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Writers: Break the Rules

The entire reason we want to have writing “rules” is so that we can break them

Between my annoyed ranting and my personal opinions, it slipped my mind that many people haven’t been told this, and it’s only been brought to my attention recently that my own posts (and many others) don’t emphasize this point nearly enough.

Please take every writing guideline with a grain of salt. 

If someone says don’t do this it should never mean don’t ever do this but rather do this sparingly in order to get the effect you want out of it.

If you use stammers and ellipses to show pacing throughout your story, those things become the pacing itself. But if you use the sentence structure and action tags to show pacing, you can use stammers and ellipses to show anxiety, or create a unique speech pattern for a particular character, or a multitude of other cool things.

If you constantly use epithets to describe every character in your story, they become a long, often annoying alternate to a pronoun or name. But if you cut out most epithets, and just use a specific one to refer to a particular person or group of people, you can show something about your pov character’s view of the world, whether prejudice or admiration or adoration; the possibilities are endless. 

The same idea can be applied to most things pertaining to writing. Remember that almost anything you use frequently throughout your writing will loose its point. That’s why said is such a good dialogue tag. Once you use it enough times, most readers don’t notice it anymore. 

So when you read a writing guideline, one of your first thought should not be that’s a foolish rule or wow my writing must be terrible, but rather in what ways could this rule be broken in order to achieve a certain effect? 

Once you know that, it’s much easier to tell if the rule itself (and the breaking of it) is something you think would benefit your writing, or if you’d be better off ignoring it entirely.

(If we could pass this around the writeblr community that would be wonderful!) 

Disclaimer, sarcasm, and more info below the cut:

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pandabort  asked:

Hi Sam. In a recent post about disability you made reference to "the medical model, social model, or biopsychosocial model of disability". Please could you share some more information about these different models? You can just tell me to go google it, but I thought it might be okay to ask since you're clearly very knowledgable in this subject area and I find you are good at explaining things! Thanks.

The Medical Model (or Biological Model) of disability is the one most people are familiar with it. It views disability in the same light as illness. It is something that is wrong and it must be fixed or cured. This is the model that is shaped by doctors and healthcare providers as a whole, and represents the primary view of the medical industry, psychology industry, education industry, and society in general.

The primary problem with the Medical Model of disability is that it makes no room for a disabled person. The person does not matter - what matters is the disability, which needs be cured - whereupon you will be left with a person. This is the driving social force behind inspiration porn, microaggressions, and segregation. An example of this model would be that we must find a cure for autism, regardless of what that cure may be.

The Social Model of disability is the dominant model subscribed to by activists and self-advocates with some notable exceptions that are borrowed from the Biopsychosocial Model. This model of disability removes the medical from the person, and argues that disability is not inherent, it is a social construct. Universal accessibility is attainable (and it is), so the only reason why disability exists is because socially we choose not to attain it. Achieving universal accessibility removes disability by inherently putting everyone on the same footing without requiring special accommodations. Basically, you normalize “medical” disability being ok, and no one is disabled because their life is accessible.

This is a laudable view, but not without its problems. First, it entirely removes the Medical Model from the person. It makes no account for the reality that some of us have unpredictable disabilities that inherently cannot be accommodated. It is also unrealistic. Disability is an infinitely varried spectrum. We will never be able to accommodate everyone, and someone will always be left out. That doesn’t mean we can’t do better - and we must - but it is unrealistic to expect that we can effective account for all scenarios. This is also the view that spawned person first language - which is a deliberate attempt to remind society that we are people that have a disability not a disability with a person somewhere underneath like the Medical Model. Many activists that subscribe to this model borrow identity first language from the Biopsychosocial Model. Using autism as example, this model states that autism is a neurotype and should not be cured because different is not bad.

The Biopsychosocial Model of disability does two major things. First, it combines the Medical Model (bio) with the Social Model (social). Second, it adds a third element, Psychology (psycho). This is an explicit acknowledgement that there are medical aspects of disability that are very real to the people who experience them, but also an explicit acknowledgement that there are social aspects to disability that are caused explicitly and entirely by society. It also introduces the idea that psychology, and in particular identity, play a large role in how any given individual experiences their disability. This is the model by which it is possible to understand that researching a cure is okay as long as you put that cure in the hands of the people who want it and not in the hands of those who don’t. This is the model that supports identity first language.

This model is also not without its problems. The biggest of these problems is that there is a very delicate balancing act that has to be done between acknowledging the medical realities and the social realities of disability. For example, this model recognizes that autistics that want a cure deserve a cure, and therefore we should research a cure. The social reality of this is that the only cure for autism is in utero testing and abortion - eugenics. We’ve seen this with Down Syndrome if you would like a reference. Clearly, this is not good for autistics that want a cure any more than it is for those that don’t. But what about a medication that limits meltdowns, or evens out hypersensitivity? Sounds good, but directing society in that direction is horrible difficult fight that isn’t even on the radar. In a lot of ways, it can be as unrealistic as the Social Model. It is also exceptionally easy to swing to far into the Medical Model or Social Model, in an attempt to be as inclusive as possible to people with various identities.

So that’s the general breakdown, in broad strokes. I didn’t have the word for it until recently, but my own beliefs align with the biopsychosocial model of disability. I believe that my disabilities are, at least in some ways, medical in nature, and I can and do take steps to alleviate specific aspects. This includes specific aspects of my autism (in particular meltdowns and shutdowns).

I also believe that a large portion of my disabilities are entirely social. A huge amount of my issues with ADHD and autism would simply vanish if true universal accessibility were a thing. Poof. Gone. This would do nothing, however, for the fact that my hands hurt, that the air is touching me, and that these things distress me even when the environment around me is accommodating and accessible. It doesn’t matter that I can hip check a button to open the door instead of pulling it, my hands still hurt - which is why the medical model is pertinent to my life.

And I hope it is obvious that I am an activist and self-advocate. I believe that there is a line between these to walk, and I believe that there is a lot of nuance between those two that is exceptionally important and ignored by those two models. I believe that the most fundamental personal right is autonomy, which includes the right to identity and self determination. Put this all together and I am squarely in the biopsychosocial model of disability.

Right oh. So this is longer than I thought it would be, and my wrists are screaming, so I’m going to end this hear. I hope this is a good beginning, and if you have more questions please feel free to send them.

In the mean time, give a lot of thought to the ideals versus the reality of disability, and be brutal with yourself. Figure out where you really stand on a day to day basis (I frequently struggle with falling squarely into the social model and taking radical stances on topics that, frankly, have a lot more nuance than I understand), and where you really want to be. Then fight for it. Hopefully, we don’t end up on opposite sides!

anonymous asked:

Could you not say qu**r so often, please? Or at least tag it? Alternatives could be SGA or trans (depending on which part you're referring to) or LGBT? It's uncomfortable to quite a lot of people if it's used as an umbrella term too. Thank you

While I’m not interested in delving into that discourse on this blog…well, I guess it was gonna happen sooner or later. 

So just to be clear, before I say anything else, let me preface this post by saying that I’m going to state my position on this, but I will not admit any further discussion on the subject on this blog. You’re free to talk to me @talysalankil​ if you feel like having further discussion, but this blog isn’t the right place to do so. Also I’m going to use links from my personal blog because it’s just easier. But frankly if you want better sources on the subject, they’re out there.

Warning for massive wall of text. I tried to structure it, but there you go.

“Queer” has been reclaimed for decades. Many people who are much more knowledgeable than myself have pointed out that it’s been used at least as long as LGBT as an umbrella term (and that it was reclaimed before SGA was even invented), and it has the benefit of being inclusionary. The fact that is a historical slur cannot and should not be ignored, but the thing is, there is literally not a single word in use to refer to people who aren’t cis and straight that hasn’t been used as a slur at one point or another. Fuck’s sake, people still use “gay” today as a derogatory term, even when discussing things that have nothing to do with sexuality.

Meanwhile, SGA is an acronym that takes its root from conversion therapy (yes, really; SGA discoursers have claimed otherwise but survivors of conversion therapy attest to it), so I’m pretty sure it is equally trigger or even more triggering that queer to people.

SGL (same-gender loving) is a less historically charged acronym that I feel less strongly about for that reason, but it also comes from AAVE and I feel like there’s an element of cultural appropriation for me to use it as a white person, just like I wouldn’t use two-spirits because it’s a native american term. 

But that’s not my only issue with either acronym. See, the issue I have with SGA/SGL are multiple, and I’m going to put a cut here because this is getting out of hand:

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Barisi-centric thoughts on Ep 19x04

(namely, the 19x04 deleted scene which was just released)

(and can be found here)

(yes, I know it was 40 seconds long)

(no, I don’t care)

The Barisi Corner

The rapist’s mother approached Barba outside the courtroom, which is highly inappropriate, as evidenced by the matching expressions of discomfort on both Sonny and Barba’s faces, right before they turned around to look at her. Sonny could have chosen to leave, or to simply stand aside, to give Barba some space, if only out of discretion. Clearly the woman was about to give Barba a dressing down, and perhaps Sonny would want to spare him the indignity of having a colleague witness that.

But Sonny chose to stand by Barba. Literally. He stood by Barba’s side, ready to listen to whatever that woman had to say. Ready to provide support. Sonny didn’t want Barba to have to face her alone.

Barisi and Continuity

“You still wanna be a lawyer?”

That’s their thing. A direct callback to the Season 17 finale. Barba always asks that, and it’s almost like’s trying to dissuade Sonny from actually putting that law license to use. Barba knows the truth, Barba knows that Sonny might think being a lawyer is better, or at least easier on the conscience, compared to being a cop, but Barba has been doing it for a long time, and he knows it can be a lot harder. Being a prosecutor comes with a greater degree of responsibility, and on the bad days, it’s like Barba is trying to shield Sonny from that.

Also, putting my shipper goggles aside, this could also be seen as a platonic Barisi inside joke. A grim but honest joke, and a show of friendship. Every time something shitty happens to Barba, every time somebody threatens his life, every time a mother approaches him to scold him for doing the right thing, his first reaction is to say, “Still wanna be a lawyer, Carisi? Look how fun it is! You should totally do it!” (which is code for “I am in constant pain, please don’t do this to yourself”)

And Sonny, he always responds with, “Nah, not right now” to show solidarity. To show he understands how hard this must be on Barba. Sonny is effectively saying “On days like this, I’m glad I don’t have to do your job.” It’s a friendly acknowledgment, and it’s genuine, and it means the world to Barba. Giddy “court was awesome!” Carisi can sometimes get on Barba’s nerves, because it’s easy to be excited over a case when you don’t have to carry the burden of taking it to the finish line, but jaded, “Man, being a prosecutor sucks” Carisi soothes Barba, because it shows him it’s okay to be disillusioned.

Speaking of:

Barba Thoughts

I don’t know why NBC keeps deleting Barisi’s love Barba’s anguish. I loved his answer, that it does not feel good at all to have this sort of impact on people’s lives. I always love to see Barba having more emotional reactions to the cases, or expressing his own feelings about his life and his job. I thought it was telling how Barba wouldn’t look the mother in the eye, at first, and in the end he didn’t look at Sonny in the eye, either. He’s burdened.

ok but they better not be setting up barba’s retirement or something Ahem. Seriously though, I’m sticking to my theory that Barba is getting a little softer, because they want to create a contrast between him and Stone, who will be more matter-of-fact (and who, I assume, might have politely told that mother to get lost). I think that’ll be the source of that personality clash, and I’m interested in seeing it.

Sonny and Continuity

If we think back to “That’s why the world hates lawyers” from the first Barisi Deleted Scene (NBC y’all should be ashamed of yourselves btw!), we can draw the conclusion that Sonny has finally realized that the reality of being a lawyer is significantly less fun than the idea he had built in his head as a younger, less experienced cop (before he even started working Special Victims, back when he decided to attend law school).

Still, Sonny goes out of his way to research their cases, looking up and quoting jurisprudence, and he also chimes in with his own ideas, whenever he and Barba are in the same room. Because, to Sonny, the law is fun.

Unlike the previous seasons, in which Sonny’s choices were less… let’s say defined, or substantiated, I think in Season 19 we’re successfully seeing the distinction between Sonny Carisi, Legal Scholar, and Sonny Carisi, Police Detective. One’s all fun and games, but only in Sonny’s mind, and the other is real.

And we’re also seeing that Sonny’s interactions with Barba keep changing his perspective. Barba is a role model for Sonny. Literally. The prosecutor with whom Sonny interacts most often. Again, in the S17 finale, we saw Sonny realizing that being an ADA can come with built-in death threats. Back then, Barba asked him the same question. “Still wanna be an ADA?”  and Sonny gave the same answer; “Not now”. It’s sort of fascinating how Sonny’s initial and total excitement about the law has been replaced with this slightly more jaded attitude, which mostly stems from Sonny witnessing Barba’s actual life. We’re not just seeing Barba’s continuing disenchantment, we’re seeing how that affects Sonny, too, and I love that.

Stray Barisi Thoughts

OK but Barba was totally walking faster, at the end of that scene, because he was trying to catch up to Sonny’s long legs. Because they weren’t just leaving the courtroom together, they were also going somewhere together. Most likely to get lunch (as all the comments and tags are saying, because clearly us Barisi shippers share a brain, and also because we haVE EYES AND THAT REALLY HAPPENED). So, yep, Barisi having lunch together is deleted canon :D

Oh and height difference! Seriously, even seeing them standing next to each other adds years to my life :’)

(this post is just over 1000 words long. I scare myself sometimes.)

diamondelight92  asked:

Wait, you're straight?????? I am honestly surprised to learn this! You write so gay!! (That's a compliment, usually when straight people write queer characters, it's very eye-rolly)

haha oh gosh, that is very kind of you to say!

the short answer to “you’re straight?” is “yeah, think so”

the long answer involves a fuckin ouroboros of overthinking and oversharing, which i will put under a cut if anyone’s curious, but man it’s such a mess.

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ptw30  asked:

Hihi! You mentioned on AO3 you have no prompts for Ulaz and Shiro right now, so...if you're still taking prompts, would you mind writing one about Ulaz and Shiro - maybe at the Blade headquarters? Thanks!

Ohhhh I do not mind. I do not mind at all.

Technically they aren’t at the Blade headquarters here, but. Um. I’m not sorry. 


Kolivan is not pleased when Ulaz calls him from halfway across the galaxy.

“There were no other options,” Ulaz repeats, for the third time. Kolivan stares back at him from the communication screen, silent and impassive. His mask is down, but it’s no improvement: Kolivan’s face is nearly as stoic and unreadable as if he had the mask up.

Nearly. Ulaz isn’t fooled. The tick in the corner of Kolivan’s eye and the small flare of his nostrils give him away.

“Be that as it may,” Kolivan says. His tone speaks volumes, too: brusque, blunt, syllables sharper and harsher than usual. ‘Not pleased’ is an understatement. “I cannot permit you to come blindly back to headquarters after such a foolish sacrifice.”

“My actions were not foolish,” Ulaz insists, defensive and heated. The comm unit in the stolen Galra ship is small, made smaller by the tracking devices Ulaz ripped out and dismantled with his bare hands. The ship was intended for short journeys; it was never meant to make the long trek Ulaz faces now. “Against your timing, perhaps, but not foolish. Thace is still on board. He will remain as informant for as long as physically and feasibly possible.”

“The choice was not yours to make.”

“And yet I have made it.”

“At what cost?” Kolivan asks. The comm image blurs for a tick before it steadies, stable. “Your plan has failed. This was your alternative?”

Ulaz casts a glance over his shoulder. Shiro’s asleep, propped up against the far wall - ‘far’ is a generous statement. This ship is too small. Shiro’s tucked his back into a corner, his arm cradled to his chest. He’s sleeping off the drug and what Ulaz is fairly certain is a concussion.

“No,” Ulaz admits, quietly, “This was not part of my plan.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I hope you're having a great day! Sorry to ask but do you have any headcanons regarding your collection of Kanas? They're all so interesting! (Also your art is lovely!)

Don’t be sorry to ask! It’s actually kinda nice that someone is asking me about Kana content. And thank you for complimenting my art alhfkahfjafhkjh

I will talk about the Kanas as if they are all in the Revelation path (in which they can interact with everyone) because I think it’s more fun that way

We’ll start with Izana!Kana

-one of my friends thinks it’s troublesome to keep calling him Izana!Kana so she just calls him “Kazana” and I think it’s cute

-when transformed into a dragon, he is fairly small. No one is sure why. Instead of being of a decent dragon size like his mother, he’s more like the size of a rather large dog. popular theories include he may yet grow into a larger dragon, he is small as a human so he is small as a dragon, and maybe he’s small and a little odd looking because of whatever odd dragon genetics Izana may have contributed.

-unlike the other children who usually get kinda excited when the opportunity to go swimming in a lake or whatever presents itself, he avoids the water. Says he starts to hear a strange voice and his head hurts. Azura in particular is concerned over this, though when she asks him to tell her about it, he becomes even more prickly than usual over the subject and avoids her too

-he likes Midori. Midori likes him… because he’s a dragon and fun to experiment on.

-aims to surpass his father in looks– or at least, that’s his excuse for putting on makeup and dressing up. He just finds it all aesthetically pleasing.

-surprisingly enough, avoids Forrest (thinks he’s tacky)

-Gets taken out of his deeprealm early bc “really, is there anywhere safer than Izumo?? it’s neutral, no one’s gonna hurt him” but then escapes to his deeprealm anyway bc he’s like 9 and wanted to be taken seriously so he has to grow (it didn’t really work out)

-gave up on trying to control his hair and accepts it for its faults (besides, having lil hair antennas makes him taller… sort of….)

-absolutely adores the colour pink

-is sometimes subject to terrible nightmares

-wanders off on his own a lot

-will always be kind of short

-tried to pick a fight with Orochi once, realized that was a bad idea fast

-very proficient little mage, but certain tomes/scrolls/spirits need to be kept away from him bc he will cause damage

-the sort of kid to transform in the middle of dinner, refuse to transform back, and then lay on the table and roll around in spite of being told to cut that out already

-gets grounded for a month and half bc he decided to fuck with the messengers and nearly brought Izumo directly into the war

-but really he’s just moody. sorta like a cat. he’ll occasionally go up to someone he likes and curl up near or on them and go to sleep or just. stay there bc he wants company.

Now for Niles!Kana

-as opposed to the other Kanas, he’s more around 15-16.

-loud boy

-got his ears pierced courtesy of Soleil

-AWFUL DIETARY HABITS courtesy of Velouria

-why did these two things happen? parents asked Nina to babysit him and she left them with whoever was closest and not busy to do other more important things

-his consumption of odd/rotting things is not limited to dragon form as it was discovered when he was found raiding the pantry for spoiled/rotting foods (Jakob and Felicia still aren’t sure how they feel about this. On the one hand, this kid is useful in that he’ll eat this stuff…. on the other, that’s Corrin’s kid and what if something bad happens??)

-can be bribed with candy

-can be overly friendly at times and has a little bit of trouble with the concept of personal space

-gets along just fine with Nina, but if they’re getting along especially well, be suspicious. they’re plotting something.

-has a few crushes but he won’t tell anyone who they are

-likes his cloak/cape thing because he can wrap up in it

-Keaton doesn’t allow him anywhere near his collection after an incident in which Kana nearly ate half of it

-used to be really clingy when he was younger

-has a tendency to be really blunt sometimes but usually doesn’t realize what he’s said until after he’s said it

-the only cooking he actively avoids is Reina’s. No one is sure what she does, but if Kana won’t eat it…. it can’t be safe.

-walks with really heavy steps because otherwise he is too quiet when approaching and scares people

-gets really bad seasonal allergies

-very good at tracking things

-prefers to fight as a dragon

…and now Takumi!Kana (even though I haven’t really posted anything with him)

-youngest Kana, around 6-7. Pure, sweet bab

-absolutely adores his big brother Kiragi

-extremely good with small animals (sometimes follows Shigure around)

-very shy and clings to his Mama a lot

-wants to grow his hair out long someday like his Papa

-is a little scared of Ryoma

-likes flying on pegasi and kinshi but doesn’t want one of his own

-calls a lot of the women older than him “Auntie” even if they are not related

-asked Azura to make him a little necklace for his dragonstone bc he was afraid he’d lose it somewhere

-only one of the Kanas to not have hair that sticks up like little antenna (which will change when he gets older and his hair more out of his control)

-self-conscious about his ears

-a bit of a picky eater

-really needs to be developed more bc he is super adorable

Annnnnnd to end the post, lame doodles of the Kanas as adults.

Thank you for asking about my Kanas!

khayr  asked:

hello!!! I've been combing the internet for some good info on n. argentii and n. bellii since I'm super keen on the really tiny species, do you have any good info on them or know any other smaller nepenthes? where do you usually look for reputable sellers if you're looking to buy species that aren't super common? thanks for any help you can offer! 8 )

ok i hope you dont mind me taking a hot second to talk about these smol carnivorous nepenthes babs and related smol carnivorous nepenthes babs because i never get to talk about the individual nepenthes species and i love them so much

background knowledge: nepenthes is a genus of tropical pitcher plants. they are largely vine-based plants that survive off of catching bugs in leaves adapted into cup-like appendages filled with digestive fluid; insects fall in the digestive fluid and are eaten alive. all nepenthes species are, in essence, a variation on this theme. 

ok first, nepenthes argentii is like…… good and pure………like i want one too but im poor and they’re rather hand to care for (ill get there in a hot second). this species is the smallest nepenthes species known to date, and was discovered in 1989 on the peaks of a few mountains on a small island in the phillipines. it looks like this: (x) (x)

(honestly this is like. a very photogenic small bab so you can find more pics here)

this plant. this plant. this plant is like. the purest plant. like my favorite literature ive read so far on it is this account published in a ICPS newsletter of a small 2005 expedition into the mountains to gather more information and samples on both argentii and the other main nepenthes species living there, sibuyanensis. lets see what these scientists have to say about these smol boys in the wild:

“…From our observations we conclude that N. argentii is almost an obligate petrophyte growing in the rock crevices or among boulders, where it may avoid surrounding low vegetation…We did not find any plants under the shrubs, but cannot exclude the possibility of having missed them. Nepenthes argentii is not very frequent and the whole population consists of some hundreds of plants- the only ones in the world! We counted 14 rosettes in the largest group, but whether it was an individual plant or more plants in one bunch, we are not sure. Most of the plants consisted of an individual rosette usually with very low stems; the maximal measured height was 25 cm.”

the rest of the paper talks about a variety of things, including the small seed yield, plant care, and it’s habitat. this plant is difficult because of it’s slow growth and the fact that it’s a very high highland plant with few blooms. by “highland” i mean that it grows at very high elevation where it’s cooler. for these plants to grow, many serious growers choose to build special refrigeration chambers that replicate a cloud forest in both humidity and temperature (and clouds, using special foggers and fans!). this particular species is less rigid in its temperature needs, but some highland species are veeerrryyy specific (within a 10-20 degree window at all times). 

aaaannnyway. these are very hard to get a hold of due to their low flowering rates and slow growth and germination. generally, I try to stick to reputible US sellers (california carnivores, Sarracenia northwest, and the like) but there are a few international sellers that are pretty reputable, the best being Wistuba, a massive international carnivorous plant store run by botanist Andreas Wistuba. this site tends to have some of the more exotic ones (Wistuba focuses professionally on taxonomy, and therefore has some stranger specimens from time to time) but I’ve heard that these plants aren’t always as healthy as other plant stores that might charge a little more. for carnivore plant stores in general, I would hiiiighhhhly recommend the savage garden subreddit’s list of vendors

side note: on the note of really touchy rare highland species, something thats permanently featured on the sidebar of the savage garden subreddit is an article published in an ICPS issue back in 2003. its written by a dude with an electrical engineering phd who converted a literal chest freezer into a very specific niche habitat for one of the rarest and touchiest highland species in existence, Nepenthes villosa. to give an example of what this guy is up against in this article, this is a plant that needs nights between 36 and 39 degrees F and days between 55 and 61 degrees F. it’s…extremely impressive. please read it, or at least look at the pictures of this amazing feat. you may be wondering, ‘what plant could possibly possess a man to convert a chest freezer in to an extremely specific growth environment for a plant?’ and the answer is this one (nepenthes villosa):

anyway. so next is n. bellii, and I…actually don’t know much about this one, but it’s a very cute and good smol bab and im excited to know about it now:

as for more smol babies, i looooove smol nepenthes species so I have a few recommendations!

Nepenthes glabrata (highland/highland intermediate):

Nepenthes ampullaria (lowland i think??? also pic is of a cultivar in coloration terms)

a really pretty tiny one is the Nepenthes mirabilis var. globosa hybrid! again, hybrids are cheaper and often intermediate-climate and heartier:

nepenthes aristolochioides hybrids can be small and affordable depending what its mixed with, and also are usually intermediate and way heartier in terms of care. or, of course, you could go for the purebred species, which can be, um…kind of expensive. not saying the non-hybrids aren’t worth it though, i mean look at that:

and then, of course, if you aren’t set 200% on a nepenthes species, you could go for a cephalotus follicularus, a species from southwestern australia that I’m personally quite fond of. It’s a slow grower, small, compact, and is very rewarding! some people say they’re hard to care for, but in my opinion they really aren’t

i don’t wanna say that i’ve loved you forever but i have

After the Stampede was over and they’d wasted a lot of time in the city, Jeff took Kent to the Tyrell Dinosaur museum. It was a light-hearted and fun place to visit, and it gave them some road trip time to relax and talk about Kent’s visit with his mother. They had turned up to the museum on the same day as a few group trips, it seemed, but neither Kent nor Jeff really cared. They could tag along on a tour with kids or explore alone.

“That’s Kent Parson and Jeff Troy!” An excited woman’s voice filtered into Jeff’s hearing. He smiled a little. Was she trying to whisper? It wasn’t working.

Mom!” hissed her son. “No! Don’t! They’re like, on vacation!”

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anonymous asked:

can i request a scenario with bakugou where his crush is always so happy and positive and energetic in class but one day he goes to their dorm room to hang out and he hears crying and they start venting about how they feel like no one likes them and are all faking it? i've been going through a rough patch recently and nothing's really been helping except a lot of your posts, so thank you for that!

Hello lovely and of course you can! I very much hope your worries will treat you kinder from now on and if you ever need to get away or you want to vent, you can hit me up. For now, I hope I could write this at least somewhat well enough and please remember: You are wonderful. You are lovely and you have a wonderful heart.

Bakugou feels horribly ill equipped as he sits down beside his crush, who wipes tears from their cheeks. He’s feeling very shocked as well, scowling in hidden worry and wondering who or what could have possibly upset them like this.

A moment later, his crush spills what’s going on and Bakugou clenches his hands in his lap, unsure if they would welcome him touching them or not.

“And I’m just thinking…is anyone really liking, me when I’m faking it?” They draw in a shaky breath, staring down at the knees they pull towards their chest. “I just don’t know what to do.”

Bakugou is silent for a long second, his thoughts racing. With a rough exhale, he drags a hand through his hair.

“I fucking like you, okay? And I don’t give a fuck what other people are going to think, because you know what?” He straightens and looks right at them, his face in a determined scowl. “You are a fucking good person, okay? Forced positivity or not, I find you genuinely funny and fucking comfortable to be around, no matter if we’re talking or not.” He pauses for a moment, trying to find the right words and it’s damn hard, but fuck, he’s going to do it. “You fucking accept me the way I am, and I will do the same for you.”

Hesitating for a moment, he reaches out and grasps their hand with one of his. “If you’re happy, you’re happy, if you’re not, then you’re not, I’m fucking fine with either way. Just…” He sucks in another breath. “It’s going to be fucking fine. The others and me, we’re going to fucking understand it okay? It’s okay to be sad; it’s okay if you open up towards us when you want to. I’m not going to let you down and I’m fucking sure the others won’t either.”

He reaches out with his other hand and wipes a tear away with a soft brush of his knuckles. “You’re not fucking alone, okay? I have your back. Whatever happens, I won’t leave you hanging.”

anonymous asked:

So I hear you're a b1a4 supremacist, and I'm here to learn. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content so if you could help a sistah out and hit me up with some links or just a list of must watch variety show things or livestreams or reality shows or whatever that they've done, i'll be forever grateful thank youuu

jfc i’m fucking honored you came to me, anon-sshi ok wow.

buckle up and listen it’s gonna be a messy ride full of keyboard smashing also caps locking is that even a word.

THE ALMOST ULTIMATE B1A4 VARIETY SHOW LIST, bc even as a supremacist, i have memory flaws but keep your faith in oppa amen.


watch it here >>>

praise the lord bc after 6 years and counting the gems are still up on that site. i’m telling you i have been coming back to MTV match up at least ONCE A YEAR. it’s that great, it’s THAT LEGENDARY i pity new idols who don’t get to experience variety shows with MTV i’m not even joking. please watch it.

* fun fact: do you know who invented being awkward on variety shows? CNU. broad shoulders? CNU, established 2011. long hair don’t care? shin dongwoo, blood type A.

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Hello I love your art and love the new kiribaku kids. I did research on mako sharks and it said "The shortfin mako is on record as the fastest-swimming shark, capable of bursts of speed up to 18.8 metres per second (42 mph)." Its jaw is powerful enough to eat swordfish and sea turtles. And "Like other lamnid sharks, the shortfin mako shark has a heat-exchange circulatory system that allows the shark to be 7-10 °F warmer than the surrounding water. ". So I think mako would be an excellent hero

Never said she won’t be! As I’ve already explained tho the concept is that she’s young and most of he quirk-related abilities just haven’t developed yet - if she’d been living with her biological parents (which means, other people with a shark quirk) they would have already known what to expect from the quirk/she would have knows watching them, but as things stand she’s being raised by two people who’ve never known anyone else with that quirk, so they’re going at it completely blind. As far as Bakugou and Kirishima know her quirk’s abilities could stop at what she has now, but that doesn’t change that they’ll do their best to help her become the best hero of her generation, if that’s what she wants

Anon said: I can’t believe the KiriBaku kids are literally Sharkgirl and Lavaboy, it’s very cute. I also wanna say that Mako looks very much like one of the student from Ketsubutsu Academy, Nakagame Tatami, who has a “turtle quirk”. Could it be that Mako is Tatami’s biological kid and that when Tatami died (presumably from battle) Mako got adopted? Their quirks are a little similar (water-animal based), and hero’s kids usually have very strong quirks even from a young age. Just a theory, love the kids tho!

I know you didn’t mean anything bad by this and I love how into them you are (thank you for liking them!) but please never, ever tell an artist that their OCs are literally some other characters, that’s the worst thing any creator can ever be told. Like, while I don’t exactly mind it since I knew this would happen even before posting them (as I said, I do know they remind of them - even though Tai’s quirk isn’t only about heating things up - and I’m still of the opinion that Kiri and Baku are pretty damn similar to Sharkboy and Lavagirl themselves so kids inspired by them were bound to remind of them, when coming from me) you might in the future find someone who’ll take it bad enough that they’ll just trash the characters and never work with them ever again, which I’m sure you don’t want

Just, mind your words next time you send this sort of asks, okay?

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! It's always nice to see another Danganronpa blog around, I'm sure excited for more of your writing! ^^ If it isn't a bother, may I ask for ndrv3 guys as a yandere? Though, it's perfectly fine if you're not comfortable with this ask, feel free to turn it down if you want to! Also, I wish you the best of luck with this blog!

Thank you so much! I won’t turn it away, and I appreciate all of the kind words! Please enjoy! I tried my best.

V3 Yandere Boys 

Note: Violence and mentions of blood/death under the cut.

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i wish there was anything in the notes of griffin’s post that wasn’t just ass-kissing. i wish valid criticism from people of color didn’t get drowned out by other white people going “don’t listen to those overreacting bullies!! you’re perfect and sooooo good good boys!! love you don’t change!!!!!” [kim_youre_doing_amazing_sweetie.gif]

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An Artist’s Muse

Summary: Phil is a (sleep deprived) artist, and Dan is his muse, though he doesn’t know it (yet).

Word Count: 2.7k

hey this fic is for @vivunt-amant because it’s her BIRTHDAY!! (move aside dan, i’ve got FRIENDS to attend to!!) honestly she’s such an amazing person, a great friend, a fantastic artist, and an always unfailing beta. i’m super grateful to have been able to become her friend, and anyone who enjoys this fic in the slightest should go follow her bc it’s thanks to melea that it’s even here (also it’s her birthday and she’s wonderful so what are you waiting for???)

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  • Ghira: Alright, now listen. Sienna Khan is a strong terrifying leader. She will only show respect when given it so be on your best behavior. That means no rude comments and Speak. Only. When. Spoken. To. Is that understood? *Ghira said as He, Blake, and Sun are lead down an old street to a large abandon building.*
  • Sun: Why do I feel like that was only directed at me? *Sun whispered to Blake.*
  • Blake: It was. *Blake informed him.*
  • Sun: Well, that is just rude. *He frowned while Blake looked at him with a raised eyebrow.* ... Fair enough.
  • Blake: Look don't take it personally. Sienna Khan is the reason why the White Fang became violate in the first place. She is a firm believer in the only the strongest survive and is the one that started the grim mask.
  • Sun: Wait. Seriously? I thought is was, uh, you know who.
  • Blake: *Blake frown knowing who Sun was talking about as her cat ears drooped down.* It's true Adam was the one that made all of the white fang under him start wearing the mask but it was originally to show that he was her pupil.
  • Sun: So then that means...
  • Blake: Sienna Khan trained Adam to be the killer he is today. *Blake sadly admitted then felt Sun place a comforting hand on her shoulder.*
  • Sun: It's not your fault. That dumbass made his own choice and now he is going to be in for a big surprise when we are here to kick his ass.
  • Blake: If he tries to attack Sienna Khan directly.
  • Ghira: Which I doubt young Adam is that foolish. Sienna Khan is a fierce warrior and won't hesitate to kill anyone who challenges her. Even I had few... close calls with her. *Ghira frowns rubbing his side.*
  • Sun: Yeah but you still won right?
  • Ghira: Of course.
  • Blake: Weren't you in the hospital for three days after your last fight with her?
  • Ghira: It was a luck shoot!
  • Sun: Soooo, not to change topics about the possile butt whoopings you may or may not have gotten. *Sun slowly started as Ghira glared at his.* But What kind of Faunus is she? Is she a tiger? A lizard?
  • Blake: I'm... not really sure to be honest with you. *Blake muttered.*
  • Sun: What?! How could you not know what kind of Faunus she is after working for her for so long? *Sun asked with surprise.*
  • Blake: I rarely meet her and every time I did she always wore her grim mask hiding her face. Sienna khan isn't even her real name.
  • Sun: And THAT didn't immediately set off a few red flags when you let her take over. *At this Blake and Ghira both stop to Glare at Sun who held his ground as he crossed his arms.*
  • Blake: ... Point taken.
  • Ghira: Fair enough. *He and Blake admitted as they entered the building the leader of the White Fang has made her base.* However to be fair she only started to wear it when I and Kali had decided to take of as leader of Menagerie.
  • Rhino Faunus: Ahem. Excuse me for interrupting. *The rhino faunus cleared his throat, getting the attention of the Belladonnas and Sun.* Please wait here. I shall inform Sienna Khan that you have arrived.
  • Ghira: Very well. Thank you.
  • Rhino Faunus: My pleasure. It is the least I can do for you and your daughter. *The Rhino faunus bowed and walked off.*
  • Sun: ... He seems nice.
  • Blake: He is. He was my babysitter when little.
  • Sun: He was!?
  • Ghira: He was. Blake used to use his horn as a scratching post.
  • Blake: Dad!
  • Sun: That poor man.
  • Blake: Sun!
  • Ghira: Anyway, as for Sienna Khan's Faunus heritage, she is from an old bloodline of Faunus. One which allows them to either shows fully what they are or hides it completely.
  • Sun: What's that mean?
  • Blake: *Blake shrugs* It's only a myth. A clan of Faunus that-
  • Rhino Faunus: Sienna Khan will see you now. *The Faunus interrupted as he reemerged from the room which he enter before stepping aside to hold the door for them.*
  • Ghira: *Ghira nodded and looked back at Blake and Sun.* Are you both ready? *The two nodded and followed Ghira as they made their way into Sienna Khan's room lit by candles and a fire place. Once inside Blake and Sun quickly noticed dozens of maps of different kingdoms, Schnee dust minds and factories, leaders of anti-faunus groups with some that are crossed out, even photos of other white fang members, and what catch Blake's attention a small framed picture of half a picture.*
  • Blake: That's Photo. *Blake thought to herself.* They look almost like...
  • Sienna Khan: It's been a long time hasn't it, Ghira? *Sienna Khun spoke causing Ghira, Blake, and Sun to quickly turned to the fire place. There two chairs, open empty and the other that's back faced them where taken that shows a red armored gauntlet rest upon the arm rest, sat in front of the fire with a small table in between them where a large Grimm mask laid next to a small glass.* What bring you back? If its about what happened at Beacon, It's being taken care of if you haven't already received the plans on dealing with my pupil.
  • Ghira: Actually, this visit is to warn you about your pupil Sienna Khan. *The former leader of the white fang started taking a step towards it new leader.* Aside from leading that attack on Beacon, twisting what the White Fang stands for, and even sending his followers to track down and on my daughter. He plans on attempting to over throw you and taking over the White Fang.
  • Sienna Khan: Yes. I am aware of this. *She told them, reaching for the glass of liquor.* As well as the order that Adam has told his followers to track and find your daughter.
  • Ghira: You are aware of this? *Ghira questioned in a low almost threatening tone.* You were aware of the spies in Menagerie? You were aware that one of them attacked my daughter and nearly killed her friend?! You were aware that my daughter was endanger and you didn't think of warning me!?
  • Sienna Khan: *The leader of the white fang pauses while lifting her glass, Blake's ears picking up the sound of her turning her head towards her father.* The Towers are down Ghira. By the time I learned about Adam's obsession with your daughter, Whom I remind you betrayed him and broke his heart, *Ghira and Blake both notice a hint of frustration in her tone.* I received your message of wanting to speak with me. Which is why I will deal with it.
  • Ghira: Which is why I will be PERSONALLY be assisting you and the white fang hunt him and his follower down. *Ghira told her crossing his arms before Sienna Khan slammed her glass on the table hard startling Blake and Sun.*
  • Sienna Khan: You seemed to misunderstood me, Ghira. You may help our people find his followers to restore our tribes good name. But I will be dealing with MY pupil. Personally. *She told them, in a very threatening manner. However, to Ghira and Sun's surprise, cause Blake to step forward.*
  • Blake: Then I am going with you.
  • Sun: Wait What!?
  • Ghira: Blake. No.
  • Sienna Khan: Blake?
  • Blake: Adam was my partner. He was a friend... I have to take responsibility and stop him. *Blake begins.* It's my fault he is like how he is. It's my fault that he has become the monster he is now. It's my fault that now everyone I care about is in danger. It's my fault that the one I... The one I love lost so much... I need to make things right. *There was a moment of silence Sun and Ghira seeing the determination is the young huntress's eyes. Then to all of their surprise Sienna Khan rose from her chair as she spoke.*
  • Sienna Khan: Sure.
  • Ghira: Sienna Khan! *snapped as his successor as she reach for her dust blades sword.*
  • Sienna Khan: You can drop the title Ghira. I won't be doing this hunt with you daughter as Sienna Khan. Beside, *Sienna Khan said, turning to face Blake and Sun watching as an expression shock washes over their faces and stared right into Blake's eyes with her red.*
  • Sun: No way...
  • Blake: I don't believe it... You're... You're...
  • Raven Branwen: We have a lot to talk about.
Let's reduce the hate anons! :3

Okay firstly I want to apologize because I’m bringing back something that certainly not happy bubbly cheery on your dash because I just login back to my Tumblr. So, I just gone for about two days and it seems like this fandom suddenly so full of hate lately with those bombarding hate asks from some retarded anon. It just getting worst and worst and. The recent case I found that someone (or some people?) was “being super polite” by sending anon asks to @fureiaa (thanks @dreamsinparadise for tagging me on your rant).

To be honest, I don’t know who she is and never talk to her even once but seriously anon, you’re already overboard because you were wishing her to get raped and died. And the worst, you were using my homies @viridian99 @akanojikan @rose-of-yonezawa and @i-dont-look-good-i-look-great as excuses to send some hatred to her. THAT.IS.NOT.COOL :|

Yes, I’m triggered af and hella mad right now. This is the worst hate anon case I’ve ever seen after I joined SLBP fandom. You had no idea what had you done, anon (not only this current anon but for all of the hate anons). You’re making people to think that the entire people in Tumblr are social justice garbage, easily get offended and full of toxic friendships just because of some irresponsible retarded people like you who spreading hatred to this fandom by lurking in anonymous, even until this seconds and the seconds ahead. Hat tip to you for ruining our peaceful and loving fandom because of you’re lowest of the lowest of the lowest attitude, Anon-sama :)

I’ve seen some of people already tried to remind us about how wrong spreading the hatred using anon, just like what @sinfulinsecret wrote in this post and @thedaydreamingotaku wrote on this post. Also with some rants about hate anon that my homies stated Wini’s rant, Minami’s rant ( @minminami), Viri’s rant 1, Viri’s rant 2, Momma’s rant, Kan’s rant, Nikki’s rant ( @nikkihime), Soua’s rant, and another rants that I might be not seen yet. But well… It seems all of those posts didn’t work at all because those haters just simply retarded. Their brain didn’t do its function well as the normal brain would do. Or maybe when we all are line up to get brain before we born, they just simply not in the line and go straight to the world instead so THEY HAVE NO BRAIN AT ALL. And, haters gonna hate really fit to describe them, literally. No matter how we will warn or even rants and cursing them, they will just continue to hate us unconditionally. We will always get so wrong in their eyes.

I’m getting hate anons too on my blog and of course that annoying me as hell. And I got it just because I simply spamming trolls to Milord Nobubu’s blog when he’s online again after a while and made Nobu Month event with my lovelies lmao please get a life anon :|
I did some action to respond their hatred to me, and it’s kinda work (at least for me) because I didn’t get any hate anon lately. So I want to share you my experience. Here are the steps I’m taking to face hate anon.

1. Turn off anonymous
Yes, this is the most simple and practical step you could take to prevent hate anonymous. It’s 99,99% guaranteed that you wouldn’t receive any hate anon on your blog. I’m saying 99,99% because you could get hate anon through another blog that get hate anons. This is for the example, where my momma @rose-of-yonezawa get mentioned in another’s people hate anon in this post.

So, even if we turn off anonymous, we would still get hate anon after all (again, just because it’s simply haters gonna hate)

2. Do not always reply or answer their asks.
I know there must be some blogs that couldn’t turn off their anon because of they knew that some people were to shy to reveal their identity (in a good way, obviously not like those haters) to send them request or just simply saying that they love your blog. The blogs that didn’t turn off their anonymous clearly would be an easy target of hate anons.

I’m turning on my anonymous again after a while and… I got some hate anons back on my asks D: I never reply or answer those hate asks that sent for me and they just… Stop. At least the asks that had same writing type never sent me hate asks anymore.
So I have this conclusion that what the haters want from you is to respond their hatred toward you, or we would simply say, they want your attention by seeing how you react to their asks (and maybe the whole people on this fandom because yeah some people must be would reblog your answer and the anon could see their reaction too). You would satiate them once you reply or answer them. The haters were like “Oho~ so you got so worked up because of this? Let’s roast you moreeee”. They would keep sending you hate asks for more and more and more. Again, haters gonna hate so no matter how you explain your situation, you will always get wrong on their eyes. (Well, damn you haters =_=)

Of course this step would not work directly if the case was like what @fureiaa had because that retarded person using someone else to spread his/her hatred. We needed to confirm the truth about what those haters said first. It would be better if you ask directly to the person they mentioned. You would get the absolute truth because it’s the person him/herself who confirmed that what’s the haters said not true. You could explain and clear all the misunderstanding that the haters made. After that you could imply ignore the upcoming hate asks that pops out on your inbox because you already know that was all lie.

3. Block the hate anon asks
I’ve done some experiment with this step with Wini and it would be very effective to get rid of them because it would permanently block the anon IP address. You would never receive any asks from the blog even if they were off of anonymous. If you still get hate anon, just block them again. It means you have more than one haters that sent you hate anons. At least you would reduce one of the source of toxic people in this fandom because they would never be able to spread hatred through your blog by blocking those asks. Reduce 1 hate anon = reduce 1 hate in this fandom. You can see the steps How to Block Hate Anon post made by @andallwaswell-ish (This is very useful, you all need to check it! ^^)

Well, this is just simply my own experience when I’m facing hate anons and it’s kinda work for me. I hope it would work to you too and help you to prevent and reduce toxic posts in this fandom. I really wish we could bring back the peace and the love we had before those retarded anons attacking this fandom and spread toxic post through their hate posts. And for @fureiaa I might not know you and we never even talked before but nobody deserve any hate anons, not even you. I wish you all the best.

And lastly, let’s make this fandom back to its peaceful and lovable state! :3

anonymous asked:

Idk if you're the right one to ask for thoughts, but I was talking with a bud and we came to realize that... there's very few, if any, PowerBottom Vic Fics. At least from what we've been able to find. Which made us a little worried, bc like... pls don't let this be a "Yuuri's the woman :)" type thing. Like maybe we thought too much about it, but like... heteronormativity is still a thing. It just made me worried. Bc there's no woman in victuuri pls god stop that. Idk, maybe just overanalyzing.

Like obviously most of us thinks they’re a healthy switch couple, but it was just an observation. And the yoi universe don’t seem to accept gender roles, but it almost seems to be fetish at this point, making Yuuri out to be “a woman,” yet refuse to put the same onto Vic? Obv. ppl can do what they want, but it’s a little discouraging. Heteronormativity is just not pleasant. I just couldn’t find any fics, y'know? “The bottom” is still often “the woman” when there isn’t a woman at all. ;-;
Urgh, but like, me overthinking. Someone said on twitter that the switching of pronouns while performing is very common in japan, and I’m thinking it might have accidentally led to some unintentional heteronormativity in Yoi’s male, homosexual, relationship. I DONT KNOW ALLI, I JUST CANT HOLD THE THOUGHTS IN. Don’t be angry at me pls. ;-; I’m sorry I went on such an incoherent rant about fictional character porn lmao I’ll go to bed now, ‘night!

I WILL NEVER BE ANGRY AT ANYONE FOR BRINGING UP THIS IMPORTANT THING!! ♥ and yes i agree with you! and sorry it took me so long to answer, your ask got buried in my inbox D:

disclaimer: i am 110% aware that a lot of people have a preference whether they like to top or bottom, and that’s absolutely great! so that’s not what this is about. well kind of, but it’s really about the problematic and heteronormative characterization where the bottoming partner is written as/considered to be “the woman”!

even tho victuuri is an extremely versatile ship compared to many others, a lot of fics etc come across as very heteronormative and it bothers me as well. which is actually the reason i prefer bottom!vitya! i’ve found that those fics often have better characterization? i might post a rec list sometimes if there’s interest?

i don’t really have any input to how common the “pronoun” switching while performing is, but i do agree that yuuri doing that probably did contribute to him being written as “the woman” so often. but it’s not the only thing, since there’s also vitya being introduced as the playboy type of character, which (usually) is a very masculine trope, and then there’s the coach/athlete dynamic that kind of enforces those roles.

but all those tropes were proven to be wrong along the way! yuuri turned out to be the “playboy” of the story, vitya is a sweetheart that hasn’t had life or love for over twenty years and even in their professional relationship they’re pretty much equals. damn i love this series. but i think the first impressions can be very hard to shake and they fit so well into the traditional heteronormative roles that some people might not want to look past them. or might not even realize it. which is a shame bc vitya and yuuri are such great characters and a beautiful and healthy couple, and i really don’t like seeing them portrayed like that :(

bakugou-ou  asked:

Yo, can we be friends and talk about our OCs because Hitomi sounds gr8 and I want her to be friends with one of my little quirk marriage babies. Also, your writing is amazing and you're one of the people that inspired me to start my blog. Just wanted to let you know that you're great. Please tell us all more about your OCs though, I'm so so excited just by seeing the one you mentioned!

OOOH MY GOSH YES WE CAN BE FRIENDS!! I LOVE TALKING ABOUT MY OCS W/ PEOPLE (and shipping them too, if you’re down for that lmao!!)

if you wanna see more of my OCs my main blog is @alturkabuterimon !! I post all my art and such there ^o^

im gonna put this under read more bc ima include pics of my ocs and it’ll get lonnnggg

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was thinking of starting an ask blog for a human au/florist au for lovino but I'm not quite sure where to start. Could you give me some advice please? (btw you're art is beautiful ; v ;)

//So you’re thinking of starting your very own ask blog?? That’s great! I haven’t been doing this long myself, so I’m flattered you came to me of all people for advice–

Nonetheless, I’ll try to give you the best advice I can! To start things off:

Originally posted by dadgan

//Just jump right into it! You can always look at other blogs for ideas on how to set up your own, and from there, you can get a good idea of how you want it to look. And since nothing you do is absolutely permanent, you can always go back and change something if you don’t like it. In my case, I made my blog with very little thought about how I wanted it to look, and it came out more or less fine, even if I’ve changed it a billion times. Don’t sweat the small stuff <3

What I started with was making my icon for the blog. Once you’ve got that down, try to figure out a name for your blog if you haven’t got one already. And at that point, you’re already halfway there! Just pick your header and a color scheme, and you’re good to go.

Now, once you’ve actually got the blog created, you can post a quick little introduction of yourself, and/or your muse, to get yourself noticed. Then, tag the heck out of it! One of the best ways to help people discover your blog is through a healthy helping of tags. If you look through some of my stuff, you’ll see that I try to touch all the bases with my tags (even if a lot of it is just nonsense). Tag all your things as much as you can!

//Also keep in mind that you can always look to other blogs for inspiration or art help, and using references is perfectly fine! Just don’t trace over anything. What’s helping me the most in developing my own style is through looking at other people’s artwork, and taking little mental notes of the parts I like the most. You should also try to practice drawing plants and stuff, since you’re going to need that in the future. Feel free to experiment with your art to find what works best for you. In all honesty, I made this blog to help my art skills improve by challenging myself to draw all these asks, and I really think I’ve gotten better! Drawing is all about trial and error, and while you might not always hit the mark on your first try, there’s always room to grow. 

//Another important thing to have is patience. Starting off, you might have little to no activity on your blog. In the meantime, you can fill up the empty space with doodles of your muse, WIPs, or anything related to your blog! Tagging is still important here, so don’t forget about it! If you have any tumblr friends, you can even ask them to share and promote your blog.

Finally, I’d say to try to get to know your flowers, and little bits of information about where your muse will live (which I’m assuming will be Italy). If you need to know something for an ask, don’t be afraid to google the answer (you’re not cheating, don’t worry). You don’t have to know everything under the sun about your AU in order to use it! I mean, look at me; I don’t know any Spanish, and I definitely don’t know anything about flowers, but that’s okay!

//I hope this has at least helped you a little bit, if any. You can always come to me if you need help with something, so don’t be shy! I know you’ll make a great blog with amazing art~ I’m rooting for you!

Originally posted by pinkjune