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Translation for the cross-talk between Masuda Toshiki and Takahashi Naozumi for the upcoming MARGINAL#4 anime, MARGINAL#4 KISSから創造(つく)るBig Bang in Otomedia, 2017 February issue.

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Jin's Blog Entry 141230

Finishing AiiA Theater Tokyo

We finished 2014.12.28 『SCREW TOUR 2014 INNER PSYCHOLOGICAL WORLD [TOUR FINAL]』at AiiA Theater Tokyo.

The long tour that started since September; it went by in a flash.

I’m thankful to all of you who came to each live. Thank you.

One day has passed after finishing the  the final, the feeling hit or rather; honestly, the feeling of nothingness hit me.

It was Rui’s final stage, and to tell the truth, it’s lonely.

But if we don’t overcome it, it will be bad on the SCREW from now on. We’ve got to further evolve the path that Rui has left us.

I had a lot of things to say in this blog, but I somehow can’t make those sentences. I’m sorry.

It won’t be immediately but, I hope my feelings will be able to be conveyed through the sounds. As always. 

And, for the ambiguous things I last said on stage, I’m sorry. Lol. As expected I couldn’t speak calmly. 

Cursed Hurricane, which was in the setlist of 28th was Rui’s choice.

It’s a song with the early memories after Rui joined. The memories of 2010 came back while we were playing it.

SCREW has become 4 people but I hope we will be able to still keep in touch with Rui from now on. My few friend.

Rui-chan, thank you for the five years. See you.

Perhaps I should say that I’m reaffirmed that we are supported by the many fans, many staff/officials; that I’m full of feelings of gratefulness. There were a lot of painful bits but in spite of that, I feel that it was a good thing after all.

I want to do my best from now on too. Please, please let me do my best.

Lastly, (here is) a picture taken with 「SCREW Rui」.

See you.


Brothers Conflict: Natsume Alternate Ending

© 蓮架

Brothers Conflict: Natsume Alternate Ending

Written by Maraiya-chan


(Note: The original story belongs to the author of Brothers Conflict. This is just an alternate version to the ending of Brothers Conflict and for those who have felt empty, angered, or depressed by the ending. This alternate ending is in NO WAY replacing the official ending, though. Please do not steal or post this on any other website without MY permission first. Thank you.)


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