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YAHS. This one was indeed one of the two requests I lost that day and I was SO SO SO happy to get it back!
Now, I do text stuff but there’s no way in hell they’re going to let you cry your heart out outside in the rain and TEXT YOU to get you back in so, yeah, I’m writing this scenario XD
I apologise in advance if this isn’t what you wanted and this will probably contain more errors than usual and suck really bad so… I’m sorry guys, trying my best, LOL
(Oh, and BTW writing this stuff made me so emotional T_T you should feel guilty about this u.u )



You were yelling at each other faces for what felt like hours and you just couldn’t take it anymore. His soft voice was gone, replaced by his angry tone, and he was looking at you like he was just so fed up with all of this. You were afraid of where this was going: you were fighting too much, you were drifting too much apart without understanding each other. He was going to break up with you, you knew that, you could see it coming. That was when you just lost it. You walked out on him while he was screaming your name, yelling at you that running away was not the solution, that your problems wouldn’t dissapear just because you were leaving them behind. But you couldn’t stay inside a second more. You left him there, probably even angrier, and just ran outside, letting the storm envelop you.
It was raining hard but you didn’t care, you just sat there, crying your heart out. You were so focused on your pain that you didn’t hear the faint sound of his steps until you heard his soft voice. 
“Y/N, come back inside… You’ll get sick if you stay here a minute longer”.
Hearing is soft voice made you cry even harder. Your Jin was back, the loving one, the one that cared about your well being.
“I’m so sorry” you whispered back, between your tears.
“Stop crying…”
You wanted to tell him that you just couldn’t, you were afraid he was going to leave you, you were scared you wouldn’t be able to work it out. And then you were standing on your feet because he had lift you up and now he was caressing your face with all the love he was capable of.
“Please, stop crying… we’re just fighting, but we will make it right” he said, whispering, bringing a bit of warm back into your body.
You fainlty nodded and he just smiled at you, one of his little yet dazzling smiles, before placing a soft kiss on your lips.
“Let’s go back inside, you’re soaked.”

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He was mad at you, he was really mad and you didn’t know how to make it right. You made a mistake, a huge one, and now you were facing the aftermath of what you did. You just didn’t think it through enough, you had hurted him, you had made him this angry and you deserved every single thing he was yelling at you. But  you couldn’t listen to his rant anymore. It was too much, it was hurting you too much and you were afraid to fall down in pieces in front of him. You didn’t want to break down under his gaze. That’s when your feet decided to take you out of the house, away from him and his anger.
He yelled at you to come back, he tried to take your wrist with a soft grip and convince you to stay but you just turned around and closed the door behind you.
That’s when your legs gave out and you slipped down on the floor letting your bottled emotions flow. You started crying uncontrollably, barely registering the rain that was soaking your clothes, making you cold.
You noticed at some point that the rain had stopped, that’s when you lifted your head up to look at the sky and discovered the fact that he was there, right next to you, with an umbrella to cover you both.
He looked at you with those sad eyes and you felt your heart clench at the sight. You just wanted to make it better, to make him smile again, but he was hurting and it was all your fault.
“I’m so sorry” you whispered, barely recognising your hoarse voice.
“I’m the one who’s sorry”, he whispered back, “I said so many things that I didn’t mean. Y/N, I was beyond mad, okay? But I love you and I’m sorry for yelling at you those mean things… I didn’t want to hurt you, I wasn’t thinking straight.”
“I deserve all of it. You’re right about everything…” you said, looking away from him. You were trying to hold your tears but it was getting harder and harder to do so.
You heard the sound of his clothes shuffling and next thing you knew he was sitting on the ground next you, one arm wrapped around your shoulders.
“You didn’t deserve even half of it. Yes, you made a mistake, but I went too far and I want you to understand that I think the world of you. There’s probably not a single thing in  the world you could to make me stop loving you.”
“I don’t deserve you”, you were looking in his eyes again and he was so serious in that moment, when he leaned closer to your face and kissed you ever so softly.
“You’re right, you deserve even more.”

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You never saw him this angry before. You never feared this much it was the end. You didn’t even had a lot of this serious fights.
“Is this the end for us?” you said, suddenly, interrupting his yellings. He just looked at you, conflicted, and then he said it:
Your world started spinning, crumbling down, the words he said after didn’t even register. You felt your whole body shaking. You were losing him
The room started to seem too small for you two, there wasn’t enough air for you to breath, you had to go out, you had to just leave and think of a solution to fix this. You couldn’t lose him. Not HIM.
You ran outside without saying another word, you just locked yourself out of the house and sit there, under the rain, letting your tears flow as you felt your heart clench from the pain.
You have had your fair amount of breakups before but none hurted this much. He was end game. He was the real thing, the one you loved, the one you needed and you were sure there was just no one out there waiting for you beside him. It was him. Period. And he was going to leave you. 
“Y/N, what the hell are you doing sitting there in the rain?! Do you want to get sick or something?”
You hugged your legs bringing them to your chest and hid your face between them so he wouldn’t see how badly you were crying. He liked to play the cool guy but you knew him, he hated making you cry, he hated watching you cry.
“Y/N…” his voice was softer now and you could hear his steps approaching. He knew. You had tried to hide but he just knew you were crying.
Before you knew it he was  cradling you in his embrace.
“Hey, don’t cry like this… I hate it when you cry.”
“I can’t lose you. You’re my everything Joon… I can’t lose you” you whispered, your voice shaking.
“Y/N…” he shifted so you could look him in the eyes. They were sad and full of emotions.
He was going to say it was too late. He felt bad, but this was the end.
You closed your eyes and fell apart right in front of him.
“Hey, hey, shh” he hugged you tighter to his body and started rocking you again, caressing your head with one of his hands.
“Shh, Y/N, it’s okay. I’m still here. You didn’t lose me, okay? I’m right here.”
“I love you so much” you whispered back, your voice hoarse now from all the crying.
“I love you too baby girl, please stop crying, you’re breaking my heart.”
You fisted his shirt and got even closer to him, not willing to let him go.
He sighed heavily, probably lost about what he should do to calm you down and ultimately decided to scoop you up in his arms and get you back inside where at least you would be warm and dry.

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“I was just trying to help, Hoseok!”
“No one asked you to!”
“Why are you yelling at me?!”
You didn’t know what to say anymore. Anything you said was going to be twisted in the wrong direction. You just couldn’t choose the right words to talk to him right now, you couldn’t make him understand you and this was going way too far for you two to handle.
“I think we should take a break.” He whispered, defeated as well. He was looking at you with his sad puppy eyes, he was fed up with all of this and looked drained and on the verge of falling apart. The truth was that yes, you had ruined everything, you had tried to help him out and ended up hurting him, and he was like this because of you. No cheery Hope, no smiley Hope. Just a broken boy. That’s what you made of him.
“I’m sorry for doing this to you” you whispered, looking away from his face. You couldn’t take to see him like that. You were so used to his smile, his happy eyes, the way he always managed to lift your mood up. And now there  was just nothing left of all of that and you were aware that you were the cause of all of this.
You turned your back to him and left the house in the blink of an eye. You wanted to leave, to take the bus or something and just go as far away from him as possibile. You wanted to do this for him, because you were the source of his pain. But you just crumbled down right in front of the door and just cried and cried until you started to feel sick.
The rain was pouring down on you, sinking into your clothes, glueing your hair to your face. And it was so cold. So damn cold. You couldn’t stop shaking and you didn’t know anymore if it was because of all the crying or for the cold weather outside.
Suddenly two warm and strong arms were enveloping you. His warm breath hit your ear as he said “I’m sorry”.
Why was he apologising? Your muscles relaxed a bit while he kept hugging you from behind, whispering on repeat that he was sorry for hurting you like that.
“I’m the one who’s sorry. You didn’t hurt me… I hurt you. I did this to you… and me… You have nothing to apologise for…” you whispered moving your head a little to the left so you could see his face.
“I’m the one who’s making you cry” he whispered back, tightening his embrace.
You kept watching him in silence, not knowing what to say. His expression was less tormented and he looked calmer now. Just like after a storm has passed.
You moved into  his arms till you faced him and hugged him tight, leaning forward until your foreheads touched.
“I love you so much, Jung Hoseok. I’m so sorry for ruining everything.”
“I love you too, Y/N.” he whispered back, closing his eyes for a moment “We can work this out together” he added, litfting his gaze back up to you.
You didn’t need to hear anything else, you just reduced your distance and claimed his lips as yours.

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You had been fighting a lot in the last period and you both were tired of keep fighting but at the same time you couldn’t understand each other’s point of view. You hated to see him being like that, angry and cold, and every word he said made you flinch. You had stopped yelling at him a long time ago. You just didn’t have any words left. You were ready to give up the fight. It just hurt too much.
“Don’t just stand there! Say something Y/N!”
You lifted your gaze to meet his and the first tears started to escape from your control. You were so used to his smiles, his bubbly and silly self. The mad Taehyung was a totally different thing and you just didn’t want to see his face twitch like that again. You couldn’t see an end to this, you were just so… defeated.
“Talk to me instead of crying…” his voice was lower now, even softer, but it only made you cry even harder. You didn’t have anything to say except for ‘sorry’, but that wasn’t even enough.
You dropped your gaze to the floor and he sighed heavily.
“Are you seriously going to shut me out like that?! That’s not how we’re going to fix this, you know?”
“I’m sorry…” you whispered.
“STOP SAYING THAT!” he yelled, banging his fist on the table. He was right, you didn’t say anything else beside that and that was not a real conversation. Of course he was right, about everything, that was why you kept apologising. You didn’t have words to defend yourself. You had been dumb, you posted a photo of you two on Instagram without his consent, the internet went crazy after two minutes and now everything was different. You crossed the line, you made your relationship public without consulting him, you damaged his career and the guys’ and he had to deal with netizens now, and the company, and the news. You ruined him and turned his life into a living hell.
“Stop yelling, please”, you whispered, your voice broken because of your tears.
You lifted your gaze and watched him fist his hair in frustration and turn his back on you. That felt like the end. You had destroyed everything.
The room started spinning and you just ran outside, without even knowing where you were going.
He was running after you but your legs just wouldn’t stop… you needed to run, as far as you could. The tears were clouding your sight and the heavy rain made everything look gloomy and dark.
You were about to cross the steet when his hands reached you and pulled you back.
“WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!” he yelled at you, enveloping you in his arms. “That car almost hit you… God, you just took 10 years of my life away.”
You hadn’t noticed the car, you hadn’t hear the driver honk at you. Nothing.
He softened his grip around you to look you in the eyes, he was crying too now.
“For a moment, I thought you were going to die right in front of me…” his voice broke and he hugged you again, even tighter.
“I’m sorry for yelling… I’m not angry anymore” he said, releasing his grip a bit to lookinside your eyes . He started kissing your face everywhere, your forehead, your eyebrows, your eyes, your cheeks and then finally your lips, multiple times, always tender as if he was afraid to break you.
“Come back home with me”, he whispered inside your ear, lifting you up from the ground.

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“Leave me alone. Just… just leave me alone. I need time to calm down.”
You tried to say no, you tried to convince him to keep talking to you but he was just deaf to your words now. He was beyond mad and there wasn’t anything you could actually do right now.
“Don’t push me away… please…”  you whispered while he was shaking his head, ruffling his hair in frustration.
You just nodded to yourself and did as he said: you left him alone, you opened the door with a heavy heart and closed it behind your back.
You didn’t have anywhere else to go so you just stayed there, sitting on the floor under the heavy rain.
It was cold, outside and inside of you. You kept replaying your fight with him over and over again. You never fought so hard about something before and you didn’t know how to fix this mess. Honestly, you didn’t think it was possible to fix it. You wanted to go public, he didn’t want to. That was it, that was the breaking point.
You started sobbin loudly, crying all your tears under the rain. Was this the end for you two? Were you really at that place already? You had been together for just one year, the days had went fast and you had never been this happy before… and now it was all gone?
You hugged your legs, bringing them to your chest , biting your arms to muffle the sound of your crying. You didn’t want him to hear this. He always said seeing you cry made his heart hurt and you didn’t want to add more pain to the pile.
When you heard the sound of the door opening behind you, you realized it was already too late.
He sitted in front of you, hugging his legs too, lifting his gaze to meet up with yours. He was crying too and the sight only made you cry even harder.
“Stop crying, please”, he said, in a whisper.
“I love you” you whispered back, your voice shaking from all the thears.
“I love you too.”
“But… sometimes love is not enough, right?” your chest was heaving from how hard you were crying and you were trying to stop but you just couldn’t, not when everything looked so hopeless, not when he was looking like that: broken and crying because of you.
“It is enough… isn’t it for you? Is becoming public more important than us?”
“Of course not… but I feel like a criminal…” you admitted, gazing away from him.
“I never wanted to make you feel like that, Y/N… I’m sorry for not being good enough” his voice cracked and your heart broke in that moment. 
“You are good enough… I don’t even deserve you…”
Before you knew it you were inside his arms and he was cradling you whispering inside your ears how much he loved you and how much he didn’t want to lose you.
That’s when you decided that being with him was all that mattered in the end, being public or not.

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“WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” he yelled, while you opened the door to close it right away behind you, right in front of his face.
You couldn’t take the yellings anymore, you needed to breathe and calm down and stop yelling back at him awful things you didn’t even think. You had said so many bad things to each other and you wanted to stop before you went too far and hurt each other beyond repair.
You sitted down on the floor and let the rain wash down your face enveloping the tears that were starting to fall from your eyes… this was your first heavy fight and it had been so hard and it lasted for so long you felt drained now, drained and hopeless.
You only sinked more inside yourself to keep the cold out and tried to hide the fact that you were crying.
He cursed under his breath and you could imagine his expression lost and confused and still angry from the previous fight.
You had been there for almost ten minutes now and you knew he was looking at you, still at the door. He kept calling your name, trying to convince you to go back inside.
“Okay, enough of this. You’re going to get pneumonia if you stay out there any longer!” he said, his voice tense.
You tried to ignore him but he was not having it anymore. You heard his fast steps and before you knew it he had lifted you up like you wieghted nothing and he was bringing you back inside by force.
Once you were inside the house he let you go, making you seat on the couch and left the room without even looking at you.
He came back a second later with a blanket in his arms he used to envelop you with to make you warm again. He started drying your hair with a towel, avoiding any eye contact with you.
You bit your lips tring to muffle the sound of your uncontrollable crying but to no avail.
“Stop crying, please” he whispered, suddenly, focusing his gaze on your eyes. He was sad and guilt was written all over his face.
He stopped drying your hair and started caressing your face with both hands.
“Do you have any idea of how important you are for me?”
You sniffed and lifted your hands to caress his face just the way he was doing with yours.
“I could ask you the same question” you whispered, your voice hoarse.
“I never cared for someone as much as I care for you. You should never forget that… yes we were fighting, but it’s nothing we can’t work out.”
You nodded and moved forward to hug him tightly.
“I love you, Jungkook.” That was the first time you ever said that to him.
“I love you too, Y/N.” And that was the first time for him saying it. Maybe it wasn’t the most romantic moment ever, but it was perfect.
His lips were on yours a second after saying that, making his statement even more clear.

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This broke my heart, guys. I hope you’ll like it, I am actually quiet scared to show this to you, LOL
I’m very self-conscious about my english… I tried my best. I hope you will like it, Love ya ♥

Just a Fan Love


Well, I decide to made a hashtag called Just a Fan Love

What consist this #?

Made gift to the people you follow and love the most

What kind of gift?




-something you want to say to them

(give them something your good doing, writing, art, etc)

If you get tag in the # you only need to go to the people you follow and select the most you love 

It doesn’t need to be everyone in your follow list, but minimum 2 people

So… I start :3


OMG your art is wow! I love Brassberry appearance, and don’t get depress you’re awsome (And sorry if brassberry look “cute” D: I’m bad at “bad faces”)

@beesus420 I really need to see Bee tsundere >:3 and Cotton Candy is just to cute! so I put them together

(I’m sorry if Cotton anatomy isn’t well, It’s my second try doing animals) 

@cinidorito I’m sorry about your pet, I know that is hard u.u, but forgetting bad feelings to make a rainbow in the day, I make you a phone background :3

@damian-fluffy-doge D: How you do to draw that cute? It’s really cute and Liliam ahh! Just too cute x3

@fontsandsins I know to late that Doll is going to use the dress, but hey Pine look pretty in the dress x3

@lenathekillergamer 7-7 you killed my surprise xD
Hey dear you are really special to me, know that

@lizherubones I really hope you get better soon, really, you can fight YOU ARE A WARRIOR. I know that you will be the winner of the battle! and love your art

@lunabrownwolf you’re the first one I meet here, and if my memory isn’t bad, It was because of you (you really inspired me) I’m in tumblr. 7u7 and your Fresh in the Au is really cool. Le cambie la ropa de la referencia que me mandaste porque tu personaje es un mundo de posibilidades en vestuario

@otomozhinee Wow, I already said to you, but doesn’t matter I going to say it again. You are a wonderful person, you make me laugh to much and your to cute

Y te hice con cola porque yolo


A Baby Sanswolf bittie just for you! x3 (:’v I tried with the “cute” effects, but I can’t)

@yumisaki-san Here is! (You’re a good artist and a cute person :3)

@yuniepie I don’t know, I was thinking about how make your character, and then cats… You like a Cat! :3 really cute