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So. I looked up Facism. This is what I found.

Facism: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

On top of that?

So… still unsure if calling Donald Trump a facist is correct. Here’s why I believe that.

  1. Nazis saught to DISARM CITIZENS. Trump refuses to remove the 2 ammendment, much to the dismay of the left.
  2. Nazis, Islam, The Taliban, and Muslim extremists seek to force their ideals onto others, to resist often meant death. Trump has not once attempted to force his beliefs onto anyone.
  3. Nazis threatened (and acted upon said threats) other nations who did not share their ideals. Trump has shown enough respect to openly admit his disapproval without threatening anyone.
  4. Trump has put his nation first in a peaceful and fair manner. No aggression, no violence.
  5. During the election, Hillary Clinton had continuously thrown political mud at her opponents (same can be said of the other candidate.) Through media and has gone so far as to insult Donald Trump. Trump on the otherhand, despite his hotheadedness, has shown his opponents complete and utter respect, and has even shook hands with Hillary (who immediately disappeared to the back room only to be dragged back out.) after the election.

Trump is a BUSINESS MAN. There are jokes about politicians being liars! Trump has, so far, kept every single promise he made during his campaign. Obama did not. Infact, Obama went the complete opposite direction! The only thing he did as promised was Obamacare, and we all remember how that went. It FAILED! and he refused to admit it!

Ok. Rant over.

(Please note that these are my opinions that I am merely expressing. If you do not share such opinions then ignore this post. I am not forcing you to believe them or share the same view. And do please refrain from sending disrespectfull hate messages to me if you disapprove. I will shut anon off and post such messages. I do not tolerate disrespect and will show the same amount of respect that you shown me. So do not, I repeat, do not try me.)

premedbattle  asked:

On a scale of 1-10, how similar is Scrubs to a doctor's life?

A while back I gave House a 3 on the old 1-10 scale. I guess it’s time for Scrubs. 

Scrubs gets a 6

The similarities:

  • Intern year (AKA the first year of residency) is stressful in a thousand different ways. You begin to realize that you don’t know anything. You feel like your attendings are out to make you look like an idiot at all times. And you’re pretty sleep deprived. 

  • The patient stories and medicine presented on Scrubs are usually fairly accurate. For some blazing inaccuracies, check my TV vs. Reality tag.
  • The hierarchy system portrayed on Scrubs is pretty true to life. 

  • Elliot’s neurotic personality is pretty accurate when it comes to internists. 
  • The residents live in a crappy apartment and share costs because residents’ salaries are generally not great.

The differences:

  • Those guys have a LOT of free time while they’re in the hospital. Not sure where that comes from.
  • They don’t show the boring stuff like paperwork and dictations.
  • In what world do internal medicine interns and surgical interns become BFFs? 

  • We only see one class of residents for the first few years of the show. Where are the residents above and below JD’s class? And why aren’t there more than 3 attendings?
  • None of the patients ever seems to be surrounded by beeping monitors or a thousand IV pumps, even in the ICU. 
  • Most hospitals have more than 2 nurses and 1 janitor working in them. 

  • Most nurses don’t work ER, med/surg, AND ICU all at the same time.
  • And real doctors know which way the heart should be on a chest x-ray, dangit! 

I could go on and on and get real nitpicky, but I think this hits the big ones. 6 is a pretty good score. I would consider Scrubs to be the most accurate of all the TV medical shows out there. 

CAA is apparently claiming that i am abusive because i wrote fanfiction, correctly tagged it with #dead dove first and #noncon second, and correctly tagged it #cronus ampora sixth.

here’s the problem:

  • because #cronus ampora was the sixth tag on that post, CAA had to deliberately search for this in tumblr search, because it wouldn’t have shown up on the normal tag (outside the five-first-tags rule).
  • CAA somehow found my fic there, even though he claims he blocked me circa 5 PM CDT 6/2/14.
  • CAA found this fic, proceeded to ignore the #dead dove and #noncon tags, and clicked on the readmore anyway.

so, basically, CAA was looking to be offended. and if CAA wasn’t the one who found it, then the one showing it to CAA was looking to get him offended, which might actually be worse.

CAA is calling me abusive because he wants to control my behavior. he wants me, among others, to stop posting in the #cronus ampora tag, especially if that thing is somehow going to be negative towards the character (see: threats of violence, threats of suicide, unsupported allegations of “ableist” and “abuser”). he wants to tell me what i can and cannot write, and what i can and cannot post (see: yesterday’s “dead horse” anon ask).

here’s the thing: no.

i am not going to allow someone to hamfistedly manipulate me into doing things that make me unhappy. i will not kowtow to someone’s request that they dictate my blog’s content or organizational system. i will not allow CAA et al. to frighten me into not posting things in the #cronus ampora tag. they do not own that tag.

i am reclaiming the tag. i strongly encourage my followers to do the same.

i am aware that it makes CAA irrationally angry beyond anger when people tell him “no.” i will continue to tell him “no.”