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200+ followers! Woo!

There’s so many of you!

Alright, since @truemistoryangel was the only one to make a request, theirs is the one I went with.

Thank you so much for 200 followers!

I bet you wish you could eat me, but you can’t. Since I’m just a digital cake, and not a real one.

I hope this satisfied your request XD

@multifrisk, @lizixofxnod, @cupcake116, @askundertalecharlottedavid, @deathkitsune68, @crisiskode, @marblesoapartist, @ask-teatale-insanesans, @dapper-napsta-blook, @mikestmblr, @talecgos, @cherry-is-a-nerd, @littleangel006, @asktriodreemurr, @khundertalefan25, @he-still-beelieves-in-you, @ask-jt-lt, @ahazune, @cactus-snaps, @asking-kepler, @aidejinchristmasisalmosthere, @dcgdefused, @papryai, @cartoongamingmaster, @flamethroweranon, @phoenixiadragonal, @theundertalequeen, @underlockdownsans, @acecharadreemurr, @ask-echo-sans, @efs-enderfireshadow-deactivated, @ellisdeebunny, @smoresqueen-blog, @horrorsans, @truemistoryangel, @phoebe-playz, @kingdwemen, @pastry-meme, @sherriebobbles2, @messofneutrellas, @rainbowchu3, @comicsans82, @alicornlover99, @shadowelisebridger, @themadnesstheory, @lamentationsans, @xxvanillaflowerxx, @shard-the-guardian, @gatormeister, @cdemands, @magicworldcreator, @itsaryya88, @ffloweyfuntimes, @ask-temswap, @skyger, @forever-stuck-in-the-void, @miss-iskoola-pota, @lazyartz, @undertalefanforlifethings, @thefluffy-children, @alices-comic-world, @comicstanza, @gasriel-and-chara-dreemurr-rp, @ask-blue-and-stretch, @yan-dark, @george-the-dragonskelly, @chararpblogmod, @colourlcss, @executiontale, @albatronic1987, @pocketundertale, @chlorinemaze, @remylivinston3, @ticci-halee, @akindanon, @n-sani-tea, @r0xy1saw3s0m3, @stormwingstar, @chicalovecupcakes, @artfighterblog, @bonnieproductions, @xxlisagamerxx, @troublesister, @wallisgloom, @aarticulateaardvark117-blog, @sofyundertale, @animaltalesans, @colgateworld, @rowdyrowdyflower, @gamelord872, @a-dreemurr-found, @sansthejokester1, @jennaveverayenstone, @ascendancy-tale, @undersingau, @deepobeepo, @cullen-is-not-a-vampire, @aruisperfect, @sassy-popcorn, @hershystale, @moonflowero1, @newexywolf, @lameofsnowdin, @awesomedanderegirl, @awesomedanderegirl, @tenaciousarbiterface, @trueinfinimine, @thekawaiichibigirl, @floweyfanclubforkaito, @gracethemouse4,  @thefinaljump-roleplayhub,  @undertale-fan189, @mancreepgames, @kittykitty1697, @ask-voidtale, @virussinner, @spectralowl6, @floweyfanclubforkaito, @im-sans-ational, @sizakharenko, @joyfullyhergiver, @nevaehtyler, @colortheundertalefanatic, @issyy-busyy, @yangmatoyth, @catchives, @pinkxhd3, @photogrist, @inksans189, @smoresthehalloweenqueen, @cyaneworks, @f4nd0mtr45h, @napi-official, @maddiecatty, @andompilewithextraut, @patchedways, @error-maddie-gem, @jacobcapone, @theedgyfloof, @rosepelt11, @drawpotato, @stereotyped-orange, @soda-sofia, @killertalesans, @asy-arts, @ask-contrastsans, @forgotten-tale-official, @basileus-hircum, @undermemory, @ask-cherrytale, @childoftheundergroundaskblog, @beatrizgraa0, @saltyirishpotato2002, @omgaflyingpig, @idathecatperson, @miraclemii, @gaye-byerlyf6y7h8i @dalekfell, @issyy-busyy, @crayolacolor, @joyfullyhergiver, @sizakharenko, @ask-the-sleepy-demon, @danlikes2art, @djkat1987, @mydapperself, @creepercupcakeyt, @scrumptiousbagel, @roseverdict, @terrelldoesart, @lazypapyrus, @ask-bloodytea, @theloveableamy, @theaurasentai, @misfortuna, @knifetomeetyou, @carolstar, @miadoragamer, @pipiana-chan, @silhouttejet, @sleepysheep-seany, @ask-the-lazy-mint-skele, @cryptidfrisk, @pherthedarkwarrior, @julesgissler, @moonrayvision, @gingkahaganeisdabest, @stormlove16, @thumping-scrambled-eggs, @cosmicalcomedian, @na-sama-niisan, @egghell, @mjesslyartist, @coolca4t8, @undertalefandom29, @melterrible, @apc-27, @ko-vo, @presererri1977, @101nootropics, @lovercat16, @billsans45, @killerus, @mr-universe99, @subject-3-frisk, @familycjolie, @paint4234, @kena-dark-blooded, @swift-ink, @tawnytellurium, @thecatloverofworlds

Some of the tags are not working, so sorry guys! Also, some of you may have unfollowed me, and that’s ok! I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s going on, and figuring out who’s still here or not… whoops.

AND! As promised! The surprise! The first page of the comic will be up shortly, and I shall be continuing to update on Mondays! ^^ Thanks again for following me!

SO I reached 400 followers.. I wanted to do a follower forever. Please don’t feel left out if you’re not on here! Some of you aren’t on due to the fact we’ve either barely RPed or just started! Some of the people i started RPing with are put under people I admire from afar.

My best pals! (people who I consider really good friends/ I have been friends with for a while.)

@burntbeebs | @siiidon | @summermiko | @cynthias-heart-and-mind | @serpentine-rouge | @symxiotic | @ask-hydachi-turnip-and-friends | @hasikon | @plumeriaxskull | @blackstardiopside​ | @basileus-hircum​ | @sheep–songs

The palsies (people I have communicated in some way. Such as RPing or talking ooc. Some of you I consider friends! I would love to get to know you all better!)

@thedeathangel2112 | @the-purple-hero | @baristacoyote | @thebandicootbombshell | @masterofdimensions | @techitxs | @heartscrxpped | @wayward-innocent | @loyaldogfairy | @adventurouswind | @psybcam | @boris-wolf (in case you return.) | @belladrago | @golden-sun-warrior | @flatzones | @askthefwrp | @scarleteveniing | @vampire-pigs-and-pizza | @cursedsiren | @frogsukehanamura | @bearsuitzim | @afriendlypokealien | @friendlyheartless | @susanswierdblog | @evilspicer | @pooka-dragon | @bodaciousbox | @inkblxtrefxrmed | @biitch-bot | @undead-toon | @he-still-beelieves-in-you | @pinkpuffofpopstar | @i-junketsu | @cheerful-and-red | @cyltherobot | @wiseguypuppychild | @dcflamingc | @smallest-irken-invader | @dreamjournaal | @pinkiexxsmiles | @coinclink | @tea-and-hexes | @thecrocodilefather | @homicidaltendancies​ | @thesadistserpent​ | @yandere-dorodere​ | @forgotten-experiment​ | @bashful-story-fox​ | @nightmarexyes​ | @heresnegsy | @chase-eternally-young | @cartmanbrah | @alwaysfindaway | @peopleoftheshadows | @thesilverfrye | @bluescarfvivi | @followxme | @humanbendy | @ginger-psychic-in-denial

Pals I admire from afar (too scared to talk or RP with. But really want to.)

@blue–hellion | @fatedflare | @nautical-nonscnse | @tap-dancing-candyman | @ub-glowing | @divina-ayla | @jesteroftime | @ancientascent | @rchashcd | @ducktectiveus | @gregg-the-fox | @texxeract | @itwasseptember | @llcwliet | @youngestwarnersib | @badnikcreator | @nnayhenn | @demonmaxwell | @problem-free | @pink-priince | @themisfitmouse | @atdusk | @puddytxt | @pilawforhire | @viperyean | @h2smiley | @warfares | @askpimikyu | @nvius | @outlcwed | @bigcalavera | @irkenleaders | @maestrogroudonz | @artxficialblue | @iinkyblack | @creatorlied | @ourdxstiny |@chatcnncir​ | @unluckyrcbbit​ | @xircrocodile​ | @xmemoriia | @foggedkarma | @joeyiisms | @felinebag | @manslaughtcr | @wandcrings | @daggy-o | @finderofdeath | @soyouthinkyoucadance | @giffanii | @baddeleyite | @contractsandsyringes | @middlekidsyndrcme | @twostu | @bxndydxmon | @flickerd | @inkdecay | @dancin-demon | @asksomecolouredink | @svvamped | @domininm | @dustclan-warriors | @kcnijn | @blackfiire | @flarecn | @icywiind

Well gosh golly gee whiz. I hit over 2,400 followers! I’ve never had this happen before. Especially on a six month old blog. And to think, i was honestly planning on packing up and leaving after a month or two. Now, I can’t really even imagine wanting to leave this fandom. You’ve all been very kind to this little egg. I appreciate it a lot!

Some cool potatoes that I like. Frankly, these folks could ask for my firstborn and I’d be chill with it.

@basileus-hircum, @bleakishblooky, @ask-thatonebunnykid, @timburriisms, @erased-scientist, @hashslingingcatboy, @skelesnow, @little-lonesome-ghost@faceplanting-lizard, @mynameisntburgerpants, @mutsujo, @brashblooknmodestton

People I wanna write with and/or people that like my posts a lot! V cool lil beans

@trombxnes, @colombeviolet, @spaghreatest, @i-junketsu, @undeterminations, @unoffcialskeledad, @burntpanandstainedapron, @chemosaw, @slybones,  @ask-the-nacarat-jester, @pudding-n-jello, @xnelxstchxld, @itsgoatbro, @theuundying, @redheaded-target, @wosh-u-soul-clean, @askfen, @wingd-gaster, @adarkparasite, @askthefontbrothers, @asksansnscraps, @boxofblookys, @caedeschild, @singingfromthevoid, @thestrangestbar, @will-stab-for-chocolate, @deadlycherry, @snail-momma, @toriel-the-exqueen

And I guess I should probably mention my big brother, even if he is a nerd


Thank you all for sticking with me! I hope you continue to stay and enjoy my Nicola!!


“Probably because you’re still not over the fact that we reached 100 just last week!~”


OMG, guys! Why?! I love you, but why?! I must once name all the wonderful blogs that have choosen to follow me, so that others must gaze upon their greatness and follow them as well.

The Punny Skeleton

@verybbonely @badtimereset @skellypuns @badtothebonc @haveabxdtiime @iheardyoulovedskeletons @sanstheskeletxn @lilskeletcnpuns @tromboned @telescopesans @bad-time-simulator-2k15 @slybones @buoyantskele @short-skeleton-sans @morbidmortis @ketchupandpuns @sanstheskelton @sansouls @hiddenbxnes @s4ns1cal @sansthestockyskeleton @thegreatdunklesans @aniiimosity @iknowafastshortcut @brotherlypunmaster @stoner-sans @cracked-skull-broken-soul

Precious Cinnamon Roll

@greatxpapyrus @coolspagheleton95 @papyrusthegreatskelenton @papyrusuperawesomeposts @papyrusdinner

The Merciful Child/The Fallen Child

@faithfulfrisk @friskapades @amicusflores @mercifxlormxrderer @frisking-in-time-and-space @cxrdialisxangelusx @mxrcygiven @ghostofdetermination @voiceless-pacifrisk @deterredmination @ittybittyfriskybiz @ethereal-frisk @friskx @pacifrxsk @mysilentdetermination @askthefallenfrisk @filledwithwillpower @ask-frisk-the-human @confriskated @hushedbird

Evil Flower/Goat Prince

@flowery-the-flower @balefulblossom @determinedflowey @undertale-tales @littlest-dreemurr @soulofrainbows @wanderingdreemurr @askyourbestnightmare @ask-flower-flowey @goatbab @kawaii-goat-kid

The Humble King

@basileus-hircum @a-kings-burdens @underxking @goldeniiisms @repentful-underking

Goat Mom

@protector-toriel @toriel-the-goat-mom @capra-mamma

Fish Warrior

@undyne-is-so-cool-like @glasseyedfish @u-n-d-y-i-n-g 

Anime Scientist

@royalotakuscientist @alphys-the-scientist

Flamboyant Robot

@malfxnctioningrobot @strikeaposeforme @maitrion @gooey-heart @superstarbot @deadlysuperstxr  @roboticsuperstxr @askmettatonx @ohyesmtt @its-showtime-darlings @mettamania @mettatondotcom

Ghost DJ

@musicalghostblooky @blooky-dj @dapperghostdj @yellowblook @dapperblook-the-dj  @saddened-specter @ghostontheground @musiclovingghost @bleakishblooky @blook-the-spook

Spider Queen

@arachnidxbaker @sat-ona-tuffet @spider-bake-sales @xmuffet @little-miss-muffct


@skelefused @quiiestis @snowdinlibrarbian @echoflower-onwheels @loudnangrydummy @hottestbarkeep @handspeak @datemblog  @omgbrattyomgcatty @nxcecream @shyren-sings-a-song @winkingwaterfallian @temmiephd @remainsofaman @intxthevoid @guildokelpie @shroudedsouls @welcometogrillbys @fallenforestchxld @illserveycu @mrwoofwoof @tsundere-plane-and-co @skeletons-of-fun 

150+ Followers

I finally got around to making this post. The holidays make me lazier than usual. Apologies. Anyways! I want to thank all of those who follow me!:

@multifrisk, @lizixofxnod, @cupcake116, @askundertalecharlottedavid, @deathkitsune68, @crisiskode, @marblesoapartist, @ask-teatale-insanesans, @dapper-napsta-blook, @mikestmblr, @talecgos, @cherry-is-a-nerd, @littleangel006, @asktriodreemurr, @khundertalefan25, @he-still-beelieves-in-you, @ask-jt-lt, @ahazune, @cactus-snaps, @asking-kepler, @aidejinchristmasisalmosthere, @dcgdefused, @papryai, @cartoongamingmaster, @flamethroweranon, @phoenixiadragonal, @theundertalequeen, @underlockdownsans, @acecharadreemurr, @ask-echo-sans, @efs-enderfireshadow, @ellisdeebunny, @smoresqueen-deactivated20161207, @horrorsans, @truemistoryangel, @phoebe-playz, @kingdwemen, @pastry-meme, @sherriebobbles2, @messofneutrellas, @rainbowchu3, @comicsans82, @alicornlover99, @shadowelisebridger, @themadnesstheory, @lamentationsans, @xxvanillaflowerxx, @shard-the-guardian, @gatormeister, @cdemands, @magicworldcreator, @itsaryya88, @ffloweyfuntimes, @ask-temswap, @skyger, @forever-stuck-in-the-void, @miss-iskoola-pota, @lazyartz, @undertalefanforlifethings, @thefluffy-children, @alices-comic-world, @comicstanza-deactivated20161116, @gasriel-and-chara-dreemurr, @ask-blue-and-stretch, @yan-dark, @george-the-dragonskelly, @chararpblogmod, @colourlcss, @executiontale, @albatronic1987, @pocketundertale, @chlorinemaze, @remylivinston3, @ticci-halee, @akindanon, @n-sani-tea, @r0xy1saw3s0m3-deactivated201612, @stormwingstar, @chicalovecupcakes, @artfighterblog, @bonnieproductions, @xxlisagamerxx, @troublesister, @wallisgloom, @aarticulateaardvark117-blog, @sofyundertale, @animaltalesans, @colgateworld, @rowdyrowdyflower, @gamelord872, @a-dreemurr-found, @sansthejokester1, @jennaveverayenstone, @ascendancy-tale, @undersingau, @deepobeepo, @cullen-is-not-a-vampire, @aruisperfect, @sassy-popcorn, @hershystale, @moonflowero1, @newexywolf, @lameofsnowdin, @awesomedanderegirl, @awesomedanderegirl, @tenaciousarbiterface, @trueinfinimine, @thekawaiichibigirl, @sweet-sugar-tea-ice, @gracethemouse,  @thefinaljump-roleplayhub,  @undertale-fan189, @mancreepgames, @kittykitty1697, @ask-voidtale, @virussina, @spectralowl6, @floweyfanclubforkaito, @im-sans-ational, @sizakharenko​, @joyfullyhergiver​, @nevaehtyler, @colortheundertalefanatic​, @issyy-busyy​, @yangmatoyth​, @catchives, @pinkxhd3, @photogrist​, @inksans189​, @smoresthehalloweenqueen,@cyaneworks,@f4nd0mtr45h​, @napi-official​, @maddiecatty​, @andompilewithextraut, @patchedways,@error-maddie-gem​, @jacobcapone,@theedgyfloof​, @rosepelt11​, @drawpotato,@stereotyped-orange,@soda-sofia​, @killertalesans,@asy-arts,@ask-contrastsans​, @forgotten-tale-official​, @basileus-hircum​, @undermemory,@ask-cherrytale​, @childoftheundergroundaskblog​, @beatrizgraa0,@saltyirishpotato2002​, @omgaflyingpig​, @idathecatperson,​ @miraclemii

Thanks again for following me! Expect a preview page out soon! Love ya! And I hope you guys are having a fantastic day!

700 Bananas Forever

Well, here we are again. seven is a lucky, magical number.  And i have exactly one hundred sevens now. So I guess this makes me the luckiest guy alive, huh? And that’s not even counting the 600 other wonderful individuals that got us there.  it’s really not been very long since i joined, thinking back on it. 

October 15, 2015…It’s been nearly four months since I first joined Tumblr. And in that time I’ve come to learn quite a bit about myself and even more regarding this zany website and the cool people I’ve met here. Undertale and its community in general has been nothing but a joy for me to participate in so far, and  I never really would’ve gotten my feet wet with the voice acting if not for all of you.  And with that being said, let’s go through my special thanks list and meet a few of them. 

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1000 Followers Milestone

I cannot believe I’ve made it this far! I am so honoured and truly floored that I’ve managed to encourage so many minds and faces to follow my humble blog. I cannot express enough the thanks I feel in my heart and how touched I am in my very being and soul, having so many wonderful people support me like this. 

So I’ll do two things! A follow forever/Bias list and a giveaway! (The giveaway will have it’s own post because this one got LONG)

So first, a huge thank you to my friends~! The one’s I’ve spoken with and connected to in a huge number of ways! Thank you for your support in the wee hours of the night <3 
@mettamania @bleakishblooky @deadlysuperstxr @equinyx @canarychirped @mistress-kailynn-art

Second! These are either amazing faces I’ve gotten to know, people i’ve seen on my dash that have changed my day, or people I look up to that I wish I could rp with someday! 
Without further ado, here we gggoooo~! 

Some amazing Asgores~

@a-kings-burdens @imbcllis @askbiggoatdad @basileus-hircum @aegrosx @gentledreemurr @fatherly-goat-king @ask-daddy-goat @king-asgore 
Toriels that have made my day!

@mama-toriel @toriel-the-goat-mom @butterscotchmonarch

Sweet dear Asriels and Floweys~

@asrielobsessed @golden-desolation @balefulblossom @askyourbestnightmare @ask-omegaflowey @deadlyreddaisy @flowxy @fcllenprince @ask-the-pinche-flor

Frisks (and Chara?) that have warmed our souls!

@Determinationbound @reset-time-2 @mxrcifulsoul @thepxcifist @friskiing @quietlyfrisk @fcllenhuman @displaaced @flavorcheck @theflavortext @the-first-human 
Mettatons that have charmed my heart~

@deadlysuperstxr @killcrhost @motorxoil @ask–mettaton-ex @flamboyantandroid @undergroundspark @mettatonsquizshow @undergroundxsuperstar @thekillerbishibot @lmettatonl @strikeaposeforme @askthefabuloushost @looovemachine @kinkulator
Napstablooks that have shared sorrows and hopes!

@bleakishblooky @ghostontheground @ghostlydiscjockey @bustindembeats @napstableak @ask-blookybot @mintyblook @lonelycousin @crybaby-ghostie @blookiee @napstabot @napstablook-spook  @nappstabot @i-am-napstablook
Humbling Sans and Excitable Papyrus!

@hiddenbxnes @slybones @pungeonmastersans @lilskeletcnpuns @comiicrelief
@sans–seraphim @buoyantskele @do-u-remxmber-me @the-sansational-support @papghetti @recogniticn @underfellpapyrus @spaghetoiiire @fibulas-papyrxs

Ocs/Souls/Other blogs I want to mention~!
@ask-cyan-soul @the-kindest-soul @determinedtemperance @doctorwingdingus @drwingdings @jade-eyed-dreemurr @marrow-eater @snowdinsentinel @deltherobot @seissouls @burgerpants19  @amalgamated-science @fur-and-bones
Sorry if you weren’t on here, I was picking out the few that I could remember/saw often/had positive influences from them!
Maybe next milestone I can have even MORE UP THERE!!