as a kind of crappy... feel better post

reinaryugu  asked:

Hey I just want to say thank you for being such a kind person out there, seeing your posts always manage to make me smile a ton no matter how crappy im feeling and i just hope you have a wonderful day

You all deserve to be happy, and it means even more to me that people have come and expressed their gratefulness for me because I’ve made them feel so much better! But honestly, you guys have done your fair shares as well, so it means a lot to me that people are looking up to me, you guys are honestly the best! Honestly, you guys motivate me to do much more!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and that your days will be blessed!

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I've been witching it up for a little bit now but I still feel kind of lost. There's just so, so much. Are there any blogs, websites, and books you could recommend for a better understanding and research? I feel like a crappy witch.

You aren’t a crappy witch. There are SO many good blogs to follow here. 

I’m going to try to make a small list off the top of my head (in addition to the post I made earlier!) I love — @thewitchmysteries @torque-witch @magic-for-the-masses @swampseer @breelandwalker @cunningcelt @mister-moon @broomcorner @lavenderwaterwitch @violetbook @violetwitchcraft @afrosandathames@witchtips @kitchenwitchcraft @daughteroflancre @thecrackedamethyst @stormbornwitch @afrocentric-divination @oldmotherredcap @bibliophilicwitch @thewindcarrieswhispers @mynameistiniduh @cosmic-witch @intuitive-rose @floralwaterwitch @the-witch-of-alberta

I am sure I missed some, but I hope this was helpful!

Bungou Stray Dogs, ep.21

I have things to say about episode 21, normally I don’t express my opinion but I want to on this.

This episode was awesome, slightly rushed, but awesome. Soukoku being back in action even if it was for one mission was rad but I just need to express how one sided they seem to be. I keep seeing everyone praising Dazai because he took care of Chuuya after he unleashed corruption by folding his clothes and cleaning him up but that’s literally the only decent thing he did for him.

Chuuya cares about Dazai, you can tell this multiple times in this episode alone. He addresses when he’s hurt and shows genuine concern, even though this usually just leads to Dazai being his usual self and joking around. But Dazai does not care about Chuuya. He plays with his emotions and does things for his own gain. When Chuuya comes to after channeling corruption he is upset because he thought he could trust Dazai to stop him as soon as possible and Dazai didn’t because he wanted to amuse himself. This went completely against Chuuya’s trust, then when he’s totally exhausted and actually needs Dazai’s help to get back to base Dazai can’t even follow through with that, leaving him there. Sure folding up his clothes and cleaning him up was a kind gesture, but Chuuya deserves a little more respect and care than that imo.

I just wanted to make a point that even though Dazai is a better person since he left the Port Mafia, he still isn’t a good person. I feel people overlook his vindictive and dark side because of his humour and charm, making him seem funny and like a good guy. But man, poor Chuuya got the crappy end of the stick in the Soukoku deal.


Septiplier awaaaaaaaaaaay!

Screenshots from INAPPROPRIATE HUMOUR! | The Forest Co-op w/ Markiplier! :) 

Fun fact to all you people who are looking at this post. The first video I ever saw Jack in was a Markiplier co-op video! :D Not this series though haha! But yes this was a really good video it was really funny. I really needed to laugh at Jack and Mark telling inappropriate jokes in all honesty… I’ve been kind of having a crappy day today but this video helped me feel a little bit better. :)