as gay as larry


Okey, about the cake-gate tweet Harry’s (that now is a theory about the Baby Gate) I investigated a little

and resulted be a a campaign LGBT for the tolerance and respect of they

This is created when a bakery in Belfast don’t make a cake for a marriage gay, they use the words of God and that they only support to the christian family.

They is going to the judge

In other bakery, an openly gay pastor is insulted by a member of the bakery leaving a message on the cake “Love Wins Fuck”, too is going to the judge.

Others this about the cake-gate

Well, we all know that Harry support the community LGBT, but this is interesting because I suppose that Harry tweets meaning more that a simple words or that are stupid like the majority thinks .

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I didn't even know 1d and I already knew about Ronaldo's rumors... saying that this is larries' invention is nonsense. The world doesn't revolve around larries. Larries didn't invent gay rumors. Global warming isn't larries fault.

donald trump voice: global warming doesn’t exist but if it did it would be the larries fault

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Aren't larries like tired??they're missing deadline after deadline,everyone has denied the whole thing,it's been 7 years and their still at it,getting mad whenever Louis is seen with a girl,bitching at Bria and lashing out on Freddie!!The main difference between antis and larries is that antis don't have a problem with the boys being gay,larries have with them being straight!!and honestly the most stupid thing they said was that they created the most beautiful love story!!sure,between the abuse+

And the too much effort of them not being seen together!!i mean Sure a big love story that involved tattooing everything on their bodies and involving a few too many fake relationships and H&L caring more about their fame and money than each other!!What a healthy,loving relationship!! I want one,where can I get one??😂😂😂😂😂


Every part of this is true.

Friend: Hey, can you tell me some of the greatest relationships ever?

Me: Glad you asked! Okay there’s septiplier, destiel. drarry, johnlock, spideypool… *goes on for infinity*

*A few decades later*

Me: Merthur, stony, sabriel, drapple, larry, stucky…

Friend:*exasperated Please stop, I’m sorry I’ve ever asked

auditioning for the x factor
  • me: hi my names parvati im 17 and im bi
  • studio audience:
  • me: I thought I'd get it out in the open now you know, just in case I fail at bootcamp, and end up in a band with my soulmate, and we're forced to suppress our love and only get to show it through a series of tactical nautical tattoos.
  • simon cowell:
  • me: it's been known to happen
why i shouldn’t have photoshop (part three)

So, I was thinking yesterday, why are the stripes on the pride flag straight? Most of the people in the LGBTQA community aren’t even as straight as the lines on their flag (lolzor jokes). So, I decided to design a new one for fun.

This one was my first draft. I know, the squiggles are truly a masterpiece and I should definitely start drawing. That was a joke. 

But, I looked at it for a while and thought, this isn’t… gay enough. 

So, I made another one.

Here’s RuPaul on my gay flag. 

I think we should start printing these immediately.

But then I made more, and I just couldn’t stop myself…

I’m saying what have I done but on the inside I have no regrets.

edit: anyone can use any of these but you have to give me credit and no reposting please❤️