as an asian & asian lover

Sen güldün, beton duvarlar arasında  çiçek açtı.

an important point to make about the fetishization of m/m (and w/w as well) relationships is that it never fails to connect into racism and other bigotry as well

you’ve got the always favoured white ships, no matter how minor or bad the white characters might be, in comparison to the mlm (and wlw) of colour who actually have screentime and chemistry (think kylux versus stormpilot or the popularity of stucky versus sam/steve; or clexa versus any wlw ship of colour)

and among those who do ship the poc? there’s always fetishization of their race. always. there are so many “spicy latino lover poe” tropes running around, as well as the sexualization of language (”speaking spanish in bed”)

at the same time, there’s always desexualization tied into homophobia and ableism as well. think all the “yuri is ace” headcanons - why is the idea of an asian ND man being sexual so incomprehensible to so many people? that’s right, we’re revisiting the same old homophobic “gay people are fine as long as they don’t Sin” rhetoric as well as the same old desexualization of asian men

basically. when you’re creating or consuming m/m (or w/w) content, be critical not only of the fetishization of their same gender attraction, but of racist tropes as well

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Pan Jinlian [潘金蓮] is a protagonist in the Chinese classic novel Jin Ping Mei (The Plum in the Golden Vase), and a minor character in the Water Margin, another classic. A well-known figure in Chinese culture, she represents the quintessential adulterous wife, and has become the patron goddess of brothels and prostitutes.

Pan Jinlian was the wife of Wu Dalang, whose younger brother, Wu Song, eventually became one of the major marsh rebels and a most memorable hero. While Wu Song was a handsome, stout and tall young man, Wu Dalong was an unsightly dwarf, making a living by peddling bread. Pan Jinlian, young, beautiful and graceful, was always jeered by neighbors as “a flower planted in a cow’s dung.”

Pan, dissatisfied with her marriage, has an extramarital affair with Ximen Qing, a handsome womanizer in town. Wu Dalang learns of the affair, but Pan and Ximen murder him by adding poison to his food. They bribe the coroner to conceal the true cause of his death. Wu Song grows suspicious of his brother’s death and carries out his own investigations to eventually discover the truth. Wu Song takes the law into his own hands in revenging his brother after his failure to bring the case to a corrupt court: he slays Pan Jinlian and her lover.

Seeing her naked is a gift. If she doesn’t want to send you nudes or take off her clothes in front of you just chill. Wait till she’s comfortable enough to share that gift with you knowing you’ll cherish it not waste it.
—  how to keep your girlfriend