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Imagine there’s billion of people sitting around thinking that life shouldn’t happen this way. Holding their own worlds inside their minds. Creating an imagination of how good life must be.

And then there’s another billion walking throughout the day—working hard just to survive and sleep their exhaustion at night. People who did a cycle they love—and secretly hate at the same time.

But I know you’re thinking that there’s still another billion of people looking for love. Who never surrender on finding and hoping for a romantic relationship that would lasts. People who keep on pushing themselves up just to reach a dream they always wanted from the very start.

There’s also billion of people who are still wondering what they want in life. People who are still trying to figure out which way should they cross. And which place they are going to call home.

Billion of people are loving each other. Sharing moments and making memories they want to remember later on. People who already found someone who they can share their secrets forever.

You see, I am not sure what another billion of people is doing now. Maybe they are asleep and dreaming their hearts out. Maybe they are awake—wondering why happiness doesn’t come at their doors. Maybe they are out there, confused of what they should really do.

And so the last billion—the people who will tell you a lot of things about their experiences. People who can tell you what truly it feels to live, and to die even if you’re still breathing. People who never get tired of telling their stories even if other people think nobody are listening. People who will tell you the wrong things you shouldn’t do, and remind you of the right things you should do. Yet in the end they will end up telling you that you make your own story, so do whatever it is that feels right for you.

I don’t know exactly how many people are here. But I am sure that each— billion—has different stories—to tell , and has the same lessons for them—to share.

—  ma.c.a // I counted all the feelings, And it was not accurate
There was nothing poetic about my sadness. It was crying myself to sleep at 3am, only to wake up the next morning pretending like everything was just fine.
—  “I love your blog”

I am not afraid
to turn my thoughts
into ashes
and bury your
broken promises
with dust.

I am not afraid
to empty
the world of you,
so burn all the pages
I ever dared to
write your name.

—  dust to dust by shelby leigh

anonymous asked:

Can you please help me understand the difference between anarchism, communism, and marxism?

Very simplified version with probably lots of flaws: 

Socialism is a system where the means of production are owned by the people and are used to meet the needs of all, as opposed to capitalism where the means of production are owned by a small elite and used to generate profit for that elite. The goal of Socialism is to lead to Communism; a classless, moneyless, stateless, egalitarian society. 

The (main) difference between Communists and Anarchists is how they want to achieve that goal. Communists want to use the state as a tool to transition from Capitalism to Socialism to Communism, at which point the state would no longer be needed. Anarchists oppose authority and argue that you cannot create equality using hierarchical systems, and so want to do away with the state immediately.

Marxism describes the Economic and Philosophical theories of Karl Marx. Among other things he described how society progresses from one type of society to another through class struggle, and described how the logical inconsistencies inherent in Capitalist society must inevitably lead to its destruction.

Some good introductory books:

The Conquest of Bread - Peter Kropotkin
Anarchy Works - Peter Gelderloos

The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

The ABC’s of Socialism -  Bhaskar Sunkara
The ABC of Socialism - Leo Huberman
The Soul of Man Under Socialism - Oscar Wilde

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