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First Kiss. 

A/N: I know there has been a delay in updates, and I do apologize. However, here is a little piece of Frank Castle love for you. I’m not exactly sure what this is, but it is the start of Castle on @calif0rnia-lovers


Most wouldn’t consider Frank Castle to be romantic. Hell, as of late, neither did the man himself. Romance, love, they were just two words that didn’t seem to fit into his life anymore. Maybe that’s why he didn’t see you coming.

Although his life might seem pretty bland, close to miserable, when looked in on by the common outsider, Frank had grown content with it. He didn’t need the thrill most got from roaming the exotic streets of Hell’s Kitchen. A lack of sleep during the night, if not taken up by his late night runs (a term coined by you), was often met with him trying to find an empty booth in a quiet diner. Being alone, although painful at times, was something Frank Castle had slowly begun to realize he was good at.

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Hello everyone! Since I’m almost to 2k, I decided to do my very first follow forever. I never expected this blog to get as much attention as it has and I am very thankful to everyone who follows and supports me. Everyone mentioned in this post are some of my favorite blogs on here, if you don’t follow them yet you definitely should! Also, I am sorry if I missed anybody. I’m sure I probably did so if I you don’t see your name please don’t take it personally! I love everybody. <3

Special thanks:

@atllimelow- my love. You are so special to me and I love you very much. If not for you this blog, and me, would probably not exist anymore. Your friendship means more to me than I can ever express to you. 

@annathepineapple- my very best friend in the entire world. Absolutely the best and greatest person I’ve ever been honored to call my friend. If not for her, I would’ve gone crazy by now. She keeps me sane and always deals with my stupid shit. Also, my favorite Josh Dun hun! 

@gaskarth- first off, credit to the lovely gif of Alex goes to Aiden. Thank you so much for making it for me, I love it very much. Aiden has had one of favorite blogs for a very long time and now I’ve been lucky enough to call him a mutual. Such a blessing. :) 

@poppunk-merrick- one of the most genuine people/friends I’ve met. Sch a sweet person and great friend to have if you’ve ever been lucky enough to talk to her. 

@riansdrums- special shoutout to Vitti for always messaging me when I’m sad. Thank you for caring and being such a sweetheart. :) 


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an ooey-gooey follow forever for my sickening 900 fabulous followers.
i just want to say how enchanting you all are.
how accepted you all make me feel.
how privileged i am to have you all following my portrayal of sansa.
and how consumed i am with each and everyone of you.
but this is just a special shout out to a ( very ) few of you all!

p.s. im sorry if i missed anyone, which im sure I have bc i am an anxious jellyfish.
but i will also being doing a giveaway soon! so stay tuned.
aaaaaand. pls. excuse my 10min graphic.

 q u e e n s g u a r d 

( those who have had my back and that i adore unconditionally. )

@bastardpup​ / @mhysaoffire​ : tea, i’ve known you longer than anyone else on this site. you’re my best friend. my soul mate. i love you so truly. thank you for always putting up with my shit and for always being there to talk to me.. as well as watch random things… but mostly for always being ready to have a casual cocktail. don’t ever change. i’m waiting for the day i’ll get to hug you in real life.

@thefirststorm​ : you amazing sunfish! mark i don’t know how i’d have gotten through the last month without you. you have become a fast friend and I am forever grateful that you added me so we could talk about our sansa love! you’re always around when i need you. you’re sweet and kind and i dont deserve you! but thaaaank you for being there and accepting me into the squid fam.

@motherofwolvcs​ : cAT. you are beautiful. and so sweet and kind. i don’t know what i did to bring you into my life but there is always a place for you where i’m concerned. thank you for being the best trout mumma i could ask for. you’re an angel <333

@ircnvictory​ : you re so much stronger than you know ben, and you have been a great friend to me in the short time i’ve known you. i don’t know how to ever repay you for your advice. you’re a hilarious and beautiful human being. thank you for being you.

@iarainn​ : noah, why are you like this????? ok, no but honestly i adore you so unconditionally. you’re a hilarious little squid and i can thank you enough for letting me constantly badger you with five-thousand-and-one theonsa things! ilu. 

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( people i’ve spoken to ooc / written with that are special to me )

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