as an equal

I feel like asian people are constantly limited (esp. in western cultures) because a lot of us cannot be ourselves without nonasian people either fetishizing us or making fun of us. Asian teenagers, and mainly asian girls, can’t wear their fucking school uniform without western people thinking it’s “sexy” when those people are usually underage. Asian people can’t enjoy cultural foods without condesending people making rude comments like “omg is it dog meat?!?!?!” Asian people’s hard work is brushed off almost always. We can’t even play the characters made to represent us, the roles are always given to a white actor. Don’t get me started on how our languages are always seen as just some cutesy lines and squiggles that are “aesthetic. And people who are Indian, Malaysian, Arab, Native Russian, or from a country that isn’t China/Japan/Korea are ALWAYS excluded when people talk about Asia. I’m sick of that. Asian people deserve to exist without being fetishized or mocked. 

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can we get rid of the concept that boys don’t like mushy romantic lovey-dovey shit? boys can like dates. boys can like flowers. boys can like gentle kisses. boys can like rom-coms. boys can be overwhelmed with adoration and appreciation. they need to be taken care of emotionally just as much as anyone else does. spoil them, treat them like kings. let them cry without having to worry about judgement. play with their hair. be the big spoon sometimes. give them spontaneous gifts. let them rant and whine. comfort them. guys have emotional needs. they need to be taken care of, too. love your boy the way you want your boy to love you y'all

When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.

The whole ‘we can have differing opinions and can still be friends!!!’ only stretches to cover pineapple on or off pizza and tea or coffee, not 'only a select few can have civil rights’

It’s impossible to guilt me into feeling anything other than relief when I remove you from my life

Bye 👋👋👋👋