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dont get how anyone is still hung up on yg entertainment being a family when that shit died years ago. if blaming artists for the state of their groups through their mental health is family then idek. 

and i mean fans feed so much into the family image that they turn their backs when someone leaves. like you all wanted minzy to say something but once she does you all want her to shut up like okay whatever floats your boat. if she didnt say shit she’d still get shitted on, if she does she’s still seen as the problem. you didn’t like the wording of the post? sweetie, its 2017 - everything is a business.

like ive spent so long with these girls ever since i got into kpop almost 7 to 8 years ago and fuck this is so shitty. sm is fucking terrible but even they wouldn’t have pulled this shit. yg doesn’t give a fuck unless you bring in money. he doesnt care if ur not in the spotlight which is funny cause he refused to give it to minzy. and dont be like “oh its the company that makes the decisions”. we all know that but you can’t put back the shitty words he says about the girls back into his mouth. 

like the fact that she said she had no idea about the song really says alot. and instead of shitting on her for saying that how about you actually read into this shit because this is something next level. like im here for the song but with everything that’s happening the meaning of it is lost. literally goodbye. and don’t you dare take this away from fans who want to have a discussion. cause ppl try so hard to make this the best comeback ever and its like if you dont let hurt fans say stuff then ur kinda being a dick.

we all react differently to this. if a blackjack isnt here for this at all cause of whats happening then you dont need to force them. not everything is sunshine and rainbows. im here for it all but im just not letting this shit slide. but if you want to enjoy the song without all of this then you have every right to. just pls dont stop both sides from having discussions cause thats what any kpop fandom lacks the most

objectively … this was a good season. my biased side however is crying out with heartbreak over the lack of lance … and admittedly, the basically non-existent klance.

  • guy: u okay? U seem distracted
  • me: yh I'm fine
  • my mind: where is na jaemin is he okay? Is he eating good? Sleeping good? Will he be in the nct dream comeback?? Are they really coming back without him? They better not na jaemin deserves better I miss him

I was gonna reblog a post and add a thing but as thats rude imo I won’t

My sole/oc isn’t Nate or follows the story of fallout four. Why?

Well I did not like the idea of my oc being a sad military dad so Dread isn’t the real sole survivor. In my canon more people were able to survive the cyro as well as Nate/Nora. Dread due to his name recognition and money was able to secure a spot in a vault. My other sole survivor Jolene is the real one, she is Shaun’s mother. Dread was single before the war so he enters post war without the traumas that others soles seem to have. He only has trust issues due to how people treated his fame in his previous life but that doesn’t really matter now. Dread can start over and so far it’s been working for him.

What I’m trying to say is let people do their thing if they want to break canon let em.

All those things about Keith being too impulsive, some savage animal who is so mean, heartless, would fight anyone; Voltron season 2 is a huge fuck you. 

  • He was so calm, gentle even; he helped an unknown galra in that weird alien worm.
  • Gently tried to convince that maybe not all galras are bad to Allura.
  • After the mission, he compliments and reassures Hunk because he said he always gets worst tasks.
  • Save the innocent or figure out who you are? Easy, save the innocent. No hesitation. Even though he may not get another chance to figure out who he really is.
  • Doesn’t hold any grudge or gets angry at Allura for misjudging him and is understanding.
  • Just met Thace. “No way! I am not leaving you here!” “It was an honor meeting you…

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Not the nuest anon, just a fan but this is a good recap twitter(.)com/limetree66044/status/731717954543357953


this is disgusting?? I’ve read the stuff about the taxi and the SELFIE EVENT before THAT’S HONESTLY THE STUPIDEST MONEY MAKING GIMMICK I’VE EVER HEARD HOW CAN YOU PUT ACTUAL PEOPLE THROUGH THAT??? this is horrible :(

if you think about it this could have very easily been svt’s fate if they didn’t end up making money for plsdie and I don’t even want to imagine what that would be like. even if you read this thread as a non fan you’ll feel bad for them…reading about the flying thing makes me feel anxious I hate flying long hours bc it’s so claustrophobic :( what even are nuest doing now… :( 

my face when I see high school students touring the engineering department on campus and looking at their hopeful faces knowing that all my face can reflect is the ghost of someone I once was

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i know some people are ok with calling it this, but my ace identity is not something i'd want to call a "modifier". it's just as much to me as me being gay, these are both part of me. and mayb these aphobes would kindly stop calling me and other aspec people "watered down gays/pans/bis/" and other lgbt+ identities? of course they wont but it'd be nice.

I just wish the exclusionist side would stop ignoring ace and aro lgbp people? Even those stupid headcanon posts where one person says a character is ace and then they all dogpile it with “she’s a lesbian” comments as if you can’t be both really mess with my head and make it harder for me to fully accept my orientation.