Hey there, YOI fandom!

Are you interested in figure skating?

Would you like to find more amazing IRL figure skaters but don’t even know where to begin? Well, I might be able to help!

I am by no means an expert in figure skating, and I’ve personally only been a causal fan of figure skating since I saw Yuzuru Hanyu in the Sochi Olympics in 2014. But Yuri on Ice relit my interest in the sport and made me want to do some research on the current competitors in the Grand Prix series and I wanted to share some of my findings with you.

I’ll be linking a few videos that I think you might enjoy below and if you also have any personal favorites, feel free to reblog and share them with the rest of us so that we can all enjoy a variety of different skaters!

(Also this post won’t feature Yuzuru Hanyu because as much as I love him, I think everyone in this fandom already saw a video or two of him.)

Let’s start with Deniss Vasiļjevs (Latvia). Sounds familiar at all? It’s this boy

At 17 years of age, he is just making his Grand Prix debut at this year’s Rostelecom Cup and NHK Trophy. I am linking his Free Skate from 2016′s Rostelecom below, since it really is a thing of beauty. (His jumps and spins are top notch.)

And while we’re talking about Deniss, let’s talk about his coach!

Stéphane Lambiel (Switzerland) is a two-time Grand Prix Champion (and many more things, but let’s agree that you’ll check out his Wiki page if you want to know more), who retired in 2010 and moved onto a career as a choreographer and a coach, and is currently coaching Deniss.

But let me tell you the guy was awesome as a skater. Take this video for example. (Skating in a suit? Yes please.)

He’s a beautiful, beautiful man. (who posts selfies with Deniss on his Twitter all the time)

But alright, maybe let’s take a look at a woman for a change, shall we?

I think by now we all know Evgenia Medvedeva (Russia), the main representative of the YOI fandom in the figure skating world, don’t we? Friendly reminder that that cute fangirl is also a Grand Prix, European and World Champion and she achieved that in her debut year in the Senior division.

But let’s take a look at her in action. There’s a chance you’ve seen her Sailor Moon program, so let’s look at her recent performance at Skate Canada instead.

She’s beauty and she’s grace. Need I say more?

Now, YOI also encouraged me to look for skaters in my own country. Unfortunately my own country is Poland and we are notorious for… not having any figure skaters… BUT. I did find one! He is not necessarily perfect but he’s a reminder to look up the skaters in your own country because you might be surprised with what you might find.

Ryszard Gurtler is 17 and currently a competitor in the Junior Grand Prix, scoring some victories in smaller European competitions (he is also from my hometown and is actually a friend of a friend so what the hell, I might actually meet up with him!). I personally love his recent program from Ostrava, but you will most likely see the differences between this and the Senior ones you’ve seen above.

Alright, this post is getting long so I think I’ll end it here. Perhaps you’ve heard of all the skaters mentioned here but hopefully you got to see their beautiful programs and perhaps got motivated to do some of your own research, and that much will make me happier than anything!

Like I mentioned at the beginning, feel free to attach your favorite performances in the reblogs so that we can all experience a variety of different figure skaters from all around the world and perhaps discover our new favorites or people we want to support! ^^

Hope you enjoyed!

Solving the Mystery

Love – the greatest mystery of all, and how would Sherlock Holmes solve it? Like @welovethebeekeeper suggested, as soon as Sherlock uttered “I love you”, the spell of “desperately unspoken” has been shattered. These words belong not only to John Watson but Sherlock Holmes himself as well.

I know speculating based on a 1-second clip is asking for trouble, but hey, we’re all having fun (dying), so why not? I am in agreement that the scene look/feel like MP, but if this is the first time Sherlock Holmes say these words out loud…… can’t be a wasted opportunity is all I’m saying. But how?

Hey remember this?

Sherlock making a deduction in MP and in real life concurrently is nothing new – what if the “I love you” scene is in a similar situation?

As soon as “I love you” escaped his lips, Sherlock snapped back to real life, John standing right in front of him. The deduction begins because of whichever case at the moment (case is not really the point remember), but in order to solve it Sherlock has to come to realize what their feeling for each other really means: 

1) “I love you” → “You love me” (saying it to John, John being all incredulous, followed by confusion and laughter and tears and…… you get the picture); 

2) “I love you” → “I love you, of course!! John!! I love you.” (and John being all incredulous at first and slowly he realizes what Sherlock is really saying)

Sherlock Holmes solves murders, John Watson saves lives. It’ll require both of them to solve the greatest mystery of all: love. 

Call me hopelessly romantic or optimistic or wishful thinking all you like, but wouldn’t this be so fitting?


“You know, the thing about life is that every time you learn a new lesson, there’s just another one right around the corner. You never know everything. I think, you know, for me, I’ve just kind of given up and I’m like, I know nothing compared to what I’m going to know some day. I stopped thinking I knew everything a while ago. I think the last time I thought I knew everything, I was fifteen.”

  • Saeran: You remind me of Rapunzel.
  • 707: Really?
  • Saeran: Yes, but instead of letting down your hair, you let down everyone in your life.
Yana and her hilarious typo

Yana is known for making typos everytime she posts something on twitter, but this time it hit a new level😂:

Today’s the release date of Kuroshitsuji vol.24! On the cover you’ll see Violet who can sing and dance. If you buy the comic book at Animate, it’ll come with an original illustration card. The 110th anniversary special chapter is also included! Please enjoy. -Toboso.

I proofread the text before posting it on twitter, yet somehow I still manage to make typos… [If it were indeed the 110th aniversary,] it’d be quite a long-run series, wouldn’t it. Anyway, I edited my profile…. -Toboso

Official twitter account of Yana Toboso. Toboso and her staff will post various information about her works as well as random talk fully loaded with typos.


I can’t believe you beat me to it

Just some heart warming stuff for you nerds! I had some dialog planned but i thought it would go better without words. I also wont be posting as much comics after this because im starting school tomorrow. kill me quick

I need to get something off my chest.

I know I said before that I personally don’t like the stereotypes yaoi has or the way fujoshis portray gay couples

But lately I feel like all the bashing against them or straight women who watch shows with LGBT characters in general is uncalled for

Usually, they simply enjoy the ship like any other ship(Of course excluding the ones who call it sin) and even learn to support the LGBT community along the way?

Meanwhile straight men who enjoy lesbian porn and content in general still treat the LGBTQA+ community like shit, only like lesbian couples for their sexual fantasies and even sometimes claim they dislike real life LBTQA+ women?? Yet I don’t see long ass posts bashing them or people giving them names with awful meanings like fujoshis?

Also, whenever there’s a show with a gay ship straight men spend their time bashing the shippers (and the show if this ship becomes canon), meanwhile straight women react to lesbian ships with neutrality and even positivity most of the time, if not always?

This feels like yet another way to hate on women…