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Alya/Chloe Headcanon

Okay, okay, okay, so I don’t have time to actually write something for Femslash February, BUT I will contribute a headcanon :D

SO I’ve always loved the idea of Chloe and Alya being together, and this whole thing with them officially being the fox and the bee has my head spinning with a new ROMANCE!

- Chloe and Alya hate each other as civilians still. 

- But as heroes, they’re totally different. Ladybug is very protective of her relationship with Chat (look how she reacted to Volpina flirting with him–you know it’s true), so Fox!Alya and Bee!Chloe are automatically drawn together. Not because Ladybug and Chat are ignoring them or anything, but because they’re both the new guys and there’s still this line between veteran heroes and newbies. 

- It quickly becomes clear to Fox!Alya that Bee is head over heels in love with Ladybug. But Fox!Alya had already kind of promised to help Chat with his game with Ladybug, so now she feels bad. As a result, she kind of makes a special effort to hang out with Bee and kind of be her support, especially when it becomes clear that Ladybug is interested in some other boy beyond them. 

- Bee is devastated, but Fox is a good friend and so helps her through it all. And because Bee thinks Fox is pretty cool too, they become closer and closer until, finally, Bee realizes she’s developed feelings for Fox instead. 

- But as civilians, they still hate each other. Maybe hate each other more and more all the time. I just like this idea of Fox and Bee, like, slowly falling in love and they’re just so supportive and great for each other, but as civilians they’re absolutely nasty. I NEED SUPPORTIVE SUPERHERO GIRLFRIENDS, OKAY?! But also the drama of being enemies as civilians and seeing how that would pan out in a reveal.  

I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but… I really should just write it, AUGH! >.<

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The interdimensional call echoed in the silence and darkness of the room where Star was. She called her best friend, Ponyhead.  
“B-FLY! OH MY GOSH! Long time no see!” she shouted “How are you? Always good catching up!” 
Star didn’t aswer but Ponyhead continued to speak: “Things at ST.Olga are mad, like ever! But I don’t give up! NO ONE CAN TAME ME! HAHAHA! I TOTALLY RULED THIS PLACE!”
Star kept silent. It was weird.
Ponyhead stopped immediately when she realized that her friend did not react.
“Ehy girl, what’s up? You look different! Is anything wrong there?”
Star bit her lip and lowered her head. Ponyhead was more worried.Star was always so cheerful and talkative! What happened to her?
“Did the earth turd…erhm…Marco upset you?” asked jokingly.
That question was like a knife in the chest for Star. Ponyhead perceived it, and made a face like ‘did I say something wrong?’. Only then she noticed the environment behind her friend: Star was in her room in Mewni.
Meanwhile Star finally spoke: “Actually…. I’m not on earth anymore!”
roared Ponyhead “OMG! WHY? Is really because of Marco or something else happened?”
“It was my fault!” she said with voice breaking “It’s totally my bad!”.
There was a long silence. Ponyhead  didn’t know what to say, but she knew that her best friend needed help and wanted to talk.
“What happened exactly, Star? Why are you saying it’s your fault?” she asked slowly  “Do you feel like talking to me?”
Star took a deep breath and blinked her wet eyes. She couldn’t look at her friend’s eyes. She was afraid to start crying. She had to be strong and resolute. A Star never seen before.
“Well, It all began three months ago…and…”



What happened to Star? Why she’s on Mewni now? Where is Marco? 
You can draw your own conclusions. Next page will arrive soon! ;)
Suggestions or english corrections are welcome, as always!~


After The Storm


Sunlight seeped into my room, casting a golden glow that made waking a welcome pleasure for once.
I was happy to find myself still in Harry’s arms, sighing softly and snuggling a little further back, so warm and content that I closed my eyes again, wanting to stay in that moment for as long as possible.

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Hey fellow SoC people! I kinda have a discussion-ish question that’s been eating at my brain for a while, and maybe one of you guys can help me out with it. So I’ve seen multiple people on this site (at least 5 now) saying that they don’t believe Kaz has the capability to love others, and I am 100% chill with the idea that we all interpret literature differently, but I honestly haven’t been able to wrap my head around this interpretation of his character. Without going into a full depth analysis I’ve always read Kaz as being a character who does love and who does create strong attachments to others, but he is incredibly reluctant to this because 1. Kaz perceives loving others as a sign of vulnerability that others can easily exploit and 2. Losing the people you love sucks ass. Like I totally get that Kaz has issues displaying affection and not being a dick in general, (which are two things you should definitely work on when you’re in caring relationships, platonic or romantic) but I don’t see that as not having the capacity to love but rather learning how to not be a douche bag. You know?

Anyway I just want to know what other people’s thoughts are on this. As I said, we all read things differently, so I would love to see if you guys spotted something in the books I didn’t

1 HOUR {part 7 of WE GOT MARRIED}

Namjoon walked into your place as you rested your head back on the couch back. Your manager was texting you every two seconds wanting updates, your friends were all freaking out over how the series was getting picked up by the press, and every entertainment outlet was emailing for an official statement.

Stressed? Namjoon asked and you opened one eye. You had given him the code about 3 days into shooting because he was always leaving the apartment and knocking to come in. Now it just seemed natural for him to be around.

You have no idea. You sighed and tossed him your phone. He fumbled to catch it, but then began scrolling through the messages and laughed a little. It’s not funny, Namjoon. Aish, my head hurts. You put your hands over your eyes and Namjoon sat next to you on the couch.

Well now starts your hour of break. Let’s make something. He stood up and you lifted your head.

Make something? You asked in a concerned tone. Namjoon rolled his eyes.

I’m not going to burn your apartment down, so don’t give me that look! Also, taking your mind off things completely by doing something totally different, truly helps with your writer’s block. He stated matter-of-factly. Jin always makes me bake with him when I’m stressing over a new album. He shrugged and you laughed at the thought of Namjoon and Jin fighting over a mixing bowl in the kitchen with matching aprons. Standing up, you dusted off your ripped skinny jeans and threw your hair up.

Alright, I think I have some cake mixes in the cupboard. But I’m setting a timer. I do need to get back to writing in an hour. You took the kitchen timer from your counter and set it to an hour. And with that the two of you made your way into the kitchen.

The two of you were pretty quiet as you started to mix the contents of the bowl together. It was easy to sit in a comfortable silence, but Namjoon wanted to know more about you.

So, you moved to the city for university right? Namjoon asked and you nodded.

Yea, my parents were very persistent on me going away to school. But a huge part of me wanted to stay in my hometown. That’s the place I knew. I wasn’t a super adventurous kid, so I only had a small group of friends and they were all staying in the area. But my parents won the war. I guess I have them to thank for all of this though. You motioned to your apartment. They weren’t always incredibly supportive of my dream of being a writer, but they pushed me to think outside the box. I actually got a degree in business management. You muttered and Namjoon stopped stirring. It was rather unheard of for people to venture outside of their majors in their professionals. You said it so nonchalant, that Namjoon didn’t know if you realized just how amazing it was for you not to have been a creative writing major.

Business management?! He exclaimed and you shrugged.

My parents wanted me to do something “professional” You made air quotes as you said it. But I do manage a lot of my publications and stories. I have my manager for more of an organizational confidant. You said and Namjoon’s mouth hung open.

Seriously, you amaze me at every turn. I could never manage all of that. He mumbled and you rolled your eyes.

From what I saw yesterday with the guys, you do a pretty good job of managing those guys. You laughed and Namjoon chuckled.

They are a handful. He stated and you nodded.

A handful? Try a mouthful too. They almost ate through my bank account with that meal yesterday! You exclaimed and Namjoon couldn’t stop laughing. It was moments like this that Namjoon was getting more and more comfortable with. When the two of you were filming, he had to be careful of how he looked at you, how he talked, how he fidgeted his hands. He wanted to make this re-branding work, but it was just so easy to talk to you, that when the cameras weren’t around, he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The two of you continued to banter back and forth about various topics until you asked Namjoon a simple question.

Why do you need to re-brand? I think you’re great the way you are. You said it so matter-of-factly that Namjoon felt a little ashamed.

Management wants me to start getting more fans. So I have to cater to a younger audience. He said and you looked at him. At this point, the cakes were in the oven and you were anxiously waiting to sink your teeth into them. Now you were a bit appalled.

So management tells you what to do and you just let them? You asked. It just seemed so strange to you, you rarely took orders and here was a guy that was perfectly fine the way he was and yet management was calling all the shots.

Oh, sorry that I don’t fall into your perfect idea of how I should act, but I like BigHit and I don’t need to piss them off. Namjoon spat a little more intensely then he had planned. But now that the floodgates were opened, he didn’t hold back. I want to stay on the public’s good side and if that means I have to kiss up to the camera then so be it. At least they will like me and they won’t see me like you. Once those words came out of his mouth, you moved back a little bit.

Like me? You’re saying they don’t like me? Your voice was small and a bit broken at the idea. You had always played it strong against critics, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt to hear.

Oh, they have a name for you in the industry, the witch. He spat. You looked at him up and down. This wasn’t the same Namjoon that you had confided in days ago or the one that walked you down the hill yesterday. This guy was a fan hungry piece of shit. You walked over to the door and opened it.

Just get out. You put your head down and you heard Namjoon huff as he grabbed his coat and left. Closing the door, you felt a tear slip out of your eye, the timer went off, it had been exactly one hour and writing was the last thing on your mind.

Namjoon walked home in an angry rage, but the further he got from your place, the more he thought about what he had said. It wasn’t that he was angry at you, it was that he was scared. He was always worried about how people thought of him and you were climbing the list of people he sought approval from most. Now he realized everything he had said and pulled out his phone. Calling his manager he mumbled.

Hey can we cancel filming tomorrow?

You sat on the floor, staring idly into your apartment. An email was received on your phone from the film crew. FILMING CANCELLED TOMORROW. You let out a large sigh and rested your head against the wall. You didn’t seem to care about the smell of burnt cake that now filled your apartment, you just didn’t want to get up. It was at that moment that an idea sprung into your head. Without even knowing it, Namjoon had completely fixed your writer’s block and given you inspiration for Jungkook’s series.  

Do you ever just think up what you’re going to say in your head but then when it comes to saying it you say something completely different ..


Natsume: That was relative on my father’s side. I wanted to ask about my grandmother, but they almost always say the same thing. She could see youkai, like me. So they say she was weird and not right in the head. I remember hearing when I was younger that Reiko-san, my grandmother, had a child without getting married. My mother didn’t know who her father was. So they say her man must have abandoned her…

Tanuma: Natsume. It’s okay. If you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to.

Natsume: …so, I was scare to learn about Reiko-san. However, what the youkai tell me about Reiko-san is different, somehow, so…

Tanuma: Yeah.

More information about Reiko I totally forgot about somehow but will now devour and retain forever! So, she definitely never got married (unless she did so in secret somehow) and what’s more, Natsume’s grandfather disappeared shortly before or after their daughter was born. Natsume’s mom didn’t even know who her dad was.

I think it’s unlikely the explanation is as simple as “he was a deadbeat/one night stand”, especially since we know from the end of season six it was likely Natsume’s grandfather interacted with the youkai world at some point. Him being killed/taken by youkai seems to be a strong possibility. Another one is he could have been from a prominent exorcist family or something, and therefore something came between him and Reiko (the possibility of Natsume’s grandfather being part of the Matoba clan has occured to me once or twice. Not sure how much I’d actually like that as a plot development though.)

Another interesting question this brings up is how well Natsume’s mother knew Reiko. It’s mentioned Natsume’s mom didn’t know her father, which implies she did know her mother. When did Reiko die? Was Natsume’s mom a child? A teenager? Or was it shortly before Natsume was born? What was the relationship between Natsume’s mom and Reiko like? What was Reiko like as a mom? I MUST KNOW. 

Poor Natsume, though. It’s clear from how upset he is that he heard a lot of awful shit said about Reiko. A young unmarried single mother with an apparent mental illness? eesh, I can only imagine the vile that was spewed about her by Natsume’s awful relatives. Natsume is obviously really upset at the idea of Reiko being abandoned by her lover- he wants so badly for her to be happy, he identifies with her so much and is so invested in her being okay. He wants her to have found a family as proof that he himself can find a family. So of course it scared him to find out more about whatever possible tragedy Reiko could have endured, of course it hurt to hear his relatives badmouth her. He’s scared to find out if she broke down, if she couldn’t take it anymore.

But the Reiko he hears about with the youkai was so adventurous and full of life, so confident, it bought back a little hope into Natsume’s heart. He found himself connecting to her in a different way- admiring her, looking up to her, wanting to continue the relationships she started. So he finds himself drawn to Reiko’s story again, even knowing what he finds out may be rough.

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Not even just men smh. I have a few girl friends who are total petrol heads. They can tell you the make & model of a car just by looking at a silhouette. & a lot of my guy friends/family members couldn’t tell the difference between a mustang & a chevelle

Ha. True. I just watch the show with two guys and they’re always pointing out the cars to me. I’m just like… I didn’t even see the thing. I mean, I know it’s there, I guess. My co is nutty about Jeeps. ‘Did you see that Jeep!’ *sigh*

Okay so just because I can, I’m going to post headcanons whenever they pop into my head, even though they’re likely to change at the drop of a hat.

First up is the lovely Ignis, because dear lord the poor guy has grabbed my heart and run away with it.

  • He absolutely loathes sweet things.  If he makes any sugar-laden foods for Noct and/or the others he’ll always have a small dish of something totally different prepared on the side for himself.
  • He’s that one person who can tell if you’ve used the same teaspoon to make his coffee as was used to put some sugar in a cup of tea without being rinsed off first.  Prompto swears the grimace of distaste makes him look constipated.
  • His s/o doesn’t realise this when his first birthday since they became a couple rolls around.  He makes a valiant effort to stomach a slice of the cake they made him - and he can see there’s so much effort behind it and the level of decoration is so much that he might be just a touch envious - but he really doesn’t like sweet stuff.  So he and s/o ditch the cake for Noct and Prompt to polish off while they hit the nearest café or bakery and s/o treats Ignis to something more to his liking.
  • He is ridiculously susceptible to catching colds and hay fever, but for all that he suffers he’s only a little more insufferable with his sarcasm and dry wit than usual, and he begrudges letting the symptoms affect his duties.  It’s not uncommon for the guys to all but bully him into resting, with a fair few threats of having Gladio sit on him.
  • It’s mandatory for the Crown Prince to be able to dance.  Properly.  After witnessing Noct’s atrocious pair of left feet Ignis took it upon himself to teach him.
  • If Ignis meets his s/o before the events of XV it isn’t uncommon to find him dancing with them a couple of times throughout any social gatherings and parties hosted at the palace.  Unless he needs to save Noct from situations where a faux pas is almost guaranteed, or to pluck him from the hawk-like attention of the dignitaries trying to coerce him into “meeting” their daughters.
  • Don’t think he won’t hesitate to use his cooking utensils as impromptu weapons if the camp is attacked while he’s preparing a meal.
  • Carries two journals with him during the events of the game - one for recipes and one that becomes a bestiary of sorts with all the details he learns about the fauna they come across.
  • Is not above being petty when it comes to revenge department - there’s still pink thread and hearts patching up that unfortunate tear in the seat of Gladio’s trousers after the one morning when the Ebony ran out.
  • Is the one who writes details on the back of any photos Prompto has developed when they stop off at Lestallum, because he remembers the details.
  • Can go days without styling his hair but absolutely must shave, because the initial growth of stubble feels like a hundred and one ant bites he can’t ignore.  Extremely irritable if he’s prevented from shaving for any reason, even after the morning caffeine.
  • Has a very nice singing voice but he’s very shy about it.  Even his s/o has a 5% chance of sweet-talking him into singing something.  He’d probably only cave on an anniversary or something.
  • Wears gloves so often because his hands are always so freaking cold.  It’s a running joke that Shiva actually favours him over Noctis.
  • Also should not be trusted with fire magic if it can be helped because shit tends to explode even after every foe is dead and accounted for.
  • Studied astronomy as a side project and loves star gazing when time permits.
  • 100% a cat person.

Spoilers ahead

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I'm in the middle of a crisis & I need an advice, could you please help me? I just graduated as an accountant & I realized I hate it. I feel like I wasted the last 5 years of my life I don't know what to do :( thank you in advance if you answer

Hello love,

Thanks for your message, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a bit of a rough time. I do know exactly how you feel though. 

Because Oxford and Cambridge are Oxford and Cambridge in your final year you begin to receive invitations to all sorts of events and drinks parties and even dinners with huge corporations within the UK. It doesn’t matter what you studied, a lot of these companies just head hunt students from Oxbridge universities based on the university alone. For that reason I was THISCLOSE to choosing between working for a huge bank in London or taking a training contract with one of the biggest corporate law firms in London (and the world) when I was graduating. I didn’t particularly want to do either of these jobs, but it’s what I thought I should do. 

My best friend (Ben from the book) had graduated before me and taken a corporate job in London which he hated and while I was telling him about these job prospects and how dull they seemed he was like, “Don’t do it. You’ll hate it and you’re too creative to work in a bank.” I had a good friend who I’d known since I was a child working at the law firm I had the offer from and she took me out for drinks shortly after this conversation with Ben and told me all about her job and how she basically did a lot of research and paperwork for anywhere from 80-90 hours a week and that it paid really well but that she didn’t have much time off. So I asked her finally if she liked her job and she said, “Well, I wouldn’t call it soul satisfying.” 

I don’t come from a particularly affluent background, despite my education. I think one of the greatest lessons I was ever taught was by my mum who told me that because of our economic background that I would always have to work, so if I was going to have to work I needed to at least enjoy what I was doing. That’s why my first job was dog walking when I was ten. I’ve kind of carried that over into my adult life, which is why the idea of a job that wasn’t “soul satisfying” solidified my apprehension towards the job. Sure I’ve had jobs that I didn’t love, but later on I found myself in a career that I hated two years ago and thought about what would happen if I stayed in that particular job and it was just kind of depressing to think that I knew exactly where I would be and what I would be doing for the foreseeable future. So I started interning at a radio station in my spare time and going to music festivals to interview bands and realised that what I really wanted to do was write and listen to music (I mean…who doesn’t?) So eventually I saved enough money to quit my job and start freelance writing and here I am, publishing two books and still getting free passes to festivals to write about music. 

I was the managing director and head sales trainer for a company once and we used to ask every applicant to choose what was the most important thing to them from the four F’s - family, fame, fortune or freedom. The answer for me has always easily been freedom, but if it’s fortune you want you’d take a totally different path. Similarly, if your priority is a family the whole boho living month to month and travelling all the time lifestyle I’ve built probably won’t work for an entire family, and fame-wise…I wouldn’t call myself famous, but I think attention in the media was actually the easiest thing that ever came to me which I know isn’t normal, but I had more newspaper articles written about me than actual blog posts when the Sex At Oxbridge blog first went viral so I think the fame thing really just made me realise that I could use my writing to achieve the kind of freedom I wanted. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, if you want to be great at your job it requires a massive amount of work. I read a Korean proverb that said “Hard work will never betray you” so when I want something I just keep working until I get it and I don’t know if I’m just lucky or if I just have an extremely aggressive work ethic, but I have never not gotten something that I’ve put all of my effort into getting - from sports, to what university I wanted to go to, to publishing my book. 

In my experience, freedom and happiness are directly correlated for me. Money does afford you a lot of freedom, and not having it can definitely make you feel trapped but I’ve never felt like I’m too good for a job and last year I was working in a pub whilst trying to sort out other plans because realistically you can’t just not work if you don’t have a trust fund or a massive amount of savings. The temporary nature of the job made me much happier than the bleak possibility that I could be sitting at a desk for the rest of my life, and I got to talk to people and listen to music all day which is what makes me happiest, but it’s really a personal thing. 

Anyway, that’s my story and hopefully a good example of how getting out of something you hate can work out for the best. I think it’s a good idea to consider your options - 1. You stay in this job you hate and ultimately you might be okay with it but it’s kind of like settling or 2. You do literally anything else and regardless of what it is at least you’re not stuck with option no. 1…The last five years are gone, you can’t get that back, but hopefully you learned something even if that something is that you do not want to be an accountant. The only thing you can control is what happens now, so there’s no use in mourning what you could’ve done in the last five years because that will never change. What you can change is what happens next.

If there’s one thing I learned from growing up poor it’s that the easiest thing to get if you really need it is money. Whether it’s working in a pub or selling stuff on eBay…if you need money you can always find a way which is why I’ve never been motivated or driven by money. You can’t buy the feeling of freedom and happiness I had lying out by a pond in Hyde Park writing a book yesterday and if I have to sacrifice bi-weekly shellac manicures (which I only really needed for the sake of appearances for my job) for groceries then I think it’s a fair trade. 

I hope this helps! Feel free to dm me or email me at if you want to talk in private xx

Coffee Eyes

Prompt by @hopeful-warrior Omg I just went to get a latte from my regular coffee shop and I always have the same guy serving me and I must bug him so much as I would always ask for almomd milk (im lactose intolerant) but they would just have lacto free so I stuck with that and today as I drank my latte I could tell the difference in the milk and asked if they started serving almond milk and the guy just shyly said “well you always ask if we have it so i got it specially for you” thiS GUY BOUGHT THE MILK WITH HIS OWN MONEY I FEEL SO PREVILEDGED RIGHT NOW EAAAAHH

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The Red Hair Metaphor

I keep trying to come up with ways to explain to non-autistic people why the current way that autistic people and the idea of autism are treated by media and society and charities totally sucks, and I keep going back to what I’ve been referring to in my head as the ‘red hair metaphor’.

See, I’m autistic. 

I’m also a redhead.

These things seem fairly different, and yes, they are, but both of them form a part of whom I am.

My hair is a massive nuisance sometimes, but I love it anyway. It’s distinctive and different, it helps me stand out in a crowd. 

I could dye my hair a different colour and try to not be a redhead for a while, but it would always grow in red at the roots, and I’d have to constantly re-dye it to cover it up. Besides, you’d probably be able to tell, anyway, because the rest of the hair on my body is red, eyebrows and all. 

I wouldn’t want to change the fact that I’m autistic any more than I would want to change the fact that I have red hair.

Now, imagine the conversation around red hair going like this:


*insert picture of a redheaded child frowning here*

~An estimated 1-2% of the population of the world suffers from Red Hair, with the epidemic growing as more children are born every day.

~They burn easily in the sun, often turning a hideous shade of pink and causing skin peeling if People With Red Hair are not carefully monitored and given special lotions.

~Worse yet, Red Hair is linked to dangerous, even fatal skin cancer.

~People With Red Hair have a higher pain tolerance, a burden on emergency rooms, surgeons, and anesthesiologists, with the increase in pain medications redheads require for their medical needs costing taxpayers money.

-Endometriosis is another terrible condition with a link to Red Hair

~People Suffering From Red Hair, both beautiful and tragic, are associated with emotional instability, even violent anger. 

-They bruise more easily, purple blooming across their pale and delicate skin, a marker of the ways in which they are set apart from the rest of society.

-Those with the misfortune of being born with Red Hair are TWICE as likely to develop Parkinson’s disease as those with black hair. 

-Families of those with red hair often have normal hair colours, but are burdened with the weight of dealing with family members with this rare condition.

-While a tragedy, it would, in truth, be understandable if their families killed People With Red Hair, feeling as if they had no other recourse. 

~Worse yet, there is no known cure for Red Hair, but there is a genetic link that could lead to prevention, with research underway for this very goal!

Change your avatars to a picture of a carrot to raise awareness about the tragic plight of Red Hair. Donate to Red Hair Speaks, a organization made up of blondes, brunettes, and black haired people.

We fund research into cures for Red Hair, and to fund the development of pre-natal genetic testing so that no more families will be torn apart by People With Red Hair, and spend 3% of our annual budget on donating sun-tan lotion and hair dye to help Red Hair.

Get why it’s bullshit, yet?

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Also Nick's a bit..OOC? Like he lives by his motto, "Never let them see they get to you." But Jack GETS to him, so Nick should've been like hiding it behind his sly facade...i don't know that's my view anyway,

Hi dear! Ok, I’m going to answer to you. it will be a looong answer so I hope you like to read. 

When I started this comic, indeed already when @aoimotion proposed the story to me, I tried to imagine what the reaction would had Nick for the arrival of a potential “rival”.
I watched the movie two times in a few days and I focused on him, on his reactions and various attitudes.
Unfortunately, as you know, we have not seen a “jealous Nick” in the movie, so I groped in total darkness.

Then I started to think about a few things: I considered that now Nick and Judy knew each other for much longer so probably their relationship had become deeper. He needs Judy and probably, sometimes, he think he needs her more than she needs him. Because Judy Always had affective certainties, he have only…her (yes, there are Flash and Finnick too, but…it’s different).

so, after all this nice soup of ideas going around in my head, I began to imagine how he would react to Jack Savage’s arrival, which is a nuclear threat to his relationship with Judy, because he is a hare, he’s cool and he’s the idol of his partner. He feels displaced and threatened. He cannot express his “sly”. Because Judy becsme one of his weakness. Jack didn’t get to him, Judy get to him.

Try to think if he look angry or worried and then sly, it couldn’t have sense, for me.

Try to think at the seizure by Mr Big, the pursuit by the angry panther, the discussion after Judy’s interview, the scene where Judy injures his leg and asks Nick to run away with the briefcase, his promotion as officer and Others. These are all situations where he’s not sly, he don’t wear this mask and maybe that’s the real Nick.

I don’t want to represent him as a cool caricature that makes funny lines because I think he is more than this.

Than I’m a fan and a designer and often we have to emphasize certain expressions or reactions because we don’t have the opportunity to use frames or background music that can express the state of mind of the character.
and I’m sorry if you thought they could be “out of his ropes” but everyone has the right to have their own opinion and I respect it. :)

Thank you anyway!

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K so. Harry is sweaty and he realizes he forgot a hair tie so he's back stage like oh no and then there's Louis with his ready to go for Harry like here babe

Harry runs backstage, heart pounding, shirt sticking to his back, and hair in his eyes. He feels his wrists for a hair tie and curses when he doesn’t find one. “Shit,” he whispers, carding a hand through his hair.

It’s not like Harry to forget a hair tie. But he did. Today of all days. He sighs and makes his way back to the stage, head down and hair hanging in wet, loose curls.

He bumps into someone who lets out a small, “oof” and instantly he knows it’s Louis. And not just because Louis’ hands are tugging at his hair gently. He lifts his head to follow Louis’ hands and Louis is smiling at him, cheeks red.

“Alright, love?” he asks. Harry shrugs but nods and Louis knows he’s lying. Louis lifts Harry’s chin with two fingers. “You sure?”

Harry shakes his head. “I forgot my hair tie. My hair is a mess,”

Louis giggles and holds up an arm, using his other hand to pull the hair tie off. “Good thing I’m always prepared. My boyfriend would lose his head if it wasn’t on tight,” Louis chuckles.

Harry blushes and Louis reaches his hands up, getting on his tippy toes and gathering Harry’s hair in his hands with deft fingers. His eyes meet Harry’s and he peppers Harry’s face with tiny kisses and he fixes his hair into a bun.

Louis smiles. “You,” he says, kissing Harry’s forehead, “Look,” a kiss to Harry’s nose, “So,” and then to his right cheek, “Cute.” Louis finishes, placing a soft kiss to Harry’s lips.

And now Harry’s heart is racing for a totally different reason. Louis is pressed up close, their chest almost touching. Louis’ hands leave Harry’s hair and Harry whines.

Louis laughs and leans in to suck Harry’s pouted lip between his teeth, nibbling gently. “We’ve gotta get back,” he whispers against Harry’s lips.

Harry moans and Louis swallows it as he kisses Harry once more before pulling away and walking back to the stage, hips swaying.

zenlikejen glitterlarents here have some fluff.

“Any time, any place, or anywhere you know that I’ll always be there*.” One choice, one decision, one wish from deep in her heart at Christmas time has led Riley to this time and place with Lucas. *This Gift, 98°

Past Chapters | Cross Posted to FF

Author Note: So yeah, I thought this was going to be the last chapter, but it’s not. So much still is left to happen. I should really learn to stop estimating how long stuff will be, I’m like always wrong.

Chapter Ten

Auggie leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees as he stared at his sister, unconscious after getting knocked over by a police horse. If this had happened to anyone else he wouldn’t believe it, but it happened to his sister and she was the only one it ever would.

Ava came in handing him a cup of coffee, “I called your parents, they’re on their way. I called Maya and she was so drunk I don’t think she even realized that Riley wasn’t with her.”

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As a self-employed person, sometimes waiting for checks in the mail can be a little nerve-wracking. I’m always expecting various payments from clients but often I’m not sure exactly when payments will come. It’s pretty irregular from month to month, some months much slower or much busier than others.

I was working on my accounting today and I had a number in mind that would be great to ideally come in this week. I wouldn’t be scraping by without this amount, but it definitely would be helpful.

This afternoon I realized I forgot to check the mail in the past couple days, so I did, and an overdue check for that exact amount was waiting for me.

This continually happens to me, and I’m still blown away every time. My dad has been self-employed my whole life so I’m very used to the phrase, “well, receivables are high!” We were always provided very well for, for sure - but in any creative field or self-employed business there are some slower seasons, some dry spells. I know my parents have so many stories from over the years, how checks have arrived at the perfect time for the perfect amount, time after time.

I don’t know why I still tend to doubt His ability to provide. Just yesterday I had an enormous meltdown/yelling-at-God-session about a totally different area of life, so this is like an answer to that, it seems. If He provides for me financially, surely He will prove faithful in the rest of my life, too. It’s incredibly simple but incredibly hard to wrap my head around.

I wanted to write this out because as someone who often struggles with doubt and really truly trusting Him with all areas of my life, hearing about this kind of thing always encourages me deeply. We have to recount the ways He’s been faithful so in the future we will remember those things, so we can keep persevering and not lose heart.

Through many infallible proofs He continually shows Himself to be true, to be alive, to be working and loving and providing and blessing. What a good, good Father.

#60.5 Breaking Off The Engagement [Niall]

Part 1


“Are we going out tonight?” I stood at the door of our bedroom and leaned against the door.

[Y/N] was looking down at her books, studying for the 6th night in a row. Her head came up and she gave me a small smile. “No sorry babe, I have to study.” She went back to looking at her books and I sighed, backing out of the room. Pulling out my phone, I sent Jae a text and grabbed my coat.

30 Minutes Later

Tossing back my drink, I loved the way it made my throat burn. Shaking my head, I set the shot glass down and picked up another.

“Maybe she just doesn’t realize she’s doing that.” After listening to me complain for the last 10 minutes, that was all Jae could come up with? Setting the glass down, I leaned back on the couch and laughed.

“No, she does. It’s not only her studying, it’s her life in general. I don’t think I’m cut out for her lifestyle.”

Jae laughed and drunkenly tried to set her glass down as well. Finally making it on the coaster, she leaned back and laid her head on my shoulder. “You are Niall Horan. Maybe she isn’t cut out for your lifestyle. Maybe you guys shouldn’t be getting married then.”

Shaking my head, I thought about what she said. Maybe she’s right. I have a totally different life than [Y/N] does. She has plans, I don’t. I’m carefree, she’s not. How did we get engaged in the first place?

“You’re always there for me you know that? How many times have I come here saying the same thing Jae? How much longer are you going to have to listen to me talk about this?”

Lifting her head up, she smiled and shook her head. “You know how I feel about you Niall. I’ll sit here and listen to you for hours if that’s what it takes for you to make up your mind.” She gave me a smirk and bit her bottom lip. For some reason, my eyes were drawn to her lips and I couldn’t look away. Jae’s always been attracted to me and vise versa. She’s had a crush on me since I met her, but I never did anything because I’m with [Y/N].

I had two choices. I could leave right now and go back home to [Y/N], or I could stay here and do something I’ve always wanted to do.

Jae leaned closer and my mind made it’s decision. Fuck it. Pulling her face to mine, I kissed her like it was my last day on earth.

Your POV

Closing my book for the night, my headache raged on as I got up to get a glass of water. I didn’t know how much more I could take. Between school and my social life, there was no balance. Speaking of which, where was Niall?

Just as I pulled out my phone, he walked through the door. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was midnight already. His hair was disheveled and his eyes bloodshot. “I was just going to call you. Where’d you go? I didn’t even know you left.” Walking over to him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and looked up at him.

All he did was rub his eyes, he wouldn’t look at me after that. “Hey, what’s wrong babe?” I pulled his chin so he would look at me. His eyes were half shut and he looked tired. “Let’s go to bed. C’mon.” Releasing my hold on him, I went to grab his arm and he pulled it back. Looking at the ground, he puts his hands on his waist and shook his head.

Feeling out of place, I crossed my arms and waited for him to speak. Something was wrong.

“I did something….and I only did it because I finally realized something about our relationship.” My heart stopped. I didn’t know what was going to come after that, but I don’t think I wanted to know.

A/N: Part 2?

and just an FYI, I can’t always promise I’ll update the day I say I will try to update. So please just have patience, thank you. -ashleyy.

Magcon Preferences #76- 'Freaky Me, Freaky You' by Cherub

(lyrics of the song Freaky Me, Freaky You by Cherub that describes a totally different side of your relationship)

Cam- “Do things that make me happy and if I don’t approve of your attitude, I’ll send your ass straight to your room and make you change my name to Papi”

Shawn“You’re always so sincere, I just wanna please you. Take you out to eat, sit you down and feed you”

Taylor- “I like it when you work it harder. Teach me things I never knew. I like it when you work it harder, Freaky me, Freaky you. La la la la la”

Nash- “Fuck that put her on the map, ass so fat, good head to match it. She’s rides me fast like she’s running track, while bumpin Teddy Pendergrast" 

Matt- ”Just another love TKO"

Jack J“Baby when I think of you, my problems go away. I hope that when you when think of me that you feel the same way" 

Jack G- ”Cause I say; Fuck that put her on the map, ass so fat, good head to match it. (Yeah yeah yeah) So we say fuck that put her on the map, ass so fat, good head to match it. She rides me fast like she’s running track (aaah)“

Carter- "I, I swear I taught you everything you knew, so, I, I guess I really didn’t have a clue. That you, you have been with a few more than a few. It’s all good, just make me feel good”

 Aaron“I just wanna please you”

Sammy- “Whisper in my ear….say…‘Something Special’. Who cares if you mean it, just as long as I’ll believe you”

Hayes“You’re such a cutie pie, that I would never think you’d play me. Like those other guys that you switch out from day to day (oooh)”

Dillon“It’s all good, just make me feel good”

Jacob“Teach me things I never knew”

Nate- “Your daddy met your mommy back when you were in her tummy. Since you haven’t met your real father, I guess you can call me your daddy”

Triwizard Tournament (Harry Potter inspired)

a/n: i got a lot of people asking me to write more hp aus so here we go! I wrote it in a different way but i hope you like it anyway :)

My relationship with Michael is complicated. To be honest, it’s not even an actual relationship. We have something, but not a relationship.
I love him more than anything else, and he loves me too, but we can’t be together. He’s a Slytherin and he’s the son of one of the most important families in the Wizarding World, and I’m just a Gryffindor. He’s cold and ruthless, he doesn’t mind hurting people, he always has to be the top of the class, he has always a lot of pressure on his back, while I’m wasting my time on things like friendship - that’s what he says.
He may be cold outside, but when he’s with me he’s a total different person. He’s sweet, he’s kind, and he always knows what to say to make me feel better when I’m down. The way he kisses me makes my head spin and my heart race and I’d give away anything to be able to kiss him any time of the day.
There is one thing in the middle of our love, though. Blood. His blood is pure, and I’m a Halfblood. My dad is a full-blooded wizard, but my mom is a Muggle. It’s not a big deal to us, but it is to his family.
Michael and I have been dating for a couple months in public. We kissed in the middle of the hallway and hung out together all the time. Everyone knew about us and we were on everybody’s lips: Michael should have hated me because he’s a Slytherin and Slytherins hate Halfbloods, but he dated me instead.
We didn’t care about what people thought, until one day someone told Michael’s mom about us. One morning we found her in the middle of the lunch room. She had a really angry look on her face and she quite scared me. I was holding Michael’s hand and I squeezed it as I saw his mom, but he pushed my hand away and took a step from me.
She shouted at me for ten minutes, saying that as a Halfblood I couldn’t be with Michael, I didn’t deserve him. Our relationship was now forbidden. Michael burned all his bridges with me, he said he couldn’t let his family down. He said he’s the great Michael Clifford and he has to uphold the honour of his family.
Three months later he’s still stuck in my head. I see him in the hallways and sometimes I catch him staring at me, but I can’t talk to him. I tried, but he always pushed me away saying that if someone saw us and told his mom he was gonna be death.
I miss Michael, he was the only source of happiness I had and now he’s gone. He probably didn’t love me enough if he chose to let me go because of his mom.

Sometimes I hang out with Marcus, a guy from my House, to get Micheal out of my head. I think he likes me, but I don’t like him the same way he likes me. Sure, he’s kind and I like hanging out with him, but he’s a total mess. As a wizard he’s not that great and he’s not smart at all. He’s really hot, but he’s all brawn, no brains.

After Michael and I broke up, him mom decided that Michael had to do something to recover his name from the shame of dating a Halfblood, so she organized a small Triwizard Tournament among the Hogwarts Houses. She claimed that Michael was gonna win for sure and everyone was gonna adore him again and they were gonna forget about the little “accident” that happened between me and Michael.
Today is the day where the Champions for the Triwizard Tournament will be chosen, three of them, each one from a different house – even though the Houses are four. I’m sitting next to the Goblet of Fire, waiting for my best friend Rory. Both of us put our name in the Goblet. She steps out of the circle surrounding the Goblet and she grins at me giving me a thumbs up. I walk my way to her to talk but someone bumps in my shoulder.
“Watch out” he snaps. That’s Michael, I would recognise his voice - and hair - everywhere. I watch him put his name in the Goblet while his House acclaims him and he bows with a smirk on his lips.
“God, he’s everywhere. So annoying!”. My friend drags me away from the crowd and we sit back in our common room, waiting for dinner, when the Champions will be announced.

We sit at our table and I can’t help but notice Michael is looking at me, again. My heart hurts every time I think about us, about what we used to have and we don’t have anymore.

Marcus sits right next to me, smiling. “Is your name in the Goblet?” he asks. I look away from Michael and start eating the food in my plate.

“Yeah, is yours?”. I hope it’s not, he would get killed if he was one of the Champions; like I said, he’s not a great wizard. He nods, pointing to Dumbledore, who’s standing up from his table and is heading to he Goblet.

“I think it’s time” Marcus tells me, putting down his fork. There is sudden silence in the room as everyone’s waiting for the Goblet to start ejecting names. Dumbledore makes as spell and a blue light surrounds the Goblet. There is fire, and then a piece of paper is ejected. Dumbledore catches it, reading the name out loud.

“Ashton Irwin, Hufflepuff”. The Hufflepuff table explodes into a standing ovation while the Champion walks his way to Dumbledore high-fiving his friends.

The Goblet ejects another name. Dumbledore catches it.

“Marcus Goldman, Gryffindor”. Marcus hugs me and all of the people of our table stand up, clapping and screaming at Marcus. He walks to Dumbledore with a large grin, and I start to worry about what will happen. He’ll get killed, I’m so sure about that. He will never make it.

The last name is ejected.

“Michael Clifford, Slytherin”. It was pretty obvious that Michael was gonna be a Champion, since it was his family who organized the Tournament, so I’m not really surprised. I look away when Dumbledore talks about the Tournament. The Champions are standing right next to him and I don’t want to see Michael, it hurts too bad.

Three days later there is the first task. It’s gonna take place in the Quidditch field. Everyone is sitting on the stands around the field, except for the Champions and Dumbledore, who are standing in the middle.

“For the first task, you’ll have to save someone you love, someone who’s dear to you. There is only one person in danger for each of you and you’ll have to save that person without help from teachers or friends. Got it?”. The Champions nod and three big dragons are set free in the field. Dumbledore said there are only three people in danger, so no one is worried about free dragons.

I’m looking at Ashton. He’s the fastest. He has already found the person he has to save, his little brother, and is making spells to hurt and slow down the dragon. One of the spells hurts the dragon and gives Ashton enough time to take his little brother away. I’m not paying attention to anything but Ashton, and I get really scared when Rory screams. I look at her and she’s pale and terrified.

“What?!” I ask her.

“Marcus’ dragon is coming this way!” she squirms, covering her mouth with her hands. I look at the dragon and I get scared too. I’m worried about the person that Marcus will have to save. It’s gonna be painful for that person, Marcus will take a lot of time to find the right spell to hurt the dragon. Everyone starts running away from the dragon, me and Rory included. And then we notice the dragon is following us.

“OH SHIT, LIA, YOU ARE MARCUS’ PERSON” Rory screams. My jaw drops and panic takes over. Marcus will never save me. He will never make it, he’s not good enough.

The dragon spits fire and isolates me from all of my friends. I look for my wand to protect myself, but when I find it, the dragon burns it.

I can’t even cry, I’m too scared. The dragon is coming closer, spitting fire here and there to make sure no one comes and rescue me.

While I’m struggling to avoid fire, Michael has saved his person. She’s his younger cousin, a black-haired girl from Year 1. He’s proudly standing in the middle of the field, one arm surrounding his cousin’s shoulder. He’s watching Marcus trying to fight the huge dragon and he laughs.

“His person will probably end up burned” he laughs, making fun of Marcus with one of his friends, Luke, who has joined Micheal in the field as soon as he finished his task.

“Wait, isn’t that your Gryffindor?” Luke says, narrowing his eyes to check who Marcus is trying to save. Michael looks too, his smile disappearing from his face.

“Oh, shit, that’s her. He’s gonna get her killed!” Michael screams, pulling out his wand from his pocket. “Accio broomstick” he yells and his broomstick flies to his hands. He rides it and runs to me.

He makes a spell on the dragon and it falls on the ground. I’m sitting there with burns all over my arms and legs. I’m shaking of fear and Marcus is pale and still has his wand raised. Michael grabs me, putting me on his broomstick with him and flying away. We get to the middle of the field and I start crying. That was terrifying. Michael hugs me and I cry in his shoulder, ignoring the pain in my body. Everything hurts and people start surrounding us, but Michael doesn’t let me go.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” he says, pulling away from the hug but keeping his hands on my shoulders. I shake my head, looking at my arms and legs. There’s blood everywhere and my skin is burnt because of fire. They take me away on a litter, and I start crying harder. I want Michael with me right now. I’m scared, I want him to be close like when we were together.

“Can I come too?” I hear him asking before I faint.

When I wake up, I feel someone sitting next to me.

“Rory?” I call, figuring it was my best friend. Talking hurts and I can’t turn my head to look who’s sitting next to me.

“It’s me”. His voice. Having him this close makes me want to cry. I miss him and I need to kiss him again and again. I want his lips back where they belonged: on mine.

“You can’t stay here” I say holding back my tears.

“Yes, I can. I asked Madam Pomfrey, she…”. I cut him off.

“Michael, you can’t stay here. People will see you and tell your mom”. A tear streams down my face and I ignore it, I’m too caught up with anger.

“I don’t care” he whispers, coming closer. “I miss you”. He kisses my cheek. “You made me worry so much, how are you?”.

“It hurts” I cry. He wipes away a tear under my eye.

“I know. I’m gonna beat up that Goldman…”. I cut him off again before he can finish.

“I’m not talking about that, Michael”. He tilts his head, furrowing his eyebrows.

“And what are you talking about, then?”

“You know, us” I say. “What we were”.

“Does it hurt?”. I want to tell him. I’m gonna tell him how I feel so that I can finally close that chapter of my life. We never spoke after his mom came to Hogwarts, but we both knew it was over.

“A lot. Seeing you in the hallway makes me happy, I feel like running to you and kissing your perfect red lips. But then I remember that I can’t, and I just want to cry until I die” I say and, ignoring the pain, I turn my head to face him. He has tears in his eyes as well, but he’s not letting them fall.

“It’s the same for me, you know?” he whispers. “I miss you and I think about you every night before falling asleep. I think about a way for us to be together without my mom knowing, but she has eyes everywhere, she would know if we were back together”. Tears are free falling from my eyes but I don’t care.

“I need to ask. Why is it so important to you? Why can’t you just ignore what your mom says? Blood is not important to you, is it?”. He leans back in his chair, his elbows on his knees and his head resting in his hands.

“Of course blood doesn’t matter to me! I tried to ignore her, I swear. I wish it was as simple as that”. I know he started crying now and he doesn’t want me to see.

“IT IS” I scream in pain, physical and emotional.

“IT’S NOT!” he stands up in anger. “Wanna know why I can’t be with you? SHE’S GONNA HURT YOU” he screams and I flinch. I don’t like it when he’s angry, he’s scary.

“I CAN DEFEND MYSELF, MICHAEL!”. He sits back in his chair, tears now coming down on his cheeks.

“She knows people, powerful people, and they don’t care if you’re only seventeen. If my mom tells them to kill you, they will” he murmurs.

“Why would she do that? I have done nothing wrong” I cry, my hands covering my mouth.

“The honour of the family is the most important thing to her”. He leans in and kisses my tear stained cheeks. “I don’t want you to get hurt because I love you. That’s why I stopped being with you” he cries. I feel a smile creeping on my lips as he says that. He loves me?

“Did… did you just say you love me?” I ask, drying my cheeks.

“I did”. He leans in and kisses my lips. God, I missed his kisses. It’s not the best kiss he’s ever given me, but it’s the one that makes me feel better than any other kiss I’ve ever received.

“I love you too, Michael” I say caressing his cheek.

“We’ll make this work, okay? Now that I know you still love me back I won’t let you go” he says, looking me in the eyes. I kiss his nose smiling. Everything is falling back into the right place. “We can secretly date for now. We’ll finish school in one year and then we can run away together. It’ll be you and me”. He smiles too and I kiss him one last time before he has to leave.

It’s me and you. He promised that and I know he’ll keep his promise. I love him so damn much.

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