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Alya/Chloe Headcanon

Okay, okay, okay, so I don’t have time to actually write something for Femslash February, BUT I will contribute a headcanon :D

SO I’ve always loved the idea of Chloe and Alya being together, and this whole thing with them officially being the fox and the bee has my head spinning with a new ROMANCE!

- Chloe and Alya hate each other as civilians still. 

- But as heroes, they’re totally different. Ladybug is very protective of her relationship with Chat (look how she reacted to Volpina flirting with him–you know it’s true), so Fox!Alya and Bee!Chloe are automatically drawn together. Not because Ladybug and Chat are ignoring them or anything, but because they’re both the new guys and there’s still this line between veteran heroes and newbies. 

- It quickly becomes clear to Fox!Alya that Bee is head over heels in love with Ladybug. But Fox!Alya had already kind of promised to help Chat with his game with Ladybug, so now she feels bad. As a result, she kind of makes a special effort to hang out with Bee and kind of be her support, especially when it becomes clear that Ladybug is interested in some other boy beyond them. 

- Bee is devastated, but Fox is a good friend and so helps her through it all. And because Bee thinks Fox is pretty cool too, they become closer and closer until, finally, Bee realizes she’s developed feelings for Fox instead. 

- But as civilians, they still hate each other. Maybe hate each other more and more all the time. I just like this idea of Fox and Bee, like, slowly falling in love and they’re just so supportive and great for each other, but as civilians they’re absolutely nasty. I NEED SUPPORTIVE SUPERHERO GIRLFRIENDS, OKAY?! But also the drama of being enemies as civilians and seeing how that would pan out in a reveal.  

I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but… I really should just write it, AUGH! >.<

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Okay so just because I can, I’m going to post headcanons whenever they pop into my head, even though they’re likely to change at the drop of a hat.

First up is the lovely Ignis, because dear lord the poor guy has grabbed my heart and run away with it.

  • He absolutely loathes sweet things.  If he makes any sugar-laden foods for Noct and/or the others he’ll always have a small dish of something totally different prepared on the side for himself.
  • He’s that one person who can tell if you’ve used the same teaspoon to make his coffee as was used to put some sugar in a cup of tea without being rinsed off first.  Prompto swears the grimace of distaste makes him look constipated.
  • His s/o doesn’t realise this when his first birthday since they became a couple rolls around.  He makes a valiant effort to stomach a slice of the cake they made him - and he can see there’s so much effort behind it and the level of decoration is so much that he might be just a touch envious - but he really doesn’t like sweet stuff.  So he and s/o ditch the cake for Noct and Prompt to polish off while they hit the nearest café or bakery and s/o treats Ignis to something more to his liking.
  • He is ridiculously susceptible to catching colds and hay fever, but for all that he suffers he’s only a little more insufferable with his sarcasm and dry wit than usual, and he begrudges letting the symptoms affect his duties.  It’s not uncommon for the guys to all but bully him into resting, with a fair few threats of having Gladio sit on him.
  • It’s mandatory for the Crown Prince to be able to dance.  Properly.  After witnessing Noct’s atrocious pair of left feet Ignis took it upon himself to teach him.
  • If Ignis meets his s/o before the events of XV it isn’t uncommon to find him dancing with them a couple of times throughout any social gatherings and parties hosted at the palace.  Unless he needs to save Noct from situations where a faux pas is almost guaranteed, or to pluck him from the hawk-like attention of the dignitaries trying to coerce him into “meeting” their daughters.
  • Don’t think he won’t hesitate to use his cooking utensils as impromptu weapons if the camp is attacked while he’s preparing a meal.
  • Carries two journals with him during the events of the game - one for recipes and one that becomes a bestiary of sorts with all the details he learns about the fauna they come across.
  • Is not above being petty when it comes to revenge department - there’s still pink thread and hearts patching up that unfortunate tear in the seat of Gladio’s trousers after the one morning when the Ebony ran out.
  • Is the one who writes details on the back of any photos Prompto has developed when they stop off at Lestallum, because he remembers the details.
  • Can go days without styling his hair but absolutely must shave, because the initial growth of stubble feels like a hundred and one ant bites he can’t ignore.  Extremely irritable if he’s prevented from shaving for any reason, even after the morning caffeine.
  • Has a very nice singing voice but he’s very shy about it.  Even his s/o has a 5% chance of sweet-talking him into singing something.  He’d probably only cave on an anniversary or something.
  • Wears gloves so often because his hands are always so freaking cold.  It’s a running joke that Shiva actually favours him over Noctis.
  • Also should not be trusted with fire magic if it can be helped because shit tends to explode even after every foe is dead and accounted for.
  • Studied astronomy as a side project and loves star gazing when time permits.
  • 100% a cat person.

Spoilers ahead

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The one when my heads a mess ....

My anxiety is different from day to day! And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t struggling lately I am totally adjusting to new things is tough and I overthink every situation I just always want to please people I always want to be liked and wanted and needed it’s hard! I feel like I’ve annoyed some of the closest people to me this week with my overthinking and worrying…. I’m silly I get jealous but who doesn’t ?! I miss my friends I feel like I’m out of the loop I feel like I watch my friends build closer friendships with people which is amazing and I’m happy for them but it just makes me think that I’ve already been left behind cuz let’s face it your gonna choose someone who’s normal than someone that freaks out over everything if it came down to it ! I’m hard work probably the worst and when I feel down like this I can’t find a single reason why anyone puts up with me ! I know I’m soppy and I tell the people closest to me how much I love them all the time but really sometimes it’s just cuz I need reassurance from them too! I don’t mean to be so needy and soo difficult I’d actually do anything to think normally but I can’t change it can’t make it go away! I’ve tried to talk about it to everyone and I feel like no ones understanding or there just getting angry at me ! But I can’t control it ! I can’t help but send another message when someone doesn’t reply I can’t help but think the worst! I’m not normal and I wouldn’t blame people for not liking me ! I’ve never had the most friends because I find it hard to open up to explain or I feel like they just don’t get it and don’t wanna deal with me ! Well today I’m feeling kinda low but I’m gonna get my bum in gear get ready for work and put that smile on my face to hide the hurt ! Today is a new day I can’t make people love me if they don’t ! Have a good Tuesday world sorry I’m a negative moo today! 🙌🏻

“If you think of me.. if you miss me once in awhile..

then I’ll return to you..

I’ll return..

and fill that space 

in your heart…” 

“The Promise’ Tracy Chapman

Thought I’d so something a little different tonight if you guys don’t mind :)

Every time I hear this song lately I think of this.. it just keeps popping in my head so I had to do something about it (someone should do a vid to that song cause.. yeah.. its Caryl totally :)About being far apart  and coming back together kind of thing. 

And they have separated our babies again.. but not for long they always find their way back to each other.  It’s inevitable. You just can’t keep these two apart for long  They pull on each other like the  moon on the tied. :)

(lovely gifs not mine and i’ve long since forgtotten who did them but they are beautiful and I give you total credit whoever you  :))