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Dragons of Dracaren: Virgil Au

So, I was checking @dragons-of-Dracaren’s tumblr, it’s a Sanders Sides Au, and I saw a really cool ask about what would happen if Virgil didn’t make it to the Hatching, and then this happened. Can somebody tag them, cause I’m on Mobile.
Tw: use of “Bastard” as an insult, bullies getting physical, kinda reference to abuse.

“Hey bastard, trying to sneak out to the Hatching? Think any of the dragons would even pick your worthless self?”
Virgil pulled tighter into a ball to try and block out the harsh words, and kicks. He just wanted to see the Hatching, but instead was getting beaten up by Eriel and his crew /again/, for the third time this week.  After a few more kicks and insults, the usual ones about him being a bastard, his fellow servants walked off, laughing about how pitiful he was.  With a wince, Virgil uncurled from his position on the floor, and wiping a trickle of blood from a split lip, he limped back to the servants quarters to lick his wounds, but not before casting a longing look to the Hatching Arena.  Meanwhile, a black dragon with a rainbow tint to their scales cracked open their egg, looked around, and let out a wail of despair and longing, Virgil flinched.
~~nearly 3 months later~~
“Move it, boy!”
Virgil winced at the sharp slap to the back of his head and picked up his pace in pulling the cart. ‘Didn’t they have horses for this?’ He thought to himself as the head of the den kitchens snapped at him.  But at least he got to see the drakes, the only reason he volunteered to pull the food cart for the riders. 
He shook his head slightly, and pulled the cart into the kitchen.  After helping the den servants unload, he made his way outside, watching a few drakes fly.  He felt his eyes being drawn to a smaller black one, admiring the rainbow flashes as it darted through the clear blue sky.  The drake turned and Virgil felt it’s eyes stare into his and he froze, the drake did as well.  Then, with a sharp cry, the drake launched itself towards him, speeding through the air. Virgil barely had the time to process this before a torpedo of warm scales knocked him sprawling onto the cobblestones.
’/Mine! Mine! Mine! All mine!/’ The drake drew back and stared into Virgil’s very soul with deep black eyes.  Behind them, 4 other drakes landed, sky blue, dark green and blue, vibrant red, and a shimmering white one with hints of dawn in her scales. 
“Excuse me, are you okay?” One of the riders moved to help Virgil, but the drake on his chest whirled around and hissed, and though it came out distorted and mangled by dragon vocal chords, the attempt at the human word 'mine’ was glaringly obvious.  The  rider moved back and exchanged glances with the others, but Virgil didn’t have time to get anxious about that, because the head of the den kitchens rushed out, and he couldn’t help the wave of fear at the sight of the portly man.  A rush of anger poured through him, foreign but somehow it felt right, and the drake, /Caru/, his mind supplied helpfully, and stalked towards the man, making the garbled mine sounds again. 
Virgil pulled himself to his knees and, and with his hand outstreched, cried out “Stop!”
Caru froze, inches away from their prey and bounded back to their newly discovered rider.  They came face to face with Virgil and let out a puff of warm air before they moved forward and pressed their snout to his forehead.  The wave of sheer happiness and relief nearly overwhelmed him, but he had enough strength to think to the gorgeous, gorgeous drake, 'I’m not a Rider, there are others out there who are better.’ He couldn’t keep his longing from Caru though, and they snorted, 'I only want you Virgil, you are mine, and I am yours.’
The currently forgotten other riders approached slowly.  “Hi, I’m Patton, and this is Roman, Logan, and Thomas!  What’s your name, fellow dragon rider!?”
Before he could answer though, the head of the den kitchen interrupted, his voice sickly smooth, “Your majesties, I must object, Virgil is nothing but a kitchen boy, there is no way he  could possibly be a dragon rider." 
Nobody missed Virgil’s flinch.  At this, the 4 riders and their dragons moved in between Virgil and the man.  ” You would question a dragon on who they pick? Because it appears that Caru has picked Virgil here. Now, leave us.“
"O-of course Prince Thomas.” The man turned and fled, and Virgil struggled to his feet and bowed, “Forgive me for not bowing sooner, your majesty.”
Thomas reached out and gently pushed Virgil back to a seated position. “It’s OK, don’t worry, Virgil, right?”
Hey nodded mutely, and looked up at the other  dragon riders. 
“Welcome to the team, Virgil”

Citizen - Sleep

thanks @ florence welch for fulfilling my musical needs of songs about the stars and the moon and the great big sky and the deep and terrifying ocean

but also thanks @ florence for writing absolute bangers about arson and all-consuming guilt and night terrors and human sacrifice because i need those just as much


the Black Lion ~ Guardian Spirit of the Sky

                                       Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane ~ the Black Paladin

                                                                                   ~ {.insp} ~

In the winter of 1995, scientists pointed the Hubble Telescope at an area of the sky near the Big Dipper, a spot that was dark and out of the way of light pollution from surrounding stars. The location was apparently empty, and the whole endeavor was risky. What, if anything, was going to show up? Over ten consecutive days, the telescope took close to 150 hours of exposure of that same area. And what came back was nothing short of spectacular: an image of over 1,500 distinct galaxies glimmering in a tiny sliver of the universe. 

Now, let’s take a step back to understand the scale of this image. If you were to take a ballpoint pen and hold it at arm’s length in front of the night sky, focusing on its very tip, that is what the Hubble Telescope captured in its first Deep Field image. In other words, those 3,000 galaxies were seen in just a tiny speck of the universe, approximately one two-millionth of the night sky.

So the next time you stand gazing up at the night sky, take a moment to think about the enormity of what is beyond your vision, out in the dark spaces between the stars.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How small are we in the scale of the universe? - Alex Hofeldt

Animation by Yukai Du