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[Translation] mFound Artist Interview: ONE OK ROCK (from year 2012)

This is my first time translating a ONE OK ROCK interview. I haven’t been translating a full interview/article for a while, and then I stumbled upon this interview and found it to be quite interesting. And I don’t think it’s been translated before? Correct me if I’m wrong and if somebody has actually done it. Second, I’m not an expert in Japanese, so do expect some mistakes along the way. I did my best and tried to insert some explanation on parts that I thought were a little hard to understand. Oh, and I’d appreciate it if you put a link to this translation or credit me in any ways at all if you decide to post / use this translation elsewhere.

Well then, without further ado, please enjoy. :)


Formed in 2005, this band whose sound is jam-packed with emo, rock, and metal elements and always give aggressive live performances, has just rocked two days sold-out lives at Yokohama Arena, titled [“Zankyou Reference” TOUR ~ YOKOHAMA ARENA SPECIAL FINAL ~] January this year! The LIVE DVD and Blu-ray compilation of these lives are going to be released in May 30th, and starting from the 23rd last week the older titles of their songs are distributed in iTunes. This time, we’re going to question the vocalist Taka and the guitarist Toru about the tour, thoughts about the live, including [Zankyou Reference], and their opinions about their past works.

– The LIVE DVD and Blu-ray of [“Zankyou Reference” TOUR in YOKOHAMA ARENA] that you performed this January at Yokohama Arena will be on sale in May 30th, but I’ve been given the chance to watch it. It was amazing!! You guys are so awesome!

Taka: Really? I’m glad.

Toru: Thank you very much.

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