as christmas takes a turn for the worse

If Things Were Different - Drake x MC (A Royal Romance Fanfic)

[A little note: Me: reading the latest TRR chapter and thinking of all the glorious angst I could write because I love the two of them together. Me: finally giving into doing it before inspiration withers away].

Racing. Her heart has been racing inside her chest. Beating so loudly that she barely hears his hushed undertones. She thinks for a moment that her ears are playing tricks on her; a dirty illusion because of how much she wrestles with wanting more and the guilt that quickly follows. The guilt of having feelings for someone that cannot be hers, not under these circumstances. She opens her mouth to speak, but shuts it just as quickly by the sudden look of desperation in his eyes.

She’s seen that look before; many times on her own face. From moments where she drops her guard, long enough to give a similar glance in his direction. Moments where the guilt doesn’t feel as thick and she allows her selfish thoughts to think of more. More what ifs and could bes; indulgent fantasies until he notices her intense stare and she has to school her expression again. Until she has to slip her mask once more, for the rest of the world to see. A cool mask, she no longer thinks is hers to wear alone.

He wears one too. She understands it better, except he isn’t hiding behind his now. It is as if he has settled with unraveling right in front of her - unfolding the entanglement of emotions she knows him to bury under snarky wit. Wavering on the boarder of intolerance as it often does - it disappears, and the only shred that’s left behind is seized by vulnerability. 

He steps closer and she can’t fathom a reason to step back, to look away, to tell him to leave. All the reasons why she should are in her head but she cannot say them out loud. 

His eyes don’t waver from her face, unblinking they search her eyes. They are penetrating, seeking, looking for something - anything.

Her throat has gone dry and she’s suddenly very afraid. Can she admit it to herself? To him? Her own desire of wanting him to speak, overrides her better judgement. She’s scared of waiting anymore for the other shoe to drop.  But she’s nearly terrified of wanting more. Her heart wants him to finish. Her mind implores to instruct him to go. 

“..If you hadn’t been our waitress that night.” His gaze holds hers,“and I hadn’t been sitting next to Liam…” He trails off but doesn’t look away. He’s looking at her as if he wants her to stop him.

This is her chance. This is when she should say it. I can’t do this to Liam. I can’t do this to you. I can’t do this to me. I can’t do this to us. The words are in her head, screaming at her for release. But she doesn’t. Her eyes are glued to him, and his every move.

“Do you think all of this…”  A ragged breath escapes his lips. His jaw sets like steel before he straightens his shoulders. “Do you think…it could’ve been different between us?” As soon as the words leaves his lips, he stiffens as if he’s waiting for her to react differently. As if he’s waiting for rejection.

Yes. Her heart wants to yell that simple word into existence and she bites her bottom lip in an attempt to stop herself from doing so. Saying it out loud is different from thinking it. Saying it makes it real. 

But she wants it to be real. She wants it so desperately that she feels tears prickling at the side of her eyes.

Her mind indulges again in another fantasy, yet another pointless dream of what ifs. But she doesn’t want to block this one - the images burn so brightly, so vividly that she forsakes her sanity.

She pictures them meeting differently, without Liam - without this royal fairytale fantasy hanging in between them like an unspoken barrier. She’d still be in New York instead of Cordonia, bustling tables for any semblance of a good tip every night until she misses a ride home with her one of co-workers; and has to drag her tired feet across the street. She won’t even notice him at first. Not until she sees him standing under the same bus shelter. His hair is as long as it was right now; except it’s pulled back from his face and he’s wearing a thick jacket when he spots her too.

The weather would have turned bad by then, with the downpour of heavy rain stopping either of them from creating a wide berth of each other. She’d be shivering from the cold, and he’d say something irritably about women not bringing their jackets when he’d notice the lack of one on her. And she would snap back at him about chivalry being dead. His lips would curve into a smile then; not a full smile because those are rare but just a small twist. And it would be just enough to make her miffed, and ignoring all his efforts of taking his jacket would seem as the natural course of action. Until her teeth started to chatter. Until she’d have no choice but to begrudgingly accept. Then as the weather turned worse, they’d huddle against each other for warmth and start talking about the crappy weather. Maybe he’d even mention where he was staying and why he was in New York to begin with.

Her heart twists at the thought and she pictures them walking hand in hand walking across New York Times Square, enjoying their first Christmas together months later.

Yes. Things could have been very different.

He’s been staring at her this entire time, waiting for her to say something. When she opens her mouth again, finally words have come out. “It would’ve been different.” She says simply, lowering her gaze. “Sure you would’ve still been gruff and I would’ve have let you get away with anything…” A small smile stretches across her cheeks as she glances up at him again. “But all the rest? Yeah, it would’ve been different.”

She can’t help thinking about the other versions of her, of him - the ones that had the chance to meet under bus shelters and spent moments in bars sharing their favorite glasses of whiskey. Her heart aches for the versions of themselves she will never meet. “Maybe everything would’ve been different.”

“Riley…” He trails off and his voice has gone hoarse.

The distance between them gradually disappears until she feels his cool hand across her cheek. His eyes flicker and darken until they steal her breath away. Leaning her cheek towards his gentle caress, she closes her eyes for a moment to savor his touch. “Drake…” She mutters softly, stepping closer.

He freezes and suddenly his cool mask is back on. The moment between them has shattered. “Dammit.” He swears. “What am I even doing?”

She watches those dark eyes turn furious and reels away as if she’s been slapped. 

He releases a tired breath and runs his hands through his tousled hair. “I need to go.” He mutters. “I should go.”

He’s going to leave. He’s going to pretend none of this ever happened. The thought terrifies her, and before she can stop herself; her hand reaches out pulling on his wrist until he goes completely still. With her heart hammering inside her chest, she presses her cool face against the slight dampness of his back. He feels like home.

He doesn’t move at first and they are both quietly still. Neither of them speak and Riley is only aware of the sounds of their uneven breathing. Minutes passes by, and neither one of them are willing to let go until finally Drake clears his throat. “Tinsley…you shouldn’t.” He inhales sharply. “You can’t.”

She wedges her eyes closed and doesn’t loosen her arms around him. She hates herself for being so weak, for wanting more. Isn’t he allowed to be her weakness too? “Don’t you get tired of being so careful all the time?” She whispers. She is, she’s so tired of fighting - tired of pretending she doesn’t want this. Whatever this is between them. The pull and push connection she’s never felt with anyone else.

“Constantly.” He mumbles back, before twisting until she’s finally facing him again. 

The cool mask dissolves into an uncertain smile, and she’s struck by how differently he’s looking at her. She’s so used to seeing him smirk that the sudden softness in his express has taken her off guard. He’s looking at her as if she’s special, as if he wants her - no needed her. 

Her throat has gone dry again and she can’t tear her eyes away. 

His eyes dips to her lips and suddenly she’s forgotten how to swallow. “I’m so damn tired of it.”

She feels his fingers softly brush by her ear before travelling along the soft folds of her hair, untangling it’s wavy ends and arching her chin forward. Her eyes grow wide but she makes no move to stop him, when he finally closes the remaining distance between them.

His breath is hot against her lips. Her heart surges and her hands have gone slack beside her. They feel heavy, and her chest feels as if it’s about to burst. When she opens her lips slightly to meet his - she is suddenly met with cool air when he lurches away. 

For a moment all she can do is blink. She blinks a few times, until rationale has begun creeping back in. Standing very still, she watches the man in front of her let out a frustrated cry before stepping away completely. 

She steps back too, and when she stares up at him again, he’s a safe distance away. Her heart sinks with disappointment. 

“I’ve,” His eyes glance up at her again. “I’ve got to get out of here.” He steps towards her but frowns just as quickly once he realizes his mistake. “Now.” 

“Drake -“ 

“Before I do something we might both regret.” His face curves into a bitter smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. 

She doesn’t trust herself to speak, simply nods as he wanders to the door. He pauses to look back at her and she sees everything she’s ever wanted laid out in front of her. 

A man that doesn’t expect more than what she’s able to give. A man that could love her a thousand different ways, over a thousand different lifetimes. But she tells herself she can no longer indulge fantasies, in different versions of their lives that has never existed. She cannot afford to expect a different ending to their probably tragic story.

Where Soul Meets Body- 5

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1481

Author’s Note: Holy crap guys it’s been a while for this one. I don’t actually know if anyone is still reading (HA) But I’ll go ahead and keep updating as I can. I’ve written another part to be posted soon, hopefully my brain will cooperate and let me finish this damn story. ALSO ITS BUCKY’S BIRTHDAY SO HERE HAVE THIS.
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Master   Part 4

Originally posted by esgaroths

Winter in New York was not always beautiful. The snow began to melt into slush, turning the streets black and slick, and the closer it got to Christmas, the worse it got. The streets glazed over with ice, and you and Bucky had started taking your coffee dates in the warmth of your own kitchen. Steve had taken to going to the gym rather than freeze or risk slipping on ice and breaking something, and this particular morning was no exception.

Bucky groaned as you grasped his hand, yanking him forward and toward yet another store. He should have known better, the second you asked him to come shopping, that he would be reduced to little more than your bag carrier. His arms were weighed down with the things you’d gotten for Steve- and for him, although he was terribly oblivious to the fact.

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Prompt! She didn't know how, or why, but suddenly she was eleven years old and could remember her life up until her 21st birthday.

She feels…creepy. She’s in the fifth grade and she remembers this. Justin Abernacky has a crush on her and will try to kiss her at the end of the year. She’ll let him because she saw her older sister do the same with her boyfriend and she’s curious. Or, rather, she saw Hannah kiss her boyfriend and thought or will think or–

Ugh. Tenses. What a mess.

Well, the point is that she’s not letting 11-year-old Justin Abernacky kiss her. She might be back to being eleven (a thought which is blowing her mind), but she’s mentally 21. She can (could) drink, she can (could) work, she can (could) smoke, she can’t (couldn’t) touch lips with a kid. Some sort of time traveling police are bound to show up and arrest her ass for it. She is not going to time jail.

In fact, now that she thinks about, under her bed where she’s been since waking up as an eleven-year-old, there are a lot of things she’s not letting happen. That time at the mall when her friend got caught shop lifting, her second boyfriend cheating on her, her parents keeping–

There’s a crash from downstairs and she feels her stomach flip. She arches her neck until she can see the alarm clock on her bedside table. It’s 3am. There’s only one memory in her life where something crashes downstairs at 3am.

Those things she’s not going to let happen? This one of them right now.

Her stomach is still flipping with nerves but it’s nothing compared to the terror she’d felt the first time this happened. In fact, the memory of that fear is what propels her from out under the bed and ignites something in her that screams no.

“Oooh, you’re in my house now,” she mutters. Her voice is unnaturally high and it trembles with her rising rage. “Not today.”

She eases her door open, remembering at the last moment that there’s a chain of bells on the knob outside, leftover from Christmas. She can’t wake her sister up, that’s what it made it worse last time. No, she needs to take care of this before anyone notices or even wakes up.

She creeps downstairs, her size keeping the floorboards from creaking. She doesn’t have anything 21-year-old her had, but it’s really all about the intent. She breathes evenly and turns left at the bottom of the stairs, into the living room.

She sees the ghost by her dad’s favorite chair. It’s seething with dark energy, barely still attached to its host, the small side-table her mother had brought home the day before. 

“You wispy motherfucker,” she hisses under her breath, seeing the way it tugs at its tether. In a month it’ll be more attached to the house and people than the side table. In half a year it’ll be powerful enough to attach itself to her sister. In a year her sister will, will, her sister will–

Well, it won’t be getting that far. Not this time.

She takes the side table in her small hands, heaving it up. It’s too heavy to properly carry so she sort of walks it across the floor, moving it from side to side over the edge of the carpet. The dark energy lashes out at her, scratching her hands and face but she purses her lips and drags it a couple more inches, undeterred. She’s been through way worse, she’s not stopping for a couple of scratches.

She gets the cursed thing out the door. She could just leave it there, but she doesn’t want it near her family at all. She’s got to get it at least a couple of blocks, before dawn.

She’s got a pretty good idea where she wants to put it.

It’s getting pretty bright by the time she dumps it in her sister’s boyfriend’s yard. He’s going to dump her in a week in front of the entire school, she thinks he deserves it. She dusts off the top and nods in satisfaction, admiring how it looks on the freshly mowed lawn.


She’s only a dozen steps back home when her conscience pulls at her. She stops, fights with herself, and then sullenly marches back. She can’t let the thing posses the guy as much as she hates him. She can’t.

She breaks the mirror, the thing trapping the damned evil thing, in the secret drawer. There. That’ll weaken it enough that she can leave it with them for a month before banishing it. Maybe two.

Okay, maybe three.

The guy won’t get possessed, get off her back.

Now to figure out how she’s going to handle the rest of the paranormal shit that plagues her family for the next decade. She needs to go to the library.

You know what would have fucked with Scrooge more?
Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future that adopted his image…

But like, set in 2015.

He’s just this asshole CEO who was handed a fucktonne of money by his dead daddy or something, straight out of college.
He’s a Republican, never had to work a day in his life, and obviously believes that if you’re poor then it’s your own fault/you need to work harder!

He needs to relax in a jacuzzi more than his employees need a raise, or health insurance. That’s how the whole employer-employee thing works, right?
If they’re good enough, they’ll get promoted up the ladder… y'know, as long as they’re rich white dudes; he can’t even comprehend the idea of any'thing’ else making it that far.

Christmas rolls around, and maybe the company profits are up… but not the same as last year.
Completely ignoring the whole nationwide economical crisis; he realises that clearly the employees are slacking off, so in retribution, he has holidays and holiday pay removed. IF they can surpass the target set by last year’s sales, then he’ll consider it (he says in a company-wide statement); but he won’t, even if they manage it.

Sales double, because employees are desperate and the customers are trying to help out even if they hate feeding the greedy bastard on top of the tree. The target is reached, surpassed… employees begin to relax, they get christmas.
No need to try and find additional childcare, re-route family members… they get christmas.
No. No they don’t.  He does not reinstate holidays, there is silence from his office… he’s taken some of the surplus and gone on a trip to Hawaii for a few weeks.

Returning in time for Christmas.
To find employees striking… but many more still slaving at their jobs, because they need the income.
He has found an effective business strategy… he will use it again the next year.

Yeah, the ghosts aren’t having it.

“Listen up, fucknut…” reads the note that appears on the desk he has his feet resting on; shoes caked in mud (because he pays the maid s to clean, might as well make them earn it, right?). “Tonight, Xmas Eve, you are going to be visited by three spectres who really wanna kick your ass… but have to teach you right from wrong. So play along and you just might learn a thing.”

He scoffs and tosses it, it misses the bin. He pretends it did. He hates to lose.


So, the Ghost of Christmas Past turns up and it’s like, 2009-2011 him… the frat dude in fluro shorts who thought chugging several cups of beer in under 30 seconds was ‘fuckin 'A, dude!’

To make matters worse, the Ghost of Christmas Past still acts like mega-douchebag frat-bro him; and won’t stop using slang that makes him cringe. But still, even though he’s shown the error of his past ways (just by being exposed to this idiot); there’s no convincing him that having everything handed to him on a plate and taking it for granted (to become frat-bro), is in anyway a bad thing.

In exasperation, Past!Ghost flips him the bird as it fades out.
A lingering, “What the fuck is wrong with you, bro?” on the breeze.


Ghost of Christmas present appears, looks like him, current him.
He spends too much time checking out his own ass from behind to really hear the opening speech.

But basically, they go on a whirlwind tour of recent events; of him lounging about being a pampered little fuck with terrible ideas, and of the workers, desperately striving to reverse his decision. Rewarding him with hard work he did not earn from them.
There is no loyalty, only a determination to survive.

He gets smacked for making inappropriate comments about many of the employees.
“They’d have more food if she went on a diet…”
“Hmmm, I’m guessing he got in on the Equal Employment program the government rolled out?”
“Remind me to fire that one later… if I do it now, before she gets to eight months, there’s no maternity leave payout required.”
“Now that one I’d love to wreck… always had a thing for Asians…”
“Hey, since when do I pay maids to take a break in between department floors?”
“I’d fuck that guy, but I’m pretty sure he’d steal something on the way out, you know how those people are…”
“Maybe if they used some self-restraint they wouldn’t HAVE so many kids to feed on their shitty salary?”
“Mmmm, those are some nice tits… I should promote her to my secretary. She can take notes, my coffee order, and this dick all at the same time… well, if she’s literate. You never know with her kind…”
“Wow, look at this dump… why would people even live here? You know, if they actually put more effort into their jobs… they might make enough to move.”
“Pffft, if they’re so damn poor, why do they have a fridge? A phone? How can they afford the bus?!”
“Remind me to fire him later, bad enough he’s probably here illegally… but those fake 'panic attacks’ are being done on my time, and my dime. Go back to Mexico if you wanna pull that shit…”

And so on.

Present!Ghost is starting to think the guy LIKES being hit.
Current!Scrooge is not absorbing anything; sure, sometimes when he reflects on some of the shit he says, it’s not good… but that thought rarely enters his head.

“Can you fucking hear yourself?!” the Present!Ghost eventually snaps, grabbing him by the suit’s lapels. “Look at these people… stop seeing them as pawns, or things you own, or as the stereotypes in your fucking head… look at them as PEOPLE.
People fighting to get by on the shitty wages your company allows, while you frivolously spend it on yourself…”

Like before, they follow employees… and this time, Scrooge is silent. He’s watching, observing… but shoves away any sentiment stirring. They’re still just money-makers, easily hired and fired at will… his financial pawns.

But still, maybe he could make a little concession… maybe bring back the in-store creche/daycares. Maybe it would give the employees a stronger reason to work extra hours…

As if Present!Ghost could read his thoughts, they shake their head sadly and fade out.
“It’s not all about you…”


Scrooge scoffs as Future!Ghost arrives… he looks to be around forty, maybe fifty if Scrooge aged well. The hair is thinning but hey, he can always pay for it to be fixed…

“Sooooo… what? We gonna go see my spooooooooooky grave, huh?” he laughs, wiggling his fingers.

The ghost shakes his head.

Instead, they take a tour much like with Present!Ghost.
The stores, full of different employees, none he recognised; maybe they had worked harder… gotten promoted?
All were just as stressed, the stores bigger than before and fewer staff meant no slacking; an interesting innovation.

His office, empty…
His island beach house… there  he was.
A teleconference with shareholders, boasting record sales boosts; getting praised.

He has only aged physically, otherwise, nothing has changed.

He wasn’t seeing a downside.

And then, they did go to a graveyard… several, actually.
Half-remembered faces, older, more haggard, some wearing the uniforms of his company… most stood quietly weeping over gravestones or sites, they slipped into a funeral once or twice.

He was about to ask the relevance… when the reality strikes.

The children. They were the children of his former employees, older, with families and lives of their own now… burying the parents he knew couldn’t be forty, maybe sixty at most…

He starts checking the gravestones, calculating ages; trying not to see epitaphs of their lives ('beloved mother’, 'much-missed father’, 'dear brother who went too soon’, etc.).

Something wasn’t adding up, they can’t have all died young, right? He turns to the Future!Ghost for an explanation.

“You worked them hard, took away holidays, increased demand and work hours… but never reinstated their health insurance. Most died broken, if only in spirit…” the Future!Ghost points to one headstone, “There lies an employees who killed himself due to the stress of the job, whose panic attacks went unseen and untreated because you would not help.
And there, the young woman whose assets you believed to be 'fuckable’… and over there, the young man you would have slept with if only he was not of a race you considered thuggish… he actually died protecting his younger co-workers during a store robbery. Which could have been prevented, if you hadn’t let the store security go, to cut costs.”

And while all this happened… he was sitting in a remote island beach house, lapping up false praise…
It stirred something. Was this…shame? Horror?
He felt like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas… his heart was hurting; he needed to call his private… doctor…

The private doctor he had on call at all times, while some of his most in-need employees were turned away from the Free Clinics, because there were just too many to see.

There was literal blood on his hands. He could feel it… rubbing his hands on his clothing, as if it would come off; but of course, there was nothing there.

Without a word, Future!Ghost grabbed his arm and forced Scrooge watch himself, from only an hour prior… as he travelled with Present!Ghost. Listened in horror to the way he singled out certain employees, said such slanderous things…

His throat burned, in remembrance of the poisonous comments… spewed rapid-fire, thoughtlessly… not knowing, not CARING that the people below him were working as best they could under difficult circumstances. That they would die, because he thought them nothing but freeloaders, with physical attributes he either loved or hated…

God… he was an asshole, wasn’t he?

“Yes, Scrooge… you were a major asshole, but I think you’ve learned something tonight.” added in Future!Ghost, pring he WAS listening to the man’s thoughts.

“So… no visiting my grave, then?” he asks, almost knowing the answer.

Future!Ghost looks at him, scrutinising. “It would not have meant anything to you, Scrooge. You only care for the here and now.
Seeing the deaths you caused, however, was the one chance I had to reach you… for you to redeem yourself.”

Scrooge brushes sweaty strings of hair from his face, lost.
“So… what do I do now?!” he whines, confused. “I can’t fix this overnight…”

Future!Ghost considers it.
“How about… you start with re-instating their holidays and bonuses, and go from there? Just try to be less of an asshole in general… or you end up being me. The older you who is so set in his ways, who walks over the graves of employees without a second thought, if it means greater profit, greater praise.
You can change, so do it. Because if we have to come back, you will most assuredly not be treated so delicately.”

He blinks, and they are back in his office.
The computer is on, an e-mail to the entire company is ready to be sent…

URGENT MEMO: Holidays Reinstated

Hi all,

Sorry for the hold-up with the information, I was trapped in a foreign airport for over a week waiting for a volcano to stop spewing ash and couldn’t send this.

Christmas holidays have been re-instated, and you will have additional paid-vacation and sick days added to the coming year to make up for those extra ones you worked these holidays.
Good job on making the quota, we surpassed it by a wide margin; so everyone’s getting a bonus this year.

The next company meeting is in January, but the good news is that there will be a push to reinstate company-wide health insurance, security services, the in-store employee daycare and employee loyalty awards.

Happy Holidays,

CEO Scrooge


He was perspiring. That was a LOT to promise.

“You’re going to click Send,” Future!Ghost said, in a bland voice that meant neither threat nor praise. Just that he knew Scrooge would.

His hand finds the mouse… it shakes, but he manages to move it to the button. He clicked send, feeling ill for reasons other than illness or disgust, as the email disappeared.
It was a big order to fill… but he was going to do it.

Future!Ghost claps him on the shoulder.
“Good job. That’s Step Number One.”

He turns as Future!Ghost starts to fade out.
He wants to ask a lot of things, but nothing comes out.

Future!Ghost just smiles genuinely with his older face.
“Hey, just remember one thing, Don’t Be An Ass…ho…l…e…”

And suddenly Scrooge is alone again in his office.
He stands and goes to the door, hovering in the doorway like this was the most important step he would ever make in his life… and step through.

Leaving his office with an entirely different perspective than he entered it with.


The End


Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 22nd:
Epilogue: The Bet - Mistletoe 

A/N: Look at this exciting thing! I think many can agree that the ending of The Bet sucked big time, and as I’ve mentioned before I don’t like posting something I’m not satisfied with! So here’s a little story taking place a year after the series! I hope you enjoy it :-) x

Pairing: Nerdy!Y/N/Hockey!Fratboy!Ashton (Previously) 

Rating: All

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Ashton and Y/N have been building up a friendship since the bet and that is definitely shown when Y/N’s roommate has hung up a mistletoe right in the middle of their dorm room. 

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“Can’t let go” - Jimin story - Part 8 

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— 2 days before Christmas —

“Come on” Chris took Jimin’s hand and dragged him around the mall
“I don’t know what to buy” Jimin laughs in frustration
“Really? Like did you think about ANYTHING?” he looks at him
“I thought about like buying a necklace or a bracelet?” Jimin raised his eyebrwos

Chris and Jimin stare at each other for few seconds
“Necklace” both of them said at the same time and walked towards the jewelry shop

Jimin was looking around to see if there is anything he likes..He sees a silver necklace with a silver heart.
“That one Chris” he points
“Yes,that one..It is beautiful” Chris smiled 

They walked out of the shop and stood 
“Now what do I buy to Olivia?” Chris laughs
Jimin laughs remembering those two kissing outside.
“Hey!” Chris knew what he was thinking about and pushes him slightly
“I’m sorry…*laughs* *Chris looks at him* Okay,I’ll stop..” Jimin made a serious face
“She is…Crazy..So” Jimin added 
“Would she like a big teddy bear?” he looks at Jimin
“Well I don’t know..Who is her favorite singer?” Jimin smiled looking at Chris
“OH RIGHT! SHe been talking how she wants to get this new perfume of Christina Aguilera” 
“There you goooo” both of them were happy to finish shopping gifts for their girlfriends

While walking back,snow was falling really bad and wind,it seemed like the weather is getting worse.
“Jesus Christ like weather is so cooooold” Chris walked inside of their room
“Turn on the TV so we see the weather report” Jimin said and Chris takes the remote turning on the TV.

“Will we be able to go home for Christmas even?” Jimin said laying down on hs bed
“I don’t know man…Weather will choose”

On other side Olivia and you went later to the shopping for the boys.
At the mall first thing you guys did was McDonald’s.
“Yes” both of you said as you sat down and started to eat the burgers.
“I gotta tell you something” Olivia was nervous of your reaction
“Mhhm?” you looked at her taking your juice 
“Chris and I are a thing…..” 
“YOU WHAT?” you almost spit the juice out of the mouth
“I was going to tell you yesterday,buuut you were at your date and stuff” she bit her lip
“Chris and you…..Like…A boyfriend,girlfriend thing?” you move your fingers
“Yes” she smiled
“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” you smiled and stood up hugging her
“Okay people are staring at us” Olivia laughs
“Oh right” you laugh and sit down again
“Wow…Just…WOw” you laughed thinking about Olivia and Chris kissing 
“Same reaction camed from Jimin” Olivia smiled
“He saw you guys?” 
“Well that is just….Thank God I didn’t see that” 
“I am just kidding” you laughed 
“I am happy for you guys seriously” adding you smiled 

Rest of the time you guys spend in the random shops looking for dresses for New Year’s party.
“FINALLY!” you shout as you exit the dress shop where you bought the dress
“YES…NOW…The gifts for boys” Olivia smiled
“I know…Jimin likes to wear like rings,bracelets,necklaces and stuff like that…SO I decided to buy him a bracelet” you smiled biting your lip
“WOOOOOW that is an great gift” Olivia nodded her head

You guys got to the same jewelry shop where Jimin bought you your necklace.
“This one?” Olivia points
“Naaah..” you said looking for more 

Then you found it.A silver bracelet with touch of black..
“Thisss onee Olivia,this one” you smiled 
“That one is beautiful,I like it” Olivia smiled looking at you 

Olivia bought to Chris a hoodie that he always wanted but never bought it.

Christmas shopping was over and you girl headed back to your room.


Jimin texted you later that you come over.So you brought Olivia with you too since all of you are like in a girlfriend/boyfriend club.
“Hiiii” you smiled opening the door 
“Y/N” Jimin smiled getting off his bed and hugged you,and kissed your head
“I’m so happy to see you” he whispers trough your hair
“I am happy to see you too Jimin” you smiled and kissed his cheek

Jimin and you sat down on his bed looking at Olivia and Chris.
“What?” Chris laughs
“I can’t believe you guys are together” Jimin smiled
“Well we always thought since you guys always “argued” and pick on each other” you laugh

“SHHHHHHHH” Chris shouts and turns the volume of the TV.

The weather report said you can’t go home,because of the big storm and snow.
“Oh wow” you said feeling down for not being able to go see your family.
“What will we do now?” Olivia said
Jimin looked at you,noticing you’re little bit upset because you can’t go home for holidays.
He took your hand in his,searching for you eyes.
“I’m sorry” you sigh and look up at him
“Y/N It is gonna be okay,you’ll see your family…” 
“I know…Ughh I just feel..I mean” 
“You have us! We’ll spend Christmas and New Year togetheer…We are like best friends” Olivia smiled and sat beside you

You smiled at all of them
“Then let’s make this Christmas the best one” you said
“That’s the spirittttt!” Chris smiled and you guys gave each other high five

You wrap your arms around Jimin’s body and he pulled you closer to him.
“It is okay babe” he smiled kissing your head
“Thank you for being here for me” 
“Always gonna be Y/N….I promise..No matter what I am here” Jimin said and you pull away from a hug and stare at his eyes.
He smiled which made you smile right away because he makes you happy,just even by smiling at you.
You bit your lip and lean in to kiss him,the space between you too was filled by Jimin fully pressing his lips on yours,putting his hands on your cheeks.

He made your heart skip a beat since day one.His orange hair,plump lips,those cute eyes.
Being in his arms makes you feel safe and warm.When he holds your hand,pokes your cheek,shows off his abs like that he’s the strongest..
You loved every part of him,he was perfect in his own way.
His kind and sweet,happy personality is what got your heart.

You smiled pulling away.
“I…Yeah” some serious words were about to slip out of your mouth but you think it is too early to be saying them.
Jimin smiled giving you one more kiss.

“SO..Love birds…” Chris said and you two look at him
“We need to buy a Christmas tree,decorations…Like tomorrow is Christmas eve.” he said
“So we go tomorrow to buy everything?” 
“I think we should go now” Olivia said
“Yeah…Because maybe stores will be closed..Which they probably will” you smiled
“Let’s goo then” Chris points at the door 

All of you put on your coats and jackets,beanies,scarves and winter glowes and you were ready to go.

You guys went to the nearest shop and bought a lot of Christmas decorations for the tree.
“THIS ONE” Jimin shouts and points at the Christmas tree
“It is cuteee..” all of you said and took that one.

Jimin and Chris were carrying the tree and you and Olivia the decorations.
“Our room or yours?” Chris asked 
“Your” you said
“OKAY” he shouts in happiness and Jimin laughs because of his face expressions

— Christmas eve —

“Playing them Christmas soooongs!” Jimin smiled and played random Christmas songs while you guys were preparng the tree
“In the corner Chris” you point
“Is it good?” he moves it
“Naah in that corner” you laugh to tease Chris
“Naaah put it that corner before”
“Y/N don’t fuck with me pleaseee!” Chris laughs 
YOu laughed and gave him a hug.

Olivia and Jimin took the decorations out of the bags and put them on a coffee table.
First Chris puts the Christmas lights around the tree and then you guys started to decorate the tree.

“No put it there” you slap Jimin hand 
“Why not here?” he laughs
“Because there it will look better” you smiled 
Jimin laughs and puts the Christmas ornaments .

Finally after finishing with the decorating,Olivia plugs in the lights.
“Now” Olivia smiled and it lights up with random colors
“WAAAA” you smiled and all of you clapped hands
“This is amazing” you smiled 
“Our tree is the most beautiful one EVER!” Jimin laughs

Later you guys sat around on the beds and just talked about childhood,till when you guys believed into Santa,when did you realise Santa isn’t real and such stuff like that.

You cuddle up next to Jimin,he puts his hands around you pulling your closer to him.
“Goodnight everyone” you smiled
“Goodnight” rest of them said

You turn around towards Jimin.You run your index finger down his jaw and lips.
He just stared at you with a small smile.
“WHy don’t you go sleep?” he whispers
“Because I can’t wait till midnight” you whisper back
“YOu love Christmas?” he smiled
“Yes,a lot…And I got to spend it with people I love so much” you smiled 

Jimin moves his head closer to you and gives you a kiss.His hand travels down to your waist pulling your body closer to his.
Your lips danced together for few minutes.
“Goodnight Y/N” he kisses your nose 
“Night” you smiled closing your eyes

— Christmas —

You woke up.Right away you took your phone to see what time is it.
5AM sharp.
You got out of the bed and stand between two beds.
“WAKEEEEEEEE UPPPPP” you started to shout
“Yaaaaaah” Chris waves his hands
“MERRY CHRISTMAAAAS” you shout being excited
All of them open their eyes and stare at you.
“Because it is Christmas” you laughed

They all got up and all of you hugged each other and gave kisses on the cheeks.
Jimin and you kissed,and you guys waited for Chris and Olivia to kiss too.
“We ain’t doing it” Olivia laughs
“Ahh come on,seriouslyyyy” Jimin said
“Do it…Do it…DO it….” Jimin and you smiled 

Chris and Olivia finally kiss.
“YEEEES IT IS A MIRACLEEE” Jimin puts his hands in the air
“Oh shut up” they acted shy

Finally gift time came up.
“I am gonna open first” Chris smiled taking his gifts
“Ahhhhhh ma man” Jimin and he hug each other
“You knew what I wanteed” Chris was so happy he got two new masks for his iPhone
“This gift is from me and Y/N” Olivia smiled
“Okay…Okay…” he opens it

Chris looks at you then at Olivia
“Really guuuys” he was so happy and emotional
“Mhhhmmm” you nodded your head
“Thank you! I love you so much!” he smiled and hugged you guys at the same time

Olivia saw her gifts,now Jimin smiled biting his lip and handed you a medium size,red box.
“I hope you’ll like it” he smiled
YOu open it and it was necklace.
“Ahhh Jiminn” you look at him
“Do you like it?” he bites his lips
“Of coursee I do,you didn’t have to” you smiled and kiss his lips
“I am glad you liked it” he smiled and you hand him the necklace and he puts it around your neck
“Woooow that is so pretty on you” Olivia smiled
“Thank you” you blushed

Jimin took your gift in his hands..He looks at you and then opens the gift.
“Really?!” he smiled
“WOOOOOOOOW” Chris was in shock
“Y/N” Jimin smiled 
“Thank you,it is so beautiful” he added and kissed you 

You put it around his wrist.
“It fits you perfectly” you smiled
“I loveee it” Jimin smiled and hugs you this time

Days passed..Everything was going really well.You didn’t take off Jimin’s gift so didn’t he took off your bracelet you gave him.
He was just in love with it.

All of you were preparing for the New Year.
There will be a party organised by the college people who run it.
You just couldn’t wait for that night.

There will be music,dancing,food,drinks..You never had a New years kiss,now you’ll have it,which you are so excited about.

— New Year’s eve —

“DO I look good?” Jimin smiled posing for Chris
“A-mazing brooo” he smiled and showed him thumbs up 
“And I?” Chris smiled
“A-mazing” Jimin smiled and both of them laugh
“I can’t wait to see Y/N” he added 
“I can’t wait to see Olivia” 
“I think they’ll be looking so good I might go blind” Chris added and Jimin falls on bed laughing
“Seriously?” he cathes a breath
“Well you know….Girls” Chris laughs
“Oh God…..” Jimin wipes off the tears who were almost falling because of his laughing

“Ready guuuuurl?” Olivia said
“Okay,I am coming out” you said and open the bathroom door and walk out
“OH GOD!” Olivia puts her hand over her mouth
“Do I look..Good?” you smiled
“You ask me do I look good? YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE I CANT” 
“Ahh stooop” you laughed
“You look amazing tonight Olivia” you smiled adding
“Seriously I think boys will die when they see us” Olivia puts on her red lipstick
“Sure thing” you smiled fixing your hair

Jimin and Chris arrived there around 10PM…Already there was a lot of people.
“YES” Chris started to dance 

“JIMIN!” Jimin hears hisname being called
“What no WAY!” he was in shock 

His friends V,Suga,Jungkook,Rap Monster,J-Hope,Jin and Jaebum,Jackson and few others were smiling at him.
“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GUYS ARE HEREEE” Jimin smiled and jumps to hug everyone
“We wanted to suprisee you” Jaebum smiled
“Waaa! I love you guyssss” Jimin was so excited and happy to see his friends
“LET’S DANCEEEEE” Chris smiled to the guys because he knew them already 

All of them went to the dance floor and started to dance and have fun.
Watch this video—-

You and Olivia entered the hall around 30 minutes 11PM, hearing a song “Uptown funk” playing
“MY JAAAAAM” Olivia puts her hands in the air

You notice Jimin,and two more guys dancing..
“Look” you point at them
“They so funny” you laughed 

Finally you two walk trought the crowd.
“Hii Jimin” you smiled biting your lip

Jimin couldn’t say anything.You were just so beautiful that you left him speachless.
“You…Wow” he smiled
You smiled and kiss his cheek
“GUYS this is Y/N….MY girlfrieeend” Jimin smiled and all the boys waved at you and said hi

Jimin and you had some moments where you just can’t pull away from kissing.
“AHH COME ON!” V laughs looking at you two
“Jimin I need you” V added 
“I’ll be there…” Jimin smiled at V,then looked back at you.
“God you are so beautiful” he puts his hands on your cheeks
Jimin leans in again kissing you few times
“Go to your boys” you laughed and tap his chest
“I’ll be back” Jimin smiled kissing your cheek and letting go of your hand

You stayed on the dance floor dancing by yourself until Olivia camed and joined in.
“What time is it?” you shout to Olivia’s ear
“Like 15 minutes till midnight” she said
“ALREADY!” you laughed 
“MHMMM!” Olivia smiled and just hugged you tight
“I love you Y/N! I am so happy to have you as a best friend!” 
“Awww I love you too Olivia” you tear up a little
“Ahhh don’t cryyy” she laughed 
“Breatheee”Olivia added
YOu nodded your head smiling and continued to dance and sing along the songs.

That guy,one of Jimin’s friends camed up on the stage smiling.
“What is his naame?” you asked Olivia
“Ahh I don’t know…I think J..Jackson!” she nodded her head
“Whaaaaat’s upppp everyoneeeee!” he shouted smiling and everyone started clapping
“OKAY so there is 2 MINUTES till new year! I just wanna say hope 2016 will bring you more exciting moments,love,happiness and so much MORE!”
“NOOOOW find your partner to kiss! No matter if you don’t know them! Come onnn boys pull the girl close to you and get prepared” he laughs

YOu turn around to see where Jimin is.Your eyes meet as he wlked towards you.He had a small smile on his face.
“I am here babe” he smiled and kissed your cheek

“OKAY 10…………5,4,.3…” Jackson di dthe countdown

Jimin turns around towards you,pulling your body close to his,holding you tightly.
“HAPPY NEEEW YEAR!” Jackson shouts and all the fireworks go on and the stuff

Jimin leans and presses his lips against yours,kissing your he licked your bottom lip asking for a permission to enter your mouth.You slightly open your mouth and his tongue enter your mouth.
This was the hottest kissing with Jimin you’ve ever done.

Your tongues danced together.Jimin kissed you slowly but very sexy.
Pulling away to catch breath,Jimin caressed your cheek with his thumb
“I love you Y/N” Jimin’s forehead was against yours
Your heart melts,you were so happy to hear those words coming from Jimin.
“I love you too” you smiled pressing your lips against his again

and wonders, and wonders of her love - rilaya

happy holidays everyone! my gift to you all is this themed oneshot; taking place right after the events of gmacm. enjoy!

alternatively, read it on ao3 and leave a comment

It’s nearing on midnight, and Riley knows she should be asleep, tomorrow is Christmas after all. Christmas, her favorite holiday. Christmas, with the twinkling lights giving off a warm glow. Christmas, with decorative bulbs of red and green and gold hanging off fresh fir trees. Christmas, with festive music filling the air. Christmas, with soft sweaters you want to burrow into. Christmas, with presents piled under the tree. Christmas, with the smell of cookies always wafting under your nose. Christmas, with snow gently falling, setting the perfect white scene. Christmas, with the joy of giving and receiving. Christmas, without Maya.

It’s nearing on midnight, and Riley knows she should be asleep, tomorrow is Christmas after all, but she still sits in her bay window. The city beyond is brighter than normal, with a decorated tree inside every window and lights wound around every bush and bare tree outside. It’s beautiful and she’s cozy here, in her flannel pajama pants surrounded by pillows and blankets with her small Christmas tree lit beside her, the smell of pie seeping in from under her bedroom door and the taste of a candy cane still on her tongue. She knows she should be happy, overjoyed, actually, as she is every year, but instead there’s this feeling of emptiness.

Riley Matthews, you are the only person I know who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem.

She doesn’t even giggle at her own Charlie Brown joke, which is when she realizes she’s in a worse funk than she thought.

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Music Lessons (Azura x M!Corrin)

Takes place in a Modern AU

Corrin had walked past this house four times already. Each time he approached it, he told himself he was going to go in. But every time the moment came to step up to the door and ring the bell, he chickened out and continued walking down the street.

He wasn’t stalking, or at least that’s what he told himself. He had bumped into the most beautiful woman he had ever met at the market the day prior. She had beautiful, long, blue hair that swayed majestically in ways that defied physics. Her eyes were an amazing shade of gold that Corrin had never seen before.

He had accidentally bumped into her, and after exchanging apologies, Corrin asked the woman what she was doing. Rather and shopping she had been putting up posters for singing lessons she had recently started to teach.

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Holiday Sickness (Ichigo/Orihime)

Christmas Prompt: Holiday Sickness
Pairings: Ichigo/Orihime
Word Count:
 T in general
Ichigo was really in the worse state. Tatsuki had often teased him that he was completely susceptible to big brown eyes, moreso to Kazui even after telling him off.

For @dreamerandcrazy 

Warning: Post!Canon, set during the few years in between the timeskip

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Snape and the Mirror of Erised (requested fic)

elizahiggswrites answered your question “Snape fic prompts”

Would you consider writing a short Mirror of Erised fic? A friend sent me your awesome post about the Mirror of Erised when she read my own Snape/Mirror drabble - it’d be great to see you fic-ify that (if you haven’t already!)

Thank you!  This was a great prompt, and my original thoughts on this have spun out in to some sort of massive character exploration fic of Snape and Lily that doesn’t meet your original criteria in any way, shape or form…  

…so I thought that whilst I was off writing that epic, which now won’t go away, I should actually have a go at writing what you actually requested:  a short Mirror of Erised fic.

It’s rather stream-of-consciousness…apologies for any obvious errors.

Snape and the Mirror of Erised

“I know.”  

McGonagall fixed the older man with a cold stare.  “And what are you going to do about it?”

Dumbledore rested his elbows on his desk, and in turn, lay his chin upon his steepled fingers.  “I believe the best course of action is to do nothing at all.”

“Nothing at a-“ McGonagall broke off, fury building in her slight frame as she paced around Dumbledore’s office.  “Nothing at all!  Albus, you know the consequences of-“

“-and so does he.” Dumbledore interrupted.  “I have, Minerva, already had this discussion with our young friend.”

McGonagall gave a disparaging snort.

“If this is not concern for a friend, then why are you here?”

“It’s not that I don’t worry about him,” she said, selecting her words carefully.  “I just wouldn’t-“

“-consider him worthy of your social circle?  A passing acquaintance, perhaps?”  Dumbledore gave a thin, but amused smile.  

“Albus, we’ve been through this.”

“Indeed we have.  I will say it once more, Minerva, so that we are abundantly clear:  I have every faith in our youngest member of staff.”  

The room was deathly silent.

Slowly, Dumbledore leant forward, his voice dropping to barely more than a whisper.  “But apparently, it seems, my word no longer carries the weight it once did?”

McGonagall took a deep breath and stared the ceiling, silently counting before eventually returning Dumbledore’s gaze.  “Alastor told me.”

Dumbledore sat back in his chair, his face stony.  “Alastor. Of course.”

“It’s true then?”

“Neither he nor I have ever denied it,” Dumbledore leant forward again.  “But how would widespread knowledge aid the boy now?”  

“And you wonder why I cannot stand to sit next to him at the table?  The things he must’ve seen!  The things he must’ve done!”  McGonagall’s temper rose again, and she resumed her march around the room.  “Did you see him when the children arrived?  It goes to show!”  

“It was war, Minerva. How many adults do you think we have here at Hogwarts who are still ignorant of Thestrals?”  

“Was he there when Dorcas was murdered?”

Dumbledore grimaced.  “I do not know who he watched die.  I have not asked.”  He fixed McGonagall with a hard stare.  “He probably watched many of the Order perish.  He maybe even had a hand in it.”  He stood, and gripped the desk, his voice low.  “Dorcas?  Benjy? Maybe even the Prewett boys.”

McGonagall swallowed hard. “And yet you invite him here?”

“Do you remember Wilkes? Rosier?”  

McGonagall gave a curt nod.

“It may seem appalling that he watched your friends die, Minerva.  My friends too.  But did Alastor tell you how he came to murder those two boys?”

“They evaded the aurors!”

It was Dumbledore’s turn to scoff.  “Are we taking Alastor’s word as gospel now, Minerva?”  His voice was icy.  “Do you think, perhaps, Alastor may have wreaked a little revenge for Benjy whilst Crouch authorised such behaviour?”

McGonagall was silent.

He straightened up.  “Severus led Alastor and the rest of the aurors to those boys.  And to Karkaroff.  Dolohov, Travers, Mulciber, Yaxley, Avery, Selwyn, Macnair.”  He fixed McGonagall with another firm glare.  “His own friends.  It is apparent, upon discussion with Severus, that he regarded those boys as his brothers.  You are aware how tightly knit Slytherin house is, I assume?”  

“I had no idea he’d done such a thing.”

“I would hardly have stood before the Ministry and assured them that Severus was no longer a Death Eater if I did not believe his remorse and defection were genuine.”

McGonagall sank into the chair opposite Dumbledore.  “When did he come to you?”

“It was a long time before the end of the war.  Many months before I employed him here, even.  He was deep undercover, not knowing whether he was going to be exposed as the traitor, but he still fed me – and therefore the Order – vital information from within the Death Eater camp.  His information was always accurate.”  Dumbledore sighed.  “I do not applaud his actions, Minerva.  I will not pretend to you that he was always on our side.  There was, regrettably, a time when he was loyal to Voldemort’s cause.”

“But you believe that time has passed?”

“I know for a fact that it has.  Long before Voldemort met his demise two Halloweens ago.”

McGonagall stood.  “I thank you for your time and your candour.”

“I am assured that this will go no further?”

“Of course.”

“Then, Minerva, could I beg of you a small favour?”  Dumbledore pulled out some papers and started to study them intently.  “Could you head by the seventh floor and have a word with our,” he paused, and smiled down at his papers, “mutual friend?”

McGonagall walked up and down the corridor, concentrating hard on what she wanted – and without delay, the door appeared.  Silently, she pushed her way in and just as she’d complained to Dumbledore originally, she caught sight of the young man.

He had been starting to look better.  He’d always been slender, even as a small child, and his sudden growth spurt during his final years as a student meant that he had an underfed, lanky appearance throughout that time – no matter how many plates and bowls full of food the house elves put before him.  She’d hardly been surprised when he’d turned up as a teacher looking no different at all.

But ever since Christmas, he’d taken a turn for the worse.  He barely spoke at the table during meals, and she’d seen him forlornly pushing the same scoop of mashed potato around his plate until enough time had elapsed for him to make his excuses and head back to the dungeons.  

At first, she’d assumed he’d realised that the elves would serve him in his quarters, and was taking advantage of cakes, and pastries, and fizzy drinks in his bed – as she, to her shame, had done in her first few years as a teacher.

His skinny appearance was the telltale sign that he wasn’t gorging alone, forgetting that as Head of House, he had to make a showing at mealtimes; no, his skeletal frame proved that something had put the boy off his food.  

And here, in the Room of Requirement, was the answer.

His bony frame was hunched over, staring avidly at the mirror before him.

“You do know what this room is, don’t you?”

Snape tensed, like a frightened animal – but didn’t reply.  

“It gives those who request it what they need.  Tonight,” McGonagall said, taking a step forward, “I wanted to find you.  I wanted to find you with the mirror.  And here you are.”  She took another step closer, and she could see Snape vibrating beneath his dark robes.  “How did you open this room, Severus?”

She took another step closer, and Snape bolted upright, breaking eye contact with the mirror. McGonagall hadn’t been able to peer into the reflection; hadn’t been able to see what he’d been gazing at.

“I needed to be reminded of something,” he said, quietly.  “Something I once lost.”

“And have you found that something again now?”

“I…“  he shrugged, and looked at the floor.  

“This mirror should not be in this school,” McGonagall said, kindly.  “I will discuss with Dumbledore a better place for it to reside.”  

Snape’s head snapped up, his greasy hair swinging, and his teeth bared in angst.  “No!”

“No?”  McGonagall was gentle, aware that she wasn’t making progress with the young man.  His moment of anguish was quickly covered by his usual mask of coolness, only this time, he was staring at a fixed point over her head, determinedly not looking directly at her.  

“Severus, this mirror should be used sparingly.  Good men have lost themselves before it.”  She paused and stared at him until he finally glanced down and met her eyes.  “I wouldn’t want to lose you.”

His jaw dropped – only for a second, and only by a fraction – and then he schooled himself to his usual look of indifference.  He nodded, curtly, and swept out of the room.

Snape avoided the seventh corridor for the rest of the year.

It was well over a decade before Snape even saw the mirror again.

His first day back at the castle had been beyond difficult.  Dumbledore’s portrait slept soundly behind him as he held discussion after discussion with each of the teachers, silently absorbing their hatred and disgust, as he regaled them with directions of how the new regime would operate under his leadership.

When the final teacher left, he’d reached into the bottom drawer of the desk and taken out the bottle of Ogden’s finest that he knew Dumbledore had hidden.  “In case of emergencies,” the portrait had laughed, finally waking now the two were alone.

It was definitely an emergency.

Snape – against his better judgement – drank the whole bottle.  He hadn’t slept for weeks, and he just wanted to fall into the cool sheets of his new bed, and forget that the world existed; forget that he was going to lie in the bed of the man who he had murdered, the man whose death had caused his own soul to shred – most painfully – inside his body.  

It had been a difficult few weeks.

When Snape stepped into the bedroom and saw a mirror, he steadied himself in the doorway.  He hated mirrors; with his appearance, they were decidedly not his friend.  

He sat down heavily on the bed, as far away from the mirror as possible, and pulled his boots off, followed by his robes.  He was left in just his underpants, his legs white and hairy, his torso marred by scars – mostly from his youth, before he became talented enough at healing and using Dittany to mitigate the worst of the damage.

He really hated mirrors.  He hated how the room had one.  He hated how he couldn’t bring himself to banish something of Dumbledore’s from the room, even.  Snape hissed, and flicked his wand.  His case, which he hadn’t bothered to unpack, hurtled from behind the desk in the office to his side.  He flicked again and again, his meagre belongings flying across the room until he reached what he was looking for.  

“Accio,” he whispered softly, and the torn photograph jumped into his hands.  He had Lily right here – for the first time in years, she was gazing back at him.  Happy. Alive.  He carefully propped the picture up by the side of the bed, and this time, he caught sight of the mirror full on.  

To Snape’s surprise, it wasn’t his own ugly appearance that stared back at him.

He stood, wobbly on his own legs, and unsteadily headed towards the mirror and the figure reflected within it.  He reached out a hand; it was almost as if he could touch the boy.  Although, no, he wasn’t a boy.  He grasped the mirror with both hands and pressed his forehead against the cool surface.  

Staring back at him, with a concerned smile, was an elderly wizard with messy hair, bright green eyes, and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead.  

Skinny Jeans and Coffee Beans

Title: Skinny Jeans and Coffee Beans
Pairing: SasuSaku
Summary: AU. It’s a coffee-colored Christmas.
Chapter: One
 Hopefully this is the beginning of a multi-chapter fic exploring a SasuSaku relationship through holidays. I am in love with this brainchild, even if no one else is. :B


Christmas Day is the worst day of the year. Haruno Sakura kicks at a piece of trash on the street and curses as it scuffs the white rubber of her brand new Chucks. Just another reason for her to hate this stupid holiday. As she stuffs her hands in her pockets and continues down the empty street, she mentally rehashes all of the reasons in a purely masochistic exercise.

Sakura lives in Upper Konoha, the rich district of Konohagakure. Her parents like perfect appearances and perfect parties and a perfect daughter. Sakura is definitely not the latter and hates the other two with a burning passion. She refuses to wear the hideous and restrictive clothing that young ladies of the upper echelon typically wear, opting instead for worn skinny jeans and various grunge band tops. Since it’s cold and the neighborhood is buried in snow, a hot pink hoodie and black denim jacket complete her rebellion.

As she wanders down the empty street, road salted so that it’s ice-and-snow-free, Sakura is almost grateful for the holiday. Every year in December her parents leave on a month-long cruise in the tropics, leaving her to fend for herself. Sakura is both relieved by the solitude and resentful because her parents have no interest in spending Christmas as a family.

To make it worse, her friends are all off on holiday as well. Ino and Temari are off visiting Temari’s family in Suna, Hinata and her family are at their chateau in Kumo, and that means that Tenten is also gone because she’s dating Hinata’s cousin.

So here she is alone on Christmas day, a solitary figure bracing against the chill as she approaches Upper K’s shopping district. Most of the stores are closed for the holiday, but Starstruck, Konoha’s premier coffee chain and Sakura’s favorite, remains open. The red and green flashing lights in the window are the beacon for her dragging feet, and five minutes later the bell above the door tinkles as she makes her entrance.

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Home Base

Merry Christmas to @wakeup-doshit-gotosleep, who asked for Jazz, Danny, and Dani having a little sibling bonding. 

Amity’s town square was predictably crowded, even on a weeknight. So far into the month, winter still wasn’t very much of one at all. The crisp chill was tolerable and had yet to produce a single snowflake; all they needed were light jackets and a quick stop at Jazz’s favorite locally-owned coffee place to stay warm. Tiring as the incessant commercialism was, she felt a little more chronologically grounded being surrounded by hanging lights, last-minute shoppers, and wreaths. It felt like a nice and proper Christmas.

Danielle, utterly engulfed in a glaring orange eyesore of a scarf Jack had knitted her, blew into her hot chocolate and watched a man in a Santa suit chime his bell for donations. “So…are Mads and Jack like that every year?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Jazz confirmed tiredly. 

Lagging behind them, Danny grumbled. “'Tis the season.”

“But they can’t actually be fighting about Santa Claus right? It’s gotta be like…a metaphor for something.”

Jazz sighed. “They’ve been doing it since I was little. I think it started because Mom didn’t want to raise us on “fairy tales” and Dad was more for the traditional ‘magic of season’ kind of Christmas like he had with his family. I guess it sort of snowballed over their personal belief-systems. Mom’s a hardcore scientist that doesn’t believe in anything without observable evidence and a peer-reviewed study, while Dad insists on room for faith and is willing to give anything the benefit of the doubt.”

“Wow,” Dani said. “That sounds…really deep.”

“Not really. They’re seriously just arguing about Santa Claus.”

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Seven Days of Christmas: Day 2

Summary: When the holidays don’t turn out the way you planned, seven people bring you holiday cheer and celebrate with you.

Genre: Cute, Fluff, Fun

Length: 1939


In the middle of the night, you woke up because your mattress shifted slightly. When you opened your eyes, you saw JB sitting on the edge of your bed, eating the last of your ice cream. “Hey! That’s mine!” you shouted.

“It’s your own fault that I’m eating it. I told you to go shopping, didn’t I? Well, I don’t see my cake anywhere,” JB muttered, taking another spoonful of ice cream.

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The quickest way to break your heart
Make you depressed and ill.
Is to get tangled up inside.
The side effects could kill.
All passion is a waste of time.
A deadly game pour vous.
I am your friend, your cher ami,
I wouldn’t lie to you

If you must love someone, may I suggest,
You love yourself!
Just think it through.
You’ll never leave, and you will find,
You’ll get more rest.
You’ll always feel as good as new.

Your freedom is the most
Important thing, my friend.
You must be strong, you mustn’t bend.

Don’t talk for hours,
Don’t send flowers,
Don’t write poems,
Don’t sing songs, and dance
Beneath the stars
That shine above.
Don’t fall in love.

Oh, don’t do it.

As soon as your heart rules your head.
Your life is not your own,
It’s hell when someone’s always there.
It’s bliss to be alone.

And love of any kind is bad.
A dog, a child, a cat.
They take up so much precious time,
Now where’s the sense in that?

Love takes the wildest heart and makes it tame.
If you’re turned on, then just turn off.
Emotions are a thing all great men overcame.
Please, don’t make this grand catastrophe

Don’t get attached to anyone or anything.
There’s nothing worse than things that cling.
You’ll go to pot,
You’ll turn to drink,
You’ll never rest,
You’ll end up mad, and
Looking like some
Poor tormented dove.
Don’t fall in love.

Don’t-fall-in love!

—  Don’t Fall in Love (From Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas)
Chapter 12

Dan’s head began to spin. It tasted awful—like iron and…well, blood. Everything in him wanted nothing more than to just spit it out and vomit everything back out, but a small part of him loved the taste encouraging him to drink more. The rustic metallic taste seemed somehow familiar—like it was totally right. Like someone eating their favorite food or stepping on the first crunchy leaf in autumn, it felt amazing.

“That’s enough for now,” Phil smiled taking the bag from him even though he wanted more.

That thought alone disgusted him. That’s blood. Human blood that he just drank and he wants more. Abraham nodded and turned to go out the door.

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It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas | Part 1

A/N: This should originally be posted on December 22th but I couldnt control myself x

Pairing: Y/N/Michael

Summary: Michael loses his passport and can’t get home for Christmas so the boys will try their best to cheer Y/N up.

Silver sparkles flashing around in the living room sent from the sun burning in through the frost covered window, rainbow colors reflecting in the crystal substance, illuminating the otherwise ever so empty living room. Christmas glass balls in gray with lighten white gray snow crystal stars covering it around the smooth materials, hanging loosely on the medium sized dark green tree covered in a mix between white Christmas and a twist of cozy typical warm colors like red and green themed Christmas decorations, even some of them was homemade, making the spruce smelling wonder lit up, which was placed right in the corner with a red material covered carpet to protect the floor from needles and scratches.

A sigh escaped from your lips as your head was resting against the doorframe between the living room and kitchen, your eyes adverting around in no knowledge of what do think, or even do with yourself. Your hand slid down the rack of the wooden white door frame, some Christmas stickers connecting with your hand that was glued on - probably by Michael or any of the other boys, who knew. Removing your leaning body from the doorframe, you walked forward fully into the living room now, looking around at the beautiful Christmas decorations. An empty mug of what was before hot chocolate mixed with whipped cream and a few smaller marshmallows, stood on the windowsill in front of the frost covered glass, a pillow next to it.

Your favorite place to sit. Especially here in the Christmas time. You couldn’t even count your fingers enough of how many times you had been sitting there, whether it had been just looking out of the window or reading a book. It was comforting sitting there, leaning your forehead against the cold window every time the fire place would make the room too hot for your liking. There was even times where Michael would wake up early to just sit behind you, whether he was even reading the book or just relaxing by your touch close to his.

Removing the mug from the windowsill, you walked over to the coffee table and placed it on it, moving around again so you could approach the sill, clapping on the pillow a few times before placing your bum on it, moving your legs up against the wall in front of you, letting your whole body cover the sill. Your eyes adverted to the window, letting your fingers glide down the damp could glass, some from of the last night’s frost still resting on it like small pearls, the view outside being so beautiful outside that it would be hard to compare it to something alike.

Seeing much white in just one view was amazing. Every piece of object outside the window was covered in bare snow, letting a faint shade of the objects original color showing off from the snow, the trees covered from top to toe and the road not removed from any snow. Normally, you would be sitting here in the early mornings, watch the sunrise, a perfect start on the day. But they would always be ten times better when Michael was there; just his presence could calm you instantly down from having a stressed day.

Another sigh escaped your lips when your eyes trailed over to the Calendar hanging on the wall beside the doorframe where you had just rested your body against. The squares filled with red big X’s around the dates on the December Calendar, Olaf in the background with his always shown big smile on his face. It was Michael’s idea buying it, and you couldn’t deny it was hella cute. Your legs loosely shifted down to the ground again, your arms pulling yourself up so you could walk over to the calendar, eyeing the red ink marker resting on the table below it, fiddling with it between your fingers as you grabbed it and looked back up at the calendar. 22th December. Your fingers traced over the x empty square yet with a massive blue circle around it, tracing patterns around it. Another day going by and another day to come. Pulling at the ink lid, you placed it between your lips and lifted your hand up towards the square, drawing yet another X on the paper.

After putting the lit back on the ink marker you threw it back towards the table, backing away to get a fuller look of it. 20 days. That was the amount of time Michael had been away from tour. Exactly on December the 2th, Michael left for a smaller touring with the boys in the states, which left you behind at home. Him and the boys had promised as for sure they would come back just before Christmas, today to be exact. There was no doubt in mind that you were buzzing inside, but being alone almost the whole December left its negative things. Of course, Michael was with you to decorate the whole house from top to toe, even insisting on putting up Christmas lights even though he had failed last year doing it and falling down from the roof of the garage. He even insisted on having Christmas socks hanging over the fireplace even though he wouldn’t be home to see what he got. He still managed to make sure that you would be getting a smaller present each day, having them all in a Christmas bag for you to just put it in your own sock and pretend that it was him doing it. Of course it was weird but it was the thoughts that counted, and besides its Christmas right?

Looking beside all of those good things, loneliness hit you easily. With no Michael, and none of the other boys around, life was fairly empty. It wasn’t like you hadn’t experiences being alone before but when it was Christmas, everything was totally different. Everything had turned cold, the loneliness eating you inside, having to do every Christmas tradition on your own. Baking cookies, go shopping presents and so on. Even the apartment looked cold and dull with nobody around. It was worse than expected.

Taking the old mug in your hands again you hurried over to the kitchen, filling up the kettle with water and making yourself a new nice cup of hot chocolate. Grabbing a muffin from the bag next to the sink you went back into the living room, turning on the TV and starting to dig in into the goodies. Your laptop was now open, showing off the Safari Explore to watch when Michael’s flight would update its current sitation.


The sound of a vase smashing to the floor filling the whole living room made your eyes shut open in fear, looking around in confuse before eyes adverted to the TV in front of you, Macaulay Culkin playing the part as Kevin McCallister and standing with a gun, performing on the Home Alone movie. “Dear god.” You mumbled to yourself, grabbing the remove from the coffee table and shutting the TV off. Being alone for so long had left so many paranoid feels in your body that you had never imagined it being so bad. But with no Michael around, the protection in the house had left in fear itself.

The brown soft blanket that was once resting over your body and heating you up was removed so you could sit up straight on the couch, running a hand through your mat hair and taking a look around the couch, noticing how the view outside had changed from day to night. A sound came from the entrance, similar to what you could point as the door handle moving made your eyes go wide in panic, firstly thinking that it would be some kind of robbery, but when your eyes looked back at your MacBook screen and noticed on the airport website that the boys’ flight’s state had changed schedule from being departed to landed and luggage was received.

That was when 2 + 2 seemed to give answer. Moving yourself up from the couch fast, you sprinted with the blanket around you towards the entrance in a fast pace almost connecting into a familiar chest, but not in the same familiar way as you thought.


Your eyes looked confused up and down at the curly haired lad as he embraced you in his arms, moving you guys while doing it so the other boys could come in as well. “What’s the occasion?” You mumbled into his shirt, looking up in both happiness and confuse. He didn’t answer though, just waited for the boys to walk fully in with their suitcases. You pulled back from Ashton, embracing Luke and afterwards Calum, but when there was nobody left to hug, your eyes adverted between the 3 boys in confuse. “Where’s uhm.. Where is Michael?”

The three boys looked at each other in pure sympathy, Luke placing his hands down in his pockets and Calum chewing on his bottom lip in thought. “He is uh- He is still at the airport.” Ashton managed to say, making your eyebrows increase in confuse. “Did he not receive his luggage or did it get with the wrong airplane?” “No Y/N, that’s not the case.” Luke mumbled, “He’s not in our airport.” Calum added, the boys having a small feeling of guilt running up their spines.

“He’s not at our airport?” Your face had turned from happiness to a rather confused dumb folded one, Calum almost trying to muffle in a giggle by your confused state, if it wasn’t for how serious and sad this was, he wouldn’t hold it in.

“He’s still in NYC.” Ashton admitted, biting down on his bottom lip for having to tell you this, kicking the other boys for not being as mature as him and having the balls to inform you. You just stood frozen barely knowing a mature way to react. “.. Why?” The question managed to split out from your lips without the sob that was resting nicely in your throat, waiting to come out and at this point, Ashton couldn’t take it anymore, pulling you in for his embrace again and holding you tight.

“He lost his passport. We couldn’t wait for him and he didn’t want us to miss the opportunity to be with our families at Christmas. But we couldn’t just leave you behind. So we’re here to invite you to go home and celebrate it with one of us. If you want to of course.” Luke explained, and at this point you couldn’t prevent the tear that had fallen from your right eye and down to your cheek, lifting your sweater covered hand to dry it off.

“It’s a really sweet gesture boys, but I think I would just prefer to be alone.” You admitted, composing yourself and drying of the rest of the wetness around your eyes and standing up straight from Ashton’s embrace. The boys looked at each other in disbelief and confuse but couldn’t do much more about it.

The feeling of having to wait for something for so long and then just being disappointed in the end was a feeling that was eating you up. But what else could you do with such a short warning, flying home to your family wasn’t a possibility. The boys nodded their heads and lifted up the racks of their suitcases. “Just call us if you change your mind.” Calum said, Luke opening the door. “I will. Thank you very much. It warms my heart.” You admitted, crossing your arms to create heat when the coldness from outside slipped inside from the now open door. The boys gave you a smile and a nod before they headed out, Ashton being the only one stopping and looking back at you. “You are 100 percent sure about this?” He asked in a rather timid voice, and you could only nod your head. “I will be just fine.” You managed to say, sending him a smile yet not getting anything in return.

Ashton nodded his head before looking down at the ground, mumbling out a small bye before he shut the door. When the connecting between the wall and door happened, you placed a hand in front of your mouth trying to muffle the sobs. Of course you wouldn’t be okay in this state.

Keiji has never been the kind of person to ask for a lot for Christmas.

The holidays have always been a time to reflect, to think, to give thanks for what he has; it’s always been his tradition during the holiday season, one he starts thinking about in grade school when a teacher has him start a gratitude journal.

It’s hard at first, to come up with things to put in it. It takes some time to really figure out what it means to be grateful, and to become introspective enough to recognize the feeling in himself. But once he does, though, it’s something he goes back to, year after year.

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Imagine Fred and George taking care of you when you are sick.

Requested by Fredricgideonweasley

Oh Merlin, you feel awful. The cold you’ve been suffering with all week seems to be developing into something far worse and really you should be at home in bed, not traipsing round Diagon Alley looking for last minute presents. It’s Christmas Eve and you have been so busy at work lately there just hasn’t been the time to go shopping. Even though your throat is killing you, your nose is streaming and your limbs achey, you simply have to carry on - you can’t turn up tomorrow empty handed. Besides, there are only a few more presents to buy. You have already managed somehow to struggle through most of your shopping list, hence why you are currently loaded up like a packhorse with bags and boxes. Just a little longer then you can collapse somewhere warm and quiet for the night.

So now on to the final stop on your agenda - Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. There should be plenty of options there for your two young nephews and then you can go home. You heave a sigh and gather your purchases a little closer to you as the icy December wind whips around you. Talk about saving the worst til last you think to yourself. The twins’ shop is bound to be heaving and full of noisy, excitable children. Not what you need when your head feels like it’s being pounded with a sledgehammer. And then there’s the matter of the twins themselves. Tall, good looking, devilishly charming the pair of them although you’ve always had more of a soft spot for George. You’re very aware you look completely awful, blotchy face, bright red nose dripping with snot, hair all over the place thanks to the incessant wind. Life can be cruel sometimes and forcing you to encounter a guy you fancy whilst looking like a disease-ridden scarecrow really takes the biscuit. Still, can’t be helped you remind yourself, pushing open the bright red door and stumbling over the threshold.

Fred spies you immediately, welcoming you with his usual broad grin. “Hallo!” he calls out, weaving his way through the throng of customers. “Haven’t seem much of you lately. Thought you might have forgotten us!” He starts taking your bags from you and stashing them behind the counter. “Stick those down here.” he instructs. “I’ll keep an eye on them, don’t you worry!” He turns and shouts up to George, who is speaking with a customer on the staircase. “Oi, Georgie…… look who’s here!” George leans over the bannister, his eyes lighting up when he sees you. He raises a hand in greeting, lifts his finger to indicate he’ll just be a minute, then turns back to finish helping the customer. Even in your feverish state, your heart skips a beat when he smiles at you like that. You’re suddenly very hot and you’re not sure if it’s your cold, the mass of people around you or your crush on George making you feel so off-kilter. You close your eyes for a moment, fighting off a wave of dizziness.

"You ok?” Fred asks with concern. You open your eyes to see George had joined him. “Hello you.” he says affectionately “You do look a little peaky. What’s wrong?” You smile weakly at them. “It’s this cold I’ve got. Can’t seem to shake it.” Another wave of dizziness washes over you and you feel like you’re burning up. “You should be in bed, young lady.” George remonstrates, which makes Fred raise a brow suggestively at the unintentional innuendo. George rolls his eyes at his brother then switches his attention back to you. “I know. I’ve just been so busy with work and what with Christmas as well, I just haven’t the time to stop.” you explain, your voice panicky at the thought of everything you’ve got going on. “I just need to get through the next couple of days then I can finally rest. I’ll be fine” you lie as sweat begins to bead on your forehead. Fred and George don’t look convinced but say nothing. As you begin to sway a little George suggests you sit down. He sends Fred off to fetch a chair but as you move towards it, the shop begins to pitch about like a ship on the ocean. “Oh Gods….” you mutter as the dizziness overcomes you and the ground rushes towards you. Quick as lightning, George leaps across to catch you heroically in his arms, a split second before you would have hit the floor. The last thing you remember is his strong arms holding you up as blackness descends and you lose consciousness entirely.

What happens after that is rather hazy. Completely out of it and delirious with fever, you drift in and out of a fitful sleep. Now and then you wake for brief glimpses of Fred or George tending to you. You’re so ill you never quite know which twin is which. Sometimes they bring you food which you are unable to stomach. Cool, wet flannels are carefully placed on your forehead. They bring you water and encourage you to drink, holding the cup to your lips, trying their best not to spill liquid down you. Every now and then one of them spoons a potion into your mouth. Such is your state of delirium, it all seems dreamlike and unreal. At one point, your parents are seemingly there, offering soothing words and stroking your fevered brow. How much is a dream and how much is reality is impossible to say.

Who knows how much time passes in this way? Eventually you awake feeling more able to take in your surroundings. You are in a strange bedroom. By the looks of it, it belongs to a young man. Your powers of deduction tell you it must belong to a Weasley Twin. There are Weasley products dotted around, quidditch team memorabilia and posters on the wall plus you seem to be wearing a very fetching pair of stripey pyjamas. Their original owner is clearly on the tall side as arms and legs have been rolled up to accommodate your shorter limbs. “Morning.” says a groggy voice, and blinking in surprise you look down beside the bed to find George encased in a sleeping bag, lying on a blow-up mattress on the floor. “Morning….. I think!” you reply, still spaced out and trying to come to terms with what is going on. “You’ve been out of it for a while.” George explains sitting up, still in his sleeping bag. “Gave us all a nasty scare, passing out in the shop like that! How are you feeling?” He unzips himself and comes to sit on the edge of the bed, regarding you with kindly concern. “I don’t know…….” you answer truthfully. “It’s all a bit of a blur.” George smiles and gently feels your forehead with the back of his hand. “Temperature’s gone down……” he tells you cheerfully “and you’re conscious and talking to me. Reckon you’ll live.” He grins at you and despite feeling rough, a warm glow fills your belly and you can’t help but grin back. “Hungry?” he asks as he gets up. “Starving!” you nod, realising that you are in fact utterly famished. “I’m not surprised. I’ll get you some breakfast.” he replies, walking towards the door. “You’ve barely eaten since Christmas Eve.”

It takes a couple of seconds to process that sentence, by which time George is already on his way to the kitchen. Your face falls with dismay. Christmas Eve! Merlin knows how long you’ve been out for the count but by the looks of things you’ve completely missed Christmas. Your family must be going spare! The door opens slowly and Fred pokes his head in. “How’s our Sleeping Beauty?” he jokes then sees your face and comments “Not great by the looks of it!” You gaze sadly at him as he comes to sit on the bed. “What day is it, Fred? I’ve missed Christmas haven’t I?” He makes a sympathetic face at you and pats your hand in consolation. “I’m afraid so. It’s the day after Boxing Day. You’ve slept through for pretty much two whole days!” You stare at him in disbelief. “Oh no!” you cry. “My parents will be so worried!” You’re starting to become frantic at the thought of them not knowing where you are or what has happened. “Calm down.” Fred urges. “It’s all taken care of. George owled them and they’ve been to visit whilst you were in the land of nod.” So that wasn’t a dream then. “But how?” You’re confused. Your mum and dad are muggles. How could they have got to London and back over the holidays? “Ahh!” Fred looks very pleased with himself. “We went to pick them up. Apparated them in and out in no time at all.” he tells you smugly. Your panic ebbs away and you giggle at the thought of your folks experiencing apparition for the first time. “That’s better.” Fred says kindly. “Nothing to worry about.”

The door opens again and in comes George with a tray of food. He sets it down on your lap. “There you go….” he smiles “should make you feel even better.” You thank him and tuck in greedily, the first few mouthfuls emphasising just how famished you are. “Slow down!” Fred teases. “You’ll have the pattern off the plate if you carry on like that!” You chuckle through your mouthful of bacon and egg, the twins both grinning back at you obviously pleased to see you eating so heartily. “I better go owl your mum.” George tells you, heading back to the door. “Let her know you’re over the worst.” After he leaves, a thought strikes you. “Fred….. Did you and George miss out on your Christmas too?” You know they were planning on spending it at the Burrow but with you there chances are they’ve not been able to go. “Oh don’t worry about us.” Fred announces grandly. “We were fine. George insisted on looking after you so I got to have my Christmas lunch then I took over nurse duty whilst George went off for leftovers.” Your heart aches at the thought of George missing out on the festivities because of you. “Poor George….” you murmur despondently. “I’ll have to make it up to him.” Fred grins and winks at you. “Oh, I’m sure you will!” he answers conspiratorially. “There’s plenty you could do to put a smile on his face.” He leans in closer, glancing at the door briefly before continuing in a low voice. “Between you and me, George’s got quite a crush on you.” He smirks at you, enjoying watching you go a little red in response. “By the looks of things it’s mutual!” he adds gleefully.

You spend the rest of the day recovering in bed as the two lads fuss over you. Fred’s words have given you plenty to think about and you watch George carefully. He certainly seems very happy when he’s around you. And whilst both boys have been wonderful, he’s definitely the more diligent of the two. By the evening you feel strong enough for visitors and so they kindly offer to apparate your parents to the flat. It’s not quite the same as spending Christmas Day with them but you are over the moon to see each other and have a lovely time together with Fred and George being very well-behaved hosts. You are more than a little surprised but then if George does fancy you, it stands to reason he would want to impress your mum and dad. At the end of the evening, as George zips himself into his sleeping bag, you surreptitiously watch him, wishing you were well enough or brave enough to invite him to join you in bed. “Thank you for taking care of me.” you say softly once he has settled. “I’m really sorry to spoil your Christmas too.” “No need to apologise.” he replies sincerely. “It’s not often I get an attractive young lady in my bed.” He flashes a grin at you and you smile back a little coyly, your heart thumping because he just called you attractive. Swallowing nervously you decide to risk a little flirting. “Next time you won’t need to make me unconscious first!” you quip, looking away shyly as soon as the words leave your mouth. “Well I shall look forward to that.” George murmurs softly. “Once you’ve got your strength back of course!” he adds which makes you both smile at each other like a couple of idiots. Wishing each other goodnight, the light goes out and you lie silently daydreaming about kissing George and wondering if he is doing the same.

The following morning you wake feeling much improved. George still insists on making you breakfast in bed then offers to run you a bath. You gladly accept, enjoying a soak in the hot, soapy water - a chance to finally get clean and feel more human again. You are well enough to get dressed in the clothes your parents brought when they visited. Comfy though George’s pyjamas were, you’re glad to have your own things again. Once ready you head to the living area to see what the twins are up to. Other than bringing you breakfast you’ve seen nothing of either of them today. As you enter the room you realise why. They’ve been busy. The room is decked in garlands of holly and ivy. The lights on their tree are blazing merrily and the smell of roasting turkey wafts through the air. They both turn and grin at you, both of them wearing paper crowns on their heads. “Merry Christmas!” they chorus, their grins growing wider as you stare at them trying to take it all in. “Table’s set….” says George, gesturing to the dining area where candles and crackers nestle with their finest crockery. “Dinner’s on…” Fred adds, holding out the sides of the apron he’s wearing and curtseying at you. “Presents are under the tree.” George points to a pile of gift wrapped objects. “Couldn’t have you missing out now, could we?” Fred crows triumphantly as you continue to stand there, mouth agape in shock. All this for you? As if reading your mind, George walks over to you, smiling down at your stunned expression. “You know me and Fred….. Any excuse for a good feed.” Finally coming to your senses you laugh and shake your head in disbelief. “This is awesome!” you tell them. “You’ve thought of everything!” Fred takes his wand out very deliberately and fixes you and George with a sly smirk. “Not quite.” he replies cryptically. “Just one more thing left to take care of.” He flicks his wand at the pair of you and gives you a knowing wink before going back to the kitchen. You look up at George, puzzled by Fred’s actions but as you do so you understand his plan. Winding its way down from the ceiling to hang over your heads is some mistletoe. George follows your gaze and chuckles when he sees the growing sprig. “Well, it is tradition…..” he reasons, taking you in his arms and bowing his head down towards yours. “Aren’t you worried you’ll catch my fever?” you tease as his lips hover tantalisingly in front of your mouth. “That’s a risk I’m prepared to take.” he says softly, his lips enclosing around yours in the sweetest, most breathtaking kiss. As what seems like a million fireworks go off in your brain, sending tingles of pleasure around your body, all you can think to yourself is Merry Christmas indeed!


Fire. It was everywhere. Everything was burning. Including his own body.

His body was on fire. He muscles ached and groaned and he could barely move. Everything hurt. But his heart was what hurt the most.

He could hear movement. Somebody was staggering towards him. He closed his eyes. The person collasped to their knees next to him. He could feel them shaking. He cracked his eyes open and he could feel his heart squeeze.

It was Gray. He looked broken and weak and he hated iit. His rival was always supposed to look strong. But the tears that were streaming down Gray’s face somehow made this moment more real. And that’s what he hated the most.

None of this could be real. Gray couldn’t be cut up and looking beat half to death. His own body couldn’t possibly feel this paralyzed and broken. He couldn’t possibly be dying. It was absurd! He still had so many things to do and words to say. He couldn’t be dying! There was no way!

But seeing the tears only confirmed the situation. He wanted to laugh bitterly but knew that his body was incapable.

“Whatcha cryin’ about you Ice Bastard? You did it. You defeated the big bad END. It ain’t nothin’ to cry over,” He questioned quietly. Gray let out a half laugh half sob at the comment. Gray covered his face with his hands but he could see the shaking of the others body.

“Natsu…” Gray started shakily, “You can’t just die. You defeated Zeref! You should be up and celebrating instead of laying here like this. We need you. Lucy needs you. I need you…” Gray trailed off and Natsu felt the pain in his heart grow. In the distance, he could hear more people closing in on the two.

Natsu closed his eyes momentarily. He didn’t want Lucy to see him like this. Not broken and dying. She didn’t deserve this. He wished he could’ve given her more. Told her more.

Natsu shakily grabbed a hold on Grays hand. He needed the comfort of his best friend. To hell with anything else. He was a dying man He could do whatever the hell he wanted.

The sound of flapping wings came closer. And so did more crying.

“Natsu! Don’t leave! I’ll miss you and Lucy’ll miss you and everyone will miss you! We still have lots more adventures to go on!” The small blue cat held onto Natsu, his soft fur brushing against Natsu’s face.

“Happy…” Natsu sighed, “I’m gonna miss you buddy. Take care of Lucy for me, okay? Take her on adventures and go fishing and be happy, okay Happy?” Natsu gave his partner a small smile. One of farewell. Happy sobbed harder and could barely nod his head.

Natsu took a deep breath and called out, “Lucy?” He could hear a small shuffling noise and turned his head to smile and the blonde. “I love you.” Everyone froze. Happy stopped crying for a moment only to resume worse than before. Gray’s hold on his hand slackened only to be reinforced harder. Lucy just stared at him with her hands over her mouth to silence her sobbing. She collasped onto the ground.

It hurt Natsu to see her like this and it hurt worse that he had to leave her like this. God, he was such a dick. Natsu turned to stare at Gray one more time. He smiled softly. “Gray, Im leaving her to you, because you’re my best friend. You’re my brother Gray. Take care of her for me, okay?” His heart gave another squeeze and his breath quickened. And then the world was dark. And nothing hurt anymore.