as days drift apart

I think about you sometimes. I wonder who’s comfort do you seek for when you’re having a bad day. I wonder if you got that promotion you had been aiming for. I wonder if you’ve been to that place where we last kissed. I wonder what do you say when people ask about me. I wonder if you’re doing okay without me.
—  Things I realized when I couldn’t sleep, part X

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Sorry to bother you again, but I sent you that link to Nicky & Greenie photos? I found other photos I hadn't seen I thought you'd like: iwatchhockeynow(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)158163378460(/)ichoosealex-they-are-so-cute-together-this


There is so much to love about 8+19, I sometimes forget one of the biggest things: that Nicky just went to Russia to play with Ovi. And that Ovi apparently took him to the best parties. And also that Nicky, apparently, can laugh that loudly and freely. 

A Muggle?

Word count: 2,081


Y/N’s parents had been divorced when she was three. Her mother, feeling the need to do something drastic, moved to England, while her father stayed back in America. They decided to share custody, switching off every six months until she was 11, and got accepted into Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry- completely surprising both of her parents, but the small girl had seen it coming. When she stayed with her mother, there was a shy boy next door, a boy with a love for chocolate, and an odd family. The two became fast friends around the age of five, when their parents began to let them play outside. Y/N found herself intrigued by the boy, who seemed to be able to do extraordinary things, and disappeared for a few days every month, always giving strange reasons as to why.

By the time they were seven, he had told her all about his abilities as a wizard, and that he suspected that she might be a witch as well. He explained to her how his father was also a wizard and his mother was a muggle, just like Y/N’s parents- following with an explanation of what a “muggle” is. As soon as Y/N embraced the thought that maybe he was right, maybe she was like him, it was as if her powers were heightened, ready to be accepted and ready to grow. He taught her small things that his father taught him, and the two became even closer over this secret they shared.

When they were eight, he had a long conversation with her about the condition he had. He shared all of his feelings with her about being a dangerous monster. He told her he understood if she never wanted to see him again, if she thought he was a horrible, horrible monster, but she just hugged the boy and told him that he was her best friend, and that she loved him no matter what. They grew even closer through that. After every full moon, she came over with chocolate snacks and several books, and she would read to him as he recovered.

At age 11, they each received their letters, his from Hogwarts, and hers from Ilvermorny, as she spent just a bit more time with her father in America as she got older. The two began their separate schooling, but never drifted apart. They wrote each other every day. During her fifth year at Ilvermorny, she decided to move in with her mother permanently, due to disagreements with her father about her abilities as a witch. Shortly after the school year ended, she was invited to further her education at Hogwarts, which she gladly accepted, excited to be able to spend more time with her best friend.

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A full moon, an eclipse and a comet — all in one night

Friday is a night full of fun astronomical treats.

First, there’s February’s full moon, called the Snow Moon — named for the typically cold and snowy weather this time of year.

All full moons are given nicknames, such as January’s Wolf Moon, the Strawberry Moon in May, and, of course, the Harvest Moon — the one nearest the autumnal equinox in either September or October.

The Snow Moon will rise around 5:35 p.m in Toronto and at 5:26 p.m. in Vancouver. 

The eclipse

In addition to the full moon, a lunar eclipse also occurs on Friday. While you may head out to look for the darkening and reddening of the moon that’s typical in a lunar eclipse, be prepared — this is a penumbral eclipse where the moon passes through Earth’s outer shadow.

Because Earth’s outer shadow isn’t as dark as its inner one, the changes in the brightness of the moon can be so subtle you barely notice.

“The beginning and end of a penumbral eclipse are not visible to the eye,” according to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s Observer’s Handbook 2017. In fact, it’s not until two-thirds of the way through the eclipse that observers can even see it happening.

The eclipse starts at 5:34 p.m. ET and ends at 9:53 p.m. ET. What’s known as the “greatest eclipse” — when the moon is fully in the Earth’s penumbra — occurs at 7:43 p.m. ET. That means your best chance of seeing the eclipse is between 7 p.m. ET and 8:30 p.m. ET. 

If you’re on the west coast, however, you won’t be able to see the greatest eclipse since it occurs when the moon is below the horizon. But the eclipse will still be going on after the moon rises.

The ‘New Year’s Comet’

Then there’s the New Year’s Comet, formally known as Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková.

This green comet will make its closest approach to Earth around 3 a.m. Saturday morning, at a distance of about 12 million kilometres (that’s roughly 30 times the distance from Earth to the moon).

The comet, which once had a visibly pronounced tail, has turned into more of a blob over the past few days.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the comet unless you have a telescope (a large pair of binoculars might work, too). Even if it were an object easily visible to the naked-eye, the full moon would make seeing the comet a challenge.

However, you can be sure that more photos of the comet will turn up during the next couple of days as the moon and comet drift further apart in the night sky.

So while these fantastic astronomical events may not be as visually astounding as others we may see throughout the year, it’s still pretty amazing that they’re all happening on one night.

If you have a clear sky, head out on Friday night, enjoy the full moon and just know there’s a lot going on up there.

Saw this au prompt part I

“I will be back for you at four, Mr. di Angelo,” Jules Albert, his driver, said, his heavy french accent causing a heavy drab in his words, “Your father would like to speak to you.”

“Whatever,” Nico replied, looking out his black-tinted window. If his father wanted to speak to him, Nico thought, then he must have done something serious.

His father barely had time for his own son, heck, only child and neither of them bothered to mend their broken relationship. His father hadn’t gotten over his dead mother, was always busy with work, even though he was a multi-millionaire and Nico supposed his father hadn’t gotten over him being…gay. Nico’s sexuality was still a sore topic between father and son.

Shaking himself out of his dismal thoughts, he grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder, exiting the BMW. Dragging his shaggy black hair to cover his eyes, he crossed the campus of the Denzel Washington Memorial high school. Nobody got in his way, as usual and he stopped in front of his locker, making sure his ‘leave me alone’ vibe was intact.

His heart ached when saw a familiar mop of sunny blonde hair. He had knocked his books down, as usual, and no one was helping him pick them up. An idea crossed Nico. If he helped Will Solace, then Will would be forced to talk to him. Two birds, one stone.

He crossed the distance and crouched down, picking the biology textbook up. Classic Will, he thought. Will was the biggest nerd Nico knew, always at the top of his class, always acing his tests. Will wanted to be a doctor, like his dad and Nico always knew he could do it. Will was a ray of sunshine. He never said no to a teacher, always handing in his assignments on time, doing extra reading.

Ironic that someone as good as Will would be attracted to Nico.

“Here,” he whispered, handing the book over to Will. Bright, beautiful blue eyes looked up to meet Nico’s haunted, dark ones, his lips parted in a small smile as if he were going to speak.

“Nicholas,” Will gasped, his small smile gone.

“Nico, Will,” Nico corrected, surprising himself at the gentleness in his tone.

“Whatever, just,” tears rose up in Will’s eyes and Nico felt his heart skip a beat. Will scrambled to get his things together, “just stay away from me.”

Looking at Will’s retreating figure, Nico felt as if he’d been stabbed. Will wasn’t the only one hurting. Will wasn’t the only one who had let himself become vulnerable. Will wasn’t the only one who opened up.

Nico had let Will in. Nico had told Will about his demons, he’d let Will Solace become his solace. Nico was falling in love, and he was happy, for the first time. When they were together, Nico felt as if he were complete. As if he could smile at his demons and say, “come at me.”

But somewhere along the line, things changed. Whether it was because of his bad reputation or whether it was because Will was going through a hard time with his parent’s divorce, Nico wasn’t sure. They started drifting apart. And one day, the string holding their relationship together snapped. Nico did the stupidest thing he’d ever done in his life, which was saying alot, he did a lot of stupid things before, and broke up with Will.

Now, after two weeks, Nico was determined to get him back.

Imagine Jim picking you up for a date

You stood outside the hotel, dressed in jeans, a vintage Beastie Boys concert tee and green utility jacket waiting in anticipation. Looking up and down the street, you didn’t see the familiar classic car anywhere. A wave of disappointment hit you hard, because he was supposed to meet you ten minutes ago and you were afraid he wouldn’t show. 

Not that you’d blame him. He was the Captain of the best ship in the damn fleet. He was a busy man, hardly had any time. And you were just some girl he use to know. A short lived romance from your Academy days, when your career paths lead the two of you to drift apart. It was a chance meeting at a large meeting with Pike that brought that two of together again. 

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Little Laughingstock AU

Character A used to have a best friend, Character B, but the two drifted apart for one reason or another. One day, someone starts sending old videos to everyone at school – videos Character A and Character B made when they were little and uploaded to the Internet.

With some kids simply having a laugh over the videos and others are being rude and tormenting the old friends relentlessly, the two find themselves feeling oddly nostalgic. So in a big middle finger to their rude peers, Character A and Character B decide to make another video – one starring their tormentors.


philip hamilton x reader
(soulmate modern au)

in which the first words that your soulmate says to you become tattooed to your wrist when you turn 18; and when they are spoken, the said words disappear.

words: 2294

warnings: mentions of sadness/somewhat of angst?

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a/n: wrote a little something with herman since people were asking for an imagine with him. him going to the army made me feel super emo so here’s this :-) this should also be gender neutral ♡ i hope you enjoy!

pairing: herman tommeraas x reader

word count: 1,3k

warnings: angst & fluff i guess


Herman had left exactly three months ago to go to the army. You felt incredibly proud of your boyfriend for serving his country, but it was hard to keep your relationship when he barely even checked his phone. At first you talked every day, but slowly but surely you two started to drift apart only talking once in a week or two.

You simply missed your boyfriend, which made you feel incredibly selfish since after all he was having the time of his life and it was a once in a lifetime experience for most people.

You hated the fact that you lived in the apartment you two had bought together despite your young age, you hated how big it was for only one person and you hated it the most for all the memories that were in it. The agenda you two had filled out just before he left to mark down the days he’ll be back was thrown across the living room, too painful for you to watch.

From time to time you were about to call him to end it all, ready to explain him that it was too painful to not be able to talk to him or be part of his current life. The thing was, you couldn’t bring yourself to actually do it or to end it by a phone call. You loved him too much to do so, so you ended bottling up all the emotions you had and went on your daily schedule.

Herman obviously was unaware of how Y/N felt, he was glad that he could go home for the weekend for the first time in months. Truth be told in the current state of their relationship he was more eager to spend time in their bed than with Y/N which didn’t feel normal. Their relationship had always been strong despite small fights, but they had never really spent much time apart.

A deep sigh got past his lips, he didn’t know if he was ready to see you again or how he’d act around you. He shook his head in hopes of getting past this sudden feeling of unsureness, opening the door of the small apartment. Much to his surprise the lights were out a rush of worry getting to him. It was unusual for you to be out late due to college.

He quickly took off his shoes and dropped his bag on the hard wooden floor, a small thumping sound coming from the action. Herman looked around the small entrance, noticing the agenda was missing and so were the pictures of you two. He walked to the living room, immediately taking notice of the agenda thrown on the floor. His heart broke a little of the sight of this.

Small sniffling noises snapped him out of his forming state of sadness. The sounds were coming from the bedroom you shared. He felt a little relieved to know that you were safely home. Herman slowly opened up the door, noticing you laying on the bed under the covers.

”Babe?” he softly said, sitting on the bed. You stiffened, you hadn’t realized he had come in or that he was supposed to be home in the first place. You quickly wiped your face with the sleeve of your sweater, lifting the covers off of your face afterwards.

Seeing you made him forget all his previous thoughts and doubts about your relationship, it was replaced with an immense amount of love and worry. You on the other hand did your absolute best to not tear up once again when you saw the face he had. He didn’t deserve to be welcomed home with the sight of his girlfriend crying.

”Hi,” you said your voice hoarse from crying. You coughed a bit in an attempt to make your voice stand out more. He gave you a sympathetic smile, pulling you in his arms to hug you tight. It was and that was enough to make the tears stream down your face again. He was very aware of the fact that you were wetting his shirt, but he didn’t care.

He held you in his arms for a good 30 minutes, just trying to make you calm down so you’d be able to talk together. You pulled away from him, sending him an apologizing look after taking notice of how wet his shirt was.

”It’s okay.” Herman said. His voice was soft and surprisingly calm, despite the situation. He was rubbing your lower back with his thumb as an effort to make you too calm down.

”No, it’s not and you know it too.” you sniffled, before going on. ”We haven’t properly talked in months, I’ve been stuck in this stupid apartment that we got together for months alone. It felt like we had broken up and from time to time I think that’d be the best. You’re having the time of your life and I’m here crying because of you when I know pretty damn well you can do nothing about it. I don’t think it’s healthy for me, but I never can bring myself to break up with you because I love you too much.”

Herman was processing all you had said, feeling really anxious. You wanted to break up? He knew your relationship was going through a rough patch, but he didn’t think it was so bad that you’d want to end it.

”I never knew you felt this way, if I did I swear I would’ve done many things differently,” he told you, his other hand instinctively going to his hair to run his hand through it, only to realize it was too short to do so earning a small laugh from you. ”I don’t want us to end like this, I’ll be back home soon for good and then we can go back to what we used to be. As you said, I love you too much to see this end too.”

You looked up at him, like to confirm if what he just had told you wasn’t a joke. ”What if it doesn’t though? What do we do then?”

Silence. He seemed to be thinking of what to tell you, but quite frankly his mind was blank.

”It probably won’t immediately, so we will just have to work on it like on the beginning we had to. It has to work out, in the end it’s us. You were here when I got my role in Skam, you’ve been here when I suddenly started to get loads of followers. You’ve always been here for me and I want it to stay like that.” His eyes were fulfilled with emotion, all the best memories of his life were with you.

Your heart skipped a beat at his words. He always knew what to say to calm you down and make you feel silly in the process. You smiled up at him, you admired him a lot at the end of the day. ”You’re too mature for your age when it concerns our relationship.”

”Are you telling me I’m not mature otherwise?” He arched an eyebrow at you, waiting for answers.

”You’re the guy who got kicked out of a playground with your friends.” You chuckled at the memory, that night he had gotten home super pissed about it.

”What can I say, you make me a different person and I like it. I think I’d be in jail by now if it wasn’t for you.” You let out a quiet ’I agree’ making him playfully punch you in the arm for it. You fell on the bed, pulling Herman along in the process so he was now hovering you.

The only sound that could be heard was the wind softly blowing outside. You stared into his beautiful eyes as he did the same to you. He then leaned in to capture your lips into a sweet kiss, pouring every possible emotion he felt or had felt in it. Your lips moved perfectly in sync, his hand trailing down to intertwine your fingers with his. A smile spread on your face, the familiar feeling of happiness when you were with him surfacing.

You were each others home, everything felt so right when you spent time together. No matter how rough things got, you’d always be there for each other.

Take Care - A Sasil Fic

Just a little day-in-the-life-of fluffy fic. One shot for now. @parisian-nicole

Sally Ann sat in the passenger seat of Frida’s car. “Thanks for goin’ shoppin’ with me.”

Frida laughed. “The thanks belongs to you. I been needin’ a good reason to get outta my place for days. Plus, what kinda woman doesn’t enjoy a lil bargain’ huntin’?”

“True.” Sally Ann unbuckled her seatbelt as Frida put the car in park outside of her and Hasil’s new apartment.

“Your man’s done good earnin’ y'all some cash.”

Sally Ann nodded as she started gathering shopping bags into her arms. She was proud of Hasil, but his new method of earning income left her nerves on edge. “Yeah. He’s done good. Just can’t wait until I can find somethin’ and contribute too.”

“Hey now.” Frida wagged her finger at her new friend. “You’re busy growin’ his baby and makin’ your home a home. Take a little credit for what you’re doin’ now. You’ll find somethin’ else soon enough.”

“I know. I just…”

“You’re worried ‘bout him.” Frida gave her a sweet smile. “I don’t need my psychic powers to tell that much.” She pulled a plastic shopping bag from the backseat and held it up. “I mean, this whole damn thing is filled with first aid stuff.” Frida continued when Sally Ann gave no response. “Look sweetie, I know the feelin’. Butch’s line of work ain’t the sorta thing that leaves me restin’ easy at night either. You just gotta hope it’s temporary you know. I play my numbers every week and one day Butch and I are gonna hit it big. Then we’ll be livin’ up in a mansion somewhere far from here… and we’ll adopt 'bout ten babies.”

This made Sally Ann laugh.

“Seriously though. Keep prayin’, support him, and work hard… and when that ain’t enough, you find somethin’ to keep your mind busy… like gettin’ that nasty ass apartment of y'alls clean. Come on.”

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening scrubbing the apartment from top to bottom. Sally Ann couldn’t remember ever feeling more exhausted. She leaned against the kitchen counter and guzzled a glass of water.

“Well.” Frida stood in the middle of the living room with her hands on her hips. “It still looks like shit in here, but at least it smells better. I’d say it was a productive day.” She checked her phone. “Butch texted. He says Hasil is with him.”

“Good. I was wonderin’ why he wasn’t home yet.” Sally Ann smiled at her first reference to their home. She hadn’t seen Hasil since they got the keys to their place early that morning. He’d taken on another day job, but made sure to pack his own food and water this time.

“They’ll be back soon. Butch asked me to order some Chinese for dinner.”

Sally Ann’s stomach did a back flip at the mere mention of food. “That sounds good.”

“Well what d'y'all want? Dinner is on me. I can practically hear that poor fetus begging for nourishment from here.”

“Oh I couldn’t. You’ve already done so—”

“Hush now and take what’s offered to ya. I’ll have it delivered here and just take our stuff on home. What d'ya want?”

Sally Ann set up a little dinner picnic on the floor since the only furniture she and Hasil had at the moment was the mattress lying in the center of the living room. She lit some candles and transferred the food from the to-go cartons to the dishes she picked up at the thrift store. The apartment didn’t look so bad in the soft light. She’d just finished pouring a couple of glasses of water when she heard Hasil unlocking the front door.

“Sally Ann?” he called out before even looking up. “Oh, there ya are. Hey.” He placed his hand on the small of her back as he leaned in for a quick kiss. “How was your day?” His eyes drifted around the small apartment. “You been busy. It looks nice in here.” His eyes landed on the food. “Smells good too.”

Sally Ann laughed. “You hungry?”


“Good. Frida bought us dinner. We’ve got some fried rice, beef and broccoli, General Tso’s chicken—”

“Whose chicken?”

She snorted out a laugh. “Don’t worry about it. Go wash your hands.”

Sally Ann turned on the old little radio she and Frida found at a yard sale that morning. It helped to drown out the sound of their noisy neighbors. She passed Hasil his plate once he sat down and watched as he began to devour the food. “You weren’t lyin’ when you said you were hungry.”

He nodded, mouth full of broccoli.

“You’ll have to pack a bigger lunch next time you go out.”

Hasil finished chewing what was in his mouth and set down his plate. “Honestly, Sally Ann, goin’ out there feels like such a waste of time and energy. One night fightin’ I can make what I’d get off a week layin’ bricks and spreadin’ tar… prob'ly more'n that. I was wantin’ to talk to ya 'bout it because tomorrow night—”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Now wait a minute, hear me out. There’s a fight tomorrow night and Butch says I could take this guy easy. He—”

“Hasil no. Your face isn’t even healed from your last fight yet.”

He used his fork to push his rice into a little mountain on his plate and chuckled. “Well I won’t let 'im hit me in the face.”

“Hasil this isn’t funny.”

He put his fork down and took her hand. “I know. I know. But we need the paper, right? You said yourself you oughta be goin’ to the doctor every month and you ain’t been yet. Let me do this fight, and we’ll use that cash to get ya to the doctor, alrigh’?”

She knew he was right, but she didn’t want to agree to it. Not yet. Instead she pouted and picked up her plate.

Hasil grinned, knowing that she had silently conceded. “Everythin’ will be okay.” He studied her as she began to eat her food and quickly traded his smile for a frown. “Oh c'mon Sally Ann, now you’re jus’ bein’ dramatic. We ain’t that bad off. You ain’t gotta eat your dinner with sticks. Here.” He picked up a spare fork and held it out to her.

She nearly choked on her food with laughter and spent the next few minutes showing Hasil how to use chopsticks. The mood was instantly lightened and they were able to finish their meal in peace.

Hasil patted his belly. “That was good. I’m full.”

“Wait, you gotta make room for dessert.” Sally Ann got up and dug around the bottom of the brown paper sack that everything came in. “Fortune cookies.”

Hasil raised an eyebrow. “Fortune cookies?”

She passed Hasil one of the small packaged treats. “Yeah. Inside there is a paper with your fortune on it. Break open the cookie and I’ll read it. It’s just for fun.”

“Alrigh’.” He took off the wrapper and broke open the cookie.

“See? There it is.” Sally Ann watched Hasil pull out the thin white strip of paper. “You know how to make it more fun?” she asked.

He laughed and handed her the paper. “No.”

“Say 'in bed’ right after I read your fortune.”

Hasil looked a little confused, but nodded.

“Okay. Ready? 'An unexpected relationship will become permanent…’”

“In bed,” Hasil added quickly.

Sally Ann rolled on the floor laughing.

Hasil scratched his head, more humored by Sally Ann’s reaction than the actual fortune. “Well we did make a baby in bed and tha’s pretty damn permanent.” He ran his hand over his mustache. “Open yours.”

She composed herself and cracked open her cookie. “'Tell them what you really think. Otherwise nothing will change… ’”

“In bed.” He chuckled. “These cookies are pretty smart.” He leaned over onto all fours to give her a kiss. “Thanks for dinner. Thanks for makin’ our place nice and clean too.” He kissed her again. Longer this time. Her eyes stayed closed a few seconds after he pulled away. “Tell me what ya really think,” he said with a small grin.

“I think… I like that. And I’d like some more… after you shower.”

He tapped the side of her jaw. “Sounds good to me.” He got up and took a few steps toward the bathroom before pausing. “Hey we gotta pay for that shower water?”

Sally Ann gathered up their dishes and put them in the sink. “Yeah. We gotta pay for everything.”

He shrugged. “Then what do you say we knock out two showers in one?”

She rolled her eyes at his suggestive tone, but couldn’t deny that he had a good point. “Okay, but no funny business or we’ll end up usin’ more than we would separately.”

Hasil shrugged. “There ain’t nothin’ funny 'bout what I was thinkin’.”

Sally Ann could feel heat rush her cheeks as she smiled and shook her head at her guy. “You know what I mean Hasil. I’ll be in there in a second.” She cleaned up the remains of their dinner and went to meet him in the bathroom. His dirty clothes were in a neat little pile on the floor and she could see his handsome silhouette through the shower curtain.

“C'mon in,” he called. “This thing here is 'bout one of the best inventions y'all got. This and Chinese food.”

“I don’t know if you can really call Chinese food an invention exactly. Maybe the fortune cookies.”

“That don’t make no sense.”

Sally Ann laughed. “Yeah it does.” She climbed in the shower behind him and gasped when the water touched her skin. Chill bumps quickly spread over her entire body. “Hasil this water is freezing! Do you not know you can make it warm?” She reached over and turned the dial toward hot.

“What ya talkin’ 'bout? I did make it warm. And holy—”

She watched as Hasil squirmed and bounced around to get from beneath what he registered as very, very hot water.

“Holy hell woman. How are ya’ standin’ in that?”

“It’s not even that hot.” She laughed at the way he reached his arm around and tried to adjust the temperature without letting the water touch him. They fought back and forth until they both realized a compromise would never be found. There was nothing sexy about the way they quickly scrubbed down and got out.

Sally Ann collapsed onto the mattress and watched Hasil gather up the trash to take out. She’d forgotten to pick up a waste bin while she was shopping earlier.

“Be right back,” he said before disappearing out the front door. He returned just a couple of minutes later. “Kinda thought you’d be asleep before I got back.” He locked the door and stepped out of his boots.

Sally Ann snuggled into the clean sheets. “No. I’m beat, but not super sleepy yet.”

“Yeah, well you did a lot today.”

“So did you.”

He nodded and pulled his tank top over his head. “It’s 'bout to rain.”

“Good. I like rainy nights.” She reached an arm out toward him. “Come get in bed.”

He smirked at her and did as he was told. She was resting on her side and he matched his body behind hers like a puzzle piece. They lay in silence for several minutes until thunder rolled and the sky broke open.

“There’s the rain,” Sally Ann said.

“There’s the rain.”

She pulled on his arm a little so he’d wrap it tighter around her. “Hasil?”


“I’m glad you’re here with me. I know how hard it was to leave your family.”

“It was hard…” He paused. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it was also one of the easiest. If tha’ makes any sense.”

Sally Ann hoped he’d elaborate, and after a few moments, he did.

“Ya see, my family is up on tha’ mountain…But it’s also here.” He shifted his arm so that his hand rested over her lower belly. “And here.” He gently kissed the back of her neck. “And it’s here.” He moved his mouth to her exposed shoulder and pressed his lips to her skin again. “And here.” He continued to plant kisses on every bit of her skin that he could reach, his tickly mustache forcing giggles out of her as he did. “I’ll take care of ya,” he whispered in her ear as she settled down.

“I’ll take care of you, too.”

Hasil woke up in the middle of the night sprawled across the middle of the mattress. He sat up and looked around in the darkness. “Sally Ann?”

She didn’t answer, but he could see that the light was on in the bathroom. He stood and parted the blinds to look outside. The rain was coming down in sheets. He watched it as he waited for Sally Ann to come out. When she didn’t show after a few minutes, he went and gently knocked on the door. “Sally Ann? You okay?”


“You don’t sound okay.” He tried turning the door knob, but it was locked. “Sally Ann open the door.”

“Hasil go back to sleep. You don't—” Her words were exchanged for forceful heaving.

He knocked on the door again. “Sally Ann come on. Don’t be hard headed. Let me in.”

The only response was the sound of her puking into the toilet bowl and it made Hasil wish he were home up the mountain. Not because he wanted to be away from her, but because it’d be so much easier to help. She wouldn’t be able to lock herself away from him and he’d be able to dig up some fresh ginger root and make some tea to settle her stomach. He walked to the kitchen to get her a glass of water instead.

“Sally Ann open the door,” he said when he returned.

“Hasil I’m fine really.” He’d never seen her sick before. They’d been dealing with so much hard reality. She just wanted to preserve a little bit of the fairytale.

He stared at the thin wooden door thinking about how easy it’d be to just bust it open, but he couldn’t do that because fixing it would cost money they didn’t have. He drummed on the door frame as he thought about what he could say to get her to let him in. He knocked yet again when the words came to him. “I know you didn’t forget that quick, Sally Ann.”

The toilet flushed. “Forget what?”

“The las’ thing we said ta one another before we fell asleep.”

There was a pause, some rustling, and the sound of the door unlocking. She stood there looking sweaty and miserable.

“You gon let me take care of ya?”

She nodded and returned to her spot on the floor near the toilet. Hasil dampened a clean washcloth with cool water and sat on the edge of the tub. She leaned back against his knees and let him place the cloth on her forehead. “How long you been in here like this?”

She closed her eyes and tried to breathe through the queasy feeling in her stomach. “I dunno. Maybe an hour?”

“What’s got ya sick? The Chinese food or the baby?”

“Pretty sure it’s the baby.”

“Well that ain’t very nice of him.”

She cracked a small smile.

“We’re gonna have t’ work on his manners. Here, drink some water.” He watched her take a few small sips and then encouraged her to take a few more.

“Do you think it’s a boy?” she asked.

He thought for a moment, then shrugged. “I guess that’s what I’ve been imaginin’, but I think I’d be pretty taken by a little baby girl that looks just like you.”

Sally Ann leaned over the toilet and hurled again.

“I mean maybe not like ya in this exact momen’—”

She reached behind herself to slap at him as she continued to be sick.

“I’m just teasin’,” he said as he rubbed her back.

It was another hour before the nausea faded. Sally Ann fell asleep with her head in his lap. He sat there on the bathroom floor for a while. He looked at the peeling paint on the walls, listened to the sound of the rain, felt the rise and fall of Sally Ann’s chest against his legs and was content. Soon his own eyes grew heavy, so he carefully lifted Sally Ann from the ground and carried her back to bed with him. “We’ll be alrigh’,” he said aloud before falling back asleep.

Your Savior - 22

I have to work for the next several days, so I wanted to get a chapter out while I had a chance! The last chapter was a bit of a downer (but I’m not apologizing any more @backseat-negan !) and this one has plenty of angst, but is still moving the reader and Negan forward. Thanks as always for reading, and please keep all of the reviews coming, you all give me life!!!

Chapter 22


Swearing, Negan being Negan, mentions of past sexual assault, angst/depression

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When you woke in the morning it took you several seconds to clear your head enough to remember where you were and why you were there. Brianna was hunched over the bed, sleeping on her arms while still sitting in the chair next to you, just as she had promised. Some friend you are, making your pregnant best friend sleep in a chair while you are in her bed. 

The more you woke up the more memories from the day before crept into your head, the pain slicing you deep and fresh. Brianna roused not long after you, stretching her back before smiling down softly at you. “How ya doing? Any better?" 

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“I think I could love you forever,” he breathed out on top of her.

“I think I already have,” she responded- it evident in her voice that she had imagined an entire life with him.

“Here,” he said handing her the key to his house, removing it carefully from the chain he wore around his neck, as he moved to lay next to her.

“Your house key?” She asked perplexed.

“It’s the house I’ve grown up in my entire life. I lost my first tooth in that house, had my first beating in that house, and my first heartbreak- the day my parents split. That house is my past and my future. And that is you now.”

“It doesn’t feel permanent enough,” she said holding the key against her chest, a small smile appearing across her lips.

“What?” Confusion apparent in his voice.

“Quick, get dressed,” she said pulling her shorts back on.


“What are we doing here?” he asked as they walked through the woods behind their high school.

“This is our make out spot.”

“Trust me, I know,” he replied shocked that she thought he could forget.

“You see this tree right here,” she said pointing towards a tree beside her. He nodded still not sure, where this was going.

“Every time we make out, I lean against this tree for support. It’s the backbone of our love. It’s permanent,” she said as she used the key to carve their initials on to the tree.


That fall he went off to play college football, and she went off to art school. Each and every day they drifted apart. Soon enough he stopped wearing a chain around his neck, and she stopped carrying someone else’s house key around. When she returned home for Thanksgiving break she couldn’t bring herself to his door.

Partly out of nostalgia, partly out of boredom- she found herself in the woods behind her high school. That tree among others were gone- probably in a storm she thought. That tree wasn’t permanent and neither was their love.

—  m.n // excerpt from a book I’ll never write (18)
About A Girl: Part 2

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Pairing(s): Charlie x Reader, Dean x Reader, Sam x Castiel

Summary: Y/N’s a cheerleader, Sam’s best friend, and in need of a tutor; Charlie is the obvious option. Sam and Cas are the cutest gay couple ever, and Dean’s the hot jock (and Sam’s older brother) who is irresistible to everyone.

Tags: AU: High School, Nerd!Charlie, Cheerleader!Reader, Cheerleader!Cas, Jock!Dean, Gay!Sam, Gay!Cas, Sastiel, fluff

Words: 2181

Note: Please let me know what you think!! I am really loving the Sastiel in this and I am excited to write this possible series :))))

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Taehyung Scenario: Severely.

Request: Helloooo~ Can I request a scenario? Please? :) I want a very dramatic angsty scenario of Tae, where you find him cheating on you and you run away but you get hit by a car and you end up in the hospital? But with a happy ending please :3

Genre: Angst / Drama

You didn’t know exactly when you had started to drift apart, but as days went by you felt your boyfriend farther and farther from you.
You were on your way home where he was supposed to be waiting for you, a part of you longed to be with him, just get there to be in his arms; but another part of you dreaded it, like you knew your fragile relationship could break apart at any second. 

You clutched your purse on your lap, you were on a taxi, not wanting to wait for the long line for the metro you decided to take this transport for the day, but you wondered if the taxi driver could see your watering eyes.

Just thinking about Taehyung made your heart hurt, you two were such a great couple but it appeared routine, work and life had made a big impact in your relationship. You wondered if it was because you had moved together, your mother had advised you to not do so until you were married, but you loved him too much and he loved you, you didn’t want to spend too much time apart and moving together seemed like the right decision. Now you were wondering if that could be one of the causes for your growing distance.

Lowering your head you cleaned away the couple of tears that were starting to escape from your eyes, you felt pathetic, you couldn’t even hold your emotions in public, but the thing was that the weight you felt was so terribly oppressing it didn’t give you much choice but let it out while you could. 

Because this was only when you were alone, you didn’t cry in front of Taehyung, even less you said anything about your fears or your hurting relationship. You tried to smile and caress his hair as always, not giving a hint of what you were really feeling inside, you had to be strong for the sake of your relationship, if you acted like everything was ok then everything would eventually be, or so you liked to think. You tried to not think of him texting away on his phone when he thought you weren’t watching, you tried not to think of him going to sleep without you. Taehyung used to always wait for you to go and sleep together, but not anymore.
Feeling a lump of your throat you fought the necessity to sob loudly, you were on a taxi, and besides you were already arriving home. Checking the time you breathed in deeply,  it was 6:30 of the afternoon, Taehyung would surely be there by now. You had to put a good front for him, for both of you.

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anonymous asked:

What's behind hubotic story you mentioned? I'm curious

They started off as our young CB pairing and for years they were like a single entity. They were both young CB’s who joined us at around the same time, they were both super talented, they were part of the very young team that won the league back to back, they grew together, and they complimented each other perfectly. They were basically attached at the hip. They did interviews together, they drove to club parties in the same car, and on the field they were amazing together.

Around 2013 their careers started moving in different directions. Mats was becoming a more important figure in German football and the Germany NT. Neven didn’t have much success internationally. There were also injuries (including a horrible ACL injury), we bought Sokratis from Werder Bremen and Sokratis earned a starting spot, and also there were changes in playing style (modern defending suited Mats’s style better).

And as their careers moved in different directions, their friendship also seemed to fizzle out into almost nothing? A lot of us felt it was weird how they seemed so close before, yet they drifted apart so quickly. Like one day they were best friends on the team and the next day they didn’t really have anything to do with each other anymore. But it also happened too suddenly for us to feel like something actually went wrong? They got along fine, they just didn’t seem like friends at all. (They actually both brought up their old partnership in interviews in 2015, but aside from that, hardly any hint that it had ever happened).

And then one of them became our captain but ditched us for Bayern Munich and now gets booed by our fans. The other one began to focus on humanitarian work, went on loan to keep his football career alive, and continues to be adored by BVB fans. If you just look at them now, you would hardly find anything that connects the two. Which is why it’s a little surreal to think about their early careers together.