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Tell the Environmental Protection Agency: Retract your draft report claiming fracking is safe.
I just took action to urge the EPA to retract its false report claiming that fracking isn't a threat to drinking water.

Join me in asking the EPA to retract their draft report’s conclusion, which stated that fracking has had no ‘widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States.’ The report has already been strongly critiqued by the press, the public, and the EPA’s own Science Advisory Board.
NYPD caught trying to literally rewrite history of police brutality on Wikipedia

Wikipedia discourages users from making edits that might be considered a ‘conflict of interest’. The NYPD is trying to do whatever it can to manipulate and steer the narrative around their disturbing behavior and we cannot allow them to do that.
These weren’t corrections to inaccurate facts: This was a blatant attempt at the retelling of history.

If you’d like to call on the Commissioner to send a message, click here:
Sign the petition: Keep GMO salmon out of the U.S.

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I just signed a petition urging the FDA to keep GMO salmon out of the US. I think you should, too.

AquaBounty, the company creating the first-ever genetically modified salmon for human consumption, is playing fast and loose with environmental regulations, and we may end up paying the price.The FDA is still considering approval of the company’s dangerous GMO salmon. This could have huge ramifications if we don’t speak up to prevent it.
SIGN ROBERT REICH'S PETITION: Support Bernie Sanders's plan to break up the big banks
The major business model on Wall Street is fraud. This harms us all. It must end.

Just signed the following petition from Robert Reich and Democracy for America supporting Bernie Sanders’s plan to break up the big banks and crack down on financial fraud. Please consider signing it as well – let’s spread the word:
Tell Congress: Oppose the Schumer-Portman corporate tax giveaway
Senators Schumer and Portman have proposed a massive giveaway to corporate tax dodgers that would permanently disadvantage companies that create jobs in the U.S.A.

The corporate tax giveaway proposal by Senator Schumer and Portman would reward the most successful tax dodgers and create a permanent incentive for multinational corporations to move jobs overseas. This handout needs to be exposed in a massive way. It needs to be made absolutely clear to Congress that such a plan is unacceptable.
Tell the Federal Reserve Board of Governors: Retire Scott Alvarez

In a Senate Banking Committee hearing this week, Senator Warren blasted General Counsel Scott Alvarez for criticizing Wall Street reform. Alvarez has so much influence, in an organization ruled by a board of seven governors, he is referred to as the “Eighth Governor.” In fact, while we were fighting to block the White House from making Larry Summers chair of the Federal Reserve, the New York Times suggested that as long as Alvarez was general counsel it might make little difference who got the top job.

I just took action to stand with Elizabeth Warren and stop the Fed’s top lawyer from undermining Wall Street reform. I think you should, too. Click HERE to sign the petition.
Tell George Mason University to Cut Ties With Koch Money
Schedule a meeting with Transparency GMU by February 22nd and adopt a policy that guarantees transparency around all donations made to the university, including those from the Koch brothers.

Suffolk University just stood up to the Koch brothers by cutting ties with their funding. Now, tell the President Ángel Cabrera of George Mason University to follow Suffolk’s lead and put in place transparency policies that remove the influence of the Koch brothers from the university and its students’ education. Let your voice be heard:
Sign the petition to Edelman executives:
"Edelman executives with integrity are resigning over the firm’s contribution to accelerating climate change. If Edelman won’t stop promoting climate change, you should stand with former colleagues and resign."

The world’s largest public relations firm, Edelman, is trying to play both sides on climate change. Some executives have already resigned over the firm’s climate hypocrisy. If Edelman won’t stop promoting climate change, it’s executives should take a stand.