as allways


killua:”i couldn’t do anything”
gon: “.. i’m sorry for being so selfish, i promise to never do it again”

i just want gon to apologize and  killua to be better at talking about his thoughts and feelings rather than keeping it for himself ;;


Doctor Who Meme: one doctor [1/1]

Twelfth Doctor

I am not a good man! And I’m not a bad man either. I’m not a hero. I’m definitely not a president, and no, I’m not an officer. You know who I am? I… am… an idiot! With a box and a screwdriver. Passing through. Helping out. Learning.

I just did a term paper over Second First Lady Abigail Adams and thought i might share some interesting facts that i found out with you all.

  • Abigail and her hubby have over 1,000 surviving letters of correspondence between the two of them
    • unlike the washingtons who burned most of their letters
  • Abigail didn’t have a formal education, but she basically ate fine literature for breakfast and taught herself French
  • She and Thomas Jefferson were totally bosom buddies until he called her husband a hermaphrodite during the election of 1800
  • Martha Jefferson and Sally Hemings were HALF-SISTERS????
  • Unlike all their founding friends, the Adams both opposed slavery and didn’t own slaves, a winning combo.
  • Abigail and john were like, disgustingly in love. they almost never called each other by their given name and had a million pet names for each other, I.E.: Diana, Portia, Lysander, Miss Adorable, Dearest of Friends, etc.
  • Later in her life, Abigail thought that she was dying and wrote herself a will, which ladies of the time didn’t get to do. It wasn’t honored, but she wanted to make sure some of her lady relatives would get a fair share, since otherwise it was just going to be split between the male relatives.
  • Since she was such an avid letter writer we are able to get a better look at what life was like at the time.
  • Abigail posthumously proved that Bill O’Rielly was full of shit in one such letter to her cousin. This was when Michelle Obama brought up that slaves built the white house, and Bill O’Rielly said that the slaves were “treated well and given proper lodging” or some bs. Historians pulled the recipients and Abigail’s letter states that :  It is true Republicanism that drive the Slaves half fed, and destitute of cloathing, or fit for re, to labour, whilst the owner waches about Idle.
  • Also was supes critical about the paradoxical notion that Americans fought for freedom yet still owned slaves:   It allways appeard a most iniquitious Scheme to me-fight ourselfs for what we are daily robbing and plundering from those who have as good a right to freedom as we have.
  • She and John also exchanged some very saucy letters before they were married and had their first kid only eight and half months after they were married. Reeeaally stretching the limits of propriety there.
  • Abigail was basically her husband’s trusted adviser and his critics called her Mrs. President. She was cool with that and wore it like a badge of honor, cause she stood by her man.
  • One of her least favorite things about her hubby being the pres was the spotlight though. Not cause she had nothing to say or anything like that, but because she knew that she could not shut herself up. Girl had too many opinions and brains for the dudes of her time.
  • Looked at Hamilton when she spoke to him and wrote that she felt she was looking into the eyes of the devil himself

Feel free to add your own fun historical knowledge, especially if it’s about cool ladies of history.

Reference sheets! (Part One)

Thank you for participating in the 2000 followers special!!! Thanks to you guys, we gave life to two cute skellies!! Now, It-s time for me to officially introduce them to you!

Let’s start with the ErrorNight Child!

Name: Radier (suggested by @thatoneamazingartist! I really love this name and it’s meaning!)

Age: 14/18 (just like Blueprint)

Pronouns: He/Him

Basic info:

His body is like a weird combination of both of his parents’ preferences. Since they wanted him to be like them, they ended having an argument and just putting random things on his design. He doesn’t have legs due to a series of glitches that erased them. Other than those, he doesn’t have any visible glitches, except when he is nervous or triggered(?).

He has one extra pair of arms made with the same goop that Nightmare has. They are able to separate from him and multiplicate. The thing in his head is a part of his skull that morphed into a “crown”. Don’t try to take his crown because it’ll hurt him. 

When he goes into “insane mode” his eyesockets turns black and ink starts to drop from them (like the “tears that Error has). 


His outfit was made by Nightmare. He wanted his creation to dress like a prince, since he’s a king. Also, the jacket is part of his weapons. I used purple, gold, black and red as the main colors for his clothes since those are the most outstanding of his parents’ clothes.

Main Story

Error and Nightmare were tired of allways losing to the Start Sanses so, one day, Nightmare suggested to use someone as a spy for them. But, since the only people they new were also bad guys, they didn’t have one to do the job. At the end, they had to make one, fusing some goop from Nightmare and ink they stole from Ink and “glitching it” to reality. That’s how they made Radier.

Once he was born, they trained him and made him believe they were the good guys and that the Star Sanses and their friends (and children) were the bad ones. He believed them and even after discovering that was a big lie, he still helps them since they are his creators and he would do anything for them. Although, when the good guys knew who he were, Nightmare stoped ordering him to help with their plans. Now he just goes to random places, spread misfortune and gathers the bad emotions to give them to his father. Error doesn’t care about him but he neither concidere him as pest he has to kill. More like a subordinate that makes the thing he doesn’t want to do.

Radier lives a “peaceful” life in Nightmare’s castle and loves both of his parents. Let’s just hope they love him too!


He is a cheerful skeleton that loves to destroy things and give problems to the people. He likes to do bad things and doesn’t care if they’re bad, since the only opinion that matters for him his his parent’s opinion. Besides that, he wants to make lots of friends so, to reach that goal, he kidnaps them just like Error does. He’s allways happy and smiling. If you see him mad, then that means that a disaster is going to come.


He can control the shadows and create bones from them. Also, he can control people using their shadows or (when they’re asleep if they are sleepwalkers) and travel through them. His jacket creates a shadow on his feet that helps him to attack or defend. His goopy hands can also be used as weapons! Besides that, he can collect bad emotions and take them with him (making them a diamond shaped black object and putting them in his pockets).

Extra facts

-He likes to make puppets and often repairs the ones Error destroys.

-He likes oranges and tends to fall asleep in random places.

-He likes to watch people while they sleep.

-He’s a sweetheart but kinda scary!

Tags for him

#Radier Sans

#Radier fan art (if you want to draw this cutie!)

#ErrorNight child

#ErrorNight combo



Silvy is allways floating so he looks taller

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING LOTS OF LOVE TO THESE DORKS!!! I never thougt I’d use them xD They were just previous desings that helped me to make Blueprint, Radier and Cassis (Silver and him have a similar story). But now I feel confident to use them uvu)!! So have these crappy pictures akjvgnfdxkclb–

I’m thinking of making them a special place where you guys can interat with them, since I also need to draw some of their parents. I can’t focus only in the babies(????). Maybe an RP/Ask blog? I don’t know(?). I’ll decide later cuz I’m tired rn akgjnfdxc–

Again, thank you! Now the family is bigger xD

And Blueprint will always be the principal cuz, you know, he’s the best uvu)

Youtubers AU

In wich:
- Lance and Allura are relatives/cousins and they live in an apartment together.
- Allura has a beauty/gurú channel called “AlteanPrincess”
- Lance at first doesn’t have a channel but appears in Allura’s frecuently, at first because Allura doesn’t want to do the ask/challenges alone, but eventually the fans requests and wants to see Lance all the time so Lance made his own channel
- Lance’s channel is about fotography, he loves to take pictures/videos and edit them. And the fans loves to listen him
- Hunk and Pidge have a channel together called “Homemade experiments” (inspired in a spanish channel) and they basically made challenges about testing food, making food, testing chemical reactions and crazy stuff, mostly for Pidge’s part.
- Pidge, Hunk and Matt lives together. Matt doesn’t have a YT channel but is allways the one who tastes the challenge food (most than once he finish throwing up) #saveMatt2k17
- Lance and Hunk are BFF and Lance loves to take pictures of his beautiful bro
- Lance is bisexual and proud, his channel’s name is “McBi” “Bitheway” “Bilance” ( idk still working on it)
- Shiro and Keith are brothers (broganes is my reason to breath, fight me)
- They have a YT channel together about them doing extreme sports ( ‘cause reasons, they’re hardcore). Their channel’s name could be “Broganes”
- Pidge and Keith and Matt and Shiro were neighbours when they were little
- They all meet first time in a YT convention and ‘cause they have friends in common they spend all the convention together
- Lance is fan of Keith and is a stress mess all the convention week
- When Shiro mets Allura he forgot how to talk like a normal person. Allura finds it adorable. Matt, Keith and Pidge made fun of him because of that
- In attempt to put together Shiro and Allura, Keith tries to get close to Lance, and Lance is happy to plays cupid, and stay close to his idol/crush.
- Fuck- Lance has a crush on Keith? Shut
- Keith is oblivious
- Lance helps Keith and Shiro in a video. The finnish product is awesome and Keith is so interest in Lance’s work that “accidentally” becomes a huge fan of him.
- Lance doesn’t make challenges but when Pidge challenge him to upload a video dancing “chiwawa- barbie’s version” from just dance he made it with the same clothes even. High score, 5 stars
- Keith saw the video and becomes gay for Lance like hella

I’m blank for now, still planning in drawing some of the stuff but I want to have it writing to not forget it.

If my grammar doesn't​ have any sense I apologise, english is not my first language.
I accept any suggestions or corrections 😊

So after all the crap DC went trought, all critics bashing all the movies they make, and even fans, they decide to pick a dude that was kicked out of the rival company (who people are allways comparing them with) who was kicked for making a crappy movie and destroying the main female character

and they just go and pick him up to direct, write and produce, with full liberty a movie about one of most iconic female characters in comics


why DC????

Good Catholic Boy’s Have Hoovs THAT Stomp The Dirt And They Are Rambunctious And Rough Housing Allways That’s A Good Catholic Boy

Good Catholic Boy’s Are Not A Powdered Monkey Up There In The Tree Chewing A Fruit’s And Plotting And Scheming