as far as i could get

My theory is entropy.
This isn’t supposed to make sense.

That’s the only way I can find to explain you. Explain that I am…
While you remain safely on the shore, wondering why I’m all wet

Some stories just don’t have endings–the dissipation of matter beyond its present state, expanding further and further into the far reaches of the unvierse.

I can’t figure this out. I can’t figure out why I can feel all of this, can feel my very atoms being rearranged into loving you, and not be loved back.

I can’t figure out why I’m getting torn apart by the very force that holds humanity together.
How is it that I can go through so much in life, and I am defined by my capability to feel this kind of pain? How is it that I could tell any story, but this is the only one I can’t stop telling?
I know I am contributing to the flux of the universe,
with every broken line.

I am matter, I matter,
my mass
is equal to
the weight of the words you say,
the ones I write
My volume is
the sound of my heart breaking.

entropy–How you have undone me,

—  Entropy (II)

phamilton  asked:

Okay so I'm getting most of my info about the live show from you, and I feel like usually you joke a lot when answering asks but I also feel like you're being serious sometimes but I can't fucking tell ... so is dan legit leaving danisnotonfire behind or is that part of another conspiracy theory from you that i just didnt scroll back far enough to see the start of? (I love all your theories btw, I'm just unable to watch the live show and very confused)

yes, a rebrand could very well be the topic of one of dan’s upcoming main channel videos. in last week’s liveshow he talked about there being an ongoing issue in his professional life and he said that we might have an idea what it is if we’ve noticed him moaning about it (which we have since he’s been complaining about the embarrassing incorrect formatting of danisnotonfire) he also mentioned a funny/clickbait-y title so he’ll probably name it something trashy and dumb as one last piss take at the danisnotonfire brand

Hey… I feel like garbage for asking this but could I maybe get some donations…? My birthday is in a couple of days and so far it’s looking like it’ll be another shit day.

I’m a half deaf, autistic, trans guy with a lot of mental issues. I can’t work. My brother can’t work either because he has Cystic Fibrosis. My dad can’t work because his doctor won’t allow it. (He wont allow him to work because he had cancer recently. He’s also got “chemo brain” that’ll last for a few years because of the strong chemo he had to take)

The past few years have been so horrid I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone without food. We’ve always been so close to getting our water and electricity shut off as well. Along with almost being homeless at least a few dozen times.

All I want is to go somewhere nice with my family and maybe get some decent food. I want to see them be happy. That’s all I want for my birthday. But we don’t have gas money or anything to go anywhere nice. We can’t walk either because my dad nor brother can walk for very long (especially my brother) and there isn’t anywhere nearby.

I’m sorry for the long and messy thing aa I’m just in a lot of stress

My paypal is (with 2 w’s)

If anybody does decide to send a little bit of money, even just a few cents, it would really honestly mean so, so, SO much to me.

And if you could also reblog/signal boost this, that would also mean a lot.

Thank you for reading.

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And it turns out that Mon-El had a secret power that would influence people who hated him to love him. The spell could only be broken by true loves kiss, provided all-too happily by Lena Luthor. Together, Lena and Kara killed Mon-El and blasted his remains into space to get him literally as far away as possible, and the gays lived happily ever after. -my version of the ending

i love it?

anonymous asked:

You've probably noticed this before but in Gang Gets Analyzed dennis says that his file on charlie is by far his largest... interesting...

i think that’s probably just because charlie is the most visibly mentally ill and/or disabled out of anyone in the gang (except possibly dennis himself). like a person could watch any one single episode of sunny without prior knowledge and it wouldn’t be too hard for them to figure out that Something’s Up With Charlie moreso than the rest of the characters

it could also be a way for dennis to take notes on himself without having to actually like… take notes on himself…… considering how much shared trauma he and charlie have

anonymous asked:

Question: What are your thoughts on the James vs. Snape topic and your thoughts on what lead to the cancellation of those types of confessions?

lolol you a lil shit starter aren’t you xD I don’t think you could PAY me to put my James vs Snape opinions on here unless i made an anonymous confession. I get enough hate and death threats just RUNNING this blog full of OTHER peoples confessions! If i put my own opinions out there (though i have before, if you go back far enough) people tend to think I’m biased about the confessions i post and they’re always like ‘YOU JUST DID THIS CAUSE YOU FEEL THIS WAY WEEEEH’ and, no thanks.

but the cancellation of those confessions was because we had SO MANY. Everytime ONE confession was posted about either Snape or James we’d get tons of reply confessions. (this happens with everything all the time but it was the worst with them) and then if we posted the confessions about james VS snape, EXPLOSION. 

we could do days and days worth of them. so we tired to like, stagger them with other stuff instead of making them in order but more just kept pouring in everytime we posted one. And then people were getting mad that there were so many and sending complaints about it and eventually I just got fed up and so I said no more. 

I even took a poll among followers on if i should stop or not. I had overwhelming support lol. 


anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry if this is an odd/difficult sigil request... if you're still doing them, I am in a mixed-status household as far as legal documentation goes and there's a lot of anxiety about some of us getting deported. Could you make a sigil that will keep my family members safe from legal problems? Thank youuuu

Hi back! Not odd at all, darling. How’s this?

“My loved ones are safe from deportation.”

Wishing all of you the absolute best!!

✨ ✨ ✨

Thank you for requesting a custom sigil! Charge it in the manner of your choosing and use it however you like. This sigil is free, but if you are satisfied with it and are feeling generous please consider donating to my tip jar. Like my free readings, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU and 50% will be saved for my move to NH in May.

{Sigil Requests} • {Request Guidelines - please read first!}

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Do you think Spidey acting murderous and generally ooc will be explained away as it being stress from Itsy and Patient Zero having killed in his name? I hope it's deeper than that, because I wouldn't really buy that as THE reason lol.

I dunno, it could be that something has happened to Peter, but then again, that still could be his normal self. When pushed to his limits, Peter does tend to get quite violent and dark, although he generally stops himself before going too far, or is calmed down by someone.

I know I’ve been harsh lately, but I do wanna say 
I appreciate every single one of you and thank you so much for getting me this far. I never thought I could get this far honestly, but it makes me happy.

I may not be the best person, but you guys are amazing for tolerating me and understanding what I go through with certain “friends” and all. 

Really thank you guys. You all are beautiful, amazing people <3333

fairytails-nakama  asked:

So I had been waiting and waiting for a time where I could just binge read Fairy Tail Go because I hadn't started it yet and I really wanted to read it because I love everything you write anyway.. I guess last night was the time to do so. I read from 3am to 7am. I've already made it to chapter 20! So far I love it so much!! I am determined to get caught up before I get too far behind haha. I just thought I'd pop in and tell you that it is amazing and I can't wait to read the rest! :)

:D I’m so glad you like it so far!! I love binge reading fics that already have a lot of chapters out, so I completely understand you waiting. 

Right now I’m working on Chapter 47. I have 5,155 words so far, so I’m not sure if I’ll be cutting the chapter off soon or adding more. I guess I’ll figure it out when I finish. :) 

Be prepared, it gets a little angst in the next few chapters. There’s some drama with Natsu, then with Lucy, so read with caution. :)

Thank you for letting me know you like my stories! I hope you have a great day/night! Happy reading!

First of all I want to say thank you to all those of you that wished me good luck for my Japanese course. That was really sweet of you and I was happy about each message I got. Yesterday I had the second day of the course and I barely made it in time. Living in the countryside can be a bit of a curse when the course is in the next bigger city. But oh well I manged to get there before we started and I could calm myself a bit.

It’s certainly a lot easier to read certain words and sentences, but having to say them out loud is kind of difficult. I failed a few times, but after a few times it was okay. Even had to try out to order food and we should order different things. And in the end someone jokingly ordered a nail. lol

We have a bit of a longer break now and till then we should memorize what we learned so far. We will play a fun little game the next time we meet. And that’s making me nervous again. I really hope I will get all the words in my head and that I won’t do too badly at the game.

anonymous asked:

Not quite a barbershop quartet headcanon, but I can't figure out who would sit where for a long road trip. Does FUBAR get shotgun?

I feel like Bucky would fight tooth and nail for shotgun because “YOU WILL NEVER GET ME IN THE BACK SEAT OF A CAR EVER AGAIN, YOU GUYS”

This is as far as I could get in the headcanoning lol. 

bootyshakerkegrimm  asked:

I get ya. Could I ask for some fluffy hcs of Gyro with a small s/o who tends to get into trouble often?

  • First of all, don’t expect your height to go unnoticed by the Gyro Zeppeli! While he’s not doing it to be mean, he’s definitely going to poke fun at your height in small ways, such as leaning his elbow on your head, or lifting you up when you need to get on your horse. If he ends up going too far with his jokes, he’ll pull you into a hug and apologize… before complaining that he can’t kiss you if you’re down there!

  • Gyro loves to pick you up and hold you to his side through the hook in his arm. He also does the same to Johnny. Let’s just say the three of you end up getting a lot of stares any time you’re all in town.

  • Another thing he loves is cuddling with you, especially with being the big spoon. He’ll continuously curl up and squish you, until you find yourself in a similar situation as a Greek Gyro. That being said, he also likes it when he’s the little spoon, and he’ll often laugh over the fact that you barely even cover his entire back.

  • Now… when it comes to you getting into trouble, the other side of Gyro is what you’re more than likely going to deal with. Anytime he sees you about to make a simple, yet potentially painful mistake, he’ll make jokes to distract you before lifting you and getting you out of there, but in other situations, either you or the person you’re dealing with are not going to be as lucky.

  • If someone is giving you problems, Gyro won’t just get in between the two of you, but he’ll get right in the other person’s face. While he’ll be smiling and flashing his beautiful golden grills, his eyes will stare them down and show nothing but killing intent. “Does there seem to be a problem?”

  • Now, if it’s you doing something you know Gyro has told you not to do, such as go out at night during the SBR, he’ll sneak up behind you and drag you into his arms. He’ll ask you ‘ just where in the hell do you think you’re going?’ with his voice would be completely devoid of the joking tone that you were always used to. When you tried to explain to him what you were doing and apologizing to him for making him worry, he’ll immediately turn you around, lean down… and start tickling your sides.

     “That’s right! You woke me up, and you’ll need to apologize properly for it!” 

  • Even though it’s clear that he’s still upset, mostly out of fear of what could happen when you’re out of his site, some of his loose and joking tone would return as you complained and tried to escape from his tickle hold of pure evil.

sigardaaah  asked:

You’ve been to a GP Vegas before, do you have any general tips? My husband and I have been to GPs and other large competitive events, so we’re not strangers there, but I’ve never been to Vegas so I was wondering if you had any tips regarding the general area?

I do have some tips I’d be happy to share

1) The venue is about 5 minutes off of the monorail so wherever you stay should be close to a monorail station itself. Last time my friend and I got a room that we thought was by the monorail but the stops are actually pretty far apart so you need to make sure you’re close to a station. Luckily we were close enough that we could walk to the venue itself in 10-15 minutes. The monorail has passes available online. Unlimited is the way to go. A 5 day unlimited is $39 and a 4 day is $33. These connect to a lot of major hotels/casinos so they’re great for getting around and taxis will easily cost $40 in a night.

2) Plan what you want to accomplish at the GP. Playing one main? Easy peesy. Trying to see artists and/or the art show? That’s going to require dedicated time and I would suggest giving it an entire day. Sightseeing should also be given a specific day too. Playing a GP this large can be especially draining and is definitely time consuming.

3) Summertime Vegas is hot. Hotter than that. Dress appropriately and bring lots of water. Hydration is important at a tournament anyway. Doubly so in Vegas.

4) Buffets. Everyone is different but I found that having a big breakfast helped me to get through the entire day easier. My buddy and I got up early, headed to the monorail, got a big breakfast and grabbed some fruit for the day. It was great. I still had protein bars and such for snacks but it was noticeably different than other GP experiences. This also helps save money at the GP because getting some chicken fingers can set you back $15.

5) Stand out! I had broken my back a couple of weeks before GP Vegas. In order to hide the brace, I wore baseball jerseys. Now I always wear my NL All Star Game jersey. It’s cornea blinding orange.

You can also bet that people know how to find me with just a glance.

I hope you have the opportunity to go! I’m already looking forward to meeting a bunch of you out there! If you or anyone else has any other questions, please let me know!

                  SO  , you might be wondering where I’ve been & when I’ll be back. To tell you the truth, I’ve been in the middle of a slow mental breakdown for the past week. 

                  I’VE  done everything I could for the past year since coming clean about my abuse to stay enrolled full-time in my classes instead of dropping everything like I’ve wanted to do, & while I felt it was the more mature decision at the time , I’ve dealt with way too much this semester alone — what with ongoing financial aid fights & blockages ( I  still  haven’t gotten my aid ), being sick for literal weeks & getting way too far behind, having a huge depression flare at the same time suddenly became the least of my worries. I felt that it would instead be  immature  of me to not take a leave of absence & have instead decided to take these six months to improve my mental as well as physical health. That being said, I can’t guarantee you’ll be seeing me often — but I’ll be doing my best to keep in touch & keep followers aware of where I can be found & when. Right now, I think I’ll be deleting/archiving old blogs that I can’t see myself returning to & overhauling any time soon; rest assured, places I’m normally seen aren’t in danger of disappearing. I just want to narrow down my pool a bit & make this all as stress-free as possible. And don’t worry — you’ll be seeing me on here much sooner than 20th April. 

                  THANKS  for understanding.


Moar Human Champ!

Because so far nobody made a tutorial on how to draw him ;-;

(Seriously how do you guys draw him-)

Ok so the last drawing (the one with him in the jacket) comes from my eight year old brother’s nonexistent call: #GetChampAJacketHisSize

Welp now it exists. Like, we’re in a time where AI is such a common thing around, people can just wear a space suit and ride some space motorcycle without getting killed, and yet you can’t get a jacket his size????

I mean they could be cheap. Let’s face it, they use the pool table as a conference room.

Anyway! My consistency sucks but then again that’s the point of art :p

Twice I tried to draw him angry in battle without his helmet because I wanted to experiment with raw emotions (especially after what’s going to happen in Space.3——-)

anonymous asked:

how do you deal with not knowing what they're doing for weeks on end... like he could be doing literally anything right now with anyone and i have no clue... how do u keep a guy interested from so far away

You sent me this ages ago and I’m just now getting to it, I apologize but I’m just hecking awful at answering things promptly. Sorry.

How do I, personally, deal? I pray a lot. And the trust that I know my guy well enough to know that he’s not going to cheat or do anything bad, you know? I trust him.

As to keeping a guy interested… Something I’ve been becoming more convicted of lately is that no one should have to worry about having to keep someone. I mean, you should be with someone who wants you for who you are, who loves your soul and all the stupid things that make you who you are. If you have to change yourself or work to keep someone’s attention, do they really love you? Are they worth it? I would argue no.

So if you’re asking for my opinion. You don’t need to keep this guy interested because if he really does care about you then you won’t need to work to try and retain his affections.

imacrazedfangirl  asked:

for 600 you could maybe do a special event (idk what to call it) where you accepted submissions of a bunch of stories/ long form headcannons and posted them all on a particular day or you queued them to post within a week. idk just a thought, it would get a lot of new content into the fandom (which is far too small atm)

This is a really good idea!!! Idk how many other people are up right now, but what do you think? If enough people like this idea, I can create an Official Post for it sometime soon and get it started :0


Tsorgrez here:

“I realized it was not just because of the color scheme that this walking residence had been nicknamed ‘Crazy’. The constant sounds I heard were not coming from some device that needed to be shut off or busted-up so I could get some peace and quiet. Crazy carried on conversations with something or someone only it could see. Sometimes Crazy yelled. I heard it cry once. Drops..its tears, I guess.. ran down the walls and everything. Crazy also liked to sing. It was a terrible singer. My hellacious migraine would not go away.

The lasers across the doorway of Crazy quite forcefully repelled me when I tried to go outside ..someplace far away…to escape the non-stop babbling. I was trapped.

I even tried to start a conversation with Crazy once, when it had been loudly reciting the Fibonacci series for several hours and I was myself going crazy listening to that.

‘Why the hell do you keep me here?’ I asked it. To my surprise, the reply was somewhat coherent: 

‘ Irritants can become beautiful pearls, I was told. Tolerating you inside me is an honor, for I will form a pearl of you in time. I have been chosen, out of all the others, for this miracle, because I am so very special to Number One.”

Crazy radiated a warm glow as it told me this.

 Then Crazy began talking about oceans, then jellyfish (AGAIN! I’d heard this topic before!) and at that point  I looked around for something to do to distract me from having to hear about damn cnidoblasts again.