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Hi, Stan, you look awesome! You are INCREDIBLE !!! How are you working your body? How is your exercise routine? The truth is that you have been a great inspiration for me and a role model, I hope you can share a little more than how your life goes in this aspect and do you have a goal? Excuse my bad english

STAN: Hey, that’s alright! And thanks!
STAN: I go weekly. Three times a week it’s some hard sets and circuit training, and Wednesdays are generally harder.
STAN: Tuesday and Thursday are light cardio- I just run around the block a few times. Pretty easy.
STAN: Weekends depend. If I’m with Kyle, I don’t do much that way. The whole time, though, I watch what I eat.
STAN: Portion control and what you’re getting is critical, especially if you work out really hard. Michael Phelps eats like, a billion calories a day, just because of how hard he works while he swims. Insane.
STAN: If you want to stay consistent, you have to take in as much as you put out.
STAN: But I cheat sometimes. Everyone does. You just have to compensate.
STAN: You can thank Wendy for all of this, by the way. She was a great help. Taught me everything I needed to know.

Papyrus helped Asriel make his costume. Chara thought the irony would be funny if they dressed as a mummy, though they forgot to mention their idea to Toriel and Asgore, who both got an uncomfortable shock when the kids were ready to go. Frisk wanted to be Toriel because they knew it was a surefire way to get her to make a pie for them. Toriel did indeed make a pie to be a prop, but as everyone expected, the kids ate it all while still at the house.



I felt sad, but also needed something positive and progressive. And after reading @tteotl1718 ‘s newest work “Retrouvaille” I felt like everybody - especially Keith and Kuron my smol clone son - needed some love.

So… have this?

(Also: No the first one isn’t shiro//cest, it’s more like a “Shiro accepting Kuron as his brother”-kind of bonding moment)

Yuuri: mattresses are wider in Russia, but it’s not like it really matters (;´ㅿ`) …

What’s a king-size bed to a cuddler  (゚ ω゚//)♡

Victor’s side of the bed is the whole bed, anywhere he can cuddle Yuuri to be more precise. So usually it’s slightly to the left side, therefore about 110 cms of the king-size bed remain unused (they have to flip the mattress frequently).

This doodle has been sitting on my WIPs folder for weeks, time to get it out, it’s cuddles season ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

;)   An anonymous fear submitted to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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just a quick pouty, blushing, younger shiro tryna get lance’s (aka his hero) attention

matt: aww someone’s got it really bad
shiro:…*doesn’t even deny it*

from @punkshirogane’s wonderful reverse shance au!