It’s your birthday celebration, your mother has had everything planned for weeks!” You exclaimed, trying to understand why the little prince didn’t want to go to his own ball.

“I look absolutely ridiculous!” He whined.

“Oh it can’t be that bad, come on out and let me see.” You ordered, stepping back so as to avoided getting knocked over.

And a smart move on your part because not a minute later the large wooden door swung open, and you could see the little boy pouting with his arms crossed.

Adam’s face was caked with white powder, blocking out all the lively color from his face. You could see two bright circles of pink colored rouge spread all over his cheeks, along with various drawn in beauty marks.

His coat was bright blue and adorned with intertwining patterns all over it and a matching waistcoat, his cravet had several layers of ruffles and you thought his chin might disappear.

But the pièce de résistance was the powdered wig resting on his head. It had several curls along the sides of his face and a small bump at the front of his head.

“Why is it so itchy?” Adam asked as his hand went behind his head to scratch at his neck. “It feels like it’s going to fall of my head.”

You couldn’t help but snort. “Wait till you see your mother’s,” You told him, walking up to brush down his coat. “Now what is all the fuss about?”

“I feel stupid, why can’t I wear my normal clothes?” He asked, as if he didn’t already know the answer.

“It’s your birthday celebration, the entire court has arrived to celebrate!” You said, fixing the ribbon at the back of his wig. “After all, you only turn ten once.”

Adam squirmed out of your hold and turned away from you. “I don’t care, I’m not going.”

You had to hold back the groan as you tried to find a way to reason with him. “Oh come on, you’re parents would be so upset if you weren’t to show up, I can almost hear your mother crying now.”

He turned his head to look over his shoulder. “Really?”

You met his eye and silently nodded your head. “It would break her heart.”

You heard Adam sigh and you thought it was the end of it until he suddenly grabbed onto your hands.

“But you will dance with me won’t you?” He asked with wide eyes and a smile.

“Oh, I can’t go.” You told him, watching the smile slide off his face as his brows knitted together.

“Well, why not?” He demanded. “Your father will be there.”

“My father’s a musician, he’s permitted to be there. I’m not allowed to be among the rest of the court, it wouldn’t be proper.”

“I’m not going unless you are too.” Adam said, folding his arms again.

Deciding there was no other way, you rolled your eyes and groaned. “Fine! But you have to make your entrance on your own. Then you can explain to your father why I’m there.”

The bright smile returned to his face as he took your hand again. “Okay, but you have to promise not to leave me alone.”

“Of course, I’d never.”

You slowly undid the ribbon from your bonnet as you sunk down onto the floor, leaning your back against Prince Adam’s door. “Adam…are you in there?”

As expected, you greeting silence, something that lingered around the entire castle. The sky was gray to match the mood, and rain pounded against the windows.

Regardless, you knew he was in there.

“Please talk to me,” You said, turning your head so your ear was pressed against the wood. “Your mother wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

Losing the Queen was the most tragic thing to happen to the castle. Everyone felt the great sense of greif and tragedy that came with the news of her death.

But no one felt it has hard as Prince Adam.

You sniffled and rubbed at your eyes with your sleeves. “Hey, remember your birthday? You made me promise not to leave you alone? I intend to keep it.”


Your eyes snapped open as your whole frame jolted forward, but a pair of arms stopped you from going to far.

Once your eyes recovered from their sleepy haze you were met with the face of Lumiere.

“Why are you asleep in front of the Prince’s door?” He asked as he picked up your bonnet and handed it too you.

You slowly nodded. “I told him I wouldn’t leave him.”

Lumiere smiled softly as he looked up at the door. “These kind of things take time, I think for now it would be best if we left our Prince alone, at least for now.”

You looked down at your hat. “Do you think that will help him?”

“At least for tonight, we can check on him together tomorrow.” He said, tapping the end of your now.

“For now,” He started as he lifted you up into his arms. “Let’s get you to bed.”

You silently pulled on the skirts of your dress as you walked the usual route to the Prince’s chambers, Mrs. Potts was following along beside you looking just as solemn.

You’re eyes landed on the familiar door and you reached out to knock it. “The court awaits you, Prince Adam.” You said with a blank tone.

“Just a moment!” You heard Cogsworth call out.

Your hands folded infront of you as you waited for the door to open, moving whenever it did to allow the company to exit the room.

You and Mrs. Potts both curtsied whenever the Prince came out of his room, however you kept your gaze focused on the carpeting.

“Good evening, (Y/n).” You heard him say to you.

Mrs. Potts gently tapped the lower part of your back and instantly you met his gaze, forcing a small smile at him. “A very good evening indeed, Prince Adam.”

You absolutely hated the kind of person your prince had grown into, the rest of the household felt in your pain, but you had grown up with him. And to see him as the vain and selfish person he turned into was enough to make you distance yourself from him.

Lumiere and Cogsworth followed after, and along with Mrs. Potts they started off the ballroom.

You made way to follow but Adam held you back, a confused expression on his face.

“Is something troubling you?”

It a took a bit of effort to hold back the scoff, but then again you weren’t surprised. He was never expected to apologize for anything, so rarely ever realize when something was wrong with those around him.

“Nothing, my prince.” You said as you looked him in the eye again. “Just tired is all.”

Prince Adam nodded before holding his arm out to you. “Accompany me?”

You slowly interlocked your arm with his. “If that’s what you wish.”

“I know this ball is intended for me to choose a wife, but I really don’t have those plans in mind just yet. Would you mind staying close by to me during the night so I have a quick get away?”

You turned your head slightly to look at him with a nod. “I made you a promise didn’t I?”

You were abruptly awoken from your sleep by a light knocking on your door. It took a few moments for you to truly work up the energy to pull yourself from your bed to answer it.

The plan was great expect the moment you stood on your legs you had to fall backwards onto the mattress.

During the ten year curse you were stuck as a painting aisle in the main drawing room. You had made wonderful friends with Belle while she was in the castle, often being the one she vented too when her relationship with Adam was becoming too much.

And you were much grieved to see her go after the curse was broken, but you knew all about her dream to travel the world and go on adventures. Something living in a grand castle as a Queen couldn’t really give her.

Pushing yourself up again and holding your arms to steady yourself you immediately went to answer whoever was visiting you so late into the night.

Upon opening it you had to restrain yourself from jumping back whenever you came face to face with the Prince himself.

“Adam?” You asked, opening the door fully. “What are you doing here?”

It had been several weeks since the spell was broken, but seeing his normal face again was something that still managed to surprise you.

Regardless of his previous deposition, you still found him remarkably handsome.

He was in his nightshirt, though the ends were tucked into a dark pair of trousers. And his long hair was brushed back at the front, telling you he had been running his hands through it a great deal.

“I’m having a rather hard time sleeping,” He told you quietly, his eyes focused solely on his fidgety hands. “And this thunderstorm really isn’t doing much to help,” He said with an breathy laugh.

Finally, his eyes met yours, and you saw the true fatigue swimming at the brims of them. “Would you mind if I stayed in here with you?” Adam asked as he looked up. “I remember whenever my mother passed away, I used to have a lot of night terrors and talking with you always helped me feel better.”

You were perplexed for a few moments, it had been years since even came to your door let alone asked to stay the night and talk.

“Of course, come on in,” You told him as you made to retrieve him a blanket. “You must be freezing walking around like that, it gets so drafty in the castle during storms,” You tossed your warmest blanket around his shoulders. “Here, I’ll light the fireplace and-”

Adam stopped your talking whenever he placed his hands in yours. “Slow down for a second, and relax,” He told you, taking the blanket and placing it on you instead. “I’ll light the fire for you.”

You silently agreed and sat down on one of the armchairs sat closet to the fire, watching as the warm glow from the fireplace lit up the room.

“What’s been keeping you up?”

Adam sat back and kept his gaze away from you. “Lots of things going on in my head at the moment,” He said quietly. “Mostly how awful I treated throughout all of this.”

“Oh, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle-”

“But that’s not the point,” He cut you off as he turned to face you. “You I still can’t understand how you found it in yourself to still be a good friend to me whenever I was so horrible to you,” He stopped for a moment as he recollected his thoughts. “You were always there for me, just like you promised.”

“Well, I’d really be lying if I said there weren’t times I wanted to scream at you in frustration or throw a few things in the direction of your face.”

Adam broke out in a chuckle. “I’m rather glad you chose not too,” His head tilted slightly as he continued to look at you. “Now that things are back to normal I want to be the one that’s there for you when you need me. I’d like for us to become close again.”

You smiled at him. “I’d like that too.”

Adam reached up and grasped your hand in his. “It’s a promise.”

Enjolras is pulled from sleep by his stomach cramping violently. He blinks at his nightstand clock reading 5:02 a.m. with furrowed brows. When he moves to sit up, his stomach lurches, and he staggers out of bed with one hand clamped loosely over his mouth.

He makes a beeline for the bathroom and drops hard to his knees in front of the toilet. He fumbles around in the dark with his free hand to lift the toilet lid, and mere seconds later, he’s bracing up on his knees and heaving.

His muscles convulse with each wave of nausea, and his throat burns as hot bile grates against it. He spends minutes hunched over the toilet until there is literally nothing left in his stomach. He just manages to reach a shaking hand up to flush the toilet before he crumples to the floor.

Strong tremors wrack his frame, and he curls onto his side and draws his knees to his chest. The tiled floor is icy cold against his bare legs and bare chest, but moving is all but out of the question.

Sleep pulls at him, and seconds later, he’s nodding off.


“He’s not answering his phone.” Grantaire announces, voice thick with worry, as he pulls his phone away from his ear when he’s met with Enjolras’s voicemail.

“This is very unlike him,” Combeferre admits with his arms crossed.

“I’m worried,” Courfeyrac says, and Jehan and Feuilly nod in agreement.

“I’ll go-” Joly begins, only to be cut off by Grantaire holding up a hand.

“No. I’m going.” Grantaire spits out before turning sharply on his heel and breaking out into a sprint toward his car.



Enjolras frowns, but keeps his eyes closed tight.


Grantaire? Enjolras snaps his eyes open and shoots up into a sitting position, but this proves to be a horrible idea because he’s left scrambling on his hands and knees over to the toilet as his stomach lurches.

He pushes up on his knees and dry heaves over the toilet. Nausea wreaks havoc in his stomach, but nothing comes up. His muscles tense with each dry heave, and he spends a solid two minutes gagging with nothing coming up before his stomach settles.

All energy flees from his body, and next thing he knows, he’s falling to the ground, but instead of hitting cold, hard tile, he collapses against something strong and warm.

“Fuck,” Grantaire hisses out. Enjolras’s skin is hot to the touch, and the latter appears to be half out of it. “Are you with me?” He questions, voice trembling almost as hard as Enjolras’s burning frame.

“Mmm,” Enjolras nuzzles his nose against Grantaire’s neck and leans closer to the warmth. “Why’re you here?” He asks, words slurring together.

“I came when you didn’t show up to the rally,” Grantaire answers, and Enjolras tenses against him.

“Rally?” He asks slowly as the cogs turn slowly in his mind. “That’s today?”

Worry spikes in Grantaire’s stomach, and he presses a palm to Enjolras’s forehead, frowning deeply at the alarming heat. “You don’t remember?”

Enjolras shakes his head. To be honest, he doesn’t even know what day it is or what time it is. All he knows is that is muscles ache fiercely, he’s freezing, his head is pounding, and he just wants to sleep.

“Okay,” Grantaire breathes out lowly. “We should get you to bed.” He moves to stand, but when Enjolras tries to stand with him, he stumbles and drops to a knee.

“I can’t,” he rasps out, panting just from the small movement. His vision is swimming, but when he feels himself pitching forward, Grantaire is there to steady him.

“I could carry you,” Grantaire tries, voice laced with worry, but Enjolras quickly shakes his head.

“No. No, I want to stay in here.”

Grantaire gets to his feet and nods. “Okay. I’ll be right back.”

Enjolras sags back against the bathtub and wraps his arms around his shivering frame. He’s just falling asleep when Grantaire reenters the room with his hands full.

The brunet is carrying three blankets, and he’s got a bag looped through his arm that has water bottles and medicine in it.

Enjolras watches with tired eyes as Grantaire wraps two of the blankets around his shoulders before taking a spot beside him and draping the third over the two.

Grantaire then uncaps a bottle and brings it to Enjolras’s lips. “Just a few, small sips for now, okay?”

Enjolras nods and takes a couple of tiny sips before Grantaire pulls the bottle away.

The water helps greatly with his raw throat, and now all he wants to do is sleep. He curls up closer to Grantaire and drops his head against the brunet’s chest. “Thank you,” he whispers as his eyes flutter closed.

Grantaire cards his fingers slowly through Enjolras’s hair. “Thank me when you are better.”

yavemiel  asked:

Not sure if you're still looking for writing prompts, but if you are, I'd love to see ♧; One character playing with the other's hair, because I headcanon that Jyn secretly (or not so secretly) has a massive thing for Cassian's hair, it being so floppy and silky-soft! No worries if you're done taking prompts though (or too swamped). ^^

Cassian, it would seem, is drunk. 

It does happen occasionally. He is human, no matter what other people might think of him. There are nights when he just needs to drown himself in a bottle like everyone else, though he usually reserves that for when he’s alone in his room and no one other than maybe K2 can see him fall apart. And he has friends, if not many, and celebrates with them, though he rarely has more than a drink or two then. He doesn’t particularly like being drunk. It feels too much like he’s out of control. 

But sometimes, it can’t be helped, because sometimes recruiting consists of complex drinking games to prove one’s trustworthiness, and Cassian is human and thus his tolerance simply cannot hold up to some other species’. 

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anonymous asked:

After nightmare cuddles with tsukkiyama? (•ω•)

Okay, so you probably were expecting some cute fluffy cuddles or something. While there are some cute and fluffy cuddles, it got dark. Real dark. Oops.


Kei was less than pleased with the current situation. Sure, he was skeptical about the whole idea of a team trip to the coast, but now that he was actually here, he knew this was going to be a headache. The ride was quiet, most of his teammates sleeping a majority of the way. Now that they had arrived, they were suddenly all full of energy, and it was a bit annoying. 

“What are we going to do first? We could play beach volleyball, or go swim in the ocean, or go on a hike, or build sandcastles, or-” Hinata rambled on excitedly as everyone finished arranging their stuff in the large, open room they were staying in. 

“You’re free to do whatever until dinner, then we’ll come back and do some team bonding exercises,” Suga announced, turning to face the team. “So just make sure to meet back here around 6.”

“What do you wanna do Tsukki?” Yamaguchi asked him. He shrugged in response, listening in to what everyone else was doing. Tanaka, Noya, Hinata and Kageyama were going to play 2v2 beach volleyball, Shimizu and Yachi were going to walk along the beach, Suga, Daichi, and Asahi were going to check out all of the little beach shops, and Ennoshita, Narita, and Kinoshita were going to play cards on the deck. 

“You can stay here with Ennoshita,” Kei decided, looking over at Yamaguchi. He could tell that was what Yamaguchi wanted to do, but he never would if Kei didn’t. “I think I’m just going to go on a walk.”

“Are you sure? I can go with you,” he insisted, looking back at him. Kei just shook his head.

“I’ll be fine, it will be nice to just be on my own for a bit,” he admitted, grabbing his phone and sliding his shoes on. 

“Okay, be careful!” Yamaguchi called as Kei left the cabin. He lifted his hand slightly and walked out the door, turning left and walking up to the street. 

It was a rather nice day, the sun was shining and the clouds were scarce. There was one road that ran along the beach, the south end leading to the row of shops and the north end leading into the forest. Kei decided to go north, walking along the tree lined road. There weren’t a lot of people out, an occasional car or person went by, but it was mainly just Kei and his thoughts. 

After about an hour of mindlessly wandering, he noticed a woman walking her dog across the street. She seemed to be having some trouble, her dog was running ahead of her, pulling harshly on the leash. In one swift movement, the dog tugged the leash from her hand and ran across the street towards him. 

“Shepard no!” she yelled rushing across the street towards him. At the very moment she stepped off the curb, a car rounded the corner, and she never made it to the other side of the road. 

Kei felt his blood run cold; what did he just witness? He stood there completely frozen, watching the car skid to the side and the man run out, looking around frantically.

“What do I do?” he yelled frantically when he noticed Kei. Being addressed pulled him back into the present, and he rushed across the street to help.

“Call an ambulance,” he instructed as he knelt next to the woman. She was flat on her back, laying in a quickly growing pool of blood. “Can you hear me?” he asked her, looking for any sign that she could. When he didn’t see any movement, he began to slowly panic. He carefully lifted her head onto his lap and looked down at her face, the only thing he could do was try and keep her conscious until help arrived.  

“Hey, look at me, okay. Keep your eyes open and keep looking at me. Don’t close your eyes, just look at me,” he instructed, more for himself than for her. Her eyes were still open, but the color was slowly fading. Something inside of him knew that there was nothing left to do, yet he couldn’t give up. He could hear the sirens in the distance, but everything just seemed so far away. He focused on the woman below him, her breathing getting shallow and her eyes dulling. Kei lightly grabbed her hands and just held them, hoping to bring her at least some comfort. Even after he felt her still, he didn’t let go until the paramedics got there.

The woman was pronounced dead on the scene, and after giving a statement to the cops, Kei was given a ride back to the cabin. As he got out of the cop car and walked down to the building, he saw his team all hanging out next to a fire roasting various food items. He tried to sneak into the cabin without being seen, but of course Yamaguchi noticed him.

“Tsukki, you’re la-” he began, his voice faltering after getting a good look at the other boy. Kei didn’t need a mirror to know he looked like shit, his clothes were covered in blood and he was pretty sure his face showed just how tired he was.

“Tsukishima, what on earth happened?” Suga asked, rushing over to him. Kei flinched slightly, he really didn’t want to talk to anybody right now.

“It’s not my blood,” he muttered, avoiding eye contact. “I’m going to go clean up and go to bed. I’ll see you guys later.” With that, he turned and entered the cabin, glad that nobody asked any more questions. He took a nice long shower, cleaning all of the blood off of his body, and threw away his clothes. Even if the stain did come out, he didn’t want any physical evidence of the events of that day. He set up his futon in the far corner of the room and curled up, wishing for sleep to take him quickly. Luckily for him, it did.

He was standing on the side of the road, another person across the street with a dog. In a split second, the dog was next to him and the other person was stepping into the street. The car rounded the corner and hit the person, sending them flying down the road. The car skidded to the side and a man jumped out, looking over at Kei with wide eyes.

“What do I do?” the man asked, his voice frantic.

“Call an ambulance,” Kei responded, rushing over to the injured person. He knelt down next to them and screamed.

It was Yamaguchi.

Kei bolted up, looking around the dark room. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Yamaguchi sleeping peacefully in a futon next to him, safe and not laying in a pool of his own blood. He ran his fingers through his hair, trying to even his breathing. He leaned his back against the wall, just watching all of his teammates sleep. It calmed him down, seeing all of them safe and peaceful. He wasn’t sure how long he sat there before Yamaguchi spoke up.

“Kei,” he whispered, worry in his voice. “Are you alright?”

“No,” Kei responded, hugging his knees against his chest.

“We saw the news story…I’m sorry you had to go through that,” he apologized, propping himself up on his elbow.

“She died in my arms,” he muttered, his eyes staring blankly at the ground.

“You don’t have to talk about if you aren’t ready,” Yamaguchi told him, looking into his eyes.

“I’m just so drained,” Kei whispered, trying to avoid Yamaguchi’s gaze.

“But you can’t sleep,” he guessed, earning a nod from the taller boy. Yamaguchi grinned shyly and pushed himself out of his futon, moving over to Kei’s.

“Tadashi…” Kei began, looking down at him. Yamaguchi smiled and patted the spot next to him.

“You always used to do it when I had nightmares,” he shrugged, pulling Kei’s arm until he was laying next to him. Yamaguchi grinned and snuggled into his chest, instant warmth engulfing Kei. He wrapped his arms around Yamaguchi, holding him tight.

Yamaguchi was here, in his arms, safe and sound.

dark-and-shimmering  asked:

any larry shakespeare au's? xox

Playing Shakespeare :

- as he that sleeps here swims  : Louis is used to having normal problems: moving to a new city, trying to direct a gay retelling of The Tempest, keeping Niall away from the actors’ catering. Theatre ghost should not be on that list. Obscenely attractive theatre ghost should definitely not be on that list.AU in which Louis is a director at the Globe Theatre and Harry is the unconventional ghost that haunts it.     (22k, M)

- Star-Cross’d Lovers : “What’s wrong with the bloody castles?”“They’re too dark, they say. They don’t portrait the beauty of the love story we’re trying to tell,” Zayn drawls.“It’s not a love story,” Louis says with a dry laugh. Seriously, this argument is so ridiculous it could be almost funny; if there weren’t people trying to ruin Louis’ play that is of course.“It’s about wrath and family fights and power!“or; the drama club splits over the correct interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. and of course somebody from the one group has to fall in love with someone from the other group. nobody dies, but people get expelled. (15k, E)

- deus ex machina  : Harry accidentally gets himself stuck in the middle of a university standoff that spans faculties and engages him in boarder line illegal sabotage missions all in the name of Louis Tomlinson’s drama club. But all is fair in love and university club wars. (Featuring drunk performances of Shakespeare, silly boys with crushes, more film name drops than metaphors and a bit of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.) (19k, E)

- these sweet thoughts : When Louis has the worst day of his life, it’s only because Harry hasn’t accidentally walked into it yet. Featuring Louis as Ariel in a production of The Tempest, Harry as a happily overworked pastry chef, Niall their cheerleader, Zayn their less vocal but equally enthusiastic cheerleader, Kinder Surprises, stiff peaks, and someone getting punched by mistake (40k, E))

- Curtain Call : Louis is in drama club. Harry kissed a donkey once. They meet at tryouts for Midsummer. (36k, T)

Romeo and Juliet AU :

- I’ll Be Here Waiting on Forever    : A Romeo and Juliet AU where Louis is an alpha prince who falls in love with Harry, an omega prince from the neighboring kingdom (46k, E)

- Fixated On One Star  : Louis is just a boy with the world on his shoulders, and Harry’s just a boy from the wrong side of the galaxy. A little thing like love doesn’t stand a chance against a thousand years of war, at least until the right two come along to break the mold.Or: space Romeo and Juliet, minus all the suicide. (52k, E)

Work Hard, Play Hard

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 4,336

Warnings: None, just fluff

Summary: You and the Winchesters work day and night, saving people and hunting things. You always stay in the same sleazy motel room and then go back to the Bunker only to do it over again. You decide you needed a change and take the boys to a night of pleasantries. 

Originally posted by heytheredeann

“Where the hell are we going, Y/N? We passed like, 3 motels.” Dean complained for the hundredth time.

“Dean, if I wanted to ride in a car with Pepé le Pew and Scrappy Doo, I would. But I’m not, so shut the fuck up.” You snapped at him. You didn’t mean to be rude but every 10 miles, he would complain about wanting to sleep in a bed, take a shower, not wanting to drive anymore, or any other complaints you could think of. Dean rolled his eyes but shut up, and continued to speed down the road.

“I’m with him, Y/N, we’ve been on this road for a while and we are getting pretty angsty.” Sam said with a tiring voice.

“What did I just say?” You glared at Sam from the back seat. He sighed and closed his mouth, deciding it was for the best to keep quiet. The rest of the trip was in complete silence.

You felt bad or the brothers because you have been traveling for 20 hours in this small, yet beautiful car. But it was time for a little nap for all three of you. It was almost 10 at night and you were so tired of napping in this cramped up backseat.

You shouldn’t really be complaining yourself since all you’ve been doing is snap at the boys when they do it. But deep down, you too, wanted the bed you were dreaming about. You smiled when you saw the building come into view.

“Finally, we are here.” You perked up and saw both Winchester sneak a peek at the place.

“Y/N, this doesn’t look like a motel to me.” Dean said as he parked in front of the hotel you booked for the week.

“Very good, Dean, want a cookie?” You joked as you got out of the car to stretch your legs.

“No seriously, what are we doing here?” Dean and Sam both got out of the car and looked around. Before you could answer, a young man walked out of the lobby to greet you.

“Hi, what can I help you with?” He looked at you.

“We have a reservation here under Smith. Dean, give him your keys, he’s a valet.” All Dean gave you was a silent plea, hoping you wouldn’t make him give up his car.

“Dean, give the man your car keys.” You looked at him more sternly. Dean was going to protest but sighed when you gave him a glare. He handed the young man his keys. “Good boy.” You winked at him to which he rolled his eyes.

“Not a scratch.” Dean eyed the young man. 

“Of course, sir.” 

You walked inside the hotel lobby and to the front desk with both Winchesters on your tail.

“Can I help you?” A woman behind the desk called for the next person in line which was you. You smiled and made your way to the desk.

“Hi, my name is Alicia Smith and I have a reservation.” The woman behind the desk shifted her gaze to the men standing behind you and widened her eyes; you couldn’t blame her. Her mouth opened slightly as she took in the beauty that encompassed both brothers.

You knew when you met the Winchesters that you would be in a world of trouble. You weren’t blind, Sam and Dean were gorgeous men but you always thought Dean stood out from his younger brother.

The minute you met Dean, he had your heart. It all started with the subtle glances from him and then the longing touches he shared with you. He turned it up a notch and began flirting with you but he never advanced further than that. Maybe the time spent at this hotel, you would finally be something with Dean.

“What’s the name?” The woman, Amber, looked at you.

“Dean Smith.” You saw both brothers look at you but choose to ignore it.

“Okay Mrs. Smith, here is your room key. I saw that you’ve already paid online.” You smiled and took the key from her.

“Thank you.” You walked to the front entrance where you saw a bell man with yours and the guys’ luggage.

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith?” Sam started to say.

“Is someone jealous?” You turned to look at Sam but he gave you a certain look. You knew Sam knew about your crush on his older brother. Of course Dean was oblivious but not Sam.

That man could figure anything out in a nanosecond. Usually Dean could to but you didn’t know why he didn’t see this one. But you chose not to question it because your life with them was good and you didn’t was to jeopardize that.

You followed the bellman to your assigned room and tipped him when you took your luggage off the cart. You looked at both brothers and smirked.

“Gentleman? I welcome you to luxury.” You unlocked the door and pushed it open, allowing Sam and Dean to go in and explore.

They have never gotten the chance to stay in a really nice hotel room and you thought that needed to change. You looked at the tall men and saw their faces break out into excited ones before rushing into the room.

You chuckled and grabbed the luggage and pulled them inside to lay them by the door. When you were growing up, your parents were always out of town, always leaving you to yourself. They didn’t want you to stay in their house because they feared you would mess it up so they always sent you to really expensive hotels.

It wasn’t like they couldn’t afford it but you got sick and tired of hotels after a while. Then when you moved in with Sam and Dean, you felt like this was more of your style; you felt more free.

Then your parents passed and you found out that they left you everything they owned; which as a shit ton of stuff. You didn’t want any of that and you sold a ton of stuff, making a lot of money.

One of the few things you kept was their mansion of a house. You don’t let anyone occupy it but you pay the bills every month with the money you got. You wanted to keep the house in case you, Sam, or Dean, or any hunter needed it.

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“Ashi, what are you doing!?
The slumber sleeps, kill him in his slumber before he wakes.”

“NO!, I have questions mother.
The Samurai, he saved my life, he-”

“HOW DARE YOU, you know he’s deceitful. He will do everything in his power to deny the master.
You were always the weak one, distracted, unfocused. MAY AKU PUNISH YOUR SINS!!”

“I just want the truth”

“You have failed us”
I loved this scene so much, Ashi has improved so much into something good. The artwork and colors are fantastic here, it’s simply beautiful and power. Just like Ashi development.

{Samurai Jack season 5 - episode XCVI}

Samurai Jack belongs to Adult Swim, Toonami, Cartoon Network and creator Genndy Tartakovsky. Also credit to the person that typed the subtitles.

Dear Journal,

We finally arrived to our campsite. I have to admit, it was beautiful. We could see the big mountains and the lake. Regulus jumped out of the car and yelled, listening to the echo of his voice. I slowly woke up Teddy and got him out of his carseat.

“Hey baby.. Wake up love, we’re here..” i whispered.

“Dadda?” Teddy said, rubbing his eyes.

“Wanna come see the water Teddy?”

“Yes!” He said, jumping in my arms.

I walked to the beach of the lake where Sirius and Regulus were. I layed Teddy on Sirius’ lap and sat next to him, cuddling in his arms.

“The view is beautiful.” I whispered in Sirius’ ear.

“Not as beautiful as you m'love..” he whispered back.

“I love you so much you cheesy boy..” I said kissing Sirius.

“And I love you too.” He giggled.

“Enough of this! Let’s make the tent!” Regulus said, making everyone laugh.

We sat Teddy on a blanket in the grass and tried to make the tent. It took us a few minutes to figure out how to read the plan. Once we succeeded, we made our beds. We brought Teddy’s movable crib so he would be comfortable. It was already dark outside so Teddy fell asleep instantly and Regulus also went to sleep. Sirius and I were cuddled up by the fire. The air was still warm even if the sun was down. Sirius’ hands were under my shirt, brushing against my skin.

“Let’s go skinny dipping..” he whispered.


“C'mon! The boys are sleeping.. It’s just you and I.. the water’s warm.. let’s just do it.” He said.

“You are insane Sirius Black!” I laughed standing up.

He quickly removed his trousers, boxers and jumper and I did too. He took my hand and we ran to the dock, jumping in the water. I expected it to be cold but Sirius was right, the water was warm. I swam to Sirius and kissed him.

“I can’t touch the bottom!” Sirius giggled, trying to swim.

“Here, let me hold you.” I said, wrapping my arms around his bare chest as he wrapped his legs around my waist.

“Much better.” He smiled, kissing me again.

His lips were soft. His skin was soft. Our movement under water made everything go in slow motion. It was peacefull.

April 18th 1978

Percy Jackson x Reader. The Girl Of My Dreams.

He was stunned - the stranger in front of him looked exactly like the girl he’d been dreaming about. The dreams had been occurring for months, making Percy want to sleep as much as possible, if only to see her beautiful face again. The dream was always the same;

He was deep underwater, which for most people would be terrifying but him being him didn’t cause much scare. The light from above scattered in all direction making the water different shades of blue. The area below him was littered with coral showing ever colour of the rainbow. Swimming around him were hundreds of gorgeous multicoloured fish. But none as gorgeous as her.

Hearing a light giggle, Percy swished around trying to find its source, grinning as he found it. He swam towards the strands of (y/h/c) hair peaking out from behind dark blue coral (or red coral if you have dark blue hair). Just as reached the coral bed, the hair drifted off into the distance as the girl swam away. Stopping and turning towards him, her (h/l) (y/h/c) hair covering her face exempt for her piercing (e/c) eyes.

“Come on Perce!” She called out as she began to swim away and soon the only thing he could see of her was her (f/c) bikini. Percy laughed and willed the ocean to push him towards her. Finally catching up to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and laid a kiss on her shoulder.

“Love you Percy.” She whispered softy.

“I love you too.”

And here she was, the girl who had been haunting him in sleep and in wake.

She’s real.

That thought kept running through his head as he stared at the girl sitting across from him. She was looking down at the work the teacher gave us, causing her hair to fall over a majority of her face. Her eyebrows were scrunched together as she chewed on her bottom lip. The pencil she held in her hand tapped up and down as she concentrated on the question. She was as gorgeous as he dreamt her.

As if she sensed his though she looked up at Percy showing her gorgeous (e/c) eyes. For a moment she looked stunned and confused.

“Sorry. Was a I bothering you?” She asked in a quiet voice.

Staring at her for a few more seconds than speaking Percy replied. “No, not at all. You just look familiar. My name is Percy Jackson.”

“I’m (y/n) (l/n), nice to meet you.”
Liam Payne to have mansion renovated ahead of arrival of first child with Cheryl
LIAM PAYNE is getting his mansion in shape ahead of the arrival of his first child with popstar girlfriend CHERYL next month. Construction work is underway at his Sussex six bedroom manor after pla…

LIAM PAYNE is getting his mansion in shape ahead of the arrival of his first child with popstar girlfriend CHERYL next month.

Construction work is underway at his Sussex six bedroom manor after planning permission was granted for some big renovations…but, no, it’s not to turn his ONE DIRECTION trophy room into a nursery.

Instead Liam is converting three garages into a giant snooker room as well as building a big underground gym and swimming pool.

Looks like the dad-to-be isn’t quite ready to grow up just yet. Better hope all that building work clanging and crashing is done with by the time his newborn is here.

We doubt baby – or his exhausted other half – will be very impressed to lose out on their beauty sleep just so he can play The Big Break with pals.

2 points here - Sussex mansion?  What happened to Surrey?  They’re completely different counties a lot of miles away from each other.  And didn’t we have a very similar story complete with pictures of plans last year? 

Sex Bucket List

Summary: this was for @winchester-smut‘s August challenge! My prompt was shower/bath/pool, and I chose pool for this one :-)

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 3.3k

Warnings: smut, slight dirty talk, language

A/N: this kinda sucks imo idk I hope y'all like it!

Originally posted by natalieslusarek

You finally had a day off from the world of hunting, which was a very rare occurrence, so you decided to live it up by relaxing aaaall day long. Specifically, you were going to spend it relaxing by your private pool at your house.

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