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Look who I ran into at the Science March!!!

(aka AU where Team Science Mega Force aren’t fighting for their lives and have time for things like activism, extracurricular activities, and making pussy hats)

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Ever just stop and think that at the beginning of Black Sails, both Flint and Silver wear masks, two very different masks but both of which that have been carved from their histories. 

Flint a terrifying pirate captain to be respected, and Silver a jester to be liked and underestimated. 

While Flint is terrified of becoming one with the persona of a feared villain, Silver is terrified of the man beneath the mask being exposed and found worthless and weak.

Yet over the course of their friendship they have chipped away at each others’ masks until they see the true person underneath, and they kind of take comfort in each other in the fact that they’re not what they fear.


slytherin aesthetics
- blaise zabini
- draco malfoy
- pansy parkinson
- theodore nott
- daphne greengrass


Surprise At My Birthday Shoot

At my birthday photo shoot, was getting ready to change outfits. And at the corner of my eye I see a familiar face. Mr. Keaton came and surprised me, and brought me cup cakes. I was really shocked cause I have seen him since Coachella. @billionaire-heiress must have told him I was looking for him. Loved every minute of his visit tho.

Birthday Tomorrow April 25th… I’ll post the photo shoot pictures then lol

  • Okay I can't be the only one who wants 'Black Butler; Book of Atlantic' so bad just to feel the sweetness that is being officially caught up.
World Collision

Woof, it’s been a little bit since I last posted anything. Just a few days, though; I’m still comfortably ahead on actually writing chapters.

This chap’s a bit of a slow one, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Important Roles

Myra wasn’t exactly sure what to think of the mechanics who were attempting to work on the World Jumper. One was an old man, one was a robot that looked like an old man, and one was a towering robot colored in red and white with heart rate lines painted onto his arms.

Plus, two of them actually acted like they knew who the World Jumper was, which she had once thought impossible.

Although, considering that Seeker and Captain America already knew her, that thought was fading fast.

“Thank Primus she didn’t damage herself any further.” The giant robot held out a hand, and Captain America carefully moved the World Jumper out of his arms.

“We were lucky that Myra was there to get to her in time,” the Avenger explained as the robot moved the World Jumper to a metal table nearby. “If it wasn’t for her, I doubt we would have been able to get close, much less stop her.”

“I’m not surprised.”

Myra turned her head sharply when she heard the unfamiliar voice, and she caught sight of a figure leaning against the doorframe, wearing mostly red and white armor and with a bright yellow ponytail sticking out the back of his helmet.

“I’ve seen what she can do when she isn’t in partial control of herself,” the figure continued. “And that was when she was at full strength.”

Myra frowned in confusion. “Who -”

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So, I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but I think another hint at Black Paladin!Lance is that when Voltron is formed, the Blue Lion's head is inside of Black's - kinda like a secondary head?

there is both red and blue…

ok, i’m not saying this is co-leadership klance evidence 

but it’s co-leadership klance evidence 

When the song is a bop, the visuals on point, line distribution is equal, the growth is prevalent, and they get the appreciation they deserve.

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  • Lily: All men are dogs.
  • Remus: *staring at Sirius* Some more than others.
  • Sirius: Do wolves count as dogs?
  • Peter: I'm not a dog.
  • James: No, I see you more as a rat.
  • Lily: I don't know where this conversation has gone.