as always never reblog or repost without the artist's name

How to post fan art

It seems like many people on here and Instagram are posting other people’s art without any credit. I’m going to assume some of them simply don’t understand how crediting works. So here’s a few points on how to be fair. 

-You should never post someone else’s art without permission. Reblogging is fine, but reposting in your own blog or Instagram is not. 

-ALWAYS credit. Link to the artist’s original post. Mention their name. This is not optional. It’s very disrespectful to leave the credit out. 

-If you don’t know who made the fan art, DO NOT POST IT. 

-If the artist has deleted their post, DO NOT POST IT. Allow the artist control over their own art.

-#creditstotheartists, #notmine, etc. are NOT credit. They do about as much good as “no copyright infrigement intended” on YouTube videos. OK, you’re not technically plagiarizing, but you still stole it.

-DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING from the original artist’s post. If there is text, don’t remove it. If you don’t want the text in your blog for whatever reason, just don’t reblog. It’s a matter of respect. Some artists even write “I’d rather you not reblog than remove my text”. The text, like the art, might be incredibly personal and important to them.

-Some artists actually stop posting their art online because of this. It makes them feel discouraged, because no one cares about who made it. It’s not harmless to post stuff without credit. 

-If you post nothing but other people’s art without credit, you are gaining followers by stealing content. It’s not a good way to get popular in a fandom. 

-Screenshotting text posts off Tumblr and cutting out the OP’s url is also stealing.