as for me i'll be a knight!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brain: go on and tell me the plot of this, i'm waiting
  • Me: okay so there was a king who wanted to have the love of an ice fairy, so he himself set off on a journey with his men for the pursuit of this fairy, but one of his men, his best knight, developed a relationship with the fairy and i don't know if this is pliroy or oturi
  • Brain: what do you think of otapliroy?
  • Me:
  • Me: i love you so much

fuck this i’ll stan every single character in check please and none of y'all can stop me

jack zimmermann? a comedic genius, an icon for the ages, biggest heart in the world

shitty knight? truly the definition of a bro, always has your back, while somehow managing to give off hot dad vibes

eric bittle? actually the softest boy to ever exist, sweeter than the pies he bakes

justin oluransi? ride or die, 10/10 would recommend being his friend, too beautiful to comprehend

adam birkholtz? terrible table manners, flawless manners in all other areas, jaw cut from marble

the zimmermanns? love their son unconditionally, are invested in his life, obviously learned from their past mistakes

larissa duan? no judgement ever, fully supportive, ring leader of the chaos that is samwell men’s hockey and somehow manages to be graceful while doing it

Do you guys just think that in the beginning Kieran really expected Mark to come back? Like he’d probably counted the days he was gone in the sand or something and was always anxious and longing… But he never came back and then he was all alone and in so much pain because yes, he fucked up really bad because he wanted him back. Mark was the only thing in the Hunt that made it tolerable to him they needed each other so much… Because I do and it’s really painful and everything hurts.

She is a tragedy.

She is the main character of my life’s story who always had unhappy endings. No matter how happy the beginning. Or setting. Or plot. Or characters like me.

I wish I can save her from her tragedy. But I think she secretly likes the tragedy so I can save her from it.

Is she a damsel in distress? Maybe.

But I’m no knight and shining armor either.

I think. I think. I think.

Maybe I am the tragedy.

—  Juansen Dizon // Tragedy

Do not come to me dressed in armor and brandishing a sword, I’ve already slayed all my dragons and I don’t need a knight anymore.

Do not come to me dressed in fine silks with a slew of gifts in tow, I can provide myself with luxuries as I’m well-equipped to do so.

Do not come to me on bended knee begging for my hand, they are busy building this life of mine though you may not understand.

Instead, if you must come to me, do so as yourself stripped bare. Come to me with soul in hand, prepare to show me that you really care.

Show me the calluses on your hands from building your own life, the scars on your heart from the demons you fight, the burns on your skin from the dragons you’ve slain, and if you can do that then maybe I’ll do the same.

—  [s.bucks]
#94 // excerpt from a book I’ll never write

So I was talking to @gentlegiantdreamer about some Wadanohara stuff and this Jumbo Shrimp AU was created. The basic premise of the AU is that Cherryblod started growing uncontrollably because of the poison he got earlier in the game and it’s just about him adjusting to his constantly changing size as he gets bigger


I’ve been playing Granblue Fantasy for a bit and I really like it ;v; 

Pretty rough since it’s mostly practice but hope you guys don’t mind me sharing them with you :D

Also, I’ve made a twitter if ya’d like to check it out!

not-a-white-knight  asked:

“ teach me how to kiss? ” [you're not charming you're just a dork]

kissy sentence starters

          The question was coyly spoken, with all the smooth confidence that Leonard Snart was known for. The question itself was incredibly cheesy. But somehow that made it all the more endearing. 

          Of course, Sara couldn’t outright admit that. She had a reputation to uphold. Even if Leonard could see right through her most of the time.

          Cocking her head in feigned curiosity, Sara hummed, smirking lightly at the man beside her. “Now how’s that old saying go? Something about…’You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?’”

Send me a symbol and I will draw my muse...
  • : ♌: As a Nekomimi.
  • : ♈: As a Dragon.
  • : ☸: As a Pirate.
  • : ☠: As a Ghost.
  • : ✿: As a Fae.
  • : ♘: As a Royal Knight.
  • : ✚: As a Nurse/Doctor.
  • : ❂: In summer clothes.
  • : ❆: In winter clothes.
  • : ♡: In Lolita fashion.
  • : ☢: In Punk fashion.
  • : ☾: In Pastel Grunge fashion.
  • : ►: In Cyberpunk fashion.
  • : ᘚ: In Steampunk fashion.

My commission piece by @sometrashland of some half-naked Templars training in the courtyard. :D

So, uhhh…Rylen?” Barris started uncertainly as he swung his practice sword through the air in wide arcs.

“Yeah, Barris?” Rylen replied nonchalantly. He had watched the younger man’s face draw pensively in the same way that told him exactly what was coming next. After the last thousand questions Barris had asked about Rylen’s relationship with the Inquisitor, he could only smile and wait patiently for his next opportunity to embarrass the lad.

“How do…how do the horns…y’know…work?”



Verrrrry well.”

“Oh…” Just as desired, Barris flushed bright crimson.

“How did I manage to miss this sparring session?” Keram’s voice suddenly chimed from behind them.

Rylen spun to face his woman, his fingers already pulling through his hair, and after the appreciative rove of her eyes, he flashed her a wide smile.

Behind him, Barris emitted a high-pitched squeak that would put a nug to shame.

Ahhhh, EGADS! I love it! :D