as he is watching her being taken away


Guk Doo’s sudden outburst genuinely made me jump. He acts almost like a little kid seeing his favourite toy being taken away.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a healthy dose of second male lead syndrome and I thought I was going to have it in this drama but nope!

To be honest, I don’t really like his character even as much as I like Ji Soo. Guk Doo is forever scolding Bong Soon, treating her like she’s a child rather than his friend and I hate how he treats women as though they’re weak, breakable things. And as much as I don’t like Hee Ji either, I hated how Guk Doo treated her as well.

I know it’s part of the show’s plot because I can see how they’re changing that dynamic where Bong Soon is the “hero” to most of the men’s “damsel” like her dad, Ahn Min Hyuk, her gang of high school kids, even Guk Doo himself even though he didn’t know it. He’s just realized he has a crush on her but I don’t get the way he treats her at all. I just can’t bring myself to like him very much.

Feysand: Little Lacy Unmentionables

This was a request and you guys have some great ideas, so please keep sending those in! I will write them. I have found that they are fun, no matter the ship or topic, and that they really take my mind off of things. 

I had asked Rhysand long before the war, long before I was even aware of our mating bond, if he had any interest in going to watch me try on some unmentionables. He, being stubborn and guarded against me at the time, said no. The High Lord was less reluctant to decline my offer the second time around.     

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Five Years Later (Part 6) - L.H.

Summary: Luke makes the first advances in adopting his son from Arzaylea, getting so caught up in legal documents and court dates that he’s starting to spend less time with Y/N and Violet.

Pairing: Luke x Female Reader

Read: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

“Y/N, I don’t understand how you can be so heartless about this!” Luke shouted, tears streaming down his face. He hated being so bitter towards Y/N, since he loved her with every fiber in his body, but he couldn’t just sit around and watch his son waste away under Arzaylea’s neglect. “Oliver may not be your son, Y/N, but he’s mine. I can’t just let him get sent to a foster home when I’m willing to take care of him myself!”

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*Requested: Y/N is in love with Minho who is so busy in Paradise he doesn’t realize; he then has feelings for a Group B girl but becomes protective of Y/N when the girl teases her.*

“Minho, are you busy?” you asked casually and watched as Minho carried sticks out of the forest in Paradise.

“A little.” he said and continued to walk as you jogged to keep up. He had taken initiative in Paradise already, and he was always busy being in charge that he never seemed to have down time.

“Okay, maybe we can talk later?” you said and he nodded.

“Yeah…” he said and washed you away like dirt on his hands. You admired everything about him; he was a strong guy with a great physical form and an amazing leadership sense. He’s the bravest guy you know and you would do anything for him. It just sucked that he was a shuckface when it came to love. He hasn’t ever glanced your way in the way you want him to. You knew he was impressed by your brains and your adequate athletic skills, but he never showed any sign of affection. He did anything and everything to protect you, but he did that for all of his friends and Gladers.


You watched as the girl approached him. You kept a close eye on her but pretended like you were listening to what Thomas was saying to the small group of people standing around him. She touched Minho’s bicep and you cringed. You couldn’t have that happening. In your mind and in the Glade, there was no competition. You were the one girl other than Teresa and you had Minho all to yourself. Not that he seemed to want you, but at least you didn’t have to worry about anyone else having him to herself.

You saw him smile. He never smiled like that with you. He got dimples and creases and his teeth showed and your heart melted but your stomach dropped. You knew that he was into this Group B girl and there would be nothing you could do to stop it because if Minho wants something, he gets it.

“Y/N?” you heard and turned to see Thomas and the other people watching you.

“What?” you asked and Thomas chuckled.

“You weren’t listening, were you?” he asked and you blushed.

“Sorry.” you mumbled and turned back to look at Minho and the girl. But when you turned around, they were both gone.


It’s been a few days and Minho and the girl, whose name is Gianna, have been inseparable. You didn’t even deny to yourself that you’re jealous. You wondered what Gianna had done that you hadn’t.

“Hi, Y/N.” she came up to you and you tried to smile but didn’t really succeed.

“I just wanted to tell you to back away from Minho. He talks about you and I don’t like it.” she said and you grew angry but happy. Minho talks about you?

“And don’t get excited. He doesn’t like you.” she said and that burst your bubble.

“I don’t think I can ‘back away’ like you want me to. I don’t take orders from people.” you said and crossed your arms, giving her a challenging look.


“Don’t say that about her.” you heard Minho say and strained to hear Gianna’s response. The two were in a secluded area in the forest and you were hiding behind a tree.

“I’m just saying she’s childish and likes you and clearly isn’t half as mature as me.” Gianna said and you felt like you were fuming.

“Y/N is one of the most important people in my life and you’re not allowed to say these things about her.” Minho said defensively and you came out from behind the tree.

“Thanks Minho.” you said and watched as the usually composed Minho became flustered.

“Oh, Y/N-” he said but Gianna cut him off.

“I’m done with whatever this is.” she said and walked away and it was just you and Minho left alone.

“Did you mean what you said?” you asked and looked at how attractive Minho looked in the dim lighting of the forest.

“Yeah, of course. I’m not ah, good at this, but I like you, Y/N. And I know I’ve been a slinthead and shuckface and full of klunk towards you but it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing. And I’m used to knowing what to do.” he said and you blushed but laughed at his words.

“Well, I think you’re doing a good job so far.” you said and stood on your tiptoes to kiss him. His large hands rested on the small of your back and he kissed you gently back.

Rowan, Aedion, and Evangeline Fanfic (short)

@aelin-fireheart came up with this idea!! It’s basically the scene where Aelin and Lysandra are talking about Evangeline being so fiery already, and Aelin tells Lysandra to go upstairs and raise hell on Rowan and Aedion. And i thought making a fanfic of that was so cute! (I added some of my own bits, like Evangeline calling Lysandra Lyssie)

Rowan was silent, standing along with Aedion, staring at the gleam of the city before them. They had taken up to being on the roof, since he knew Aelin was giving Lysandra her passage of freedom from Clarisse. Rowan sighed, as little as he knew Lysandra, he was glad she was being free of her debts - along with Evangeline, too.
Aedion spoke, “Careful now, but we have someone watching us,”
Rowan whipped his head back so fast with his immortal speed, his shoulder started aching dully. Gods-damn that witch.
Evangeline stepped away from the door, now clear in veiw. Her red-gold hair shone in  the sun’s rays, and she grinned at them. “Hello,”
Rowan and Aedion exchanged glances. Aideon spoke first, “Hello, Evangeline. Anything wrong?”
She came closer to them, like a cat silently trailing it’s pray. “No. Lysandra and Aelin are talking downstairs. I heard Aelin telling Lyssie that we’re now free from Clarisse.”
“And you’re happy, I hope.” Rowan answered. He liked the young child, and he pitied everything she had to go through. But she was strong.
“No, I’m marvelousy joyous! Lyssie was being put through so many hardships because of me, and now we’re free.”
She stood in front of Rowan now, and he couldn’t help but glance at Aedion. When was the last time he had talked to children? Rowan couldn’t remember. From the look on Aedion’s face, Rowan could tell his fellow warrior couldn’t either.
So they stood there, standing in an awkward silence.
“Is your shoulder better?” Evangeline asked.
“Yes,” Rowan growled lowly.
“I’m not scared of you, you know. I was only asking if you had gotten better. Why does that bother you? You can admit if it hurts a little bit, it won’t bring down your manly-hood.”
Aedion thinned his lips to a fine line to keep from laughing. His cheeks were already red.
Rowan stared at the girl before him, too shocked to respond. Flustered, he stared at her.
She stared back.
Slowly, he grinned. “You’re a hellion.”
“And you don’t know when to say you’re hurt.”
He threw up his hands, amused. “Fine, my shoulder hurts like hell, but it will get better in a few days. Happy?”
She smiled sweetly at him, showing all her teeth. “Yes!”
And then she turned to Aedion, and whispered, “I think you and Lyssie should get together.”
It was Rowan’s turn to laugh.
Aedion backed a couple steps from her, and stuttered, “I- ah, what? What makes you think that?”
She smiled deviously, a wicked gleam in her eye. “Oh, nothing.”
And then she skipped back to the door, where she departed. Aedion and Rowan exhanged glances.
“We do not talk about this ever again.”

Heaven’s Mightiest Soldier

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Requested by Anon;  Michael x reader one shot where he ignores her and is really distant and she thinks he hates her (she has a crush on him) but he actually loves her but he doesn’t know what to do about it because it’s a new feeling for him and doesn’t want to make a fool of himself so instead he keeps away from her ? Very cute and fluffy pls ?

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EXO Reaction to Their Child Saying They Hate You For Not Giving Them Something

Please remember, your parents try the hardest they can. I remember being the type of kid that ‘hated’ my parents whenever they said no to me, but as I grew older I started to realize just how much my parents try. So just think before you say. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: He stared at his son with disappointed eyes the moment he heard him saying that he hated you. “Why would you say that you hate her? She has done nothing but taken care of you, feed you, clothe you, watch over you while I’m away, and so much more. You can’t say you hate her just because she won’t give you that new toy,” he scolded his son, looking as serious as he has ever. Although he was always fun and games, but when it came to things like this, he became deadly serious.

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Chanyeol: He was not entirely happy with the fact that his children were complaining about you. He came into the room, standing in the doorway and listening as he folded his arms across his chest. He was getting tired listening to all the rude things they were saying about you. “Hey! Don’t walk about your mom like that! She didn’t take you guys to the park today because she is busy working to help make money, so don’t talk about her like that,” he warned them.

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Chen: “No, I hate mom! She makes things so unfair!” Your daughter complained to Jongdae as he stormed out of the kitchen. Jongdae took her into another room so that they could talk about it. He listened to everything that she had to say about you and why exactly she was mad. Once she was done, he gave her a look that made it clear that he found something amusing. “It is funny that you would honestly say you hate your mother for not letting you stay out late. Seeing as how she already lets you do so much, it is funny that you hate her for just this.”

Originally posted by zhangyixings

D.O.: Kyungsoo was instantly disappointed the moment his son said that he hated you. He already scolded him numerous times about using the term ‘hate’ when he is upset, but he was even more upset that he was using it in terms of you. He sat his son down in the kitchen, having a deep conversation of not using the term. “You have to be careful with the word ‘hate.’ That is a very serious word, and sometimes it can be too late to take it back. Now go and apologize to your mother,” he instructed him in a calm voice.

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Kai: “You don’t have to like everything that your mother or I do, but don’t say you hate her. We are both trying are best, and she is the best mother you could ever ask for,” he reminded his children as he worked on their food for lunch. The two of them listened diligently, still a bit upset that you didn’t get them ice cream, but they quickly went to apologize to you after Jongin told them to. He didn’t like scolding them, so he tried his best to calmly talk to them about why it isn’t good to say or do certain things.

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Lay: His eyes widened when he heard his daughter complaining that she hated you. At first, he was happy to hear that she loved him because he was scared she would be upset that he was always traveling, but when he heard her say that she hated you, his smile faltered. “Don’t say that. You don’t hate her, and you know that.” He placed his hand on her head and smoothed out her hair as he reminded her how much you do for her.

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Sehun: “Ah ha! See, now I am the favorite parent!” Sehun exclaimed in a taunting manner when his son told him that he did not like you anymore. “And you said you couldn’t buy love,” he teased you as he handed the chocolate bar to his son. You rolled your eyes, getting a sweet kiss from him. “I’m just kidding, don’t say that sort of thing. Kids who get everything they want end up spoiled. This is for your own good.” He snatched the candy back with a slightly wicked chuckle.

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Suho: He never really spoiled his kids, so when they got mad at you for not buying them the latest video game, he felt truly disappointed in them. “I thought I had raised you better. What if that was the last thing you said to your mother? All because she wouldn’t buy you some game? If you get a job, then you can buy all the games you would like,” he scolded them. They could automatically tell that he was in a bad mood because of what they said.

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Xiumin: Minseok didn’t even need to say a word to let his son know that he was mad at him saying that he didn’t like you because you refused to get him a puppy. Minseok simply turned towards his son and stared down at him with his hard eyes. As soon as the angered look crossed his face, your son practically ran up to you to apologize for over-reacting to you denying him something. “Good boy, now go to your room and think about the things you want to say before you say it,” Minseok instructed him in a cold voice.

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Winteriron Aristocats AU Y/Y?

Just finished watching Aristocats again and all I can think about is winteriron because obviously this ship has taken over my life.

For those of you who haven’t watched Aristocats, it’s about Duchess and her kittens kidnapped and thrown away by the owner’s butler when he heard that the cats will inherit the owner’s fortune instead of him. They met an alley cat, Thomas o’Malley who helped them return to their owner (and flirts shamelessly with Duchess in the process). 

And then obviously they fell in love :3

Originally posted by melo0a

OK now what’s the winteriron AU you say? Well imagine billionaire Tony Stark and his kids (course the AU can have kids or no kids, I’m just a huge sucker for dad Tony). One day Obie overheard Tony telling his lawyer/PA/Jarvis that Stark Industries would stop making weapons, and he arranged for Tony to be kidnapped when he was in Afganistan (maybe the kids are kidnapped too to make sure that SI would fall into Obie’s hands with no heir in line)

The Ten Rings used the kids to ensure Tony’s compliance, but with Yinsen’s help they managed to escape. That’s when they run into Bucky.

Here’s where it can go two ways, either Bucky is a suave playboy informant/soldier/bodyguard-for-hire that Yinsen knew from a friend of a friend of a friend and they hired him to take them back to USA safely under the radar. Can’t risk Obie finding out they’re still alive until Tony is back in the tower.


Bucky is the Winter Soldier who they run into completely by accident, and somehow Tony and the kids manage to trigger a bodyguard protocol in him so now it’s his mission to keep the kids safe 

I mean either way they’re completely smitten with each other by the end of it of course. 

(The howling commandoes are totally the scat cats, them being a multi-national gang and stuff)

(I can picture Bucky being mesmerized by Tony’s eyes like yep pretty sure that’s a thing right there)

(There was one scene where the geese thought o’Malley and Duchess are married and I can just picture Tony going

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Because imagine Tony and Bucky with the kids eating at a diner or something and ppl think they make the cutest family)

(And the ending scene too where they have to say good bye and Bucky is all like ‘well, I guess they don’t need me anymore’ but he came running the moment he heard Tony’s in trouble)

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anonymous asked:

Also is it just me or is Mamo weirdly patronizing with Usa in the 90's anime? Like how he tells her no more dates for them till she gets her grades up? What kinda bf says something like that to his gf? Is he her bf or her father? Does he even WANT to hang out with her?? Way to add to her complex of her feelin like she's not good enough for him! It really does feel like he's just doing her a favor by being her bf in the 90's anime...

He was! Way more patronizing after they got together than before.

I remember watching that scene thinking it was funny cause she was in disbelief but the more I think about it ,the more it felt so wrong. You don’t tell your GF that if they don’t get their grades up yall can’t go on dates.Going on dates with your GF shouldn’t be treated like a freaking privilege that can be taken away! That’s like telling a child they can’t play their video games if they don’t clean their room which in all honestly, that how she was treated in the 90′s anime.A lof of people said their realtionship felt like a father and daughter instead of boyfriend and girlfriend.  You supposed to encourage and tell her that she can do better next time. 

Don’t forget in that same episode Rei said this

Great way to add on Rei… 

The Resistance

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Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Poe x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  I totally need a Star Wars reader insert please! The reader was one of the force users who was being trained with Kylo by Luke, but she escaped when he turned on them. She joins the resistance and Poe Dameron falls for her

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Carver watching Hawke throw themselves headlong into danger and every single time he gets that tightness in his chest, the brief flash of watching Bethany be thrown like a ragdoll and the life leaving her eyes, the brief panic he will have to watch his other sibling die.

Carver laying awake at night recalling all the close shaves with enemies and templars and imagining all the scenarios where Hawke could be taken away for good.

Carver putting himself into danger so that Hawke can hang back and cast spells well out of range because at least that way they’re safer.

Carver who cares deeply for his older sibling and can’t deal with the thought of them being taken away.

Save Me From Myself - Part 10

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier x Reader

Summary:  Y/N was the leading medic on the team catering to the Winter Soldier under the watchful eye of Hydra against her patriotic will. After helping Captain America and the Falcon  to track down her ‘patient,’ Y/N took up a job at the Avengers Tower.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

The mission had taken way longer than anticipated. He was supposed to be gone for only three days but it ended up being a week. Steve was worried. Since Bucky came to live with them in the tower, this was the longest he’d been away.

So much could have happened. What if there had been an altercation between him and the Doc? What if his PTSD got worse? What if he…broke something?

With the what ifs racing through his mind, the first thing Steve did was find his way to Bucky’s room. It was empty. This escalated his concern but he did his best to tamp it down with rationality. He wasn’t in the common room. He wasn’t at the gym. He wasn’t with Tony since he and Pepper had flown off somewhere for business – more like a sweet retreat. With each place he checked and found no signs of Bucky, his concern got even worse.

What if he’d run away?

The thought destroyed Steve. It destroyed him because it meant Bucky didn’t trust Steve enough to be there for him through his recovery. It destroyed him because it meant he’d lost his best friend all over again.

Steve needed to talk to someone. Well, not just any someone. He needed to talk to the one person who’d always listened to him ramble on and on about his worries over Bucky. He needed to find Doc. Sure, she got upset whenever Bucky was in the room. Sure, she didn’t want anything whatsoever to do with Bucky. Steve didn’t blame her. But regardless of her own feelings, she’d always listened to Steve whenever he needed someone to talk to. He needed her now more than ever. She could help him figure out whether or not he should chase after the runaway or just let things be.

What Steve saw when he entered the Doc’s lab startled him. It startled him enough that his voice came out in a yell that was louder than he’d intended. “Bucky!”

The occupants of the lab, who were equally startled by the unexpected outburst, scrambled to turn around, and in that hurry, a certain someone turned too quickly. Things – probably a lot of valuable things – crashed to the floor, making Y/N wince.

“What the hell, Steve? You scared the shit out of me!” Y/N accused. She didn’t yell. But boy she was mad! Steve was just staring now. Y/N continued, “And if you say language right now, I swear to God, I’d slap you.”

Steve took a deep breath and took the scene in. Y/N was fuming, obviously mad at him. Bucky was staring down at the floor – at the mess he’d created. He was sneaking up a look at the Doc to see if she was mad at him. There was coffee spilled all over the table they’d been sitting at.

“I thought…never mind. I was looking for Bucky. Sorry,” Steve apologized weakly.

“Well you found him!” Y/N said, pointing to the soldier.

Bucky looked up with confusion contorting his face. “She invited me to have coffee with her.” The way he said it, the unasked question was whether he was not supposed to.

Then quickly he bent down to gather the broken glass and clean up the mess, but Y/N stopped him. Her entire demeanor changed when she addressed him. “Let it be. I’ll take care of it. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” she said to him, offering a gentle smile.

Bucky smiled back as he stood up. “Okay. Later.” He turned towards Steve, who of course had a look of utter confusion on his face. “You should close your mouth, Steve. You look stupid.” And with that, he walked out of the lab.

Steve looked at Y/N and then at his best friend’s departing form. “Did I miss something?” He never got an answer to that. Y/N shooed him out of her lab saying she had work to do and more of it thanks to him.

Did he miss something?


Throughout the following weeks, every time Steve went to meet up with Bucky for training or to just check up on him, it seemed as if Buck was always saying bye to Y/N. It was obvious the two was getting closer but Steve had no clue as to how this had come about. Last time he remembered, she was terrified of him. That did not seem to be the case anymore.

It was a fine Saturday morning when he was pouring himself a nice cup of coffee that Y/N found him in the common kitchen. “Good morning,” he greeted her cheerily, which was returned with equal enthusiasm.

“So…we were wondering,” Y/N said, and it was then that Steve noticed Bucky standing by the entrance. “We were wondering if James and I could watch Game of Thrones in the common room…”

Steve stared at Y/N and then at Bucky, who looked a little nervous. “Uh…you don’t need to ask for my permission, right?”

“That’s what I said!” Y/N exclaimed. “But Bucky kinda insisted.” Then she walked towards Bucky and whispered, “Told you it would be cool.”

Bucky stared long and hard at the Doc before he said in a matter-of-fact voice, “Winter is cool.”

Y/N blinked up at him in confusion. “Was that…was that a pun?” Bucky was smirking. She rolled her eyes at him and turned to Steve. “He’s throwing puns at me.”

Steve didn’t know how to react. Not only were they communicating but it almost seemed like Bucky and Doc had become friends. When in the world had this happened and how had he missed it?

Receiving no response from Steve, she thanked him and left with a silent ex-assassin trailing behind her.


“That Joffrey! What a…” Bucky trailed off, frustrated with a fictional character. Y/N thought it was adorable.

They’d gotten through almost to the end of the first season of Game of Thrones. “I love Daenarys!” Y/N told him. “She’s so brave and good. Who’s your favorite?”

“I like the Starks. You know why,” he said with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

“Don’t you dare!” Y/N warned playfully.

Winter is coming.” He did. He said it. “I could use that you know. That could be my opening line before I go into a fight or when I’m with a woman…” He trailed off, and looked nervously at Y/N. He hadn’t meant to go off in that direction. Damn it.

Y/N tried her best to ignore that last part and asked, “Do you want something to eat? We could order in pizza.”

Before Bucky could reply, his phone rang. It was Steve.

“Buck, I need you in the conference room in two minutes,” Steve said.

“Okay,” Bucky replied, slightly confused. The conference room was where the Avengers discussed mission details or any official business. He was not an Avenger. “What’s going on?”

“We have intel on a possible Hydra base. We are going to take it down. I thought you might want in on this mission.”

Hell yes! He wanted in. He wanted to take down as many Hydra bases as he could get his hands on. “I want in, but I don’t know if I’m ready to go back into a mission, Steve.” It wasn’t a lack of confidence in his abilities but he’d always been one to handle things solo. He didn’t know how he’d fare in a team environment. Knowing that, he didn’t want to put the mission in jeopardy. He was a soldier first and foremost.

“I think you are,” Steve replied. “And I got your back. Two minutes.”

The call ended and Bucky stared at the phone in his hands. Things were racing through his mind. He didn’t want to face Hydra again. The fear of again going through what he suffered in the last few decades almost crippled him. And yet, at the same time, he wanted to. He wanted to face those sons of bitches and destroy them for what they did to him…for what they took away from him.

“You’re going on a mission,” Y/N stated matter-of-factly. Bucky nodded. Y/N noted he didn’t seem happy about it. “You’re a freaking super soldier. You got this. You know that right?”

“That’s not it. They are going after a Hydra base. I can’t. I can’t go through that again, Y/N,” he said. He was staring straight ahead, almost as if he didn’t see her. He was lost in his own torment.

She laid a gentle hand on his arm. He flinched. It had become his natural reaction to physical contact. Still, he let her. “So don’t get caught,” she told him making him glance at her. “Be the Winter freaking Soldier. Take care of those Hydra assholes. And just come back here.” Then she grinned, and added, “I’ll be waiting with pizza and more TV shows for you to catch up on.”

The last made him smile too. She made him feel something he hadn’t felt in a while. He was happy with her. It was such a strange feeling. “Just for the pizza, I’ll do my best to make it back.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “I bet, soldier.” He wanted to kiss that smirk off her smart-ass mouth.

And yet, it was the truth. She gave him reason to come back. It was something he hadn’t had for the longest time – something to come back to. He meant not to lose it. Not if he could help it.

But even the best laid plans have a way of going awry.

Part 11

Day Twelve:  Sleep Talking

Marinette yawned, her entire being relaxed.  While her talk with Chat last week had not taken away all of her doubts—after all, how could it when he had no idea the huge secret she was keeping from him?—they had eventually agreed to talk things out whenever one of them felt doubts.

She never knew he was scared of losing her.  Now she did.

Now she was waking up. Her parents were out of the country for the weekend and Chat had promised they would finally be able to watch the movie.

She still wondered why he brought over an entire blu-ray player instead of just a regular old DVD.


Marinette’s eyes snapped open wide.  She did not say that.  Her parents were not even in the country.  The last thing she remembered was watching Sophie kiss a monster with Howl’s face and she had fallen asleep on—

“…don’t wanna schedule…”

Oh my gosh… Marinette thought.  Several realizations hit her at once.  She had fallen asleep on Chat Noir last night.  Chat Noir had fallen asleep at her house.  Chat Noir had remained transformed throughout the night (she would have to find something for his kwami to eat…  would they accept cookies?).  They had never actually turned off the movie.  And…


Oh gosh.  He even punned in his sleep.

She could wake him like the good friend she was, or she could see how far his sleep talking went in his sleep.

A mischievous sprit rose in Marinette that she did not have the metal capacity to fight off so early in the morning.  With a grin, she began to test.

“Chat Nooiir…  what are you doing…?” she asked in a gentle voice. His ears perked towards her, but his face remained peaceably asleep.

“…’nette…  tell her I don’t wanna schedule,” Chat Noir whined. Marinette giggled, but was waking up herself.  She realized she would have to be careful to avoid him spilling secrets.  She wanted fun, not to reveal his identity. “…Princeeeess…”

“Okay, okay,” she said, thinking quickly.  “You don’t have a schedule.  But she wanted me to tell you that you’re not a cat.”

“Noooo,” Chat whined. “Mama said I was a chaton…  I’m a blonde kitty cat…”

Marinette rose an eyebrow.  This was steering into dangerous territory.  No family talk.

“No,” she admonished gently.  “You’re a black kitty cat.”

“Noooo,” Chat complained. “I don’t want cheese…  go awaaay…”

Marinette clasped her hand over her mouth, trying valiantly to stifle her giggles.  Chat Noir did not just talk in his sleep.  He had whole conversations.

“But Chat Noir, the cheesecake is calling your name,” she giggled.


“It’s lonely without you.”


Later, when Chat Noir would ask for cheese, Marinette’s unexpected laughter would remain unexplained.


Missing twins @heymickey

It had been a few months since the twins disappeared, and both Mickey and Masuda held felt the strain of it. Both of them had faced sleepless nights and meal-less days being sick with worry. The twins hadn’t run away, that was for sure, rather they had been taken by somebody. Everyone freed the worst.

Masuda had watched Mickey start to fall apart, and he couldn’t do much to help. Though he and Cooper had been expending what ever resources they had to find the twins. Masuda knew that he had focus on helping Mickey for now, as he couldn’t afford to lose her as well.

He had suggested going out and having fun, just the two of them. A carnival had come into town, and he figured maybe playing some games and riding a ride or two but just cheer her up a bit. “..Whaddya say?” He asked her, looking at her from across the breakfast table. “..It could be fun.. and it’s been a while since we’ve gone out.”

Being a multishipper while watching episode 21 is such a wild ride like

  • Dokis watching Erwin and Hange talking together
  • Dokies watching Armin and Jean talking together
  • Dokis watching Petra and Oluo kicking ass together
  • Pain because Eren had to see Petra die
  • Pain because Oluo had to watch Petra die and then died himself trying to avenge her
  • Dokis because Mikasa and Levi go after Eren
  • Dokis because Sasha is concerned for Mikasa when she leaves to go after Eren
  • Pain when Levi sees Petra dead
  • Pain because Annie doesn’t want Eren to realize who she is
  • Pain because Eren realizes that Annie is the female titan and he freezes up
  • Pain because Mikasa has to watch Eren being taken away and becomes reckless and desperate to save him
  • Dokis when Levi saves Mikasa from getting herself killed by grabbing her in midair
  • Pain because Levi thinks Eren is probably dead

Being a multishipper is simultaneously the funnest and the most painful experience

I like that his response to her saying Iris West-Allen is “We don´t know, if that´s going to happen.”

Because it shows that he knows her. He knows her well enough to know that she would hate being “told” that she is going to marry Barry in the future, she hates it when decisions are made over her head, she hates having her choice taken away from her. She wants to choose her own future and he respects that.

So he doesn´t say it´s inevitable, he treats it as something that might potentially happening, because he´s learned from the whole thing about his feelings and about his secret, to respect her and not take the choice, she values, away from her. 

I have seen some comments saying how it is not in character for Oliver to want to retire and how he is settling for Felicity because he can’t be the Arrow anymore.

I think that many people tend to forget that Oliver is a human being. In the span of few months he watched Sara die. He was the one that closed her eyes. He had a near death experience where he was impaled by a sword and thrown over a mountain cliff. He saw his sister practically dying and had to resurrect her via a mystical pit. He had his identity taken away from him. The whole city turned against him. Captain Lance turned against him. He had to see Roy giving up his life and leading a life on the run for him to be safe and free. He had to join the League and endure drugs and torture for weeks. He also lost (for now) Diggle’s trust, respect and friendship. He was keeping the woman he loved away from him. He had to do things he hated and pained him. He even had to work with Malcolm Merlyn the man that corrupted his sister’s soul and killed Sara.

Do you understand the dark place he got in? The lowest of lows.

All the above happened only in a few months. Oliver Queen had to take hit after hit after hit while standing strong and making sure his city and the people that he loved survived even in the expense of his own life and happiness. He got to a point where he was ready to become a kamikaze and commit suicide in order to save his people and his city.

And people wonder why at this point he is ready to take a break and he wants to live a normal life? Why that desire burns strong inside him now after everything he has been through?


So people actually want Oliver to simply be a war machine with no feeling and be a super hero robot  that only keeps on kicking ass and fighting? Yeah him being a super hero is badass yes and I want to see him being one too. But underneath the hood he is still Oliver Queen. A man that needs at some point to actually live his own life too.

What about his soul? What about the PTSD he is suffering from? It is not just the last few months. Oliver had been suffering for the last years. He is making progress yes but that doesn’t mean that he is not tired or damaged. He is still hurt and just for a while being selfish is a good thing for him. Taking care his needs and himself is actually a good thing for him. Mending his wounds and being happy is what he needs right now.

Felicity Smoak right now represents for him a chance to breathe again. To be able to be himself. To smile. To love. To live. To have no guilt and pain.

Everyone at a certain point of their lives need to take some distance. Needs to be human. Needs to simply heal.

Oliver Queen right now is happy. He got to survive one of his hardest hardships yet.

Do I think this is permanent? Do I think Oliver will be content if he gets to live like this forever? Especially when his sister is wearing a hood and runs around the city with a bow and arrows? When Laurel is fighting as the Black Canary when she needs more experience? When Diggle is still back and has still issues with him? When the city still needs him?

No. His journey as the Arrow is far from over. This is his true calling. It is engraved to his DNA and soon that need will emerge again.

He will return. He will fight again for what he believes as the true hero he is. But until then he needs to find some peace, to live and recharge and have a chance at being happy. 

So yeah. Oliver Queen wants to retire for now. Let him be. He deserves it. If anything this time away will give him the strength he need to be a better man and even a better hero.

My "We Know" music video idea

Normani does her verse while she arrest Camilas cheating boyfriend, Camila does her verse while she picks him out of a line up, Lauren is her lawyer and does her verse while in court, Dinah is part of the jury and sings"we know".
Back at the police station Ally is a detective grilling him with her verse, then back at court Camila does her verse while on the stand, then Lauren is grilling the guy with her verse while he is on the stand, the jury has deliberated and find him guilty Dinah sings her verse, Camila does her adlibs, the girls harmonize watching the guy being taken away