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Griffin keeps warning us not to expect too much from the mini arcs and on one hand I completely get it, I totally understand. But on the other hand I started this podcast listening to the entire three-hour episode of them figuring out how to play D&D, with absolutely no idea who they were before listening to that ep, and like… I know what this is gonna be, I know what I’m in for, it’s going to be this group trying to play a game while making jokes and honestly that is still completely what I signed up for. I am not going to be disappointed. I’m thrilled at the idea of a new adventure, even a small one.


s3e08 - wizard battle

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I am currently very tired so this probably might not even make sense in the morning but… 

I’m imagining a D&D minigame (probably lasts 1-2 hours tops unless you’re having fun with it) meant to break the ice for new groups, in which the DM controls an adventuring party and the players control NPCs as they naturally pop up. Specifically, it could help new players get comfortable with roleplaying without the pressure of sticking to a character they just made. If you do this before the character creation stage, then even better because they may stumble into a character they like acting out.

Rules that I’m just rambling out please forgive me if they are nonsensical: 

  • It’s all improv. Don’t break a scene to look up game mechanics like prices, or which checks to make, or what would give advantage/disadvantage. This is about the acting so if it’ll throw off the groove, make it up on the spot. It’s all about quick thinking.
  • No modifiers. You’re all making things up on the spot so if you have to roll something, don’t waste time justifying who would have what stats. You could even go without dice altogether. The d20 is just an optional element of chance here.
  • Mandatory introductions. I don’t care how goofy it is. state your name, race, class/occupation, a random character trait, and how their day’s been going up until this point. As many as you can off the top of your head. Go nuts because things get silly before they get really creative, in my experience. Note: Character voices are encouraged. For funsies.
  • Everyone participates in a scene. No pressure on how much they interact, but in each new setting, every player has to put one NPC in that tavern, shopping square, riot crowd, etc.
  • Plot not needed. The adventuring party strategically wanders in a way that builds a town/city/etc as the players make it up. The DM isn’t in charge of telling a story here, just keeping the energy of the improv scene going. This includes-
  • Leading Questions. This one’s the challenge for you, DM who likely already has a control complex and likes to plan out every detail of everything in their world because it gives them a sense of security. If anything, you are the one who most needs to be good at rolling with whatever your players hand you. For the sole purposes of making you uncomfortable, the newcomer adventuring party knows absolutely nothing about this town. Thankfully, the citizens know everything about it. Which is good because you need directions to find your way out of your rented hovel room let alone to the temple–oh that’s right. Who’s the patron there? You sure don’t know! Better ask someone! Get that DMs?? YOU KNOW NOTHING. 
    • Important: If the scene starts slowing down, it’s up to you to either encourage and interact with these townsfolk some more, or get moving somewhere else.

Example scene: order of NPC choice is determined by an initiative roll. 

DM: “Alright, so four adventurers walk into the tavern you’re in–”
Player 1: “Oh! I call the bartender.”
Player 3: “Aw… I had a bit I was gonna do.”
Player 1: “Okay, okay fine, I’m the owner of the tavern, Marcus McMuffin the half orc–stop laughing–and uh… I have a tattoo of a dwarf lover that literally no one else knows about? And my day’s been…hm. It’s been awful because I got stood up for a meeting. DM, I basically live in here, so I’d know they’re new, right? I wanna know if these guys look like trouble makers.”
DM: “The Barbarian’s flexing at anyone who looks in his general direction but other than him fancying a typical bar brawl, they seem decent–if lost.”
Player 2: “I’m the elven bard in the corner and I start trying to seduce the Barbarian with my beautiful voice!!”
DM: “Listen… you can’t just use your character from the last game. Cherry the Elven Bard would’ve totally seduced the barbarian but who are you now?… Nah it’s fine, dude. Take your time. We’ll come back to you.”
Player 3: “I’m the crazy old village drunkard who’s a human named Steve–”
Player 1: “I thought you said you wanted the bartender!”
Player 3: “–Who samples a lot of the wares and is thus the village drunkard! I said I was doing a bit, jeez! DM, I start rambling loudly at the strangers about something that sounds like one of those super infuriating sidequests–you know the kind–where you have to go through a lot of bullshit busywork and the longest fetch quest of your life but there’s a promise of GREAT loot at the end so you consider it anyway. You know what I mean? What do I do for that, roll deception? Persuasion?”
DM: “Nope. No rolls. Personally, I am so on board with this but I need you to make this speech right here and I need you to sell it.” 
Player 3: “Oh boy.”

If for some reason you want to try this please give me a rundown of how it went because I feel like it’s the perfect recipe for hilarious trainwrecks that come with all good icebreakers. (I feel like it’d be a fun drinking game somehow? But I don’t play enough to know how to work alcohol in in a reasonable manner. I’ll leave that one up to house rules.)

Taverns & Tanneries, never coming to a game store near you lmao

Edit: I just realized that when the group starts playing a real campaign, you can embarrass them by working their goofily-named NPCs in, keeping an entirely straight face while doing so. Watch as they squirm and laugh-cry over having to discuss the fate of the world with Marcus McMuf’an. If only they’d known. 

If only they’d known what was to become of Marcus McMuffin.

Held To Love by steviesbvck (WIP)

Steve and Bucky have known each other since they were kids on the Junior Circuit, and quickly became rivals on the court, but behind the scenes they were best friends. When an injury forces the US Men’s Doubles team to pull out weeks before the Olympic Games, can Steve and Bucky pull together a partnership on the court?

  • anxiety before The Force Awakens: I really hope this new Star Wars movie doesn't suck like the prequels.
  • anxiety before The Last Jedi: What if Finn gets completely sidelined in the movie? What if Stormpilot is just another queerbait? They said they were doing all these reshoots and they said a LGBT character was gonna be in the new films...what if it's all bullshit? What if all the characters and storyline fall back into these regressive, stereotypical tropes? Is Luke going to die and leave Leia all alone with her shitty kid? How is Leia's storyline going to finish after Carrie Fisher's death? I'm genuinely scared of what Kylo Ren is going to do. Is Rey gonna get her hand chopped off? She better not get her hand chopped off.

Not gonna lie, this past week has been pure hell. The stress of the future is really getting to me and every senior in my class, and to be completely honest we’re all feeling kind of borderline panic attack at the moment. But there’s a lot more to do and its not over yet; so if you’re in a position like mine remember to hold on. All this suffering is for a reason!!! // Build yourself; you are constantly growing. 

My Finale Reaction Story


They’re gonna get to together last second….

This can’t be happening…

T-there’s no way- what? w-whats this? no makorra?


Its going to end with a final pep talk? please…not like this




That music…*wipes tears away* beautiful…wait are they goin-




*70 years later and i’ll still be like*
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Today on ‘I’m Gonna Cry over Fanart’

  • Lion 4: reveals Rose to have been completely clueless as to who Steven was gonna be, effectively destroying the 'Rose knew everything' haze the characters have been in living in since season one, something a lot of people were disgruntled by.
  • (Some of) the Fandom: There's no plot or development to this. It doesn't have what I wanted from it. It's useless. Why did Crewniverse even MAKE this?

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I have one thing I have been waiting for since s11 failed to deliver and I personally feel is important for Dean's and Cas' relationship; for Dean to save Cas. The big save, the gripped tight and raised you from perdition kind of save, the break a blood pact with a reaper kind of save. And I think it's important because the whole Cas= The Protector and Dean= The Protected narrative needs to break for them to be equals. It's time for Dean to be the saviour and for Cas to be saved.

I can’t argue with this at all. I mean, when Cas was possessed by Lucifer, this was a BIG disappointment, that Dean wasn’t directly involved in freeing Cas. He gave it a desperate try in 11.18, but there were the extenuating circumstances of Cas’s depression that seemed to only get worse while he was hosting Lucifer.

I’d be depressed if I had to host Lucifer too, and I’m just thinking of the “stuck him in the spare room” sort of hosting here…

Dean did break Naomi’s hold over him in 8.17, but then Cas had to go and pick up the angel tablet and suddenly all he knew was that he had to protect that tablet with his life from everyone, including Dean.

(which sounds VERY MUCH like how he currently feels/is behaving toward Jack and Kelly after 12.19 and all the way through 12.23).

They nudged up to that line in 12.12, but there wasn’t anything Dean could’ve done to save Cas once he’d already been injured by the Lance, since he didn’t know that snapping the lance in half would work as a cure. But at least Cas got a shining example of how Dean was unwilling to leave him to save their own lives. They stood and faced Ramiel.

(granted at that point I think Mary may have been more motivated by guilt for having brought them all into that fight, but by the end of the episode she had admitted that Cas was one of her boys… so it was obvious enough to HER that this was Cas’s place in the Winchester family, where his life was to be equally defended by all of them).

But yeah, whatever becomes of Cas in 13.01 might be setting up just this kind of potential situation. We shall see.

We know he’s willing to lay his life down for the Winchesters (he said it again in 12.19:

Castiel: This has nothing to do with my reputation. I am doing this for the Winchesters. I-I stole the Colt to keep them out of this mission and to keep them safe from Dagon, and I… I will kill this girl so that Sam and Dean don’t have to.)

Problem is, they’d rather have him, and fight with him at their side, than have him act as their protector.

Dean pulling a big save might help him finally see that.

I only hope it doesn’t involve any sort of deal. Deals ALWAYS go bad on Supernatural.

Cleaning up after the mess that is PotC 5 *UPDATED*

Ok so I was thinking about how they completely screwed the lore up for Jack Sparrow, so I’m gonna have a go at piecing together his origin story, among other things. Please poke holes/ tell me where I’m wrong because I want to get this refined.

  • Problem: Jack’s compass was bartered from Tia Dalma, but in 5 he got it from a crewman. Solution: Jack did, in fact, get the compass from the crewman but later lost it at sea when Beckett sank the Pearl. It came to Tia Dalma (Calypso) who recognised its power and Jack had to later barter it from her to retrieve it.
  • Problem: the Wicked Wench was shown as a pirate ship, but Jack worked for the navy (’people aren’t cargo’ scene). Solution: The Wench was a pirate ship when she was under control of the previous captain seen in 5, but when he died and she became Jack’s ship, Jack decides to join the navy and work under Beckett (he was still very young + not yet branded and probably saw it as the best thing to do). When Beckett asked Jack to ship slaves, he liberated them, got branded, etc. and the ship sank. This explains the pirate flag in 5 and also the problem of ‘Why would Beckett sink a navy ship just to get back at Jack?’ Jack goes on to make a deal with Davy Jones and you know the rest. 
  • UPDATED Problem: Jack is a gallant hero and very intelligent, so why was he ‘drunk’ the whole time? This one really pisses me off personally Solution: it’s been however-many years since Jack has been on sea, as we saw in one of the scenes the thing he desires most is to sail again, so it could be excused that he wishes to drown his sorrows 24/7, considering he’s no longer a ‘wanted’ or famous pirate, he doesn’t have a ship or much of a crew and his friends aren’t in contact with him. *ALSO Angelica has the voodoo doll of Jack, as seen at the end of 4. This could be the reason for his misfortune and *ahem* strange behaviour. Thank you to the person who suggested this to me!
  • Problem: Why does Will Turner have barnacle-face when we know that this only happens to those who do not fulfil their duty (i.e. Davy Jones)?  Solution: Will did not have barnacle-face up until that point. It could be assumed he was doing his job well and then noticed Henry was drowning and stopped ferrying the dead in order to save him, i.e. as soon as he ‘crossed-over’ he gained the barnacles. This would explain why Will only had a few barnacles and not ‘transformed’ like Jones.
  • Problem: Why is Elizabeth in a dress and corset when the whole point of the first movie was freeing her from it? AARGH I hate this one aswell, completely undermines Elizabeth. Oh wellSolution: Elizabeth felt it necessary to return to civilization to raise Henry, she did not want him involved in piracy for his own good and therefore didn’t talk about Jack. At the time, a woman such as Elizabeth would have been known in civilized culture as ‘governor’s daughter’ rather than ‘pirate king’, so she has to live up to this name in order to be accepted in that society (remember we’re talking 18th century here). She doesn’t have her husband, Jack or even mentor!Barbossa to help ‘free her’ from these expectations
  • EDITED Problem: When, in the time between being cursed, dead, looking for Jack, joining the navy and controlling the ocean did Barbossa have time to have a wife and child? Solution: After the events of AWE,  he had Smyth as a wife, who later became pregnant and died in childbirth, afraid that Carina would be worse off as a pirate girl, and, of course, out of a sense of his merciful nature caring dad!Barbossa left Carina at the orphanage. Barbossa then joins the navy. (thanks to everyone who pointed out my mistake)

Please bear in mind that I am not defending Pirates 5, just trying to clean up the mess. Add your thoughts and drink up me hearties, yo ho! ( @dhiatzs


Okay, so here’s my theory:

Camila initially was the one to feel something romantic towards L. The girls were still pretty young back then, so it’s natural to be confused and unsure about these new feelings. C made the first move, Lauren went with it, but shrugged C off, burying her feelings. I think deep down L tried to convinced herself it was purely platonic however knew on the surface it was something more. I think C got the hint and backed completely off from L, even as friends  possibly feeling embarrassed by how she’d acted or felt about her. This is when L started ‘dating’ Luis to rid of any possible romantic feelings she was developing for Camila. After that ended, I think L knew who she was and what she wanted, she was comfortable enough within her sexuality to approach C again. I’d say this happened from 2013 to early 2014. I think C was dubious and understandably nervous to go back there with L and bring up these bitter feelings. I think they both agreed they’d start again low key super platonically and work their way up to something more if it happened, if it didn’t they’d stay friends. I want to say 2014, the two finally were official and out to friends and family. I think their romance was on and off until early 2016 (obviously due to the long list of restrictions) but I think they tried again just before Camila left the group. As for 2017, I think the strain of the whole group image can be so damaging if its broken. The girls would have to be extremely careful to get away with being together out and about in public because if they were spotted together, every plan management and marketing have set out would completely foil and in result we’d be left with a tarnished group image not just C and L’s. That would completely damage everything in place for their solo contracts next year. I mean, I’m gonna throw this in here but theres no doubt in my mind C was in Jamaica for L’s birthday. There was no fan sighting of C in Miami/NY or LA, only the video she uploaded on Instagram which could have been taken anytime prior to the upload date. Theres pictures from L’s birthday of a girl who we never see, just the back of and her build/hair etc. matches that of Camila’s. If we look at current with the Ty situation, nothing adds up. C and L are still throwing indirects left right and centre, and we’ve got way too many connections between the girls and who they’re associated with for me not to believe something isn’t going on as we speak. I think L was C’s first love, in the sense that she’d feel so inevitable to anything she ever does. If circumstances every changed I feel as though C would drop everything for L. And in love, weakness can be so so dangerous.

richie realizing he likes you [headcanons]

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Pairing: Richie Tozier x reader

Also,  this might be related to a future fic :)

  • okay
  • so y’all have been friends for years
  • and little does Richie know
  • you’ve been crushing on him for all those years
  • I mean
  • he’s just so pretty
  • like, prettier than you
  • it’s just not fair
  • also, he’s hilarious
  • and charming
  • and caring
  • anyways, here we are, getting off track
  • so Richie would probably realize that he likes you after you do something badass
  • like stand up to Henry Bowers for him
  • or maybe something during the whole fiasco with Pennywise
  • but he’d stare at you in awe and just swoon
  • like homeboy really swooned
  • and you’re just like: ????
  • and he’s all like: !!!
  • and so of course he goes straight to the Losers
  • and he’s all like “okay but I really like her guys”
  • Bev just goes “yeah, its kind of obvious”
  • and the rest of the Losers mutter in agreement
  • Richie is just like “??? why didn’t you guys tell me I like her?”
  • they all roll their eyes
  • “w-w-we were wa-a-a-aiting for you t-t-to figure it out yourself dumba-a-ass.” bill stutters
  • Richie looks conflicted at this turn of events
  • and then he starts freaking out
  • “I can’t have feelings. Trashmouth Tozier does not get all swoon-y over some fucking girl. That”s it. I’m just not gonna like her.”
  • the Losers all exchange skeptical glances
  • what?! I’m not gonna let some stupid feelings get in the way. Feelings are for pussies. like eds.”
  • “Whatever you say rich.”
  • so Richie decides to not have a crush on you
  • poor boy, you can’t just turn your emotions off
  • everything is going great
  • he’s acting completely normal
  • until you arrive at the quarry
  • then it all goes to shit
  • you greet everyone with a hug
  • (its your thing)
  • and Richie can’t help it but his heart goes: !!!!!
  • and then you smile at him and his heart kind of just: !!!!
  • well there goes his brilliant plan of not liking you
  • he can’t help it
  • your smile is just so gorgeous
  • so Richie does what he does best
  • flirt
  • or at least, he tries
  • in reality, its just a bunch of crude jokes
  • or comebacks
  • like, you’ll be all like “wow im really tired”
  • and Richie will probably reply something really quick like “I know something you can sit on”
  • and the Losers will look at him in disbelief
  • like wtf Richie
  • that’s not how you get the girl
  • but then they notice you laughing and blushing at his comment
  • and they’ll realize
  • and Bev will just point it out
  • oh my god! you like Richie!”
  • what? Bev, no.”
  • the Losers would do anything they could to push you two together
  • they’d sit you down next to each other at the movies
  • they’d tell Richie to walk you home
  • or pick you up
  • the boys would all flirt with you
  • so would Beverly tbh
  • and then Richie would just get so fed up
  • you fuckers know I like her!”
  • well you’re not doing anything about it are you?”
  • and so, one day, you’d be lounging around the quarry
  • just having gotten out of the water
  • and you’re just sitting in the sun, head tossed back as Mike says something, a cocky smirk on his face as he looks at Richie
  • and Richie just get so worked up
  • so he walks over to you
  • and he grabs your hand, pulling you up
  • you stumble into his chest
  • he smoothly (read: clumsily) wraps his arms around you and leans down to place a kiss on your lips
  • he thinks he’s the smoothest thing since I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!
  • he’s really not
  • it’s awkward and tender
  • first kiss awwww go you!
  • and so you pull away and you’re like: !!!
  • and he’s all like: !!!
  • and he admits that he likes you
  • listen (Y/N), I have a huge fucking crush on you”
  • and you kind of just…melt
  • it’s about time. I’ve liked you since we were six and you learned how to use curse words other than ‘stupid’.”
  • this time, it’s Richie that melts
  • and so you’re just staring at each other until Mike claps his hands
  • well, my work here is done”
  • and he walks away and gets high fives from the rest of the Losers
  • hey what the fuck is that all about?”Richie asks
  • Bill steps forwards
  • w-w-well you weren’t g-g-g-gonna say anything, s-s-so we decided t-t-t-to rush the process.”
  • you and Richie look at each other before smiling.
  • well thank fuck.”

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You might think that you’ll never gonna fall in love again, and you keep on wondering when is it gonna stop hurting. Or perhaps it’ll never gonna stop. You never thought that it would be this damaging, that its going to affect you so badly; mentally and physically. You probably feel sick and tired. Tired of love, tired of having feelings. You’ll think that being alone is probably better than having to feel like this. And for a moment, you lost hope. As well as your faith in love. But my dear, let me tell you one thing; it is completely normal to feel like this few weeks after you got your heart broken. The thing is, you will get through this. Without realizing it, It’ll pass. Life goes on. Someday it’ll all make sense. You’ll know why it had to happen, you’ll know why you need to go through all of this. To all the broken-hearted people out there, here’s my message to you; whether it has been a month, a year, two years, or even ten years, believe me, one day it’s not going to hurt anymore. That day will come, the day where you finally moved on. Where you can finally leave the past and ready to start again. So don’t lose hope, you are stronger than this.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1211 // @bynoire on instagram
Guide to TV Tropes, Part 1: Tropes are Not Bad

Pylon @constablewrites here! You may know me as the one who likes sending people to TV Tropes. The site is a fantastic resource and can really help writers develop their understanding of story–but it can also be intimidating and frankly dangerous. So I’m here to share some wisdom not just about the site, but about the idea of tropes in the first place.

What is a trope?

Let’s start by defining terms here. For our purposes, a trope is a specific storytelling element that is recognizable in multiple works. The concept of having characters, of stories having acts like plays, of multiple plotlines, all those basic, fundamental concepts are technically tropes.

This is a very broad definition, but that’s on purpose. It’s difficult to discuss something that doesn’t have a name, so that’s what tropes are: a way to give names to those concepts and elements we recognize so we can talk about them, and so that we can be clear that we’re talking about the same thing.

But people talk about tropes like they’re a bad thing.

When someone uses “trope” in a pejorative way, they’re usually talking about a trope that is deployed uncritically, without new context. Tropes can very easily become cliches when they get regurgitated wholesale, but that does not make a trope inherently bad, and that doesn’t mean that new life can’t be breathed into tired tropes.

So why is it important to know tropes?

Essentially, it’s hard to break the rules effectively if you don’t know what they are. Media doesn’t exist in a vacuum; your story is in conversation with everything that came before and everything that will come after. You know that guy who tries to hide that he came to class late, until he smugly makes a point that was already thoroughly discussed 20 minutes ago? Don’t be that guy. (Want to know how many people are out there hawking Hunger Games clones who genuinely have no idea that franchise exists? It’s a much higher number than you just thought of, I promise you.)

What about originality? If it’s been done before it’s not original!

Think of tropes like Lego bricks. It’s not about what bits you have, it’s about how you put them together. That’s how you can take most of the same pieces from this:

…and end up with this:

Take a bunch of spy tropes that have been overused to the point of parody and give them to superheroes, and you have something that feels fresh. A stock character that’s usually male might look very different as a female, even if they otherwise fulfill the same role. Throwing film noir and detective tropes into a setting with magic and monsters invented a whole new genre. And so on. You don’t have to reinvent or twist every element to have something new; you can get just as much mileage out of turning a single trope on its head and thoroughly exploring the implications of that.

Ultimately, you can’t mess with audience expectations if you don’t know what they are. That one death in Avengers: Age of Ultron completely shocked me because the movie is screaming at the top of its lungs that it’s gonna kill a different character. (Worth noting is that I saw it with a friend who didn’t pick up on those cues at all, and thus had a completely different reaction. Knowing those expectations can cut both ways.) Tropes represent the shared language of storytelling that your readers have learned, consciously and subconsciously, and are bringing to the table. You need to understand that language if you want to speak to them effectively.

Hopefully now you understand why it might be beneficial to spend some time on TV Tropes. But don’t dive in just yet! Otherwise you’ll emerge blinking into the light a week later, muttering about egregious sliding scales and realizing that no one’s been feeding your cat and you probably don’t have a job anymore. Tune in next time where we’ll discuss how to use the site effectively and avoid the black hole.

Edit by Werew: Here is the next part of this post! Happy Troping!

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People are saying that they've changed up The character of Lefou and on the end it's a positive thing.

LeFou spends the whole movie pining after Gaston and being completely under his thumb, He gets to dance with a man for like a split second at the end. Like, some people might like the fact that there’s something, and I’m not gonna be one to deny people their happiness if they did! But there’s still a lot of issues with how he was portrayed and the fact that this supposed ‘first gay moment in Disney’ could literally be missed by blinking. Literally, my friend whom I saw the movie with missed it like that.

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Never used this before. But all I kinda want now in an episode is where they discover that David has a typewriter and it's a really minor plot point except at the end where we discover the lowercase t is stuck at a higher point. Episode ends with everyone shrugging and walking away except Max who looks at it in growing horror.

I’m gonna be real Anon, if there’s a reference here it unfortunately went completely over my head. .3.

But yeah, I can imagine David maintaining an old type-writer that the camp used back in the day. He usually gets made fun of whenever someone sees him using it, but doesn’t really pay the insults any mind because gosh darn it, it’s apart of the camps history and deserves to be treated with respect!

Celestial Navigation:  Prison Break

Okay, so here you go!  This is for the Anon who was having a rough time of it like a month or so ago, and I said I’d write this, then got started and couldn’t get it to go anywhere.  It just…sucked.  I don’t know.  I’ve tried to clean it up some, so hopefully, it is fun and will lift Anon’s spirits if they are still out there.  I didn’t forget.  I just had a hard time with this one, so I hope it is remotely close to what you were hoping for.  Anyway, enjoy!  Thanks everyone.  

Summary:  Tony and Rhodey end up in jail because they were protesting Trump.  Steve is very displeased by this. Or, the “No One Puts Baby in Cell” Edition. 

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hey if youre a disabled person who doesnt like making jokes about their illness or like hearing other people make jokes about your illness, its okay and youre still valid.

if you have to hear people say unfunny comments about your struggles or pain and try to excuse it with “i have other disabled friends who are completely fine with jokes about their illness”, “its better to laugh than to cry” or “ youll have to get used to it, youre gonna be sick the rest of your life”, im really sorry and you shouldnt have to put up with that.

you are the only person who gets to decide whether youre okay with certain jokes/jokes at all about your illness, no one but you.

youre not overly sensitive or boring for not wanting to poke fun at something awful that is happening to you.

please come @ anyone tryna make that decision for you, your illness has already taken so much away from you, dont let anyone else take anything else away.