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I’ve recently reached 10k followers (omg thank you so so much) so I made these to thank you for following me and just as a little celebration. Hope you enjoy ;) 

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▪️  yellow

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lit meme: [2/7] otps

aristotle mendoza and dante quintana, aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

“Remember that time you kissed me?”
“Remember I said it didn’t work for me?”
“Why are you bringing this up? I remember. I remember. Dammit to hell, Ari, did you think I’d forgotten?”
“I’ve never seen you this mad.”
“I don’t want to talk about that, Ari. It just makes me feel bad.”
“What did I say when you kissed me?”
“You said it didn’t work for you.”
“I lied.”

Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Todomatsu 04 - It’s a Toilet World

Todomatsu: Hmm…? Hey, Choromatsu-niisan. 

Choromatsu: Hmm? 

Todomatsu: I… want to go to the toilet. 

Choromatsu: …Hah. Well, there’s no helping it, I guess… 

Todomatsu: Yeah… 

Choromatsu: Oi, you’re dragging your feet a bit there. Are you sleepy? 

Todomatsu: Yawn… I’m alright… 

Choromatsu: I’m not going to go with you inside the toilet, you know. 

Todomatsu: Yeah… It’s ok… yawn… 

Todomatsu: I kinda wanna do a number 2 now. Here we… go. Uwah!? The toilet seat is so cold!? Or rather, there isn’t any seat at all! H, huh!? My butt is stuck and I can’t get it out! 

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