as he that sleeps here swim

“What do you think, I just  went  down to the local ghost Top Shop?”

as he that sleeps here swim, Where harry is a ghost and louis is drama director. this is interesting, sweet and bitter at the same time. I love it…i love how the story flow and how lonely i feel when i read about Harry. i’m still not into ziam - but fully enjoying how sweet louis is. .

okay, painting is more fun than i expected… gotta do some more :D

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Best AUs you've ever read?

I can’t decide x’D I love AUs so much, to be honest i always skip canonical fic and goes to AU, Anyway,  end up make a really long list :

  • As He That Sleeps Here Swim , ghost AU,  - or spirit harry, or idk… but harry is not human, there’s globe and shakespeare (i never ever can be done with this xD even though i don’t read any shakespeare at all before)
  • a million roses (bathed in rock n’ roll) , LANA DEL REY AU,  i love this so much, everything in it (well i even made a comic of it soo….)
  • Loathy, arthurian AU, elf and knight and swords and king, and harry is not pretty in it… it’s kind of different with what i usually read. really good.
  • From Eight Until Late, I Think About You , Youtuber AU, this is just really cute, all of them have youtube channel and do weird challenges just like what youtuber usually do 
  • i wanna be your lover, baby, i wanna be your man , Fleet week AU, i don’t even know what fleet week is until i search google because this fic makes me curious and aww-ing too much
  • Outwit, Outplay, Outlast - survivor (TV SHOW) AU - this is just really fun to read xD and i never really imagine them on that tv show, but it works pretty well
  • Has Me By My Heart , Con Artist AU this one is really fun, harry is con artist and louis has record label, and niall is so so resourceful. I think this one is the one that made me so into ziall as side pairing at the end eheh
  • no grave can hold my body down, Ghost AU , but in this one harry and louis are human, the other boys are ghost in a haunted house that gems dare harry and louis spend a night in. 
  •  Who Painted the Moon Black, Hunger Games AU , i only watched hunger games several times, so i don’t really know the book. beware of angst and killing and hungar games… but this is really good, i love lottie in it.
  •  Pretty Boy, Prostitute AU and royalty AU, prostitute harry and louis is prince of england, i always have a thing for hooker!harry, but this one is my favorite of favorite :’D
  • As We Are, royalty AU harry is the prince, louis is one of JK corden worker. James is something like olivia pope? - fixing public images and stuff, and this is really good :’0
  • surrender to the afterglow, President AU, Lawschool student Harry and Politiican Louis, i like how it’s written not in a usual timeline
  • We Made These Memories for Ourselves , Family AU, because of course footballer louis and bakery owner harry and mpreg, is still one of best combination ever :’)
  • Kiss From A Rose, Rockstar x Model AU, shamelessly reccing my own fic because we need more rockstar louis and model harry :’DD

i’m now in the middle of reading escapade and the cowboy fic :’D they’re already good even when i just started, i want to rec it but maybe after i finished them. 

Anyway, I remember I read a dancing AU, Zoo Keeper AU and wedding planner AU before but i really forget what’s the title, i really want to re-read it again. tell me if someone know? :)

Sousuke and Makoto cuddle nights in~

(Still consider that they are hiding their relationship because they are giant embarrassing trees)

Imagine like makos parents and the twins going away for the weekend to see Granny and Grandpa Tachibana.

And Makoto stays at home to “study”. (Much to the twins dismay)

He invites sousuke over for a sneaky sleep over?

And Sousuke tells Rin he’s going to go stay with his family for the weekend and Rin is like “Oh okay, you just leave me here with Dummer and Dummer (Ai and Momo)”

So he sneaks over to Makoto’s and he’s really excited and giddy? Like Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he’s gonna snuggle with his boyfriend (and maybe get some… Wink wonk ;)))

He turns up at makos door and is greeted by mako in joggy bottoms and a hoodie and his secret weapon… His glasses.

They curl up on the sofa with pizza and coke (sousuke’s favourite) and just cuddle and feed each other pizza and watching movies (I think they’d really enjoy superhero movies? Like spider man or batman?)

And Sousuke looks down to see makoto has dozed off and it’s the cutest thing in the world. His hair is all fluffy and sticky-upy, his glasses are falling off his nose and he looks so content? And Sousuke just sighs and smiles and gives him a little smooch on the cheek.

Makoto wakes up when he feels the warmth on his cheek and blushes like beat red, making sousuke laugh.

They decide to go to bed since they are both a little sleepy.

And Sousuke asks “Where’s the guest room I’ll sleep in there”

And makoto gets all fidgety and starts to blush as he stammers out “Y-y-you c-c-can… S-s-sleep w-w-with…”

And Sousuke cottons on to what makoto is trying to say and just gives him a little smile and says
“Makoto Tachibana, are you inviting me to sleep with you?”

And makoto just nods, still fidgeting like mad.

Sousuke pulls him in for the tightest hug, sending an intense feeling of warmth to Makoto’s entire being.

“I warn you… I’m a bit of a cuddler”

“I don’t mind sousuke… I don’t mind one bit”
as he that sleeps here swims

By Acavall

Louis is used to having normal problems: moving to a new city, trying to direct a gay retelling of The Tempest, keeping Niall away from the actors’ catering. Theatre ghost should not be on that list. Obscenely attractive theatre ghost should definitely not be on that list. 
AU in which Louis is a director at the Globe Theatre and Harry is the unconventional ghost that haunts it.

Oneshot, Ao3, to be (or not) series

"The Prince of Darkness" Chapter 3: Warnings (Sneak Peek)

Sorry for the delay. I had a busy weekend, including going to Dorney Park yesterday. When I got home, I was too tired to do much of anything.

Robin wandered the woods, unable to sleep. He had had a close call with Regina that afternoon. But he was unable to resist the urge to see his son learn to swim. Roland looked so happy and he appeared to be making friends. Living with Regina was doing him good.

            He stopped, finding himself outside Regina’s vault. His late night walks often brought him here. Sometimes she was there, most times she wasn’t. Robin would bask in the memories before moving on.

Tonight, candlelight glowed from inside. Regina was there. And this time, he descended the stairs into her private retreat.

Regina stood at the end of the main room, holding his dagger. He had never asked but always assumed she had been the one to take the dagger. Like Rumpelstiltskin before him, he only trusted it in the hands of the woman he loved.

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Unlucky in Love- Part 1

Summary: Dan doesn’t believe in true love, soulmates, or “The One”. Dan has never been in a genuine relationship. He has been used, cheated on, and worse. But when he literally stumbles upon a boy with eyes you could swim in, he starts to hope that he could have some luck after all.

Triggers: Swearing, depressive situations- be safe

Part Word Count: 1162

A/N I thought I’d try my hand at writing a legitimate phanfic for Tumblr. Here’s to hoping I’m not too shabby and I manage to keep up with my updates, woo


Dan groaned miserably as he rolled over on bed to check the time. “6 in the morning?” He growled in frustration. Nothing ever seemed right anymore. He couldn’t even sleep in and be lazy properly anymore. Not after his last relationship ending the way it did.

After his seventh relationship failing as horribly as all the previous ones, Dan had truely been over it. How could one person possibly have this much failure in relationships? The overhanging thought of inevitable heartbreak and perpetual loneliness had left him in an empty state for almost a month now.

Unable to fall asleep again, Dan rolled out of his bed and dragged himself into the kitchen.

He fixed himself a bowl of cereal before slouching onto his couch. When he switched on the television, some chick flick flashed onto the screen. Some girl was venting about how her boyfriend cheated on her to her friends. “Trust me, honey, that’s how it always goes. Don’t even bother,” Dan mumbled with a mouthful of cereal before switching on The Great British Bake Off. “Much better.”

About an hour later, while mindlessly scrolling through Tumblr, Dan realized he was bored. Like, really bored. Everything in his surroundings was dull and he hated it. He snapped his laptop closed and pushed it off his lap, standing up and stretching. Dan decided he could use a coffee after waking up at such an ungodly hour. He changed out of his lounge wear, pulled on his shoes, and grabbed his wallet and keys. “Starbucks. That’s sounds perfect right now, ” he announced to nobody before walking out of his front door.

London seemed particularly grey, today. Of course it did. Dan thought. Nothing could be lovely enough, could it? When Dan got to Starbucks, they informed him they ran out of caramel  a few minutes ago, and he couldn’t get his caramel macchiato. Dan internally screamed in frustration, but on the outside smiled politely and ordered a vanilla latte, instead. 

It certainly wasn’t the same. His coffee tasted of disappointment. Disappointment and vanilla. Dan sat in a corner away from the public hustle and bustle going on within the cafe. He looked out the steamy window at the grey city outside. 

“Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?” a voice asked. Dan looked up and met the eyes of a petite blonde girl. She held a coffee in her hands and looked down at him expectantly. 

“No,” Dan replied dully. She grinned and took a seat across from him. Dan avoided looking at her, instead turning is attention to the window once more.

“My name’s Macy,” the girl announced, apparently unaware of Dan’s lack of a social mood. He grunted in response, without so much as a glance in her direction. She was unfazed. “What’s wrong grumpy?” Her perky tone was unwavering.

Dan sighed. “It’s been a long day.”

“It’s not even noon.”

“Exactly! I woke up at six this morning. And by six fifteen I was done with today!” Dan groaned, raising his tone.

Macy still seemed pretty upbeat. “Maybe you just need a good time to get your mind off things. If I gave you my number-” Dan cut her off.

“Save it, Macy. I’m not looking for a girlfriend. It was relationships that ruined me. They sure as hell aren’t going to be the fucking solution!” He snapped. Others began looking in their direction. Macy’s lower lip quivered at Dan’s sudden rage towards her. Dan felt bad, but he held his ground. The girl stood up, snatched her coffee, and ran out of the cafe. Some people started glaring at him.

It became obvious he’d made the girl cry. Shit. Dan made his way out of Starbucks as well, avoiding eye contact with the angry strangers. Dan felt bad he’d shouted at the girl, he did. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t being honest.

Macy was pretty, and she seemed really nice. They all start out that way. Then they change, and the next thing you know, you’re total strangers. Then they cheat on you or dump you out of the blue, and you’re left wondering what you did wrong. Dan was sick of it. He turned up his jacket collar and began to make his way home when-


Dan had collided with someone and was knocked on top of them. They both went down and landed on the sidewalk. Dan was awkwardly straddling the stranger’s waist and propped himself up with a hand on either side of their head. After wincing in pain from the collision, he looked down and met a pair of gorgeous blue eyes. A boy with a black fringe haircut from 2006 was smiling up at him.

“Hi,” he said, slightly out of breath. Dan couldn’t help but smile back. The boy was gorgeous, he’d give him that.

“Hey,” Dan mumbled back.

“Have a nice trip?” the boy asked. Dan felt his cheeks flush red. The boy grinned even wider.

“Sorry,” He apologized, picking himself up off of the stranger, He offered his hand to the boy, helping him to his feet as well. Dan felt a small bit of himself want to get to know this boy. He quickly crushed the thought, scolding himself. He turned to walk away without another word, when the boy caught his wrist.

“Hey, wait! You can’t just crash into me all attractively and then leave me hanging!” the stranger begged, making Dan blush again. Stop it. Don’t fall for it. He scolded himself. 

“You think I’m attractive?” Dan responded without thinking. Dammit Daniel.

“Do you not own a mirror? Hell yes,” the boy continued to flirt with him. Dan really hated how much he enjoyed this conversation.

“I…uh, well, you’re not so bad yourself,” Dan said again without another thought, Shut up, Dan!

“My name’s Phil. I’d love to take you out sometime, if you want,” Phil suggested. Aand there it is.

“I’m Dan. But I…” Dan stopped, making sure he didn’t accidentally agree to this date. He wasn’t going to make that mistake anymore. Phil looked at him, awaiting Dan’s response. 

“I can’t,” Dan finished. Phil looked slightly surprised.

“Oh, I’m really sorry. I- I didn’t mean to… I just thought- I mean,” Phil stuttered, getting really flustered and his face turning red.

“No no no, Phil, it’s not your fault. It’s… it’s my problem,” Dan reassured him. Phil looked slightly relieved. Dan shrugged, about to walk away again, when he found himself turning back to Phil.

“I’m not looking for a relationship. Not at all. But… I could use a friend,” Dan suggested. Phil’s face lit up.

“That sounds awesome! Maybe you could come hang out with me and my roommate PJ sometime?” Phil asked. Dan nodded.

“That sound like exactly what I need right now.”

Dan exchanged numbers with his new acquaintance Phil, before they headed off in separate directions. On Dan’s way home, he noticed the clouds seemed a little less grey.
as he that sleeps here swims
By Organization for Transformative Works

Louis is used to having normal problems: moving to a new city, trying to direct a gay retelling of The Tempest, keeping Niall away from the actors’ catering. Theatre ghost should not be on that list. Obscenely attractive theatre ghost should definitely not be on that list.

AU in which Louis is a director at the Globe Theatre and Harry is the unconventional ghost that haunts it.


A spread of plum and blue varnishes the right cheek of his face, branding the perfect shine of his pallid face. His head’s been swimming with thoughts of everything, this and that, here and there, a painful pulse riding from his temple to the skull – god, was it Saturday or Sundayyyy…..July?? June. Ahh..  There’s a tang of salt and copper pinching the back of his tongue, and a wet seam of red runs from his nose, falling in thick droplets over the cashmere sweater held over his mouth. Jessuss, why can’t he be in bed? He needs his bed, needs to slam himself out of the situation with a couple sleeping pills and a glass of watered down whiskey. But instead, he’s standing in an unfamiliar hallway somewhere in D.C with a bruised knuckle. 

There’s nothing too recall, because simply to say, there’s nothing to. He’s got too much to prove that he must gotten into some sort of a rough ‘n tumble, but he can’t remember. (a cool breath of hard liquor hangs limp in his mouth, but not that he’s aware of it) Nathaniel Carter, probably not 23 and confused, stands leaning his forehead on the dark surface of the door, relishing the cold solace to his aching head. And it opens. Somehow, he thinks he knows the vague, haze of a person that opens the door. Hi Al, I was going to stop by your place– I have uhhhh…?

He forgot. There’s a brief length of agonizing silence as he rustles a beaten hand through the limp plastic bag hanging by his wrist. Right. Righhht. A sigh climbs from his chest, he sounds tired. Beat up. Haha, see what he did there.

I have, ice cream. Not vanilla. Strawberry.

The container in his hand sweats fat beads of condensation,  the dessert within a thick slosh if anything.Do you want….?

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omg liv what fics would you rec besides mermaid au's??


[deep breath] okay so i actually have a whole page of my favorites HERE but here’s honestly my faves out of those that aren’t mermaid!AU’s (sadly)

my two all time faves are Turning From Praise and As He That Sleeps Here Swims!! (my fave longer and my fave shorter!!)

i love Pull Me Under and Red Brick Heart too! i’m a sucker for these longer-angsty-but-fluffy-at-the-same-time AU!s

and as always, These Inconvenient Fireworks!! (i still haven’t finished tbh but it’s bomb already) psst.. and you can even still buy the book ;)

ask me literally anything before i fall asleep pls


After a long day of swimming in the lake, laughing together on the banks of the lake, and talking, Blake and Jason were tired. As they were getting ready to head back up to beacon Jason had an idea. He turned to Blake and said. “Lets sleep out here tonight, together.” she smiled and said. “That sounds great Jason.” Then she hugged him. They decided to go back up to Beacon to get some dinner which they could bring outside.

That night, after dinner, Jason and Blake were getting ready to go to sleep. Blake lay down on the grass and curled up, already tired. Jason curled up next to her and wrapped his tail around his mate. Then she wrapped her tail around him and they hugged each other. Jason then lay there, Blake’s warm body pressed against his, and they both drifted off to sleep.

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Me: um I think he's just worried about mommy not sleeping, hopefully it will all be ok, but bub it's going to come get you girls L: really?! Me: yep Em is coming too, they're going to take you and noah out to the waterpark, doesn't that sound fun L: oh yes mumma *noah comes downstairs with you behind her* Me: hi I made breakfast and bub will be here soon L: noah were gonna swim! N: weally? Me: yep now eat up ok, Harry are you hungry?-Ren

No. I’ll go pack their stuff -harry xx