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THIS IS SO GOOD THO LOL honestly i feel like lapis and amethyst could actually get along smashingly if they gave it a chance

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Hey there! Can I get like scenarios of Ukai, Sugawara, and Oikawa on a first date with a female who they've had a crush on forever? Thanks a bunch! (╹◡╹)♡

Yeeeees! I love long term crushes that work out for the better!

Hope that you enjoy, Anon!

The nerves seemed like the only thing Ukai could focus on as he stood outside her front door with his hands shoved deep into his pant pockets. He had already spent far too long sitting in his car trying to gain the courage to finally step outside and now here he was standing before her home attempting to gather more so that he could knock.

It was pathetic, really. He was a grown man, her a grown woman; they were adults, not the teenagers they were when he first met her. So something like this, despite his long term feelings for her, shouldn’t have been as problematic as it was turning out to be.

Lifting his hand, he quickly rapped his knuckles against the wood, his heart pounding way too hard against his chest and he wasn’t sure if he was breathing anymore. The silence that ensued afterward has the loudest noise that reverberated through his ears, because what if she didn’t come to the door? What if she forgot about their date? What if she didn’t really want to go? What if–

“And I thought you were going to be late,” her voice ceased whatever thoughts were running through his head, his gaze instantly landing on her as she emerged through the doorway. A large smile stretched across her face and everything about her was simply radiant, just as it always was. “Ya know, I saw you when you pulled up and–”

“You’re beautiful,” now it was he who was interrupting, and from the expression that passed over her face upon hearing it, it was completely worth it. This was the day he had been dreaming of.

Sugawara was certain that he hadn’t stopped smiling since their date began. It was nothing fancy that he had planned, really. A picnic on the beach where they could stroll and relax as much as they wanted. A day that was filled with laughter and light brushes of fingers and red cheeks and fluttering hearts.

It was a day he was sure he was going to remember for the rest of his life.

They talked for hours there with their sand between their toes,  their gazes focused on the gentle waves that lapped over the shore. Breezes came along to ruffle their hair and deliver a slight chill that caused them to squirm closer to each other. The hyperawareness that their skin was touching felt almost childish when Suga allowed himself to dwell on it, but then he decided that he didn’t care. Because he felt childish, like a kid falling in love for the first time.

Letting his hand drop to the space between them, he left it there, purposely not drawing attention to it. And he pretended that his heart wasn’t beating as fast or as hard as it was when she reached down to lace her fingers with his own. Their gazes met and they laughed, embarrassed and  by they action.

“Thank you for today,” she spoke as she leaned her head against his shoulder, her gaze again transfixed on the sea beyond. The moment was so pristine, something straight out of a movie if Suga hadn’t been living it himself. And he desperately hoped that he didn’t wake up in the next few seconds.

“No,” he spoke softly, his thumb brushing over the skin of her knuckles, leaning to press a small kiss to the top of her head, “thank you.” Because this was the dream that she granted him, and if this dream became his life, he would be forever grateful to her, to whatever higher power there might be in the world, for allowing this to come true.

“Can I kiss you?” the question escaped from Oikawa’s lips before he even had time to process the complete thought behind it. They stood outside her door now, the setting sun lighting every feature that he found so beautiful about her. 

The heat that rose to his cheeks when she turned to look at him made him open his mouth to reconsider his words, but she was moving. Leaning towards him with her hands placing themselves on his chest just before her lips touched against his own softly. And that’s all it was, a soft touch, a simple gesture, yet it was everything that sent Oikawa’s heart into overdrive.

When she parted, he felt as though all air had disappeared from his lungs, his hands shaking at his sides with the desperate need to touch her some way, but not sure if he should or where. There was a small laugh that came from her then as she rested her hand on the knob of her front door, her smile wide and kind. “Goodnight, Tooru.”

As she pushed the door open, he was moving, his hand taking hers in order to lace their fingers together. And when she turned to look at him, question in her gaze, his other hand rose to caress the back of her neck before bringing their lips together again. A shuddering breath left him when she pressed back, lips gliding perfect against his own and he was certain that his heart was beating out of rhythm.

This time it was him that pulled away, his eyes soft on her as she stared back openly, her lips parted. “Goodnight, [First Name],” he spoke softly, the promise of seeing her again in his eyes. Because there was nothing he wanted more than to see her everyday for the remainder of his life.

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I hate mineta and bakugo sm like I want to drop kick them both to hell like mineta is a little nasty shit head while bakugo is nothing more but a bully who only cares about himself and wants to be a hero just to be rich and famous like?? Bitch what? I also HATE how everyone fucking tries to excuse him for his actions like he literally told my boy izuku to KILL HIMSELF HOW THE FUCK DOES ANYONE THINK IT'S OKAY AND UGH HE'S NEVER GOING TO APOLOGIZE EITHER AND I HATE HIM AND MINETA SM

Before I decide to get into this with you or not, can you answer a couple of questions for me?
1) do you read the manga
2) are you currently up to date or have you at least read past chapter 121?
If not, I’m not going to bother getting into it with someone who only watches the anime or who isn’t caught up at least to chapter 121. Hell, even chapter 98.

Heyheyhey I thought maybe I’d leave an imagine request? Possibly something with Rick dealing with a slightly childish significant other? She has a sort of childish curiosity about his work but is very good at obeying instructions so maybe she’d be a good spare hand around the lab possibly?

Hey anon, here it is! I know it’s kind of really short but please if you want more or something different let me know and I’ll try and deliver! 

Giving In (Rick x Reader Imagine)

“Ju-just don’t touch anything.” he stuttered, sitting down at his make shift desk tinkering away.

My eyes grew wide looking around the garage. There were beakers filled with colourful chemicals, a cork board full of papers with strings connecting the dots, machines and weapons out of a sci-fi dream, and a poster that simply said “beer.” I was a kid in a candy store.

I wanted to touch everything.

“Y/N” Rick spoke sternly, not looking up from his hands.

“Oh come on, Rick.” I groaned. “Pleassseeeee? You never show me anything, you never take me anywhere. You bring me here, you say "hand me the screwdriver” and then you make something amazing and then I just sit here and then you take me home and we do it over again.“ I began to pace around the garage.

“I get that I’m a bit more helpful in here than Morty or Summer but sometimes it’s just so boring …” 

The lanky scientist let out a frustrated sigh. He swiveled around in his chair to look at me, so I put on the best pout I could give. Rick pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head.

"You r-really think that’s gonna gon- that’ll w-work on me?” Rick took his flask out of his lab coat, taking in a swig.

I looked down to my shoes, confidence dwindling. “No . . . I know it won’t.” I refused to look up because I knew what I would see; Rick’s back turned to me, doing what he does best. But instead my chin was lifted by his cold hand to meet his eyes.

“You’re re-real-URP lucky I t-tolerate you.” he burped, giving the faintest of smiles. I could hear a portal open behind me.

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Would you mind doing a Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them prompt between Newt and Jacob: "Newt she just doesn't see the love you have for her". Newt: "the heart wants what the heart wants and hers wants Percival" where y/n is in love with Percival but doesn't know her best friend Newt is in love with her (I know you don't feel like you know enough about percival graves to write about him so hopefully this is different if not that's okay. Thank you! <3

Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if this is a bit short, I wasn’t too inspired for it TOT

Originally posted by kittycheshirestuff

As the two men walked, a silence fell over them. All after the word Y/N was mentioned.

Jacob knew how much Newt cared for her, and how much it also pained him that she didn’t recognize it or see him as more than a friend.

“Newt, she just doesn’t see the love you have for her” The man told his friend in an attempt to break the uncomfortable silence. “You should tell her”

“I don’t think that’s smart” Newt shook his head nervously, terrified of the idea.

“Why not?” His friend couldn’t understand that behavior.

If Newt loved her as much as he seemed to do, why not act on it? Why not give it a chance to be happy with her?

“Because she can’t control her heart, just like I can’t control mine” There was a deep sadness reflected in the Brit’s eyes.

“But you love her!” Jacob passionately said, always the romantic.

“The heart wants what the heart wants” Newt sighed saddly. “And hers wants Percival” 

Jacob turned quiet, realizing that there was something more to Newt’s painful infatuation. The two men became troubled as they didn’t know what to do about it. 

Her love for Percival was too strong, and even if Newt were to address his own affections that wouldn’t change her feelings. 

One can’t tell the heart what to do.

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(kinda urgent) how do i deal with my other lgbt friends who talk to me abt the gay bible thing? it makes me rlly uncomfortable and i feel obligated to laugh or smth but thats just terrible denial and i hate doing it. id ask them to stop but they would just dismiss me as a str8 christian who doesnt understand oppression bc they think im str8 since im not out to them. im having a hard time reconciling my sexuality + religion & this is just making it harder. advice &/or prayers requested 💕 thank u

Hey there. I’m not quite sure what you mean by the “gay bible thing”, so if I get my answer wrong feel free to come back and clarify. 

Edit: someone in the comments has some advice for you, and also clarified for me that you’re talking about Elijah Daniel’s “Holy Bible…But Gayer.” I hadn’t heard of that. To be honest, it just sort of amuses me, I don’t find it particularly offensive. But I also haven’t read more than the passages (some of which are pretty funny in my opinion) in one article. But if it bothers you, that’s absolutely valid and should be respected. 

Here’s an ask from someone asking how to address LGBT friends who are against Christianity, and here’s another asking how to deal with hate from non-Christians. There may be some stuff in those that’s pertinent to you. 

You’re not obligated to laugh. It may feel awkward not to when they all are, but it would get your feelings across. Then again, sometimes it’s okay to laugh at ourselves. If it feels like they’re laughing at you, at your beliefs, that’s not funny, that’s painful and disrespectful. But if they’re just making jokes about the Bible, well…it is kind of funny. Since I don’t know the context of the jokes, I can’t say – but yeah, know that it’s okay to laugh about stuff if it feels more like they’re laughing with you. 

If there is one friend in the group whom you feel might listen to your request to stop, talk to them one on one. That’s less scary than confronting a whole group. You can say that you understand the oppression LGBT+ folks face from Christianity, but that that’s part of why you stay Christian – to work to address and dismantle that oppression from the inside. If you can get their support, next time the subject comes up in the whole group they can take your side saying that it’s not funny to you – they may listen to them better than the supposedly “straight” person saying it, if that makes sense.

Hang in there. I’ll be praying that they’ll receive your request to stop with love and understanding. 

God of relationship,
You call us to form connections with diverse people – of different cultures and faiths, languages and beliefs. This means that sometimes, we butt heads; sometimes, people offend us intentionally or unintentionally. Give us your grace and wisdom to act with kindness but firmness in these situations. Open the hearts of this person’s friends to understand how they have heard them. And send your Spirit of courage upon this person as they navigate how to respond. 

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how about laxus as convict and freed as police man? 😏😋

Laxus as a convict??!? shocking.

thanks for requesting anon!<3:)

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Hi ! I really like your writing, so I thought about sending you a request as well! Would you be okay doing a Seventeen scenario of Joshua, where he isn't aware he loves you yet but realizes it after seeing another idol or a random guy flirting with you, but you being completely obvious to it. Lol, I hope it's not overly specific Thank you !

Cute Seventeen Scenario -  Joshua : “The Catch Up”

Hey! Aww thank you! Here’s what I came up with! Hope this is okay <3 Luna 

Theme : cute, angsty kinda 

Prompt : You and Joshua had been friends for years, but with their growing popularity you two hardly saw each other anymore. When you two meet up again things were normal, until someone else made Joshua realise something he hadn’t before. 

Words : 1004

*Gif by me do not reedit!*

Y/N sat across from Joshua, a smile on her face as she brought him up to speed on the situation with her roommate. “I swear, if she’s stolen my towel again I’m going to burn her clothes!”

Joshua couldn’t help himself but to burst out laughing at the insanity of your proposal. He always laughed at everything you told him, you kept him grounded, providing a happiness he couldn’t understand. His laugh deepened, covering his mouth ever so slightly, as he stared at your confused expression. 

“I’m serious Josh! I mean everytime I get back she’s stolen something off me…I’m serious.”

“Of course you are,” Joshua teased, nodding his head slowly and avoiding the packet of sugar you had aimed at him narrowly missing his head. “Watch it!”

Joshua loved these moments with you. Times where you two could just sit together, with a cup of coffee and simply talk about anything and everything. Whether it be your crazy roommate, or his adventures on tour. One of the things he loved about going on tour was the feeling he got when he came back home. No, when he saw you again. He didn’t yet understand why, but he was always excited to see you again.

Joshua grinned widely at you, an expression he couldn’t wipe away whenever you were near. He watched a stray strand of hair fall delicately down your cheek and in that moment he could picture his fingers smoothing it away. A small movement, calm and completely at ease. That was until you asked, “How long are you back for?”

It was a question Joshua didn’t want to think about, but one he knew would come up at some point. “A month and a bit, if we’re lucky.”

He couldn’t understand why his stomach dropped at the acknowledgment that he only had a month with you. Scratch that, less than a month since he still had to work. Guilt was all he felt as he watched your smile fade ever so slightly on your face. Joshua knew you were trying to disguise it by sipping your coffee. He knew you all too well.

“Hey we’ve still got a month!” he said quickly about to reach for your hand but something stopped him, an awkwardness lingering in the air for a moment. Why am I scared to hold her hand? Have I always been awkward holding her hand? Why can’t I picture myself without her?

“Hey Y/N!” a familiar voice called from across the canteen. Mingyu was striding over, his dark hair falling ever so slightly, he was all confidence, smiling widely at the mere sight of you. Joshua could feel his heart beat quicken, his stomach dropping. What’s going on? Mingyu had been friends with you through me! Why is he looking at her like that? I’m the only one who can look at her like that…

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