as awkward and weird as Corey is

Smarkle vs. Riarkle

Now before I begin this, I would like to say that I do not hate smackle or smarkle, I’m just stating my opinion, no hate please!!

— * yes, they have had some cute moments, but most of the time it’s just weird between them. Awkward even.

* Smackle continuously flirts with Lucas and zay INFRONT of Farkle. Like in the new coming episode “girl meets she don’t like me” Lucas smiles at smackle and she gets all giggly. Then Farkle does it and she makes a weird, kind of gross noise? Farkle then says “thanks honey.” In a sad tone which breaks my heart.

* They don’t really have deep conversations. We already know from ski lodge that “the key to a relationship is communication” we don’t really see the “communication”.

* I really feel that smarkle is a forced relationship. Smackle and Farkle, the two smart people who have a similar personality, obviously “have” to be together.

* She’s now replacing “Farkle time” with “smackle time” I love her to death, but really? Farkle time is iconic. I’m not sure we really want that taken away.

* When Farkle is upset with something or the episode is based around Farkle like in “girl meets great lady of New York” where is she? Yes, you want your friends to help you when you’re upset, but wouldn’t you want your significant other as well?

— * Farkle brings the best side of Riley out. She’s perfect the way she is, her goofy and unique self. He defines those traits, but also brings her serious and sensitive side out unlike Lucas. She seems more quite, distant, and just kinda weird around him. Why do you want to be with someone who you get so nervous around you can barley speak to them?

* “The key to ever relationship is communication.” I don’t even need to explain this one.

* The chemistry between Farkle and Riley is so natural and unique, I’m honestly disappointed with the writers because they created it but yet they can’t see it.

* The two always find each other in the time of need, and give incredible advice. They gave each other a definition.

“Farkle, you’re a state of being, and everybody who cares about you knows that.”

“…because you’ve always been Riley.
That’s your permanent record..”

* You fall in love more than once. So yes, Farkle loves smackle and Riley loves Lucas. But who said that they’d be with them forever?

*also random note, in “girl meets she don’t like me” LUCAYA IS LEGIT SO CUTE. Lucas and maya sit next to each other and they have no personal space issues doing it, ISNFMSKTMSKTM*