as awkward and weird as Corey is

Detention - Theo Raeken

Requested by @ayee-styleHi!Can u do one with Theo and the reader where the 2 of them have this tension and everyone knows it.but both of them has had a heated kiss b4 and a few days after she sees Theo with Tracey being too friendly towards each other then the reader gets angry but doesnt want to lose her pride so she pretends like she doesn’t care.You can end it how u feel is bestANYWAYS idk if there is something out there like this request but if there is and u choose not to write it can u give me some links?Thx ily!

Word Count: 3,977

Proofread: No

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: Okay, so this came out longer than I planned because I couldn’t help myself with all the flirting and then fluff. I love a fluffy Theo, haha. Also, I changed it up a little bit, I hope you don’t mind.

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I looked up from my textbook to see Theo walking in the library. It was like a scene from one of the many rom-com movies I’ve seen where everything suddenly seemed to go in slow motion as my heartbeat increased by the second. He didn’t have a backpack or any books on his hands, clearly he not prepared to be at the library. Yet, he somehow made that look cool and it made him seem like such a bad boy.

Theo walked up to the circulation desk and talked to the librarian, Mrs. Walker. It’s moments like this where I wished I had werewolf hearing to find out why he was here. He seemed so intrigued by the young librarian. Sadly, our librarian wasn’t some old lady with a full head of white hair. She wore huge, ugly bifocal framed glasses with a pretty jewel chain around her neck incase her glasses fell.

Nope. Our librarian was young and hot. She was slim, wore high heels with her tight pencil skirts. She had long dirty blonde hair and she styled it with beautiful, big waves or tied it back in a high ponytail. She made either look absolutely flawless, along with her make-up. When I grow up, I wanted to be just like her, the woman the guys couldn’t keep their eyes off of.

My eyes flickered back to Theo. He was wearing tight black jeans, a white V-neck shirt underneath his grey hoodie. It was a causal outfit and it showed off his amazing fit figure. I closed my legs together as I began to wonder what he must look like shirtless. I imagine his chest broad and tight with washboard abs, the kind you can’t keep your hands off of.

I felt my eyes ready to pop out as Theo turned around and locked eyes with mine. I quickly looked down at my textbook, hoping the ground would swallow me whole since I was clearly busted from admiring him.

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I need a TeenWolf/ BTVS crossover where like the Scoobies and the entire pack go to the same college.

Xander and Stiles are totally bros. 

Buffy and Scott bonding over the weight of leadership.

Willow and Mason and Corey geeking out over Science and Magic. 

Spike and Theo oddly become really good friends. (It’s a friendship that terrifies everyone.)

Liam training with Buffy because they both have a lot of deep-seated anger to work through. (And Liam’s IED)

Kira and Tara becoming BFF’s because they’re both awkward and lovely.

Malia and Spike admiring one another’s No-Fucks-Given attitude.

Giles in the background taking off his glasses because this is the scariest group of young adults he’s ever been around. Can he re-retire?

All of the weird shit that happens to the Scoobies now also happens to the McCall pack.

PSA: Jeffery Dean Morgan is an absolute peach!

I had my photo op with him just a few minutes ago and this is how it went:

First of all his outfit today is on point, he looks so badass okay.
So I walked up and he had a huge smile and he asked me how I was. I smiled and told him I’m really great and he smiled wider and said good!
And then I kind of leaned in and said “So, um, can we be like, about to fight?” For the photo?“
And he leaned back and gave me the squintest narrow eyes
So I laughed and put my hands up and said, "Hey, you’ll probably win!”
And then he laughed so loud and said, “That’s true, I probably will! Let’s do it!”
And then we threw fists and looked mean at each other and I can not wait to see this photo, it’s going to be beautiful.
Also they told us not to ask for hugs unless it was the pose you were doing because they had a lot of pictures to get through.
So when we were done I said “Thank you so much!” And I went to walk away but he went to give me a hug on his own. I was caught off guard so it was like a weird awkward side hug kinda but hE HUGGED ME WHEN HE WASNT SUPPOSED TO

Bless this man 🙏🏻💞

For people who come in late:

- Tiffany had a full on mental breakdown (the ugly crying type) to Natalie. Natalie was sweet and comforting. Tiff was called to the DR.
- Note while Tiffany was having a breakdown to Natalie, on the other cams a whole group of people were trashing her in the HOH room. (She was obviously unaware of this)
- When she came out of the DR, Tiff got Frank alone in the HN room. Tiff began to expose everybody to Frank. She exposed that everybody wants him out and they kind of aligned (not an official alliance but they are working together now). Frank agreed to take Tiffany off the block if he wins Veto. Tiff is picking Frank for the Veto draw. Frank exposed people who were conspiring against her in the past such as Day and Nicole. Tiff declared she was going to blow this game up and is now a free agent.
- Day walked in while this was happening and then closed the door without saying anything, went upstairs where everyone was and told people Tiff was having an intense convo with him. Speculation ensued.
- Nicole went downstairs to check on what was happening and came in the room just as Frank was leaving. Tiff and Nicole got into a catty argument as Tiff was pissed about the revelations she was given. Nicole stormed out angrily.
- In the bathroom, Nicole started to get upset to Day/Z. Day went to Tiffany and asked if she could talk to her in the Nairobi room in 10 minutes very frostily. This exchange was very tense.
- Tiffany eventually went to the safari room and started to blow everything up to Day. They started fighting (properly) and Tiff basically called everybody out for their lies and broke down in tears about the way everybody ostracises her and walks out of rooms whenever she walks in. Zakiyah walked in randomly and confronted Tiffany as Tiffany was yelling and everybody could hear it. Day and Zakiyah laughed in her face as she was crying hard (no, that’s not an exaggeration) and they kept using a patronising tone to her. Paul overheard all of this drama and went upstairs and filled everybody in on what was going on.
- Everyone insisted that they weren’t after her and that they kept her this week blah blah blah long story short it was all bullshit to cover their own asses and they were being fake as fuck. Tiffany fought some more with Day, Zakiyah, Paul and Nicole and got into an argument with Corey also. Basically that whole side of the house were fake “comforting” her for about an hour while she was having a complete mental breakdown. Tiff also confronted Paul on his lies about her and he did some weird evading technique then later claimed he was “bullied” by her even though he’s been calling her a sociopath all day.
- Oh and Frank came in at one point and it became very awkward. He left promptly.
- Everyone left once she had finally calmed down and went off together, leaving her to sit in the room by herself. They agreed she needed to go and called her crazy or something (hence, fakeness) after saying they had her back etc. They all think the problem was Frank manipulating her emotions and “playing dirty” by filling her head with shit when in actuality everything Frank said to her was the truth and what she was really upset about was that she just felt deeply betrayed and hurt by all of their behaviour towards her over the past 3 weeks. All of them refused to admit they had been conspiring against her and scapegoating her. Nicole made herself out to be the victim at one point. It got really confusing.
- Day and Tiff FINALLY had some 1 on 1 time way later on and something almost formed between them (a Day/Frank/Tiffany etc alliance to get rid of Corey) because Tiff revealed to Day earlier that Corey said he wanted her out (the truth). This looked hopeful until Day went upstairs and ratted this whole convo out to Paulie/Michelle/Paul etc.

I might have missed some stuff but the jist of it is… the whole house blew up thanks to Tiffany. Everyone was a dick to her except for Natalie and Frank. Tiffany is working with Frank now. And Day is a moron unless this is all “part of her plan”.