as a mouse

look me in the face and tell me george ryan ross III was not in love with brendon boyd urie


I am a sucker for House of Mouse.

I am not dead!! I am sorry for being so inactive, everywhere. I didn’t have time to make a speedpaint, I haven’t posted any drawings here or on DeviantArt, I was so busy. And this is only the start of it. I have so many things going on in the first week of May that I’m a little worried. I have exams, and doctor appointments and a project due to 5th of May. But enough about me. You’re here for my art, not for my excuses. As I don’t like to make a post without actually giving you something, here have a page of my sketch book. I found a sudden love for Oswald, and I realized I actually never drew Mickey, and Bendy was nowhere to be found in my main sketch book. So here they are, all on one page. It was good expression practice. Those old characters are so much fun to draw. Tho it is obvious that I need more practice.

Well gee golly gosh I haven't been on here in ages!

Shit man, I’ve probably missed out on so much lately, but a update from when I was grounded, I have my phone on weekdays now until about 9 but I get so busy in the afternoons with therapy and after school that I haven’t been able to get on in forever. It’s my birthday today so I’m allowed to have my phone today. It’s been so long, how has everyone been?