as ann as the nose on plain's face

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20. Post a snippet of a WIP you’re working on.

Elizabeth swans her way through security with no hassle; much like she has for every single visit.

It’s a combination of factors, she thinks, unlit by unfair prejudice that compares her to the average female visitor: her hair sleek as a fox’s and pin-straight, no tattoos, no makeup on a somber face (plain, some have said– the Beaufort nose! – dazzling, others have said…the matter of her appearance is as polarizing a topic as Anne Boleyn’s), immaculately dressed, and unmistakably Caucasian. Although she no longer wears pastel tones (it is black now, always black, a dual remembrance: mourning on one hand, the color her mother favored on the other), if they don’t recognize her they probably assume she’s the member of some church group.

50. Weirdest story idea you’ve ever had.

struck twice, probably? although i haven’t really gotten to the weird part yet (the why and how henry’s decided to have deserved the fate of being struck twice by lightning and its effects is very specific, but technically supernatural so i guess weird in that sense).

and probably reincarnation au’s in general are deemed as weird, so any of mine that deal in that, shshsh.