as free as my double chin

Thought I’d join in with #weightgainiscool . In the top pictures I thought I was massive, fell asleep hungry every night, knew the calorie content of everything I ate and couldn’t concentrate if I hadn’t exercised that day. I had a thigh gap and fit into tiny clothes but I was also very unhappy.
In the bottom pictures I’m chubbier than top me ever imagined I would be. I haven’t been for a run in almost a month (love having a never ending chest infection), and while I still have issues with my body image I am soooo free. And I will learn to live with my low key double chin if it means I can eat more than one meal a day without wanting to die all the time x

Hi my lil aliens. (´∀`)
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Double chins for daaaaays. (┳Д┳)
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