as he that sleeps here swim

Salinger dove in the pool. He used to swim, before. Before his whole life was turned upside down and he was stuffed into an institution, and then the Tower. He didn’t have the lung capacity anymore, thanks to the years of cigarettes, but his body knew how to do it anyway. But today he needed to swim. The physical exhaustion that came afterwards would be enough to put him to sleep without laying awake and being angry or sad or elated or a mix of emotions he couldn’t understand. That’s why he was at the pool and he thought it was empty until he finished a lap and stopped to catch his breath. Looking up he started, “Jesus, you scared me.”

“What do you think, I just  went  down to the local ghost Top Shop?”

as he that sleeps here swim, Where harry is a ghost and louis is drama director. this is interesting, sweet and bitter at the same time. I love it…i love how the story flow and how lonely i feel when i read about Harry. i’m still not into ziam - but fully enjoying how sweet louis is. .

okay, painting is more fun than i expected… gotta do some more :D

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Diaboys reacting to waking up on their mattress and stranded in the middle of a lake

((This is some looney tunes shit right here- I so remember that episode with Bugs Bunny on his bed in the river and shit. XD))

Shu - “…” *looks around and shrugs* “…” *goes to sleep*

Reiji - “… Ayato, that damn fool… When I get home, he will suffer great consequences.” *jumps in the water and swims back to shore*

Ayato - “…What the fuck…?*little moment of silence* “I knew I shouldn’t have drank that many daiquiris in that strip club…”


Kanato - *looks over his Teddy, relaxing * “What a strange situation we have found ourselves in…” *sighs* “I suppose I will float to shore eventually… and I will kill the worm that-”

Subaru - “Tch… Damn idiots…” *sighs*

Kino - *checks over his babies before being relieved they aren’t wet* *hums* “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream!” *chuckles and paddles himself home*

this post is for emory @jinsradicalfeminism because i have read a lot of vmin fic… and i mean a lot lot like at this point my brain is a jumbled mess of vmin in alternate universes getting together in some angsty ass way. some good some bad some forgettable  but emory asked for some recs so here are my favs

***general warning for the media we consume not being like a perfect mountain of SJ perfection btw

come up for air: a college swim team au. it’s got a really mellow vibe to it and locker room shenanigans which are always great

it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in: LISTEN. Definitely tied for if not my all time favorite vmin fic. college au. taehyung is weird (what’s new) he lets jimin sleep in his bed out of nowhere??? it sounds weird, i know, okay but listen..this fic is fucking golden i want it tattooed on my face iwant to print it out and STAPLE IT TO MY PILLOW OKAY its so good i love it also so funny

finger cuffs: fucking bless ao3 writer nonheather for this fic. when i said the other one is tied for first this is what it’s tied with. i have read this fic three times listen… it’s so good it’s SO good i made my friend read it id make my mom read it if i had enough bravery taehyung gets sprung in .5 seconds jimin is guarded and has a heart of gold and its sooo good okay okay

love at first swipe: it’s exactly what you think it is. tinder au where something glitches in the system. its so cute i hate it ITS SO CUTE. I HATE IT!!

my favorite faded fantasy: this is a soulmates/dream au and WHO HO WHOA BOY!!!!! it’s so good. i’m not one for too much flowery prose but this teeters nicely on the line especially considering all the dreams being described. it’s so pretty and i just love it

the one with weiner dogs and dick puns: give this fic an emmy. college au where taehyung fucks his professor’s son. let me tell u something…. yes.

oh, gimme a time machine: taehyung has a working time machine and puts in an ad for an assistant. this is short but very cute.

friends help each other: truly.. the best… soo much…angst.. i love… taehyung like breaks his wrists and like can’t jack off?? so jimin does it for him??? just bros being bros my bro!!!

lass die sonne und mich allein : i have no idea what the title means. taehyung thinks “bf” means best friend. jimin thinks it means boyfriend. this… wow i shed tears bc its so good

Shooting Stars and Silver Moons: Taehyung is mad bc jimin didn’t choose to fake date him. listen… beauty. one of the first fics i read and lemme tell u a thing: i fookin love dis

vietnam, fishing trips, italian opera: one of those “we had sex but we’re not gonna date but we secretly like each other” aus. beautiful. *slams fist on table* I LOVE IT also public sex.

forest floors and unwatched pots: jimin and taehyung have been gross but it’s not official and its great

voices of a distant star: SPACE AU. READ IT.

All Roads: a very very sad and pretty homeless au

reprise: i read this accidentally not realizing the major character death and listen…its so good. so sad i cried. no chance of a happy nding at all whatsoever but its really good

fire leaves: shameless plug for my own magic au and also it’s epilogue 

and there you have it. well over 100k in vmin fic. and these are just my favorites i love this pairing even though it has a significant lack of bottom!tae which is a real shame

enjoy! love you!


And Mary sees the last of her boys off to college. It’ll be a little while before True leaves, and Cole and Erika will have a baby any time now. They still have to get married. So much to do…so why are nights so long? Why does she feel so lonesome?

Why did that nice redheaded man have to be only visiting from a foreign country?

(Luke Henry, the triple-bolt guy she met at the swimming pool, doesn’t have a phone! And there’s so much else going on I keep forgetting about Phaenoh’s Phonebook.)


Hi :) Ship pls? All the groups, please? I’m 5’ 6. Birthday in November. I’m American born Taiwanese. I can speak Chinese and English. Socially awkward. Quiet and shy at first, but once you know me I’m caring and I laugh a lot. Sportsy and boyish? More of an online person. I like to swim, dance, sing, read, sleep, eat, and draw. Thanks :) Love your blog and keep up the good work!

I think I’ve actually shipped you before? (I recognised your cute face omg hehe) I’ll link the post here

However, I did add KNK to my groups so I’ll write that up. 

I ship you with Youjin! He’s also super quiet within the group and so somebody that could match that mood would be great. He’s also an online person (mostly games) and you’d have sessions where you’d both sit on your relative computers. The sound of clicks would fill the air and the only time you’d stop would be to show each other something funny. He’d want to sing with you as well, to share his passion in music. 

He did not like being in captivity. Not one bit. The containment they’d trapped him in was well-designed, yes, and most fish wouldn’t care to tell the difference beyond pointing out the cleaner waters and vast lack of predators. He’d even spoken to some, and the best response he’d gotten, so to speak, was that it was paradise. In the creatures own simplistic language. 

Fish didn’t care much to communicate, and had a very basic language.

Still, he couldn’t help but swim circles around the tank, examining bits and pieces here and there - the growth had been artificially started, no doubt, but had grown naturally over time. Were they bringing seawater in somehow? 

The people that had brought him here - or people associated with them - were watching him constantly - no doubt because he wasn’t bothering to hide muuch outside of sleeping. 
And why should he? What point was there in being stubborn? He wasn’t afraid of the two-legged, finless creatures. They were useless in the water without special instruments. He was designed for it.

Currently, he was resting on a stone outcropping, directly next to one of the see-through walls and contentedly ignoring the whispers and mutters and stares of the small crowd he knew was there, watching him.
His tail, long and eel-like, drifted slightly with the current in the tank - there had to be some kind of filter somewhere in here - and he amused himself by filtering air out of water, and blowing bits of it out of his mouth as bubbles.  

To be perfectly truthful, though, one of the main reasons he was resting there at all was that there was a nest of cleaner-fish nearby, and he found it relaxing to just lay and let them work. If the humans wanted to watch him get clean, then let them.